I had a metatraver script linux-benchmark. Clarification of ADX vs. If no other excel file is opened then the file will open without any issues. I'm trying to develop a database for my trades and I would prefer realtime data from my account with ThinkOrSwim over delayed data from Yahoo. First we'll unpack the three powerful classes residing […] JEP Stack-Walking API defines an efficient standard API for stack walking that allows the easy filtering of and lazy access to stack trace information.

I have a DDE link between EXCEL Metatrader MT4 that has worked flawlessly up until yesterday. Now the spreadsheet just hangs when i attempt to update. If Excel file was created on an older version of Excel, it should be converted to format, and the inputs are a little different. EURUSD I installed the last 10 windows 8 updates and it broke my DDE link between TOS and Excel I have since uninstalled these updates and my connection came back.

Anyone else with this problem? Hi, I have a problem in Excel with some links DDE links. Temperature' They all have same server and save topic, only DDE items are different. I've wrote a VB macro that change inside all the DDE links the label topic1 to topic2. Still, opening the excel file with Notepad, I can find the reference to topic1. I think this is a bug inside the excel.

Or maybe my VB macros needs to do something else besides changing the links? Any help will be apreciated. If here is not the best place to get details about this, can you please give me a link for a more suitable topic where to search for answers? Thanks Hi, I have a problem in Excel with some links DDE links. Thanks I have a user getting this error message. I have searched high and low for a real solution and have come up with nothing. The files are not large, between a few dozen KB to a few MB, they do not have manyfunctions and do not link to other documents.

Other users are able to open these files without an issue. Some of the files were created with Officebut everyone is using now metatrader eur usd history download jre only the one use user is having problems. I have suggested re-saving the files, but that's more preventative metatrader eur usd history download jre isn't solving the issue at hand. The files are on a network drive, but that shouldn't be an issue as only the one user is having problems.

The error is random and there's no indication it will appear. It's not linked to a particular file, and when the error appears, we are able to close Excel and open that file normally. This user does not use Excel add ons and I'd expect reinstalling office would have fixed this if that were the issue. What I've done to try to fix this: - Removed the patch KB This actually made the problem worse. It went from a once every weeks problem to several times a day. All patches and updates installed including KB Unfortunately I didn't have time to test this blank slate, and running without updates isn't desirable anyway.

While it's hard to know what might be causing the problem, nothing else I have found has any relation to my situation. The files aren't corrupt or complex, and it doesn't seem to be settingsor patches. Is there any way to make this error more specific? And I want to reiterate, this is a random error. Excel just decides that there isn't enough resources to open a KB file despite there being over a GB of RAM free.

It's kind of silly that this is happening in the first place, but in theory the 64 bit version should give Excel more memory to play with and might make this go away. And if it doesn't solve the problem, at least we're one step closer to an answer : I'm exporting data from oracle form6 into excel sheet using DDE functions. Is there any DDE functions to format the excel sheet. Maybe you can use format commands through DDE if the DDE server suports them but I personally don't know.

My approach is to record an excel macro which formats your sheet and then invoke the macro through DDE. You can fill cells with control numbers like number of rows, number of cells so you can make your macro even smarter by reading these numbers. I can no longer open my. When I try to open them, I get the error message 'Application Virtualization Client could not be launched. I do understand that I can change the association to the prior excel version, but I like the features of and don't want to open with an old excel.

Does anyone know how I can restore the Microsoft Application Virtual Client DDE Launcher for excel and Handler for Word?? I have a same problem!! The message 'click 2 run configuration failture' comes up every time I try to repair the Microsoft Metatrader 4 yahoo kannada !!

I tried to unistall it but the same message pops up so I can't do anything!! Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Bom dia a todos. Isso ocorre por que uso o Metatrader. Please note that I could solve the problem using timers but that was against the overall performance. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. I've been running excel on Windows 7 bit with no problems. I run a sheet that uses a DDE link for live data, and have a number of worksheets in which I sort the data.

This morning when I went to open up the work book I use excel would not load the workbook, but no error msg would pop up. When I went to close excel the Microsoft Excel has stopped working error msg pops up with the following: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: EXCEL. EXE Application Version: EXE Fault Module Version: metatrader eur usd history download jre Thank you very much for your help.

Every time I open Excel,I get errors and have to go to Excel Options, advanced and deselect DDE every time. Is there a way to permanently disablle DDE?? I think too late. But this worked on Windows 7. The application is SIMS. Net An education MIS system by Capita Looking at the file type settings. Delving into the registry though, there are no DDE Dynamic Data Exchange commands listed for any of the Office apps.

I have compared this with the ThinApp version of Office that we previously used and that does include the DDE settings in the registry and enables SIMS. Net to work fine. There is only a single command listed, which points at the spoon-launcher. Looking at the capture for Office all the DDE commands for each file-type have been captured correctly. Registry values have been added to HKCU and HKLM.

I have an Excel spreadsheet with DDE connections to another running application; those DDE connections have worked for years prior to the most recent Windows updates. Hi im not very Computer savvy the above solution could very well help me but i don't know how to un-install KB can someone help Im running Win 7 Excel for mac I'd like to monitor the DDE messages on my machine being used by an Excel Addin. I know very little about DDE so bear with me As I understand it when DDE messages are sent there's a shared memory area often used for the actual data of the message.

Thanks, Rory DDE messages don't just use the contents of the windows message to send data, they also use some shared memory area. They use the global atom table. DDEML offers the functions CreateStringHandle, QueryStringHandle etc. So basically each row has the data for a unique stock symbol. What I want is Excel to pass this data by DDE to an external program MetaServer which will process the data.

At the moment I am using Personal Stock Monitor to download data from the internet- but aas it is no longer supported. My attempt to link to as spreadsheet with Excel 'filename. What do I have to do to the data in my Excel so it behaves similarly to PSM so I can add or remove stocks from the spreadsheet without disturbing the links etc? Any advice appreciated, including syntax to get the data out of the spreadsheet into MetaServer.

When I attempt to do this I get an error that says "there was a problem sending the command to the program" and then excel opens up with no spreadsheet just blank. I have also tried saving the file to my desktop then opening in excel and I still get the same message. Anyone know the solution? I checked my excel options according to some issues with version see below and DDE, but that was not the issue as the box wasn't checked.

Bring up the Excel options, go to advanced and then scroll down to the Well I tried a number of things and even the fix it tool, I ended up reinstalling Excel and that seems to have done the trick. I have no idea why it didn't work or why it went haywire, but it works now. I work on a regular Windows application and a version that is hosted on the web. When we download documents from the web via a link and select Open, two different methods seem to be used to open the file.

If the IE process is bit and ours is bit or vice versa then IE uses DDE to open the document. What also happens is that a blank page is displayed in IE and the URL of the document is displayed in the address bar of IE. OTOH, if an Excel or Word document is Opened from a link, it does not use COM to open the document if the bitness of the processes match, but it always appears to use DDE.

In addition, IE doesn't navigate to a blank page with the URL of the Excel document in the address bar, but the page that the link was on stays loaded. I would like to be able to force IE to always use DDE to open the document. When IE uses COM, weird things happen. For example, if the user has the blank page with the URL of the document in the browser, then if they go BACK in IE, the document disappears in the standalone application. So is there some registry setting or COM interface I have to implement to force IE to not use COM but use DDE to open my documents in the standalone app?

Not that I care about it, but it just seems as if there are two different code paths it goes down depending on whether the process widths match or don't match. Hi Joseph, this IE Internals blog post may help. The Add-ins ribbon is not there. Any help is much appreciated. I use Add-ins on the Developer's tab. If you don't see that tab either you may have to add it.

I was working the DDE dynamic data exchange Vi's I have a DDE server working "facon Server ". I was trying it to link it to Labview but it keeps giving me error " LabVIEW: A client's attempt to establish a conversation has failed ". From internet search I came acros the facon Server DDE notions document which i hav attached. I also did the same thing using excelwhich is working fine. DataSockets is free programming technology that National Instruments developed to allow for easy data transfer over many different protocols DSTP, OPC, LOOKOUT, HTTP, FTP, and local file access.

It should allow you to communicate with your Facon Server. If I remove it all runs ok, there are lots of other live data cells running which never get a problem, it's only a particular type. In my case SP, UK, GER30 and JPY index's the others EURUSD Forex quotes are ok all the time. Any ideas what this means Google does not have any answers.

I think it maybe a failure to read a the dde feed on start up. If so how could I prevent this occurring. I have followed the correct protocolbut the Excel DDE formula will simply not return the live data seen updating liveinside the MT4 application on my PC. I run the bit version of Windows 8. Hi, Please see the Mr. Peter's reply which I copied here: DDE is still there, and still works in many cases, but IMO the only way to be sure is to try the specific application.

I have certainly come across one case where works differently enough to cause problems in this case, Access was used to initiate Word Mailmerges that need DDE connections to Access: Word could connect, but performing the merge tended to crash Access. Thank you for your understanding. George Zhao TechNet Community Support I'd like to connect with the ThinkOrSwim TOS trading platform to transfer market data into MS Access.

I hope someone has done this before and can post VBA code or contoh uang giral giro sample DB, because I've been doing research on it with no results. I'm trying to develop a database for my trades and I would prefer realtime data from my account with ThinkOrSwim over delayed data from Yahoo. I found an article on the AmiBroker website that claims that you can link the AmiBroker platform directly to your TOS account using a Free DDE.

This works, because I've used it. The article states that it can be done with Excel; however, it doesn't say how to code Excel or give an example spreadsheet. If it can be done in Excel then it can be done in Access. I have not found samples in either Excel or Access; so I'm posting a request for information specifically on how to do it and hopefully obtain a link to an example. Basically, I'm trying to link MS Access with the ThinkOrSwim trading platform to use its real time data and I'm posting a request for information specifically on how to do it with a link to an example.

I've included a link that explains the process that Amibroker uses with a DDE. If someone can help me with this, please reply. One important difference between Excel and Access is that in Excel the data is placed in a cell; whereas in Access the data is placed in a field. My request for help on this translation is that I need help to make this work in my Access database by changing this code or letting me know if there is another way to make the DDE link. Application Dim objXLBook As Excel.

Workbook Dim fxcm live rates As Excel. Worksheet Dim iCount As Integer objXLBook. Range "A1" " Count: " international trading license gpl MsgBox objXLBook. Range "A2" " Count: " iCount ExcelTestErr: If Err. Number " " Err.

IBM" is for a specific symbol "IBM". In my database I will need to use a variable that will cycle through a list of symbols. Can a variable be used in this statement i. Can I use this statement to create a recordsetloop for updating a table? What other changes would I have to metatrader eur usd history download jre to this code to make it work in Access? I recently purchased a Windows 8 machine and have a requirement to port an Excel spreadsheet which utilizes DDE.

The spreadsheet works on Windows 7 but not Windows 8. Please direct me to the URL for the appropriate forum. Thanks Jay Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guaranteesand confers no rights. Think or Swim has updated again. This time the DDE links do not work. Notice it is with the Excel version. I am using Window 7 Pro, Excel and the DDE links are not working. On a previous update the DDE links weren't working because the Excel compatibility had to be changed to Run as Administrator.

What is causing the issue this time? Here is an email from another TOS user regarding his 3 computers - notice the DDE links work on earlier versions of Excel I'm running TOS primarily on an XP Pro notebook with Office The latest update went smoothly and DDE runs without a hitch. The same cannot be said for my other two metatrader eur usd history download jre. I need to build a simpler client than Excel, but I can't find a tremendous amount of help on DDE.

First, where can I download ddeml. I have all hidden files unhidden as well. Excel seems to be able to communicate with the app through DDE, so what does it do? Does it use an external library or is something built in? Second, is there a source metatrader eur usd history download jre code for a small DDE client -- using ddeml if possible? What headers or other libraries are needed? Is there a site that can help me? Hi, As Rick Dee said, you may post the same question in Windows MSDN forum.

The issue you are facing is better suited in the forum. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information. Regards, Blair DengWe are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

Have several research lab laptops with Windows 7 and Office Pro. No CSV files can be double clicked to launch Excel which is the associated application. No error and no application launch. Can go into Excel and then open the Review charting software Amibroker work fine. Have tested Word and Powerpoint with associated file types and they all work fine. Have done the MS Office repair route with no change. As I have not heard from you for several days.

I will go ahead and close this thread. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to us and this thread will be re-opened. Hi, I have a DDE program prortDDE. Sometime it works, sometimes it crashes Excel it freezes. I have a problem which has been frustrating me for a couple of weeks now.

I'm posting here as a last resort because I can't find an answer that has worked so far on the net. I have recently upgraded to Excel from - basically all my dreams have come true. Except for the fact that every time I open an excel file from windows explorer, it opens an extra blank workbook. And every time I open a second file from windows explorer, it starts a new instance of excel and therefore also a blank workbook again. I have checked the startup folders searched my harddrive for all of them and made sure that they dont contain any files - including any hidden files.

I have been to windows explorer tools folder options and changed the. This means that excel always opens in compatibility mode and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it I have exactly the same problem. Opening a file also opens an empty workbook. I have tried a lot of tips but the problem still remains. I "upgraded" from to I have a Personal. I installed without uninstalling I thought that was the problem so I uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing seems to work : I have an Win32 application that I can establish a DDE link too.

I've tested it out in Excel and it works. Can I write a Java application that can establish a DDE link to the Win32 app? If so, can you point me to some documentation? But, since you asked, DDE support in VB not VBA like you are using in Excel is OK - you'll have to drop a control on a form and connect that control to your data source, etc In general, DDE is a loser protocol. It's a real pain in the neck to implement in anything but VB.

The JNI part of this implementation will be the easiest piece of it. If you are insistent on doing it this way, shoot me an e-mail tempforum trumpetinc. I am trying to use DDE with the set field action. As per the syntax defined in the integration guide i am setting the values as follows When i execute this command the field which i have configured with the set field action to get the value from the excel sheet shows the follwing data Please don't be sorry.

If we see the overall response to the queries related to DDE that is negligible in comparison with other topics. I think DDE action is not used much--That is Good ,One topic is excluded from the assignment of AR: I have a DDE data source that I need to read. I cannot figure out how to do this using CF. I can read it in using Excel. So, I guess "MT4" is the name of the data DDE source.

Any help is appreciated. I have a DDE data source that I need to read. It take Service as the first parameter. I am wonder what will the Service name be if your application is running on the remote computer? For example, in client there is no Microsoft Excel installed, but I want to receive data from the Excel that resides on the remote PC. Do we still use "EXCEL" as the service name? Is there any sample that I can see? Hi, hope someone could help me. I have an metatrader eur usd history download jre mt4 I used it with an old Logic Version on a different machine.

Now want to use is with finale. The Problem is it just do no work. I already installed the EmagicUSBMIDIDriver from apple 1. It also appears in Audio-Midi-Setup. May be im doing something wrong or do not doing sth. The red light over "Patch" luminous on the mt4 but not the usb-light! Although the mt4 gets signals from an keyboard mt4in but no signal from my macbook 5.

Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe ein Problem in Exceldass mich nun schon 1,5 Tage beschftig und bald zur Weisglut bring. Hier erstmal zu den Fakten: - Server R2 Std. SP1 - Office Professional Plus incl. SP1 Problem: Links zu anderen Excel Dateien funktionieren nicht. Aktiviere ich Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange DDEfunktionieren die Links.

Allerdings kann ich dies nicht machen, da wir DDE fr andere Anwendungen und Excel Plugins metatrader eur usd history download jre. Das Problem tritt an sechs RD Session Hosts auf. An zwei anderen RD Session Hosts ebenfalls gleiche Voraussetzungen tritt das Problem nicht auf. Die Einstellungen innerhalb von Office selbst sind weitestgehen identisch, da dieser per GPO gesteuert werden.

Office wurde bereits komplett deinstalliert incl. Virenscanner wurde auch bereits komplett deinstalliert. Excel Plugins wurden ebenfalls deaktiviert. Funktioniert leider nur fr Office und Ich hatte den Key allerdings manuell gesetzt, ohne Erfolg. Eine kurze Frage- hast Du IE8 installiert? Wenn ja, versuch mal imInternet Options Security Local Intranet Sites das Hchen:Automatically detect intranet network zu deaktivieren. Ich wurde auch folgendes probieren: ein kaputtes Link in eine ganz neue Excel Datei Mappe3.

Ich vermute das hngt irgendwie mit dem IE zusammen. Ich habe bereits IE ESC aktiviert und wieder deaktiviert, auch ohne Erfolg. Excel doesn't timeout when it cannot find a specified DDE server. Ithangs doing nothing based on Task Manager. When you click on it, the whole window greys out. Closing it goes thru the motion of finding a solution etc.

When it finally closes, the spreadsheet is left open in a locked state and and Excel process is left running in Task Manager. The task has to be killed to re-open the spreadhseet. Re-opening and using Document Recovery, Show Repairs, doesn't find any error. At least it opened again and the bad DDE formulas can be deleted. Thanks Everyone for your help. In my scenario, it was it seems, chrome causing dde link problems. Spotify must imbed or invoke chrome within it's browser, as killing spotify processes made dde links in Excel work again, I have office when I try to open an excel with an excel document I get the message:There was a problem sending the command to the program.

If I open excel first and then open the file it works fine. This happened after I checkedDynamic Data Exchange DDE. I checked the DDE to be able to have multiple excels open in a different instance. It worked well at the beginning. If I turn this off again Excel will work again but I won't be able to open each excel in a new window.

How can I open each excel in a new window without using DDE? When you double-click an Excel workbook in Windows Explorer, a dynamic data exchange DDE message is sent to Excel. This message instructs Excel to open the workbook that you double-clicked. If the Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange DDE setting is selected, Excel ignores DDE messages sent to it by other programs.

As a result, the DDE message sent to Excel by Windows Explorer is ignored, and Excel does not open the workbook that you double-clicked. Does this occur if you create a test file in Excel and save it on the local machine? Select Open With from the pop-up menu 3. Click Choose default Program. Select Excel in the Programs box 5.

Check Always use the selected program to open this kind of file 6. Vladins, Segue link conforme o post do Daniel. One user can not open any Excel attachments from Outlook, or any web based link to an Excel file in a web browser. One of the following messages is displayed: 'filename' should be opened as read-only unless you need to save changes to it. Selecting Yes displays this message: Excel found unreadable content in 'filename'.

Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? After selecting Yes to the same message several times, the file opens, and Excel indicates repairs were made to Document properties part. If the file is saved locally, it can be opened normally. Other users can open the same files with no issues. I have confirmed that Excel Options, Advanced, General, Ignore other applications that use DDE is unchecked.

I tried enabling his option as well, same errors. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office Do you have another suggestion. Our company depends on DDE to link from a UNIX terminal emulator to our online product catalog. It worked metatrader eur usd history download jre on all versions of MSIE 8 and earlier. V9, you had to have the browser open in the background and it worked.

Now, there is no DDE support. Hi, Popup blocker Google toolbar? Open the Excel file, On the Data tab; click Edit Links in the Connections group. Click Check Status to update the status for all the links in the list. Wait for the status of all links to be updated. If you get any error message when you click on Check status then post the complete error message.

If the issue still persists then break the link and re-add the links into file and verify the status. Hello, I am currently having an issue and hope you guys can help me out. If I click on save, and then launch Excel, file, open and select the file, then it is open the file. I have done so far: Repair IE, Uncheck Ignore other application that use DDE, double check file associations but none of them helped.

I am using windows 7, excel 64 bit, and IE 9 Any suggestions? Thanks Hi Waveone, Thanks for posting in the MSDN Forum. Have a good day, TomTom Xu [MSFT] MSDN Community Support Feedback to us Develop and promote your apps in Windows Store Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.

Bonjour, je dbute depuis quelques jours en programmation, et commence donc avec Visual Basic Je voudrais crer une petit logiciel de bourse, qui importerait les donnes via un autre logiciel, via DDE. Seulement voil, pas moyen de trouver le fonction pour a dans VB. Par exemple, pour appeler une valeur j'ai besoin de cet appel l: MT4 BIDEURUSD Auriez vous metatrader eur usd history download jre ide pour l'appel de cette donne? D'avance merci Bonjour, je dbute depuis quelques jours en programmation, et commence donc avec Visual Basic D'avance merci I am trying to Paste Link a DDE topic to Excel And of What To Do When Your Forex VPS Is Running Out, Excel stops responding every time.

Even in safe mode. Surely, there must be a solution. Hello, I meet a problem of excel file as I explain below: We stored all excel file in he server and share for everyone in Finance accounting department. I removed MS office in clients and installed MS office They are working fine but we meet problem of link between excel files. I d no know why? Can you please find a solution?

Go to FileAdvanced and check the two options: Ask to update links and update links to other documents. Additionally, because the link value is an error, functions that try to calculate this value may return other errors or zeros. In new SharePoint portal, when user tries to open any excel file from the version history it gives below DDE error.

A DDE error has occured,and a description of the error cannot be displayed because it is too long. If the filename or path is long, try renaming the file or copying it to a different folder. If the total length of the file which is getting opened is greater than characters and if any other excel file is already opened then we are getting this DDE error. If no other excel file is opened then the file will open without any issues.

This issue occurs because of a character limitation on creating and saving files in the Office products. Also, you receive an error message when you save or open a file if the path of the file meets the following condition for the appropriate program. Microsoft Excel: The total length of the path and the file name, including file name extension, exceeds characters. We talk to the basis guys, but they say "found nothing wrong in MT4 logical system settings.

BD2-MT4 Connection is ok ". We somewhat bump to that experience before. We found out that it has something to do with the I. The name of the source system is the same after the client copy. They only differ in I. BW of course gets confused. I dont know if this offers any help to you. Check to see if the people behind have executed the steps one by one successfully. People are people, they can commit mistake. Eu uso o programa Metatrader 4. Esse programa tem um servidor DDE.

Sempre o nome do servidor ou identificador foi MT4. Mas esse programa pode ser personalizado para ser usado por outras empresas. Existe alguma forma de eu descobrir ou listar os servidor DDE ativos no meu Win7? Instalei o Office sem desistalar o Office XP. Quando dou 2 cliques no arquivo ele tenta abrir em Word. Gostaria por favor seu auxilio para resolver este problema.

Grata Hi, I am looking into an issue that has been raised by our Finance department. This issue being that when they open two Excel files stored in Sharepoint they both open in a new instance of Excel This then stops them from being able to click between them and link the cells that they would like to. In trying to provide a solution I have found that switching the Library to explorer view allows both to be opened in the same instance of Excel, which then allows for them to be linked.

I have presented this solution to the users and they want to get it working by having both the files open in the same instance of excel when using the normal browser view as this then allows them to use the column filtering to identify the correct files. In case it was one of the numerous recent Office updates that where installed last week I tried installing a fresh copy of Office without applying any of the updates. We are running Sharepoint Foundation. Does anyone know how I can stop Excel from launching a new instance for each file.

BTW it seem that word is doing the same thing. I have tested unchecking Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange DDE. I have also tried unchecking Show all windows in the Taskbar. Hi, I am looking into an issue that has been raised by our Finance department. HelloI use a sample program that tries to control winword by using DDE. Using winwordno trouble at allUsing winwordif the doc file is on the local computer, it runs fine I have added the network location as a trust location but it didn't help.

If I do the same thing open a file and create a dde link with excelit works In Wordclick File, and then click Options. On the Advanced tab, go to the General section. Click to select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box, and then click OK. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge, and then select Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard. In the Mail Merge task pane, select the type of document that you want to work on, and then click Next. Under Select starting document, select the starting document that you want to use, and then click Next.

Under Select recipients, click Use an existing list, and then click Browse. In the Metatrader eur usd history download jre Data Source dialog box, locate the folder that contains the Excel workbook that you want to use as your data source, select the workbook, and then click Open. In the Confirm Data Source dialog box, click to select the Show all check box. In the Microsoft Excel dialog box, under Named or cell range, select the cell range or worksheet that contains the data that you want to use, and then click OK.

NOTE: Your data now appears in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box with the same formatting that appears in the Excel worksheet. I'm exporting data from oracle form6 into excel sheet using DDE functions. I want to format making heading bold,increasing the cell width,underline Is there any DDE commands to format the excel sheet. We are running into a problem web-enabling a client-server Forms application.

We are using WebUtil for HOST and OLE calls and sending files between client and app-server and it all works really marvelous. But we noticed that the DDE package is not available in WebUtil. Unfortunately for us, we are using DDE calls to interact with MS Word for example merging template letters with address-data and MS Excel filling out template sheets with data. Can you tell me if DDE will be available in future releases of WebUtil?

And metatrader eur usd history download jre DDE-functionality maps to the corresponding OLE-functionality? Or, if it's not possible to rewrite DDE to OLE, what are the alternatives? Seems to run fine for a while but after being used for a while it starts showing the following error, but only when trying to open the files from a shortcut or link. Choose less data or close other applications.

Unfortunately when I select this option this present another issues in that when I try to load a file from a shortcut or link I get the following message instead. The user is also using QuickBooks on the system and uses the integration to produce reports in excel from QuickBooks, which will only work correctly if the DDE option is selected. System specs are Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Office Home and Business QuickBooks Premier We currently run Office and Excel The only resolution the technical support people can come up with from the webiress platform is to roll-back to Excel which we would rather not do.

As mentioned in my previous reply, queries related to accessing external data feeds in Excel will be better addressed in following TechNet forum. I need help with cpp application, which can read data or use DDE. I know that Microsft Excel can read DDE, but I need put this data number in my cpp application. But I need cpp application, which show from server, read DDE data from server DDE data.

I don't wnat to make DDE server. I have program, which use DDE data and in MS Excel I see this data from that programbut I need see it in cpp application. I'm trying to use Lookout to continuously replay some data I grabbed with the spreadsheet object. Lookout will serve as a MODBUS slave for a touch panel display. I've tried using an Excel macro and getting the data to Lookout via DDE. I can make the DDE link work and I can make the Excel macro work.

But when I combine them the Excel macro takes over the computer and allows nothing else to happen including the DDE link. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have you considered passing the files through a. This would make the situation more complicated. Here would be the steps:-write the file of data-open it in Excel-execute the macro-reopen it in LookoutThis may be difficult to implement but it is a suggestion.

Another suggestion would be to use Lookout's Citadel Database to log the data and then use MSQuery in Excel to grab the data. I am not certain if this will fit your application. You can find information about using MSQuery with Lookout here:Accessing Citadel Data with Microsoft ExcelRegards,Mike Recently when i try to save any excel file I am requested to enter an excel 25 digit product key. Trying to setexcel as a default to open files is not possibleas it does not show as an option- DDE launcher is displayed as the only option.

Metatrader eur usd history download jre was installed on my computer immediatley after purchase and no problems have occuredsince then months or so. Run the FIXIT tool for office to uninstall office completely from your system and then repair office and check if you are able to open office applications. RandomHow to send a value?

There are a couple of DDE LabVIEW to Excel examples at here and here but why do you want to use DDE? Imho, ActiveX is faster and more reliable. Does anybody knows how to create a DDE communication channel from Forms 4. I've got the form that run under Win95 but when I try to run in NT and create the DDE comm channel it can't establish the link. I copied data from an MS Excel file cell into an MS Project file column using the Past Special-Link-Text Data commands and the data copied over fine.

However, any subsequent changes to the MS Excel source file do not update in the corresponding MS Project file. Therefore, MS Office Community, I am making an impassioned plea for your erudite and cogent assistance. The IT area hasn't updated the SP yet -- but based on your prior comments I began thinking about something What I was doing was creating the MS Project and Excel files; Establishing a link; and then saving the files.

Your comment about corrupting the links finally hit me -- that is, I established the links with the files under a default name; which was obviously different than the file name I ultimately used for the files. To check my premise, I create a Project and Excel file; named and saved them; and, then created the links. I closed both files, then opened the Project file, and as you described, was prompted to update the links.

I then opened the Excel file and updated the data in the linked cell, and, it was updated in the corresponding column in Project. I still hope the IT group provides me the updated SP, but, at least for now, linking between Excel and Project appears to be working. Nun bin ich auf Office umgestiegen und die DDE Anbindung funktioniert auch hier problemlos. Also wie ein Wecker wo das Ziffernblatt die neue Minute einschiebt. Immer von oben nach unten. Danach wieder wie oben beschrieben. Bis jetzt habe ich nichts gefunden.

Wie gesagt: In Excel funktioniert das perfekt. ABER: Die Kurse werden wie in der Steinzeit nur von oben in der Zelle eingeschoben wie wie der Zugplan am Hauptbahnhof. In Excel und geht das 1A!!!! Also wo ist dann das Problem??? Es liegt an Excel !!! So einfach ist das. Wenn das AddIn die Daten nicht an Excel liefert, dann liegt es an Excel??? Is jetzt nich Dein Ernst, oder? I have try to: - change the default printer to Microsoft XPS - disable all add-ins - disable macros - remove any external link - open Excel in safe mode - open the file directly by double click on it or from Excel open menu - open the file in local or network directory put option trade off essay use another PC with the same configuration - verify the correct association for.

On the contrary the problem disappear if I open the file with Excel if I save the file as xlsm but if I save as it to xls another time the problem comes back Somewhere I read a similar situation caused by a virus located in the file recovery area linked by few bite appended to the file, it is possible? I try to attach a picture but there is some account problem. We just upgraded from office to I have links between word in excel that no longer update automatically.

I have the setting on automatic but I still have to go in and left click and select update link on all tables that are linked over. How do I get them to continue to update automatically? Hi TonyFavrat, Take a look at the following threads. Unfortunately whenever these macros are invoked using Excel the system freezes and the message "Not Responding" appears on the top bar of Excel. It no longer responds to any keystrokes or the mouse. The only way out is to Ctrl-Alt-Del and use the Tax implications cashing stock options Huge FREE home manager to close the program.

Just this one line macro causes this problem. Although there is more to it,It gets no further than that. I also have anecdotal evidence that it runs okay with Office running on Windows 7 32 bit. I have a feeling that its the 64 bit that's the problem but I'm not sure. I would appreciate any help from any knowledgeable person who may have experienced and solved this problem.

Unchecked the Rumba folder for "Read-Only" for all children folder also and it worked like a charm. Silly windows 7 bit. We are having an issue with an APP that is using the 'Print' Verb function to print Office documents. It seems that the DDE options in office have changed this leads to the document being deleted before it's actually printed app uses shellexecute to print and then deletes the document. When Office was installed options trading long 680 the extensions used by office are set to 'Use DDE' in theregisteredfile types.

They also have the following DDE messages set. This setting allows the APP to print the document before it is deleted. More information: I found that the program that is printing it using the ShellExecute command to print. Would ShellExecuteEX be a better option? At the moment I am using Personal Stock Monitor to download data from the internet- but as it is no longer supported. My attempt to link to a spreadsheet with Excel 'filename.

Thanks Hi, Based on my research, it seems that DDE is the technology that used to import data from other program. Thanks Thank you I did a repair again today. I starts working fine now. Thanks so much for your recommendation. So habe ich in Access einen Code metatrader eur usd history download jre alles nur geklaut. Was mache ich falsch? Aber ja doch, excel starten und alles ist paleti I need to read data from an OPC server, which servers data from an Industrial control system to applications that request for data.

I am able read into an excel sheet and visual basic form. In excel sheet, I go to a column and create a formula as below Similarly, I can get data into a VB form. Both Excel and VB form reflect the data changes in real time. I tried to do this using DDE package and forms. But the examples I could metatrader eur usd history download jre seem to be centered on invoking excel and then doing something with it.

Could anyone kindly guide me as to how to update a text box temperature by linking a from a DDE server? DDE server name, Topic and link item values are available, as mentioned. Any guidance would be appreciated. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documenation on how to use DDE in Forms. I would recommend you keep googling for examples. I know there are some demo's out there that show the "basics" of how to use DDE, but then you are pretty much on your own to "Trail and Error" your way through making it work.

I have seen some DDE examples here in the Forum so you could try searching here as well. Brand new computer, Windows 7 and Office Thanks for your help. This was happening to me at first, then it started opening in size 2 font? I had to go to, arrange panes, in the view menu, then select the checkbox window of active workbook. Staying in the view menu hit the normal button, left side under file and it opened normally imagine!

Hope this helps somebody. This will open Excel files in multiple windows. Best Regards, Sally Tang In my business we have recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and it has caused me a problem with my scheduled jobs. I used to run a number of scheduled tasks which would DDE output to excel, however I can no longer get the session to write to excel. If I manually run the process it will run and write fine, however when I run it as a scheduled task on windows scheduler it will run the program, open excel and then not write anything to excel or close the excel session.

Has anybody had any similar experiences or any advice? I've googled this quite a bit but haven't found any solutions so far, any help would be greatly appreciated. Code is attached, if you need any more info then please let me know In my business we have recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and it has caused me a problem forex trading pip 100 323010 metatrader eur usd history download jre scheduled jobs.

Code is attached, if you need any more info then please tradersway withdrawal time me know Comecei a fazer um programa para controlar aplicaes em bolsa de valores. Baixei um programa da corretora onde so apresentados, em tempo real, as cotaes das aes. Clicando em cima dos campos da tabela deste programa, possvel copiar um 'link DDE' para uma planilha de excel. Dei uma pesquisada no forum e, pelo que parece, esse protocolo foi abandonado nas verses atuais do VB.

Tem como contornar isso? Minha idia era jogar o dado daqueles campos do aplicativo da corretora em um datagridview. Advogado e iniciante A soluo para este problema poderia ser o uso de pipes nomeados? Algum j usou isso? Estou tentando fazer pelo MySql for Excel. Consigo atualizar e etc. Some more information on the problem. In the macro we use to open a Word document we open a channel to talk with our application. We can make more than one Word document at a time so the channels are Terminated with the TerminateAll command.

Heard about the tagsets. When we do not have the DDE Option checked we are able to open Excel documents from email attachments, but they open in the existing Excel instance that is open. We understand we are able to save these email attachments down and open them in separate Excel instances, but this is too much of a hassle for several members within the company.

Opening multiple Excel documents in separate Excel instances worked with previous version of Excel, but no longer work in Office We found other solutions on the Microsoft TechNet, how to open multiple instances by changing the registry settings for DDE, and it has been working fine from saved files, but not from email attachments. Hi, I'm building a form in Access that contains text boxes with DDE links. Is there a way to have the DDE links refresh automatically like they would in an Excel Spreadsheet?

I can get the text boxes to refresh if I put code in the form timer but I'd really prefer an automatic refresh that doesn't require VBA code to run periodically. Enable DDE Refresh is checked under options but DDE links in text boxes still don't refresh automatically. Thanks for any advice! You may find these articles helpful: Customize default settings for your databases DDE operations Ignore DDE requests enables Access to ignore DDE requests from other applications.

Enable DDE refresh enables Access to update DDE links at the interval specified in the Refresh interval sec box. INFO: How to Use DDE in Visual Basic to Communicate with Other Windows Programs How To Initiate DDE from Visual Basic for Windows to Excel jadwal trading forex eur usd daily chart Windows INFO: DDE Example Between Visual Basic and Word for Windows I am really stuck.

I am merging from Excel into Word and Metatrader eur usd history download jre have selected the option of Confirm file conversion on open and then MS Excel Worksheets via DDE. Because I have data formatting that I want to preserve. The problem is that it does not show all of myExcel worksheets but simply gives me the option to select Entire Spreadsheet, whichis onlytaking datafrom Sheet 1.

How can I see all of my worksheets, which is the norm when not connecting via DDE. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am really stuck. Hi Guys, Could you give me an example, how can I connect a VB. NET console application with a DDE link. Today I'm usign this DDE link with excel and it's work perfectly. I need change it for an application VB. NET to collect these data and write in a local database.

Thanks All, There is no longer any built in support for DDE in Visual Basic and the technology is rather obsolete. Below is an alternative library for. In my old program I used DDE to link a vb6 textbox to a continually changing cell in excel. The cell in excel is a DDE link provided by a third party data vendor. The cell is a real time stock quotes. Using DDE in vb6, the textbox would change every time the stock price changed and thereby triggering a change event which I would use to do calculations.

I am trying to figure out how to replicate this in vb but having no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hi, I found some references about VB and DDE. Hope it can help to solve this issue. I have some links between excel and word and they no longer will update automatically even though I have it set to. The old version was What can I do to get them to auto update. I have to now right click and select update for anything to update.

I am running my C application on windows 8. My application basically communicate with Excel using windows DDE protocol and populating data in Excel workbook. The problem is that DDE communication between application and Excel takes more time to populate the data in workbook as compare to Excel I have tested below scenarios: Hi, As far as I know, DDE is a very primitive interop mechanism, and has been superseded by newer technologies NetDDE.

OLE and OLE Automation. I recommend you use the new Automation, not DDE. George Zhao TechNet Community Support. Setpoint allowed some customisations of the mouse i think. Nothing was missed after removing it. Read All 6 Posts. Read All 5 Posts. I wrote an Active link with DDE Action. PFB Active link DDE Active link on Button. I am getting the following Error Message when clicking on the button DDE connect failed Item is no value. Command is [NEW 1 ].

Please let me know how to remove the Error message of Active link. Read All 1 Posts. I installed the last 10 windows 8 updates and it broke my DDE link between TOS and Excel I found that the BrianF86 post on Jan 17th worked for me and still is. Read All 12 Posts. Choose Less Data Or Close Other Applications. I have a user getting this error message.

Something to try might be to install Office 64 bit and see if that makes the problem go away. And if it doesn't solve the problem, at least we're one step closer to an answer Read All 2 Posts. Read All 3 Posts. I need of one communication between Excel and Labview using DDE, with Windows NT. I'd recomend using ActiveX instead of DDE. I think its more reliable and better documented. Read All 4 Posts. Pls Can U send me the form which transfers data from excel into forms?

I'll be gratefull to u When I went to close excel the Microsoft Excel has stopped working error msg pops up with the following Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: EXCEL. Additional information about the problem LCID: skulcid: Furthermore, If i reopen excel I am able to open 5 out of the 6 worksheets in the workbook I use, but when I attempt to open the one I happen to use most frequently nothing loads and when I try to close excel the same error happens.

Don't understand how or why but that worked. I can't seem to get the DDE option to stay unslelected. I have captured and done a test metatrader eur usd history download jre of Office with SP1, everything works fine, activation KMS using app-v toolkitall the apps launch, the icons are all there, but Net An education MIS system by Capita. Looking at the file type settings. When using spoonreg I have been doing. Read All 7 Posts. Hi im not very Computer savvy the above solution could very well help me but i don't know how to un-install KB can someone help Im running Win 7 Excel for mac.

Read All 8 Posts. I'd like to monitor the DDE messages on my machine being used by an Excel Addin. DDE messages don't just use the contents of the windows message to send data, they also metatrader eur usd history download jre some shared memory area. Read All 10 Posts. Bring up the Excel options, go to advanced and then scroll down to the. Make sure that "Ignore other applications that use. Dynamic Data Exchange DDE " is not checked. Well I tried a number of things and even the fix it tool, I ended up reinstalling Excel and that seems to have done the trick.

I'm trying to run a link from a DDE server on a trading platform and I need to populate my excel spreadsheet from the Sterling Trader Platform. I have attached the Vi and jpeg of erroralsoo a reference document for Facon Svr. Is this the kind of application you are looking for? Appears In Live Data Feed Cell After Startup. I am unable to get an answer from Microsoft as to whether the rather old DDE technology for importing live data into Excel is metatrader eur usd history download jre in Excel George Zhao TechNet Community Support.

I'd like to connect with the ThinkOrSwim TOS trading platform to transfer market data into MS Access. Here's a code that someone said works for Excel; however, does anyone know how to code this for Access? On Error GoTo ExcelTestErr. Dim objXLApp As New Excel. Worksheet Dim iCount As Integer. Range "A2" " Count: " iCount. Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft MVP [Windows]. Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guaranteesand confers no rights.

Here is an email from another TOS user regarding his 3 computers - notice the DDE links work on earlier versions of Excel. I'm running TOS primarily on an XP Pro notebook with Office Notebook 1: -- update went smoothly -- DDE works fine -- XP Pro -- Excel -- 4Gb RAM -- SSD. Notebook 2: -- update was annoying but TOS runs -- DDE does not work -- XP Pro -- Excel -- 4Gb RAM -- HDD.

Desktop 1: -- update was annoying but TOS runs -- DDE does not work -- bit Win 7 Pro -- Excel -- 16Gb RAM -- SSD. Dll And Samples kd. Hi, I have a 3rd party app that utilizes DDE and communicates with Excel. Dll And Samples kd Best Regards,Rex Zhang TechNet Community Support. Read All 58 Posts. Here's the state of affairs The DDE checkbox in the Excel options isnt checked. I am the only one with office at work so I'm only using.

Any help will be richly rewarded with virtual thanks and many internets I thought that was the problem so I uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing seems to work Read All 11 Posts. I have an Win32 application that I can establish a DDE link too. This is really not a Java question. If I were you, I'd develop the whole thing in Java using sockets and be done with it. As per the syntax defined in the integration guide i am setting the values as follows.

After complete parameter substitution the value becomes as follows. When i execute this command the field which i have configured with the set field action to get the value from the excel sheet shows the follwing data. Action type is REQUEST. Command is no value". I don't metatrader eur usd history download jre where to go from here. Any suggestion may be helpful. Please don't be sorry. I think DDE action is not used much--That is Good ,One topic is excluded from the assignment of AR Thanks for the reply Hopefully someone can clear my doubt on the DDE package.

I have 2 simple questions Really appreciate anyone who can give me some light regarding this issue. Thank you very much The newest version is 2. Beide lokal abgespeichert oder im Netz, egal. Wenn ich auf den Link zur zur anderen Excel Datei klicke, wird mir die Sanduhr angezeigt und es passiert nichts weiter. Das Setzen des genannten Registrykeys bringt keine Besserung. Overview: Spy DDE Spy and monitoring DDE messages on a machine. Ok, habe ich nun ausprobiert. Hier werden mir nur die DDE Meldungen von Excel angezeigt.

Auf der Seite findet sich leider kein Download. Office Apps Stuck on Downloading Files from Network Shares.

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