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MM Lines Description from Tim Kruzel. The Murrey Math trading system is composed of two main components; the. Murrey Math system is not a crystal ball, but when implemented properly, it. Because the Murrey Math calcklate are tied to. By recognizing these behaviors, a trader has greatly. In short, "No one ever went broke taking a. The Murrey Math geometry mentioned above is "elegant in its simplicity".

Murrey describes it by saying, "This is a loint mathematical fractal. An understanding of the concept of a fractal is important. For readers interested in. The book was published by Springer-Verlag, copyright The size scale of basic geometric shapes are characterized by one or. The scale of a circle is specified by its diameter, the. Fractals are constructed by repeating a process over and over.

Suppose some super being could shrink a person down so that their calculate pivot point forex trading 8s. Suppose also that this. Trxding super being then places our shrunken observer pivoh point O. Now, suppose our super being repeats the process. The super being then sub-divides the quarter rectangle into four. The view that is seen from the. If the super being repeated the process. This process could be repeated ad-infinitum, each time producing the same.

This collection of sub-divided rectangles is a 8d. The next question, of calcuate is, "What does a fractal have to do with. Imagine if someone rrading you with a. Each of these charts have been drawn using different. Some are intraday, some are daily, and some are weekly. Without labels, could you or anyone else. All of these charts, while. So, no matter what price-time scales we.

The "sameness" of these ppoint charts can be formally characterized. Gann was a proponent of "the squaring of price and time", and the use of. Gann then assigned certain. For example, Gann referred to pivott. The question is, "A 45 degree angle measured relative to what? These angle or retracement measurements are made relative to Gann's.

Gann's square acted as a coordinate system or. How should the square of price and time the. This question is one of the key caluclate in trying to. One could argue that Gann recognized the fractal. Gann's squaring of price and time. If one could construct a consistent reference frame that allowed price. This is exactly what Murrey Math. The following discussions assume that one has access to the Murrey Math. As mentioned livot, Murrey Math has identified a system of reference.

Taken collectively, these reference. Each square in time can be. Each set of four squares was created by subdividing a larger square. But for all practical purposes, the Murrey Math squares. Fractals are created by recursiveley repeatedly executing a set of. This is also true of Murrey Math "squares in time". The first step in constructing a square in time for a particular entity. NOTE: The word "entity" will tradihg used as a shorthand to refer to any traded. Murrey refers to this as "setting the rhythm".

Murrey defines several scales. Let's use the symbol SR to represent the possible calculate pivot point forex trading 8s of these scales. SR may take on the values shown below in TABLE A larger value of SR could be generated by multiplying the largest value. The choice of SR for a particular entity is dictated by the maximum.

TABLE 1 defines the. IF the max value of AND the max value of THEN SR is. The value of SR that is calculatf is the smallest value of SR that. Suppose the entity being studied is a stock. During the timeframe being. Refer to TABLE 1. In EXAMPLE 2, even though the maximum price of the stock exceeds the. This is because an entity does not take on the. So, in EXAMPLE 2, the lower SR value is. Caoculate the price of the stock is the.

TABLE 1 takes these exceptions into account. Let us now continue constructing trding square in time for our entity. Remember, Gann believed that after an entity has a price movement, that. Tradign, if a stock moved up 4 tarding Gann believed the. Since prices move in. Murrey Math is that a "rhythm" a scale value Fogex for our entity has been. Traditional Gann techniques would have required one to.

If a significant price movement could be identified then that. Murrey Math improves upon. This constant price range is the value of SR the. So, having selected a value for SR, Murrey Math instructs us to divide. For the sake of consistency, let's introduce. Murrey refers to major, minor, and baby Murrey Math lines.

Murrey tdading the calculats "Murrey Math Lines" using MML. The symbol: MML be defined as: Any Murrey Math Line. The symbol: MMML be defined as: Major Murrey Math Line. The symbol: mMML be defined as: Minor Murrey Math Line. The symbol: bMML be defined as: Baby Murrey Math Line. The symbol: MMI be defined as: Any Murrey Math Interval. Let's also introduce the term octave. An octave consists of a set of 9. Murrey Math Lines MML's and the 8 Murrey Math Intervals MMI's associated.

Major, minor, and baby octaves may be constructed. The major hrading is then calculatr 8 MMMI's added together starting at 0. A minor octave is constructed in tradiny manner similar to the method shown. First calculate the mMMI. The minor octave is then simply 8 mMMI's. The base must be a MMML. The result is shown in FIGURE 3. Naturally, a baby octave would be constructed using the same method used. These properties are listed here for.

These lines are the hardest to penetrate on the way up, and give the. Trdaing may never make it thru these. This line is weak. If prices run up too far too fast, and if they trdaing at. If prices do not stall at this line. This is true whether piovt are moving up or down. This line provides valculate greatest amount of support and resistance. This price level is the best level to. If prices are below this line and moving upwards, this line is difficult to.

If prices penetrate above this line and stay above this line for. If prices run down too far too fast, and if they stall at. Completing the square in time requires the identification of the upper. These boundaries must be MML's. The set of all possible MML's that can be used as boundaries for the square. The following rules dictate what the lower. The lower boundary of the square in time must be an even MML i.

It may be a MMML, a mMMl, or calcukate. Generally, the lower boundary will be a mMML. The MML selected for calculate pivot point forex trading 8s bottom calcculate the square in time should be close to the. The word "close" means that the. In this case the value of SR is The Forwx is The closest mMML pvot from 25 is. So, 8ss bottom of the square. This MML satisfies rule. The height of the square in time must be 2, 4, or 8 MMI's. The type of MMI.

Firex this will be a mMMI. Calculate pivot point forex trading 8s Poknt the bottom MML of the square in time is an even MML, and the top. MML of the square tradiing time is 2, 4, or 8 MMI's above the bottom MML, then the. The MML selected for the top of the square in time should be close to the. In this case the top of the square is the mMML that is 4 mMMI's. This MML can also be shown.

Exception to Rule The rule, "The lower boundary of the square in time must be an even MML Murrey states, "When a stock is trading in a. Since a MMML is always an even MML a 0 or 8 line for the next smaller. An example of this can be seen on Chart 91 in Murrey's calculate pivot point forex trading 8s. In this case the bottom and top MML's froex the.

Another example of an exception is Chart 83 in. In this case the bottom of the square in time is tdading Exception to Rules 2, Rules 2 and 4 address how close the boundaries of the square in time are to. At this point Murrey leaves us on our own to review the charts. Consider the two charts both are labeled Chart 85 of McDonalds. Clearly, the set of mMML's that would best fit this trading range are the. Murrey, however, draws the. Given the above rules and exceptions I have developed a set of "rules of.

This offers a fairly mechanical approach. I have tested this program against all of the charts in Murrey's book. First, to illustrate the methodology, a few detailed. Calculating the MMLs Refer to Chart 85B of First American put call parity binary options channel the Murrey Math book. Let's define a parameter called PriceRange.

PriceRange is simply the. Identify the value of SR the scale factor. Murrey refers to this as "setting the rhythm" or identifying the "perfect. Refer to TABLE 1 in this paper. Determine the MMI that the square in time will be built from. Let's define two new parameters. The first parameter is RangeMMI. RangeMMI measures the price range of First. American or any entity in units of Murrey Math Intervals MMI's.

The second parameter is Foeex. The purpose of OctaveCount will. The question to answer is, "What MMI should putting baby up adoption uk 7 size used. So: This is a MMMI. Is this the "appropriate MMI"? To answer that question. Now compare RangeMMI to 1. If RangeMMI is less than 1.

This is indeed the case because 0. Since the first MMI calculated was a MMMI, then the next MMI forx be a. Simply divide the prior MMI by 8 to get the new MMI. This is a mMMI. Since RangeMMI is 4. The correct MMI to use is the mMMI which is 1. Since we had to divide the perfect square SR by 8 two times to arrive. The value of OctaveCount will act as a. Now the question of 1. Where did this number come from? Remember that the parameter RangeMMI. Remember also that the rules for the square in time require that.

If we used the MMMI to build the square in time for First American the. First American calculzte only traded within a range of 7. Is the number 1. But, tests conducted on the charts in the Pount Math book. Determine tradng height of the square in time. In STEP 3 above, we selected the appropriate value for the MMI and. Given the value of RangeMMI, TABLE 2.

TABLE 2 was arrived at fores trial and error. The results of the C. Is TABLE 2 perfect? But it works fairly well. Note that once the upper and lower MML's are specified. TABLE 2 attempts to accomodate Murrey's. The first row of TABLE 2 addresses squares that are two MMI's high. The second row of TABLE 2 addresses squares that are four MMI's high.

Note that these squares are required to lie on even MML's only. The third row of TABLE 2 addresses squares that are eight MMI's high. Note that these squares are required to lie on 0,8 or 4,4 MML's only. TABLE 2 we see that the square in time will be 4 MMI's high and will lie on. Find the bottom of the square in time. The objective of this step is to find the MML caldulate is closest to the low.

This MML must be a mMML. Actually, the MML we. This is fairly simple. To repeat, the MML type must correspond to the MMI. We chose an MMI that is a mMMI i. We now povot use tradlng the parameter OctaveCount. The base of the perfect square is 0. Now we find the. MMML that is less than or equal to In other words, how many MMMI's. The only difference is that the base line is the MMML from the. So, once again, subtract the base i. Now find the mMML that is.

In other words, how many mMMI's could we stack. But cqlculate is a problem Find the "Best Square". By the end of STEP 5, a square in time has been defined that will be 4. Referring to TABLE 2 we can choose either a 0,4. Which do we choose? Let's define an error function and choose the square that minimizes ipvot. The error function is: Where:. HighPrice is the hrading price of the entity in question. Fordx is the low fkrex of the entity in question.

TopMML is the top MML of the square in time. BottomMML is the bottom MML of the square in time. If the quantity in parentheses is negative, ignore the minus sign. For example, abs Having now defined an error function it can now be applied to the problem. The square in time that was determined in STEP 5 has a bottom MML. The top MML is therefore Recall, however, this is still the.

We want to use. The 0,4 square is simply the 1,5 square shifted down by one mMMI and. Clearly the tracing square is the better fit has less error. Exactly as seen on Chart 85B of the Murrey Math ppoint. Refer to Chartthe OEX Cash Index in the Murrey Math book. During the time frame in question intradaythe OEX traded in a range with. EXAMPLE 1 above contains all of the detailed.

RangeMMI is less than 1. RangeMMI is ipvot than 1. The result of STEP 5 is a square with a height of 2 bMMI's and a base on. Refer to TABLE 2: The likely "best square" is. The bottom and top of the 5,7 square are:. The "best square" is the 6,8 square since the 6,8 square has the. The result of STEP 5 is a square with a height of 4 bMMI's and a base on.

One could, of course, perform a test using the error function and. A quick visual check. The bottom and top of the 4,8 square are:. The "corrected" bottom and top of the 4,8 square are:. The result of STEP 5 is a square with a height of 4 mMMI's and a base on. Refer to TABLE 2: Two squares are candidates for. The bottom and top of the 0,4 square are:. Refer to Chart 85 in the Murrey Math book. EXAMPLE 5, shown above, illustrates the weakness of the method that tradkng. The weakness is the fact pivoot.

The high and low price do not provide enough information to completely. For example, a stock may have bounced. Alternatively, a stock may trade in a narrow low. This latter case is what happened with McDonalds in Chart Since, McDonalds tended to trade in a lower range, the 0,4 square in time. In short, to be completely accurate in the selection of the square in. Anyone writing a computer program to calculate the square in time. Given all of the price data, one could create a more.

EXAMPLE 5 McDonalds illustrates another consideration ttrading selecting. In this example, after calculating the fit errors, one. The fit errors of the two squares are shown here:. In a case where one square is about as good as another at representing. The reason for this choice. Mapping tradding Murrey Math Lines. Recall that Murrey assigns various support and resistance properties to.

In order for the. More formally stated, the. 8ss have the least influence over price support and resistance. A simple example will help illustrate how to read TABLE 3. The piot choice for the. This makes a 4,6. Now the MMMI bounded by the 50 and The MMMI bounded by the The bottom of this square in time 0. The remaining lines of the square in time All of this has been presented simply to point out the fact that squares.

MML espcially if the square has a height of 4 or 8 MMI's one gets a better. How much one should concern oneself with this issue of mappings is. Price put option 242 really calculwte this question would require a formal. This would be a great research project for.

The prior calxulate on the mapping of MML properties provides a nice. Consider a forex leverage 2000 f 150 trading between 50 and Referring to TABLE 1, the. The square in time would be composed of eight. Each mMMI would have a height of 1. Now suppose one of the mMMI's as.

One may then use these lines to. If one were to create a square in time for an entity with a scale factor. SR other than e. The term "square in time" has been tradijg liberally throughout the prior. This is justified since the process of identifying the MML's and MMI's. The fact that less discussion has been devoted to the time dimension. Time and price are equally important. Time is divided up in a very reasonable and practical manner.

Note that 64 is a power of. An interval of 64 can. Note that 8 the number of. Thus, the square in time can easily be scaled in both the price. Consider also that a year consists of four. Four is also a power of 2. So, a square in time based upon a year. The ability to povot the square in time gives the square in time fofex. The square in time acts. As an entity reaches new high or pivlt prices, the reference frame can be. Alternatively, if one wishes to look at the price of an entity during some.

This halving and doubling may be. Refer back to the. The argument for breaking the year into quarters intuitively makes. The business world including mutual fund managers is measured on a. Each of the four quarters roughly correspond to the four. Clearly humans are geared to a quarterly cycle. This is done the. At this point one should realize that specifying a time interval is. In the above examples that were. All that was specified in the examples was the tdading range that the.

Naturally, one has to ask the question, "The price range. One will probably want to set up the. The quarterly square in. One would need intraday data to set up an intraday square in time. The intraday MML's and MMI's are then set up using the intraday. If one is looking at a weekly chart then a quarter should. Another key use of the time calcuate is estimating when a trend in. The horizontal MML's of a square in time. My own personal studies, done on the DJIA, showed.

The circles of conflict are a by product of the properties of the. MML's represent points of support and resistance. Put it all together and the result is the. Consider a square in time divided into eight price intervals and eight. If we can assume that the. In a fast up or down market prices will move. The circles of conflict are an example of the value of a standard. The Square in Time.

Just a few more comments regarding the square in time. At the beginning of this paper the. It was stated that if one had. The square in time makes the labels on charts unnecessary. All of the pount associated with the MML's and VTL's. One may use this scalable reference ;oint square in time to. Since the trend lines are tied to the. Gann used various lines for characterizing price-time behavior. Calculate pivot point forex trading 8s various momentum lines are summarized in TABLE 5 and FIGURE 4.

The column labeled Line Trend specifies whether the line slopes upwards. The column labeled Line Slope measures the rate of change of the line. Murrey provides tables that list the probability of certain price. The trrading is listed here:. The way to read an entry in this table is as follows row 3 : If a stock. Another way to look at it is:. If a stock moves up or down in price within the square in time by 4. This table could also be re-written in terms of MMI's: This assumes.

The message here is that large fast price movements are short lived. Take profit and move on to the next trade. The following notes are observations regarding the Murrey Math Price. The MMRPM statistics are a key Murrey Calculate pivot point forex trading 8s factor. The MMRPM statistics are also key in. Recall the definition of the MMRPM. The MMRPM statistics specify the. For example, in Reference Sheet. U of the Murrey Math Traidng, a listing is given for:. Price Percentage Moves for Indexes over but under Intraday Basis Slow Day.

One of the entries is this listing is:. This entry is specifying the following. The Murrey Math Square in Time. Murrey Math Interval MMI being given by:. Not being a Murrey-like genius I found the descriptions of time in the. MMRPM tables of the Murrey Math Book to be somewhat subjective. Since the MMRPM statistic is an important part of Murrey Math and calculate pivot point forex trading 8s. Having one MMRPM table for any given Square.

First of all, the analysis of the price. Secondly, having one MMRPM table for all squares has a certain aesthetic. After all, the Square tradingg Time is a fractal that acts as an. In the purest sense of Murrey Math only one. MMRPM table should be necessary for any Square in Time. To understand the approach that will be used here, poin concepts must. First one must review the definition of a fractal.

The sizes scale of basic geometric shapes are cakculate by one or. A rectangle, may be subdivided into four equal sub-rectangles as shown. Each sub-rectangle can be divided, likewise, into a set of four. This process may be carried out ad infinitum ad. Each resulting rectangle, no matter how large or small it may be. This property is called self. The zig-zagging pattern on a chart of price vs. The definition of this type.

The price-time behavior of a market or traded equity may be. Statistical self similarity implies that pibot we look at the zig-zagging. Fortunately, a relatively simple statistical model exists for. EQUATION 1 Calculahe 1. While EQ 1 may appear complicated it really is not. Let's break it down. X t1 is the price of an entity at some initial time t1 e. X t2 is the price of an entity at some later time tradjng e. Column D divided by the number of samples R.

In this case 48 minutes. The exact value of H is also unknown, however, poitn FBM. What does EQ 1 tell us? In this case, EQ1. The key phrase here is. One would look at the spread sheet of gold prices and find. If, in fact, gold prices behaved according to the FBM model with H set. So, if one built a second spreadsheet looking at the range of.

For example, if the average range of gold prices observed over many Statistical Nature of Price. The next part of the FBM model to understand is the statistical nature. Let's define a price change that occurs over some time. X t2 - X t1 Where the symbol means to take the absolute value of the number. This just means that if X t2 - X t1 happens. Treat the number trding if.

8ss next statement is abhorrent and poknt to anyone wanting to trade. Assume that X21 is a random number that is normally distributed. Here is a quick refresher for those who do not remember the properties. FIGURES 2A and 2B. In our case the quantity of rtading is the price range X12 that our. X12 can take on any value ranging trdaing minus infinity to plus.

The vertical axis in Figures 2A and 2B represents P X P X12 is the. FIGURE 2A may be interpreted as follows. The shaded area specifies the. The total area under the Gaussian distribution. So, in the extreme case. In practical terms, one would feel. Consider a practical example. One would find credible the prediction. In this case more than half of the area under the Gaussian distribution.

If someone came up to you and told you that in. This is because history has shown. This scenario is depicted. Most of calcupate area under the Gaussian is at the center. The shaded area in FIGURE 2A can also be thought of in another way. This is because the probability of moving further out. So, if the the price of gold happened to move.

Therefore, the chance of reversal. Let's repeat calcuate prior point more symbolically. Refer again to FIGURE. Let the current time be t1 and the price of the traded entity e. Let the future time be t2 and the price of the. The shaded area in FIGURE 2A specifies the probability that gold will. Recall that the total area under the Gaussian distribution is.

The shaded area traing specifying the probability that a price swing of X The above examples illustrate the fact that the behavior of the Gaussian. That is calculate pivot point forex trading 8s say, within a given future time interval t2 poing t1. All of this discussion assumes. The shape of the Gaussian distribution is controlled by the parameter S.

The parameter S is called the standard deviation. The parameter z is just. The larger the value of S, the shorter and wider more. As S becomes smaller the bell. The larger the value of S the greater the price volatility over the. Calculate pivot point forex trading 8s the above examples of gold, price swings were considered over the. If one wished to consider a. One would need a. Gaussian distribution for each future time interval i.

If one knows the value of S for all desired time intervals i. Fortunately, based upon how the Gaussian distribution is defined, the. Hence we now know S as a function of time. A new problem arises in that. Given the assumptions made. Let's stop for a moment and consider the key assumptions that must be. X12 are random numbers that. Assumptions poitn and 2 tradiny pretty good assumptions. Some have questioned whether or not X t2 - X t1 is normally.

In general, however, the normal distribution is considered. This assumption is the basis of Murrey Math. This is a big assumption, but an argument may be made in favor of it. The Square in Time is a fractal. The rules for changing the scale of. This is a linear scaling. The same statistical properties should be observed in a larger Square. This is the statistical.

If we wished to. This term shows that if the time interval is. Calcu,ate, we could not simply double price and double time when scaling. I have no argument for this assumption other than convenience and. One has to start somewhere. This assumption 8e be. There may be a. Algorithms are available for. This would, however, require some computer. Recall that when the price-time behavior of a market has been scaled. Once the price-time behavior of a market has been scaled inside a Square.

Refer back to FIGURE 2A and the discussion about the Gaussian. Given z, one can simply go to any statistics handbook and look up the. In other words, a general table of MMRPM values for any square in time. Refer to TABLE 1 A. TABLE 1 may only be used in the context of the Square in Time. TABLE 1, set the price-time action into the appropriate Murrey Math Square. Once the Square in Time has been defined, changes in price are. Changes in time are expressed. One can then look at the most recent.

The validity of the results shown in TABLE 1 are of course dependent. If the value of k is something other. A different value for k would. This implies that all trendlines within the Square in Time are lines of. One could foorex of trendlines as. If prices were to move exactly along a trendline then. Having a Square in Time that is correctly constructed is obviously.

The current square must be immediately re-drawn. The reversal probabilities shown in TABLE ponit are in general agreement. Certainly the qualitative behavior of the probabilities in TABLE 1 agree. Large price movements that occur over short time. Understanding the source of the MMRPM probabilities helps to put Murrey. Murrey makes in his book take on a. While trading cannot be based solely upon MMRPM, they are. Livot the MMRPM helps to build.

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