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A collection of code examples using QlikView BI developed by Cohn Consulting Group. Friday, August 19, Accessing Random Excel Worksheets using ODBC in QlikView. How often have you been given the challenge to decipher an Excel spreadsheet without knowing the names of the worksheets? As you probably know, in QlikView reading an Excel worksheet with prior knowledge of the worksheet names is relatively simple. The challenge sometimes is to read all of the worksheets and then process the worksheets that meet specified criteria.

In our example, we only want to process worksheets that contain expense information. Our example Excel worksheet contains expenses for multiple months. Each worksheet represents a month. However, there are also Excel worksheets with information that is not relevant to QlikView. These worksheets need to be skipped. We will be able to identify which worksheets to read by looking for key information in certain columns. We are also going to show how to read all the Excel files in a directory.

This will allow our users to simply copy their Excel files to a single directory. Please note that this example is developed using Excel The ODBC Driver is specific for Excel and later versions of Excel. This logic will probably not work in versions of Excel prior to Excel This example is developed using QlikView 10 but should work fine in previous versions. Our Excel file layout is relatively simple. We require our users to enter their expenses in the format below.

We then look for the name in the next cell. Auto Travel to Boston. Auto Travel from Boston. Read the Excel Files and Worksheets in a Directory. The first step is to read in the Excel worksheets in the directory specified in our variable vExpenseDirectory. This variable is set by the user in the Setup sheet. Identify the Worksheets We are Interested In.

We need to remove this character for QlikView. After we have identified the worksheet, the last step is calculate profit loss of the put option wizard simply load the data into the Expenses table. Note that we take advantage of the QlikView feature that will automatically concatenate data with the same field names. While not the main focus of this article, an informative display is always the icing on the cake! Note the example of a pie chart displaying both values and percents.

I always welcome your feedback. Please write to me at mstoler jhcohn. Please click on the line below to download the example. Monday, July 19, QlikView Profit and Loss Statement. Date filtering is accomplished using QlikView expressions with functions such as InMonth, InYearToDate, etc. The Date Island makes it easy to compare this year to last year, this quarter to last quarter, etc.

I only use Set Analysis as a solution to problems that cannot be resolved using standard QlikView logic. In this document, I will only cover the differences between this version and the first version. I have included the Pyjama Green style to improve the aesthetics. Monday, July 12, Using the Crosstable Feature in QlikView. Often, QlikView developers are confronted with the fact that loading data from a spreadsheet may not be as simple as it sounds.

One such example is illustrated below. I have seen even experienced developers struggle to get data out of Excel crosstable spreadsheets. Formatting these types of spreadsheets in QlikView and getting them ready for loading can be time-consuming, frustrating, and ,above all, may result in loading the wrong information. I have had this experience myself so I have put together some tips to share with others who are facing the same issue.

Below is a calculate profit loss of the put option wizard example. Suppose we have an Excel file with date Week Endingproduct type Books, etc. Tuesday, June 22, Integrating Fiscal Year and Calendar Year Information in QlikView. For example, a company may start its fiscal year in February instead of January.

This presents a challenge in QlikView when it is required to convert a calendar year to a fiscal year and calendar month to a fiscal period. For the example cited above, February would correspond to the first month or period in In this QlikView code example, we will illustrate a simple technique for converting data organized by calendar month to a fiscal period format, and vice versa.

In addition, the example shows one technique for bringing in data organized by calendar year and month and integrating it with data organized by fiscal year and period. As an example in a company where the fiscal year starts on February 1, February is period 1 for fiscal year The calendar years and months map to fiscal years and months for fiscal year as follows:. For company XYZ, the new fiscal year starts on October 1.

So October forex trading platform software 1 osu,will be the start of fiscal yearand October will be period 1 for fiscal year Wednesday, June 9, Getting Started With the New QlikView 10 Container Object. Sunday, May 23, Developing a Profit and Loss Statement in QlikView. I discovered that what you can do with QlikView is only limited by your imagination.

I hope to save fellow QlikView Developers time and to create a forum for future discussions. I am only using Excel to simplify the example. In our example, we use states NY, CA to represent the company offices. The ability to select combinations of time periods and states will enhance their ability to analyze data. The quick response of QlikView will save them time.

Never again will your users have to re-run a report to display a different time period or office. Some of the challenges include displaying blank lines, totals and bold text. Our approach is to build the entire table layout in the load script and then display the table in a chart. There are also some options you need to set for the Pivot or Straight table. You need to make sure Show All Values is selected. This option enabled the display of the blank lines.

Suppress When Value Is Null is also used to eliminate missing values. Accessing Random Excel Worksheets using ODBC in Ql Information posted in this forum is not appropriate for making a decision regarding the issues discussed easy forex affiliate. Federal tax advice posted in this forum including any attachments is not intended to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of 1 avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or applicable state and local provisions or 2 promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax-related matters addressed herein.

Calculating gains and losses on Call and Put option transactions

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