By far one of the best sites you can use to build a course I just built my first one through there. Those are my gripes, but I am still anxious to get on it! Have you considered a blog about photography? Fidelity Investments vs Just2Trade. On the website, he has a map of the United States that allows someone to click on any state to see the security guard requirements for that state.

In the first post in this series about pragmatic REST API designI defined 'pragmatic REST' as looking at API design from the developer point of view. Now let's get into specific design practices we've seen work well. The 1 principle in pragmatic RESTful design is: keep simple things simple. Keep your base URL simple and intuitive. The base URL is the most important design affordance of your API. A simple and intuitive base URL design will make using your API easy. A design affordance is a design element that communicates how something should be used without requiring documentation.

A door handle's design should communicate whether you pull or push. But here's an example of a conflict between design affordance and documentation - not an intuitive interface! Let's model an API around a simple object or resource dogs and create a RESTful API that interacts with dogs. Boiling it down to this level will also force the verbs out of your base URLs. Keep verbs out of your base URLs. Many RESTful APIs start by using a method-driven approach to URL design.

For any resource that you model, like our dog, you can never consider one object mobild isolation. Rather, there are always related and interacting resources to account for - tradeking mobile app ideas owners, veterinarians, leashes, food, squirrels, and so on. Think about the method calls required to address all the objects in the dogs world.

The URLs for our resource might end up looking something like this:. It's a slippery slope - soon you have a huge list of URLs and no consistent pattern making it difficult for developers nobile learn how to use your APIs. Use HTTP verbs to operate on the collections and elements. For our dog resources, we have two base URLs that use nouns as labels, and we can ap on them with HTTP verbs. Our HTTP verbs are POSTGETPUTand DELETE. I think of them as mapping to the old metaphor of CRUD C reate- R ead- U pdate- D elete.

Here is a chart that shows what I mean for our dogs. The point is that a developer probably doesn't need the chart to grok how the API behaves. They can experiment with and learn the API without having to dig into fradeking documentation. In summary: Use 2 base URLs per resource. In your URLs - nouns are good; verbs are bad. Please join the API Craft conversation on Google groups. Skip to main content. WHY API PLATFORM Adapt.

PRODUCTS API PLATFORM Gateway. QUICK START BUSINESS APIs Commerce APIx. COMMUNITY Tradeking mobile app ideas Get Started. Product Update: Apigee Edge Public Cloud. Realize the True Potential of Omnichannel. Experian: Security, Agility, and Simplicity with A To Branch or Not to Branch? That Is the Wrong Qu An Alternative to Delegated Access in the Enterpri ABN AMRO: Banking with Golden Building Blocks. Metro Bank Chooses Apigee's API Platform for Getting the Most Value from Your APIs.

Microservices: Easy in Theory, but not Reality. How to Get Started Using the New Apigee Edge Exper RMark Bio: Why We Adopted an API-first Approach. Why Your Web APIs Tradeking mobile app ideas Be Entity-Oriented. Indix and the Power of APIs in Commerce. Cleveland Clinic: Turbocharging Patient Data with The Adapt or Die Tour is Over. The Content Lives O Design Principles for Seamless User Authentication. Securing Apigee Edge with an External Identity Pro Magazine Luiza's Digital Transformation Manif Walgreens, API Management, and the Evangelist Sage and the Power of the Developer Portal.

Keeping Your APIs Secure for Multiple User Types. Apigee Tfadeking Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry is All Things Cloud at Google Cloud Next ' RelayHealth: Curing Interoperability Headaches wit Walgreens: Expanding Customer Loyalty with Microse Apigee Edge Private Cloud How Magazine Luiza Mastered Digital Transformation.

Building the Connected Airport with APIs. Autodesk: Opening New Revenue Streams with APIs. Arity: Ideeas an Ecosystem with Data and APIs. API Best Practices: Managing the API Lifecycle. HP's APIs: From Tactic to Strategy. Edge Microgateway for Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Techn In the Digital Era, Can You Afford to Think Analog Pitney Bowes: How APIs Boost Development Speed. Philips HealthSuite: The API Platform as Acceleran Announcing Apigee Edge Microgateway for Pivotal Cl Web API Design: The Missing Link.

API Best Practices: Managing APIs Across the Enter Adapt or Die: The Power of the Open Platform. Apigee and Okta Partner for API Security. Apigee Is Now Part of Google. Tradeking mobile app ideas the Groundwork for a Successful API Program. API Management with Kubernetes. Announcing the New Apigee Edge Experience. How APIs Drive Company Performance. Becoming the Uncarrier: T-Mobile's Digital Jo Storing Sensitive Data with Encrypted KVMs. Apigee Edge for Public Cloud Version Adapt or Alp The Leap of Faith Apo.

API Governance in the Enterprise. The Idsas Have Been Hacked. API Best Practices: Analytics. Adapt or Die: Digital Know-How from Apigee Custome Managing Sensitive Information in an API and Micro API Best Practices: Developer Portals. Apigee Sense Protection: Act on Threats to Your AP API Best Practices: Platform Deployment Models. How Organizations Adapt to Digital. API Best Practices: Microservices. Adapt or Die: Do Platforms Beat Products? API Best Practices: Security.

Three Things Companies Must Do to Attract Develope Guts, Glory, and APIs. Apigee Edge Private Cloud 4. Nationwide: Building Trust with APIs. Connecting Microservices and APIs to Business Valu Why Digital Transformation Is About People. Apigee to Join Google. Developers Who Use Their Own Products Build Better Bean's API Journey: Digital Commerce Done Are ESBs Relevant in the Age of Microservices?

Keanu Reeves Made the Right Decision. Kubernetes Authentication for the Enterprise. Apigee API Management Available for Apps in AWS Ma Ticketmaster Brings the DevJam to San Jose! Why Apigee Auto-Scaling Matters. Adapt or Die: It's Time To Go Big With APIs. What's Better Than Microservices? Shutterfly: Scaling Legacy Systems with APIs.

Uber's APIs: Giving Developers the Keys to In Introducing the Apigee Commerce APIx Solution. How to Make Your Apigee Edge-Okta Integration Seam PSD2: An Opportunity for Lenders to Leap Into Open Tradekig Labs: Add Key Functionality to Your APIs. Tradeking mobile app ideas Every CIO Needs to Know That Some APIs Don T-Mobile: From IT to Advantage. The Apigee API Platform: Commonality Across Use Iideas App Performance Monitoring Tradekng Now Open Source.

Retail APIs: A Roadmap for All Digital Initiatives. Why CTOs Have Been Thinking About Intelligence All Cloud Deployments Done Right: Why APIs Are Key. Glh Hotels: Instant ROI with APIs. The Internet Doesn't Run on a Bus—Your APIs S The State of APIs in Retail. PSD2: 5, Banks, 18 Months, and Lots alp Work to Pitney Bowes and APIs: Tools of the Trade for Craf From Proof-of-Concept to Production-Grade With Ube Are You Ready for Your Chewbacca Moment?

Oracle and API Copyrights. How PSD2 Changes the Banking Game. You're Tradeking mobile app ideas Cloud, But Not APIs? Transavia: From Impossibility to Prototype with AP Building APIs with Apigee Edge and Microsoft Azure. Why Enterprise Security Needs APIs. Orange: API Management for Scale and Speed. The Business of APIs: Your Hundred-Day API Busines API Management Everywhere: Apigee and Pivotal Clou Voices of Digital Business: Customer Conversations.

PSD2: Banks Should Compete, Not Just Comply. APIs: The New Security Layer. Security for APIs, or APIs for Security? First Data: Adapt or Die Time for Financial Servic The 12 Goals of Microservices. Running Apigee Edge Microgateway in a Docker Conta Integrating Philips Hue and Uber APIs: Here's Tradier: Building Success with Partnership and API The Differences Between API and ESB Patterns. Microservices: A Bad Name for a Good Idea. Vantiv: Simplifying Payments Innovation with APIs.

Building StreetCarts: Sample API Proxies to Access Swisscom: From Telco to Business Platform with API The Seven Deadly Sins of Developer Marketing. API Best Practices: Learnings from Beyond Silicon Is Microservices SOA Done Right? A Proof of Concept for API Management. Five Ways to Help IT Respond to Business Demands. Humana: APIs for Collaboration and Partnership.

Buying Your API Infrastructure. Managing APIs with Apigee Edge Microgateway and NG Thomson Reuters: Meeting Customer Demand for APIs. APIs for Data Security and Privacy: Part Three. A Checklist for Every API Call. Glh: Disrupting the Hotel Model with APIs. An RFP Template for API Management. APIs for Data Security and Privacy: Part Two.

Magazine Luiza: An Omnichannel Strategy Built on A Digital Disruption at I Love APIs Europe The State of APIs Report. Eight Ways the Digital Financial Services Market W Belly and Apigee: Building APIs for Microservice-b Two Billion People, One API-Powered Identity Solut Nissan Leaf's Naked APIs. Digital Business: The Results Are In. APIs for Data Security and Privacy: Part One. Rapier: Cut Through the Tedium of API Specificatio API Management: A Survival Imperative.

Bringing API Management to AWS-Powered Backends. Apigee Test: Take the Pulse of Your APIs. Belly Up to the Microservices Bar. Pearson: Building an Education Platform with APIs. Yes, APIs Are That Big. Bugaboo: How APIs Boost a Brand. Advanced Security Extensions in Apigee Edge. Visa and Apigee on Growing Your Business with APIs. Bootstrapping: Improving Apigee with Apigee. AWhere: Feeding the World with Data and APIs. Tutorial: Adding a Logger Plugin to Apigee Edge Mi Modernize SOA with APIs.

Go Small or Go Home. Vodafone: Project to Program to Platform with APIs. Apigee Wins Glassdoor Award. APIs: The Only Fast, Affordable, Scalable Path to API Management: It's a Twofer! Telstra: Speed, Scale, and Security with APIs. Tutorial: Writing a Custom Transform Plugin for Ap CIO Upload: A Conversation moible Transavia's R How to Become Google, Amazon, or Facebook In Theo How Apps Promote Health and Wellness.

Nine out of 10 People Won't Keep Their Qpp Ye Data-Oriented Designs for Common API Problems. Morningstar: Building Excitement with APIs. Ticketmaster: How APIs Help Provide "Moments Pragmatic REST: The Next Generation. MapQuest: Hyperfocused on the Developer Experience. Health and Wellness: The Next Digital Frontier? Jump-start Health Data Interoperability with Apige Pitney Bowes: Unlocking and Monetizing Data with A Amadeus and Apigee: Inspiring Innovation in Travel Black Friday: Five Shopping Days, 60M API Calls pe Black Friday: Protect Your APIs from Cyber Threats.

How APIs and FHIR Will Revolutionize Healthcare. Computing Aggregation with Apache Spark and APIs. API-First Development with Apigee and Swagger Financial Services and APIs to Share the Spotlight How the API Tier Trumps Monolithic Web Architectur Edge Microgateway: Hybrid Cloud API Management. How to Drive Adoption with Developer Portals. Apigee Identity APIx: Empowering Mobile Authentica Deep Dive: The Strategic Importance of BaaS.

The Open API Initiative: Open governance for the S I Love APIs Keynote Videos and Slides Availa CIO Upload: A Conversation with SAP's Ingrid Digital Digest: Learning from Digital Transformati Survival of the Fittest: Platforms Beat Products. Modern Software Principles Every Enterprise Must A Congrats to the Digital Accelerator Awards Winners How We Live Today Is How We Work Tomorrow. Apigee Sense: Intelligent API Security. Apigee Health APIx: Accelerating Digital Healthcar Security in the Digital Age: Deep-Dive Webcast.

Why Your Company Needs an Enterprise Gearbox. Technology and Strategy Intersect at I Love APIs Scaling to a Quarter-Million Requests per Second. How to Benchmark Your Digital Success. The "A" in SOA Doesn't Stand for The Power of Self-Service. Want to Stay Up When AWS Is Down? Congrats to the Digital Accelerator Awards Finalis How Usergrid Scaled to Over 10, Requests per Se How Year-Old Companies Move at App Store Speed.

The Apple Watch: A Personal Health Data Hub. Build and Implement your API Analytics Strategy. How APIs Bridge the Innovation Gap. I Love APIs Putting Two-Speed IT into Practi Why are Patents Important to a Startup? Integrate your Slack with Swagger. Industrial-Grade Tradekiny Security for Agile Developme How APIs Unlock Value from the IoT. I Love APIs The Future of Digital Business.

API Management: Generate Value with Monetization. Using PaaS to tradeking mobile app ideas APIs teadeking Microservices in Produc How to Improve your APIs with Hyperlinks. How to Speak Digital with your Board. API Management: Degree Business Tradekign wit Rethinking Governance in an API-First World webca API Management: The Strategic Importance of BaaS.

API Health: A Download mt4 platform qtrade Tool for Monitoring APIs, in Pu API Copyrights: New Considerations for Building or The Elements of Sophisticated API Management. Swagger Test Templates: Test Your APIs. Idesa Management gradeking SOA. Using APIs to Program Disparate IoT Devices webca Top Seven Proxy Editor Improvements to Apigee Edge.

New eBook: The Definitive Guide to API Management. Walgreens: Reaping the Rewards of its Latest API. Choose JSON for Building APIs. The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Matthew Newton, Create FHIR-Enabled Expriences: An API-First Appro Nike: Fueling Incredible Growth With Digital. API Management: Five Common Mistakes. How can APIs Help you Innovate?

Barcelona and Digital Transformation. GLH: The Importance of Cloud-First IT. Equinix: "Apigee has Made Tradeking mobile app ideas Easy to Develo API-DN: Measuring API Traffic In and Across Geogra GLH: The Importance of Outside-In IT Leadership. Apigee Edge SMB: API Management for Small and Mid With New Apple Watch App, Walgreens is on Your Wri Technical Deep-Dive: Predicting Customer Behavior Are You Prepared for Black Friday ?

The IRS Breach and the Importance of Adaptive API APIs for Dummies: Stop Leaving Money on the Table. Why Telstra Loves APIs. Apigee Edge Cloud Release: SmartDocs Graduates to Morningstar: "APIs are Critical to our Strate Digital Business Survey: An App Isn' The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Paul Clark, ITV.

API Studio: A New Appp for Designing, Mocking, and API Platforms and Systems of Engagement: The Enter Preparing for Black Friday, Pt. Why Web APIs Won. REST APIs and Apigee Connectors fo Developers and Forex inside bar trading items Scientists: The Enterprise For Agile Development: How to Execute with Cadence and Five Reasons why Bolt-on Analytics is a Bad Idea.

Design and Implementation of the Swagger Editor w APIs: Bringing the Promise of Digital Health to Fr How to Create Personalized Experiences with Behavi Apigee Edge Developers: Here's What You Need API-First Security: Don't Build Your Own Magi APIs: A Key to Customer Loyalty in Mobiel. The ABCs of APIs: Basic Apigee Platform Concepts. How Open Health Data will Accelerate Care Delivery Announcing Apigee Link: Evolve From a Devices Busi Customer Success: Faster Responses and a Vibrant C When Predictive Analytics Crafts the Wrong Cross-C New Rules of Customer Engagement: Anticipate, Adap Predictive Analytics: Far Ideax than Business Intel The IoT and Developers: What the Enterprise Needs API Management: Is Your Solution Enterprise-Grade?

Secure your API with a Layer of Indirection. Tutorial: Adding Analytics to Apigee APIs. Apigee Edge API BaaS: Streamline App Development Apigee Product Highlight Video: SmartDocs. Building an Event Sequence-Based Predictive Model. Delivering Customized Experiences tradekinb Travel and Ho I Love APIs Europe: Learn How Digital Businesses W Predictive Modeling with Bayesian Statistics and B Demo: Apigee Edge API, Developer, and Analytics Se Apigee Edge Update: A Fine-Grained Look at API Per New Apigee Institute Research: The Deep Impact of The I Love APIs City Tour: Exploit the Connectivit The Digital Accelerator Interview: Kin Lane, API E Tutorial: Using Remote Services and API Key Securi A Blueprint for Designing Complex Architectures: P The I Love APIs City Tour: Embrace the New Market API-Centric Architecture for Building Context-Awar A Blueprint for Tradeking mobile app ideas Complex Architectures.

The I Love APIs City Tour: Move from Disrupted to Digital-Ready IT: An API Platform Story. Tradeking mobile app ideas Apigee Handles High-Volume Customer Events. Reach Two-Speed IT with APIs. Behavior Graphs for Understanding Customer Journey The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Marie Austenaa, Apigee Product Highlight: Apigee's Swagge Lessons from a Customer Security Incident. The Digital Accelerator Interview: Dan Raju, Tradi Eight Questions to Ask Before Jumping into Digital Tutorial: Protect your Apigee Forex trading fbs 1 aa with Spike A Security as an Enabler for the Digital World: The The Apigee Institute's Top Reads from Innovator Spotlights: A Look Back at Tutorial: Programmatic Access to Apigee Servic The Digital Accelerator Interview: Kevin Toms, Phi The New Security Vulnerability: Third-party Apps E The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Jaydip Sanyal, Tutorial: Securing your Apigee API with OAuth Two-Speed IT with APIs: Move Fast and Maintain Con The Digital Retailer: Finding and Engaging your Cu The Digital Accelerator Interview: Heather Mickman Tutorial: Adding a Request Quota to pap Apigee Why Your Online Store Needs trafeking API this Holiday Se Two-Speed IT: Driving Innovation by Extending Your Analyzing Complex Behavior Graphs in Hadoop at Sca New Report: Chasing Customer Expectations in Retai The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Brendan Hayes, Tutorial: Adding Caching to your Apigee API.

The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Jerry Wolfe, Mc Apigee Tutorial: Implementing API Controllers. Using Ansible mobbile Cloud and On-Premises Software De Successful App Development: A New KPI. The Digital Accelerator Interview: Allen Rodgers, Knocking Down Barriers to Digital Transformation New eBook Series: Why APIs? The Digital Accelerator Interview: Somesh Nigam, I Black Friday Customer Preparedness Checklist. Build APIs in Node. Generating Release Notes with APIs. Developing the Swagger Editor: Lessons Learned.

The Digital Accelerator Interview: Abhi Dhar, Walg The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Gunther Rotherm Apigee Edge Update: New Node. The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Matt Makai, Twi Big Apps, Big Data, and Why "Connected Things API Security Hygiene: Floss and Brush Daily. The Walgreens Balance Rewards API: Great Developer Apigee and the AWS Maintenance Reboot: All Clear.

The Digital Accelerator Interview: John de Keijzer Adaptive Apps: Reimagining Customer Engagement. Developer Outreach Best Practices with Developer M Aneesh Chopra: Handshakes, Handoffs, and Governmen Apigee Named a Leader Among API Management Solutio How Target Prepared for Black Friday with API Perf Apigee Cloud Deployment for High Availability. Tutorial: Using Apigee to Build APIs in Node. Customer Journey-based Segmentation with Insights. Maximize Customer ,obile with Data.

Equinix: Digitizing, Mobilizing, and Cloud Provisi New Product Brief - Predictive Wpp Build Ve Insights Update: Make Every Interaction Count. Apigee A Toolkit for Building Awesome APIs. The Road to Fort Mason: Learn from Digital Change The New IT: How APIs Enable New Relationships Betw Digital Marketing: It's more than Digital Adv New Business Brief - APIs: The New Marketing Platf Project to Platform: Financing Digital Transformat An Agile and Adaptive Cycle for Business via APIs The Why and How of APIs: The Open API Model.

The Road to Fort Mason: The Digital Shadow Lengthe New Apigee Institute Report: Lessons from the App New Business Brief: Ten Critical Considerations fo The Why mmobile How of APIs: The Partner API Model. Peace, Love, APIs, and … Bicycles. API First: Shifting How Government Delivers Servic The Apigee-SAP Partnership: Accelerating Digital B Gogo Case Study: APIs as Competitive Advantage we Seamless: Using the Apigee SDK in Swift. New eBook: Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs. Project to Platform: The Bridge from Vision to Exe The Why and How of APIs: The Yradeking API Model.

The Road to Fort Mason: Building a Network of Tech Predictive Analytics on Big Data: DIY or Buy? Volos Connectors: Flexible Data Access for Node. The Road to Fort Mason: The Digital Divide is Real. A Blueprint for Digital Partnerships: How Data Ana Digital Digest: Four Must-Reads for CIOs. Sharper Insights with Predictive Analytics and Uns Why Many Digital Initiatives Fail—Even the Great O The Why and How of APIs: Where to Start. APIs for Dummies: Apigee Special Edition.

Project to Platform: Muscle Memory and Budgeting f API-Centric Data Architectures - Part II. A Digital Strategy Crisis? Maven Plug-in: Scripting the Deployment of API Pro Mobils to Platform: Hurdles on the Path to Digita Tradier: Bringing APIs to Retail Financial Service New eBook: APIs and IT Rationalization. Digital Accelerator Awards: Innovation Through API The Why and How of APIs: Modernizing the Enterpris The New Predictive Analytics: Proactive and Precis Apple's Swift and CloudKit: Mainstreaming Baa APIs: A Key to Rationalizing Agency IT Costs webc APIs and the Education Ecosystem.

API-Centric Architecture: New Foundational Technol The New Predictive Analytics: The Democratization Charting the API Journey: Accenture's Maturit API Design: An Adoption-Centered Approach webcast The Why and How of APIs: From App to Platform. API-Centric Architecture: APIs Make Agile Data Pos A Design-First Approach to Building APIs with Swag Make Your Customers Digital Disruptors, not Digita Market Platforms and the Virtuous Data Cycle.

API-Centric Architecture: Integration Patterns Are New eBook: APIs are Different than Integration. Why APIs are Different Than Integration webcast API-Centric Architecture: Services Governance Does Apigee Institute Roundtable: Aligning IT and Marke API-Centric Architecture: SOA Gives Way to Micro S Digital Ecosystems, Agile Apps, and the Experience API-Centric Architecture: All Development is API D Strategic Alignment: A Key to Digital Success. Product Update: Track More with New Edge Analytics Apigee SmartDocs: Introducing Smarter API Document The Digital Shadow: The Reality Beyond the IoT Hyp API Platforms: Buy, or Roll Your Own?

Layering Mobile APIs for Profit and Business Agili Every Business Tradeking mobile app ideas a CDO. Powering Web and Mobile Apps for Government Agenci When Your Product Design Makes Your Customers Feel Heartbleed, Mobiile Services, and What You Should Do. Field Notes: The Digital Path to E-tail. Digital Digest: Unleash Your Digital Business - Th The New Apigee Insights: Enable Predictive Apps.

Innovator Spotlight Video: Kevin Toms, Philips Hue. Product Update: Your Business Questions Answered U The Business Value of Reducing Medicare Complaints Hundred-Year-Old Companies in the Digital Economy Field Notes: How E-tail Benefits from Digital Tran Digital Digest: Must-Reads from the Apigee Institu Apigee Edge and Node.

Field Notes: API Architectures for E-tail. The Apigee Institute: A New Community of Practice. APIs as Products: Governing Principles. APIs as Products: The How and the Why. Innovator Spotlight Video: Mike Debnar, 7-Eleven. Hundred-Year-Old Companies in the Digital Economy. A Cloud Enabled To-do App with Apigee Edge.

APIs and the Connected Home. Innovator Spotlight Video: Sal Visca, Elastic Path. A Growing Threat: DoS Attacks Against APIs. Big Moblle Predictive Analytics in Action: Healthcar API Security: the DevOps and CSO Perspectives web New Mobile Identity Validation Solution Enhances M Customer Spotlight Video: Dan Raju, Tradier. Developer Adoption: Beyond the Hackathon. Six KPIs Every CDO Should Know and Love webcast Innovator Spotlight Video: Mike Redding, Accenture. How Data Analysis Drives the Customer Journey.

Field Notes: The Social Programming Interface. Segmenting Developers for Your Digital Strategy w Field Notes: Maximizing the Benefits of Your First Apigee Edge API Services: The App Mobike Permissions Creep: How to Avoid Review Damnation. Customer Spotlight Video: Nick Pudar, General Moto Apigee Edge Product Update: Custom Roles.

New eBook: Securing the Digital Enterprise. Walgreens API and Developer Marketing Strategies Custom API Behavior Using JavaScript and Apigee Ed The Digital Journey: Different Runners, Same Race. Innovator Spotlight: Sears - Leading the Retail In Hacked Refrigerators, APIs, and IoT Security. Security Analytics: Don't Overlook Your APIs. Field Notes: Rradeking Acceleration and Analytics ROI. The New Corporate Perimeter: It's About Data, API Mistakes to Avoid.

Measure What Matters: Six Metrics Every CDO Should Welcome Subra Kumaraswamy and Tim Mather. Report Packs: Custom Reports Based on Industry Bes Tradeking mobile app ideas for the API Economy. Digital Ecosystems: Opening Up, Everywhere. Start with our Brand Tradekung, Free API and Advanc Designing Apps for the Internet of Things.

APIthon Bangalore: Hacking to Glory. Product Update: Analytics Custom Dashboard, Report Mobile is Changing Everything [Infographic]. APIs and Traeeking Journey to the Center of the Custom Security in Digital Transformation: an API-Centric Backend as a Service: Not Just for Mobile Anymore. Launching an API Strategy: Breaking Through Inerti Virtual Sensors and the Butterfly Effect. Swapping Innovation for Transformation: The What, In Search of CDOs. Hacking the House - The Sydney Opera House.

Building for Google Glass: What You Need to Know Free eBook: Retail 3. Embarking on the Digital Journey: Best Practices, Free eBook: Digital Transformation-Getting in Shap Ten Steps to Bring the App Economy to Enterprise Tgadeking The Seven Habits of Highly Effective CDOs. Product Update: SAML 2. Walgreens: Attracting Developers to Their API. The Importance of Making Your Big Data Insightful.

Introducing Volos: Open Source Software for Build Build your First Mobile App in Half a Day HTML5, Anatomy of a Retail API Program. Your Big Data Needs Some TLC. Building a Digital Products Portfolio for Real Bus Enhanced API Dashboards: More Speed, Better Data, Enterprise Analytics: The Art of Knowing the Known Traeeking Digital Gold Rush: Tadeking Business Models.

The Digital Gold Rush: Stake your Claim. Persistence Services for Optimizing Performance, B Building a 21st Century Digital Government. Staking your Claim in the Digital Gold Rush. PCI Compliance: Protect Your and Your Customers Turn Data Science into Business Science: Predict, Monetization: The Mobilf Business Model for Your Di Digital Strategy: An API-Based Digital Future vid API Platform Update: Zero Downtime Deployment, New Are you where your customers are? Introducing the Enterprise Hackers Social Club — a SAP Access: Enabling Mobile Apps to Consume Servic Telco API Exposure: ParlayX-to-OneAPI SOAP-to-REST Walgreens Story: Tradekjng an API Around Their Store Making it Easy for Customers to Migrate to Your Cl Mobile App Design Best Practices: Usable Interface Crafting APIs for Mobile Apps: Everything You Need Austin Java User Group - Apigee Mobile Analytics.

Apigee in the World of Push Ixeas. Developer Spotlight: Surfline - App to Follow Surf Driving Digital Success: Three ROI Criteria for C Tutorial: Push Notifications in 5 Simple Steps. Design for Analytics: Going Rtadeking API Reports and Digital Transformation: Real Options to Win idras the Monetization Services: Enabling New Revenue Stream Developer Spotlight: Applause - Enabling App Devel The Path to Push Notifications. API Design: A New Model for Pragmatic REST.

API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 2. Training: Build your first Native App for iOS with Building Engaging Apps: Why You Should Fall in Lov Integrate Apigee Push Notifications by June 30 to Building Mobile Apps with HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 1. Easily Expose SOAP Services as RESTful APIs - Apig API Design: Honing in on HATEOAS. API Design: Ruminating Over REST. Tradeking mobile app ideas Mobil Push Notifications to Pull Custome Push Notifications That Customers Care About: Recr Innovator Spotlight: Live Nation - Industrializing API Platform Update: Streamlined SOAP to REST, Sim Build your first Mobile App in 3 Hours with HTML API Design: Binary Data, Caching, Transactions, an OAuth: Why it is Still a Good Solution to Secure Y The Programmable Car: Apps, APIs, Data and Ecosyst Developer Spotlight: SocialTagg - An App that Make API Design: Harnessing Hypermedia Types.

Mapping your SQL thinking to No API Design: Representing Actions and Metadata in R Free Online Training: Build Your First Mobile App API Design: Scrutinizing Search Results and Links. API Design: Revealing Resource Responses. Developer Spotlight: Picovico - Analyzing Behavior Backend-as-a-Service: Ixeas reducing mobile SOA in the API World - Facades, Transactions, Stat API Design: Deciphering Security. API Design: Demystifying Modeling. Developer Spotlight: How CalorieCount, part of Abo Accenture Technology Vision An API-Centric P Should I Build or Buy a SOA Layer Today?

Successful Transition from SOA to APIs for the App Developer Spotlight: The NEST Family Organizer. Apigee Platform: New Generation Switching for Toda Mobile Training San Francisco. The Internet Backplane: A Glimpse Below the Waterl Systems' Complexity, Social Chemistry, Intern Network Switching in the Cloud: The New Backbone o Build a Store Locator App with HTML5, PhoneGap Business Level Monitoring using Traffic Compositio Apigee Establishes an Advisory Board.

Innovator Spotlight: Earth Networks - Using APIs t Can't go a Day Without your Critical Mobile A Innovator Spotlight: Motley Fool: Using APIs to Bu Redefine Omni-Channel Retailing - Harness the Powe The New GSMA OneAPI Exchange is Powered by Apigee. Developer Spotlight: RoundTable - An Interactive P Economic Models for Reinventing Telcos video Signals and Insights: Value, Reach, Demand. Analytics Platforms: Data Capture, Data Processing From Napkin to App: Rapidly Prototype and Build fo Updates to the App Services Docs.

JavaScript SDK and Node Module version rev. Backend-as-a-Service: The Future of Mobile Cloud C Training: Apigee App Services in Santa Monica, CA. API Trends: What to expect in Learning Paths: Get Up and Running on the Apigee A Innovation with APIs: From Photography to Telecomm LovePowerup: Peace, Love, and Mobile Apps. The New Three Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies Essential API Facade Patterns: Synchronous to Asyn Demo real-time mobile app analytics.

Essential API Facade Patterns: One Phase to Two Ph Join us for the Monile Analytics Webcast! Essential API Facade Patterns: Session Management APIs Inside the Enterprise: SOA Displacement? Beware One Way Streets: The Importance of Comprehe The Business Value of APIs - Joint Webcast with Pw The Company API Machine: Easy-Grab Data Handles. Essential API Facade Patterns: Composition video Users Reveal Top Frustrations that Lead to Bad Mo Innovator Spotlight: Nimble - Helping Businesses T API Management for the Software-Defined Network S Innovator Spotlight: Getty Images - New Revenue in HTML5: The Apps, the Frameworks, the Controversy The New Three Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxy API Platform Update: OAuth performance improvement From ETL to API — A Spp Landscape for Enterpri Bringing the App Economy to Enterprise IT video Building a Native iOS App using Trigger.

Innovator Spotlight: mBlox - Building a Platform w Applying Universal Design Principles to API Initia Punk Rock and Web API Styles: Differentiate and Ac The SDN Revolution: Creating the Programmable Data API Platform Update: Trace Tool, Trxdeking to Validat Building Twitter with Tradeking mobile app ideas Services and the JavaScr Facebook's "Biggest Strategic Mistake API Consoles Update: Improved Control Over Paramet Twitter Drops XML - Data Transformations Pick Up Moible JavaScript SDK: Building HTML5 Apps Just Got Easie An API Solution to an Mobile Holiday Shoppers Warn Retailers.

From MySQL to NOSQL: Tradeking mobile app ideas foray into building apps wi Launching the next generation of the Apigee API Pl Building a Mobile Data Platform with Cassandra - A Innovator Spotlight: Infogroup Targeting Solutions. Innovator Spotlight: Walgreens - Putting an API Ar Innovator Spotlight: XO Group - APIs for Internal Telco Innovation with APIs: Need for Speed video API Design: When to Buck the Trend.

Iedas Build Awesome Apps using API-Driven Back Innovator Spotlight: Digital River - Extending Mobilw now in Public Beta: Use it for Free Today API Design Tour: Digital River - On Designing URIs Innovator Spotlight: Bechtel - Tradeking mobile app ideas Workforce API Design Tour: Digital River - Powering a Global Announcement: Free eBook on the API Facade Pattern. BaaS: The Mobile Backend is now a Service. AngelHack: 5 Hackers, 5 Stages of Hackathon Psyche Innovator Spotlight: Dell - On Using APIs to Provi What's your API's Cachiness Factor?

Anatomy of an Open API Initiative. Anatomy of a Customer API Initiative. Innovator Spotlight: NDS - APIs to Tradrking Brand an Anatomy of a Partner API Initiative. Anatomy of an Internal API Initiative. Bridging the Gulf between IT and the App On doing Business in the Full Context of Innovator Spotlight: TradeKing - Using APIs to Del Apigee on the Road - update for NYC Fashion Hack D APIs and Copyrights: Monopolizing Ttadeking or Affordi Innovator Spotlight: Innotas - APIs for Critical V Big Broad Data: The role of Data APIs.

Big Broad Tradeking mobile app ideas Increasing the signal to noise rat Making the Shift from Big to Broad Data. Big Broad Data: Beyond tradeking mobile app ideas "bigness" and Mobile Apps Key patterns you need to know vi Scaling your API: Predict, Prepare for, Overcome C API Strategy and "Niches": Are you missi API Facade Pattern: Webinar shorts full series. API Facade Pattern: Technology for orchestration, We want to build better tools for API developers API Facade Pattern: Technology for versioning, fir Six Design Patterns for Highly Successful Mobile A April Fool's Hackathon London - Recap.

API Facade Design Pattern: Technology for set up. HATEOAS Introduction to a REST API Style vid Hiring great people to run your API program: Where The API Facade Pattern: People. API Facade Common Patterns: Errors. I need an API: Where do I start? The API Facade Pattern: Technology. Announcement: Free eBook on Web API Design. API Product Management: Driving Success through th The API Facade: Common Patterns. API Facade Design Pattern: A simple interface to a OAuth: The Big Picture - Free eBook.

The API Facade: Overview. Insights from API data: The human factor. Insights from API data: degrees of visibility. Insights from API data - visibility across the val Visibility at the Edge - Deep Insights from your A Tradeking mobile app ideas business opportunity with APIs and mobil Apigee v2 Console: Making learning APIs as simple New Release - API Developer Tools. APIs and the app economy - an explosion of innovat User experience, data quality, and dealing with mi Dealing with malicious attacks.

Protecting users, apps, and APIs from abuse. Traddeking Implementing OAuth 2. OAuth: Is it worth the effort? The Anatomy of Apps. OAuth: For server-to-server APIs? OAuth: Why it's good for API providers. OAuth: Flow for mobile apps. OAuth: The valet key metaphor. HUGE: Running an API at Scale. RESTful API Design: API Virtualization. RESTful API Design: complement with moobile SDK. RESTful API Design: chatty APIs. RESTful API Design: making requests.

RESTful API Design: how many versions? Usergrid is now part of Apigee. Engage customers where they are - at the edge of y RESTful API Design: authentication. RESTful API Design: tips for handling exceptional RESTful API Design: consolidate API requests in on RESTful API Design: what about counts? RESTful API Design: tips for search. RESTful API Design: what about responses that don RESTful API Design: what about attribute names? RESTful API Design: support multiple formats.

RESTful API Design: can your API give developers j The SMSified REST API Explorer. Yin and Yang of APIs and the Cloud - Part 2. Video demo: New updates to the API Console. RESTful API Design: tips for versioning. RESTful API Design: what about errors? Yin and Yang of APIs and the Cloud. RESTful API Design: simplify associations, sweep c RESTful API Design: plural nouns and concrete name RESTful API Design: nouns are good, verbs are bad.

OAuth: The next Big Thing in Security. API Design: Are you a Pragmatist or a RESTafarian? Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos and APIs Caveat structor - Builder Beware: Twitter's A REST API design for SQL programmers. Why XML won't die: XML vs. JSON for your API. Universal Design Principles Applied to APIs Part Crossing the Streams: Handling cross-site API req Improvements to Apigee To-Go. Not serving JSON AND JSONP? Prevent "Top 25" software errors in your Need API and developer adoption?

Try a Hack Day! Why We Love the Zappos API: 3 Tips for API Design. The Instapaper Dilemma: The Journey to an API Busi Feb 23rd Open API Meetup: API Outlook for This Week in APIs: What do you love, Valentine? Two Ton API client: creating a generation of car Your API Sucks: Why Developers Hang Up and How to Partner or Open API strategy: Where should you sta What the Netflix Button Means to Your Business Str Darwin's Finches, 20th Century Business, and API Business Models and Monetization.

Technology RESTful API Design: nouns are good, verbs are bad Brian Mulloy Nov 24, In the first post in this series about pragmatic REST API designI defined 'pragmatic REST' as looking at API design from the developer point of view. The first base URL is for collections; the second is for a specific element in the collection.

A stalwart of the early web, Shutterfly rebuilds with the future in mind. At Goldman Sachs, APIs point the way toward a platform future. How API adoption can boost annual profits. Magazine Luiza sets out Marketplace stall with Apigee. What Is API Management. API Management Platform Gartner. Enterprise Service Bus Esb.

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