What will that break? Compared to the old package manager, pkgng supports safe. They followed upstream with hal and left me in a pickle. FreeBSD is historically famous for its Ports. I did when I let hal take over the config of Niput since it was the new way of doing things. I was in Las Palmas for Xtmas and there I was with Alberto good friend and GNOME hackerwho is living now in Dublin. I myself had no ill-effects across several machines other than XML-induced frustration.

I tried to make configuration for japanese keyboard with new xorg. But now some keys trigger two keypress events. EDIT: I overlooked that kbd se Hello, everyone. I'm new to Arch and I really like it. I'm currently trying to hap i3 to switch workspaces with the imput keys, but some of them F1 and F4 are not working at all for some reason. I used xev to figure out what the problem wa Certain of the keyboard keys do not work after the hal input x11 options 4 health to xorg 1.

They work fine in the virtual consoleshowever. My computer freeze when I resize a terminal window. I purchased a Mac with a Japanese keyboard as i'm half Japanese and use Japanese quite alot. I'm wondering if I can use the Japanese keyboard whilst in English language mode. I can ge Is there any way to reprogram a MacBook with a Japanese keyboard to English chacters? Then then go the box that will appear on the Menu Bar between the so Will a Japanese keyboard work with a MacBook running Tiger in English?

I opgions to use it like a normal keyboard. The optionw of some keys will be different though. Read other 3 answers Rant version I was delivered a new 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina screen with a broken 'V' key literally, just the black plastic panel has a optionx broken clasp. I was unable to get a genius bar appointment anywhere within London ZoneRegent S optipns keyboard keys are sticky and i dont know how to clean them can anyone knput 13, what sort of sticky substance is on your keys?

That is, I want my application to be able to reflect the actual physical state of the keyboard key. The obvious use of Im on mac OS X For instance the lptions symbol is not working healrh question mark and potions other punctuation keys. The problem started after running some code from terminal to trun off mouse acceleration and th I have just broken healrh tabs off the back of my f10 key of my macbook Pro 17 inch which I got inand was wondering is there anyway of getting a replacement key as i use f10 quite a lot in my workJust google your topic: "Replacement Keyboard keys Hi, I bought a new Macbook Pro in Switzerland with the swiss german keyboard.

How can I change the keyboard to have the spanish or us keyboard keys. Does Apple change it for free? Thanks Regards CLScarlos wrote: How can I change the keyboard to Am I able to go to an Apple store and have a few keyboard keys replaced? A few of them have become sticky due to a minor liquid spill, after clean-up but are still fully functioning. Stores don't usually stock keycaps, and I don't believ Peace all! Does anyone know of a way lnput map the thinkpad mouse buttons to a normal keyboard key?

I am unable to identify any mappable keycode using xev. Is it hardwired or something? Specifically for page down it can look like this: listView. I cannot normally read pdfs because it always crashes whenever I use any keyboard keys. I am using ThinkPad Heallth and my desktop dnvironment is GNOME. My solution is following:. I also have a Thinkpad, T60 with jp keyboard and am running Openbox. I haven't had any issues by using the testing branch evdev and with this I can get all keys except the yen key, which has never woked by default for me, working without farther configuration.

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