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All it requires is that errors in the market price be unbiased, i. For instance, in an efficient market, stocks with lower PE ratios should be no more or less likely to under valued than stocks with high PE ratios. At best, the benefits from information collection and equity research would cover the costs of doing the research. There would be no value added by portfolio managers and investment strategists. The only requirement is that the deviations be forejgn.

To the contrary, approximately half of all foreigj, prior to transactions costs, should beat the market in any period. Given the number of investors in financial markets, the laws of probability would suggest egficiency a fairly large number are going to beat the market consistently over long periods, not because of their investment strategies but because they are lucky. It would not, however, be consistent if a disproportionately large number of these investors used the same investment strategy.

For this to hold true - b The transactions costs of executing the scheme have to be smaller than foreign exchange market trading efficiency expected profits from the scheme. Proposition 1: The probability of finding inefficiencies in an asset market decreases as the ease of trading on the asset ecficiency. To the extent that investors have difficulty trading on a stock, either because open markets do not exist or there are significant barriers to trading, inefficiencies in pricing can continue for long periods.

Proposition 2: The probability of finding an inefficiency in an asset market increases as the transactions and information cost of exploiting the inefficiency increases. The cost of collecting information and trading varies widely across markets and even across investments in the same markets. As these costs increase, it pays less and less to try to exploit these inefficiencies.

Investing in 'loser' stocksi. Transactions costs are likely to be much higher for these stocks since- Corollary 1: Investors who can estabish a cost advantage either in information collection or transactions costs will be more able to exploit small inefficiencies than other investors who do not possess this advantage. Proposition 3: The speed exchage which an inefficiency is resolved will be directly related to how easily the scheme to exploit the ineffficiency can be replicated by other investors.

The ease with which a scheme can be replicated itselft is inversely related to the time, resouces and information needed to execute it. Since very few investors single-handedly possess the resources to eliminate an inefficiency through forejgn, it is much more likely that an inefficiency will disappear quickly if the scheme used to exploit the inefficiency is transparent and can be copied by other investors. Definitions of market efficiency have to be specific not only about the market that is being considered but also the investor group that is covered.

It is extremely unlikely that all markets are efficient to all investorsbut it is entirely possible that a particular market for instance, forex legendary traders the movie New York Stock Exchange is efficient with respect to the average investor. It is also possible that some markets are efficient while others are not, and that a market is efficient with respect to some investors and not to others.

This is a direct consequence of differential tax rates and transactions costs, which confer advantages on some investors relative to others. Definitions of market efficiency are also linked up with assumptions about what information is available to investors and reflected in the price. For instance, a strict definition of market efficiency that assumes that all information, public as well as private, is reflected in market prices would imply that even investors with precise inside information will be unable to beat the market.

Strong versus Weak Form Efficiency:. In an efficient market, the expected returns from any investment will be consistent with the risk of that investment over the long term, though there may be foreign exchange market trading efficiency from these expected returns in the short term. Necessary conditions for market efficiency. Markets do not become efficient automatically.

It is the actions of investors, sensing bargains efficienfy putting into effect schemes to beat the market, that make markets efficient. The necessary conditions for a market inefficiency to be eliminated are as follows .

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