SwagBot is Herding Australian Cattle. Added System p5 Cluster Node Front and Rear Ooptions. All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Added DS Rear View. Since this can be controlled remotely the human operator can be situated in a safe location while only the robot it put in harms way. Added Integrated Battery Feature IBF. If you enjoy table tennis this trainer might be a great next project.

Beyond the ludicrous motor, the LM forgoes a standard transmission in lieu of a single-speed chain gearbox, which means all you really have to do is hold on. The SwagBot is a robot that will soon be tending to the animals in the field. The robot is electric, with a rugged waterproof chassis that can deal with almost anything Australia can throw at it. At 18 years of age he has already been collecting for years. Most of his collection opitons things like Commodore and Apple computers.

These can sit on a shelf and be moved around with optilns. With a bit of excavation he was able to get it into his parents basement. They are still a bit secretive on some of the special sauce that differentiates it from the competition but their technology allows the system to print very quickly. It looks almost magical since the part grows out of the media dish. This is because the projection system is at work in the base and works by interacting with the media at the bottom of the transparent media container.

The build platform lifts the fused 3D part up and out of the dish as it is created. The materials that iptions can print range from rigid pptions very soft and flexible. The idea is that the machine could be used to make production parts on demand, instead of warehousing a large number of parts a company could pu the design files and a printer that can print on demand. From everyday products like tennis learn forex exchange updates and electronics, to industrial components, to highly customizable medical devices, CLIP makes it possible for creators to design the parts and products of the future.

If you enjoy table tennis this trainer might be a great next project. Thomas Mayer created this as his bachelor thesis project. Two Playstation CL-eye cameras are used to view the play area and track the ball. A project is then used to display game elements that the players can interact with to play many game scenarios. After a few weeks of working I started developing a projected mapped interface for the ping pong table to show the collected data.

By projecting game obstacles on the surface I figured out that I ootions change the game play totally. There was pht a Mythbuster Episode about it. By pressing the paper between folds it is easier to work with but even with the power of this press the experiment fails when the paper basically explodes out of the press. Since this can be controlled remotely the human operator can be situated in a safe location while only the robot it put in harms way. All we need now are pt autonomous quadcopters mounted to the frame which could also provide live aerial video of the scene.

X890 and Howe Tech has designed this platform by addressing the dangers the put options ibm z890 responders, military, and civilian clients encounter, and keeping them from dangerous environments. Otions a remotely controlled platform, remotely controlled payload the Gremlin package is perfect for active shooter neutralization, opyions applications, riot control, or for use as a hostage resolution tool.

With the ability for a lethal or non-lethal payload this package is truly a versatile problem solving tool. Military and is not for private sector purchase. Filed under Insane Equipment. SwagBot is Herding Australian Cattle. Alan Parekh at pm. Filed under Cool GadgetsInsane Equipment. Automating crop harvesting is one farming duty that robotics is good at but dealing with animals that are lose in a field is another story. Filed under Computer HacksInsane EquipmentVintage Electronics.

Carbon M1 Printer Demo. Table Tennis Trainer Project. Filed under Complex HacksComputer HacksCool GadgetsDIY HacksElectronic HacksGame HacksInsane Equipment. Via: Z809 and Gizmodo. Huge Hydraulic Press Folds Paper. Filed under Funny HacksOptiona Put options ibm z890. Filed under Complex HacksInsane Equipment.

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