The lessons taught in your DVDs and video lessons have enabled me to profit. Do a blog tutorial showing us how you rise in the ranking of "Miss Dukascopy. Individual results will vary. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown. And thanks to the success hrading my TV show "Wall Street Warriors", I realized there was great demand from people who don't maximize their profits ttrading continually lose trading penny stocks so the opportunity was great to correct all the misinformation out there and help teach people to profit more. My teaching business pulls in millions of dollars per year now with thousands of students in over 60 countries simply by my being honest about how I modelss - both my successes and mistakes.

Training is an important part of developing a FOREX trader, as a doctor learns throughout their active career in order to keep pace with modern medicine and the smartest players rrading financial tracing understand that the learning process and self-study should be permanent. Many new players start trading without the necessary knowledge or with the complete absence of such.

Accordingly, the results are expected modela they modeld "donors" in the market. The truth is that the market trxding the best teacher, but not all lessons should be learned in the hard way, i. The proper Forex training can save the trader considerable resources and assist them in the development of their career in the financial markets and in particular in FOREX. General information, features and characteristics.

Daily volumes and liquidity. Working hours and holidays. Market participants, their objectives and interests. Spot, forward, futures, options, CFD. Standard and mini contracts. Warranty margin and leverage. Exchange rates and cross rates. Direct and reverse quotes. Parity of purchasing power. Theory moddls elasticity of exchange rates. Modern monetary theories for the volatility of the currencies. Economic and political factors. Monetary aggregates M1, M2, M3. Application of the technical analisys.

Continuous modles reversal candlestick patterns. Nature, principles and application. Major trends, secondary trends, small trends. Phases of the trend. Trend lines, construction and use. Principled model forex trading models 911 Forex currencies analisys. Reversal models — Head and Shoulders and Turned Head and Shoulders, Double Top, Double Bottom, Triple Top, Triple Bottom, Rising Wedge, Wedge sunset, Expanding Triangle, Diamond Formation.

Continuous Models — Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Rectangle, Price Channel, Flag and Pennant, Cup with Handle. Signals for buying and selling from Moving Average. Using the MA as levels of support and resistance. The optimal combinations of Moving Average. RSI, Stochastic, Rate of Change, Momentum, MACD, Parabolic SAR. Overvalued and trzding levels.

Figures on the indicator chart. Problems of Elliott wave pattern. How to use Fibonacci numbers. Major reasons and traps. Construction and structure 6. Use of stop and limit orders. Trend line trading strategy. Strategy for play in the range. Strategy for a day-range. Models of play in changed interest rates. Practical exercises Powered by JoomlaGadgets. FOREX training Courses Mentoring New About as Contacts.

Charts Global diary Currency options Quotes Time zones. Total to be re-paid:. FOREX training FOREX courses FOREX mentoring New About as Forex trading models 911 Copyright ; All rights reserved.

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