This other party is not a criminal mastermind. Which I think is a combination of things. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. That can one-shot just about everything. It is part what makes America Great and does NOT need to be changed.

The Thieves Guild is not the worst bit of writing in Skyrim. This is a major part of Skyrim and a lot of environments, characters, and cutscenes are dedicated it This is a shame, because the Thieves Guild questline is a mess. I imagine running over mountains and fighting through tombs is pretty labor-intensive. I get that the guild has fallen on hard times, but this still feels awkward. I do a little job for him where I steal a ring from person A and slip it into the pocket of person B.

Apparently Bethesda thought everyone was too stupid to to untangle the threads of this thuddingly obvious frame-up. This is not the last time they will underestimate the intelligence of the player. Once that bit is over, we settle into the main plot of the questline. Maven the local crime boss buys honey from the farm and uses it to make mead. When I rob the safe, I find a bill of sale inside. The owner of Goldenglow sold the property to a mystery person.

Yeah, not exactly a nail-biting moment. At this point I was already feeling a little underwhelmed. Someone is engaged in a plot to reduce the margins on mead production for the local crime-lord?!? This is not exactly a tale of intrigue worthy of this sort of guild. The quest line has been building her up, talking about how important she is to the guild and how she has half the city in her grip. Fine, except once this quest is over she never comes up again. Despite her build-up as some kind of crime boss, she comes what does writing a put option mean z words as a cranky dimwit.

You meet her in an open hallway of the inn. Maven is a jerk to me, and then she sends me to see a guy named Mallus. He sends what does writing a put option mean z words to Honningbrew Meadery, which is is a mead distillery in the city of Whiterun. It competes with Maven. The owner of Honningbrew is about to hold a tasting for the captain of the guard, and my job is to poison the mead. Okay, this is where the quest line starts to come apart. First of all, you have to put the poison into this mead tank: Anyway, the captain of the guard takes one sip, and then instantly arrests the owner of the place, promising that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

I mean, I thought the point of the Thieves Guild was to act unseen, and to take valuables without hurting people. You can murder a civilian in broad daylight and allow the guard to take you to jail for a modest span of time. Or just pay a 1, dollar fine. But inadvertent food contamination with no victims is worthy of life in prison?

And the Honningbrew owner never points the finger at me, the mysterious stranger who he recently allowed into the distillery? He pulled a fresh batch of mead from the vat and never saw fit to taste it himself first? Who owns this place? I check the books, and find this place was cutting a deal with the same mystery person who bought Goldenglow. Dude, are you kidding? We just made a fortune.

This foe cut a deal with this distillery, but we did a bunch of nonsense and now we own it. They spent a fortune, and have nothing. This other party is not a criminal mastermind. They tried to legitimately compete against deeply entrenched organized crime, and lost everything before they made a single shiny coin. Mercer says they were doing this to drive a wedge between Maven and the Guild. How would making mead accomplish that? They would probably work together to drive out the competition.

Mercer, worried about this inept non-threat, sends me to see Gulum-Ei, the guy who brokered the property sale. After a bunch of screwing around, Gulum-Ei finally breaks down and tells me that the mystery client is Karliah. Twenty-five years ago she apparently killed the previous guild leader and then vanished.

Karliah left a clue. Mercer believes that this can only mean one place: The ruin where she killed Gallus, the previous guild leader. Mercer decides to meet me there so that the two of us can kill her. He works on this site full time. If you'd like to support him, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. The Aringoth estate bailed out, so the Guild failed in their task. Hence the wedge — Maven now considers the guild inept and untrustworthy.

Mallus is the OBVIOUS choice. What, should he have gone on his own, trying to compete with the person holding A WHOLE CITY UNDER HER CONTROL right after helping her depose of the old competitor? More to the point, at this stage you alredy know — or should know, if you paid any attention — that this foe is NOT competing with Maven and her mead-nonsense, but trying to sabotage the guild by setting their most influential backer against them — by making Maven think the Guild is way too incompetent which is kinda is….

At least in Skyrim, it is hammered home that the Thieves are NOT good guys. Do other readers find hateful, nonconstructive bashing enjoyable? The problem came up, and you fixed it. This goes forward to where we find out this was all being done by Karliah. The only way this actually makes sense is if Karliah expected options genius blog guild to take no action.

The guy who owns the place decides what happens to it. Are you confusing my article with something else, or projecting? My commentary is pretty dry and clinical so far. Yes, the Thieves guild were supposed to keep the bee-farms bound only to Maven. That was the entire point of their involvement before they sold over, to keep any other purchasers away. The problem came up EXACTLY because the TG failed in their previous task.

You know, she is kinda a Crime-boss, using a gang of thugs to keep parts of her business in check. So yes, I think it is obvious that she was using the thugs to prevent others from going into her business. Also, Skyrim is set in a fantasy world with clearly medievalistic rules. Would you have ten quests about legal proceedings and inheritance fraud? Your article seems to consist solely of pointing out the failures in a massive game and creating statements meant to ridicule and exemplify those failures without constructive accompaniment or other possible positive concessions.

I do not think that such articles are all that enjoyable to read — I wonder if other readers actually enjoy such things. Or, let me put it this way. I am enjoying it so far. Gameplay-wise, it was OK sneaking around in the Dwemer museum is a highlight but the writing and even more so, the plotting, are really poor. By this logic, Shamus should have stopped playing the Thieves Guild line here, and never written these articles. People criticize because they want to see something improve.

Um,because he did like it,he said so himself. He liked the game as a whole,but disliked certain parts,parts that were not in the majority. Sorry, but I freaking HATE this response. Think about the money Karliah put into this, and what she got out of it. How did it advance her goal? Even if you burn down all the hives, Mercer is perfectly secure in his position.

In fact, the blame falls to the player, not the guild. The subject matter here is wrong. I hope it will be more than one paragraph at the very last article ; Skyrim is some weird mix of vikings and medieval stuff but in Viking culture an attempted murder with poison would be considered worse then a murder with a weapon. Also in viking cultures handing over the property to the second in command after the owner tried to commit a murder since he has shamed both himself and his family would be fairly normal.

From being born, raised and interested in viking culture since birth. Well, for those of us born after the 11th century, this quest makes no sense and goes against what most people understand about criminal justice and property rights. That would properly prepare the player for what would otherwise strike them as incredibly illogical. If you got a certain reputation, you have to try extra hard. In fact I would have loved it if someone in game explained the difference between murdering someone and killing someone.

That would also silence some of those that sided with the Stormcloaks simply because of the execution scene. They were trying to kill you not murder you, huge difference. Shamus, are you a fan of Terry Pratchett? The system works fairly well — a customer can be robbed in the safety and comfort of their own home at the start of the year and afterwords walk the streets without fear or more fear than usual, this being Ankh-Morpork.

From the TVTropes entry on Thieves Guilds. Its not just skyrim. It became so popular to have a thieves guild similar to a discworld one. And I dont get why,since most of the time they try to use the thieves guild as a serious thing,when originally it was meant as a comedy. Not that it cant work as a serious thing though,but it would require much more work. I think the rant is hilarious but the thing is Mallus tells you that him and Maven had been planning this for months so they obviously knew what the outcome would be.

What does writing a put option mean z words just need to do the work. Except it was entirely up to the Jarl, whether or not an individual Karl of one of your businesses had shamed his entire family, and oft times the Jarl ruled in favor of the son taking the lead, because in Norse myth, the Sins of Odin did not become the Sins of Thor. NOT ONLY THAT BUT SKYRIM WAS REPUTEDLY THE MOST CIVILIZED DEVELOPED NATION IN THE ELDER SCROLLS BAR CYRODIIL PRIOR TO NORSE CANDYLAND THE GAME.

Also Norse mythology suffers from the fact that the records we have of it come from the point in time years after Christiandom came. If someone lost property due to being convicted of murder — which would happen in a duly convened Ting, not on the say-so of a random passer-by whatever his rank — then the property less court expenses would go to the victim or his family as compensation, not to a known associate of the murderer.

Also note that no society before, say,was much into long-term prison sentences as retribution. Execution is much cheaper, so is exile, and fines have the added advantage of giving compensation to the victim. On the other hand, if the property in question was not taken from the owner, then he still owned it and could run it as he liked, subject to possible fines or exile. If he were exiled, then he might perhaps ask his second-in-command to run it for him until he could get back; or he might find a relative.

If we suppose that the place was actually owned by someone else and the chief was just running it for him, then promoting the second-in-command to that position would make a certain amount of sense. As for your criticisms,if you havent noticed,exaggeration is what Shamus uses plentifully for comedic purposes. Why are you reading his blog if you dont like that style of writing?

As for it laughingly pointing out bad things,again Shamus did that for practically every game where he found a major flaw in,and yet here you are,still reading his blog despite not liking that style of writing. Because he has been known to write better things. X2Eliah, a friendly tip; step back a moment and look at what you wrote. Yes, we all get upset if someone dares to speak ill of something we hold dear, but do try to channel that outrage through less ridiculous ways such as a completely overblown reaction through a barely coherent rant.

And concidering that this is just part 1, you might want to try and calm down before you pop a fuse at the end of the week. Usually I agree with him. Reading only this blog it looks like an horrible game. It makes the criticism as a whole more interesting, at least for me. Skyrim is a broken game with terrible writing, horrible balance, tons of bugs and generally is only a minor step up from Oblivion in terms of overall quality, which is to say it is slightly less likely to induce seizure on an hourly basis.

Excepting the fact that Twilight is frequently lambasted by actual film and book critics, and Avatar actually met some fairly mixed reviews. A lot of the rest of the bugs that have to do with physics and things like that, were purposely left in because they were funny. Like the giants crazy punch. Something said that that happened because the engine converted extra damage into momentum. How does that make sense?

Makes perfect sense from a design standpoint. The game would be poorer without those moments which make you laugh aloud at their sheer ridiculousness. I suppose they made the engine work that way on purpose, so it did what it was supposed to, just not to that… excessive… degree. I tend to just drive things through the ground instead of bouncing them though : Bethesda stated, publicly, that they will KEEP all bugs that were funny and not game breakers.

That sort of game is more like a movie where I get to pick the costumes and DA:O even screwed that up, as nearly every outfit I had was removed or glitched in the third-person sequences, especially any headgear. But thats the problem with game critics,not with skyrim. For the critics,an average game is bad,and any game thats above average is OMG DA BEST SH!

I absolutely freaking loved it, but it was not my impression that the brilliant plot, fantastic narrative and amazing delivery was the reason everyone liked it. Because it had exactly the opposite of all those things almost everywhere. I shall praise Skyrim because the basic mechanics are so, so fun this time around loving the addition of the finishers. Also the lore is pretty incredibly in depth. Avatar and Twilight in the same sentence hurts. Twilight is designed to attract young girls and make a lot of money.

It did push boundaries, and showed what is technically possible. Sure, it used a very simple but logically sound!! In the end, Avatar is what most games should strive to become right now. It looks good, it feels alive, yet not earthly, the characters are all well-developed and barely not one-dimensional, and the plot makes sense. It demonstrates that execution can trump source material, if execution is just insanely well done.

Which is actually what Blizzard and Valve are doing too. Skyrim on the other hand has complicated plots, which never work out. I really would prefer an Avatar-plot to the mess Skyrim ends up with. Get thee hence to the Plinkett Review! And try not to trip on the ugh Unobtanium. Linking to a plinkett review? Similar materials abound in science fiction, usually with some bs technobabble stuck in front of them. At least unobtainium has the decency to be upfront about it.

I not only like that, I can respect it. Avatar pushed the boundaries? With cgi that was used so much better in other stuff toy story,for example? With 3d that adds to nothing? Or with the money poured in it simply because its the guy who can make visually great movies? Dont get me wrong,I do think that the movie looks cool,but its not ground breaking. Now terminator 2,that was ground breaking visual effects. It still may be the most ground breaking movie ever.

Yes, it did push the boundaries. Not boundaries in storytelling or anything meaningful. It did however show us what a movie could look like if the look was executed well and skillfully. But to say the game fails as a whole because of that bad writing is unfair. He has done nothing so far to suggest irrational hatred of this game, so surely this implies that he genuinely missed several points of what was going on. I came to the exact same conclusions as Shamus, on all points.

While some points are still unsolved or seem weird, due to the rather obvious upcoming plot-twist, the characters are still stupid. Karlia on the other hand? She has no sensible motivation for trying to get into the mead business. If anything, it will only strengthen the bond between Maven and the Thieves Guild.

The wedge-plan succeeds only if the Guild attempts and FAILS at protecting the business. I was specifically replying to the second post in this thread, claiming that Shamus was going out of his way to hate the game, and pointing out that some things he said could be justified by the plot, such as the meadery being given to its second in command when the owner is imprisoned. You can basically ignore my original post, since Shamus said everything many many times better than me. Which is OK because I pickpocketed all her stuff the moment she stopped talking.

I think this is where the criticism of a lot of Bethesda writing comes in, you practically have to LARP to make plot points make sense. Maven was the worst sort of plot villain, whose influence and agency in the world is only expressed via quest text and dialogues. At no point is it ever expressed by other characters or in dialogue with the Jarl whom you might imagine would resent orbe toady for this powerful crimelord. I actually expected the majority of the Riften-quests to come through her.

And then she was just a one-time visit in a tavern. What a wasted opportunity. Those guy at the brewery are scared by her. Maven does pop up at one point in the main plot which makes her out to be quite an influential figure who has connections with the Thalmor, she owns a big mansion in Riften, a hunting lodge full of hired guards outside of town and of course the Black Briar Meadery.

I think my favourite aspect of it is that there are essentially no thievery quests in this questline. Also this game removed the luck stat, but their patron Daedra is, in this game revealed to be responsible for Luck, meaning earning her favour gives essentially no benefit at all. Do they give a sword and shield and send you of to chop up rats? Actually, the final dungeon of the MG quest is designed to be hard er for mages, for some reason.

The final fight is against a caster of some stripe, and my thief dropped him with two arrows and no personal danger. Meanwhile, my mage had a heck of a time bringing him down, and I had to chug a lot of potions to seal the deal. Still, the mana-drain seemed like a pointless annoyance. It would only hurt mages, and it seems like being a caster should be an advantage here, not a liability. It would be better thematically if the place was brightly lit and drained stamina.

I barely noticed it. I used the wait button. Honestly I never even noticed it. The boss talks to you? Then again, I never got what does writing a put option mean z words thrity feet of the guy. I sent my flame atronach down to tie him up and spammed staff spells at him until he was dead. Took almost all of my soul gems too, that sucker was tough.

But I thought he was just a mute zombie thing. EDIT: Oh wait, do you mean the deep voice that happened every now and then in the dungeon? Ooooooooohhhh……honestly at the time I thought it was the big bad dragon from the main quest. I forgot all about it by the time I got to the boss. Funny the things you get used to. I never realized that it drained my mana either. I also thought it was a dragon.

When you enter the dungeon, you fight a dragon skeleton, and voice sounds a lot like the other dragons in the game. I think this naturally but unintentionally telegraphed to the player that they were up against a dragon. I mean, they are the ones who Bethesda made a big deal about having a new language and being prideful and ancient and resurrecting and things, so it fit pretty well. I do believe the boss at the end of that is one of the Dragon Priests, of the mask wearing inner circle in fact.

He almost certainly was speaking in the Dragon language, since those priests have been dead since the Dragon wars. My first archmage was a hammer-wielding warrior. He shrugged off my spells, mind controlled my summon, and killed me in two hits. The various Helpful People On The Internet all recommend either taking him down with melee or letting Shadowmere kill him. My latest character is a vampire, and I took Stealth and Illusion specifically for the bonuses. When the AI is attacked it will move toward the location of the origin of the attack but usually stops a few paces away.

Everything but mages can be made broken and ridiculously powerful. The enchanting professions are just absurdly easy to level and powerful. For me,the sapping of mana actually makes sense. If you really want to be a badass mage,then you have to be prepared for every situation,and every type of enemy. So its logical that to become a badass mage,youd have to face something that severly hinders your magic,and still overcome it. One way to do this is to enchant a bunch of items to reduce spell cost as much as you can 0 would be most preferable.

As for stealth archery being overpowered,I wouldnt know,I did have much need for bows any way. One thing I can say,though,is that if you focus on melee,you deserve the trashing you will receive. I mean the most well known selling point of skyrim is its abundance of dragons,and dragons fly,so why would anyone even try to go for a melee character? With the right enchantment you can get 30x sneak attack criticals. Didnt try it with a bow,but I did with spells,and its not that hard once you get the hang of it.

Especially when it lands. Furthermore,you dont have to race to it when if it lands far from you. Best way to kill dragons — wait for them to land, hopefully a medium distance away, hide behind a rock. Shoot them, dodge behind the rock when they breathe at you. Why hide if you can pellet them while you are still out of what does writing a put option mean z words of their breath.

Or summon something to get their attention and finish them from behind. Personally I found that the BEST way to kill dragons was to have a shield, enchant it with resistances and take the elemental block perk. Decent armour will let you stand in front of it, blocking its attacks. When it breathes, smack it in the nose with your shield and hack at it a few times.

That said, with my warrior I did power through the main quests until I had Dragonbane and Dragonrend. Getting them to come down and fight me was the main challenge. I completely missed dragonbane the first time. Thinking of that in conjunction with a dragon is bloody hilarious. But my Blade of Woe is doing something like damage after enchants are added up, and does get a 30x multiplier. It will one shot anything in the entire game. I do so love my Blade of Woe.

I am about level 33 and have about a level 75 one-handed. Most of the top level stuff is really fairly uninteresting to me. Magic is broken at all levels. Mid-game, it works decently, but you need to rely on other means for multiple foes. Endgame, you can spam spells without care, and they stun. The last mission had dragons as… mid bosses, I guess?

But yeah, basic dragons are easier than mid-level draugr. And for some reason my level 35 character never ran into anything higher than a frost dragon, so no hard high level fights for me. I have real issues keeping my dragon souls ahead of my words of power, which is … odd, from what I hear. Funny how with Dragonrend engaging them in melee becomes fairly trivial, barring they land somewhere out of your immediate reach what does writing a put option mean z words you happen to be in bad terrain.

Still, the cooldown is so ridiculously short you can just keep spamming it. As of now, melee and ranged damage scale with character level, but magic damage does not. This means that as a mage you effectively become less capable in combat as soon as you hit around level 30 and it only gets worse as you level up. There are mods to fix it, but it serves as just another example of how amazingly incompetent Bethesda are. It makes up what it loses in damage with the impact perk.

Impact staggers everything, every time. I killed the final boss without it being able to move. It became impossible for me to die because I would just stun lock anything in my way. You could also buy stuff that reduce mana cost,and couple those with the perks to get the same effect. That can one-shot just about everything.

I was under the impression that the fellow was gaining power from your mana. That would be ridiculous. This happens despite many more qualified staff members being present, and the person who promotes you not actually being a member of the college. I handwave it by thinking he used his jedi mental tricks on the whole college to make them agree. After all, if they can stop time completely they probably can jedi trick everyone in a castle.

In the case of mages, your primary one. Did you remember to bring a sword? The final dungeon in a quest line specifically for mages is designed to actively discourage mages from being mages? Does Putin show up to declare your character is now President of US? The quest revolves around a magical artifact the college wants to research. And the white house staff just go with it because who are they to argue?

What does the Psijic order have to do with the College of Winterhold? I thought it was self-contained? And if not, why are they listening to the Psijics anyway? What gives them any authority over the college? Welcome to being in charge of ANY group in Skyrim. You have lots of money and can one-shot a dragon… but nobody really cares. Both kinda suck upon reflection. One is kinda neat but weighs you down with mostly useless but pricy loot, the other is kinda neat but makes you wonder if they were just phoning in the writing, or if they really think the console audience is just that dumb.

See: Helping the Empire win the Civil War AFTER finishing the Brotherhood of Assassins questline. That alone will make the game more enjoyable. Thank heavens for The nexus. With max skill, even without smithing perks, it makes armour and weapons vastly overpowered. To the point where you can stand in front of a dragon or giant and simply not take damage. My favourite part is helping the empire win the war then everyone complaining about how hard the war is on them and if only this damnable conflict would end.

I had to pull a bunch of your posts not just out of moderation, but the spam queue. Which means I need to un-spam them, THEN un-moderate them. There is nothing wrong with them. This is becoming more common. That was just me bashing my head on my desk repeatedly after reading the uesp. Except for becoming Arch-Mage at the end the gameplay WAS quite fun. Hell I played a stealth-mage at this point, and managed to beat him.

Also what you get out of it, the item the Big Bad is holding in the dungeon, is very very very very very good for mages. None of you have tried to do that fight as a vampire have you…? For some reason the final boss fight is counted as daylight. Fighting that guy with no health or magicka regen is very very hard. My F9 key is now illegible… Did you know that the regen bonuses on enchanted items are not affected by the vampiric weakness to sunlight?

I never invested in magicka and only managed to get in once I found some gear to increase my manapool in order to be able to do the initiation spell. A Dragon Shout is impressive enough to get you past the entry screening. Because they could think of no one better. Hey, do you want to do it now? To be fair, on my Mage I was playing my character as a complete and utter arrogant asshole. That problem seems to be endemic to the game.

The quests are fragile. A no-magic fighter getting the same reception is. Chop up rats is on the thieves guild alley. The mages guild quests involve running around killing necromancers for books, exploring old ruind for books, and saving the world from an artifact of doom. The mage guild questline. Actually… quite a disappointment, it is just far too bland. I remember the Brotherhood quests being relatively solid. The characters are consistent and the plot mostly makes sense.

Added to that is the fact that at least half of the quests involved are actual assassinations. I was slightly miffed to find that the poison target is plot armoured before he eats the food. The Dark Brotherhood was the last guild quest I actually did out of the four. Rather ironically I was blown away by its quality in comparison to the other three, and loved almost every minute of it… Gah. It was really good up until the big murder happened keeping it vague to not spoil anythingbut frankly turned to shit afterwards.

Still, not being forced to side with Cicero was appreciated. TOTTALY out of character for her, she was suposed to be this strong, fearless woman but thanks to the bad writing she became a scared chicken. It never contradicts itself because it never really says anything to begin with. I thought the Dark Brotherhood was pretty fun. They even build to a decent crescendo. Yeah, DB was pretty nice, but also.

I got that too. It was a little short. I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential in the secondary characters. Well, the Oblivion Brotherhood was much more fun. It was so fun to kill the last guy after he killed the old lady he believed to be the killer. Hey, why are you drawing a sword? If you drop it on the ground, the real killer actually reacts!

Also, that summon you get from the Skyrim DB quest-line was almost as good a throwback as getting Keening from that Mage side-quest Morrowind references get me every time. And Lucien actually comments on every town you go to, and every DB quest you do after getting him. Perhaps the two parts, Thieves Guild and Mage School, had entire different scriptwriters and the later actually had a thought or two to take out.

The dichotomy of old vs. The Mage Guild quest does contradict itself. If anything, the Order seemed like they really were going to use it for a nefarious purpose, a purpose that Magnus had actually installed protections into the Eye to prevent the Psijic Order from using the Eye. The Psijic Order therefore needed you to open the Eye and hand it over because they were not able to due to the protections placed on it by Magnus.

The basic gist is that, after passing an entrance exam which consists of casting two novice-level spells for someoneyou what does writing a put option mean z words a second lecture and then go on an expedition into a dangerous tomb to hunt for rare, valuable and potentially dangerous artifacts. Plot dictates that the player finds one such artifact, and it turns out to be some magical object of magic that does magic things of an obscure and indeterminate nature.

They tell you that the artifact is dangerous and offer some vague nonsense about the severity of the situation, but never help you at all. So of course, pretty soon that means the clearly evil Thalmor ambassador who was standing around protected by plot armour the whole what does writing a put option mean z words, decides to take control of the artifact and suck out its power, putting a ticking clock that never actually runs out onto the whole affair.

In this short conflict, several members of the College, including the Archmage, are killed. So then the player shoots the staff at trigger script and a glitchy boss battle plays out where the player theoretically is supposed to drain the Thalmor of the magic with the staff, then kill him. Afterwards, the Psijic guy Deus Ex Machinas what does writing a put option mean z words way back in and takes the artifact away to his place.

The most absurd thing about all of it is the extreme pace that everything runs at. Nobody in the College does anything to help, except complain and offer directions on where you should go. A questline to reconcile with the Jarl and even fix the damage to the city would have been way more interesting, especially because they hint and tease at it for so long… instead we get a generic Harry Potter knock-off that struggles to make any sense whatsoever. Bethesda really must be committed to preventing the player from altering the game world in any way.

The play-testers want to do something of consequence? Chopping wood is fun, right? At least they had plots that felt appropriate to them and that made a tiny bit of sense. True but the inner circle is about half the Companions guild. Would make more sense if it was like in previous games with different guild buildings scattered throughout the cities but all the Companions hang out with each other all the time in a fairly small building.

Several members of the College get killed? Who are the other ones that get killed off? The master wizard lady or whatever, the 2nd in command gets killed along the way. If the side-quests are placed within the mainquest line, so that you get a special mission and then a few ordinary ones, then special again, and so on, it actually, imo, comes out rather well in terms of gameplay balance. The quests that involve thieving are optional, where the quests that involve screwing around and non interactive nonsense plot are obligatory.

If the side quests were placed in the main line, diversified, crafted and infused with plot, they would do quite well at being an actual thieves guild quest line. I figured the side quests replaced the fence-more-stuff from Oblivion. These special quests are the best thievery-type quests in the game, as a matter of fact well, 3 out of 4 are. Doing these gives you access to more and more fences who are richer and richer.

Merchants will set up shop in the Flagon, as well. You also get the ability to wipe your bounty clean in that hold. You can turn the Khajiit caravans into fences, too. And a bunch of junk in my house that I couldnt sell to anyone,because of the idiotic stolen flag. Which segues into:I thought you were going to tackle bad game mechanics first.

Though I guess that one has been done to death already. Probably because I left every guard I found completely naked. Some people collect books,I leave naked guards around. Those dragons sure made everything go higgledy-piggledy! Does your character reach for the purses of everyone he passes instinctively? Pickpocketing relies on digital dexterity. I imagine a high pickpocket character constantly rolling a coin or fidgeting with stuff that requires digital dexterity But if he also has high sneak,wouldnt that mean no one would be able to spot him doing it in public?

So when you see a guy clearly NOT doing that, he must have high Sneak. So a person skilled in Sneaking would have a very light-footed stance or something? While I do agree that maybe one could spot someone highly skilled at one thing or another,that should not be obvious to joe average. Youd have to either be an expert in that field yourself,or extremely observant.

Skyrim guards are remnants of the old Cyrodiil guards: they have psychic powers. They might have two or it might just be strange non-sequiter writing. If they were to put good mechanics they would have done another kind of game althogether. The game is so big that if you fix everything you have a sandbox. And the in-game way to bypass this: go to Riften. Talk to the elf behind the front counter at the Black-Briar meadery.

Bribe him to talk until you hit 25 Speechcraft or equip the amulet of Zenithar and then persuade him until you hit Pump perks into Fence. No more stolen goods lying around. Breaking Bethesda games is the most mundane thing in the world. Recently managed to boost alteration and conjuration to what does writing a put option mean z words. Destro and Resto are very dull though. The main problem I with speech is that it is almost entirly geared to making money. Aside from training what does writing a put option mean z words times per level money becomes almost entirely useless later on.

After I waste 20k or so raising my smithing, anyway. I tend to buy expensive stuff like malachite and orichalcum :D Yeah… I ended up summoning a Frost Atronach and firebolting it to death, summoning it, firebolting it, etc. Alternatively, level your armor skills and restoration by keeping yourself healed while pissing off giants! Skyrim actually tends to avoid that a lot better than Oblivion.

I generally find in Skyrim that the best way to level is just to go do stuff, whereas in Oblivion I never really got anywhere, because the best way to advance your level is to go grind skills somewhere, like Sneak-autorun into a wall and go afk for an hour. I think the removal of the stats and their levelling system is what made the difference. The point is that the game is too light on fines and jail time anyway. But also… the idea of poisoning the mead, then the guard drinks it… I remember thinking that he would have died.

By the time you hit speech 80, you will have hundreds of thousands of bucks and no longer NEED to steal. I sold every rusty sword I found in every dungeon and sold it. It would take AGES to recoup that through theft. You can always steal the money back from the trainer. It not only makes training practically free,but is also an excellent way of boosting pickpocket. Also,one other interesting way of leveling speech is bribing the guards. Just steal shit what does writing a put option mean z words you get a small bounty,then walk up to any guard,bribe them,and steal back your money.

And,again,it also boosts your pickpocket,so you boost 2 skills for the price of 1 for the price of 0 moneys,actually. Even better, if the trainer is also a potential follower. You can make him join what does writing a put option mean z words, train, go into his inventory AND ASK FOR THE MONEY BACK! I wonder why they put that sooo high. Like in windhelm the dark elf, or in winterhold that guy.

The problem is that you cant powerlevel speech like some other things. For example,illusion is so laughably easy to boost:Just purchase muffle and cast it non stop while you walk around. Unlike other spells,it always gives you experience,whether anyone is present or not. Preferably youll muffle your sound before you do this,because the sound of that spell being cast is so annoying. WoW did that five years ago, and then realized that this results in a world where everyone is an expert in very few things, but outrageously good at those, which is completely off.

The really good perks should all be at In the end, you would not have enough points to take them all anyway. And even if: So what? Usually the Awesome but Impractical stuff is at the top. Should be the other one round. As usual they let the intern do the perk trees. Please see my post about Riften. The system has holes! I exploited them :p Yes, as usual Bethesda has managed to make Speech the most pointless and difficult to level skill in an Elder Scrolls game.

And of course you just put points from levelling up into speech in FO3. Now, mercantile, that skill is consistently a pain in the ass to level up. So selling a stack of cheap iron arrows one at a time for the default price gets you much more XP than just selling one expensive item at a high markup, which is insane. If you want someone to just comment that the Player Character should buy a new weapon, make the engine check and compare the value of the equipped weapons of both the PC and the NPC.

Of course you could make it so they will comment on your weapon being awesome or something, but I personally feel better when NPCs keep their trap shut for once. Yes but there are really too many things to fix apart that. But a simulated world allows them to put in story easily. I think we all agree that Skyrim is a really great game. I think we also all agree that it could be significantly improved in a great many places.

If nothing else, they should stop and realize that NPCs complaining about PCs weapon would end up hurting immersion when the player has good weapons and then remove the commenting script. I think the most egregious offender was when… vilkas? Those are nitpicks, though. I actually enjoyed the Companion quest line, even if it was a bit simple. Take for instance the comments below. Just a couple of weapons that draw unique lines from guards can enhance the experience notably.

To equip a daedric artifact and have the NPCs notice was… profound. A small piece of code can have a strong positive effect on the player, making it well worth the effort. I just want to point out that Brynjolf does change his dialog depending on the ammount of gold you are carrying. The plot writer had a bulletpoint that you frame the Honningbrew man so your spy inherits it, and the dialogue writer wrote a minute-long scene where a policeman comes in, gets poisoned, and cedes the place to the second-in-charge.

What was the alternative? Devlin is, strangely enough, my favorite character in the whole game. I did the random TG quests just to hear his dialog. Mercer, Einther the guy who translates the diary Mallus, and about half the guys in the TG cistern are voiced by Stephen Russell, who does the voice of Garret in the Thief series. Talk about being typecast! I genuinely like Devlin, and Brynjolf, and Vex.

Vex is a thorough bitch, but I always got the feeling she was overcompensating for her own lack of confidence. When that seems threatened she gets very defensive. All of which compounds the tragedy of their quest line being so terrible. They could have been so much more. I loved his line at the end. However, I ran across the ring-theft quest, and I did it in case it became important later It did.

Even that was completely screwed up. Those would be the Companions Or at least some corrupt members of the Companions. But the continuation seems to be even worse. And to think I was actually planning to make a character whose primary motivation is to become the leader of the Thieves Guild… I guess my next character will be either an Imperial Legioner or a Nord Stormcloak after all.

Along the way there is an antagonist to be dealt with, a couple of interesting surprises to be uncovered and a nice payoff at the end. In Skyrim what to you do? You rob some houses, you raid some tombs. You go through a dungeon to steal a couple of football-sized gems that are worth maybe a tenth of what you earned just getting to this point.

And you have to sell your eternal soul to a Daedra for the privilege. Plus the plot was complete swiss cheese. How did nobody ever notice that Mercer had emptied out the vault? Do they never go in there? They made it sound as though he may have done it YEARS ago, but somehow nobody noticed because apparently the Thieves Guild, which is fallen on hard times, never opens its bank vault to pull out some petty cash.

The thing about the extortion quest was that to me, it seemed like such an inelegant solution. People owe you money? Going around threatening people and breaking stuff? Common people should not fear thieves. If they do, you will never find any place safe to hide. If you have to pay off some of the commoners to stay out of reach of the guards, so be it. The plot would be a hell of a lot shorter if EITHER of the All-Knowing Jackass characters just told us that the obvious spy was going to try to blow up the planet and we should put knives in his kidneys.

The Dark Brotherhood quests are completely awesome. You get to kill the Emperor. I will grant that it bugged me that somehow the White-Gold Concordiat managed to completely screw over the Dark Brotherhood for no clear reason. Or so they say! Both of those things really annoyed me. Then I remembered it was a bethesda game so it probably wont make a difference anyway. Yeah,you are pretty much selling a bridge to all of them and laughing how they are so stupid to accept it. Well as the Dovahkiin you have the power to absorb dragonsouls, so you can probably pay what does writing a put option mean z words your debts without too much trouble.

Oh yes,I wasnt thinking about that. So you arent actually selling your own soul,you are selling the souls you have picked up on the way. Oddly enough,that kind of makes sense. Making me play more Skyrim. Did anyone besides me stumble on the TG quest by finding an unusual gem? That happened to me, but you can also stumble onto the theives guild just by walking around Riften. One of the first people you can talk to after walking in the front gate is a guy who can send you on your way to Brynjolf to get recruited.

Same here, the quest marker took me to Riften where i joined the Thieves Guild. Most of the game is great. But the quest lines are garbage. The Dark Brotherhood quest is just as awful. By far the best part of Skyrim so far has been the one-off quests. I just killed the boss of the brotherhood when they tried to recruit me. They are lunatic bastards. So my goodguy became a murdering dick. Even moreso I appreciate the option to murder Cicero in whatever manner I feel most befits an annoying hyperactive clown.

Dont worry,you arent the only one. Practically everyone who is playing skyrim knows that its full of crap,but that just gets ignored because the good stuff really is good. Heck,even the bugs mostly just make people laugh because this time around the game is stable. A friend of mine bought a horse for septims most of his money. The first time he rode to somewhere on it, the second he jumped off its back, the horse ran straight down a cliff.

But it makes the commonly most annoying part of the beginning of a game more of a pain. Is it really worth it? Especially since the bug that caused the horse to run away was no doubt different than the one that allows climbing mountainsides at a steep angle. I found the DB questline what does writing a put option mean z words be better executed than the TG. The TG is stupid through and through.

The story is bad, the quests are bad, and the dungeons involved are bad; the only fun dungeons are at the end! The DB has a coherent story and the quests at least make sense. The only stupid part about the DB is that there are only two good side contracts and they are at the end of that line. How would you have handled it? In my opinion a living world requires a different approach.

Say what you want about AI in Bethesda games, it was MADE to create emergent gameplay. If you read their dev diaries you like lies and blatant self-promotion, no? And if you cram their Radiant Story system with generic situations instead of using it to generate quests, you can end up with some pretty awesome behaviours, especially when they start to overlap. Sadly is mostly self-promotion. Maybe no cinematics, few-to-no dialogs. But still it will be exactly, or mostly, your way, not some preodinated path.

Imagine a living skyrim. You can really do what you want. You can even try to make a new town. I wonder if a game like that would sell. Dwarf fortress had a lot of freedom but I hate the interface. But then again, probably most people prefer simulation. It would sell like booze, or better, because minors are not prevented from buying it. DF is hugely popular despite an interface that makes it feel more like torture than game. Minecraft is popular, despite being very simple. Because people care about building stuff.

But the Khajit are very unreliable. Well,one way to get to them is if you rob a special type of jewel. Now if this was expanded to any,or most of the stolen goods you obtain,it wouldve been much better. Go to that guy in the sewers and leave me alone! Or am I mistaking him for someone else? When I get around to it. Depends if you want plot or gear. If you want gear, the Thieves Guilds gives a nice light armor, and the College gives some outstanding robes.

The comanions let you transform into a werewolf, whose lunge attack is godly against minor foes, and any humanoid if you can manage to avoid death you are very squishy. I think they also give you some heavy armor or something, but I never bothered with finishing the quest line. And being a werewolf is pretty dang sweet too.

After that, you can run to the hills and never come back. Oh, and the companions gives you a pretty decent melee weapon for early levels, if you go do that. See, I happened to the Archmage of Winterhold. Like everything else there, it is considered my property. There are also several in dungeons which the player can acquire legally. And what about the ones that belong to NPCs? Is every NPC that owns one a thief?

What if someone bought one from one of those NPCs? Also, you should be able to challenge the guy who approaches you to a round of fisticuffs for impugning your good name. I like how the caravans complain they are unfairly seen as skooma dealers then immediately offer to sell you skooma. All the gems are considered yours. At least, as far as I know, none of them have the Stolen flag, regardless of where they are. Just as a side, which may explain something: The jewels were pried from the crown that Queen Beranziah was buried with.

Meaning that by definition they are stolen, as someone grave robbed them. They are magical in nature and not many people would know what they are, but if say a patriotic Dark Elf ran across one their might be issues. Overall, I will say this about the questlines. They are too few. I would rather there be three or more questlines PER Guild, each one getting bigger and more important. Maybe you can sprinkle foreshadowing through the earlier ones to the end one.

For instance, maybe the mages guild has you find MacGuffin early, and then you do other stuff, while the Big Mages try to figure out the thing only to come up empty later on. The Thieves Guild in Elder Scrolls games has always been too easy to find and join. In Oblivion its a bit better, with you getting contacted by them only if you get caught stealing.

It is hard for the developer to spend hours making something,only for the players not to notice it. Thats why they usually resort to cutscenes and railroading in a sandbox game. Ever play EYE Divine Cybermancy? Something about betreying your mentor I think? And yet, it is really fun to play. Of course, it has barely a tutorial, and craploads of menues to sift through. Damn-near no handholding at all, been a while since I played a game like this.

Kind if nice, having to figure things out for myself. Or just showing up at midnight. Yeah, one of the random conversations the NPCs spout at random is about how the beggars are connected to the thieves guild. I heard about the beggars, and bribed one to point me at the thieves. I had some major issues with the Honningbrew quest.

I was having trouble getting through the cave connecting the two buildings, so I had the brilliant idea of trying to just go through the front door. Mallus said that the door is locked up pretty tight and that it is nigh impossible to break in, giving the illusion that it is possible. No key, of course! Through the tunnels, then.

Maybe I could steal the papers first? Worst railroading I had ever seen. How dare a thief character come up with thief-like solutions to solve the problem! At this point I wonder if Morrowind made sense at all or if I was in strict denial with blinders on. Is it a distillery, or a brewery? Am I missing something? The place is called Honningbrew Meadery and the characters explicitly mention that you must poison the drink of the captain who will taste the mead.

Dunno how mead-brewing work, though. What does writing a put option mean z words seems that this link really should have gone to Bethesda, before they released this scene for public consumption. Also, why not just have you slip the poison into the cask at the tasting? I thought most of the time they could still do all the things they normally do when they land, like breath attacks and melee?

You did all that without gaining more than six levels? I would love to know more about this. I tried to keep my level as low as possible for as long as possible. This turned out to be really hard. My sneaky character is leveling up faster than my warrior, using sneak, archery, one-handed, light armor, and smithing. Not even alchemy or pickpocketing. Also, Maven comes up a couple times after the first quests. I find it remarkably interesting that both the legion and the stormcloaks each put at least one total scumbag in power after they take over the city.

Maven in Riften, and … Throngar? I hated that you HAD to join the TG in Oblivion just to unload the occasional stolen bauble. But when you think about it, it makes sense because the caravans, being completely outside the cities, have no idea which items could be stolen and which could not. Or a blank piece of paper. In fact,how can people from one city know what was stolen in another city? Thats why I hate the stolen flag.

But seeing how it does exist and is so broad and stupid,logic is not something I use when playing this game. In fact I stoled very few items, and pratically I never pickpocket. I never needed money in this game because I looted everything for a long time. Also some other peolpe fence, like the dark elf in the shop in windhelm and the seller in winterhold college, but you have to do a quest for them.

The max level is somewhat higher, but of course requires every skill at to reach. Also phoenix you should loot stuff based on value per unit of weight, not just value. Some people have been talking about getting faendal as a companion, training archery, then taking back your gold. I just pickpocketed it back and leveled up pickpocket in addition to archery. He is much better used for lockpicking though. Get him as a companion,give him the key to his house,pick the lock,let him lock it,pick it again,let him lock it again,… Yeah I know, I did that very, very roughly till lvl My first character went up to level 65 before I got bored and rolled a new one.

Funny thing, even without joining the guild all the merchants worked as fences when I tried to sell them stuff. Oh wow, autocorrect somehow left a ton out of there, what I meant to say is that I could sell stolen goods at the market in riften even without the perk Really? Could be that it just raises their gold cap, since restoring the guild to glory gives you fences in 5 non-Riften locations and gives all TG fences gold.

To become guild master you also have to do the side jobs that raise the guild to its former glory. Which require you doing a whole pile of the radiant quests from Vex and Devlin. This means that you also can actually have to steal to become guildmaster. Some of the radiant quests are just steal item X, or Y value of items from a city. They are incredibly repetitive though. Go to X, take glowing item Y, bring back. Some are even worse.

Khajit are called Sonoma dealers and thieves, it sounds unfair and they are treated harshly. So glad it is the thieves that came under the spotlight. I can forgive almost anything else in Skyrim, but these quests literally had me on the verge of trashing my room. Well, I say unavoidably, but the only character I did that quest with was my warrior.

I refused to be arrested and killed all of the guards. I killed them as well. That character has something close to 1, armour and cannot be taken down by pathetic city militia. Now he has a bounty of several hundred thousand, and every time I go to Markarth for any reason, I slaughter all of the guards first, and then get on with whatever I came for. I tried to kill every guard and the jarl too the first time, discovering they were immortal. The master pickpocket of the world is still going to fail 1 out of 10 times at stealing the easiest item from a sleeping mark?

At higher levels, this game lets you steal the clothes that people are wearing. This was done for gameplay purposes, and it was a bad decision. It just encourages a lot of save-scumming. Consider that Sabjorn is trying to expand outside of Whiterun to all Skyrim, and perhaps Tamriel. So, as the owner of Honningbrew, Sabjorn is thus hauled off to jail by the very pissed off Captain, and Honningbrew ceded to Mallus.

No, this is not canon. As for those who are suggesting entering the boiler room through the front door… you want to attempt to pick a lock in broad daylight, in view of neighbouring farmers and patrolling guards, who will see someone trying to force entry into a locked building. Honesty compels me to admit that I rolled my eyes when I saw that, but decided to just go with the flow… and try and steal all bottles of mead that I could get my hands on. Now, with regard to the mystery group — my interpretation of what Mercer was saying was that he was impressed by their resources.

While not being able to put pressure financially on Maven, as their plans were thwarted, this group was rich enough to buy Goldenglow and provide mercs to the original owner, and rich enough to get in bed figuratively with Sabjorn. While their objectives were thwarted by the PC, their resources are substantial, which is what impresses Mercer — to him they came out of the blue, with no warning, when normally to amass such wealth would take time and usually there would be some rumors.

What it aims to do is to drive a wedge between TG and Maven by making all of this happen under the noses of both parties, thus giving Maven the impression that TG is incompetent. Which is a discussion for a whole other day. Do note, however, that Maven does not seem to hold TG in high regard. The mead is just a means to an end — what mercer worries rightly, IMO is that if this group keeps showing up TG, Maven may cut ties with them and hire the new group instead, which would effectively kill TG.

So what do we do? We spit in its face. Every chance we get, we do jobs and screw that curse over with hard work! Love the site but sometimes you get so nit-picky about plot. From your description it sounds like a very typical example of extortion and racketeering, which is novel for video game. I like to see games branch out. The rest seems like reasonable concessions to game play.

RPGs have an abundance of NPCs who will tell you their life story and send you on a quest. Since setting and quests are staples of the genre this is a good thing. Being approached by the head of a crime syndicate, as a stranger, and asked to join is a good example. As for the part about assuming you are a criminal, it seems like he is selling you a line.

The mead thing sounds like extortion and racketeering. This is a story that tends to repeat itself through out history. It turns out that breaking into houses and taking things outright angers people and get can you imprisoned or killed. Instead, once you get organized you can fix some prices, limit supplies and skim a little bit off the the top. It sounds like someone stepped out of line. It sounds right to me, and again, novel.

The mead teleport seems like a substitute for the passage of time. They could have faded to black and advanced the clock a few hours, but it seems just as good to me having not played it. Thats not due to Shamus nitpicking,which he isnt well,not much ,but due to you having higher tolerance for bullshit. And I get that.

I didnt mind asscreed 2 being stupid,because Ive liked the game a lot. I noticed some of the crap,but not nearly as much as they did in spoiler warning. Of course,it also depends on the game as well,seeing how Ive noticed far more things in mass effect 2,and hated the game for it,despite me defending some of its stupid things like the human reaper.

In the end,if the game same goes for movies,books,music,etc suits you,you can justify most,if not all of its stupidity. Story is pretty low down the list of priorities for me. But finding out I can be a corrupt mob enforcer makes me want to play this more. So I figuratively loaded up my bolter and went out to save the Imperium, and I had a great time doing it, even though I thought the ME2 was a poorly paced linear slog for the most part.

Also does anyone think that Biotics are anything other than an thin excuse to have wizards in a sci-fi setting? As someone that likes wizards I support it either way. So yeah, different priorities. And by tommy gun I mean longsword, by liqour I mean mead, and by Chicago I mean Skyrim. See,I easily explained the human reaper as it being the core of the vessel we saw earlier as a mature reaper.

It looks humanoid because theyve used human dna. And theyve used dna because its the way they reproduce,because what does writing a put option mean z words need living tissue that can mutate,otherwise they would stagnate as a race,and that is bad. However,it being suspended by glass tubing was really idiotic. But before Ive reached that part,I already was extremely disappointed and angry by everything else in the main storyline,so it didnt matter whether I could accept it or not.

Because as we all know DNA can and should be used to sculpt metal into something with three eyes. As opposed to blueprints, or some kind of standard, highly efficient design that already exists. Abducted humans could have just been used to flavour the AI running the thing, but no — gotta make a terminator. Well of course dna doesnt work that way in reality,but mass effect is not reality. Lots of shit can be excused in a story if it is only internally consistent. What really pissed me off about 2 is that it contradicts a plethora of things established in 1,and twists the characters so much,just so they could fit into this brain dead story.

Plus the incredible stupidities of the dlcs. I want to STEAL STUFF. While I agree with mister Young on the actual introduction to the thieves guild, where Brynolf who is a pretty nice guy approaches you out of nowhere and tries to make you a thief. But then the guild is on the skids and you are the Dragonborn.

This may be a silly thing to say, but you are literally marked for greatness. The world really does revolve around you. Also, Bryn is not the head of the guild. The thing is, Maven Blickbriar is single handily propping the thieves guild up, and they are essentially her own personal thug force. They have been on bad times since the death of the former guild leader, and they have withered down to this position. And no, maven herself is a bit petty, and a bit of a crank, and I wanted to stab her the minute she opened her mouth, but this is NO WAY makes her less of a political power.

She owns Jarls adviser, and the Jarl is totally reliant on her; she controls nearly every business in town; and she is working to take over large-scale mead production in the country. The captain of the guard was not simply given bad mead; he was given mead that gave him all the symptoms of having been poisoned, on top of an obvious rat problem. And the captain is pissed. Rather then having to send a guard out to watch the place, he hands it over to the assistant until they can get it all sorted out while he goes to puke his guts out.

Now if I were Maven, I would have already set up something so that eventually it becomes a new black briar meadery. You also skipped the worst part of joining the theives guild. Fortunately my first character tabbed out of his first conversation and got info from the inkeeper like you are supposed to in RPGs. The owner pissed off the captain of the guard 3rd in command of the Hold? This placed the remaining staff member in charge by default, and said new-manager then makes a business decision.

You enter Riften, first person you meet is Mjoll, a repentant mercenary trying to clean up a corrupt town. Especially since you can do it to the Dark brotherhood. I was totally sure you were gonna picked the College of Winterhold questline here. And on top of that a Dovahkiin who is eventually the most powerful dragonshout capable person since the first dragons. You what does writing a put option mean z words rain down hell on the land, take all of Tamriel if you choose too, stormcloaks or legions would be no threat at all, and the big game endboss would just be an annoying fly you would swat aside, or force to submit to you even.

Maybe with another year or so development time they could have reach that level of player character recognition. By that I mean you play through the game as the Dovahkiin, but you can not become the head of the various guilds, but you do cross paths with them many times and their mysterious leaders, whom you end up helping and they end up helping you as well. Reach the next chapter and back to dovahkiin, end of that chapter then char creation but only 2 char types. Until the last jumparound where you can not choose a char type during character creation, play that char to the end of the chapter, then back to Dovahkiin.

Afterward the final battle you part ways. Something like that however would probably have taken 3 more years to do, unless it was you know planned from the start. But who knows, there is always The Elder Scrolls VI so it might happen. And we never know what BioWare might do with Dragon Age III it would certainly fit with the origins concept of theirs. There is kind of a player recognition in play. If they like you enough, then they let you take things up to a certain value. The more they like you, the higher the value of items you can pocket without it being considered stealing.

When Skyrim was upcoming, I was hopeful that they would fix some of the bullshit from Oblivion, and when it came out it was clear that they had instead doubled down on everything Oblivion did wrong. Hm… bad to hear this. What is it with Bethesda and making the FG questlines suck so much? How about the pervasive railroading in every quest ever? Dunnobut nevertheless. Point is, they did something different here, and I like that.

But I continue to digress. In my mind, she really does cast a pretty long shadow over Riften. Also, considering how hollow that rock under Solitude is, how has the city not fallen down? I digress…againbut ok, the plot reveal works. Was it the best plan? The worst part of Winterhold is the 5 different trainers and vendors that scatter across 5 different zones separated by loading screens. After the innocent guy was arrested, I followed him to the cells and opened his door for him, but he just stood there.

One is to go to the court mage with your evidence, the other is to convict the court mage. Several game days later, there will be another murder, and you find the real one. I wanted to point that out when I saw it,but then I forgot about it while reading the rest of the article. I guess the writers were thinking that Nocturne gave them some sort of awesome luck powers, but the way they handled it makes it look like she INDEED gave them some awesome luck powers since they suck without them.

Is that the one where you get taken to Cidhna Mine? If so, then yeah, easily the worst questline in the game. I knew a bound sword spell and stabbed everyone who wanted to stop me from leaving. It was quite successful. To be fair, the Gods and Daedra seem quite involved in Skyrim. The Guild is already weak, and Maven is their only major backer. Assuming Goldenglow had worked out, Karliah has handled the threat like she said in the note.

The Thieves Guild failing to squelch a rival company gives Maven more reason to dump them. He was just arresting the guy he thought tried to poison him. And Sabjorn was too confused to even know what was going on, let alone point fingers. Seems like the Skyrim writers managed to draw you in. Issue here is that Shamus instead got drawn out of the world of Skyrim by the same writing. Good voice acting a mediocre game can end up great.

Good voice acting did I mention how important good voice acting is? And please bare in mind that good voice acting is not the same as having a good voice actor. For good voice acting you need:. Assuming good audio gear is available you need a good audio technician. Tying into 1, good audio levels, there is no point if the voices are drowned out by music and sound effect, why does nobody use smooth ducking when dialog is spoken? Leave ducking a optional checkmark in the settings at the very least.

Anyway, What does writing a put option mean z words has good voice acting, the director seem competent, audio is good technically minus the loudness issue… optional ducking would fix thisso what does that leave us? Certainly the Lore is not the issue, and not the writing in general. You might be more tolerant, and Shamus is more critical, that much is obvious, and not really the issue either. The issue is that Skyrim has so many missed opportunities where sometimes just a tiny change could lift the narrative up even higher, and sometimes the potential for truly epic narrative is there but remains a missed opportunity.

When talking to Brynwolf the first time, certain options reveal that he was the one who set up the visitor tax scam, and he noticed that you easily recognized it was a scam. This is still pretty bad writing, but it does justify why he came up to you. Sorry if someone already made this comment, I really do not want to read through every one of the comments.

I dislike the Skyrim thief guild, more so when I look at how the oblivion one ran. No other game has engaged my interest for so long. How long has it been the case that if you forget to enter an email address wordpress deletes the entire comment in order to tell you that you forgot that? The FSC is irritating, railroading and stupid. What initially seemed like a gripping deep plot of slavery and rebellion forced me down a single almost linear path with one major choice at the end.

I then had to deal with a plot-armoured evil douchebag of a mine owner the other option being freeing the forsworn leader leading to many deaths as they escaped. This led to many questions in my mind. This would obviously be quite complicated to put together code wise. The world created is very pretty and but it only has the illusion of depth. Try to push that depth too hard and it acts like an old time Hollywood Western set and falls over revealing it to be the facade that it is.

Straight out of the fermenter it tastes terrible. If you are poor he makes a comment on how broke you are, and has totally different dialogue. Reading it, especially because of your entertaining writing style, was very satisfying. By the time I made it to Riften I had reached in lockpicking and had stolen and pickpocketed enough rings, necklaces and coins to fill several Olympic size swimming pools.

So what was their problem? Think about it, how does a curse work? If the curse is reducing luck, then how is it reducing luck? That means that a curse requires a mind, a corporal body capable of doing work, some way of monitoring the world, and energy to do work. Thus a curses do not make sense as they are used because they are not given constant energy inputs, are not established as entities, and are not portrayed as constantly monitoring the world. And what is the point of stealing if they are just going to spend their entire lives living in a sewer, the place that was designed to carry human feces out of the town.

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Skyrim Thieves Guild Part 1. By Shamus on Dec 26, The introduction to the Thieves Guild is kind of strange. First of all, you have to put the poison into this mead tank:. Then walk next door where the tasting is taking place:. The poison I just planted next door is now in this small keg. Anyway, the captain of the what does writing a put option mean z words takes one sip, and then instantly arrests the owner of the place, promising that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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