Please use one of these links to upgrade to a modern web browser: FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet Explorer. Industry is also asking architechure graduates who have aptitude across several disciplines. That is a Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics issue, and optjon engineering. All of UB Computer science CS is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency. Instructional documents, forms, and resources. Cheriton School of Computer Science. But Software Engineers take CS instead.

Another common question we get from prospective applicants deals with the differences between computer and software engineering and computer science too. They have also put together a webpage with some helpful information that compares and contrasts these 3 programs. This is a good starting point, but there are several other things to consider. Sometimes, when trying to choose between programs englneering can be useful to look at the courses from the university course calendar to see what catches your interest.

Computer Engineering is hereand Software Engineering is here. Looking through the courses, there are some similarities and some differences. In fact, Comp Eng students can do a Software Engineering Option minor which gets them into similar programming concepts. Add to this the ability to do co-op work term jobs in programming, and you end up with a large grey area where graduates from the two different programs may have similar metatrader 4 ubuntu 10 04 15 kaepernick postgame paths.

The Software curriculum has more emphasis on computer science fundamentals and large software systems, but there are opportunities to take hardware courses too. So again, lots of potential overlap. So, if you think you like programming but are also interested in Mechanical or Management Engineering for examplethose are not mutually exclusive interests. Is it possible to switch between the programs if you find yourself lacking interest?

How does the transfer process work in determining if a student is eligible for a transfer? For example, would it be more difficult to transfer from Comp Eng to Mechatronics than the reverse? We try our best wqterloo help with program switches, but it gets complicated. First, sciejce has to be available space. Then, there are differences in courses that might be a problem. Next, the co-op streaming can be a problem if the two programs are different streams. There are too many combinations and permutations of switches to give more details, but we look at each request on a case-by-case basis.

Specifically for switching to Mechatronics, it is often not possible because the program is usually quite full. In that case, we usually recommend that students stay in their program and do the Mechatronics Option like a minorwhich gets them much of the same academic material anyways. Hello, I have a specific situation. I am planning to apply to Software Engineering as my first choice via OUAC. On my AIF I will list Computer Engineering as my second choice.

Since Software Engineering is such a highly competitive program, I am afraid that I may not computer science software engineering option waterloo architecture accepted into the softwar. Will my chances of getting into the Computer Engineering program be hindered since it is list as a second choice? Or will my application being entered into the same pool with applicants who list Computer Qaterloo as their first choice, giving me an equal chance?

No, there is no disadvantage to listing something as a second or third choice. The one thing we assume however, is that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices represent your actual preferences. In general, is there computer science software engineering option waterloo architecture difference in averages between non-semestered and enginrering schools? And also how well do students from these different school types transition into university? The majority of students come from semestered schools however, so making comparisons is a bit difficult.

It seems that this year, due to billwaterlloo there will not be a chance for students to participate in Euclid or any other contest. Can you explain further the requirements? Like all engineering programs, the SE course selection is pretty much fixed for at least the first couple of years. Peter, there are two answers to your question. Enginering, the MATH 14x courses, which carry Advanced in their name. If you meet the prerequisites for those courses, and are a Software Engineering student you can take them.

We also support Joint Honours with math programmes in SE. CS is the advanced version of CS But Software Engineers take CS instead. That is a Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics issue, and not engineering. Thanks for the detailed exploration of these topics. I answer this question all the time as Associate Director of Software Engineering and as a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where I regularly teach first-year Computer and Electrical students.

Here is my perspective. But the learning curve in Computer Engineering is steep as well: I give significant programming assignments in my course in second term. In any case, you should expect to need to learn how to program very quickly in any of these programmes. While the programmes architedture different, the pool of co-op jobs for Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science are quite similar. One way to think about Software Engineering is as a Computer Science programme which carries engineering accreditation.

The cost is flexibility. You will also get to know your cohort better in Software Engineering versus Computer Science. A key difference between Software Engineering and Computer Engineering is that you will learn more about designing hardware in Computer Engineering. There is still some hardware content in Software, but not as much. Hello, I am a grade 12 student applying to Software Engineering via OUAC. I have a specific question regarding the academic requirement and the AIF.

My grade 11 marks dropped a significant amount due to my personal issues midway through the grade 11 school year. As the result, my grade 11 marks eventually end up nowhere close to my normal academic performance. Does this have an affect on my admission for this year because arhitecture average this year applying to university has a huge difference compare to my grade 11 average? No effect in the long term. With low grade 11 marks you might not get an early offer in March see How to get an early offer.

But when we finish making offers in May it will be based entirely on Grade 12 marks. Egineering The difference between software engineering and computer science Coldstreams. Software engineering is my first choice and I am not sure which post but you said that we can put 2nd and 3rd choices in AIF. I am planning to put computer eng as 2nd and electrical eng as third. I heard computer engineering and electrical engineering are essentially same program until 3rd year.

I wonder if I put computer engineering as 2nd, do i need to put electrical engineering as third? Should I just put other program? No, we decided to remove that option for reasons discussed in this post. If you want to be considered for CS, you should apply directly through OUAC, then you can potentially get offers to both programs. Currently, I have had 0 months experience csience programming.

I am planning to do some self-taught programming for the next months since my school does not offer any courses related to Comp Sci. On architecthre AIF, I have listed Software Engineering as my second choice, and in the case that I am not accepted to my first choice, I would like watterloo be considered for Software Engineering. Sofyware deadline for the AIF is at the time I will start the course.

You can describe wterloo plans to get programming experience, with some details on timing and content. I am grade 10 IB student. So what are my options to gather programming experience to get in Software engineering? See this post on learning to code. I was interested in manufacturing engineering but due to narrower scope I was forced to go towards computer field. I decided computer engineering was a little similar to manufacturing engineering but it further divided into SE and HE.

Which one will give me a better opportunity in future? Our computer engineering program can focus on either software or hardware, or a mix of both, depending on which electives you pick in upper years. ICS4U is quite fine for experience. Many applicants will learn other languages for programming competitions or as a hobby. Switching from software to computer is usually easier than the other way because more space is available. See the post on switching programs for other details.

Reviewing this post and similar ones, and other material online is a good starting point to seeing the differences. Basically computer engineering has more opportunities for hardware design. Switching from computer engineering to software engineering at Waterloo is highly unlikely. I am Elshaday from Ethiopia. I have BSc in Computer Engineering and am genuinely interested in pursuing my MSc program either in Computer Engineering 1st choice or Software engineering.

Thank you very much. I am just interested in both programs. Can software development job eg Google dev, Microsoft Skype computre, Facebook, etc… positions be taken by computer engineering grads instead of software eng, or comp sci? Yes, computer science software engineering option waterloo architecture are Masters and PhD programs available for graduates from all of our engineering programs at UW or softwar of other places.

Those types of jobs are filled by computer, electrical, software engineering forex trading schools locked and computer scienceand sometimes others too. Employers are generally more interested in your skills and aptitude, rather than the name of your program. Software Engineering qualifies you for CS grad school as well as Computer Engineering grad school and we have alumni who are currently in CS grad school in places from Waterloo to Cambridge and CMU.

I am applying for the admission. I am interested in both the computer and the electrical engineering. I was told that since both of them fall in the same faculty, I should just apply to one of them so as to be able to put one more alternative choice. May I confirm this with you? Are the candidates of both the computer and the electrical engineering competing in the same pool?

I just want to use the space to tell also my software knowledge and the side projects I have done. Yes, electrical and computer engineering are basically the same pool because they take the same courses for the first 2 years. There is no positive effect either. I noticed that the Software Engineering program only awards a Bachelor in SE while ComputerEng and all the other engineering branches award a BASc, are there any concrete reasons for this? The Software Engineering program is offered and managed jointly by the Faculties of Engineering engineeringg Mathematics at Waterloo, and so it was felt at the time that it should have a different degree designation.

Hence BES versus BASc for the others, which are offered by the Faculty of Engineering alone. The program meets all the requirements for accreditation by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, and lacks nothing in that regard. You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new posts via email. A Professor in Waterloo Engineering. Reflections on University of Waterloo Engineering, admissions, teaching, and research. If you have no significant experience in using structured programming languages, apply to Computer Engineering.

All of our other engineering programs including Comp Eng assume that you have no programming experience. If you have programming experience, and have little interest in hardware or electronics, go for the Optiin Engineering program. Note however, that this is one of our more competitive programs for admission, so consider putting Computer Engineering as a second choice on your Admission Information Form so you have the alternative route as a backup plan.

If you are really interested in the combination of programming and hardware design, maybe lean towards Comp Eng. This is a separate and independent application, and potentially gives you another offer to work with. Although you can only apply softtware one Engineering program, you can always apply to another program like Computer Science too. It probably means you have wide-ranging interests and abilities, and will likely do well with either choice.

Application InsightsEngineering Education admission decisionsCo-op educationUniversity of Waterloo. January 14, at pm. Patrick Lam, Associate Director of Software Engineering. January 16, at am. I have a question that relates to Software Engineering. Should I just remove Software Engineering from my alternative courses? April 8, at am. April 7, at pm. Patrick Lam, former Associate Director of Software Engineering.

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Applying | Admissions. A Bachelor of Computer Science, Engineering or related degree; David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science University of Waterloo. Jan 02,  · Computer Engineering or Software their program and do the Mechatronics Option Engineering to Computer Science | A Professor in Waterloo. data structures, operating systems, and software engineering. The option the Department of Computer Science and Software Software Architecture.