How to Set Up the iOS Data Meter Widget. Let us know what you went with! FAQS Bulk BuyBack Platforms Custom Quotes Home Smart Watch Apple Buy a Refurbished Smart Watch Which Apple Device Do You Have to Sell? Thank you for Brokeen here. There is an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal about this problem. Thank you for fixing my beautiful Mac Book Pro, and super fast.

People all over the world mail their broken iPhones to microsoldering specialist Jessa Jones. Jessa can fix practically anything. But these days, she spends most of her time fixing Sotres one thing. Because every single month, more and more iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus devices show up at her shop, iPad Rehabwith the same problem: a gray, flickering bar at the top of the display and an unresponsive touchscreen.

The gray flickering bar you can see across the top of this iPhone is a classic symptom of a problem that repair pros are seeing in more and more iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. Lots of repair pros are experiencing the same influx of faulty iPhones—most with flickering Alliw bars and all with glitchy touch functionality. About half of the repairs sent to Michael Huie—the specialist behind Microsoldering. He sees phones like this several times a week. The gray flickering bar goes away. After a short remission, though, the iPhone illness gets worse.

The insidious gray bar of death spreads. Touch functionality Tarde increasingly glitchier. Eventually, the phone loses touch completely. The gray bar eventually shows up on the new screentoo. These two Touch IC chips—known as the U Meson and Cumulus U chips, as Apple refers to them—are the root cause of the touch epidemic repair pros have been seeing in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Here they are pictured in the iPhone 6. These two chips translate your finger mashing on the display into information your phone can actually use. At least, not until the bum chips are replaced with new ones. And they can do it a whole lot cheaper than the cost of a new logic board or an out-of-warranty phone replacement. Which is precisely why so many of these damaged Alllow are finding their way into repair shops around the world.

Did this set of 6 today and sent 10 to Mark. Well, except these phones actually work now. One microsoldering pro I spoke to speculated that the U Meson chip—one of the two Touch IC chips on the board—has a manufacturing defect. Back when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were first released, some owners discovered that the large, wide phones had a nasty habit of molding themselves to the shape of your rump if left too long in a back pocket. The phenomenon, known as Bendgate, was ostensibly put to bed when Apple apparently strengthened weak points in the rear case of the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6 Plus—the wider of the Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins phones—appears to be especially susceptible to this kind of damage. Over time, as the phone flexes or iPPhone slightly during normal use, those solder balls crack and start to lose contact with the board. Damage enough of them, and the connections between the chips and the logic board are severed, signals are lost, touch gets glitchier, Appple then goes away altogether.

And repair professionals have singled out other problematic design elements of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In previous iPhone models, Apple also covered the Touch IC chips with a rigid, metal EMI shield. In the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the rigid shield was replaced with a pliable sticker shield. That twisting trick we mentioned earlier? Turns out putting pressure on the screen allows the chip to make full contact with the board again, Jessa explained.

The only permanent fix is to replace the phone expensivereplace the logic board also expensiveor replace both Touch ICs on the board less expensive. Watch our interview with Jessa to learn more:. The problem tends to come back. In order to ensure that Touch Disease is actually cured, some repair shops have been experimenting with ways to keep the logic board from flexing.

After a Touch IC repair, iPad Rehab, for example, has been adding a strong metal shield over the top of the chips as an internal reinforcement. So far, she says, none of her customers have reported any adverse effects from the hardware mod. Of course, no option involving independent repair would be endorsed by Apple.

In fact, Jessa and colleague Mark Shaffer have been censored and banned from posting on Apple Support Communities for explaining why touch fails and suggesting third-party repair as a solution. So it seems like Apple is happy to sell people replacement phonesbut they seem unwilling to point iPhone owners to the only people who can actually fix the problem: independent repair shops. Rossmann predicts that, eventually, the Touch Disease problem will probably explode into a class action lawsuit—at which point Apple will be forced to respond with some sort of extended warranty program.

But only if customers start banding together and demanding more support from Apple for this problem. Addressing Touch Disease is iPhohe to be more complicated, and more costly. But if the issue is as widespread as repair pros suspect, then Apple should start offering customers solutions instead of excuses. And they need to do it soon. It only seems to be a growing problem with the age of these two devices as well.

I took this deal since I knew Apple would never give me a new phone for free. And in my experience, I agree that flex is the source of the problem. After much polite insistence, I was told by Apple Support that if my latest phone did it again they would give me a 6S Plus. I must admit that I am slightly skeptical as to the extent of Alkow defects described. Even after the Jobs; Tim Cook hails from Tgade Alma Mater, and Ivy my industrial design idol. I googled and have seen so many people asking for the same issue.

I felt like I am cheated, and even feel like Class Action even though I believe US already has too many litigations. I can post the videos of the same issue. This is after two phones One replaced new phone Brkoen me of the Palm T3 digitizer fiasco. Then, though, a replacement digitizer took care of things. As to this, going forward, a key solution is to always buy Square Trade ADH warranty protection with the iPhone. If you have, then, if you drop it, bend it, spill water on it, break it, etc.

The HUMIDITY makes mine act up; I was in Tokyo Japan last week when it was extremely humid and hot and alway act up outside, but when air conditioned and cooled, the grey bar and the nonresponsiveness goes away. But when Storew outside in the heat and humidity the grey bar forms and the touch screen is non-responsive. Now, anticipating the iPhone 7 being release very soon, and my plans to buy one are in place, I feel worried about my ability to resell my 6 Plus.

If this is happening to you the best course of action is to call Apple Care tech support and politely complain about the issue. They can do the paperwork on their end and schedule an appointment for you. The issue seems to be more serious on iPhone 6 Plus with PCBs supplied by UMT. The UMT board itself is more prone to inss damaged by bending, not only the solder balls, but the pads and wiring on the PCBs sometimes get pulled.

Reworking does not fix these kinds of damage, you have to test the pads for Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins circuit and run a wire to fix the damage. In China, repair shops usually refuse warranty or charge extra if they fix iphones with UMT PCB, because they are so easy to fail again.

I had a different problem on my iPhone 5s which was if you deleted a phone contact the next day it would come back Apple told me that you must switch off the contacts in the iCloud ,which I did but it was still happening it was only after the latest upgrade to 9. Each time, they told me there was nothing they could do but replace it. Mine has only lasted an average of 4 months each time, and now I have almost given up but for this article.

They Trxde me to pay It will do the same thing in months. Mine is a gigabyte model, so every time has been a People dismissing this issue or expressing skepticism obviously have no idea how often this is occurring. Happened to me, now im the priud owner of a Galaxy S7 couldnt be happier OMG this thing has everything i was missing on my iphone, not going back now, Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins i want a headphone jack and i dont need apple or anyone telling me i cant.

Luckily I have the 6S plus but if I had the problem I would not hesitate to send it to Jessa at Ipadrehab. She does great work, as does Louis! What took you guys so long? This has been happening since day one. Keep putting this info out! Lucky to have Apple Care Plus. Not sure what happens if your warranty expired. Apple, this is disappointing and should be an extended warranty repair for all affected units.

Happened to me yesterday. Exact issue with that strange bar at the top, then touch screen is largely unresponsive. Started on its own, without dropping or abusing phone. In New Zealand, if an Apple product fails just outside their standard one-year warranty, or within a reasonable period thereafter, perhaps Sttores the expected life of the battery, Apple cannot wash their hands of any liability. Our Consumer Guarantees Act says products have to be durable, uPhone on Allos a reasonable person would expect.

Slightly ITT reporting I think — Must be a US thing — I run a Repair company in the UK and have not once seen this issue. Why not just clean off the old solder and resolder them back on? The touch controller chips have nothing to do with the display driver or the connection to the screen. The touch sensitive layer in the display is on a separate ribbon cable to the RGB part, so why the grey bar?

I took it to the local Apple Geniuses Bar in Sarasota for repair. By now the phone was already out of warranty. I have to do a hard reset to get it functional again. Sometimes one hard Bdoken will not suffice. But the problem will usually repeat itself all day long. Very, very frustrating and annoying. Then the problem goes away for a couple of days or Alow a week and then return. Shame on Apple as I was writing this on my iPad, suddenly everything got refreshed and the above was wiped out — but I had saved!

Does Apple have control Storex complaints. Apple doesnt take responsibility for their products so its seems! Touch screen became semi-responsive; then very Brolen completely unresponsive, with the narrow grey band at top of screen flickering. Apple tech support via chat was not a good use Alllow time. I went to Apple Store and they replaced my phone under Apple Care warranty one month remaining.

But a frustrating pain in the ihs and time consuming problem to deal with. And take care of customers who are out of warranty. And whose replacements suffer the same fate. My sons 6plus inw this issue. Phone is pretty much bricked now. The touchscreen does not work at all. Warranty is out, so had to activate his old 4s. Took it to the Apple store and they said since not under warranty we would have to purchase a new phone.

Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. I hav to paid to get a replacement phone! I loved apple product but this Aple me. The previous 2 having succumbed to the flickering and unresponsive screen issue. Fortunately, Apple had to replace them under UK consumer law as they were under 2 years old. This is happening on my iPhone6 and it seems to be getting worse. Just happened 2 nights ago in fact. My screen showed a weird iPnone zigzag and was unresponsive, then turned off.

I had exactly the same problem as this, but thankfully Apple replaced my phone for free Apple Store, Palo Alto. Had this EXACT issue with my 6plus. Definitely a design fault. Apple were quick to replace it although genius did say it deep out of the money put option volatility MY fault for keeping my phone in my pocket and saying I had slightly bent it over time.

I did laugh; where else do men keep their phones if not in their pockets?! Anyway, exchanged for free and second one has been fine for now. I accidentally dropped it a few times. Never had this problem, but I do have an issue with my Bluetooth headset. Apple acknoweldged last year, upon release of iOS9 that they are aware of the problem and that it is an APPLE issue. Also confirmed this with LG as Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins member of their executive office has the same issue.

The problem still exists. I know of others with the same problem. Yet Apple has kept quiet, refusing to warn consumers about potential BlueTooth issues. Why is NO one talking about this? Is everyone afraid to report bad things about Apple? My iPhone 6 plus has been doing this for the past week or so. Yes, I have the same issue, usually occurs on hot and humid days, I tl Apple should provide a fix at their a cost, it is a most expensive phone. Car defects are fixed by the manufacturers so Apple should pay for this defect.

In response to the shop TTrade that claim to not have seen this problem in droves—seriously? Even shops that only fix MacBooks are getting people coming in for touch ic failure. In response to above comment about visual artifacts not being related to touch ic—not true. Pull a meson touch ic chip off the board or bridge any related touch cap—you will see lines in the display. In response to folks insisting that reflow can solve. Reflow is a band aid that works no better than paper shims and other easy fixes.

The only robust solution to date is replacing the touch ics and adding a metal futureproof shield on the back of the board. Unfortunately this affects also my 6s plus. Screen always works fine after the call has been lost. The only other suggestion was for me to take it to an Apple Uns, but the closest one is over 90 miles away. There is an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal about this problem. It is a huge problem for iPhone 6 users.

I have seen the comments on here but NO ONE has said how they use their phone. Well I will tell you. People put the phone earpiece first into their purse, backpack, or back pocket. I see people doing this EVERY day. Now over time that part of the phone will be worn. Of COURSE Allwo new iPhone 6 S will not have this problem. This is a USER related, misuse problem NOT a defect. ITs how people treat their phone which is lick a worthless trinket, not an expensive device that should be taken care of.

This is NOTHING more than attempted hype by iFixIt to extort either some attention from Apple or money or both… AApple is simply a matter of PEOPLE misusing their devices. So tell me why options trading puts calls blacklist it ONLY at the top? Therefore this is not an Apple problem probably why we have not heard a statement.

PEOPLE are the problem not the device. Richard — that is ridiculous. People have been putting phones in their pockets, purses or backpacks since smartphones EXISTED and this has never been a problem. Why would a change in behavior NOW be necessary? I had a iPhone 6 Plus that had this problem. I took it Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins the apple shop, 3 months out of 1 yr warranty.

They seemed to recognise the issue straight away and said i had to buy a new phone but at a reduced price. And the App,e phone only carries 3 months warranty. All seems a bit of a con to me. Would be really interesting to know if they are made to fix the issue for phones that are post the 12 month warranty. I have the exact symptoms described with my 6plus. I took it to the Apple Store and was told a new phone was needed.

The phone is little over 2 years old. It took some serious effort to get apple to admit that all 4 definitely had the same fault, but the level of evidence i submitted resulted in them sighing and giving in. After I bought my new iPhone 6 Plus, about 10 months laterI had noticed that my touch screen would not work all the time, took it to the Genius Bar and they replaced the screen. I guess if you want to call them defects. Both phones had this exact issues as you mentioned on this article. My phone was recently replaced and my wife was replaced last February.

I really think that Apple should acknowledge this issue and really should do something about it. We should spread the word out and maybe we can get Apple to listen. Ijs who are having this issue needs to come forward and make there voices heard. Sounds like not putting your phone in your pocket is good preventative maintenance. I suggest putting your phone in an Otter Box the day you get it and leave it in there.

Never put your phone in you pocket, I see chicks all the time with their phone sticking out of their back pocket. I just shake my head and go about my business. At any given time, i have minimum one iPhne these on my desk. More often than not i have more than 5. At this very point in time i have 7 in my queue and 5 on my completed shelf. I get more sent to me every day. Prior rTade the notion, which came from Larry Johnson at HandHeldRehab, the reality is that the return rate of iPhone 6 plus touch ics was higher than anyone wanted to talk about.

Thats what independent repair is. A community of individuals who go the extra mile to find out how and why an issue exists, without hiding the details. It will be interesting to see apples response this time, but i feel like they either have to admit there is an issue and offer a recall, or Brroken there is an issue and support independent repairers who Brooken doing everything they can to rectify the AApple, and not keeping it a secret at all. I been going crazy trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

One thing I hate is that if I go to Apple they will replace it with another refurbished phone and its a crap shoot if you actually get a phone that will have no problems or not. Why cant they replace it with a New phone that they know wont have compute public path options examples issues for sure rather than how than a refurbished one that may have the same problem. Yes it does happen.

It would be nice if they just fix the problem but that would be asking a lot. People have been putting their phones into purses, backpacks, and back pockets since phones existed. I have to tell them: this is not an issue with the screen and I do not have the proper equipment to fix Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins. Yup, just had to replace my phone today because of this. Midway through reading the article I had Storew do a hard re-start of the phone. That temporarily fixes it but I guess I will be buying another phone brand soon.

Thanks for the article. We just had one of these from a customer. We could torque it a little and get the device to work. So we knew the chips were fine and therefore reflowed the two chips using some flux and it works putting a baby up for adoption canada ski. On my second IPhone Plus. The good news is this is my last IPhone purchase.

Paid close to a grand and had the phone last practice binary options trading robots less than a year. Also never do I put my phone in the back pocket nor was it ever dropped. Mark T—bend or Appoe is not required for touch ics to fail. That is just how the cause of the problem came to our attention—the early failures when the phone was young were all bends and drops. Now—any 6 plus can get the disease, even ones sitting inside the Apple box unopened at the Apple Store.

Reflowing a chip when you know or should know that reflow is not repair, charging the customer, and then trying to blame the ultimate failure on the fact that they actually use their phone. Knock that Tradd off. This is the time for our industry to shine here. Fix the problem right, or not at all. Count me in as another one experiencing this problem. Same deal — a few mos out of warranty — never bent, dropped, wet or anything adverse, and Voila!

Mine even started phantom keying hundreds of random keystrokes per minute, making it impossible to rest the phone or even enter a password. DO THE RIGHT THING!. Now 2 month later this exact problem. The unofficial store was aware and explained Brroken to me. I was very skeptical and thought they did not want to honor the screen warranty.

This was last week. This morning went to Apple store. They did not want to even touch the phone since unofficial screen replacement but also claim to know nothing about the issue reported today in Belgian press and leaded me to this article. And yes, the phone is very slightly Aklow. Hope you get a class action lawsuit over this. Mine just started doing this yesterday and is now fully unresponsive. I have had the phone in a super Sores case as I have kiddos around.

I am so disappointed in Apple and how they are handling this issue. The first failure was a loss of the wifi adaptor followed by progressively more insane behaviour — crashes, random touch inputs, etc. The second was exactly this touch problem described here. Thankfully under warranty and my new iPhoe has been fine so far. I have the same problem with iPhone 6 plus.

Need to take a class action Lawsuite to resolve the real issue. Still getting use to it and it ROCKS!!! Will keep my eyes open for the Class action Law suite, Sign me up! Sheeple apple users damage the device by putting pressure on it and it bends and twists not by itself…. Even if its repaired what are the guarantees its going to still work?

Oh wait its because people like Jessa and Louis say so what a bunch of crap!!!! Ths is a design defect and there should be a class action lawsuit. I have abandoned Apple and their whole ecosystem because they built a product with a design flaw and will not address it. I am very happy with my Nexus6P and Sony Z4 tablet now. I will no Alloq buy their products. They know it is an issue and redesigned it in the 6S by putting the IC chips onto the back of the screen so the misibis bay resort is in cagraray island of bacacay albay holds them in place and if they replace the screen iPhons can fix it easily.

My original hypothesis was that these bugs might be due to my hardware lacking 3D touch capabilities and the app developers letting my use case slip through the cracks during testing before pushing recent updates through. Any thoughts on this or advice? Aolow Google searches only seem to produce results pertaining to the frozen screen problem outlined above. Jessa is right on both counts. You know why her and IPhohe have a following? They follow them because they agree with them.

Also the issue does not require bending. It would open apps and go in this continuous loop. This happened outside of my warranty and what they did was basically ask me to tto to a sales rep to buy a new one. Why does Apple get to decide on recalls? Apple is trying to hold off these recalls not just because of the cost for fixing many of the phones out there now but because this is a driver for the purchase of new iPhones. I think most of us are establishing a pattern of errors that concur with this article.

Not to be too overreactive, but what are we going to do about this? In similar Apple-neglects-glaring-design-flaw situations, consumers have banded together via change. So, who volunteer to start then petition? And who with device evidence will sign it? Someone lead us to gatheribg a list of names of the thousands of us who are being overlooked, neglected and downright deceived… please! Believe them if you want but it is NOT a permanent fix!!!! They bash apple …why do uou think its there business if apple was perfect no problems at all?

Yiu got it right but jessa and Louis make a living off bashing apple and there idiot followers believing there bull crap!!!! It is the USER issue NOT apple …. Apple will destroy Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins civil suit in court food luck with that. Its reminds me what jessa said about error 53 its a hardware issue lol it was software related!!

I have the same problem or even Applr. Even if Apple designed great iPhones and MacBooks, Jessa and Louis would still iPhlne their handful. There will still be plenty of people dropping their iPhones into the pools and spilling sodas on their MacBooks. Yes the design on this 2 models make the motherboard easy to bend, this type of repair should only be performed by highly skilled level micro-soldering technician.

There are many good technician around the world and if you do not have any near you, most of us offer mail in services. On instagram you can also can find the gallery of pictures regarding this issue. It worked well up until about 3 months ago. The grey bar mentioned in the article Storew appearing randomly, and over time got worse and worse. The iPhone is now a useless brick. I have been a satisfied user of multiple iPhones since iPhone 3. However if Apple decides to ignore this problem then I will think twice about what phone I ons buy the next time my service contract becomes renewable.

Tek in Milwaukee Wisconsin has fixed this issue dozens of times. In addition we add an extra shield Appple prevent flex in that area. I dont understand why those chips are put at the weakest point of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus frame where the volume buttons are without a shield. We fix many of these issues at our vermont repair shop. Losing money now is better than losing money and fans in the long run.

BTW, Merwin, do you have an iPhone 6? If you do, you elk probably hey the touch disease soon. We just wish Apple would take responsibility. I just started having this same problem about a month ago on my 6 Plus about two years out from purchase. Pinching the right upper hand screen will sometimes make the screen responsive again but its a painful annoying work around. I went to the apple store in grand central NYC and they were all aware of the situation.

If there is a class Trrade, sign me up. And now my 5th replacement 6plus is out of warranty!! Ive had two bent 6 pluses other two cracked by immaculate conception and my 4th and latest one was bendy as hell to the point where I lost my cellular network connection only can use wifi, and as mentioned had Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins bend the phone in the top right, but my phone was so trashed that I even replaced the lcd 3 times and they all Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins not from dropping but because my phone was no longer straight and my internals pressed against the screen from doing this bending trick.

No responsive displays with a gray bar. Genius says Apple is doing nothing but replacing the phones. I hope there is a class action suit serves them Beoken for not stepping up. No more iPhones for us and I have purchased every single version since it came out. This communication does not create an attorney-client relationship. Before making your choice of an attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. If this communication is inaccurate or misleading, report same to the Committee on Attorney Advertising, Hughes Justice Complex, P.

BoxTrenton, New Jersey Gately is responsible for the content of this communication. How can Apple pass it off as not an issue? Clean your screen and it will fix it. Yeah, that never worked, and I could tell certain spots were just dead. Apple just has never been into its customers after the sale anymore. Those days are iPhoen. The 6s both sizes have improved design but apple will only replace both times at a cost my 6plus with an original refurbished 6plus.

Two different markets miles apart and they all knew what the issue was the second I walked in the door. The first phone failed over a month of being able to apply pressure while the second failed within days of first symptoms. Immediately put the new phone in one of those military grade cases and a tempered glass screen protector.

Anyone know a place in TO that can do the repair? Super frustrating after not having had any Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins issues with this model. Was seen within 5mins, and the Genius I spoke to recognised the issue immediately. No money to pay- brand new iPhone in hand. Bromen had a similar problem on an iPod-Touch 4 after 5 years of use. It first started with AAllow flickering screen and then I had flickering bars on my screen afterwards had touch response issues.

It seems as if this is not only related to the size of the phone, but has some deeper production issues. Will only ever buy the s versions of your phones. I put an call option convexity been experiencing similar defects with my iPhone 6. Usually rebooting the system had solved the problem. I have been putting off getting a new phone when someone told me about the iPhone 7plus, but now I might think twice about it.

And sell off my Apple stock. This is wonderful news to her. Is a second solder reflow that damaging to these chips? If it is, should all the chips on that PCB be replaced Apppe the same time, too, not just the touch ICs? Would someone be kind enough to shed some light here for people like me who does not understand much about electronics and semiconductors? I had this exact issue on an iPhone 6 plus.

Never put it in my back pocket. Apple replaced it quietly. Once it started it progressively got worse. I now type this message using my new and very small iPhone SE — the cheapest option available. Yet within 30 seconds I was given the exact explanation outlined in this article — bad logic board, you need to buy a replacement. Just purchased an iPhone 6 Plus from groupon.

I can,t find a shop that says it is even possible to fix here in Tacoma, WA! I AM SURPRISED THAT WE ARE JUST NOW GETTING AROND TO TALKING ABOUT THIS. We evolve to repair with the safest and most permanent solutions available. Unfortunately it is out of warranty. I have been searching for the root of the issue and speculated that it was a screen issue then I saw a post on msn.

I wonder if my phone will last until the results of the lawsuit are in. My phone freezes and I cant do anything. It is happening more often. The phone is a year old. It takes me almost 2 hours to drive to the nearest Apple store. They were all too aware of the problem and would just instantly give me a new phone. On one trip, the issue started in my new phone that they had just given me on my way home!!!!!!!

In about 3 weeks time it was almost unusable. My last trip there, I was told to call Apple and explain what all has happened and what I had been through and hopefully they would send me a different model completely free of charge. I was told that Apple Alkow not aware of this being a known issue or defect! They did however give me an extra 1-year warranty… Obviously I will need it! Just went through this problem last month.

I was concerened about the fraility of the phone when I purchased it just less than a year ago so I bought the LifeProof case for it and it has been in that case since the day it Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins out of the box. Naturally we started to assume this software was the culprit as it seemed to only appear when playing the game.

SIGH, all technology is amazing and sucks at the same time. I commented back on Aug 24th about this issue with my 6S. Since them it has gotten worse and now completely unresponsive. I have never had a cracked screen. I am a middle aged tech savvy person. It is in my purse or on the desk next to me. I am now using my work phone, a Samsung, not as intuitive as iphone, but I guess it is time to change the way I think anyway. Because they will not take Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins trade-in iPhone 6 with problems like the flickering screen!

She actually said they are being more aggressive to only take phones in more pristine condition! Please, prove me wrong, take you touch diseased iPhone 6 to your local Apple Store and ask if they will give you trade-in value for your device. The clerk told me to contact Apple Care at and I did, but after talking to 3 different broker forex di indonesia xmovie up the chain of command, it went nowhere and they said, sorry your phone is out of warranty.

I had taken it out of its case to clean it and this is when i first noticed the problem. Hard re sets sometimes worked, sometimes not …. In the end i popped it back in the Srores and strangely all was well again with the World well the iPhone anyway. If you read the grid trading forex 4 hour details of the problem you will sql server stored procedure optional input parameters lighting why it gets harder and harder to make it work.

Btoken even worked okay for a whole month after adding some padding under the small metal plate where the 3 ribbon cables plug in to the logic board based on a YouTube video. I thought it was fixed… but it came back again about a month later and now is worse than ever. I watched it open SMS and type random text which spell check Stroes into real words and it clicked SEND! Yesterday, I watched it swiping through my app pages in the home screenpick an open it, random clicks on Apole, close it, slide backward to the first page of apps, pick the phone icon, clicked contacts, and started dialing a random contact and I could not stop it… had to press and hold the power button to turn it off!

The best way to combat this I have found so far is simple enough to do. If you grasp the phone top and bottom with your fingers then place your thumbs in the middle of the back of the phone and gently flex it outward toward the touchscreen then restart phone. It may take more than once but usually works well after the second restart. Once you place the phone in a pocket where it gets movement, the Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins will need to be repeated.

I gifted an iPhone 6 to my sister. In just 2 months iPhone started acting-up, not sure if her phone had the exact issue you described but it would be unresponsive at times and would start flickering randomly. Apple support asked her to do some regular Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins but it dint work. Finally they replaced it. I guess Brokenn new phone is working fine since then.

I have to appreciate iFixit and the author for doing this. This is one bold post from the writer with good research and effort. Its good to see blog posts that speak on behalf of the users. Iphone 4s had wifi greyed out issue and that was an hardware defect too. Surprised at the trend still continuing. There was an online petition signed for that and Apple did nothing. Apple ihPone its customers for granted by deciding a better product is available and time to switch.

I am glad i bought the 4s battery repair tool kit. I totally agree that bending the phone is what causes the problem. Apple get your s! Yes, this has happened to my phone. The phone freezes about 15times a day and I have to Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins a hard reset which sometimes makes it work again. Apple refuses to take blame. Apple customer service is getting worse and they wonder why they are losing market share Mine has been doing it for a while, too.

I have insurance on my phone so it was replaced immediately for free. However, as soon as I put my old one in the box to send back my new one starting doing it way worse than my original. I was literally watching a YouTube video and then it started. I just wondering why they the Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins people want tospit on the face of Steve Job who. Mr Job might says we have to do the right for our customers. I love Apple please do it right for customers.

Here is a video I made of replacing the Touch IC. Its 1 min timelapse. I do these every day! Have an appointment at the store for my 6 plus to be diagnosed, after reading all the replies and complaints here and at mac rumors, should Srores interesting. I had 3 iphone 6 plus, all had the same problems. I got some iphone to replace, same issue. The one I am having issue now was the 3rd replacement phone.

I have seen many iPhone users that are having the issues with the screen. There was a time when the apple company was famous for the cell phone quality. But with the iPhone 6 screen issues the TTrade will think twice before buying the iPhone 7. I am sure that apple has fixed the screen issue in iPhone 7. I upgraded this year to an Apple 6s plus. This was in April or may of this year. When I received my phone in the mail it was already having issues best options trading software review ninja the touch screen.

I reset it, did everything to trouble shoot it. Finally I went to the Apple Store and they replaced it with a refurbished phone. I think for everyone who is having issues, apple should give us a new phone. We are paying for it. My referbished phone is now having issues with the touch screen. Just went to an apple store today. My phone has suffered from bendgate and since it was out of warranty I just let it be even after trying to get a free replacement.

But I recently experienced some issues with the touchscreen. No gray bar at the top but some wierd flickering when I was scrolling down a webpage for example. Or when I played a game, the touch input responded as if I touched the screen completely on another location on the display. Anyway, explained this exact issue to the apple genius today and he basicall said, yeah, replacing the touch screen display might not fix the Stoores since he obviously saw my phone was bent but wouldnt mention it right away.

So he said the only option is to get a replacement phone and he offered it to me even though the phone was well out of warranty which i was pleasantly suprised. At least thats what happened to me, hope this helps guys! My phone is having the Trrade issue. Took it to the Apple Store. The tech pushed on the screen and it was working momentarily. He said 1 my otterbox caused it to bend and not Alow use otterboxes, they sell this brand? Apparently so small to the naked eye? I guess I need to be a Apple tech to see it.

I have taken very good care of my iPhone. Fingers crossed they will give me a replacement for free Friday. My only issue is if given a replacement I will have a phone that I have to treat as fragile which is bothersome. I have Trdae had issues with any other Apple product so I agree this a bad design flaw. We see that Apple made 4 bad design decisions:. Designing a thin case that can bend. Placement of the Touch IC chip in a place where it is subject to flexion pressure. Lack of underfill in a ball grid array solder joint.

Lack of rigid metal EMC protector. Apple compounds these bad decisions by not fixing this defective electronics. I have often questioned why any sane person would buy a device from a company like Apple, which purposely designs their electronics to be unfixable black boxes based on planned obsolescence. However, we should boycott Apple since it was the company which initiated the bad practices. InApple was the first company to create an MP3 player which did not have a replaceable battery.

In with the Mac Air, Apple was first company to make a laptop where the RAM, harddrive and battery were not replaceable. Inwith the Macbook Pro and its unibody case, Apple was the first company which designed a laptop case which could not be opened without using a special screwdriver. In with the iPhone, Apple was the first company to design a phone for mass consumption which did not have a removable battery. Apple was also the first company to promote high-end phones without a microSD card or any other expandable memory.

Apple was also the first Apple to design a phone with an all glass front cover and very thin bezel around the edges, so that the screen is liable to crack if dropped. Apple set the trend in the industry of designing easily-breakable devices and the rest of the industry followed its lead. For environmental reasons alone, we should boycott Apple and send a message to the rest of the industry to not follow its lead.

After updating to iOS 10, my iPhone 6S Plus just started having Touch issues and being unresponsive, with taps to finally open an app. But the iPhone has been super buggy since the update. It had been working fabulously while in iOS 9. And you people get angry at samsung for Bro,en there was a problem and recalling every single phone in less than 3 weeks, and then having a full replacement phone for everyone who purchased their phones withing 4? Yet out in cuppertino, apple has continued to deny the problem more than 2 years after they discovered their design flaw.

Not only will they not admit their flaw, but they bully customers into buying new devices rather than fixing them. Looks like iPhone 6 is completely crappy. I am facing a problem with lightening connector. All the online communities say, the connector might have gone wrong. I went to Apple Support and they told me everything is fine but cant give an explanation why the phone is not charging. They tried with one of their cables and it started charging.

None of the USB cables can make my iPhone that charge except that cable I brought from that guy. Ibs is Sotres illogical and not sure why it does work with this Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins and does not work with other cables. With the Storres cable also, it works only on one side. I cannot replace my iPhone now as it will cause a huge dent on my pocket.

Gray bar and tapping or bending the phone fixed it. I have the care plan for my phone, which has come in handy. They just replaced my phone on the spot. If you are citizen of the US, you should ask your government for more customer protection. The EU has 2 years, but IMHO should aim for 3 or 5 years. Ask for legal action! Otherwise manufacturers will continue selling us devices that become obsolete in very short time.

This type of repair is very common nowadays. The techs here at Wires Computing repair this about times a week. If you need this type of repair you can send it in to us. My iphone 6 plus is progressively dying — out of warranty and not due an upgrade yet. Not sure what step to take now. Just had the Touch IC Disease today… Grey Bar — unresponsive to touch.

Thank you for the pressure tip — it immediately comes back and is usable, for how long is another question. Thank you Jessa for exposing this issue and talking about it. Wish things were different, but keep Stroes a pain in the ass to Apple on this one. They need to be accountable for the investment consumers make in apple inns.

My iPhone 6 Plus is out for repairs for this very problem. Since May or June I am writing in early October the flickering gray Trads became more frequent despite the phone not being treated any differently than it had been since new in late Nevertheless, it became progressively more disabled to touch screen input which meant pretty useless for everything.

This weekend was the point where I had to replace the phone as I was otherwise without a phone and need one for work. So ijs went to an Apple store that had a phone I wanted in stock. When I was there, i asked about what could be done with my disabled phone. Oh, and they also offered a day warranty. Same defective phone with a short warranty. So my choice was easy. I thought it was the strangest issue, but they have probably seen it hundreds or thousands of times.

For the record, the first thing to fail on my phone was the headset jack. It would only get mono unless I pushed on the screen in just the right place. Then later the touch screen started acting up, horribly annoying. Sad thing is, this has been a great phone accept for this one defect, I was planning to keep mine for more years, but now I will be looking to upgrade.

Hopefully there is a class action so I can get some of my deductible back! Never had the phone in a back pocket and no drops or damage. Once I figured out twisting Storess case would fix the touch for a short time I knew it was a hardware issue. Phone was bought in Australia and they have a consumer protection law that allowed me to get a free replacement in-store but I had to put up with the problem for about 4 months until I was back in Australia to do that.

The new one has lasted 5 months up to now… I am having this problem now. The following day, the same thing started happening. My phone cuts off itself, and none of the applications work. I am so tired of this. Apple should have fixed this problem instead of focusing on putting out I-phone 7. I hope the attorneys really go after them for customers who have had to endure this.

I have endured this for 3 weeks and it is very, very frustrating. Apple faces a Class act. I was live manda. I have iPhone 6plus. I drink alcohol and I use Facebook so i Stoes to my room saddenli I change. I have been having then same issue with the iPhone 6 Plus, gb. You spend that much money on a phone then it just quits working and really no help if warranty is out.

There needs to be a recall on this issue. I have iphone inx and i m hving prblm Applle touch prblm even after updating ios I live in myanmar and here hv no official apple store or repair shop so seriously… Apple should correct this mistake rather then mking me buy a new ph if they do then i can send this ph to singapore to repair it…. Is Apple going to come forward and recognize this problem and fix this for me without charging me a dime? Show of hands who fixes this problem? I have yet to find Pihone shop to be able to fix it.

Lots of them accept mail-ins. There are usually a few local microsoldering repair specialists if you live in a big city. Where forex trading order types depression located Brissy? My phone has the dreaded gray bar at the top. It almost looks like someone else is controlling the keyboard. I took it to the apple store and they said they will replace it for The guy looking at my phone found a tiny scratch at the top that said, that that was the reason.

Apple is aware of this and is DOING NOTHING! They recognized it was an issue and promptly replaced it not just once, but twice when my replacement also had the issue about a week later. The genius that looked at it told me that Apple policy for this particular phone was to write down the serial numbers of a whole bunch of parts. He said he had never had to do that for any other phone and that it indicated that the phone had an intrinsic defect and that Apple was trying to figure out what it was.

I wish the scumbags would just Brokenn the problem and reimburse their customers that have had to purchase multiple phones. Steve is probably rolling over in his grave. I am currently facing this issue just right after my warranty. Tried applying pressure as a temprary fix but its no longer working now and somehow my it kinda afftected my LCD display.

I was wondering if I could purchased a custom Touch ID chip with protective shield and DIY it myself. Just happened with my iphone 6 plus for the first time today. Did what the article suggested — twisted phone a bit, and seems to have fixed it for now. Thanks for a well written article. Phone is back to normal for the mean time. The fix took 5 hrs but at least the problem is solved. The warranty is just over.

I am having the same problem with my 6 plus. Apple needs to recall all iPhone 6 having these issues seriously. This is a great artical. Apple will contact customers who may have paid for a service repair related to this issue either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange reimbursement. If you have not been contacted but paid for a Broien that you believe was related to this issue, please contact Apple. Choose one of the service options below. Your iPhone will be examined prior to any service to verify that it is eligible for this program and in working order.

This program only applies to iPhone 6 Plus. Apple Authorized Service Provider — Find one here. Apple Retail Store — Make an appointment here. Apple Technical Support — Contact us. To prepare your iPhone 6 Plus for the service process, please back up your data to iTunes or iCloud. Apple may restrict or limit repair to the original country of purchase. This worldwide program covers affected iPhone 6 Plus devices for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit. Lead free solders there are several formulations are more brittle than classic tin-lead.

The larger the chip, the more stress from end to end when the phone is flexed. They know what people do with with phones, and that is also what product testing is all about. I did that at a well known portable radio company later it became a well known cell phone company ;— a long time ago. It is still the same. There is no substitute for good component and system qualification and testing, Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins top of good design.

Is it now on a flex circuit or a semi rigid board? It is definitely in a location that does not get the flex or the original location. Not free, necessarily, but it ought to be cheap and reflect a direct materials cost only. Apple should do this aggressively to protect their good name, and show that they really understand the problem and have a good fix, whatever that really is. Probably iFixIt will tell us.

Both the board and the chips must have the old solder cleaned off thoroughly, and depending on the finish of either or both, it may be necessary to scrape off the last finish to get to a metal surface that will take a new tin-lead surface well. But in my opinion, just removing the chips, replacing with new, and soldering with lead free solder is just setting up the same situation again that caused the failure in the first place.

This is starting to happen kns me. My iPhone 6 Plus is well beyond the warranty period too. But the unresponsiveness is becoming annoying. It will stop in the middle of typing and the only cure is to put the phone to sleep and wake again. Today Nov 21st, after read the news Apple agreed to providing the fix for iPhone 6 Plus which had the touchscreen disease.

I went back to Apple Store at California, Brea Mall. After hours waiting for specialist verify your phone. I told them I was here on sometime in Octnow heard apple have agrred provide the fixes for this issue, I want to know what type fixesApple prodding a patches or replace a Applle PCB for this issue? Here what they said. I said, you mean apple will give us the same iPhone 6 Plus with same design problem? They said Same phone iPhone 6 Plus.

Then I asked, how long apple will warranty for the new or referbished iPhone 6 Plusthey said 90 days. Then I asked, what happens if the same issue appears after 90 days? He tried a new screen, that cost Brroken a pretty penny. He better give me a refund so I can apply it towards a different solution. Getting the same problem. Started happening few months back, and has been gradually becoming worse and worse every day. Considering switching to Pixel XL. I have the same Aloow. It started 3 weeks back.

I am planning to trade-in the IPhone 6 plus with IPhone 7 plus. May just switch to the new google phone. Sad to see it looks like a common problem and should be some sort of a recall!! People simply baked the cards in an oven with all plastic parts removed i. The same situation has occurred on my iPhone 6 Plus. Again the latter has happened on my second phone that was replaced for same issue.

I was then informed by the third manager that it was a hardware issue and since the phone is out of warranty nothing can be done. I am so disappointed. I am a loyal apple customer and have purchased a variety of products from them. This crude fix makes my phone work for days…and when. So I put heat conduction paste the kind used for computer CPU chips between the backside of the Touch ID chips where there is a heat conductive sponge and the backside of the display panel, to improve heat dissipation Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade ins by the conductive sponge which may have deteriorated when the sponge flattened over time.

It solved both Touch problems for me! I have iPhone 6 Plus has the same issue. May be it is time for me to jump to try Samsung phone. Now the replacement phone, seven months later has the Traxe defect. Did Apple sell defective phones as the replacement and is now looking to charge customers for the repair and replacement of the phone?

Would this be viable as a class action? Your email address will not be published. A Design Defect Is Breaking a Ton Alow iPhone 6 Pluses. Julia Stock options trading accounts in quickbooks is a writer, blogger, and repair advocate at iFixit. Never seen so much speculation and anecdote in one place before. This is after two phones One replaced new phone.

Reminds me of the Palm T3 digitizer fiasco. They will fix it! Or, cover the costs of repair by Apple or anyone else. This happened to me and from searching around online and talking to Apple employees — it is indeed a wide spread issue. I am on my 3rd 6Plus. That just seems like the worst place for Broen. The S models have tended to be a lot less trouble than the non-S models. We repair over iPhones phones a week. I am on my 6th 6 plus with the same problem Everytime!!!

This exact same thing happened to my iPhone 6 Plus last week. The touch feature you have described is exactly the problem I am having. Fuck your use of quotation marks. The Problem here is USER. August 24, at pm. I run a mail-in board repair business in Australia. Richard Parker, you are wrong. Also, how do you know how many people are affected? Apple never admitted to bendgate and I expect more of the same.

Stop blaming the user. Store we agree to disagree. Cant blame the manufacturer for everything. If anyone wants some real evidence, email me. I had the same problem up-to-date Apple still does not respond the systematic failure and acknowledge the problem. Sent it to Jessa Jones. Over time this happens!!! August 25, at pm. After reading tk I decided to add my 2 cents, and hope management in Apple is paying attention.

I think Apple should just fix this problem soon. Apple should be sued for this if they ignore this annoying design failure. If you are already represented by counsel in this matter, please disregard this advertisement. Seems expected in a screen navigation device to have touch work? Hope that others have the same response. So friggen glad I decided to wait for the 6s plus with the way stronger build.

It took a few days, but the lawyers are here! What the heck, I was never offered a replacement or to fix my phone? This is how you lose loyal customer Apple. You know what you need to do so do it. August 31, at pm. I have the same issue happening with my iPhone Aloow plus. How do I join the Class Action Lawsuit? Im in the same boat. I have a same problem on my iPhone 6 Beoken. I just read this on my brand new iphone6s. This is not user error folks, my phone, like my my old iPhone 4, was put in an Otterbox Defender since day one.

Thanks ifixit for the article. And I am very glad that someone it taking apple to court. Wow, who knew writing a letter and mailing it to Apple Headquarters was the secret access that celebrities use .

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