Say if you your internet goes down, then will that OCO go down too, potentially leaving you in a position with no stop loss, or is the OCO stored on their server? Money burning, Rewl just knew there are that many alternatives for NT data. I would recommend Multicharts instead of TS which is more robust and is only a one time fee. If you are already spending thousands of dollars Providere start day trading the last thing you need are more expenses. Custom C NinjaScript Development. IQFeed Data Feed Provider.

Zenfire which was a co-brand of Rithmic, I have been using Rithmic for an year now, very fast and reliable connection! But their volume is not as big as others. So it is not a big firm for me to put all money in I guess. I am happy with Tradestation and Ninjatrader integration. One thing that TS can improve is the position sync.

I wish they support 64bit Ninjatrader so I do not need to switch and switch over and over. Unfiltered real time data. With Ninjatrader now, so far so good. Ninja is the Best! When I use Ninjatrader to download data from TD Ameritrade, it just blamed way so many symbol error. Hard to download accurate data because of its down time Fwed well Everyone who is trying Tume IQfeed need to pay extra attention: IQfeed historical will erase all your tick historical data.

They claim they have long tick data but in fact they don't unless you pay few k more maybe. So… Commission is lower than Zenfire, but somehow the fill and data is not as fast as Zenfire although it claimed Zenfire is just a rebrand of it. Anyone has the same Ninjatraderr and feeling? I tried Zenfire, Vision and CQG, CQG price ladder move the fastest, just the commission is little costly compare to Vision. Vision offer fair commission. I've been with MBtrading for 3 years.

Their historical data Prooviders short but free and good, however for real time, I often get back ticks during high volume period. Inactivity fee, you gotta kidding, I have more than 10k money on your hand and now you charge me this! I am withdrawing now. The order fill is worst than Zf, I though zenfire is a subset of Rithmic Data???

I am going to Mirus Zenfire now. I've just opened my Vision account, they sent me securemessage which seems to be good and secured. The problem is the person in the securedmessage never response my question, I really doubt what kind of customer service is this??? Very… The commission is very low compare than TS. The historical however seems not too stable, might need to buy historical data. But overall, very good NT connection provider. Tradestation, Ninjatrader and Backtestdata.

I am coming here just to vote for them. Rithmic data is amazing, rate for optimus. And the historical data is limited to 3 moths Newest Reviews for Ninjatrader Real Time Data Feed Providers I think. Zen Fire through Mirus now can go into esignal by request. Well Free zenfire vs paid Esignal. It is efficient since it directly writes to the IQFeed. Zenfire and vision, they limit your demo account and will band your ip if you do too often.

Zenfire is very fast, there is a demo you can Tlme, recommend!. Andrew, this is review. Tried to subscribe to it and never got any response email. Then later I found out historical data is actually better for me to develop strategy than real time. Bought data disk, bye. I trade with Tradestation with NT way back to old days.

TS's commission on stocks is very amazing low. Really good for day trading stock market. The data however is pretty expensive to subscribe such that I bought historical data… Fast speed, good fill to me. If the commission can be little bit low will be great People just dont know they can use Ninjatrader for free and tested out the data and backtested it before they pay that much money on the platform.

Be a smart trader! Promising speed, Newest Reviews for Ninjatrader Real Time Data Feed Providers with Mirus future and zenfire for an year, now i am moving to vision Rimthic data which seems to be even faster and cheaper. Free sim accounts on Fx and futures. However, the data on historical sometimes will have spike. I am not sure if this is NT problem or the MBtrading, but I never has that problem on other data Weir Requirements for Ninjatrader. Password Connection Configuration Instructions.

NinjaTrader must be installed. In the Account Connection Set Up Provider, press the "Add…" button. The Connection Wizard will appear. Press the "Next… Requirement for Ninajtrader:. Password Requirement for Ninjatrader:. You can connect TradeStation to NinjaTrader to achieve the following:. Execute TradeStation strategy generated trade signals as live orders through NinjaTrader supported brokerage partners. A real time data feed to drive NinjaTrader as a trade simulator.

Critical: You cannot… Requirement for Ninjatrader:. Account logon credentials provided by your Patsystems based broker. Price port - MB Trading valid account. Interactive Brokers does not provides historical tick data. Thus you cannot built Range Tick, Seconds or any other tick based charts. Unfortunately IB Gateway is not officially supported with NinjaTrader 7 however… eSignal OnDemand service does not support any 3p connectivity.

CQG continues to have the highest commitment to providing reliable accurate data. Kinetick provides streaming real time quotes, historical and Feeed end of day financial market data for stocks, futures and forex. Kinetick is a brand owned and operated by NinjaTrader, Dataa. Good data but will disconnect during weekend, every time we need to reconnect NT every week, pretty annoying No sure it is NT problem or vision?

The reason to flag. Newest Reviews for Ninjatrader Real Time Data Feed Providers. Avery reviewed MB Trading. Joshua reviewed TD Ameritrade. Joe reviewed TD Ameritrade. Revieas reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Joshua reviewed MB Trading. Otis reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Sean reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Basil reviewed MB Trading. Brian forex no trading days quiz Vision Financial Markets. Jimmy reviewed MB Trading.

Jack reviewed MB Trading. Jack reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Eddie reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Cecil reviewed Trading Technologies. Sean reviewed TD Ameritrade. Zane reviewed MB Trading. John reviewed Vision Financial Markets. John reviewed Trading Technologies. John reviewed TD Ameritrade. John reviewed Ninjatradet Trading. John reviewed Interactive Brokers. Howard reviewed Vision Financial Markets. Top 5 Ranked Ninjatrader Historical Data Providers - Updated. Top 5 Ranked Ninjatrader Realtime Data Providers - Updated.

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