For FPA users only! For such method as twin peak, saucer, AO cross Simple yet very effective. Until now Trqding really don't understand how to filter bad trades by using AO and alligator. Perhaps you could narrow those down to a top 2 or 3 since you have also got to have some sort of lagging indicator as well. View details As traders we require the best computers available this is why we build our own and now you can own one too. In these videos you will see many reasons why automated trading is taking off to include helping to forsx your emotions from trading.

I purchased the Top Dog Trading indicators in I purchased the Metatrader forxe bundle. After the purchase, you are required to send an email to support for a custom software key or two keys. The chart above shows the waves indicator. Using trend waves different than Elliot waves is an important part of the Top Dog Trading system. As far as spotting trading entries, this indicatofs is pretty useful.

Of course, waves are only a part of the trading system. In the chart above, you can see the Top Dog Trading tradihg indicator, which is a modified MACD indicator. In Foundations Course 2momentum is introduced as the fifth market energy. This custom indicator helps you quickly count waves in momentum and determine the overall direction of momentum. As momentum and measuring it the way Barry does is also a very important part of this trading system, I found this indicator to pretty useful when scanning for setups.

The chart above shows the Fibonacci retracement indicator. As you may have guessed, it automatically plots your Fibonacci retracement levels for you. This can be a useful tool if you know how to use Fibonacci levels. However, Barry does sell a separate Fibonacci retracement course. The chart above shows the Top Dog Trading candlestick timer.

The chart above shows the Top Dog Trading swing points indicator. Choosing good horizontal support and resistance levels is too subjective an art to be programmed into any indicator. Some indicators can be helpful with certain trading strategies, but you should never fully rely on an indicator to choose your support and resistance levels. The chart above shows the custom pivot points indicator. I know some people find them very useful, so you may get more out of this indicator than I do.

Like I mentioned earlier, I manually plot indixators of my support and resistance levels, and I suggest that you do the same. Finally, you can see the custom mini swings, medium swings, and candlestick signal indicator. The indicator basically helps to point out certain candlestick signals, i. It also helps you to identify medium and mini swings in price. As none of these things were ever covered in the Foundations Courses, I have rated it as the least useful in my Top Dog Trading indicators review.

Tgading have never used this indicator, other than applying it to my charts to take this screen capture. The Top Dog Trading indiators can be useful when trxding comes to scanning pairs for trading setups. Barry teaches a unique, and somewhat complicated, trading system. I got them when I was still learning this trading system, and I feel like they helped me learn the system faster.

I save each pair and set of yoj frames that I trade uou the Top Dog Trading system in a separate profile in Metatrader 4. First of all, the security key system is annoying. You can only use your indicztors on two accounts. You are assigned two security keys which have to be set, through email to support only, to your trading account numbers.

Anytime you change accounts, you must send support an email requesting to change tracing of your account keys to your new account number. For inducators reason, every time you re-open top forex trading indicators you got charts, you need to re-enter your security key into each indicator. As you can imagine, this could be a real nightmare practically speaking.

Luckily, switching to the next or previous profile automatically re-enters all of the security keys. You can also simply switch time frames back and forth to fix the problem. This is made even more tradkng when you see another system that does it so much better. For instance, the Forex Gemini Codewhich I reviewed a few weeks back, uses a few custom forrx.

However, you bot enter the email you used when signing up to the course as your security key. As I mentioned tp, top forex trading indicators you got indicators can be resource hungry, especially the momentum and wave indicators. I use the waves, cycles, and momentum indicators together when trading this system. I also use a similar free candlestick inricators in every system that I trade. The security key system top forex trading indicators you got my biggest gripe. Other systems do this so much better.

It would be nice to see Barry adopt a different method. Are the Top Dog Trading indicators helpful to new students? Do you need these indicators? Unless you are having a very difficult time spotting any trading setups, you could probably put your money to better use elsewhere. I hope you enjoyed this Top Dog Trading indicators review. Was this review helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Still looking for a profitable trading system? Only 3 were profitable! Learn more about my 1 recommended trading system, Day Trading Forex Live. If not, just email Barry. To use the indicators, you have to enter an activation code upon installation. Good day, i would like to have your candlestick pattern indicator. If so, two of them are free trdaing their download links are in the article.

One is a premium indicator. You have to buy that one if you want it. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Inficators can also subscribe without commenting. DAY Fotex FOREX LIVE. Updated: December 31, Waves indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Cycles indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Momentum indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Fibonacci indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Candlestick timer — click to enlarge opens in a new window Swings indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Pivots indicator — click to enlarge opens in a new window Mini swings — click to enlarge opens in a new window.

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