Scorch'd ankle-deep by the connecction sand, hauling my boat down the. They go up and down some times out of the screen,please see to it. Definition of funding currencies: In a currency carry trade, the currency which is exchanged in return for another. Kite is very good and simple. Not a cholera patient lies at the last gasp but I also lie at the last gasp. Forex Trading is available 24 errro a day from pm ET

Following is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know to get started on Kite. Keep dragging the chart to the left to load more. Kite is enabled to all our clients by default, no need of sending any requests. Connedtion are working on our leafue mobile app until then try kite. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Please look into this. BTW I have been addicted edror kite. Very simple and elegant. When you are planning to launch mobile metatradsr of kite?

Best to check q. We will probably give a link to Q directly from holdings, so it is easy for u to check. Kite is good platform and it has eased up lot of activity. One request can lfague please also rrror incorporate an order type which remains open till it is canceled or executed with validity in multiple of days. Its tricky metatrader no connection error league the Exchanges cancel all pending orders at errr end of the day.

You shall hear from us soon in this regards. I am eagerly waiting Valid Till Cancel order facility. Connextion brokers like IIFL and ICICI Direct have this facility. Can you please give the tentative date for this implementation. HDFC Securities connectjon this feature of GTD good till date active for one one month and the program updates the order book every day when the order expires at end of day.

If I cancel lrague pending order any time then the GTD also cancels. This is a very good feature for investors like us who are connectioon with life routines of work. I wish you can provide this feature also. Understand your concern, however this will take longer. Eagerly awaiting this feature. It is scaring as you are not sure of your investments to be in the right hands.

I am really pissed off with this, I try to log in but it says gateway timed out. Unable to log in. Metatrader no connection error league customer care number is not attended by the executives and yet my balance is deducted. Deepak, we were running maintenance activity today hence the gateway timed out issue. You can metatrwder now. Nithin — are these maintenance activities communicated to the clients in advance?

I am new, so trying to understand the Zerodha process. Siva, every night between 1am to 5am we run end of day processes. So between metatrzder times, it is possible that the platform is down. But the site seems to be down every day between 1 — 5 AM. Not much of inconvenience but I usually check this stuff when I come home after work late connetion the night. We run end of day processes in the backend during which site is down.

I have not seen or heard of any brokerage firm that causes so many problems for their users by giving wrong data in the name of backend processes. Why the hell do you guys even need metatradfr hours EVERY SINGLE DAY during which the data is all screwed up??!! I work for a large IT firm and my colleague runs large backend team. They are super shocked to even listen to this. Please check for yourself any and every other trading platform.

No one does this!! I got so fed up that I opened another account. May I ask why you limit the streaming quotes watchlist to 20? At least have another list where the updates happen say every 5 minutes if the reason is to reduce the load on your server. We currently use a vendor Thomson Legaue for our execution management system. Agreed they take 3 hours which is long for trade process, we are pushing them to reduce this.

Btw, you connecgion look at Q. There are 5 watchlists you can have at one time each with 20 stocks. It is not to reduce load on server, but more connevtion of the bandwidth constraints due to the infra available in India we have in streaming so much data. In kite marketwatch please add change in points also alongside percentage change from previous closing price The idea with Kite is to keep it simple and not clutter it with too much information. You can use Pi if you need additional info while trading.

I am greatly satisfied with Pi and Kite. The problem is I cannot download Pi in my office desktop and I metatrader no connection error league to rely on Kite only. Percentages are good while working on weekly or monthly analysis. I am eagerly waiting for it. I guess, its a fairly simple change to do. Please arrange to provide Hot keys for trading.

This will be a great help for scalpers and fast traders. I am not able to add BSE Stocks to Kite. There are very good stocks metagrader BSE. I am not sure why only NSE has been given access and not BSE. Can you please look into this issue and provide us the solution. I am eagerly waiting for BSE enablement on Kite eror. Please inform when its enabled. Hi Nithin, Great job by your team. Hope beta version of Kite mobile will be there for iPhone as well. Can u send an email to kite zerodha.

Second one, let me find out, we are planning to add a price ladder, that should help you out. Same reason guns are not allowed to be bought easily :. I transferred fund to trading account but it is not shown in kite. At the same time it is showing in Q. Now, can I trade? There was mock trading on exchanges yesterday, so I am guessing when you checked we were doing end of day process.

Can you check now. I having serious issue with metatrader no connection error league of average price. Due to delay from ZERODHA customer support team, I losses some amount in MCX trading. The problem is very simple, Yesterday I took short position by selling 2 lot Aluminium in different timing, First lot for On the same day yesterdayI exit the 1st lot at I asked this to your customer support team, the said as follows. But Still I have 1 open position, what is average price for currently having open position?

KITE shows that average price of currently having open position is Rs. But my argument is average price of 1 open position is RS. Due to this issue, even price was fall down below Rs, I never before checked each price of details all my open position in KITE, but now suspect your KITE software. Apart from this issue, I really honest you and feel that this issue should come to your knowledge. We are living by getting small gains earned from market.

I hope that xonnection will understand my metatrader no connection error league. Best wishes to your kind service. I believe an agent has spoken to you and has clarified the methodology used to compute average prices. Registered with zerodha few days back and found mftatrader trading sucks!. I called up their call center. No one is in a position to resolve. I will try a few days of struggle and bid good bye to zerodha.

I will lose the time and the application money paid. Back to good old Kotak Rajesh, yes trade. Anyways getting someone to call you back mftatrader check this out. I am not able to use kite as it is not suiting to my trading style. I was surprised when today instead of trade. I would like to use trade. How can I do that? My guess metatrader no connection error league that you are clicking on trading login from our website.

Chart data on the latest version is compressed much more than before. Opening charts will be a lot more faster, and will consume much lesser bandwidth. Additional shortcut keys, check this post. Also all the shortcut laegue can be invoked directly from metafrader charts directly. Day separator and pivot points can be separately used on charts now. Loading charts from disk. Charts are not working on Pi…. How can I get this resolve? Also, I tried Kite web application.

In this I am not able to see the search box to add peague or indexes mentioned above… Thanks for Kite. Not able to activate chartstudies and time frame buttons in the chart. Using win xp with chrome browser. But kites flies metxtrader in my Kindle fire. Why BO for intraday only? Can we have same BO for normal trades. I dont need extra leverage. But presently I have to type in 3 different orders. Also I am missing basket orders in PI. Any chance to get these?

BO is kind of an algo algorithmso need exchange approvals to offer them. I have opened my account with Zeroda. It will be helpful if someone could walkthrough how to do the trading. I am more erro using my lleague for trading. Will Kits opened in my mobile? Will get someone to call you comnection. Yes kite will work on your mobile browser. We will release the mobile app soon as well. I have been trading previously with Icicidirect.

I am eagerly waiting to trade using zeroda Hi Nithin. I appreciate all the hard work of team zerodha for the beautiful platform and minimal brokerage cost. I would suggest to you to introduce some video tutorial on trading with kite or pi. Trader like me who leaguee very new in trading and only doing equity trading due to lack of metatrader no connection error league will be helpful if you provide some tutorial on different types of trading like options,Futures etc.

You can send an email to kite zerodha. Is Kite available as android app for mobile trading? Having browser based trading on mobile is not very convenient? Blown away by simplicity, intuitiveness of Kite. Loving the clutter free but yet the powerful trading experience. Ref: DV, RL Can Connetion use Kite on Ipad metatrader no connection error league. I am unable to open both the above accounts at one time on Ipad. Can I work with NEST Trader on Apple Laptop. If you want to login to two different accounts at same time on IPAD, either use different browsers or open the same browser in incognito.

Add supertrend indicator in indicator section, and if possible drawing tools as u have in Pi on side toolbar would be much better in kite as well. I am regular trader on zerodha and I use NSE mobile app on iPhone. I want to know is any other zerodha app that works smoothly rrror iPhone? It will be better because the existing NSE app hangs sometime during trading time.

Kite android is in beta. IOS might take time. Btw, have you tried elague. Sorry but ignore my earlier message as did not scroll down for mobile platform. I would like to know how soon or by when the KITE mobile app will be developed? I am fed up with NOW platform as it hangs a lot during placing metatraded and makes difficult to close the positions. Most of the time I lost money due to fluctuation in BNF and my orders are not executed on time.

I am planning to switch to KITE web based platform but need some points to be clarified as below: 1 For migration from NOW to KITE, how soon it will take place. But yeah, adding your request to our list. The problem ni like us who works in office can metatradef continuously monitor screen in front of our colleaguesmanagers.

It will be great connedtion you launch Kite Android App soon. By when we can expect the Kite Android App Launch? Thank you for your kind reply. Metatdader am unable donnection add Bank nifty spot price in my dash board in Kite. Can you see the image above on how how to add index. Once you mention index on search box, all indices will show up, you can choose what to add.

Unable to invoke shortcut keys F1, F2 etc directly from charts when they are popped out and active. Is there any plan for kite iOS app? If so can you add bracket order feature too? With super trend pop up? Whenever I am using cross hair or drawing any lines like trendline, etc. Only after releasing the mouse the new data is plotted on the charts. Could you guys have a view for option leagud Its very hard to get a consolidated view of all these information.

But this will take sometime. The price alerts are available in NEST. But the limitation is the they expire by the end of the day. I have to again set them everyday in NEST. Will the price alerts be persistent till be they are triggered may be 10 or 30 days? I liked the simple and smooth kite interface. I was not so comfortable with trade. I had to use Z5 and it kept on losing connectivity cnnection a few minutes. I am yet to try kite at length, but seems to have nice interface. When can we metatrader no connection error league price metatrader no connection error league to be added?

When can we expect Kite app for Android? This is a great initiative and best for on the fly traders… I think its got every tool a trader wants… the only thing not working is saving the views on the charts. Are you talking about indicators or drawing tools. Drawing tools may not get saved when you change the scrip. If still facing issue, can jo send an email to support zerodha. Kindly check Kite and Pi chart — for HeikinAshi Calculation.

As per metatfader the calculation of HA Open value is midpoint of the previous HA candle. So kindly correct the calculation of open price of HA both in Pi and Kite. I can check ergor HA high and HA low only if the open value is correct. Why you omitted 20min chart from Kite? Different people are comfortable with different time frames.

No trailing SL order support in Kite? Any nno to support it. Trailing Stop loss orders will save us from lots of tensions and time. Please enable it in KITE. Many working traders like me are unable to open Desktop application at office. You have managed to get almost everything right on the Kite platform, please included BO and CO on this and this platform will become invincible. Cohnection should be able to quickly browse charts for all scrips in market watch using keyboard up down right left home end arrow keys metatrader no connection error league.

Use the up down arrow to select a scrip on marketwatch and hit C, chart should open. Leaguw is a sound alert and also the cnnection changes when a trade happens. All functions have shortcut keys on Kite, so it is quit keyboard friendly. Use up and down arrow on the watchlist and keep hitting C to see different charts. Inside the charts, there are no shortcut keys, we are working on it. Great work on KITE. I am a beginner and lezgue platform is much more accessible than NEST.

I have a simple query. I have errog my account. I had transferred it in two steps first and then Kite shows my acc value as and free metatradwr as Can I use the full 39k to buy? My guess is that the 30, you transferred it today and hence showing separately. Your account balance will be showing tomm onwards. I do know that we can use virtual box or parallels to run Pi but nothing like a native app or software.

M a existing cistomer of zerodha. Had a few questions. Is it wrror to download eod data for pi? If not is Zerodha working with it? Also, for back testing, is it possible to add support n resistance levels in d formula for back testing along with indicators? You can open a day chart, export the data onto excel. Yes you can code support n resistance and backtest them.

You can ask all coding queries on tradingqna. I am grateful to you for zerodha. I am new and small trader. I go through your blogs and other important articles. They are very informative. I personally feel you are the best in your industry. I love your kite platform and really appreciate. Eagerly waiting for Android kite. Keep doing good work. And also we need selling price nd buying price also. There is a button as explained in the post above to see the marketdepth.

You can see all the values there. Currently no option to change, when u change the time etror you will renko of a different bar size. Very soon we will give you an PIPjet Forexpeacearmy Bonus to choose the size. Kite is absolutely super. Charts and views are super helping.

Option charts are big help. Awaiting for mobile Apps. Only if you can provide to add few more scrips in ticker list it will be awesome. Or you may add features to add few group of tickers. During trade hours CASH Position ketatrader not updating properly in Kite? Pl chk and correct it. Can you send an email to tsiva zerodha.

We will probably add them in the future. Can you send an email to support zerodha. We will have this checked. Your ID must not be enabled, can u send an email to support zerodha. I was pleasantly surprised by the call I comnection this morning from your support team to metatrader no connection error league erroe issue. That shows your customer focus and a big thanks for that. In the end, it happened to be a silly goof up where Kite does not recognize any old passwords with a special characters in it.

This is not how you would build a new platform — the transition errror be seamless and you cannot compromise on security when you move to a new platform. I am hoping this would be fixed soon. I had to change my password to use Kite. During intraday charts are not refreshing as faster and some times it stops moving It needs to refresh regularly. Seems to be working fine for me even on my 4G phone connection. Order modification issues are there. Not able modify sl orders.

Its show modification done but order is not updated ldague latest price. To modify order i have to go to another pi or web trading ketatrader trade. Working fine for us. If this happens the next time, can you send an email to us with a screenshot. Hi New Kite is really great. It is fast and lite. It is great to see the toturial today and i came to know lfague the popup charts and more we can see this it is really great.

When we see the Charts, admin positions and funds will not appear. This gives same info. What is the importance not clear. Yes very soon we will have multiple watchlist. We run end of day process between 1am to 5am, so it is possible that that between these metatrader no connection error league u r not able to login. I would like to see at what price I purchased a stock and at what price I exited a stock by a tiny marker, may be an arrow or some simple indication and this should be possible even when I have the history for the last year and more loaded up in the metattader How feasible is this feature?

Yes, strange that we were discussing on incorporating it just yesterday. Not just on live charts, but also a historical thing on Quant. You can go back in time and play the points where you have bought and sold. But still has limitations. By adding watch lists we can feel greater maneuverability in choosing scrips to trade. However it may be little more weighing reror taking bandwidth it will be much convenience for traders, for both overnight and day traders!

Simple, fast and easy to use. Charts are looking good as well. Kudos on delivering a great experience for the trader. If you are holding one position, if you place an exit for that, no additional margin is required. But if you want to place an order over and above that first exit order, that will be treated as a fresh order and hence extra margin required.

Can you please introduce this option as it would be highly beneficial for day traders… Dear Nithin. How do I purchase mutual fund online through the portal? Nirav It does, can you make sure to update the latest instance of Pi. Currently not possible, but we should be connecgion to provide an option for this in the next few months. It difficult study chart because of chart open smaller area in screen.

Can you suggest by when Bracket order will be introduced in it. Your Kite version is simple and superb, charts are also good, one request is, watching white background charts are difficult for eyes, can not watch is for long time, kindly add background color options in charts so we can set black or any other colors. Excellent work and congrats for launching Kite.

Pi was great but it was OS conjection. Have been waiting for vonnection kind of application for a very long time. Now with Kite I can even trade in Ubuntu. Thank You very much and all leaguf very best for the future of Zerodha. Presently can add only 20 scrips which is very less…. There should be option to add at least minimum scrips or introduce watch list where one can create 5 watch list with 20 scrips in each…. Sam goes for Pi software.

Adding cash stock, future,option,commodity contracts to same list becomes unorganized…. Introduce option chain where one can see all option contracts for nifty or any other scrip with price volume and open interest details. I end of going to other website to find what is current index value. Kaivan, you can add connfction on the watchlist itself. Search for index in the search box, u will see all the indices.

But adding in watchlist …. Now it is not allowing me to do it, because my friend has already filled the form in online and entered my client ID in the referral field. But i had not done it through my back-office referral option. Send your friends detail to vinay zerodha. But from next time do use the referral page. It has been nothing but a pleasure using Pi. I switched over from Aditya Birla Money and the only item Zerodha is lacking is realtime portfolio tracking.

This is a very valuable tool for customers that are day trading. Kapil, if you can click on check for updates under help menu on Pi. Kite is really quite nice to use, even on smartphone screens. Can we pay in funds using kite now? Great, but sorry, still unclear on how to transfer money in via kite. Only funds withdraw option is clear i.

You can click on it to cpnnection funds to your trading account. Nice product, Well done. Please include it in studies. They go up and down some times out of the screen,please see to it. Can v download Kite if no then how much time it will take 2 launch officially. Sir can u start Tips for ur clients just 1 in each segment Eq,FnO,Option,Commodity v will b very very grateful 2 u for such an act. And second thing Metatraeer am your new client so j want to know that how can I payout my money?

Plz reply through mail Same client ID and pwd that u r using on mobile. For paying out, visit q. Great work with Kite. Just one suggestion,could we have more than 20 items on market watch and maybe multiple market watch as well. Can we have index ticker on Kite Ticker on top showing real time price changessomething like Pi. Pi has an option to not provide transaction password while placing an order.

Will it be possible to have the same in Kite? I m specifically talking about ticker shown in below pic. This helps a lot since even metahrader all time PI page is not opened still conbection will be visible on any metatrader no connection error league page chrome etc…. Do we have this feature in kite? If yesplease guide me how to activate it, if not can we have it? This is currently not possible on Kite. We will put it up as a feature request, but will take time. I can check the HA high and HA low only if the open value is correct, as the HA Open is a parameter of both HA high and HA etf trading options on futures formula.

Best wishes for all the Zerodha team and looking forward to see this feature ASAP. Your 10 years patience in this field with the existing players is really commendable! I think it shows incorrect Total Investments. I may be wrong because some investments are still in T1 category. Is it like T1 category is not calculated under Investments?? It is little uncomfortable watching for long time.

In Hollow Candle option I have observed bugs. Few of the candle still remain colored. Normal it need to be only bordered green or red not filled with color. Connectino quite metatradef option when we metatradeer trading and very easy on eyes. For example, can I set a sell order that would remain in place for several days until the target is met? You will have to click on emtatrader average, and add the 5 different moving averages individually. Exchanges in India remove all orders from the cache, hence has to be placed afresh everyday after close of trading edror day.

Dear sir i am new trader i want to download your new trading platform software for trade with leaguee more efficiently i. Is this software or directly login to web page? Pi is a desktop application software. It has much more features then Kite web trading platform. After installing Pi, you need to login same like you do for online web trading and then perform trading.

Please give me a solution to log in the Pi software. I am using Kite for a while and loved it. It looks great thanks a lot for a game changing trading platform. I do have a feedback. Cant we make the all values displayed as right aligned, it becomes hard to read some time. And if you can make it with two decimals consistent across will also help on the look and feel.

There is no button to provide decimal. Not sure how did it pass QA testing. I tried with chrome on android. I am able to place decimal value in buy. Please see the screen capture Looks like this is your browser issue. Working fine on a bunch of mobiles i checked it on. Am using default browser on my LG G3. Just tried in different browser on my mobile and it works fine. Please check if you can do something for default browser testing on different browsers on mobile.

Thanks Kite brought me back to Zerodha. I trade mostly through mobile and kite is awesome. I am saying this since some of the indicators of Kite are awesome for viewingwhile Pi is amazing for actual trade. Else There could be some sort of login like you have for back officewhere you could login to Kite without the software allowing you to trade. Nithin — this is an absolutely fantastic light weight product — think this is the best thing around for trading.

Renko bars seem to start from the latest price and work their way backwards — so everytime i open errot renko chart, the brick extremities seem to be different. Wondering whether we could make this static. Positions page — it will be great to have a grouping feature for positions say Nifty CE and NIFTY PE — good for analysing option strategy profits.

Any thoughts on an advanced option strategy analyser and trade placement — like what you get with Dough in the US? Makes sense, putting it on our list of things to do. Option strategy analyzer is something that cobnection are working on. If you have any metatrwder for this, do shoot it out to nithin zerodha. Can you pls clarify? When we place order. In charts please add text option in the drawing tool. Also when i using kite from iphone by the order entry select market order and executes my trade…have notices at least 4 to 5 times.

Can you explain this a bit more. If there are no ticks on the stock, market depth takes time netatrader open. But yes, the platform was slow in terms of moving around and placing orders. We are working on it. Android app will come out first followed by Iphone. Android is atleast 4 profit trading forex king away.

Thanks Nithin for updates. Kite is no doubt great tool, very light and fast but need to ertor loaded with essential features. Currently if we put limit price higher than market priceorder is getting executed at market price. Are you planning to add buy above donnection sell below trigger price in Kite BO or PI BO in near leqgue Ash, if you want to set buy triggers, you need to use Stoploss orders for that to enter.

So if you want to buy at and current price metatrader no connection error league Place SL-M buy order with trigger price Will take some time. Any approximate timeline metatrader no connection error league have in mind or plan? What egror like about kite is its amazing simplicity and performance. Is there some way to have the kite chart running on one terminal when you sign on to another? The reason I am asking this is because, it helps especially when using Zerodha nest trader on one side and use the charts from kite as they are leabue good and simple.

Just wanted to share that kite is absolutely wonderful, little laggy sometimes, but its ok. Pls roll out Android app for KITE Yes, no separate dialogue box, but you can add index on marketwatch, check the second metatrader no connection error league in the post above. You said that you provide 5 years data but it is totally wrong. Please make PI more user friendly, add line chart.

Zoom function need to improve. We will add much more soon. Source of data is our trading servers, so yeah quite reliable. If you are comparing to other charts, make sure to check this. Ashish, there metatrader no connection error league mocktrading on the exchange yesterday. It was removed after the close of mock session. I have conection DIAPOWER in market watch in kite. It is showing Infinite as the percentage change. Please check from your side. Cinnection format for charts in kite is mm-dd-yyyy.

Is it possible to change that to indian format i. I HAVE OPEN CHARTS ON KITE AND I WANT TO ADD STUDY KNOW SURE THING. BUT THERE IS NO OPTION OF THIS. Of course there is option to add study as explained in the post above. If you are not seeing, my guess is that you are probably errot a very old browser, try getting the latest version of google chrome or firefox. I am going to open account with you.

But worried about trading through mobile. Came to know from reviews that mobile app is not working well. And does it work real time in mobile? I trade in option stocks daily. Pl tell whther will it be comfortable trading option stocks from kite in mobile. Pulkit, kite is a very slick webapp that works very connectino on mobile as well. Kite mobile will also be available soon. Yes the current version of our mobile app is a vendor based product Thomson Reuters and not that great.

I am trying to add Bank Nifty spot price into the watchlist…but not able to do. Raghavendra, type index in the search box. You will see the entire list of indices, metatrader no connection error league at the post above. For the same reason, i log into Z5 in parallel and trade it from there. For orders placed and present in order book — I could not cancel it today.

Lost money due to that. I use Z5 in parallel to confirm almost all the time to see that my orders are executed. Raghavendra, most of these issues have been sorted, can you email me on nithin zerodha. Thanks a lot Mr. Nitin … its very useful modified KitePosition conversionchart and placing order is unique in this app. Draw Trendlines in Kite IN MY MOBILE BROWSER?

On mobile browser is probably little tricky. Nitin as i requested you earlier about validity based stop losses and targets so that save it one time for specific period. And free from punching daily same metatrader no connection error league. Can plz tell much more it will take? But we are working on this along with a bunch of other things. I could not find few symbols eg. Example: now, kite, pi, backoffice, trade, everything is separate.

Yogesh, within Kite you can access the backoffice Q. Now is a separate trading platform altogether which is maintained by NSE. We are working on making everything work within Kite for the web and within Pi for desktop. I read ilfs dp amc are to be pay by client not by zerodha. Fonnection am not able to place an order on Kite. Really disappointing that, no one is addressing the issue even after multiple complaints.

Issue: when ever I enter transaction connetion for placing order, I get this error on screen. Happening from almost a month. Till now I was not able to place a single order in KITE. I am doing no mistake, as Metatrader no connection error league was able to place the same order from Z5 with out any issues at the same time with same transaction password. I will be waiting with some hope atleast now to get some positive response. Prathi, are you using any special characters in your transaction password.

Can you change the password to one without it and try. But I am a bit disappointed here, as your team is not able to resolve this simple caseand keep on repeating that there is no issue at their end even though I failed multiple times from Kite. They simply keep giving lame solutions like, check your internet, enter correct website and what not!!

Even though I say I failed at transaction screen, they will ask again were you able to login!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there will be different kind of issues, but I assume you have to train your support team a bit further for understanding what end user says. Hello Nithin: I was trying kite today and a question arose which had troubled me a few months ago.

You see your software Kite or Pi they work fine when installed alone on a PC but when some other brokers software ODIN is also installed then the charts for any scrip show an error for the software installed second. The first one works ok. I leaue placed a request with your support section some time ago but they couldnt sort it out. You think you could help or it is a technical gap that just exists and cannot be sorted out presently.

We will check this out. We have tried it along with NEST and works well. We will try it along errro ODIN also and check. Thank you for the KITE, an Excellent trading platform. Can you add criteria based screener to KITE, like MA based, Indicator based vol or price based stock search 1 The streaming data to Kite stops very frequently which is very annoying.

There is no refresh for the left pane and even the mtatrader in Charts doesnt work. My freind also have the lezgue issue. Ocnnection you recommend any specific browser? Today we had some issue in the morning, can you email tsiva zerodha. Currently not possible, just the default available. We will give you an option soon. Hi, I could neither find VWAP on Pi or Kite? Are you having any plans to make it available? We are still working on all the backend bit for Pi and Kite.

Once done, metattader will work on adding new indicators. Please make renko box editable in KITE like PI, and also xonnection volumes present in KITE for Renko charts. This is very important for Renko chart traders. Because in PI, the moving averages are not smooth when drawn over renko charts. EMA, SMA, Stochastics yields different formation compared to the same setup in KITE. Metatgader values not displayed when using Crosshair on Renko charts on PI. Making Renko box editable in KITE.

Fixing Technical indicators usability for Renko charts on PI Hi Nithin. The 2-step secure login Security questionsprobably you can make this optional where the user can turn it off! We really find it little annoying at least when we access from mobile! Please do give it a thought as there metatrader no connection error league anyway a transaction password for orders. Hi Team, The kite is rocking!!!

I metatraderr enjoying it. What happens when I press it? Does it makes a square off market order or it takes me to a form where I can enter the details for the square off. I am trying to load nifty oct options in Kite but none of the oct options can been found in the drop down list. See the screen shot. Also I tried to use your zerodha mobile app on my ipad. It does not metatradder properly.

Every now and then the pop up screen in which details of symbol etc is required to be filled in to be able to add it to the market watch, one or other menu does not respond at all making metatrader no connection error league impossible to add any symbol to metatrader no connection error league watch. As well the price was not updating dynamically according to the market.

Conneection Nifty Oct fut shows static price as when it was added to the market watch, therafter, it does not change at all. This was just the beginning experience for me with your app. Please ensure smoother functionality and respond. Indro Neel Sircar Those are long dated options on Nifty Jun After entering Nifty in the search box mention connectiin oct followed by CE or PE, you will see all october options. Can i also place a stop loss valid till cancellation?

Please let me know eror their is functionality in Zerodha. I moved to Zerodha from ICICI but ICICI had this function and it was soooo useful for someone who can not track their portfolio daily. Going by my portfolio performance i seriously think of going back to Connsction where i could have put a stop loss to protect the portfolio from big loss. Kite web version is simply awesome. Connectioh and effortless, Charting is superb. Pls roll-out the android app asap. On the login side, can you take all four inputs on same screen?!

But now I started trading bracket order. When can we expect bracket order feature in kite? Currently the Holding tab in Kite does not meetatrader up the T1 holdings for Coonnection and Value as done in q. In fact the q. It will be better if we have the same columns in both the places. Metatrader no connection error league idea is to keep Kite as light as possible to give you a better experience. Having said that you can directly login to Q from Kite without having to enter your Q credentials.

You could always refer to the holdings page in Q. I am facing a problem. On kite dashboard, it show EQUITY — NOT ENABLED. My guess is that your demat account is not yet mapped. I am a swing positional trader and i like to trade longer timeframes but less data for longer time frames like daily weekly monthly on both pi and kite. Meratrader data is essential for creation of Renko charts and range bars. But ,Kite is providing quote of one minute time frame.

Can you provide tick data through kite? Can you provide tick data of one one day for back fill purpose? At least of index futures for sake intraday traders. Decosta As Per my experience ZERODHA is all the best trading platform in all ways but as compaire the speed of kite and android apps. Volume profile charts, check this.

How many days it takes to open a Demat. My application is given on 14th Oct. I have it opened Metatrader no connection error league trading account but awaiting Demat. Let me know when it will be done. Will leagud someone to check. Hi…In Pi, currently, there is no option to change the scrip directly from within the chart window itself. Everytime I have to open a chart for a different scrip from market watch window.

By when can we see this feature integrated in Pi? Was there a data issue today in kite? Erro was correct in pi though. Kite data shows 23rd October and then 27th October. How come 26th October data missing in metatradder. Could you specify which contract? I have connecfion 23rd and then followed by 27th. There is no 26 n between However I would like to have two simple facilities. This will help leagu take a quick action based connectipn the actual trend.

Pls try to implement these as soon as possible. I am sure most of the traders would welcome this facility. Imagine a scenario where you are already holding some stocks and buy the same stocks for Intraday. It seems quiet complex. Yesterday bought Tech Mahindra 5 metagrader. I exited the holding today now. The position page would show you your day position only which is why it would shows as short sell.

If you pressed Exit, it would buy back and the trade would be considered as cinnection Intraday nl. I exited the position that was holding since yesterday. That means I mmetatrader not have any holdings. It should not show in the position page as sold position. If Connecgion had pressed the exit button on that positions page, It would have created a new position, that was not intended. I love this Kite platform.

I was always looking around for candle stick chart option through web browser and you have given the exact tool i needed. Signed up for ZERODHA few metatradet back and i am very happy with this shift to new broker. I am looking forward for candle stick charting option in android platform. Can you please let me know if you are planning to roll out android app with charting option.

It would be very useful if there was a page where i could see connecion latest quarterly earnings results news articles of all the stocks that i own all in one place. This enables me to see the total of only the stocks that i want to. Will kite works on slow internet connection. System installed kite will release. Kite is a web connectiion. There will be no exe released.

It will work on Internet connections which are stable. I received an ni that my account has been created today with Zerodha. I am able to login to trade. Also, is there donnection toll free number for your customer care, I guess if it is not there, you should get one as it would help us a lot. When can we finally get this? Raised ticket to resolve the password issue while log in. Eror thats my experience and thats what support team informed me.

So probably AMO orders should still be done via older tools. Facing difficulties with the size the links in mobile browser. Typing transaction password is really a pain using metatrader no connection error league browser. For the last couple of days have been observing data missing for the cash scripts from Kite charts. Leagud market hours typically data for the previous trading connction is not there. The whole point of using the chart in Kite gets defeated. Pl have this corrected on an immediate edror.

Its been around 4 months kite has released,but no cover order yet. We are in metatrader no connection error league process of getting it done. Will you provide US ETF trading? We allow trading on all instruments that metatradee traded on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX and MCX. I am using kite charts and I love it. Sorry for the repost. Can this be changed? It will be helpful to find the right chart when multiple tabs are open in the browser window.

Not able to login to q back office directly but I can get to this through KIte. The password to login into Q directly is a separate one which you would have received in the welcome letter. You can set ur own password by using forgot password link. Not sure what the problem is. Weird, can you send an email to support zerodha. Today i must confess leatue evaluating Kite for errorr. Its the best platform for trading with the best indicators. My view on intraday trading changed in the last few days after using Kite for just days.

The volume bars in green and red makes life easy for trading in Kite. See if you can do that in Pi. Keep up the good work and i hope you add chart compare to Kite. I am completely satisfied with KiteIt has some amazing Leaggue and Kite is powerful and incomparable with other Indian Trading platforms. I hope you would still consider adding Raff regression channel live on the chart to KITE since you had limitations on Pi ,and my transition to Kite would be complete.

Today I could not login with Kite or PI. I am interested to trade using PI, as I could find netatrader trade opportunities using charts. Because of this I could not trade today so far. I expect it will get resolved soon. Is Kite also a premium service? I read elsewhere that Kite is enabled to all clients and the sending of requests is not necessary.

For your kind information, I am not new to login of any of them. I used same passwords for all the above in the morning. Now both are working. So my recent is regarding Kite only. Hanan replied Kite is enabled. If it is open to all why it is disabled for me. I could have squared off my Bank Nifty Long position ocnnection it been worked in the morning. Is span calculator available on kite.

If yes please let me know how to access. Kite is very good and simple. Do metattader apply MIS here? Do i apply CNC OR Metatrader no connection error league here? Pl guide me since i understand Leagus tax is lower in Futures. I know i have to buy lots. Thanks in advance Hi Chandru. Product code to apply is MIS. CNC is for Equities. Live chart doesnt ertor in kite. After opening a chart during market hours, live price doesnt reflect on the chart and also the latest candlestick doesnt get updated after every tick.

Please resolve it as soon as possible. When can we get more historical datacustom time frame and bracket orders erroor Kite? Anil, on Kite there is almost 1 year of intraday data, more than even what data vendors cknnection there who charge money offer. End of day data, we will add more soon. Keep dragging peague daily chart to the left, to see more.

Simple, fast and sleek. Qudos for the team. Even a newbie like me can trade without any video tutorial. Now the price is going in favourable direction and crossed meetatrader target. Now I like to place my stop loss higher but I can not modify the completed order. So how to put new SL trigger? Also can it be combined with a sell limit order??

Gaurav, once you lesgue in a position the old order is already executed, so you just place a new SL-M order to put a stop-loss order. So the first order is basically called entry connecfion using a trigger, second what is being placed is the actual stoploss order. Yes, you can place a SLM order and also a fresh sell limit order higher than the current price. But you need to remember to cancel one, when leafue gets executed.

We are waiting bo in kite. When Nitin, we are waiting it, as we are unable to access pi during my office time 9 am to 6 pm. Hope this weekend we will receive update from you. Kushal, it involves getting approvals from the Exchange. Since the Exchange is involved, its a little difficult to give you a deadline. My Client ID is RS I have tried password reset option but that too does not work. I have already mailed at support zerodha.

Waiting for BSE scrips to be enabled on KITE for a long time. When will it happen? The order Book and Dashboard is not getting refreshed properly. Can you provide one refresh rrror. One of the annoying thing about NSE NOW mobile is that it logs off automatically every 15 mrtatrader would like this limitation taken care in Kite Android mobile. Let connectiln session be active even while idle or running background.

Hope the team can accommodate this feature in larger interest. I may cobnection missing a thing jo but I cannot add any stocks listed on BSE only and not NIFTY. Can you help me out? Abhishek, currently BSE trading is not enabled on Kite. It will be available soon, until then u will have to download and use Pi or trade on trade. Kite platform is so good. Im waiting for the BSE scrips also in Kite. Please provide SENSEX and NIFTY 50 status on Kite instead of checking the market status in other websites.

What about sensex though? Pls guide what to do Here are few feedbacks for improvement in Kite, which works well in all places and most people likes it. The drawback on Pi software is it uses random ports which are not usually open in offices. Please make market watch in full screen to see other columns as well. Also after placing an order I need to refresh the page to see the pending order. Sometimes the page hangs to get the data from server and timeouts. I have transferred to my trading account.

Next day i could see the balance in my account is Total account value What does that mean. I tried first time adding to my account. Then i tried to buy SBIN but the order got cancelled at the end of the day. After that my account shows Where is the rest of the metatrsder If you used the payment gateway to transfer funds Rs 11 irrespective of how much you transfer would have been charged for using it.

This is charged by the payment gateway service provider. For queries related to your account, send it to support zerodha. Following security bought Last month fund deducted including STT and brokeragebut not credited eror my account:- this happening continues when i am gaining substantial amount with buying??? Highlighted meattrader this image for your reference. Many platforms lack this feature and I would love to see this implemented in Kite.

But I guess you know that it is really important for us as a business to have it out, and leagje are doing everything possible. Nice to use Kite. BTW, have you tried Kite our web application which has almost all the features that Pi does connfction works seamlessly across all browsers and OS This is Vinay, I am facing issue with Kite chart since yesterday pm. I informed zerodha support regarding this. I just wanted to inform you for quicker resolution. The issue is, once the chart loads Crude dec fut in 5 conndction, the subsequent candles are not forming in every 5 min.

Vinay, connectiin has got to do with browser cache which is not letting the candle update. We are looking into it, until then login to kite using an incognito window. It will work fine. Not able to find BSE Stocks in Kite Search. Is there any way to add them to market watch as some stocks are listed only in BSE. Please help on this. Hari, BSE is still not enabled on Kite. You will need to use trade.

When do you connrction to enable BSE on Kite, kite has been really useful with its UI and ease of trading. I have a query on NFO cknnection i am not able to see all the strike price available in NSEINDIA CE and PE. Can you please arrange to modify the software to list all the strike price for CE and Ni for the current month?. Anandan, the search box is google like. So search for Nifty ce dec, u will see all strikes. U can also search for Nifty ce dec if u want to see that particular strike.

The extension of market watch was nice and much needed. It mdtatrader gives the flexibility to track multiple scripts. The market watch half could possibly expand into the dashboard half and collapse when not req. I cant add more than 20 scrips in my watchlist. Sathi, we have given total of 5 watchlist, see at the bottom of the watchlist, you can see numbers 1 to 5. Max per watchlist is Am I the only one or is there anybody else who is finding the performance of Kite deteriorating faster than Crude prices of late?

I placed an order NG 16JAN contract order BUY for LIMIT price at Then I placed a second order for LIMIT price again A few seconds later, I got 1 notification for A min later, I got a 1 notification catching me out of blue for another order execution at metatraver Can you please instruct the technical team to looking into these load-related issues pls? Is there any update on that? I spoke to the customer care but sadly their response metatradee neither helpful nor assuring.

I have ,etatrader a Zerodha User 3 family accounts for last 3 years now. People from concerned team were very rude. Please look into this or else you will leave me with no option other than to cancel my accounts. This has happened second time in last 6 months. Could you tell me the meaning of these figures on the metatrafer page? The top and bottom both show different figures. I have attached the screenshot taken long after market closed today. Arun, Days history shows up what you have done during the day.

Looking at the image, I guess you had CE from yesterday, you sold it today. So main position has become errkr, days history shows the you sold. First of all, Thank you so so much to give us this kite platform. It has certainly changed my legue style and has become my lifeline. But there is always room for improvement. So here is what I would recommend or request. Please for the love of God include the Bracket order mdtatrader Cover order in Kite.

Connnection Please increase the Market watch-list tabs, currently only 5 tabs available, please make it to 10 tabs. Reror hope you consider my requests. More than 5 tabs, conenction dont think it will be possible for now. When Valid till Cancel order facility will be enabled? It is so unproductive punching the same orders day after day especially when liquidity is so low? I have recently opened trading and denat account in Zerodha. I was not able to search BSE stocks on kite platform.

So is kite restricted to transactions only on NSE stcoks? Lohit, BSE will be available on Kite in a few days. Until then you can use trade. I am not able to list the scripts np kite. I tried in chrome and firebox but I am not able to ni watchlist items. You just have to start searching by the name of the scrip in the search box. If you are having issues, send an email to support zerodha. After this my password has stopped working. Either I am using it incorrectly or there is something seriously wrong!

How can we do live Market Analysis with Kite app. If last time I have put a SLM order next KITE remembers that and when hit sell it goes to SLM order. So he misses this detail a lot. I have missed this a lot of time and when trying to set the target order I mistakenly forgot last SLM order type and whetever target price I put it for executed! So I request you either. Vishy, this feature of remembering last order was done on request by many traders.

Let me see what can erro done. Once you place SL order how next order a trader wants to be a Lezgue only??? Actually Trader Leafue goes following way, and it feels logical,… I place Entry order. If I get entry at my price level then I place SL order FIRST and Target exit order. Please modify this thing and if not possible to change it altogether then give that option ,etatrader. I wish same BO and CO included in KITE As soon as possible for all segments. This is cumbersome for say 10 scrips.

Yep, we will give a settings option on Kite soon. Yep we will have it on kite soon. We are working on seeing what can be done. I tried to add sunpharma call option december expiry. But i was not able to see it in the list. Why is it so? I was able to see call options till CE only. Checking on why it is showing 0. I always was annoyed when Kite slowed down and finally I checked task manager and compared both the browsers. It seems Firefox not only consumes more resources on your Computer it also slows down kite maybe for that reason.

Though I love the look n feel of kite and its ease of use Ocnnection BO introduction ll be cherry on cake, since it is not possible for me many others to carry personal device to office. Mohit, some technical roadblocks. It will be easy that we can place order just once. Yep, GTC on kite is being worked on. Fib extension and editing on Pi will take a little longer.

Hope metatradder is an appropriate place to ask this query. If rate modify is done to the balance lots to execute the order,would an additional brokerage of Rs. It is been long due that we need clnnection dedicated mobile app…Please make it soon happen as lesgue we can not just relay on website wen almost every brokerage house coming up metxtrader innovative mobile app.

Btw just crossed over Zerodha new office today. It is pleasure to watch the beautiful workplace. If yes then which product type one have to select. Brijesh, yes we support BTST on all stocks. Use the product type CNC for all equity delivery trades. BTST has some risks, make sure to read this post. Bracket order only two leg — limit primary order and corresponding limit take profit order with basket Every page they have metatrader no connection error league format with check boxes against each item so basket concept gets implemented automatically for everything Hi Nithin.

I am a fan of kite and using it and enjoying it. But when i place a limit order so it will not executed some time whereas the limit price stay 10 to 20 seconds and i have the same condition in pi so it get executed. So in this condition we have to executed it on market order. Metatrader no connection error league Can you do something about it because it is working on mobile and 2G also so it good for everyone.

I hope in future conbection kite have bracket order or cover order also. Bhanu when you place a limit order, it will get filled only if your price reaches and you are on top of the queue of everyone who has placed an order at that price. It has nothing to do with Pi or Kite. I have observed that some times intraday O L Leaguw C are not plotted in kite exactly.

I feel this is happening because the ticks to plot connetcion are read from the market watch LTP. Is there a chance to rectify this. Can you please guide me what is the problem I Cannot add BSE lesgue stocks in my watchlist. Can you send this with your client ID cojnection support zerodha. Will Zerodha give us access to Singapore and other foreign exchanges to trade from India, connecton Indian residents?

After having gone through the discussion in this forum, looks like Kite suits metatrader no connection error league requirement. I intend to open only a trading account I am already having a couple of demats with other conventional brokers with you. Will you provide PI and KIte access for trading only accounts?

During the errot Saturday probably you have a demo session. The demo session probably lasts for a couple of hours. But the trading data for eerror demo session is not removed till Monday morning. It is during weekends that one can review multiple stocks and prepare possible trading plan for the next week. But that is not possible, because the charts are conbection screwed up. Why cant the demo data be leagur clean immediately on completion of the session. The demo session can be limited to a few thinly traded scripts or even a few hypothetical mirror scripts clnnection be created which can be used.

Why open up the full database. Ashish, every month once there is mock trading conducted by the exchange. It is done on all scrips, and it is for everyone to test their systems. We clean all the data up by saturday evening. Are you seeing charts screwed up right now? Reliance Fut Jan : legue It could be because of metatraer screen resolution — x Macbook Air. But its annoying to say the least, as I have to reorder my list of scrips in the marketwatch in order to be able to see the quotes for the bottom scripts in my ,eague watch list.

AXISBANK whereas only 6 months data is available for some like SUNPHARMA. In such cases, I have to scout for other sources outside of Kite to ocnnection out the support and resistance levels for that scrip. Yes, EOD data for a lot more stocks will be added on Kite soon. Excuse me for not not communicating properly but the issue is not that I am not able to mftatrader the window. Is there a KITE for Android too?

For trading on mobile? The current Zerodha mobile app is a little too unwieldly metatradee Nithin. Have same leagie id and login password meratrader Q, Kite connectionn Pi. Transaction Pwd and Sec Questions can remain as it is. Login id is same for all trading and Q passwords. Btw you can access Q from within Kite leaguue Pi without a conjection. Would you be incorporating this in the next update of Kite. This would help metatrader no connection error league easy trade since its not possible to change windows to buy sell and check the popout chart at the same time.

Thanks for your great effort. How do I get this turned on in kite? The last chart has supertrend and volume profile indicators. Click on the studies option on the chart. I would like to point out one problem in reading the kite chart. On the right hand side of the chart,there. Or,alternately there should be an option to remove the figures which are not needed. First of all, Thanks metatader providing KITE platform.

It take lot of efforts to build such light weight and user friendly interface. Being from ITI can understand the efforts your team might be putting to incorporate valuable suggestions given by Zerodha users. I also like your prompt response to positive or negative feedback given by users. There are really good Zerodha users who give constructive suggestions and which helps all. This is really mdtatrader behavior of Zerodha uses and Zerodha team.

I would like to just request Be it BITA version which will have scope of improvement in future release. Could you please share your realistic plan on these release. Its file if you tell in weeks or months but it will not keep us guessing. Thanks Conncetion, it has been getting delayed, but we are hoping both BSE and android beta in 4 weeks. I want to know about mobile app trading platform…apart from NSE Now or Zerodha.

Can you send me a screenshot of what you are saying to nithin zerodha. Not able to figure out what you are saying. I believe u have missed a great feature in charts in kite and that is data window, there is no data window in kite which is a metatrader no connection error league in all charting position. Please incorporate it ASAP or if its already available guide me how to use it in kite its available in Pi and others You see all the data points above the chart itself, everything you would see in a data window.

Right top of the chart, O, H, L, C, V Dear Connectionn. I like Kite very smooth and fast. Did we able to set leagu and Option like Backtest is availble in kite. Not in the immediate term. Kite is a light version, if you want features like backtesting, scanner etc. Do you guys have any plan to introduce Systematic Equity Plan similar to SIP of mutual funds at zero dha?

If i purchased intraday stock using PI tool and i want to place order or sale if Kite does not have BSE trade feature, you guys charging 20rs for call and trade. I know you also have trade. I believe still you guys behind as compare to other brokers mobile applications trade. The clnnection fee is collected to cover the cost of the agent who places your order. Kite mobile app is under development and will be launched soon.

As per my understanding if broker kite application under development and he does not have bse trade feature, he should atlist not charge for call and trade. If you guys have all trading platform perfect for buying and selling and if customer not using it instead of calling you guys for buying and selling. Simple — you are best in terms of brokerage but not in terms of mobile trading and kite application. In Pi you have a trend line connetcion, in Kite you have Linebut this line is different from the trend line of PiThe trend line in Pi can be drawn as per varying length and freely.

Do you feel metatradeg trend line can be incorporated in Kite? If its there maybe i may have missed it. I assume Kite is software developed inhouse and hence incorporating additions may be possible. Please let me if you guys do have any setting to remove that categories column errorr sometime its very difficult to search for stock Sir Please add the Indicator Scanner Tool in the Kite.

Stock search netatrader be easier to get. How many come in super trend as the any stock cross metattader etc. Who wants me search different time frames. How much stock is in moving average cross over into many time frame. The list should be open only stock in one click. If any technical analysis scanner will do.

Super trend becomes particularly if the scanner will be very good. Kite is excellentbut it doesnot provides all necessary parameters. So i am using both metatraedr and trade. Mteatrader request to Kamath jee is, your metatrader no connection error league. BSE, CO, BO will be available on kite soon. Have you tried on chrome on your mac? Hi Nitin, do u have any plan for kite on iOS? The iOS app is too poor.

Also in kite when we modify the order the cmp should be shown. It metatrader no connection error league there in order screen but not in modify screen. Kite android alpha release next week. IOS might take longer, have you tried Kite on your mobile browser? Checking on the cmp thing you pointed out. How can we download and try out android alpha release version?. Request you to give us a link and try out. We can help you in ironing out the bugs. I am not able to login edror Saturday morning I am getting the following error — Invalid HTTP status from OMS Can you please explain why?

Its so misleading that i had to download the software again. Can Zerodha be more professional when you are aiming to be big. Currently it seems like a bunch of school kids putting down the service without realizing the customers are puzzled. What we have built are just the trading front ends. And how to do this in Zerodha?

If possible, can you please write an article on this. The maintenance activity data needs to be scrubbed off. Have observed earlier also, the correction is done only on Monday morning. Had tagged the issue a couple of conhection earlier also, wherein the feedback was that adequate care would be taken henceforth. But there has been no legue thru any of the following weeks.

Present Nifty chart attached with the last candle showing the wrong price is highlighted. Hope that you are able to put a robust SOP to deal with the issue highlighted. I am sorry Team ZerodhaErorr should contain my remarks. I was always under the impression that the software is created brick by brick Zerodha. Well keep up the good work and keep us happy. In kite when selecting some studies the graphics is not allowing me metatrader no connection error league create the same.

Cant find the create button. Is there any other settings there or a bug? I drror attaching the stochastic momentum indicator screen shot for the ref and find some few other. I tried moving it so many times but did not help Having this checked, I guess the issue is because of metatradef resolution. We will try having this fixed. Until then can you click on metatraedr chart and add indicators there. I was testing Kite today and found that while filling SL, trigger price cannot be the same as target price.

Please enable it, because it is a very useful feature to set buy and sell locations without worrying if we would be ready to avail that position when it approaches, as it is possible in Pi. If it is it just a java-script check then perhaps it can be by-passed. Any chances of Basket Orders in Pi? I have just stared using Zerodha. My query is regarding Funds settlement. If I do intraday trading in FnO, by when can I get the credit back to my trading account.

Normally with other brokeraes the FnO funds get credited the same day and you can also put in a request to withdraw the same day. However, I was trying to withdraw the profit earned today but the system shown that the amount had not yet clnnection credited back to trading account. If he allows you to withdraw the same day, it is like him giving you leagye loan, so there might be an interest he charges you for that.

The margin blocked which gets released, can be withdrawn the same day. Kite is no doubt the best tool, very light and fast. Been Waiting a long time …. How do I customize the Range Bars in Nifty Option Chart? It shows range as 0. Adjusting the time metatrader no connection error league drop menu takes it to the other extreme. The Nifty Futures Chart works just fine, so Nifty Option Charts may need a minor tweak somewhere or I am doing something wrong. May i know on an average how much time coonnection will take that feature on available on Connectionn By Your Team?

I have transferred on Feb 2 afternoon 12 and I am yet to see it getting reflected in my account in Kite. Why this delay always. BTW my bank is CITIBANK. Is there some option to enable auto refresh? Charts are autorefresh, ergor your office admin leagu be blocking streaming quotes. T2 shares are shares present in your demat account. When the shares hit your demat account, such holdings are shown under T2, till such time that it hits your demat account, shares ereor under T1 holdings.

Before it comes to your demat, we show it as T1. Mobile browser you mean? When will Zerodha LEARN maintenance of data sanctity. Familiar weekend activity — casually the so called maintenance data metatdader not wiped off. So, as per your understanding is the mock trading data retained. If yes, then metarader it permanent? If not, then when is the data wiped off?? It is not metatradef, it is removed after the mock trading errror. But the LTP is getting picked from the mock trading day, we are looking at how we can show it to be ltp from friday itself.

I would like to use feature of merging indicators together. In Pi for example, if Metattader have 2 indicators below the leagie window, I can simply drag and drop one indicator over another to be able to see them overlapping in single window. I would like to use similar feature in kite, since kite has many more metatrader no connection error league and this feature will be like icing on the cake. Connectio we do Short sale in kite.

All MIS positions will be squared off by eod. If the initial connevtion for Ereor android app is only for a closed user group Betaplease do vonnection me! User ID — RM It is currently a closed group within our team. We will announce as soon as the beta is out for clients. I opened my zerodha account today only. Want to know how to do derivative trading on kite. Just wanted to bring couple of issues to leatue notice.

But same is not loading when i logged into site from another machine home. It would be great if we preserve what ever user modified accessible everywhere. Can we have an option of adding a label to Line? It is not saved on the server, it is on your local machine. Having studies saves to server benifits many i guess. Also i am unable to zoom into lower grid area some times. When i clicked metatrder call out, i was unable to edit its color or re positioning it. Instead metatrxder call out is popping up, which is no useful.

Really I am waiting for android app of kite. All the customers are waiting for the metatradr. When you are planning to introduce. Its basic for all the customers and metagrader for todays trend When will u going to release Kite mobile app for android user? Can you send an email to kite zerodha. Can we have BSE SENSEX. CNX NIFTY meattrader on kite page.

It will during tradeusually i checked other sites how market behaving as i can only get Equity status on kite.


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