Exo-planets included i think that pluto is a planet becuz it is round like a planet so i think there is 9 planets becuz pluto is round i think that pluto is no planet becuz it was a small planet and i think that is hard for me 2 remember all 9 planets at the same time so eight makes it easier Reading so many hostile and emotional comments here about a scientific classification is depressing. HotLoad4u hotlongboy HotLove4 hotluigi89 hotm21 HotMagicStick hotmale hotmale hotmale3 hotmale hotman hotman hotman hotman69bb hotman hotmanab hotmanmi. Put another way, the mass ratio of the objects would be close to 1. What I hear most is that it has been a planet for over seventy years and it has been taught to kids as a planet, and why change it? One thing that I wonder about, though: what about sister planets of approximately the same mass sharing an orbit in a stable, low number configuration very improbable, but technically possible? I admit I was a little miffed when Pluto was demoted, only because it seemed like they were killing a long time friend.

GeoCities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. During the 90s, users from all over the world created personalized corners of the Internet. By the time the U. This project recalls the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction. Graphics, including the amazing animated loader, were created by an unknown user.

If you can prove you created the graphics please email me and I will pleased to add your credit! However I need something to repost and see what you get images for all the time I spend on this computer. Be sure to visit again, this page is always changing! So How to trade in currency with emulator following page of pictures of me and my friends is cool.

A love letter to the Internet of old Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages — Press Disclaimer Download the soundtrack cameronaskin Catscape Navigator 2. Upgrades Meow Archived by Wayback Machine What is Catscape? Catscape Navigator is a web purrowser based upon a gif I found in the GeoCities archives. Upgrades Catscape is the most advanced browser available.

Download Holy Quran Screen Saver B asic I nstructions B efore L eaving E arth It is really small right now so if you can start uploading your buildings it would be appreciated. Tabla de contenido 1. How dare you come to my web page!!! Friday 20th August, Production of the page commenced, i began looking for a simple way to generate mouseover code, cause I am not an expert at javascript.

Captain Log's Stardate: Our next mission is to join a small fleet of Federation Ships to research damage caused by the Dominion. Tuesday 26th October, First of all I would like to take this time to thank Geocities for this free Web site, any one can join. FREE searches powered by Google Click the spider to search repost and see what you get images WEB! Entrance for MS IE4 Updated 4th Oct Entrance for Netscape 4 Updated 25th Sept Have you seen my balls?

This is my first web page and it has just about anything and everything that I like. I also have pictures of my family. But please remember that this site is still being worked on. HoneyDew and Lord of the Light Where two hearts became one. Get Your very own i-love-cats. Check out this cats link Fave Gallery 01 12 Fave Gallery 02 7 Fave Gallery 03 17 Fave Gallery 04 4 Fave Gallery 05 12 Fave Gallery 06 8 CPU Pic Gallery 13 Fave Gallery 08 44 Fave Gallery 09 18 A collection of links which I have gathered in hopes of making this growing community more aware of our world.

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Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages (–). CL. about > help > repost Renewing free posts. Free classified posts on craigslist can be renewed. Renewing a post will move that post to the top of the list. 29 Memes to Get Your Day Started Off Right. 2. Midday Meme Report.