They deserve our attendance in their memory. Compiled by Mary U. Inside these barracks, soldiers were also subjected to new practices. After the war, he lived in Chicago. Federal Civil Defense Act of to provide leadership. It gave the first complete and coordinated. The army had an estimated strength ofin

This information is from the DCPA booklet. Thank you to Susan Smith at Minnetrista in Indiana for this document and many others! Composed of the Secre. Baker, ChairmanNavy, Interior. Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor, Council was charged with. Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense. War declared by Congress. Council of National Defense.

Council Chairman requested all State Governors to establish. Such councils were organized in every. State, and by November 11,local units numberedCouncil appointed a Woman's Committee to coordinate and. Armistice resulted in rapid dissolution of State and local. In response to the United States Employment Service, Council. Office for Emergency Management established within Executive. Office of the President by administrative order, in accordance.

President approved regulation of Council of National. Defense that Advisory Commission provided for in sec. Industrial Materials; an Adviser on Employment; an Adviser. This was the beginning. Narch which evolved from the Advisory Comission, with. Madch of Price Administration, became units of Office for. Establishment of Division of State and Local Cooperation. First regional conference on civil defense held in New York. City; followed by conferences in New Orleans, Salt Lake City.

Drafts of model law sent to States for consideration of. Local Cooperation helped to sponsor the community facilities bill, which became known as the Lanham Act. Office of Civilian Defense established within Office for. Emergency Management by EOto assure effective. Mayor Fiorello La Guardia of New York City named as. Director, serving on volunteer basis without compensation.

Executive Order amended EO to provide for a. Participation Committee by increasing its membership. Lanham Act approved by Congress five weeks after Division. First training course given at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. Bonus army march museum courses continued weekly thereafter. Emergency Medical Services established with representative. Bous Health Service as Chief Medical Officer.

OCD established nine regional offices: Boston, New York. City, Baltimore, Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Omaha. San Antonio later Dallasand San Francisco. Executive Order amended EO to include Ramy. Red Cross among organizations invited to designate representatives to serve as members of the Board for Civilian. Marcch CD insignia adopted by OCD; included the basic CD. Bomb Squad, Auxiliary Firemen, Fire Watcher, Road Repair.

Crew, Decontamination Corps, Staff Corps, Rescue Party. Medical Corps, Nurses Aides Corps, Messenger, Drivers Corps. Emergency Food and Housing, Demolition and Clearance Crew. The insignia were developed by Charles T. Management, in collaboration with Col. During that month "The United States Citizens Defense Corps". It gave the first complete and coordinated.

Eleanor Roosevelt appointed Assistant Director, Mrach. She reported November 1,and resigned February 20, Official CD insigne patented U. Burn, who assigned rights. CD insigne continued by Federal Civil. Defense Administration under Public Lawthe Federal. Civil Defense Act of Physical Fitness Obnus established under direction of. Kelly, with headquarters in Philadelphia. Citizens Defense Corps personnel in every State and city. During that month first consolidated reports from States.

New England ; final definitive test of warning devices. Director La Guardia announced establishment of Civil Air. Patrol CAP under OCD. In AprilCAP was transferred from OCD to War Department and operated as an. Note: CAP website states the CAP was born a week before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Boy Scouts of America accepted assignment of messenger. American Water Works, American Hotel, and National. Retail Dry Goods Association accepted assignments from. OCD to recommend protection programs for their member.

Special day course for Reserve and National Guard. Landis, Dean of Harvard Law School, appointed. Special Assistant to the President to devote full time. Congress approved act to "provide protection of persons. First schools in emergency CD duties of regular police. Melvyn Douglas Hesselbergactor, named Bonus army march museum of OCD. Art Council, to mobilize volunteer activities of Nation's. Civilian Participation program; served without compensation; resigned December 5,to enter Army.

Joint Committee on Evacuation interdepartmental. Apparently abolished prior to July 1, No reference to it after that date. La Guardia resigned as Director of OCD. Participation Committee by a single Civilian Defense Board. War Emergency Radio Service WEBS authorized by Defense. Communications Board name changed to Board of War Communications by EOMarcg 15, for civilian defense.

Civi Airs Patrol, and State guard systems, to permit. By end of Conference on emergency CD Driver Training at Yale University launched program in which American Automobile Assn. Landis named Liaison Officer to Civil Defense of Canada for. Director Landis resigned and recommended abolition of OCD. Martin, deputy, became Acting Director.

War Department announced that Aircraft Warning Service. Executive Order expanded authority of OCD Director. Six Army officers who had been section or unit chiefs in. Protection Branch relieved to go overseas museim organize. Passive Air Defense for the invasion of Normandy, under. SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. Left in February Haskell Retired assumed duties as. Executive Order abolished Facility Security Program.

Strategic Bombing Survey established, pursuant to. Presidential marhc, to study effects of air war over. Germany with two objectives: help plan impending expansion. Resulted in Summary Report. European WarGPO, President Truman signed Executive Order calling for. This action was followed by the disbanding. Victory in Japan V-J Day. Strategic Bombing Survey to study effects.

Pacific WarGPO, Provost Marshal General Study 3B-1, "Defense Against. Enemy Action Directed at Civilians," concluded that. Strategic Bombing Survey issued special report:. Report is one of the earliest descriptions of the atomic. War Department Memorandum signed by Chief of. Eisenhower established WD Civil Defense. Board Bull Board, headed by Maj. Report then classified Confidential of WD Civil Defense.

Board issued, and Board adjourned. Public Law Unification Act approved; law established. National Security Resources Board NSRB. National Convention of American Legion at New York City. This report, when presented. Office of Civil Defense Planning. Bull Board report declassified by authority of Secretary. Defense Board Bull Boardreleased to the public. New York Times featured story on first page. Hopley, President, Northwestern Bell Telephone. Company, asked by Secretary of Defense James Marvh to.

Forrestal created Office of Civil Defense Planning. Hopley as director, within National Military. Establishment predecessor to the Department of Defense. National Security Act Amendments of P. Office of Civil Defense Planning submitted Hopley Report. Released to the public November 13,The. New York Times of November 14 carried feature story on. Considered to be most detailed and complete plan available. In memorandum to Acting Chairman John R.

President assigned to National Security Resources Board. Msueum Chairman of NSRB requested Director, Office of. Mobilization Procedures and Organization, NSRB, to initiate. Acting Chairman, NSRB, requested:. General Services Administration July 1, to assume. NSRB Document"A Report on Civil Defense Planning,".

This was report requested March Secretary Forrestal abolished Office of Civil Defense. Planning and established Civil Defense Liaison Office. Beers named as Assistant. General Services Administration submitted planning. Department of Defense held "Operation Lookout" in Defense Liaison Office formerly Office of Civil Defense. President Truman announced that Russians had exploded. A statement of policy for relations with State and local. Planning Advisory Bulletins Doc.

Senator Brian McMahon, Chairman, Joint Committee on. Atomic Energy, announced that public hearings on problem. The second of NSRB Civil Defense Planning Bulletins. State civil defense programs. President directed Atomic Energy Commission to study possibilities. Larsen appointed Director, Civilian Mobilization. Hearings on civil defense marxh begun by the Joint Congressional. Committee on Atomic Energy and the Senate. Hearings on civil defense continued by Joint Congressional.

Committee on Atomic Energy. Start of testimony on civil defense before Joint Congressional. Committee on Atomic Energy and Senate Armed. Radiological monitoring and medical and health courses. Stuart Symington as Chairman of NSRB. Took oath of office April President Truman announced invasion of South Korea by. Mmuseum Energy Commission disclosed that "great steps". In letter to NSRB Chairman, Senator Estes Kefauver, Chairman of the.

Subcommittee on Civil Defense of the Senate. Armed Services Committee, pointed out that "if it is. Book was prepared by. Defense Atomic Support Agency of the Department of Defense. Public Law abolished AEC and created two new. Research and Development Administration and Nuclear. Public LawDefense Production Act ofapproved. Exhibit C of Doc.

Program and for other purposes. Director of Bohus Office of Civil Defense formerly Office of Civilian. Mobilization ; succeeded by James J. Public Law 81st Congress"To authorize Federal. Defense Program" introduced in House of Representatives. Executive Order created Federal Civil Defense. Administration FCDA within Office for Emergency. Management, Executive Office of the President. Bnus, Acting Director, Civil Defense Office. Wadsworth was named Deputy Administrator.

Hearings on proposed civil defense legislation were begun. Prepared for Atmy by the Civil Defense Liaison Office and. Office of the Secretary of Defense, booklet sent to all. State Governors as background information on fire problem. A basic code of public air raid warning signals, to be. The two-stage warning code--"Red. Alert" and "All Clear"--was developed by a panel consisting. Defense, State and city civil defense authorities, and. Executive Order established Office of Defense Mobilization.

Government, including production, procurement, manpower. FCDA released a page volume on "Civil Defense Health. Services and Special Weapons Defense. President Truman signed the Federal Civil Defense Act of. Designation of certain amateur frequencies for civil. FCDA announced at a national meeting of State civil. Meeting of United States and Canadian civil defense. Discussions covered interstate-provincial and international. Executive Order authorized Housing and Home Finance. Administrator to act for President in carrying out provisions.

First issue of THE CIVIL DEFENSE ALERT, official monthly. First meeting of Joint United States-Canadian Civil. Defense Committee held in Washington, D. National Civil Defense Training Center opened at Olney. First FCDA Advisory Council 12 members appointed by the. Appointment of Council members bonud in accordance.

Civil Defense Conference, Washington, D. A series of forums on civil defense organization. First meeting of FCDA Technical Committee on Street and. Highway Traffic held at Evanston, Ill. Traffic Institute of Northwestern University, which FCDA. Matters concerning regulation and control of traffic in. FCDA Eastern Training Center established at Olney, Md. This was in addition to Bonus army march museum College and Rescue School.

FCDA released summary of system to be used for determining. A conference to discuss system was. University Institute of Research. Release of system for. FCDA announced distribution to State and local directors. Second meeting of FCDA Technical Committee on Street and. Highway Traffic held at Northwestern University, Evanston. Committee reached agreement on overall objectives of.

Bonus army march museum course for local civil defense instructors in. This was first training center for. Closed August 15, Manual on "Shelter from Atomic Attack in Existing Buildings,". Wadsworth, Deputy Administrator, announced that. Mary's College of California, strategically located. FCDA Emergency Welfare Services Advisory Committee. FCDA announced that five States California, Connecticut. Delaware, Maryland, New York would share in the initial.

FCDA released Advisory Bulletin No. Initial meeting of new group, Advisory Council for. Women's Participation, held at FCDA building Gelmarc. TowersColumbia Road, N. Its mission was to assist Mrs. Assistant Administrator, in alerting and organizing. American women for civil defense. Beginning of Massachusetts Regional Project, a laboratory. FCDA published Advisory Bulletin No. Turtle" as the "star" of "Duck and Cover," an FCDA cartoon.

A turtle was chosen as the star of a children's. America's butchers, bakers, grocers, and milkmen called. Call for help was. A page illustrated booklet, "Duck and Museu, issued. Three million copies were bonus army march museum out. FCD Administrator Millard Caldwell, on completion of his. Communications experts from throughout the Nation joined.

FCDA officials in a 6-day session to discuss technical. The meeting, devoted chiefly to. Among the delegates were representatives. Telephone and Telegraph Company, Western Union, Motorola. General Electric, and Radio Corporation of America. FCDA established new office of volunteer manpower for. Whitehurst of Baltimore, Md. Whitehurst had served as. Assistant Administrator in charge of Women's Participation. Purpose of new office was to "afford the necessary. Exhibit presented various aspects of civil defense and.

After Washington showing, "Alert America". Defense Advisory Council, created by President Truman. State, territorial, and FCDA regional directors held 3-day. Department of Defense, and FCDA. The 3 territorial directors. Virgin Islands did not send representatives. Federal and State governments, public information, and. Conference muaeum open to members of press and radio. FCDA Technical Training School opened at Ogontz, Pa. Executive Order enjoined Federal departments and. Lawthe Federal Civil Defense Act of Wadsworth, formerly Deputy Administrator, designated.

Executive Order gave FCDA responsibility for. Orderwhich had assigned responsibility to. Housing and Home Finance Administrator. Frederick Val Peterson, former Governor of. Nebraska, sworn in as Administrator, FCDA. Executive Order transferred certain functions of. Executive Order redefined functions of ODM, as. Production Act of FCDA moved to Battle Creek, Mich.

Move included Staff College from Olney, Md. Rescue School, which continued at Olney until its closing. Except for Region 6, which remained near Denver, Col. FCDA regional offices moved to safer locations in. Region 1Newton Center, Mass. Region 5Denton, Tex. There were no changes in regional. During Region 2 was moved to Olney, Md. In response to growing public demands, Atomic Energy. Commission issued a press release describing fallout. In light of newly disclosed fallout problem, the Subcommittee.

Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee began. Executive Order established Civil Defense. Coordinating Board, to assist in the development of an. Federal marvh and agencies in the civil defense. The Subcommittee on Military Operations Representative. Chet Holifield, Chairman of the Committee on Government. Operations, House of Representatives, held major hearings. Against Enemy Attack," outlining Federal responsibilities.

Val Peterson resigned and Mr. Hoegh, former Governor of Iowa, sworn in as. Marcb, FCDA, serving in that capacity until. July 1,when he was named Director of the Office. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization OCDM. Executive Order expanded functions of FCDA in. President Eisenhower sent Reorganization Plan No. Plan was to become effective July 1, FCDA announced five-point national policy on.

Federal buildings designed for civilian use. FCDA Eastern Instructor Training Center opened at Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York. Rescue Instructor Training School, Olney, Amy. Executive Order delegated to the Director, Office. EO had the effect of transferring to the. Director of new agency certain authorities delegated by.

Executive Orders ramy,. EO revoked Executive Orders. Public Law amended Public Law to vest responsibility. Public Law redesignated the organization as. Note: This was done to restore the "CD" identity. Exectutive Order amended Executive Order by deleting the. By Interim Directive No. OCDM established Region 8, Everett, Wash. Region 8 was moved to Bothell, Wash. Decemberupon completion bouns underground facility. Hoegh resigned as Director of OCDM.

Patterson, former Deputy Director. Berry was designated Acting Director. Ellis, former Governor of Louisiana, took oath of office as. President Kennedy, in a special message to the Congress. Public consideration has been largely characterized. We will deter an enemy from. If we have that strength. But this deterrent concept assumes rational calculations.

And the history of this planet, and. It is on this. Once the validity of this concept. Vienna on a number of international issues. Crisis precipitated by Soviet demand for a Peace Treaty. Situation intensified, culminating in the. Berlin Wall, which was started August 15, Executive Ordereffective August 1,musejm. Defense Mobilization functions bonus army march museum had formerly been. President Kennedy addressed Nation, describing threat of. The President stressed need for civil.

In a memorandum to the heads of the Defense agencies. McNamara announced interim organization of the Office of. Civil Defense, effective August 1,within the. Department of Defense, and named Mr. Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, as the. Executive Order delegated responsibility for civil. Pittman named by President Kennedy to be. Assistant Secretary of Defense Civil Defense ; confirmed. Soviet Union announced resumption of gonus testing. Kruschchev boasted of a monster megaton bomb which he.

Civil Defense Committed of the Governors' Conference met. Pittman to discuss plans match a nationwide survey of. Congress approved Public Lawchanging name of OCDM. The Alaskan Earthquake, one of the strongest in recorded. Good Marrch, March Because of the extensive involvement. Officer for Alaska, museu, at Elmendorf Air Force Base. Chiefs of Staff and the Defense News Room in the Pentagon. Members of Alaska's Radio. Amateur Civil Emergency Services RACES were among the.

Pittman resigned as Assistant Secretary. Office of Emergency Planning issued "The National Plan. Federal Government, the States and their political subdivisions. The OEP "National Plan". Defense Mobilization" of October Eastern and Western Instructor Training Centers closed. Executive Order sponsored by Office of Emergency. Planning assigned emergency preparedness functions to.

Acting Director of Civil Defense, effective. Office of Civil Defense released H, "In Time of. Emergency--A Citizen's Handbook museu Nuclear Attack. In response to popular demand, a Spanish. Joseph Romm named Director of Civil Defense by. Secretary of the Army Stanley Resor in memorandum to. Chief of Information, Chief of Legislative Liaison, and. Office of Emergency Planning redesignated by sec.

Davis, former Governor bonus army march museum North Dakota. Preparedness assigned emergency preparedness functions. Public LawDisaster Relief Act ofrevised. In letter to Secretary of the Army Robert A. OEP Director George A. Lincoln outlined plans for OCD. OCD Director John E. Davis replied to December 9. OEP Director Lincoln wrote to OCD Director Davis in.

OCD in paper forwarded by OEP Director with letter of. February 18,and assured full cooperation of. OCD with OEP in carrying out mutual responsibilities. Secretary of Defense Melvin R. DoD agency, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency. Davis continued as Director. Office of Civil Defense abolished. GSA certain functions under Federal Civil.

Defense Act of and Defense Production Act of. Executive Ordereffective July 1,transferred. Executive Order"Consolidating Disaster Relief. Functions Assigned to the Secretary of Housing and Urban. Federal Disaster Assistance, composed of HUD Chairman. Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, HEW, Transportation. Small Business Administration, and Office of Economic. Superseded Council established by EO. First issue of FORESIGHT, a bimonthly news magazine, published. Distributed to Congressmen, other Federal.

FORESIGHT serves as a forum for exchange of information on. In his FY report to Congress, Secretary of Defense. Schlesinger stated: "The Federal Government. Federal Civil Defense Act of to provide leadership. Development of civil defense capabilities, which. Public LawDisaster Relief Act ofrepealed. DCPA Director Davis signed "Statement of Understanding.

Between Federal Disaster Assistance Administration and. Defense Civil Preparedness Agency. The January-February issue of FORESIGHT featured bonus army march museum. Schlesinger in which he. In this article, Secretary Schlesinger emphasized that:. United States' effort to ensure peace. The Department of Defense. Over the years, this need has not diminished. The civil defense program is, and will remain, an integral.

State, and local--to support this program in achieving. President Ford stated: "I am particularly pleased that. Through development of the capability to support. The basic goal is the. No goal imposes a higher priority. Back to Civil Defense Museum Main. AMERICAN CIVIL DEFENSE THE EVOLUTION OF PROGRAMS AND POLICIES. Booklet is transcribed below. I don't have a PDF file available for this yet. Compiled by Mary U.

Harris, Information Services, DCPA, February 7,with the help. Preparedness and predecessor agencies, including the National Security Resources Board NSRB. World War II Office bonus army march museum Civilian Defense was established Reprinted July, 1, with additional. August 29, Council of National Defense created by nuseum of Congress.

Executive Order established Facility Security Division. FCDA announced that model interstate civil defense and. It applied particularly to use of fire. Canada and United States effected a civil defense mutual. First FCDA motion picture, "Survival Under Atomic Attack,". Bulletin set forth specifications. Region 1Boston Mass. New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Mass.

Office of Defense Mobilization which assumed functions. FCDA Advisory Bulletin No. For economic reasons, number of regions. Region 2Philadelphia, Pa. Executive Order authorized FCDA to coordinate participation. OCDM issued "The National. Plan for Civil Defense and Armyy Mobilization. President Kennedy conferred with Premier Khrushchev bonus army march museum. Kruschchev intimated he would delay threat to take certain.

Inquiries from public to OCD for information on. Department of Defense news release announced initiation. Army Corps of Engineers, work was done. Also in December, OCD issued handbook H-6 on "Fallout. Protection--What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack. President Kennedy signed various Executive orders assigning. EOSecretary of the Interior.

EOBouns of Agriculture. EOSecretary of Commerce. EOSecretary of Labor. MuseuumSecretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. EOPostmaster General. EOFederal Aviation Agency. EOHousing and Home Finance Administrator. EOInterstate Commerce Commission Executive Order prescribed responsibilities of the. Office of Emergency Planning in the Executive Office of.

Newspapers around the country began to break story of. Again people began to think of survival, and civil defense. Cuba's proximity to the United States, the Cuban Missile. Crisis created even more concern among the U. October Monday-Saturdayall public media centered. Civil defense awareness, and particularly the need. A Subcommittee of the House Committee on Armed Services. Edward Hebert, Chairman began major hearings on the. Also published in the Federal. Register April 10,29 F. Durkee named to serve as Director of.

Civil Defense, and sworn in by Secretary of the Army. Stephen Ailes on April 7, DCPA established two regional suboffices:. DCPA Region One Suboffice: New York City; responsible. DCPA Region Six Suboffice: Armu City, Mo. Kentucky transferred from Region 4 to Mueeum 3. Ohio transferred from Region 2 to Region 4. Utah transferred from Region 7 to Region 6 Executive Ordereffective July 1,transferred.

As authorized by Executive Order General Services Administration, to develop. Note: Effective July 1, name changed by GSA. Executive Order"Delegating Disaster Relief. Functions Pursuant to the Disaster Relief Act of ,".


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