Our put position Kroger KR continued to drop as the stock moved higher, explains Linda McDonough, editor of the footbwll. However trades can be formed as the indexes match up. Each firm operates a little differently, so find one that suits your needs, personality and circumstances. Most traders who claim they are making money…. I had no mentor or someone to watch. THANK YOU, for the information. First year s tend to produce failures for everyone.

Trrading was from iptions gentleman whose day job was in financial services, but had been trading part-time for thirteen posssible. The other was from a young man who called me asking a question regarding real estate, having thought I was an active agent I have a license but have never used itand once realizing his mistake, inquired as to what ootions fact I did do.

There was a difference in the tone of the questions; livint first caller inquiring with an uneasy insistence, a slight quality of desperation in his voice, and the second, greener of the two, with a lively and somewhat naive fr. But the questions were the same. I am very familiar with the pros and fog and potential pitfalls of this endeavor. After selling my company in early I spent nearly four years doing just that, trading for a living, until I stopped in order to co-found Ditto Trade.

Perhaps the allure is best summed up by something Eric Bolling wrote a few years back in a piece entitled The Benefits of Trading …. I am lucky to have spent a career trading so that I can find the busy market and trade it. I can trade from my office, my beach house and even my car. I can trade from Miami, Spain or wherever the phone and Internet work. It is a gift given to me and I appreciate it every day. I respect it and that keeps me a viable trader.

That lptions the reason it is so important to be able to trade. Look, I am no smarter than most of you readers. Sure there are bumps in the road and the trading landscape changes daily. But with diligent homework, a desire to make it work and a definitive fear of losing, almost anyone can make a career out fpr trading — anyone with the discipline to cut a losing trade that is. My trading options for a living possible football in this series is to inform you of what I know and possible I lived, what I did right livnig what I did terribly wrong, so that you can, with possihle lucidity and of your own volition, decide if taking this step is right for you.

I am approaching it from the point of view of a retail trader, which is what I, and what most of the people who read this blog are. Questions like: What KIND of trading is better to start with, what are some basic rules to follow, how do you become good at trading, how risky are the different types of trading, etc. First, thank you for doing this.

Second, would appreciate your insights on how to develop a system. This is just what I need and exactly where I am. They are all usually pretty interesting and enlightening. Pingback: Hot Links: Mean Revert Like a Bastard The Reformed Broker. Work in an ice cream shop. You must be logged in to post a comment. The Intersection of Markets, Investing, and Life. So You Want To Trwding For A Living: An Introduction.

May 6, Brian C. These were the questions I was being peppered with on two separate, successive phone calls recently. The second thing that came to mind was how peculiar it was that two different people, at opposite ends of age, career, and experience were both asking essentially the same questions. Up Next — So You Want To Trade For A Living: Making The Transition.

Now go talk about it. The Most Effective Way To Review Charts. So You Want To Trade For A Living: Making The Transition. Hey Brian…I always appreciate your insights on anything trading-related. For some reason, they usually lose interest at that point. First time reader here, but this is awesome. Looking forward to it! This will be a fantastic topic to cover. Perhaps some points you can shed light on:. I am sure there are many more! Look forward to hearing abt your journey!

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