I was observing that there was no live update but update on refresh? The currency being exchanged maroet a currency carry trade. Keep releasing patches like this. By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our:. Currency Define Currency at Dictionary. Pepperstone is not a financial advisor and all services are provided on an execution only basis. RoboForex in the media.

If you are installing for the first time, download the Pi installation file from here. You can create upto 5 marketwatches with 50 scrips in each. You can now place limit orders for cover orders so you can enter at your desired price instead of letting market forces decide the price for you. Corporate Communications Manager Zerodha, perpetual student, an eccentric Grammar Nazi, rock lyrics police and voracious inricator. And, i have few requests if You can update in next version following additions.

Also a provision to highlight new highs and new lows is a lot of help in identifying fresh movements as was there in the Nesttrade i want knw about cover order. Can you please provide zone marking tools like how they provide in Ignite, Trade Tiger and retain them across multiple time frames as we keep moving across from higher to lower time frames. At the moment this feature is unavailable and I use rectangle from inside tools to mark the zones and color them red or green for Demand or Supply zones.

This is a 2 step process. But this method proves to be useless the moment I switch to other time frames, as the zone markings disappear. Also it will be great if forex market hours indicator ubuntu can provide placing bracket orders directly from within charts with predefined entry, target and stoploss points.

Sir today i tried to buy 21st july ce 15 but order has submitted for 91 Rs. It is advised to call to get quick help on trading related queries or you can write to support zerodha. The chart in KITE is amazing, but do as in KITE. From the beginning I am using KITE instead of PIas the chart in KITE is excellent. The chart in pi is not user friendly. Yes, i agree with sakthi. Please enable vertical scrolling of charts in Pi.

I had purchased a Deep in the money option of Wipro prior to the results. On results day the stock opened gap down by 6 percent. But the PI software had an upper circuit limit set, which was even lower than the spot price of the stock at one stage? The limits are set from exchange end and it will take sometime for exchanges itself to update option circuit limits.

Limits will be automatically updated and it has nothing to do with platforms. In such a scenario making profit or cutting on losses is very important thus close you position by trading on Kite platform and then you can think of complkining about thr Bug in the Pi software… This is not a bug on Pi. There is a circuit limit for every option contract set by the exchanges. I have been pi user for more than a year, have not faced any problems but post this recent update pi facing lot of isses, Pi has become heavy consumes lot of resources and makes system slower, also last 1 week the software is hanging and unoftunately I cant close anyways neither from taskbar I have to restart computer to use again I have laptop with i5 processor and 4gb also other software like sharekhan etc have no issues, any update will be useful Your system configuration is good enough to run Pi seamlessly.

My question is off-topic here. However, i wanted to metatrader 4 android review bluetooth couple of things from zerodha. Can we get the below soon on our favorite zerodha? Thanks why there is no weekly and monthly chart is not present in pi. The chart is not showing any data before 19th? Is it only me. Can you please try now? Indicafor Zerodha include Fibonacci extensions also in next PI update release.

Fibonacci retracement a are already available in PI but extensions are not available. It is being widely used now a days in Harmonics. Would be a great help if you can add that feature also. Also, on 4hr chart, even if we select days, rarely we get charts for days, they are less of less than days. If that could corrected then even that will be helpful. Will give fibonocci extensions in next release of Pi and also will try to add more intraday data.

Thanks for updating forex market hours indicator ubuntu I want to limit stop loss order in bracket order. Please add this feature in the bracket order and there is no price ubumtu in the software that give me msg on my registered mobile no what is the script code for supertrend. If we want to generate alerts based on that, we would need to write the script code.

Good that time frame can be changed from chart itself, good that you implemented our suggestions. SuperTrend is also one of our requirement to be added in pi which is added…thanks…. Markte in all chart and scanner is to be first priority to be included sooonnnn Please. After the latest update it crashes and exits automatically very often. Apart from that, adding symbols in scanner has made Pi great.

It would be much appreciated if you can immediately call or write to support zerodha. Its working perfectly now. Foreex installing the updated versionits not logging in. Error Message : The remote server returned an error : server unavailable hi sir this update is good one. Bracket orders for commodities are not allowed as they come under Algos and should not be used by retail traders according to MCX. We would buuntu happy to provide if MCX exchange allow us to give.

It will just stay for few forwx and will goes of automatically once the essentials are downloaded for the platform to be ready to use. It is good to see lot of improvements in PI. It would be great if you add the following features in the future updates. Limit order stoploss for cover order. Also, if there is some new updates coming inform us in advance so that we can update earlier than the market hours.

Markeh forex market hours indicator ubuntu list of things to do. You can do it in Pi, you can drag and drop the window where you want to see it, for more help can write to support zerodha. Point is noted, if possible will try to implement. In Funds tab, only Pay in and Pay out. Would be a pleasure if there is something which shows us how long call options equity funds available to trade.

I would like to suggest that margin amount forex market hours indicator ubuntu be shown on every trade window. True, Thanks for suggestion; but what happens is, i have to use kite mobile at day time and very difficult to use pi at day time. And unfortunately kite mobile has many issues too regarding cancellation indicatot orders etc…. Not a single candlestick. Also, please allow default market watch to be popped out. Earlier version of Pi allowed it. This leads to loss of precious time.

Fix this issue ASAP. So I clicked on update now anyway. You have to click on update and if it is not getting updated you can call and someone would help you indicatro this. Got the update to be installed. I closed all other applications and had only Pi running. The update happened correctly. Previously, when other apps were running on the PC, Pi had no problem updating.

If we want to generate alerts or do backtesting, we would need to write the script code. I tried STR but it says not valid code. It is not possible as it is not built in indicator and also involve complex algebra which is not supported by Tradescrip. What is the rationale? It will really help traders trading in nifty and banknifty where lot size is less. In options the 0.

So if you buy 1 lot of nifty calls at Rswhen Nifty is at The turnover is around Rs 6lks. It has nothing to do with platform one use to trade. Slippage is incidental and can not be avoided if one uses market orders, can place stop loss limit orders to get exact price but if sudden spike occurs then indicattor is a chance of order not getting traded.

Marke issue as such, one can select the indicator and click on delete, it should work. If indicator is selected it will display the selection in small square boxes,and then immediately click delete button. Can you please uninstall this and install new version from Q. If still facing any issue please write to support zerodha. Its great that you continue to add new features to Pi, which already is one of the best platforms out there.

Just a few matters which I am unable to tackle: 1 I love to use multiple MWs, one forex market hours indicator ubuntu my portfolio stocks, the other for stocks on my watchlist. With the new update, while am able to create MWs, it does not get saved when I save the workspace, i. Have wasted a lot of time with this. However, having arranged the News Reader window this way, it is not getting saved to my Workspace.

I place future order based on the spot price so due to no option of placing SL-M order type, I miss out the opportunity to enter the trade at the price I want. For such reason I force to enter at a level 0. It is in our list of things to provide, still to mention sl-m orders are no guarantee to enter at predetermined fixed prices as once the trigger is hit order can trade at any best available price which might be much higher than trigger.

Also I m unable to extend the trendline pls advise dear Nitin sir. Please help to resolve the problem. Other charts it is loading fine. Want to find if your PI standalone exe based trading software is supported by Mac ios Yosemite??? NOW, ZT, NEST are essentially all the same. NOW is offered by NSE. We have stopped supporting NOW. We do provide candlesticks of 1 min interval.

If i want to open 40 or minutes time frame candlestick,currently is not available on Pi. One has to select that particular order which is needed any change. Congratulations and thanks a pile for the new release of Pi with multiple Market watch panels. Some issues with the new Pi version:. Frankly I think you should change the implementation by providing a Drop Box of already saved panels.

When I move out of Pi then hang on to the screen which is quite irksome. It is so haphazard there seems to be no pattern there. Apart from fixing this, provision for a universal layout for multiple panels could be very useful, 1 Can you check tomorrow also and if the same repeats kindly let us know during the market hours, will reach you and look into the issue, you can message here itself or write to support zerodha. Thanks for the response and the follow-up call…really appreciate the gesture.

Yes, Minimizing Pi, Index bar also gets minimized…But just on switch over out of Pi without minimizing Pi would be very helpful. About the layout…I have given Save on Exit. It is getting saved and next time when I log into Pi again, there is a need to Load from Workspace to get the layout I have saved. Though Pi opens with all the multiple Market Watch screens that were open earlier, the layouts are not the one I have saved…small manual effort needed…would be better to have been fixed thru the software.

When Pi hangs not responding. I have opened 3 Market Watch screens with a total of less than 50 scrips. I was trying to add another Market Watch screen and that is when the problem happened. If you need any other details pl let me know. Issue regarding viewing Indicies in Market Watch. I am allowed to do intraday equity, but am not allowed to add spot indicies in market watch, which anyway cannot be traded.

Kindly rectify the issue. I have a problem in me that I am able to notice only down trends may be I am a pessimist, expecting market to fall. I think, as a special function for people who are able to notice only downward lines you could show uptrend as down trend, and down trend as uptrend like a toggle when the medium to long term cycle is uptrend so that we pessimist in viewing the lines, can also capture uptrends. This request might look absurd. But still indicatog have a thought about it.

Is there a way to adapt amibroker afl into pi. This will greatly solve our problems of going for additional datafeeds from the market which are not at all reliable or are too costly. Appreciate if you can look at it. Kindly introduce on screen value manipulation e. Appreciate your attention to this. Do you have tie-up with Globalfeed who hold monopoly in the market or do you know any other player providing real-time data feed?

There are brokers who have alliance with them and provide cost benefit to their customers. I have just subscribed to True Data and the feed is good and affordable. Do you think it would be a good idea houurs introduce 30 seconds and above timeframe charts in PI? We already provide one minute time interval and above in our platforms, unless one is doing high frequency trading forex market hours indicator ubuntu data is of not much use for retailers as it consists of more noise.

If we do 30, someone will want Keeping OHLC for these candles does put a stress on the database. I have always said good ubunttu come at premium. I used to watch the market during opening hours say and take my position,set stop loss and log off. SHAFIN B P Can have pre calculated Implied Volatility, Delta, Vega, Gamma column. SHAFIN B P Ideally it should not happen, can you uninstall and install again from Q, even after that the same issue persists you can message here or can write to support zerodha.

Tried reinstalling PI from Q, but no change. Today when i opened RCOM 5 minute chart till now the last inidcator is from yesterday 3. Whatever change happens today is shown in a single bar. Its really annoying as i trade based on chart patterns. SHAFIN B P Hi Nithin. Could you please provide more features in trading from the chart section.

I have updated to the latest version, yet when I place an order, the software opens up the Transaction Password window. Hi, I have updated Pi yesterday After updating I have change the setting for marketwatch forex market hours indicator ubuntu from 50 to It seems there is bug in Pi. There is only Nifty PSE indices exists, no drgdown option available.

When you apply M. A, you can change it but the description will be the same M. In last conversation, Nithin replied these things are hourx to do list. I hope you will address these concerns asap. Can you write to support zerodha. We provide support and resistance points based on previous day values only. Other things are in our list of things to do and will take sometime.

Not again Siva, to write support zerodha. Its difficult to take positions on S3 levels as you can not see it. I hope you understand, what am trying to say… I am asking to write to support for the issue you are facing for ubuntj able to add nifty and banknifty. As you guys start fixing the problems in Pi, kindly take a note of the following …nothing earth shattering forex market hours indicator ubuntu need to be fixed. But screen is getting refreshed with the latest prices, volume etc.

I think this happens when multiple MWs are open. The columns get jumbled up needing to rearrange once again. Forsx again there is some inconsistency — when previously saved MWs — eg. I think I can find some more issues like this…will continue later today as I have to go now. In the mean time if you want me clarify, give more inputs to substantiate the problems etc. Even an ordinary desktop trading software NSE NOW offering basket order facility and you guys call your pi software based ubunt nest platform as the comprehensive software but their is way one can do basket trading… Whereas lot of promises are made on this blog about the future releases please be very carefull before promising them.

RecentlyI have upgraded my O. After upgradationI am unable to run Pi. In my office, Internet connection is via a proxy. Could you please enable proxy connection support, in PI tool? You can write to support zerodha. Yeah, agree with Durai on some critical issues faced! Here are some of the issues that needs quick fix! Really cumbersome as we get the need to verify for bigger periods but not ubintu to go forex market hours indicator ubuntu just It happened yesterday too. Point 2 can be resolved if you can open data for more than 6 months,as there might be no enough candles for the indicators to be drawn.

OBV is normally applied as a separate indicator but not as an overlay. Bracket orders are not provided by anyone in India for MCX on retail platforms as it is not allowed, but few might be offering only call and trade service. Adding Ischimoku cloud is our list of things to do. Sell volume, buy volume by this you mean volume idicator red candle and volume on green candle, if you find any difference you can write to me tsiva zerodha.

Tool like Trendline, vertical line, etc. Please do some thing so that they stay there. Pi stops responding while opening Snap Quote sometimes. Have to force close software and restart to make it work. Please resolve it asap. Are you using this latest version? Probably, if at hkurs you prefer, you can use that prior version till they fix it, as we use SQ more often than Cash Position K, Cool. Then i will skip the latest version 18Jul16 till fored are avlbl for above reported issues esp freezes!

It works amazing in Live trading to make good decisions. Could you also consider adding Candlestick pattern recognition Indicator like in NTrader. I am using kite software for my trading. First, I thank you for removing the transaction password, which affects the very first order entry. In the kite dashboard, I like to mention 2 suggestions. Except LTP, the script name must show, either red or green permanently, in relation to its corresponding P. The existing system creates confusion, at a very first look.

Secondly, the percentage difference can be change to price difference, which gives a quick and clear idea about the trend. In relation to its corresponding P. How can i adjust time frame i. Each update ignore about RENKO. It can be of any reason, if you can write to support zerodha. Can you try running the application as Admin?

One small problem on this updated release on snapquote window. Please rectify the error. Then goto study and type s and you can see supertrend indicator. All the buy and sell option are not working. Buy, Sell, CO and BO are not responding. Vasanth we have released a new update yesterday evening, can u try now. Click on check for updates under help on Pi. If still facing issue, can you email support zerodha. Two factor authentication to login will continue, as it is mandated by the exchanges.

One of my friend have ICICI trading account. Technically yes, but practically no. Nithin,Why dont take the initiative and talk to Depositories and may be with SEBI also for portability of demat as well as trading accpounts,account, forex market hours indicator ubuntu order to reduce redundancy data and ease forex market hours indicator ubuntu doing bussiness.

I have a query, Supposr If i give zerodha the POA Power of attorney of other Demat account, wiill it be possible to map that account to zerodha trading account for selling the holding from that account without doing any off market transfers to zerodha demat account??? We can draw rectangle in pi. Can we fill rectangle with some colour. It would be helpful to draw supply and demand zones in the chart One can increase the thickness of rectangle and give any color by double clicking on it so that to give distinct visualization.

The implementation seeks to bring in a common KYC to the entire BFSI sector which means that if you open a Bank account and then some days later intend to open a trading account with a broker, you need not submit the KYC documents ubhntu over again making things easier to the end client. Any clue when Hoirs would start?

After the update of latest version of pi. You can select days as 5 instead 2. I am unable to open chart after new upgrade and showing message as Unable to fetch historical data. If still the issue is not fixed kindly write to support zerodha. Is it possible to implement real time Options Greek calculations on Pi?? SMS alert for forex market hours indicator ubuntu execution on the registered mob number.

Only if order is placed through call and trade facility. Not available as of now but will be available in next release. User Id : RA Whenever Forex market hours indicator ubuntu apply Expert Advisor in PI software, the concerned chart freezes on a number of times. The same starts running when I click on double click on quotes. Please look into this Trade Forex Forex Japanese Candlestick Patterns error.

User Id : RR I want to use expert advise in Pi. I want to use super-trend indicator and EMA on five minute chart as EA in Pi. Supertrend indicator cannot be coded using tradescript as it is not a builtin indicator. Include Ichimoku Cloud in PI. This will help us greatly to try our strategies before going live. We will reach you ,arket from next time please write to support zerodha.

Sir i forgotten transaction password so i change login password but pi is not asking for transaction password. Also if many orders were placed it would be difficult to track on same chart. While all other brokers complete their equities posting by 4. Can we some how correct this. Square off at market price Which already exist. Square off at LTP Last traded price at that point of time is executed fine otherwise it should be converted to limit order.

Part Square off option of the total position in a particular instrument. Please add refresh of chart in PI ,close and open different bar by bar ,always need to close and open the chart for perfect chart. Nothing as such but anyhow you can change the timeframe on tool bar and check which is as good as opening the chart again. One has to change allover again. Maybe some time in future you may like to work on the Edit function of Three Line break in one of your updates.

I indicstor been comparing both PI with NT on different time frames and that was my observation. My question is how can i place a Stop loss order of Also need to know LTP OR ATP? If the price moves up i have to manually place a higher sell order. You can mention absolute value. But on BO, minimum absolute value is 1 or 20 ticks.

So if SL u want to be at Also on a BO you can place an exit selling order. However it should as in karket analysis any stock moving below EMA is not worth a buy for medium term. Kindly remove the limitation The moving average is plotted based on the candles on a chart. When my wifi internet goes down from A service forex market hours indicator ubuntu i switch to B wifi on my laptop from the drop down list.

Is this because Pi latches on to a specific IP address and is not flexible midway. I am sure there can be a resolution to this. Can you please look into this. Put order req received……. First time i face so much problem till Pi first marrket. Put order request will show if any disconnection to internet has happened. If still facing any issue on Pi, please let us know. And if we add horizontal line from tools it is not coming perfect.

Please do something for MCX commodity futures, right now we can not use Pi since it does not offer chart functionalities for stiched in future contracts, for which we have ubuhtu go with investing. Without this feature we can not use pi for commodity contracts. Pls conisder this in your next update. If you mean chart data then open any chart and goto chart menu and select export chart to excel.

If you are asking for link to excel option for market-watch then it is not available marrket of now and in next release of Pi it will be available. Will reach you on this, from next time for support related queries you can write to support zerodha. In that case you inidcator have user access only, login your pc as admin and do the update, it should be fine then. If not uninstall this and install again from Q. Now, the chart only opens immediately after login. In earlier version a month back everything was fine.

The problem started only after the update. Is there any fix for this. I am using winxp with the latest servicepack. I was asked to upgrade to Hourw 7 or use Kite. Please get a word to the developers to make it compatible ,arket Windows xp also. Because Pi was working fine last month without forex market hours indicator ubuntu error, so maybe they need to do some jndicator tweak to remove that error i get in Windows xp when opening the chart after a while 10 mins after logging in to Pi.

Values of the horizontal line on charts cannot be edited, only colour can be. Please provide facility to edit values so that a horizontal line can be placed exactly where it is required. Placing it using mouse with dorex click is not precise. Thanks… The requested option will be available in next release, for time being one can select it and drag the line and place where it is required. Want the Team Zerodha to include Ichimoku Kinko Hyo in the indicator list … Gann Fann with the adjustable fanns angles is a much needed thing.

Have requested u the same a dozen of times … we cant drag the chart up and down as it is possible in kite. It would be nice if we could download and activate PI on our new Laptops etc without. This will reduce the time. And secondly, we wont be dependent on a website. Only for one time it is required to download Pi from the backoffice Q, after that no need to depend on any site to use Pi. Let us know if still you are not able to download Pi.

When are you guys including Guppy MultiMoving Average Indictor? Creating hourx manually is not possible due to no. On Pi, you cannot. For more details about automation you can write to support zerodha. Thanks for your replay. From pi platform started to till now many indicators and chart tools addings are possible. Now pi also comes to compete with other famous charting softwares. If we also improve our platform in future zerodha clients no need to go for other charting software for charting they use pi only.

And many traders are also attracted to zeodha for this improved charting applications thankyou Could you please provide the Boring Candle concept which is available only in Sharekhan Ignite Tool… Siri am using pi for trading it is excellent. Adding of Foot prints charts for ofa analysis is possible for pi in near future Thanks for your replay. And many traders are also attracted to zeodha for forex market hours indicator ubuntu improved charting applications thankyou Hey zerodha i would like to suggest some changes in the fibonacci retracement options for pi — 1.

As of now when we use the fibonacci retracement option on charts forex market hours indicator ubuntu only one directional which gives indicatro the retracement only but if an option is introduced for the fibonacci extensions also it will be much better guess. Open any chart and goto Artificial Intelligence,click on pattern recognition and select required pattern.

In case if we are selecting nifty 50 stocks in one market watch and bank nifty stocks in another market watch then for ex: sbin scrip is present in both indices list then what should happen in this case? Also the same logic can be applied to kite. Thanks Sir…for the information…But Predefined workspace is a feature available in PI whereas we can define foreex logic for redundancy to the stocks which we add through indiator drop down menu below the menu bar….

What if one client want to add same scrip in two different market watches? Anyhow one cannot add same scrip twice in single market watch. This is a little tricky, imagine forex market hours indicator ubuntu a user wants to add the same stock on multiple market watches. The same is froex in Pi in top bar however there is no such option in Kite. Other brokerage houses have real time indicator with date forfx time on their web login also.

Please check the feasibility and add the same. Any time frame can you pls commit…since this request is very minimal trouble to your tech guys…. Even after two months almost the requested live date and time is not reflected in Kite Web. It since almost Seven months from the date of request to add the real server date and time to Kite Web version. Appreciate your efforts in helping us improved our platforms through your valuable feedbacks. Sometimes things do take longer, our team is inicator on making this happen.

Pi terminal market watch if you make a provision to add option greeks…. As of now one can check option greeks in option calculator which is available under help menu but in coming days if possible will try to provide directly in market watch. Also I believe one can drag charts by using mouse. I downloaded Pi and installed it. I was expecting it to prompt me for the License Key — which I had ready on the Q window. You can call or write to support zerodha.

If I indictaor a market order at am…what will be time delay between my order placement and execution on Zerodha Pi in seconds? If I use the algo trading platform offered by Zerodha what will be the execution time delay if I place fire my strategy at am…I use Zerodhabut also have Symphony algo platform…On Symphony when I start my strategy at am…the orders get placed at am and get executed in that second i.

Will this delay occur with Zerodha if I subscribe to algo platform of zerodha for trade execution. I have cleared NCFM derivatives exam…if I want to a be Authorised person. Milind, there is usually a big queue hitting the exchanges fotex brokers every morning. How soon it gets executed is kind of a lottery. With us also it could take upto 10 seconds or more. On other hand pi is showing latest release date of 29th July whereas here latest update is 18th July.

Latest is 29th july only, can you list the errors you are getting, you can also share a screenshot of it to support zerodha. Currently PI does not forex market hours indicator ubuntu these features, I am mailed many times, but these features are not included. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Can you please comment on this? Is there a way to see the entire option chain for NIFTY and place orders from within the option chain?

Bringing out each and every contract is tiresome! It would be good to have the option greeks as columns for the option chain of different scripts. Yes Please reffer think or swim for option chain, they are the best in option. Please add ITM probability analysis Can u add stochastic oscillator separated. Full stochastic Today I opened Pi at 3. When I opened 5 minute chart of nifty futures current month, there was data only till yesterday.

No data for today. Indicafor is not a holiday. Also this thing has happened to me earlier. If possible will try to make it similar to kite. Could you please include Showzone option like in kite to the indicators MACD, RSI, Stochstic momemntum in PI. Since i am software developer i know how much time it takes if things are already developed.

Siddu, Pi and Kite uses different charting libraries. These are 3rd party products, so making changes typically takes time. Thanks Nithin, but is there ibdicator plan to implement in PI, are there any indicators which does similar in PI, pls suggest. I think tools like Horizontal line, vertical line, parallel line for channelling. Hope you add this tools as it is main tools i think. Mentioned tools are already there on Pi. Open chart and right click or select tools. Spot charts of indices are also available.

Which requires redraw everyday morning. Please focus on this. If it is not saving, there is no fun in saving them onto the forez. Also today on 26th Aug I am unable to add 29th Sep Options in the Marketwatch in Kite. The list stops at BankNifty 1st Sep strike price whereas I wanted to trade on BankNifty Spread orders are in our list of things to do but will take some time. Thank you very much Shiva.

Zerodha is good but this tool Pi is really really make me feel bad and sad. If still facing this issue then can you kindly write to support zerodha. Hellois there any sms alert option available, in pi for stock prices fluctuation. Alsoin what stocks zerodha gives leverage for an intra day trade? SMS option is not available, Can check the below link for intraday leverages. Its creating big tension when it happens in market.

NullReferrenceException: object msrket is not set to an instance of an object at Object. I am ubunntu latest Pi. Few corrections and additions required in Pi:. Admin Position does not show LTP and MTM profit and loss for MCX deals. There is no compare chart feature in Pi. It was added some time back in Kite but still to come in Pi. Additional market watches are markte stable.

Many times I have to re-add stocks to the market watch. Each chart, market watch and admin position, order book etc opens as an additional tab in Pi. It should show, can you contact support zerodha. In our list of things to do but will take more time. Thanks for the quick reply. Have sent an email. Already done that weeks ago when the full market watch tab itself used to get forex market hours indicator ubuntu.

Please add the Advanced EOD scan feature that will scan for various patterns without selecting any stock i. If possible the feature can be used to scan the data for the entire exchange also. Bhushan Kela Not possible to scan daily candles in near future. But for intraday scan one can scan entire market watch or pre defined market watches in the present version itself. From next time you can enter a market trade from charts just by two indicstor using f1 or f2 and enter keys.

Vinesh, works fine for me. Seems like it is specific to your system, getting someone to check and get back to you. PLS ARRANGE TO UPDATE TIME AND RATE IN CROSS HAIR IN PI. ANY SOFTWARE Uubntu SEE IN YOU TUBE FOREX OR INDIAN EVERY SOFTWARE HAS THE PRICE AND TIME IN CROSS HAIR Forex market hours indicator ubuntu WHY DONT OUR PI SHOULD ALSO HAVE IT AS KITE Forex market hours indicator ubuntu LODED Marlet IT.

For time being it can be checked on databox and databox can be moved freely to any place on the window but soon will try to make it similar to kite. Basket order feature which used to be there in ZT is not available in PI. Under Charts, when you select 1 HR time frame, the first candle should be from AM to2nd should be from AM to and so on. For the last candle it should be from to I am using other charting forex market hours indicator ubuntu like Reliable and traderscockpit and both of them have this time frame setup.

Also there is no option to remove the default studies incorporated in the charts. Appreciate if you can incorporate the above features at the earliest as it will immensely help and make Pi at Par with other charting softwares. Working on it but will take more time. In Pi also 1st hourly candle will start from 9. One can remove any study from the charts.

Also can write to us for any more feature requests. In context to point 2. The first candle should end at and new should start at Forex account opening in banks the first candle ends at and new starts at That is the change required. Hope I am able to explain better. We follow the notation of esignal and most other popular providers also follow the same.

One may want first hourly candle from 9. I have shifted trading to Zerodha. I am missing the following things. Siva, thanks for the response. I want to correct myself. Bharat Hey, I have installed the latest version of Pi 1. I made my situation worse. I deleted the user. After that I restarted Pi and logged in following which it is asking for activation key. As I paste the key, the application shuts down and nothing happens further.

Tried it many time…. Hi Nithin Kamath Sir. I have few suggestion put in front of you for better user friendly in PI Please add custom price option in horizontal line. Add line chart on chart must. Add price label on right axis of uhuntu hair. Better smooth scrolling chart. Few points are in our list of things to do others if possible will try to add in coming releases.

Volume indicators on charts are very useful. Is it Possible to get the chart sync future on PI,suppose if i open the chart ubunty min of a symbol and from then if i click the symbol on the market watch then the chart should be changed with all the indicators applied for the currently selected stock,instead of user opening the chart of every stock. Chandru, you need your Edelweiss DIS slip.

On that slip you need to mention the Zerodha demat account details and submit it back to them. I cant find Plz. Plse add custom fibo ratio option in PI. Also like to know is the renko chart based on ATR value is also available in your to do list. I am new user of Zerodha. Kindly let me know what is the requirement to activate Pi for my account. Nothing, you can login to Q. Scrip can be changed after clicking scrip name from watchlist on a single Chart Window. It will help trader to analyse multiple stocks very quickly.

Provision to draw distribution zone and accumulation zone. Entry, SL and Exit line with auto calculated RR ratio. Show Server Time with seconds, It will help traders to place order before closing Candle in a particular time frame. Can use bracket orders for time being. Already displayed on header with seconds. I added new Marketwatch and when I relogin, that new Marketwatch was not there. So can I save newly created Marketwatch in PI?

As of now one can view time and price in data box window when cross hair is selected, and databox can be moved freely. If this cannot be done in PI then please see if you can add it in Kite. I wish Kite could have a buy sell order similar to PI. It would be highly convenient to move foreex placing orders. Popout charts with buy sell order in Kite is a long pending request. I use NT7 and its been giving me good results on using Tick data and Volume indicators.

I hope you incorporate some suggestions in PI or Kite. Is Pi only available for Windows? Please develop Pi for macOs too. Just wanted to confirm 1 thing…. Is it possible to export Intraday data in excel like allowed in Sharekhan Ubutu. And if yes is there any restriction on the maximum time limit… If no, then is it to be introduced later? Yes possible to forex market hours indicator ubuntu on excel. We give almost 2 years of intraday data most brokers including tradetiger offer for only 30 to 60 days and end of day data from You can open a chart for as long as you want and export it to excel.

Many enhancement s are done in both platform. I guess many new Zerodha client s got on boarded too. Ideally it should be a playlist of multiple videos. One request I would like to place before you. Please add Market by Undicator for both the Exchanges. This fodex be helpful for arbitration trading purpose. Like If i want to check the market depth of a particular stock both in NSE and BSE, then there should be a option. At present I have to add the scripts for both exchange and then check MBP in both the scripts to check the depth.

Hope you will consider this request. Bhushan sir today i buy tatasteel put as nrml order. Click on the same contract the way you bought and choose sell order and on that choose SL option. Check this post on SL. Scanner scans only during market hours if the set condition is met or not, you can do back-test during off market hours. Fist of all let me thank you and your Team for bringing up such a beautiful tool.

I just had one request. I think this will help us a lot to spot the Surging stock. A price-bar formation that gives real-time price signals of support and resistance. When a series of price bars reverses direction, it is considered a structural pivot not a calculated pivot. The price bar has an open, high, low and close. The pivot is composed of a minimum of three bars and occurs in every time frame. The pivot lows and highs are used to draw trendlines to show support, resistance and trend direction.

NITIN PLS IF POSSIBEL ADD TIME AND PRICE IN CROSS HAIR IN PI. THE CROSS HAIR DOESNT SHOW ANY PRICE AND TIME WHICH IS USELESS. IN KITE IT IS POSSIBEL For now one can see time and price forexx the data box when cross hair is selected. Data box can be moved freely. Forex market hours indicator ubuntu can create multiple market watch, but how do I load them? The only option that I get is to save workspace, which if done only loads the default market watch every time I load PI!

The newly crated market watch never seems to appear! It will save your new market watches. As the Pi gets slow down although ticks are also coming very slowi am using i3 computer with 4 gb ramplease write to me what i am missing. Need to re login again and again until it gets successfully loads everything. No internet issue at all. It works fine, i have 2mbps internet connection speed. When i move my mouse pointer from one candle to another.

OHLC values in data box did not changes. Need to minimize and maximize application to refresh. Re code Horizontal and vertical line. Horizontal line changes its place when we zoom in or zoom out. There should be an option to apply at specific price level and It should be stick to that level. Right now we can not apply it on specify price. Vertical line cant apply through-out the indicators window. Fibonacci extension is missing. In fact we cant edit or add levels to Fibonacci tool.

Open a new chart with any time frame, Apply indicators. Now open new chart of any time frame and apply that template on it. Now try to open another chart with any time frame. Basically when we apply saved template on chart it gives error message on loading new chart. Major problem with Pi terminal is study. Pi software does not saves drawings or it can not load as it was in previous state.

Every time we need to setup. Think on it, When we re-login after power failures or system crashes occurs. It will be very helpful if pi terminal loads as it was in previous state with open charts, mar,et, and applied indicators. There is no option to load recently closed charts. Pi terminal does not load in offline mode. There is no option to add new levels to indicator or highlight default levels of indicators. We need to apply horizontal line on overbought and on oversold levels.

But horizontal line has problem. And it changes its place when zoom In or zoom out the chart. In indicators, Maximum and minimum level parameter is missing. It changes its place along with trend line of indicators. Indicators Levels should be fixed not floating. No Forex related news are showing in news reader. RBI will allow trader to trade in major currencies pairs soon. Because MT4 is best trading terminal markett the world right now. It will helpful for forex traders to trade in major currencies pairs.

It just a request. Pi software gives an error on exit. It asks me to send an error report or quit. Cant use Kite App, Pi Terminal, Kite Web all together at same time. Allow traders to use all three applications together. Kite Web is way indicaotr than Pi software. Only one thing is missing in Kite web is Cover order and markft order.

Kite App is mind blowing. Quick Fast and very useful. I m really frustrated with these problems. These problems occurs on daily bases. Please Nithin Sir, I personally request on behalf of all the trader. Will be available in next release. Fixed and will be available in next release. It marjet the limitation from MT4. Cover orders and Bracket orders markeh available on kite web also.

Once you opened buy or sell order window select for more options. Few clients want it separately, anyhow once one added two indicators on to panel one can select histogram and drag it and drop on MCAD, it should serve your request. Thanks For Answering One By One. I had no idea about ibdicator and dropping. Requesting you to indicaror Awesome Oscillator Indicator Which Is Missing. Its A Great Indicator. Thank you plz add change in Open Interest from previous day in futures script.

In our list of things to do, will take more time but fundamental screeners will be soon available on kite. Kite — u can only have 5 watchlists. Pi — I am using Kotak downloadable software and working fine. Fundamental screeners are coming on Kite, maybe ubkntu next 2 to 3 weeks. Alerts will take time. Will get our team to get in touch with you for Pi. I want GTD order option in PI. Is this thing in your pipeline in future? I think it will be very useful for all investors who is working full day.

If you can provide good till date order option, I just need to submit order once. This option is available in IIFL and few other brokerage platform. So markeg try to implement this asap. Is there any option of heatmap window of my market watch and also if we click on stock of heatmap chart will be open of that stock.

And also how many stocks I can add in a market watch and what is the maximum numbers of market watch can be added. No heatmap as of now. On Pi one can add 5 market watches with 50 per market watch with total stocks at a time. Sir, is executing a cover order with limit entry similar to that of a bracket order? Yes, executing cover order with limit option is similar to executing BO with limit option.

One can you use limit buy option only if limit price is lesser than market trading price and as of now there is no option to enter a trade using cover order or bracket order using stop-loss option similar to mis or nrml product types. I get a RMS msg rejected for margins against SBIN FNO on two occasions today and on previous days. Ideally other platforms offer Indtraday margins against holdings irrespective of cash available or not. To get margin benefit from holding shares they need to be pledged with indicahor.

Can check the below link to know more about pledging. If I indicatir to sell a huge chunk of stock at say and if only half is sold, then can I modify my sell order for the unsold stock. Will system allow that partially executed order to be modified or will it get frozen till it gets executed? Hi my ondicator is still under process but I have indicaor query. If an order is partially executed and if I modify that order afterwards and execute it, how will the system charge brokerage?

Will it take 1 trade or consider houes 2 trades? I am assuming that pi is providing markte 2 data in the market depth window up to 5 bid ask. Could you please provide DOM Trader price forex market hours indicator ubuntu in pi like the one in the ninjatrader. It is very difficult to get an affordable third maket data feed provider with level 2 data, because of huge cost. Could you please consider this. When you consider the DOM in future please consider jigsaw trading DOM features also.

Else even any scanner you would suggest as code in pi script and we can scan the entire market watch for this. You can use the same code and scan entire market watches at a time but as of now scanner scans only during market hours and only for minute and hourly data but not daily data. You will have to add scrips individually to the scanner though. You are saying that we have to add manually stocks.

However but Siva sir is saying that it can scan the entire market watch. Also Please tell me when we will be able to get the scan on regular daily basis. Also please enable the scanner should scan even after market hours. But not possible to scan after market hours anytime soon. I am unable to use the RSI Study in my chart. Can you recheck on the inputs ie if enough number of candles are there for the study to plot, even after facing the same issue can you write to support zerodha.

So, there will be differences across them. If you can mention the model and send the differences with screenshots forex market hours indicator ubuntu support zerodha. I want to see moving avg. Is there any option of uploading the scrips in scanner instead of manually selecting and adding one by one. If still facing the same you can write to support zerodha.

So much feedback to give at so many levels. Thanks for the reply Nithin Sir. Eventually together we can make it a world class platform. I am new to zerodha. Im new to zerodha. Kindly let me know whether i have to pay any extra charge for using zerodha pi. You can login Q. Pi bridge costs extra, which is used to connect Pi to other platforms.

Its About 20th Sept Pi Update. I update pi software, I was happy and I thought housr is fixed now but i was wrong. When i apply horizontal line in indicators window. I tried to change its thickness to 1 By default its 2 which is not good and clicked on apply button. When i apply horizontal line at particular price in candle panel. Old problem did not solved yet. We Need to zoom in or indicqtor out to make it visible.

Same while deleting also, When i double clicked on horizontal line to delete. And its a very old problem actually. I already mentioned it many times. Edit section given for horizontal line Which is really good. THIS IS NOT FAIR. And its only worth when it applies at very perfect level Indicators. I again request you sir please fix all these bugs related to horizontal line. It happens because uvuntu are giving value way beyond the values displayed on y axis.

It is not any issue and that is how it works. You can add horizontal lines on indicators also, change thickness, delete or move around freely,only thing which should be fixed is for an exception is being throwing up when trying to change thickness of horizontal lines applied idnicator on indicators but for time being you can select continue and proceed but will get this also sorted soon. Ok the issue solved now in candle panel.

But in indicators panel. But when chart is zoom in and apply horizontal line in indicators panel as a indicators level. It gets invisible, and to make it visible again, uubntu to zoom in chart. Another problem i have found…. I have 5min and10min chart opened with indicators, trend lines and horizontal line applied. Template also saved on disk.

Now on every 15min, 5min Chart and 10min chart refreshes automatically or you can say it loads automatically. I update Pi software. But its still stuck at loading contracts and exchanges. This issue not solved yet. And again it stuck. Needs to kill pi application by task manger and need re-login until it successfully loads everything. Hourz wastes lots of time. And its really really annoying.

I hope you are working on it. It should not take more than 30 seconds to login and if it is taking more than that you can write to support zerodha. I email many times to srinivas sir. It will solve your problem. Need to fix it permanently. No need to do it before every login, but only when you face this issue, try logging in normally and check if you are still facing this and if it is then it is specific to only your system.

I hope your team is working on the problems that occurred today in new update. Horizontal line can accept only 2 decimal values Ex: But in currency trading, We have 4 decimal trading price i. So horizontal line value should be accept 4 decimal value. And Also for indicators panel please give Horizontal line edit feature.

It will be very useful for us. Thank you i updated new version, what ever study and Indicator add on chart, it is disappear after some time even forex market hours indicator ubuntu is saved. Thanks Jayesh for posting this issue. I m also having same issue from morning. Chart loads automatically on every 15mins and all the applied indicators, trend lines, horizontal lines gets disappear. I just degrade the application. Old version also has problems but its better than this as i feel now.

Can you goto help menu and update the new one and try, we have updated a fresh patch this afternoon. Keep releasing patches like this. No indicators, Horizontal line, Trend lines disappears this time. May be because of market is closed and candles are not loading. Will see tomorrow in live market session time and then give you reply. In Indicators Panel, Horizontal firex forex market hours indicator ubuntu has problem.

I thought its fixed. Ubungu still Changing its place and value when zoom indkcator or indicatlr out chart. Thank You Several time update after Reinstall by me and Zerodha It person Himansu. Hi I have noticed my pi crashes whenever I makret a active window has been popoutso can you please look into it Can you kindly write to support zerodha.

Hello,i updated Pi to latest version and created multiple marketwatch lists. Sir, Problem still continue. I check for updates but getting massage that- thie version of pi is latest,no new updates is available! Can you create template once again and try to apply that instead applying the older one and check. Yes sir I do this several times even I uninstall pi and install fresh and after update I create new template then save it but problem still prevail.

But the one dated 20th include few new features link link to excel option, overbought oversold levels on indicators, saving horizontal and vertical lines on templates and few other changes. PI is getting hanged nours long time and also Everyday since last 3 days I am getting the updates for download. Everytime I download the patch it shows the same release note. I think the patch is not saving properly. Please fix the issue.

Forfx chart is not opening and giving error screen. As of now spread orders are not available, these are in our list of things to do will take some time though. Can you kindly write to support zzerodha. Zero forex market hours indicator ubuntu on MACD and addition of ATP are noted for future releases. After refreshing, Indicators are there but horizontal and trend lines are disappears. When apply Vertical line.

Its should be apply on candle panel as well as on indicator panel also. There is No internet issue but chart freezes frequently. And its happening after applying patch. Horizontal Lines — exact values can be entered in edit box for Indicators panel. Should be accept 4 decimal values. Go to check for updates and if it is saying there are no new updates and still indicators are vanishing then you can write to support zerodha.

Vertical line will be applied on chart panel only, one can use cross hair to view indicator values. Can write to support. Will check on this. Today i again degrade the application because of that issue. Email already sent to support team. I hope they will solve the issue as soon as possible. Need to terminate Pi and load again. We tried calling you multiple times but was not answered, if you can give access of your system once we can able to fix all your issues once and for all.

Anyhow will try to not repeat it again. I just want to say…. Make sure Cross hair is not selected. Select drawing and just hit delete button on keyboard. If you try to double click on it. When we try to apply saved template on chart. Not 1st time but 2nd time. As mentioned we tried calling you multiple times to fix your issues, forex market hours indicator ubuntu would be appreciated if you are available tomorrow so that all your issues can be sorted once and for all.

HOW TO SAVE Inndicator ADDED INDICATOR IN PI CHART. EVERY TIME WHEN CHERT OPEN MY ADD INDICATOR RE ADDING EVERY TIME. For quick response you uvuntu call or write to support zerodha. I too see a drop in bandwidth zerodha pi for the last 7 days. Maybe more traffic customers or a bandwidth issue. It does not hang up but one can sense login takes longer than usual. My internet bandwidth is more than 2 mbps and NT7 and other sites load quickly.

Hope you can resolve this issue at your end. At NT7 it takes less than 5 minutes to apply my previous Weeks templates. But at Pi even the previous Day templates do not load sometimes. Hope you take care of this issue. It takes more than 30 mins to draw lines for equities for today and previous days before one can start trading. I hope you understand. I wanted to inform that at times quick limit order from chart does not go though because of volatility price would have changed when we click from quick limit order.

Study disappears automatically after some time. You can update latest patch or install new one from Q to get this fixed. In Pi we can not zoom in and zoom out properly as we can do in Kiteso plz try to make it like kitemarkst kite we can move whole chart anywhere up or down or left or right but in Pi we can not do that so plz try to make it like kite One can use page up and page down to move chart vertically but will make other zooming options similar to kite soon.

You need to write to support zerodha. You can use this blog indicahor give suggestions, feedback or ask for new feature requests etc. Why dont you come out with a PI for Mac users. The virtual box is a pain to shuffle between windows and mac Markef Pi is built using dotnet so it is not supported on any except windows,it may not be possible anytime soon to be available for mac. One can use kite web or we do have mobile ios app.

Hi, after the recently updating Pi, on clicking Link to Excel, all other open excel files are closed instantly. For excel kbuntu below this will happen for forex market hours indicator ubuntu mafket after opening link to excel option for a particular market watch,will get it fixed soon. Appreciate the new version. After some time of loading forex market hours indicator ubuntu chart with indicators as per my template, all the indicators vanish after some time.

But re-applying it in all the charts is not practical. Took up the issue with the support team. Ubyntu to be fixed! Can you help to fix it? Thanks for your prompt reply. My problem is fixed. Today, all the indicators held, after updating Pi. Because the default Grid color is not visible to me, its really time consuming to change it for each and every chart. Will give in next release, for now can you try changing application style under view menu and look if its of any improvement comparatively.

Can you have this H Lines looked upon the next time PI is updated. It should hv been a better deal but it is not. After the patch n update from Q whenever i place Horizontal linesthey disappearThey come back after i zoom in zoom out. I had this problem earlier but i has worsened since disappear even ubunti edit I use NT7 and the lines stay stablethe drawings stay stable. Its also easier to pick the right inicator if you want to move it around. In Pi its kind of tough as they tend to disappear.

I hope a ibdicator is found in the next update The issue of disappearing lines and indicators is fixed with new patch, if still you are facing this after new update. I am trading from long time but recently shifted to Zerodha. Just a small confusion as this thing never happened before. From last two three months I am getting all short of bogus SMS and Calls relating to share tips and trading.

I ask them how they got my name and number and know that I am a trader. They say they had some sort of list of the people who trade. So just to clear my doubt I am asking that our confidential document that are with Zerodha are safe so no chance of getting leak somehow. Dinesh, there is no way this data is going through us. But this is generally an industry problem across brokers.

Also suggest you to get on DND list, and report such messages. If I move to NSE now platform, how about the stocks traded ubuntuu on BSE. Can I still use NEST for trading in BSE? Also pls dont tell me to login once since the system is working fine at your end. No indciator for this thread. Can you recheck on the daily data part. Try to close excel and try again or select continue option.

In both these cases if the issue still persists then you can write to support zerodha. My User settings are note getting saved this time after this new update I have made in the system in PI. Please provide a solution urgently. Kindly write to support zerodha. As we all know Vertical screen space for charts is very important for any day trader. Request you to pls consider this.

Also in latest release one can use page up and page down to drag charts vertically. If indiicator the issue persists then write to support zerodha. I use different software for alert which popup with sound and very simple to place. One can check on data box for values and move data box as required for time being. Try to use page up and page down.

Not forez for time being. Will work on this. I agree you worked on the vertical scrolling and i thank you for your efforts. To be clear all the traders want the scrolling as used in Kite! Grids play important role in everyones trading so please add this bug in your top priority list. I understand it is different from Vwap as when i tried to apply it, I had to input a period which is not required in Vwap. Also VWAP is not yet available on Pi or kite.

If you are not able to see that option then kindly un install this version and install again from Q. I think there is some problem with the update settings of Pi. I checked for latest updates and it said the version is latest. I also matched the versions. But i tried reinstalling it and it worked!!!! Kindly use page up and page down buttons on keyboard and not up and down arrows.

It will be beneficial to intraday trader who want to buy above or sell below …. Kindly make it that the system picks up the values automatically. Anonto even I am waiting for the same. I use NT7 and i see Kite more closer indicztor that than Pi. Pi is your premium software and its been 18 months without much big changes. So please develop Kite with better features for us ubunntu make the switch.

There is no lock in for Lines. It is really essential tool for investors! From all the corporate adjustments are done, if we miss anything can you please mail it to support zerodha. Please send an indicaor to support zerodha. Please add in PI following modifications. Showing of Avg price, LTP etc while placing cursor on the chart will not be of much use. Just by looking at the chart we should able to gauge immediately the various prices on the charts like Average Price, Previous close price, and Open price.

This could be done as a horizontal forex market hours indicator ubuntu with different colors. Because this would definitely help while trading swing. Please do it and confirm. Thanks Hi Nithin Sir. Live date and time update in Kite Web is missing since a long time…any time frame can you commit when this will be updated on Kite Web. This is very simple thing and should not take much time.

I use Norton Internet Security. Whenever I try to open Zerodha. IPS Alert Name:- Web Attack: Malicious Redirection 8. This attack could pose a forex market hours indicator ubuntu security threat. You should take immediate action to stop any damage or indicatof further damage from happening. This signature detects attempts to download exploits from RIG toolkit that may compromise a computer through various vendor vulnerabilities. Malicious toolkits contain various exploits bundled into a single package.

Victims on visiting the malicious server hosting exploit toolkit are attacked with several different exploits exploiting different vulnerabilities one by one. Exploits may include MDAC, PDF, and HCP etc. This is happening for last 1 month. I want to know the reason behind this. Is Zerodha doing this on purpose or they are unaware of this. Once you move your cursor on that particular bar the values are visible on databox. It is same as before. No changes have done to trading from charts, and it will not come as alert.

For more about this you can write to support zerodha. In near future scanner will not have daily candles but will check on this possibility. Sir pls add Gann HiLo indicator in KITE. Its a very powerful trend indicator. Presently its in Sharekhan Trade tiger Sir. Blank space forex market hours indicator ubuntu the market watch by pressing SPACEBAR is not getting saved when re logging in Sir I am doing that but the problem is the workspace is not loading maintaining the gaps which I saved earlier Please try adding Ichimoku indicator in Pi msrket.

You need to fix a problem too. Everytime I try using screener in PiPi stops responding. Please make a provision to bring the alerts back. The net change coloumn becomes zero after market hours instead of showing the net changes which becomes very uncomfortable for users watching hourz scrip position after the day plz do something and also provide color indicator for net change coloumn like orange for down ybuntu green for up in the next release Hi sir.

Since this is the tenth time I have reported to your support and to siva sir and even to mr. SIr please login to Q and then ubunntu PI…it will give you authentication key also…. But when I draw a horizontal line along zero of MACD and MACD indicafor and save to templatesit does not show on the zero line when I again open the charts. It shows somewhere around 7 points etc.

Please guide me how to save it Horizontal lines will be saved if they are saved as template. For MACD there will be default zero horizontal line so no need to add one, even in case it is added it is getting saved. If facing any forx on this you can write to support zerodha. Please work on it for the next Pi update and would also like to see options chain next time. Is it possible to display the price on the panel of the equity atleast ,the reason being it helps in planning trends and risk rewards in price.

Is there anyway in piI can put order through script. In regard to my query dt 16th Oct you asked to write to support zerodha regarding saving of horizontal lines along MACD histogram. I got the reply as follows:. Thank you for writing to Zerodha. Do get in touch with us if you have any further questions or concerns call our support team Please guide me please add a feature to open multiple charts by holding ctrl key so that we can open 10 to 15 charts simultaneously.

Pi automatically reconnects once internet is back, if you are having issue with this you can write to support zerodha. Even if one opens many charts ondicator a time, symbol and timeframe need to be changed again. Other than that all the features are great. However, it would be forex market hours indicator ubuntu if you could implement a search bar similar to the one in kite in zerodha pi. In couple of days will give out one update to increase efficiency as changes involved are from back-end but for added features on front end will take 3 to 4 weeks more.

Please Fix the indices bar to some mraket or atleast enable fixed option like you have done in chart bar and also remove always on top behaviour because its annoying when we open browser or something else and indicagor forex market hours indicator ubuntu lays on top of it. I also know that we can minimise pi but still to fix that at a particular position will be great. Please add at least a EOD scanner for scanning watch list with different strategies and a event tracker for tracking events such, indicaotr day high and low breaking—etc in real time with Pi.

You had mentioned that this issue will be handled in future, I hope you have this aspect on your mind. I was observing that there was no live update but update on refresh? Please tell me how to see Support and Resistance lines in pi and when I click Day Separator nothing happens Hi Indlcator Sir. Today got one notification with screenshot in FB that you have added a widget in Kite Web…but some points are required.

First of all a very nice initiative that gives 1 M and 1 YR return…but few modifications requested. Chart has no X and Y axis. Widget not available for MW markeg only available for Holdings. Please ensure that data given is correct since data error is coming in Kite web when the market opens for previous close price. Invicator idea was to give uncluttered quick view.

It shows on marketwatch also, currently not for BSE scrips, will be fixed by monday. Data is correct, it is from Thomson Reuters, probably the most genuine data out there. I have checked for maeket, but the same is not showing. Will send you the screenshot indicato your email Id. Here unable to post. Sir, data sometimes is not correct. In this case I have already talked with Jawaad also…He told that they are analysing the issue and will revert back on the day hey get the solution.

There is the normal chart for that. I am guessing you are talking about illiquid BSE scrips, we are looking for a fix for that. It is about NSE FNO scripts. To avoid this, it is advised not to kept open any market depth during the opening time of market. Also one can logout and login back to see regular data if this happens. Whether you have to change or not is the matter of choice with Zerodha and no user can force you to do modifications.

In such case you can just say its Ok with our system. But would suggest please have a word with the developer in your team working on this hougs, I hope would give a technical outlook. Can you send an email to support zerodha. I noticed a particular event in the charts today and i thought i wud share this feedback with you. A trader who is dependant on intraday trading would have his calculations go wrong if he is solely dependant on Pi.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes the charts do look different after market hours and the basic 1 min data is a limitation. I can email you the screenshots if required. I have explained it in detail here. I believe that min tick data is more smoother and accurate. I hope sometime in the future you may consider providing us this option Chandru, the data quality you get from data vendors will always fodex better than what you get through brokers. Way exchange gives data to us and vendors is different.

Hence data vendors have to be those crazy fees to the exchanges for the data. The pivot lines in chart option is not getting saved plz do something on this once i save them it vanishes from the chart on the next login There should be an indicagor to show last 30 days pivot lines on chart. For beginners and professionals. To learn from Pivot line trading then it will be good for study and learn from past data and pivot lines. Do you think flrex a good idea if you hold a interaction meet in Mumbai indicatro, Delhi with your Zerodha clients.

That way we can have a face to forex market hours indicator ubuntu meet and knowledge can be exchanged. Plz sir do it ASAP. In our list of things to provide. At a hokrs it is not possible to login to both Pi and kite with same user id. Latest update 20th Sep ,point no 5, how to do that…when i called technical support they said i can not be done… You have to double click on the horizontal line to change value. I like to draw attention on a problem, when i enable crosshair in pi ,horizontal line,vertical line ,trendline edit options not working,even it can not be moved,as soon as i uncheck crosshair option from chart settings,its start working.

Please solve this problem Sorry for the inconvenience. This is regarding some additions to PI software. Three things wud be really nice and make it really great to trade with PI. Multiple custom range volume profiles with Value Area details. Some suggestions on bracket order placement, but it wud be nice if I can write a detailed email for this third pt.

Plz guide which email id to write on. Aniruddha Points noted, you can write to support zerodha. It would save us a lot of space for placing other indicators. I am not asking to replace them with new one but to create a new MACDRSI indicator keeping the old ones intact. Please reduce the column size in PI like. Volume Traded Today — Ubintu. Total Buy Quantity — TBQ. Total Sell Quantity — TSQ. Lower Circuit price — LCP. Upper Circuit Price — UPC. My chart is not moving its static for very highly moving stock also like icici bank hind zinc etc windows 10 pro 64 bit Can you please write to support zerodha.

I hope you implement the following in your coming updates for KITE. Click on the market depth on kite, you will see the expiry date. On Pi, on the marketwatch, you need to add a custom column called expiry date. I had requested frequently through this blog for an easy order placement and modification tool like DOM trader or Chart trader in pi. I am looking for a quick in,modify and out tool for a trade through chart or DOM.

Could you please put your list of todo features in the site with its status Started,Not started and expected ETA. So that we can avoid the unrealistic expectation that our favorite feature will be there in the coming release. Foerx are working on an all new reporting tool, yes flashback will come back. The last one had become quite buggy. Some features are in kite but not in Pi and vice versa…. Scanner is in Pi but not in kite. Does that mean that my order would have been skipped as the price went down too fast?

For the above error follow the below given steps. I am an Options Enthusiast, I like the they way we can create strategies in Options and leverage our knowledge to build a safe forex market hours indicator ubuntu for our hard earned money. Looking forward to consider my request in the next release. Today due to volatility many clients were not able to login to Kite web and mobile. In times such is the case kindly send a SMS. Also the call facility was late to respond.

Please attend to the technical hous. This type of issues have already been with Zerodha on many occasions. Please ensure that connectivity, Kite forex market hours indicator ubuntu all platforms are OK on all trading days. SirI mailed the documents to your team few weeks from nowtracking id : ERIN via speed post. Your team collected the samebut despite of calling again and again I didnt receive a proper feedback from u guys. Zerodha was a well known brokerage company delivered me a pathetic service.

Pi is actually useless for trading. Appreciate if you can load indicators with all features forex market hours indicator ubuntu in professional trading platform. This features is in Edelweiss. The reason being when you want to place an order the entire screen space blocks the view of other vendor charting software. I sense you may say that the main window can be minimised but. Its a feedback and i hope you may consider this in future. This is on our list of things to do.

Not possible through the data feed that exchange gives for trading terminals. Hi, Is Haikin ashi Smoothed Chat available in Pi, if yes how to access if no can u please include feature. Heiken ashi is available based on OHLC now in pi. Smoothed heiken ashi not available. You can apply moving average on heiken ashi but it will be with OHLC Dear Nithin Sir.

Couple of days back I have posted a feedback over here regarding the issue with PI and Kite Web not functional during the present scenario wherein market was very volatile. However now the entire thread is deleted or hidden in the system. This means that you do not want the threads which throws the real scenario of technology and connectivity with Zerodha. Going to close all the three accounts of my family with your firm in the very near future. This is not the right forum. The idea behind Zconnect is for us to forex market hours indicator ubuntu knowledge about our products.

Every business has its problems, I know forex market hours indicator ubuntu, and am working towards fixing them. There are many negative comments you will find if you look around. You can fill in this form or write to social zerodha. When a trend line is drawn for a period of six months and the data with the same trend line is viewed for 1 month the trend line vanishes This problem was there earlier also but it was taken care in your last release before release could you please take care of the problem pls note after so many follow up also i hohrs unable to do trade …as reset of password every time i forex market hours indicator ubuntu.

Net change column with color indicator like orange down and green up. Ichimoku in charts not expert advisor.

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