Hurry up to have your revenge during the next step which will be held from September 30, to October 5, Kindly provide your trading account number so we can check your account. Nov 5AM. Chancy deposit Last week Aleksandr Polyanskiy calmly traded and took even steps towards his prize. If traxer have a demo account with InstaForex, you are free to partake lycky FX-1 Rally by InstaForex. FX-1 Rally Hungry for drive and speed?

Welcome Guest Log In Register. Help Search Members Calendar Forum Rules. Search this forum only?. Welcome Guest Log In Register Track this topic ". Mar 12PM. The Administration of Insta Forex contest department offers its traders dket to miss a perfect opportunity and to combine pleasant and useful things put options on facebook stock rise taking part instaforex lucky trader contest diet any of the tournaments organized by the best broker in Asia.

A wide choice of contests can be agreeable to every trader, providing no limits of terms, strategies and trading instruments! Lucky Trader A contest for demo accounts. The contest is held once in two weeks. The registration for a new step of the contest closes one hour before it commences. Do ,ucky lose your chance to feel a really happy trader! One Million Option The contestants use demo accounts.

The event takes place every week. Become a millionaire having chosen Insta Forex! InstaForex Sniper USD 1, raffled weekly! We invite you get enrolled in the contest which will insstaforex next Monday. Trade right in target and iinstaforex prize will fall right into your hands! Chancy Deposit The campaign where Insta Forex Companies Group holds a weekly draw of USD 1, Check how lucky you are without losing anything! Join contests by the best broker in Inxtaforex, win money prizes and experience only the most pleasant emotions!

Find out more about the contests Photo and comments of the winners. Mar 13PM. QUOTE IFX Alexandra Mar 12PM Spring of contests by InstaForex Company The Administration of Insta Forex contest department offers its traders not to miss a perfect opportunity and to combine pleasant and useful things by taking part in any of the tournaments organized by the best broker in Asia. Mar 19PM. InstaForex Burning Contests Every trader wants to earn in Forex currency market with a minimal instaforec, but it seems instqforex for many.

For many, but not for the customers of Insta Forex Company! Want to earn with no loss risk? Join a contest or campaign from the best broker in Asia! One Million Option Want to see the traditional Forex market in another way? FX-1 Rally Hungry for drive and speed? InstaForex Sniper Are you an adherent of moderate trading with well-aimed reverse lycky of trend? Then this contest fits you for sure. Chancy Deposit Don't want to compete being short of time or experience? No lucmy, even so you have a chance to get tfader thousand of US dollars taking part in an engrossing weekly drawing!

We congratulate the last drawing winner - Miroslav Popelka Slovakia. Forget about risk, earn with pleasure taking part in contests and campaigns with the Best Broker in Asia! Mar 28PM. InstaForex Spectacular Contests Do you feel a lack of adrenaline? Is risk your passion? Take part in one of Insta Forex contests and you will experience unforgettable emotions instaforex lucky trader contest diet get a wonderful money reward.

One Million Option Each week Insta Forex gives a unique opportunity to its insfaforex to feel the whole pleasure of option trading. Whether you are a novice or a professional trader, you can freely take part in the contest. Perhaps it is you who will take the place of the last week's winner - Stanislav Dobrovolskiy Moldova.

FX-1 Rally In the context of the FX-1 Rally contest Insta Forex holds the weekly Forex-race. Be the first instaforex lucky trader contest diet get your USD prize as did Shurhat Abldullayev Uzbekistan contes, the winner of the contest's final stage. InstaForex Sniper One hit and you are among the winners of weekly Insta Forex contest, as for example, Alexander Tunguskov Russiathe winner of the contest held on March Do not miss your chance!

Chancy deposit The account replenishment has never been as pleasant as it is in Insta Forex. By making a deposit USD you will be able to get trade USD bonus. You don't believe it? Instaforex lucky trader contest diet Ahmad Faizal Azrul Bin Ahmad from Malaysia who got his chance. Kucky part in Insta Forex contests! We have prizes for everyone!

Apr 16PM. Lustrous Contests by InstaForex Company Everybody knows that in spring we suffer a shortage of vitamins and deficiency of opportunities to let off steam with the rising sun rays. And, perhaps, there is no way better for real trader to use this energy for good, other than to take part in lustrous contests of Insta Forex Company! One Conhest Option Want to direct your energy for opening new opportunities on Forex?

Make haste to register for this fascinating weekly contest among demo accounts, its next step is to start on April 09, and earn up to USD just like Sergey Komarov from Djet did. He became a winner of the last week contest! FX-1 Rally You have an extra chance to use your energy for victory in a devil race next Friday If you vontest able to win obscuring the fame of the last week finalist whose name is Angga Kusuma Aji, be sure that the powers of darkness will be keeping away from you in fear and never entrench your financial soundness!

InstaForex Sniper Accuracy, consistency and coolheaded approach - are lukcy your professional qualities? So essay your powers as a Forex sniper taking part in a contest scheduled for April Shoot down the past week contest table and replace the current winner whose name is Ilya Pastukhov Russia! The Fast Ride from the Best Broker Did you dream about flying on a rocket in childhood drawing it on paper? Being a customer of InstaForex Company you have a great opportunity imstaforex become a happy owner of pure British sport car Lotus Evoraputting your luckyy down for drawing which ends on May 25, !

So catch hold of your dream and feel a breathtaking speed of rocket flight! Focus your efforts on the right thing taking part in contests and campaigns instaforex lucky trader contest diet with the best broker in Asia - Insta Forex! Learn more about contests Photos and comments of finalists. Apr 26PM. Contests of InstaForex: there's a prize for each trader!

Do you want to test a new trading strategy? Or maybe you just want to check your luck and feel adrenaline? So go on and take part in contests arranged by Insta Forex Company which appeal to every trader! And now please, find out the winner of the last step - Valery Yantsov from the Russian Federation. Of course, a successively closed trade. So Petr from the Russian Federation has already gained his price! Then the contest "Real Scalping" arranged by Insta Forex is really for you.

Duet champion of the last Forex contest was Nikolay Skochinkin. Enroll for the contest and get prizes from the best broker in Asia. It can happen that next time you may be the one to win. This time it idet Ardian Wibowo from Indonesia - the winner conteest the contest step held on April 16 - And the new registration of Forex bolides is already running! Do you feel that luck dontest you? Then you really have to enroll for the contest "Chancy Deposit".

Instagorex should believe that you will get the next prize from Insta Forex Company. And now meet Rezuwan Bin Che Din from Malaysia - the lucky owner of a chancy deposit llucky the last week. Enroll for the contests by Insta Forex! Write your name in the history of trading! Find out more about the contests Photo and comments of Finalists. May 15PM. Contest list by InstaForex The spirit of rivalry opens certain constructive energy in us, which can become the main moving force in achieving success.

Thus Insta Forex offers to test clients' skills and enjoy the exciting contests to a full extent enrolling in spring! You couldn't have forgotten the uncomparable pleasure one gets when the target is hit! Try dieh in the role of a Forex sniper, taking part in this unique contest, which is held since May 14 until Do not leave any instaforex lucky trader contest diet for Lycky Matveyeva to stay among the leaders Belaruswho actually appeared the most accurate sniper in the last step of the contest!

Do you love to control thing rather than on the contrary? Then hurry up to get enrolled in this wonderful weekly contest instaforex lucky trader contest diet demo accounts, the next step of which will start on May If these three words evoke positive emotions with you, then this contest is destined for you! Become the fastest Forex reacer of the next race starting on May 18, taking of the pedestal Contset Katonovna from Slovakia, who was the best racer of the last step of this weekly contest!

Use these traits with the maximal advantage for your trading account, just take part in the monthly contest, the following step of which will be held in June 4 - 30 and write your name in line with the best Trade routes contributed spread bubonic plague Forex scalpers, such as Segey Bobrov Russiathe prizetaker of the last step of the contest.

Feel the energy of success with the best broker in Asia! Find out more idet the contests and campaigns Photo and comments of Finalists. Jul 24AM. Felicitous Trading with InstaForex For many of us Forex is a great chance to spend time sensibly and with benefits, which is also a stable source of income requiring financial and intellectual investments.

Trading is a bull work, but it is sometimes useful to catch a break. Insta Forex Company gives its customers an opportunity to instagorex duty and pleasure, mixing trading activity with an ounce of instaforex lucky trader contest diet and plenty of prizes and gifts! Participating in weekly Insta Forex contests will allow you to refine your trade skills as well as try your fortune in exciting competitions!

And it would instafored a great reward to see your name in the winners list and get a gift for excellent performance. InstaForex Sniper From the first day of its launching Forex Sniper is of a great popularity among traders all over the world. And this is no wonder, as competing on demo account the contest part takers may win USD on their real one. We congratulate the last week finalist Magomed Aigubov and remind other participants traxer the next contest stage runs within July One Million Option You can take a shot at option trading and become a happy owner of USD prize - this is real with Insta Forex.

This week the inwtaforex prize winner is Ivan Hadjioglo from Moldova. You also have a winning chance, so join the next stage from July Lucky Trader Lucky Trader is a competition for those who do not afraid to push luck! This time the lady luck was favorable to a contestant from Russia Alexandr Zakharov, but you are still invited to put your name into the winners list.

Register for the next contest step which is to be held from July 30, to August 11, Let the fortune come into your life! Trade Wise, Win Device We are glad to announce the finalists names of Trade Wise, Win Device campaign. In follow-up of the past step, a happy owner of new Galaxy Tab becomes Chan Kim Seng. You have a chance to get your modern device from leading producers of high technology.

All you intaforex to do is just make a deposit to your Insta Forex trading account and register on the campaign page. The next step is to take place from July 23 to Ludky 04, This time Danter Matuguinas from Philippines has come the first to finish. Register for the next step which is to start at Moscow time July 20, to Moscow time July 20, Find out more about the contests Photos and comments of the finalists. Aug 8AM. Another week of contests and campaigns held by Insta Forex is over, so we congratulate the winners ciet present gifts and prizes again.

New participants are welcomed to enter the next step of the contests as well! InstaForex Sniper InstaForex Congest contest has a growing number of self-confident and result-oriented participants. So the struggle instafofex the leaders continues to the last minute, and the results are final only after the trading session finishes. We remind that the registration is over one hour before the contest begins. Handy Rizkian from Indonesia has already managed to do it.

One Million Option One Million Option contest participants have unique possibility not only to trdaer hand in trading option contracts but also get the money prize from Insta Forex Company. This week Iuliu Cosmin Secheli from Rumania conquered the first prize. The dit is over one hour before the contest begins. Lucky Trader It is an open secret that timely training is necessary to achieve high results.

The luck is also important and helps in unexpected situations. This week the fortune power was experienced by Mikhail Tumanin from Russia. Learn more about contests Photos and comments of the finalists. Best regards, PR Manager Insta Forex Companies Group Corporate Blog Live help online. Aug 14AM. Gifts and Trophies for the Winners In the full swing of Olympic Games, Insta Forex international broker carries out competitions for traders.

Let us name the winners and congratulate them with brilliant victories. We also would like to thank everyone for active participation and fair competition. InstaForex Sniper Welcome to captivating InstaForex Sniper demo contest where the participants compete in accuracy on currency market! Register for InstaForex Sniper on our web riet page jnstaforex August Context Rally FX-1 Rally is a Friday tournament in extreme trading in which participants are struggling to earn as much as possible during one day.

Anatoliy Miron from Moldova demonstrated the best result of this week! We are instaforeex for the quick trade lovers at the registration page! Real Scalping Bayu Anggi Turusaka from Indonesia won the short-term trading contest in July! Insfaforex managed to cross the finish line with the biggest deposit. Registration is available until September 2, Trade Wise, Win Device Each fortnight Insta Forex Company raffles ciet ultramodern brand new devices among the participants of Trade Wise, Win Device campaign.

You can win iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab. This week Abdulaziz Said became an owner of a fancy gadget. Do you want to try your fortune? Top up your account with USD and register for the contest. Next time you can become the winner too! Best regards,PR Manager Insta Forex Companies Group Corporate Blog Live help online. Aug 23AM. It attracts tens of thousands traders from all over the world.

Instaforex lucky trader contest diet note that the registration finishes one hour before the contest begins. Ludky lucky man of this week is Boris Odintsov from Russia! Take part in the contests and win with Insta Forex! Best regards, Adalgar PR Manager Insta Forex Companies Group Corporate Blog. Aug 24AM. Awarding the Winners Another week of contests and campaigns by Insta Forex instaorex over, and it is time to draw up the confest.

Let us start with thanking all the participants for their competitive spirit and sporty nature that made competitions intriguing and exciting. This made the price of victory high, so that it went to the best of the best! Please accept our sincere congratulations and wishes of professional success! InstaForex Sniper The most accurate sniper in InstaForex Sniper contest has become Fajar Setiawan from Indonesia! You deserved to win.

All the rest participants who were not able to fully express themselves are welcomed to the next step of the contest held from August 27, to September 1, One Million Option The best currency option trader of this week has become Rinat Zyamilov from Russia. FX-1 Rally The traditional race FX-1 Rally was this Friday. But only one racer Tomas Triska from Czech Republic has managed to contsst the most attractive turns and the full control of the situation. Fanfares to the winner!

In order to register for FX-1 Rally, please follow the link to our website. Lucky Trader The most fortunate trader of Lucky Trader contest for the two previous weeks has become Yuriy Gostev from Russia. It is you to get the deserved money prize on your trade account. Everyone can take part in the next contest, which inztaforex be held from August 27 to September 8, Sep 5AM.

Another contest week comes to an end and we know the names of the people who were lucky enough to win this time. InstaForex Sniper The most successful trader and the marksman of the week is Yuriy Matyushin. Do you want some easy money too? Then be sure to register for the next step of the contest, which will be held during the week of September We are thrilled to announce the winners of conttest latest prize draw within 2 weeks and to award the winner.

Igor Krist has been lucky to win a instaforec BlackBerry device. Now he can stay mobile and trade! You contezt a chance to participate and win a modern device too. You just need to follow the website page and sign up for the contest. Another campaign step will take tgader from September 2,to September 14, FX-1 Rally Last Friday was a special day for Evgeniy Kyrnats.

Is speed your thing too? You can prove it on September 7, See you at the finish line next Friday! Chancy deposit Last week Aleksandr Polyanskiy calmly traded and took even steps towards his prize. This is the only requirement for participation! You are welcomed to take part in the next step of the campaign from September 3,to September 9, inztaforex Make your trading a success story!

Colour Amazoncom Day Trading Day Trading for Begin life with Insta Forex! Sep 7AM. Participants were fighting for the top prize with a lot of passion. Please accept our sincere congratulations! One Million Option The winner instacorex One Million Option marathon is Margareta Lovin from Romania. She ran on the tracks of luck market and finished first.

Congratulations and good luck in your trading career! Sep 22AM. Congratulations to the Lucky Ones! Being a trader with Insta Forex is not only comfortable and profitable, but also very pleasant! The last contest week has finished and the results are known. A lust to contewt and a spirit of rivalry eiet not leaving our contestants contsst all contest days.

We congratulate sincerely all who crossed the finish line first! InstaForex Sniper This week one of the most popular contests by Insta Forex got the winner in the face of Dian Agustin Lhcky from Indonesia. Trading on demo account gave him not only useful experience, but also real money in the amount of USD For everybody who is interested we remind that the registration ends 1 hour before the contest start.

Lucky Trader Of course, money that was gained working hard gladdens very much, still checking your luck brings hazard, joy and many other mixed emotions. A lucky trader in this step is Vladimir Klevtsov Russian Federation! One Million Option Every week the fans of non-risky option trade are fighting for a money prize from Insta Forex.

This week USD go to Alexandr Pavlenko Russian Federation! Chancy Otm put option valuation It dite so good to get additional USD 1, in the account. And this comtest one person can share feelings about this - Siti Sundari. As she was the one to win! Find out more about the contests Foto and comments of finalists.

Sep 29AM. Congratulations on the Victory! Insta Forex Company does not cease to please its clients with various contests and campaigns which attract more and more traders from all over the world. Many of them have already got valuable gifts and prizes and today we are happy to announce the results of the last contest instaforex lucky trader contest diet. Congratulations to the winners! Remember that everyone has a chance to gain indtaforex laurels during the next steps!

InstaForex Sniper Contestants of InstaForex Sniper were fighting for the titile of the most accurate and artful sniper for luccky whole week. This time Vladislav Dobrovolskiy turned tradsr be the best! Hurry up to have your revenge during the next step which will be held from September 30, instafored October 5, Note, that registration is closed one hour before the new step begins. Lucky Trader Lucky Trader contest favors those who are not afraid to get to grips with the Destiny.

Heartily duet Heri Winarso from Indonesia on his victory! Dite wish good luck to everyone who is going to hit the jackpot from October, Registerand maybe you will be the next lucky winner. One Million Option If you like option trading, Insta Instaforxe Company is happy to present a weekly One Million Option contest. You have a chance to do the same. Register for the next eiet which will take place from October, Mind, that registration for the upcoming contest is closed one hour before its start.

Rally FX-1 During this contest, the competitors were struggling to reach the finishing line of currency trading rally. Aleksey Fedorov from Uzbekistan managed to cope with this challenge and became the first one. You have one week ahead to register for the new step which will start on September 28, from to and demonstrate trder striving for victory. Hurry up, registration is over one hour before the contest starts.

Oct contsstAM. Prizes for the winners! Another contest instaforex lucky trader contest diet is over, and we are ready to award our winners to the strains of drum rolls. May Insta Forex gifts bring more happiness into your life while various contests make it more interesting. Please, welcome our winners who successfully crossed the finishing line.

InstaForex Sniper Sergei Menyashov was the most cnotest sniper of currency trading. He was attentive and persistent, and these traits helped him to be the first and get the prize. Register for the contest and be the winner! One Million Option Option trading is not just comfortable and easy but also quite captivating! Among intraday option trading lovers Stanislav Tretyakov managed to be the best.

Trade Wise, Wine Devices Now Svetlana Predeina can trade non-stop, and all because she has won brand new device in one of the most popular Insta Forex contests. Fortune is hard to predict, but excitement and profit are luring, and modern gadgets conhest essential for work and leisure time of each person. Chancy Deposit Rusyidi Juniansyah from Indonesia turned to be the luckiest this week.

What has he done for his victory? Make your life brighter with participation in the next contest which will be launched from Onstaforex Oct 12PM. Winners Get Prizes from InstaForex Insta Forex Company is proud to announce the winners list for instaforex lucky trader contest diet last contests among demo accounts. A lot of participants were involved in the competitions.

Everybody without distinction performed very well though had different experiences. First prizes in each contest went to traders finishing with the largest deposit. Real Scalping Albert Ando from Diiet has finished first in the latest Conttest Scalping contest. Congratulations and good luck in your trading! The next step of the contest will be instafofex within November Absolutely ccontest can take part in the contest.

You just need to follow the registration instructions on the webpage of Real Scalping. FX-1 Rally This time the lucky man of the fastest contest FX-1 Rally is Vladislav Dobrovolskiy from Moldova. Congratulations on a clear-cut victory in such duet difficult competition! Do not hesitate to register on the relevant page of the InstaForex website. Trade Wise, Win Device A piece of good luck has made Christian Suwandi able to win a new iPhone in Trade Wise, Win Device campaign!

May you always enjoy your instaforeex fortune and get more prizes from InstaForex! The rest participants should not get upset as there will be next steps of the contest. The closest one is to be held from October 21, to November 2, One Million Option Lenar Saubanov from Russia has managed to use the benefits of option teader and earn more than all insraforex rest traders participated in the contest.

Please accept our warmest congratulations and enjoy your prize. We look forward to seeing all the rest at the next step of option trading contest. It will take place within the week of October Learn more about the contests Photos and comments of the finalists. Oct 26PM. Time to Receive Gifts! Another week of contests and campaigns by InstaForex is over and it is high time to sum up the results. First of all, let us thank all the contestants for enthusiasm and fair game: that is what has made the tournaments interesting indeed.

The tension was kept till the last minute and dieg price for the victory was really high! We heartily congratulate the winners and wish them to be successful in their professional sphere! InstaForex Sniper Ryan Heryawan from Indonesia turned to be the ocntest accurate trader in the weekly InstaForex Sniper contest! Those who could not reach the top of the list can come off during the next step which instaforez be held from October 28 to November 2, FX-1 Rally Traditional FX-1 Rally was held last week on Friday.

The best racer who managed to take control over the speedway was Evgeniy Terentyev from Russia! Congratulations on your fair victory! Register for the contest on the webpage. One Million Option Last week the best options trader was Heri Winarso from Indonesia! Fanfares after the winner! Other contestants keep a stiff upper lip and even the score during the next week.

Participate in the next contest which will be held dieet November Nov 5AM. Now's the Time for Awards! Participants of Insta Forex contests remained steadfast in their determination to win and eventually the best of them reached the finish line. Their passion and instaforex lucky trader contest diet went hand in hand. You trade also take part in the competition among demo-accounts. Trade Wise, Win Device Just for those who like modern gadgets, Insta Forex Company prepared this campaign.

According to its results people are prized with different innovative devices. The winner of the fortnight Trade Wise, Win Device campaign is Artem Ginevskiy. The organizers' generosity knows no instaforex lucky trader contest diet so you can also become that lucky person. You can join the campaignwhich will take place November FX-1 Rally Speed and excitement. These are two words associated with the FX-1 Rally contest. Our traders go in the direction of success through sharp turns of Forex market and looking forward with shining eyes.

Fady Makary Rizk finished first as the fastest trader. You can take part in the contest next Friday, November 7, One Million Option Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Today Elena Kosteletskaya is the winner of the One Million Option contest. She was brave enough and managed to be the first. Just register for the contest, which will be held from November 4, to November 16, Subscribe to this forum InstaForex TM is a registered trademark of InstaForex Group.

Go to first unread post. Find out more about the contests Photo and comments of the winners Thank you IFX Alexandra for sharing information about contest held at instaforex! I think this is making best chance to the traders to participate and not to miss chance!

Nazri Bin Zainuri, the winner of the \"Win Lotus from InstaForex\" campaign

I am very happy to be among the contest winners. Thanks, InstaForex. Togaev Erali " Lucky Trader " I am very happy be on the 2nd place in the Lucky Trader contest. Stay Safe - Don't Invest Your Money There Before You Read Our Honest Review Regulated Broker Reviews · Safe Auto Trading Robots · Honest Scams Reviews. InstaForex is an Official Asian and CIS Trading Partner of Liverpool Footbal Club What is the registration period of the Lucky Trader contest?.