Undkck have to hard-power it down and then restart the laptop after undocking. It is extremely important to undock your laptop from the start menu before ejecting it from the docking station. Thursday, January 05, PM. At once classic, cool, and perpetually contemporary, the clean glamour of Polished Chro. Thanks for the info. Microsoft Tech Companion App.

I read this off the Microsoft technet boards. This was the following point that stood out: Undock appears on the Shutdown Options. ACPI -enabled and recognized as a portable computer in a docking. If Undock does not appear on the Shutdown Options menu, your computer is not ACPI-enabled, or might not support undocking. You may want to check whether your system is actually seeing itself as docked. I assume that the docking light is lit up on the docking station when your system is physically docked?

Yes, the lights are fx option put call parity lawsuit and when I press the power button the laptop switches on or off - I'm just not comfortable to just remove the undock computer option queen in the middle of something to undock, then again, the battery takes over, so nothing really happens when you undock.

Could it be a bios setting? I've got a Latitude E and have the same issue. My D had an undock option. Sureley the new E series Latitudes have the functionality? Coputer docking station for the E series Latitudes do not present them to the OS as a docking station, so the OS does not offer an undock option. I had an Potion for a few weeks until I realized that the system had an incredible number of design flaws.

I agree, the is like going undock computer option queen. I upgraded to theand I still have the docking station issue. But the laptop is much better. But how difficult can it be? An updated driver should be able to fix this or am I missing something? I'm not a hardware engineer, but this is a pretty fundamental change to the system The dock needs to have a unique ID so the OS undock computer option queen create profiles you can have multiple profiles that contain different hardware and the OS can tell which one you're using at the moment and the BIOS needs to be updated to recognize the dock's ID.

The BIOS update isn't the hardest part I have my doubts if it's even possible. I'm trying this in It has been years since this post. I have a newly acquired E running Win7 bit Pro and my also newly acquired port replicator has K09A and K09A on the name tag on the bottom. The online E-Port Plus manual is fromso it does not undocck the two rearmost USB connections are USB 3. Also, mine appears to have HDMI connectors, so I'm hoping I don't have to try to locate dongles to connect monitors.

My current needs are just centered around USB, serial and parallel ports. The measly two USB connections on the E weren't enough for me. No undock option on Windows 7? Laptop computer Forums Audio, General Hardware, Video. This question is not answered. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. This was the following point that stood out:.

Undock appears on the Jndock Options. This is in direct contradiction of MS Technotes which specifically optio. Removing a portable computer without using Undock can result in system. To avoid loss or. Dell has 'acknowledged' the issue on their Ideastorm site

My Ultimate Laptop Docking Station Build With LG Ultra-wide Monitor

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