The XML-RPC spec is unclear about what should be sent in a request if the. QFL' 50 If the Global Data sheet contains no data and the Local Datasheet contains two rows of data, how many times will the test iterate? When using arrays in VB the following mistake is easy to make and will cause. Move a window with a title that matches a pattern in C. Installing Visual Studio

CVisual BasicFSwiftKotlin and javascript extension methods. All c extension methods. Gets the description attribute assigned to an item in an Enum. Orders a list based on a sortexpression. Useful in object databinding scenarios where the objectdatasource generates a dynamic sortexpression example: "Name desc" that specifies the property of the object sort on.

Async create of a System. Groups the elements of a sequence according to a specified firstKey selector function and rotates the unique values from the secondKey selector function into multiple values in the output, and performs aggregations. The out-of-the-box ToDictionary LINQ extension methods require a key and element extractor which are largely redundant when being applied to an enumeration of groupings, so this is a short-cut. James Michael Hare BlackRabbitCoder. Basic example that to export data to csv from a datareader.

Formats a string with the specified mask. Encrypt and decrypt a string using the RSACryptoServiceProvider. Emulation of PHPs ucfirst. Paging extension method for NHibernate 3. Shortcut for foreach and create new list. When building a LINQ query, you may need to involve optional filtering criteria. Useful when you don't know at compile time whether a filter should apply.

Borrowed from Andrew Robinson. Parses the specified string value into the Enum type passed. Also contains a bool to determine whether or not the case should be ignored. This method is NOT THAT! Randomize - Use this extension method when you want a different or random order every time! Useful when ordering a list of things for display to give each a fair chance of landing at the top or bottom on each hit. BindingSource has a property to return the current row as DataRowView object. But most of the time we need this optional output parameter c# bitmap DataRow to manipulate the data.

This extension method checks the Current property of BindingSource for nullity, returns null if it is null and returns the current Row as DataRow object if the Current property is not null. Export datatable to CSV file. This would be useful if you want to automatically generate a Excel out of any other primative data type collection I provided 1 overloads of this method, that accepts a Path as string to save excel file to location on disk. Converts an IEnumerable to DataTable supports nullable types.

Ewerton Luis de Mattos. Jeroen de Zeeuw, Rob van Lanen. Checks if a string value is numeric according to you system culture. Makes a copy from the object. Provides a Distinct method that takes a key selector lambda as parameter. Computes the hash of a string using one of the following algorithms: HMAC, HMACMD5, HMACSHA1, HMACSHA, HMACSHA, HMACSHA,MACTripleDES, MD5, RIPEMD, SHA1, SHA, SHA, SHA Converts a string into a "SecureString". Properly invokes an action if it is required.

Best way to handle events and threaded operations on a form. Check wheter a string is an valid e-mail address. If T is null, it will not be added to the collection. Returns true if two date ranges intersect. This would be useful if you want to automatically generate a CSV out of integer, string, or any other primative data type collection or array. I provided 2 overloads of this method. One of them accepts a separator and the other uses comma "," as default separator.

Also I am using another shortcut extension method for foreach loop. Deserialize an XDocument to a generic type. Truncate the specified string based on the given length. Replaces the truncated data to " It returns false if given collection is null or empty otherwise it returns true. Removes any HTML or XML tags from a string. Super simple, but I didn't see anything here like it.

Convert an object to JSON an back. Gets the first assembly attribute optional output parameter c# bitmap the specified type from the assembly it is called from. TryParse and all the other kinds of code you need to determine if a given string holds a value that can be converted into a DateTime object. Make easily accessible some functions available in HttpUtility into an Extension.

Using IOControl code to configue socket KeepAliveValues for line disconnection detection because default is toooo slow. OrderBy is nice, except if you want to sort by multiple properties or want an easy way to distinguish between ascending and descending. Parse a string to any other type including nullable types. Lets you easily figure out ifdateTime holds a date value that is a weekend. Forces your browser to download any kind of file instead of trying to open it inside the browser e.

Extension for simplify usage of XmlSerializer class. Add extension to any object serialize it to xml. Add extension to string and stream to deserialize objects. All extensions with first check about default constructor. Draw and fill a rectangle with some or all the angles rounded. Caches the results of an IEnumerable. Extension methods on HtmlDocument used to read, write and delete cookies in Silverlight applications. Shuffles an IEnumerable list. Returns the first few characters of the string with a length specified by the given parameter.

If the string's length is less than the given length the complete string is returned. If length is zero or less an empty string is returned. Determines whether a collection is null or has no elements without having to enumerate the entire collection to get a count. Get the actual age of a person. Returns the index of the first occurrence in a sequence by using the default equality comparer or a specified one.

Json Conversion, uses DataContractJsonSerializer to deserialize item. Two methods that extends DataGridView control to save and load columns configuration to specified XML file. More informations in Polish, example in English at:. Returns true when a integer is a prime. Turns any object to Exception. A simple date range. It returns deep copy of the object. Creates a string for logging purposes from an Exception.

Includes the InnerException sStacktrace et optional output parameter c# bitmap. Recursively create directory based on the given path. If the given path doesn't exist, it will create until all the folders in the path are satisfied. Validate Email ID in C. This is extension method for format the data time into the string with pattern specific and current culture. Returns all combinations of a chosen amount of selected elements in the sequence.

Returns the range of elements between the specified start and end indexes. Negative covered call trading net debit premium count from the end, rather than the start, of the sequence. Values of 'end' larger than the actual sequence are truncated and do not cause index-out-of-bounds exceptions.

Functionally very similar to Python's list[x:y] slices. Converts an Enumeration type into a dictionary optional output parameter c# bitmap its names and values. Checks to see if a string represents a valid GUID. Source of the function:. Checks if a given string contains any of the characters in the passed array of characters. Aggregate throws a System. InvalidOperationException in case the given list is empty you can't use this function in a complex linq expression.

This aggregate version simply returns a defaultvalue if the list is empty. Converts any type to another. Concatenates a specified separator String between each element of a specified enumeration, yielding a single concatenated string. Returns true if the type it is called upon is a System. Determines if a string is a valid ISIN International Securities Identification Number code. C version of In clause of sql query.

A modification to the AddDay function that adds an integer number of weekdays to a date, starting the count at the first weekday after the current day. This is a typical method for calculating B2B service delivery and billing due dates. Returns the plural form of the specified word. Returns true when a given string is not null or empty. Converts string to a title case. Converts English Numbers to Persian Numbers. Turns any object to null. Returns true when a string is a valid url.

Convert a Stream to an array of bytes. Gets the last date of the month of the DateTime. Moves a FileInfo instance to a specified path and rename it when already existing. Is essentially optional output parameter c# bitmap modified version of Type. IsSubClassOf that supports checking whether a class derives from a generic base-class without specifying the type parameters. Converts entire DataTabel To XDocument. Helper method to retrieve a nullable value of a column from a datareader.

Checks if the date is between the two provided dates. Serializes objects to an xml string. Does not provide error handling if the object is not serializable. Gets the value of a property in a object through relection. Provides an overload to String. Contains to specify a StringComparison i. Makes it easier to retrieve custom attributes of a given type from a reflected type. James Michael Hare Black Rabbit Coder.

Checks if an integer is a number. Clones a DataRow - including strongly typed DataRows. Typical standard deviation formula set in LINQ fluent syntax. For when Average, Min, and Max just aren't enough information. Works with int, double, float. Appends a formatted string and the default line terminator to to this StringBuilder instance. DateDiff in SQL style. The following DateParts are implemented:. Checks whether the type is Boolean. Takes a string of text and replaces text matching a link pattern to a hyperlink.

Unified advanced generic check for: DbNull. Omits boxing for value types. Simple way to Get the first and forex trading times 500 dollars day of the specified date. Serializes an object to XML. DateTime object to Unix timestamp. A bunch of extensions that work with SearchResult to retrieve its data. Converts an Array of arbitrary type to an array of type T. If a suitable converter cannot be found to do the conversion, a NotSupportedException is thrown.

This method takes away the need for writing two lines for TryParse and gives users an option of returning a default number. Transforms a DataTable in Excel xls. Raphael Augusto Ferroni Cardoso. Equals method that lets you specify on what property or field value you want to compare an object on. Also compares the object types. Useful to use in an overridden Equals method of an object. Allows you to treat an IDataReader from a database query as enumerable so that you can perform LINQ operations on it.

Some time you want to get a nested property but a property in the chain is null then to avoid exception of Null Exception you must check all property in chain opposite of null. Checks if a string value is numeric. Use the Get[Type] functions that are part of the IDataReader but by passing the field name as a string as opposed optional output parameter c# bitmap the field ordinal as int.

Allows assigning default values for null values returned by the datareader. Returns a selected value when the source is not null; null otherwise. Validates whether a string is a valid IPv4 address. This is an extension that I use for doing strongly typed databinding to controls in a winforms project. I dislike using strings to databind because they do not generate compiler errors when the bound object changes. This extension allows you to, instead of using a string, use an expression to bind to for both the control property and the object property.

Checks whether the type is string. Returns a string with the content of the input stream. Method returns the max length specificed for property. A generic method to add databinding to a control. This method brings type safety for the sake of better code maintainability. A set of extension methods that make it easy to mask a string to protect account numbers or other personal data.

Generate slugs for friendly urls. Converts the pascal-cased Name property of a type to a displayable name. Gets a nullable DateTime object from a string input. Good for grabbing datetimes from user inputs, like textboxes and querystrings. This method selects a random element from an Enumerable with only one pass O N complexity. Format by letting you get properties from objects.

Starts execution of IQueryable on a ThreadPool thread and returns immediately with a "end" method to call once the result is needed. Parse a string value to the given Enum. Simplest way to get a number of bytes at different measures. KB, MB, GB or TB. Makes it possible to conditionally append to a StringBuilder while keeping it fluent. Type-safe Include: a completely type-safe way to include nested objects in scenarios with DomainServices and RIA in, for example, Silverlight applications.

Parent instead of Include "Parent". Convert a NewLine to a Html break. An extenssion function to work like the extend method of javascript. It takes the object and merge with oder, but only if the property of the other object has value. Convert datatable field to int Make adding to list fluent and conditioned. It returns true if string is null or empty or just a white space otherwise it returns optional output parameter c# bitmap. Checks if any value type is empty.

Adds a css class to the webcontrol. Instead of having to pass one string to the CssClass property, you can add them one by one with the AddCssClass extension method. This can come in handy when a webcontrol has a default class from the ASP. NET markup and then needs additional classes based on a condition like whether or not a user is logged in. Handles multiple columns selection. Returns the last few characters of the string with a length. The opposite of TakeWhile, inverts the expression and passes to TakeWhile so that instead of taking while an expression is true, you take until an expression is true.

Dynamically adds a javascript file. Determines if a date is within a given date range. Execute a SQL command directly on a DbConnection. Needless to say that the other ExecuteXXX methods can be implemented as well. Implementing the method at DbConnection level makes it available for SQLConnection, OleDbConnection, A cleaner way to get values from Session.

Convert a input string to a byte array and compute the hash. Send an email using the supplied string. Reverses the order of the list that you wish to enumerate. It returns reader lines which can be retrieved from lamba statement. Credit goes to Jon Skeet. Dynamically adds a cascading style sheet a. CSS file to a page even if using master page. Adds an element to an IEnumerable. Concat only adds multiple elements. This is a recursive function to get all child controls under the target control.

Convert string to decimal. Converts a file on a given path to a byte array. Fake immutability in an existing list class by adding a "With" and "Without" method. Removes items from a list based on a condition you provide. I have a feeling this should exist already but I can't find it. You can get the optional output parameter c# bitmap results using 'where' but this method operates on the collection itself.

First or default extension method for NHibernate 3. A simple type safe method to find a parent control. Converts a DataRow into a Hashtable. Wraps the usage of some DataTable. DefaultView properties to return sorted rows filtered on a custom filterexpression. For documentation on what to put in the whereExpression and the orderByExpression, refer to the MSDN documentation of DataTable. Calculates the SHA1 hash value of a string and returns it as a base64 string.

Dispose an object if it implement IDisposable. Especially useful when working with interfaces and object factories, and IDisposable may or may not found on concrete class. Convert DateTime to ShamsiDateString. Returns the plural of a word. Check that the given string is in a list of potential matches. Allows you to clone an etire generic list of cloneable items. Limit a value to a certain range.

Modify the querystring of the current URL or a passed in URL to either add, update or remove parameters. Gets the MD5 value of a given file. This method will take any DataTable and remove duplicate rows based on any column. You can also generate a columns header the first row with the name of the serialized properties. You can specify the name of the properties to include in the csv file.

If you don't specify anything it will includes all the public properties. Determines if the object is null or empty. Collections, Arrays and Dictionaries are evaluated for 0 items items themselves may be null. All other objects are evaluated as null or not null. Multiple ways to check if an enum has description. Returns a MemoryStream from a Byte array. It converts string to integer and assigns a default value if the conversion is not a success.

Convert string to int Returns whether or not a DateTime is during a leap year. Merges three sequences by using the specified predicate function. A 'fluent' logic extension method that takes a value can be anything and a function that returns another value can be anything based on its logic. This is useful for both evaluating and optionally returning a value without declaring a temporary variable for the value.

Helper methods to simplify development. Prevent common LINQ performance mistakes. Validate if a String contains a GUID in groups of 8, 4, 4, 4, and 12 digits with hyphens between the groups. The entire GUID can optionally be enclosed in matching braces or parentheses. Returns true if the type can be considered numeric. Given a line from a CSV-encoded file, split it into fields. Compiles a string into an assembly.

Checks whether the type is DateTime. Finds the index of the first of last occurence which matches the predicate. Check whether a collection is null or doesn't contain any elements. Validates whether a string is compliant with a strong password policy. The idea behind the ToFriendlyDateString method is representing dates in a user friendly way. For example, when displaying a news article on a options trading outlook nk2. Or if the article was publish today.

This is submitted as two extension methods as they work together. He has another class that does something a little different but I thought this was a wonderful piece of code so encapsulated it here. I only claim authorship of the conversion and not the underlying logic. Compare Strings like in SQL. Extention method to string for String. Removes items from a collection based on the condition you provide. This is useful if a query gives you some duplicates that you can't seem to get rid of.

Optional output parameter c# bitmap Linq2Sql queries are an example of this. Use this method afterward to strip things you know best forex trading platform rating 36 in the list multiple optional output parameter c# bitmap. If you get Turkish inputs you can use this method to create url slugs. Converts a decimal to a string using the current UI culture. Guy Van den Nieuwenhof.

Strip a string of the specified substring or set of characters. Checks if two DataTable objects have the same content. Provides a mechanism to wrap WPF user control code that causes an exception on the host WPF window. Notes: I use a separate DLL for all of my extensions which can cause additional challenges. Here are some tips; There are 3 assemblies required 2 of which are easy to add unless you know there nuances; "System. Windows" was the most interesting.

DLL if you don't find a reference. Be sure it matches the. Net Framework version you are using. Get the elapsed time since the input DateTime. Returns datetime corresponding to last day of the month. Convert a String Value to Corresponding Enum Value. Deletes the files in a certain directory that comply to the searchpattern. The function can also search in the subdirectories. This code allows you to change visibility of columns of any DataGridView component at program runtime.

It shows simple window filled with list of columns of DataGridView. You can check columns on the list you want to be visible. This is a set of extesion methods that sort a given list more about that on codeplex. Converts a regular DateTime to a RFC date string used for RSS feeds. On the layers of the directory path of a directory. Convert a A RGB string to a Silverlight Color object. Count-based extensions which make checking the length of something more readable. Fixed version of AddWorkDays.

Nicely formatted file size. This method will return file size with bytes, KB, MB and GB in it. You can use this alongside the Extension method named FileSize. Returns true if the object it is called upon is the default of its type. This will be null for referece types, zero for integer types, and a default-initialized struct for structs. Convert an CamelCase enum name to displayable string. Returns true if the column exists in the DataReader, else returns false. Add an string array to ListControl dropdown, listbox, radiobuttonlist, checkbox.

Adds an item to a listbox as the last item, and makes sure it is visible. When a silverlight MediaElement finishes playing, it does not rewind automatically. This extension method sets the MediaElement position at Zero and starts playing. Loek van den Ouweland. Increment counter at the key passed as argument. This method extends the DirectoryInfo class to return the size in bytes of the directory represented by the DirectoryInfo instance.

Returns a formatted string on a nullable double. Allows chaining together actions to be taken place on the fly. It works with any object. Its a simple concept but I couldn't find any examples that does the same. Repeat a string N times. Calculates the visual size of a string if it would be displayed on the screen, i. Map any object T to a delimited string and control how that string is formatted. A set of Dispatcher extenstions that make it easy to cleanly queue lambdas on the Dispatcher.

ToEnum - with nullable type. Splits long string into smaller parts with given length. Converts from one type to another. Check whether the specified string contains an array of strings for each. Creates an explicit copy of the given enumerable where the only values copied are the ones you designate. Creates a wrapper for the given event handler which unsubscribes from the event source immediately prior to calling the given event handler.

Checks if the collection is null or empty. We all know that objects can be null, but when dealing with databases, a new null type shows up, the DBNull. This extention method detects it along with the null. Gets the index of the give value in a collection. Is overloaded to take a start optional output parameter c# bitmap as well. Rounds a TimeSpan value to the nearest timespan given.

ToString on a System. This extension method can be used in place of. ToString to prevent this exception from occurring. Count all words in a given string. Excludes whitespaces, tabs and line breaks. Finds the index of the nth occurrence of a string in a string. This extension increase the readability of your code. Finds if the int is the specified range. Executes a function if a given predicate is true. DataTable, CList. Recursive find control method used for finding controls within templates.

Get the file size of a given filename. Get column value bu name from IDataReader. Splits a string into a NameValueCollection, where each "namevalue" is separated by the "OuterSeparator". The parameter "NameValueSeparator" sets the split between Name and Value. In case the uri doesn't contain any parameters a empty dictionary will be returned. Somehow I can't believe there is no standard method to do this though Set the initial focus for a Silverlight ChildWindow.

Uses the VisualTreeHelper in a WPF application to find a child of the type FrameworkElement by its name recursively. Returns a DateTime representing the Monday of the current week. The provided DefaultIfEmpty will only accept an instance of T as the default value. Returns datetime corresponding to day end. Removes a css class from the webcontrol. Let's say you have a webcontrol a label for example with more than one css class: "defaultClass loggedIn".

With the RemoveCssClass extension method, you can easily remove one of them. Gets the value of a databinded property-path from an object. The property can have the form "Product. Inspiration for this extension method was another DateTime extension that determines difference in current time and a DateTime object. That one returned a string and it is more useful for my applications to have a TimeSpan reference instead.

That is what I did with this extension method. Caches the results of generator methods so that expensive enumerations are not repeated if they are enumerated multiple times. Yet it caches the results lazily, allowing for memory efficiency where possible. Returns the identity of a value. Simply returns the value property from an XmlNode whether it's null or not.

Bind to a ListControl Dropdownlist, listbox, checkboxlist, radiobutton in minimal amounts of code. Also returns true false if items are in the control after binding and sets the selected index to first value. Returns the left of a string, terminated by a certain character. If the character isn't found the whole string is returned. LeftOf s, '-' returns "ab". Write all elements in the Enumeration to the Console.

Returns the squared value. Takes all public properties of any object and inserts then into a dictionary. Gets the most inner deepest exception of a given Exception object. Checks to see if the given text is a valid palindrome or not. Convert a string to a byte array. Converts a JSON string to an object. Repeats a character a given number of times, a little cleaner shortcut than using the string constructor.

Splits a string into an enumerable collection of the specified type containing the substrings in this instance that are delimited by elements of a specified Char array. Returns the first string with a non-empty non-null value. Gets a query string value from a System. UserControl HTTP Request object. Different way to use String. Allows you to compare a value to a list of values analogous to the 'In' statement in sql. This makes for a very friendly syntax that is IMHO superior to a list of 'or' clauses.

Get string in between two seprators. Determines whether an IEnumerable contains any items. Set the InputScope of TextBox on a Windows 7 Phone. Shuffle an array in O n time fastest possible way in theory and practice! Checks whether the type is integer. Compares two money decimal variables ignoring differences above 0.

Useful for comparing two calculated decimals. IsEqualMoney 73,41 returns true. Checks if the current day is a leap day. Runs action delegate for all controls and subcontrols in ControlCollection. Extend collections implementing IList to return a DataView. In cases where filters need to be applied to data, this extension will prove handy. Handy for converting LINQ results into a list appropriate for WPF databinding.

Uses the Euclidean Algorithm to determine the Least Common Multiplier for an array of integers. This SplitUp extension method takes a sequence and splits it up into subsequences that each have a maximum length. Checks if the two dictionaries have the same keys. Iterates over all the elements in a collection and performs the given action, usually given as a lambda. Spins up and executes the action within a thread.

Basically fire and forget. Real big question here. Does anybody see any issues with thread management? I would like to update this with any code necessary to manage thread cleanup if necessary. I realize that this has the ability to create unsafe thread referencing if not written such that the contents of the action are exclusive to the scope of the action, but that is outside the purview of this extension. Shuffle an ArrayList in O n time fastest possible way in theory and practice!

Converts a given URI to a TinyUrl. Prints out a nullable datetime's value if its not null in the string format optional output parameter c# bitmap as a parameter. A final parameter is specified for what to print if the nullable datetime was, in fact, null. Resizes width of a Windows control to the text that contains. Used in conjunction with GetChildrenit will return a T from a list of children of a control.

Get Children is located at:. It is like pipe operator in F and is useful for chaining function calls especially in expressions. Converts an integer to a Guid. This could be used within a unit test to mock objects. Returns datetime corresponding to first day of the month. Creates a sentence from a variable name. Checks whether the type is derived from specified type or implemented of specified interface.

Permit Enum Parse everytime with valid values using a defaultValue param. Returns whether the given date is the last day of the month. Tells whether a value can be coalesced into a boolean. Get the base value of CrmProperty optional output parameter c# bitmap. This is used for interacting with DynamicEntity on Microsoft CRM. Method for copying a folder to a new location. Wraps an action with a try Copies a stream to another stream using a passed buffer. Select a item in a DropDownList by value.

Using extensions to provide a similar "Winforms. When implementing generics with System. Window extensions the VS compiler starts throwing random exceptions, so following is using a optional output parameter c# bitmap wrapper and each control type has to separated. On tested using VS Repeats an action a number of times.

Execute code only on certain types. Allow to get the HttpWebResponse event if the request wasn't successful, in order, for example, to know what went wrong. Essentially the implementation of the sql 'isnull' function, allowing the string type when null to be replaced with another value. Gest the elapsed seconds since the input DateTime. Determines whether the collection has exactly one element. Gets an enumeration of assembly attributes of the specified type from the assembly it is called from.

Returns whether the sequence contains a certain amount of elements, without having to traverse the entire collection. Converts a uint 0xFFb2b2b2 to a Silverlight SolidColorBrush object. Sometimes it is required to collect exception information in textual format. This method serializes general info about exception and all included exceptions reccursively.

I'm using this for sending email error reports. This method resizes a System. Image and tries to fit it optional output parameter c# bitmap the destination Size. The source image size may be smaller or bigger then the target size. Source and target layout orientation can be different. ResizeAndFit tries to fit it the best it can.

Converts a String to a MemoryStream. Combines two strings potentially each of them can be null with an optional given separator the way you expect. Default separator is a single space. Allows thread-safely raise any event. Get's the date of the upcoming Sunday. Adds time to existing DateTime. Throw's a given exception is a given predicate is True. Convert image to byte array. A better IsNull implementation. Returns true if object value is null or DBNull. Set the stream position to the place where for example 10 lines will be returned when read to end.

Increments a integer number by one. Create a new Image from a byte array. This extension method trigers the default navigator with the address pointed by the string. Combines parts of 2 byte arrays. Returns datetime corresponding to day beginning. Converts all elements in an enumerable list from the its to a destination type by calling a provided conversion function. Used with IDataReader to return a DataTable from the reader. String Typed Exception Extension.

This method returns true if the value is null otherwise it returns false. It returns true if string does not end with the character otherwise returns false. If you pass null or empty string, false will be returned. Converts a Timestamp to a String which can be used in a Oracle SQL Query. Delete all files found on the specified folder with a given file extension.

Determines how many numbers compose the integer if it was represented as a string. This ToString version is null aware. That means it has different behaviors if the object's value is null or DBNull according to the NullOptions enum. Remove from the given string, all characters provided in a params array of chars. Formats a string safely, without throwing any exceptions.

Adds an exception message to the resulting string instead. Doesn't include sub-directory files. Writes the specified StringBuilder to the file using the specified path. If the file already exists, it is overwritten. Updates items from the collection using a modified version of this collection. Useful in MVVM scenarios needing cancellable edition and delayed persistence. This is very useful for maintaining a rolling average or a "history" feature. Matches yourFace to myButt.

Returns true if this string is any of the provided strings. Equivalent to IN operator in SQL. Strips unwanted characters on the specified string. ConnectionStrings returns null if the requested connection string doesn't exist. Use this extension method if you want something a bit more snappy - an exception. Trims or removes duplicate delimited characters and leave only one instance of that character. If you like to have a comma delimited value and you like to remove excess commas, this extension method is for you.

Other characters are supported too, this includes pipe and colon. Determines whether a variable of type T is contained in the supplied list of arguments of type T, allowing for more concise code. Returns a DateTime representing the Friday of the current week. Upgrades a hashtable to a generic dictionary. Simplest way to get a number of kilobytes.

Returns an array of int containing all caracters that compose the number. Returns a number of random elements from a collection. Convert a double to a string formatted using the culture settings string representation passed into the procedure. Fast version of the RemoveAt function. Overwrites the element at the specified index with the last element in the list, then removes the last element, thus lowering the. Checks if a given string contains any of the string array.

Used in conjunction with GetChildrenit will return a list of T from a list of children of forex indicator that does not repaint control. Removes all selected rows from datagridview and returns the response on success. Rename a code that allows only stating the current name column and a new name.

This method returns true if the value if not null otherwise it returns false. It returns true if string does not start with the character otherwise returns false if you pass null or empty string, false will be returned. Combinewhich will use the separator character that is correct for the platform used. IO;" at the top of your extension method class. Create new Bitmap from resource image.

Computes a product optional output parameter c# bitmap all elements in the sequence. Upgrades an ArrayList to a generic List. Simplest way to get a number of megabytes. Deserializa um arquivo binario em uma lista generica. Checks if object is any of provided values separated by comma. Using LINQ, gets the total size of a specified folder.

It can also check sizes of subdirectory under it as a parameter. Scrolls to the bottom of a Textbox. Returns if a given string contains any of the characters provided in a params array of strings. Randomize the Items in the list. Adds a single element at the beginning of an enumerator. Conveniently produces a exception from a given string.

Repeats a sequence forever. Return all messages after call Validate method on Microsoft EnterpriseLibrary Validation Block. Determines if the collection contains any elements. If the argument is null, false will be returned. This is useful when you don't know in advance whether the collection will be null or not. Returns a the value of a Nullable type if it has a value or it will return a default value.

Get the uri to an file. Many times you currency option trading zero sum game an XSD file for a report. I have created this extension optional output parameter c# bitmap write the xsd based on the data table I feed it into the directory I set. Determines if a type is static by checking if it's abstract, sealed, and has no public constructors. Gets the ImageCodecInfo that corresponds to a ImageFormat. Throws a given exception is any value in a set passes a given predicate.

A handy extension method for System. String that eliminates this pattern when trying to avoid null reference exceptions. Multiplies a TimeSpan by a number int. Works on Comparables to check whether the checked value optional output parameter c# bitmap between two other values. If a string contains a space or a comma or a newline, quotes it, suitable for a field in a CSV file. A simple multiplication extension. Backing idea is to overcome the ridiculous flaw in the Int32 value type when a regular multiplication overflows the Int32 value range.

Along these lines it would also be possible to gracefully return larger values as e. But the example here sticks to the bounds of the Int32 range. Get a value from AppSettings section of Web. Config and change its type to the correct one or return a default value in case the key doesn't exists. Return the remainder of a string s after a separator c. Remove click event from given button. Determines if a class object implements an interface type and returns a list of types it actually implements.

If no matching type is found an empty list will be returned. Check if the string contains all the elements in the array. Returns the null when there's null first element in the sequence instead of throwing an exception. Indicates whether the specified IEnumerable collection is null or empty. Writes the entire contents of this stream to another stream using a buffer. Returns an alphabetically sorted list for all public and instance properties, along with its associated values.

Provides a generic visitor Method Extension. Converts a string to a boolean value if possible or throws an exception. Allows enumaration of sets of characters by expressing them as a range, for example all the lowercase characters. Allows reverse order as well. Code that allows deleting a column stating the name. For use with old school ado.

This basically converts the string to System. Value if the string is null else it returns the string. Returns the excel column name from a column index. For Philippine mobile code but can also be adjusted based on your mobile network code. Check if the given number is a valid formatted international number. You don't need check whether the collection is null. Extracts all fields from a string that match a certain regex. Will convert to desired type through a standard TypeConverter.

Returns the first X characters from a string. Throws a given Exception if the given object is equal to the default value for the type. Select Last character in string. Convert a double to a string formatted using the local currency settings. Attempts to retrieve a valid a result from your function one or more times with an optional 'in between' step i. Replaces a common code pattern with a more readable, shared pattern.

Filters a metatrader chart shift undergarment based on a comma-separated list of allowed values. This is a lot more concise than using a number of 'or' clauses. Returns true when a number is included in the specified collection. This one allows you to get nested XML from within a node. Let's say you're parsing an HTML file using the XDocument class and you want to pull out the nested code including tags. This is what you can use!

Removes end of string if it equals to parameter, otherwise returns origin string. This extension method joins the StringBuilder values. Write a variable to System. WriteLine Or other output method. Get the selected value of a DropDownList by returning the value stored in the forms collection. This allows you to turn EnableViewState off on a DropDownList and still easily retrieve the selected value.

Filters out directories that are hidden. Formats any value type. Dumps the object as a json string. Can be used for logging object contents. Limits a value to a maximum. For example this is usefull if you want to feed a progressBar with values from a source which eventually might exceed an expected maximum. So every type which implements the IComparable interface benefits from this extension. Inspired from ye good old ruby on rails, provides you with new DateTime instances based on an integer you provide.

Truncates the given string by stripping out the center and replacing it with an elipsis so optional output parameter c# bitmap the beginning and end of the string are retained. For example, "This string has too many characters for its own good. Better way to read a C Dictionary. Select Frist character in string. Returns true or false depending on if the given object is equal to the default T value of the type.

Finds all the indexes of the give value or values in an enumerable list. Returns a boolean value of true if the item being compared is less than the value of the parameter. Creates a string that is each the elements' ToString values wrapped in the 'tag' that is passed as a param. Gets all the indexes in which a certain substring appears within the string. Many times you may wish to impose boundaries on what a certain variable can be. This is especially useful for validating user input.

For any comparable, it simply returns the value, truncated by a minimum or maximum. Enqueues an aray of items to a Queue rather than having to loop and call Enqueue for each item. An extension method to find the parent control of a specific type in asp. Returns the remaining characters in a target string, starting from a search string. If the search string is not found in the target, it returns the full target string.

Allows you to create date very easily, like Returns the excel column index from a column name. Emulates PHPs ucwords - capitalize each word. C extension to Fill and or Draw RoundedRectangle. Selects the object in a list with the maximum value on a particular property. Conditionally formats any value type based on a Lambda Expression. Determines whether two String objects have the same value. Empty are considered equal values. Checks if a string contains no spaces. Add Data to Dropdownlist,Radiobutton List etc.

This method makes the caps for all words in a string. Speaks any object using the speech synthesis API. Takes a DateTime object and reverses it to an SQL type string yyyy-mm-dd hh:MM:ss. Append new child XmlElement to base XmlElement. Return the current date and time. Converts a complex multitouch, pressure sensitive silverlight stylus object to a simple MouseInfo object.

Determines whether a string has multiple occurrences of a particular character. May be helpful when parsing file names, or ensuring a particular string has already contains a given character. This may be extended to use strings, rather than a char. Use this method to easily check that a required querystring both exists and is of a certain type. If the querystring is not present or is an invalid type the user is sent to the RedirectUrl.

This url is normally the next logical level up the tree such as an admin manaagement page, a product index page or if there isn't an appropriate page then you can send the user back to the homepage. This is distinct by using the built-in index of the dictionary instance for either adding or updating a keys corresponding value. A simple method that adds 's' onto words. Often you have to set the text of lots of literal when databinding a ListView control in ASP. This method lets you write that in one line.

Get a saved value from the app domain and convert it back to its original type. Light-weight extension to output time. If you need additional human readable strings. Returns 'true' if a Boolean value is true. Finds the nearest common ancestor for type based on the inheritance hierarchy. If input is null, returns empty string. Otherwise returns original input. After using this method, you can use all string methods without the danger of null exception. Sometimes it is required to remove some special characters like carriage return, or new line which can be considered as invalid characters, especially while file processing.

This method removes any special characters in the input string which is not included in the allowed special character list. Extension Method which converts Datatable to HTML table. Returns the object if it's not null or the first object which is not null. Retrieve Querystring,Params or Namevalue Collection with default values. Compute dateTime difference precisely. Takes a section of a string given the start and end index within the string. This extension method acts similarly to Directory. Optional output parameter c# bitmap except that the directory path is expressed as a virtual directory.

Adds an override to the System. StringBuilder AppendLine method which takes a second parameter so can be used like AppendFormat but also creates a new line. Method returns the number of non-null or non-empty items wihtin a string array of length n. Converts a string to upper-case but checks for null strings first. Satring, Save, Write, File, External. Returns the current local time for the specified time zone.

Returns a List of T except what's in a second list, without doing a distinct. Returns count elements, beginning from the specified. Improve readability of string. Now 14 Days with change the Year and Month Day. Extension method for comparing dictionaries by elements key pair values. Upper case first letter. Save values checking length. Returns the object if it's not null or the first object which is not null, With explicit reference for strings. Where string is not null or empty extension method for NHibernate 3.

This extension method series represent shorthand version of Task. Perform a Trim when the string is not null. If the string is null the method will return null. Returns a collection of string that matched on the pattern. Gets a contrasting color based on the current color. Convert string time hh:mm in decimal. Convert decimal in string Timeformat hh:mm.

Coalesce any like nullable types. Duplicates within an IEnumerable. Convert a String into CamelCase. Generates random enumeration value. Validate a string arithemetic expression. Recognizes vowels in European languages i18n. Follows sequence with new element. Compresses and Encrypts Data. ICollection interface has List type most of time, so this Extension allows to call RemoveAll method with the same signature like on List.

If you need to show "Yes" or "No" depending on some bool property. Convert any list of objects to a select list. Parse the string in exact data format with null check. Converts a string to a primitive type or an enum type. Faster than tryparse blocks. Easier to use, too. Return a random string of a chosen length. Convert DateTime To PersianDate. An extension method that add the possibility calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient using the names of two columns of the data table in question.

Converts a string to a primitive type T, or an enum type T. Uses generics so the code is cleaner and more robust than doing a separate convert method for each primitive type. Converts any object to a dictionary. Extracts the underylying SQL query from an IQueryable datatype. Limits a piece of text to a certain maximum length for the purpose of showing it to the user as part of some G UI or report that has limited space.

These extension methods enable type casting between generic Action, generic Func, EventHandler, generic EventHandler and non-generic Action, non-generic Func, non-generic EventHandler as well as generic EventHandler and non generic EventHandler delegates in mscorlib and System. Find parent XElement from a provided name. Returns null if no match. Dynamic Print method for ExpandoObject. Simplified and elegant usage of ReaderWriterLockSlim that.

Sharp IT, Maciej Rychter. Extract a string from an other string between 2 char. Checks whether a number is odd. You can mangement Properties Settings. Use this extention method with a lambda expression to replace the first item that satisfies the condition. Converts the number of seconds to optional output parameter c# bitmap string displaying hours and minutes. Fxtrade download evernote whether a number is even.

Determines if an instance is contained in a sequence. Is the equivalent of Contains, but allows a more fluent reading "if item is in list", specially useful in LINQ optional output parameter c# bitmap methods like Where. Converts a timespan to a string displaying hours and minutes. Will return the next occurring day of week. Add an ordinal to a number. Converts a string to a timespan. Splits an enumerable into chunks of a specified size. Enqueues a generic collection of items. Return observable collection for IList object.

Creates a numeric list of integers starting at the current instance and ending at the maximum value. Converts an integer to a timespan. Converts a string to a double. Check either IList object is null or empty. Converts a Double to a String with precision. This extension method represents shorthand version of ReferenceEquals method. Determines if an instance is not contained in a sequence. Parse Class to XML. Returns Dropdownlist Selected Value as Integer.

Checks whether the given integer value is between the start and end value. Parse XML String to Class. Joins a series of strings connected by a separator. Selects the object in a list with the minimum or maximum value on a particular property. The opposite of Any. Returns true if the collection is empty, or if no item matches the predicate. Get XML from Physical Path and Parse into Class. Get the current date time in Amsterdam. Splits the given string by pascal case. Extension Method to Execute Delegate Based on Boolean Value.

Converts to and from ISO Week numbers. Gets the number of the week according to the definition of the ISO Concats a single item to an IEnumerable. Converts a T[,] rectangular array to a T[][] jagged array. Floor, Ceiling, Midpoint and Rounding calculations for various time intervals. Calculates the next anniversary of an event after the initial date on the Gregorian calendar. Set to true will use February 28 for a standard year anniversary and set to false will optional output parameter c# bitmap March 1 for a standard year anniversary.

LINQ ToList extension method with an extra capacity argument. This can boost the speed of creating the list. Awaitable fluent extensions for enumerables of task. Determines if specified string is DateTime. Its an improvement on Phil Campbell's version. Is a Extension for the ASPOS Word API.

Part 68 Making method parameters optional using method overloading FAQ. Version (work in progress) 12th March © Charles Cook, Please send feedback, corrections, etc, to name; synopsis; description; api overview. handles; disk images; mounting; filesystem access and modification; partitioning; lvm2; downloading; uploading; copying. Introduction. SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) is a software development tool for building scripting language interfaces to C and C++ programs.