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In this article we will explain one of the many technical analysis methods used by William Gann. In his books and studies he revealed some of his methods, to be used by traders who are patient and wise enough to study and understand them fully. We will then find some specific and less known geometrical and mathematical proportions between the numbers in the square.

We will also look on the charts for the numbers in the square. We will discover that between a High and a Low there is a specific ratio. This ratio has an explanation and we will find its origin and use. Finally we will end with having a powerful tool that gives us clear targets for the trend to reach. Gann was a trader of the early 20th century his full biography has been published in the July-September edition of FX Trader Magazine.

His abilities to profit from the stock and commodity markets remain unchallenged. Even today, his methods have yet to be fully duplicated. It has been said that Gann could very well have been right ALL the time and that any losses incurred by him were only by his own design and not because of any errors in his methods. His successes are legendary. Gann literally converted small accounts into fortunes, increasing their net balances by several hundred percents. There are numerous examples of his trading successes, among which:.

It was written by R. This meant that it must touch that figure before the end of the month of September. Gann was part of a family with strong religious beliefs. As a result, Gann would often use Biblical passages as a basis not only for his life, but for his trading methods. A passage often quoted by Gann was this from Ecclesiastes - Nothing is new under the sun.

Gann determined that this universal order of nature also existed in the stock and commodity markets. Price movements occurred, not in a random manner, but in a manner that can be pre-determined. The predictable movements of prices result from the influence of mathematical points of forces found in nature. And what is the cause of all these points of forces? These points of force were felt to cause prices to not only move, but to move in a manner that can be anticipated.

Future targets for both price and time can be confidently projected by reducing these mathematical points of forces to terms of mathematical equations and relationships. The mathematical equations of Gann are not complex. They result in lines of support and resistance, which prices will follow invariably. Gann held that time is the most important element of trading. When time dictates that trending prices should react, prices may stabilize for a short period, or they may fluctuate within a tight range, but eventually they will react by reversing direction.

Time is the element that will determine WHEN prices should react. Certain price reactions are found to occur during specific times. The actual TYPE of price reaction can be anticipated, and pre-determined, by using Gann time rules. Gann time periods last not only days or weeks, but months and even years.

The year is gann forex trading method 9 form divided by eighths, and then by sixteenths. There are also important time periods within the Gann year. Important tops or bottoms may occur between the 49th and. Other time periods that were important to Gann, at which a price reaction could be expected, are:. If this period is exceeded, the next reaction should be expected after 28 to 30 days. Figure 1 shows an example of astronomical correlations on a Gann chart.

The basic form is a square. The principle of making this square is very ingenious. The numbers are arranged in increasing order, in a specific pattern, starting with number one set in the centre. We can arrange as many numbers we wish. The numbers can be arranged starting from the middle, to the right and up, in a counterclockwise manner, or to the left and up, in a clockwise manner.

If the trend is ascending we will arrange the numbers clockwise, if it is descending we will gann forex trading method 9 form the numbers counterclockwise. After arranging the numbers we can observe some special similarities forming. For example on one diagonal we have the numbers 1, 9, 25, 49, 81,and so on. These numbers are the square of odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 etc.

On the same diagonal with 4 we have the numbers 16, 36, 64, and so on which are the square of even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 etc. Is there a coincidence or is it harmony? The same principle of arranging numbers can be used for other values as well. With the help of the square presented in Figure 2 we will analyze the value for some financial indicators.

We can also input instead of numbers some calendar dates to help us calculate the day for the High and the Low See Figure 3. That month the indicator had a High of 1. We will look for this value in the square also. Between the centre of the square and these points there is an angle forming. This angle is about degrees. Square root of High — 1. In trigonometry degrees is defined as 2; degrees as 1; 90 degrees as 0.

Square root of 1. During the period of time we are referring to, on the sky we had two major astrological aspects: Saturn opposition Neptune this means degrees and Sun square Pluto this means 90 degrees. This value is very close to the actual fall of the index. When analyzing the market at the gann forex trading method 9 form of February, after the 1. The sum of the aspects was degrees.

The result is 1. The second example is the abrupt fall in the summer ofmore precisely, in August. These are the steps of the forecast:. All these aspects have a negative influence. Step 2: in the period October — January we have the following astrological aspects:. Saturn opposition North Pole, Sun square Uranus, Sun square North Pole, Sun square Saturn, Sun square Uranus, Sun opposition Mars, Saturn trine Mercury. All these aspects are negative.

Is this a coincidence or is it harmony? This method of prediction is incredibly accurate and has a special harmony in it. Although it seems a complex and difficult method to handle, it is a useful tool in our system of analysis. We have come to these conclusions after many years of thorough research. There are a lot of details to consider for a full understanding of the phenomenon but it can be done. We have also analyzed many past years and the rules apply.

You can also verify the correlation if you are attracted to this kind of research. By showing you this study we are not trying to convince you that astrology is perfect. We just want to highlight the fact that there are correct ways of predicting the local High and Low and the reversal points. These kinds of studies helped us along the years build our trading system, the system we base our analysis and forecasts on.

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William Gann and his trading methods. What is Square of Nine and how it is constructed. Examples for Financial indicators and explanation. In conclusion we have:. The forecast would have been as it follows:. Step 3: degrees means 2. Step 4: we apply the equation:. Step 1: The historic high is 1. Step 3: degrees is 4.

Step 4: We apply the equation:. Step 5: The Low equals 1.

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