Select Receipt Voucher Petty Cash and change the date to I do not know what is your business? If you know manual accounting and double entry rules, you can fastly learn tally. Fringe Benefit Tax is a tax on an employer for expenses that are deemed to be benefits to an employee. Credit received for 45 days. Others can see my Clipboard. Press Y or Enter to accept the taly.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of trasaction contents by email. Join 7, other subscribers. First of all, I want to tell that in Income tax LawTDS is the way of collecting tax from assessee. TDS is deducted by the person who pays to other certain amount which is mention in TDS sections. So, learn its accounting procedure or accounting treatment and journal entries in Tally. There are two way of accounting treatment of TDS in Tally 9 or Tally.

I am writing both the way of accounting treatment and effect of it is same. Following are the simple steps for Accounting treatmentVoucher entries and return making of TDS in Tally. For example create YZ. Company under the group of S. Then fill the required items. Then create another ledger account of rent account under indirect expenses. Tally will select only one transaction TDS amount automaticallyif not activate then calculate yourself and write. Then Payment entry Write same amount of TDS which is calculated by Tally.

After this you can see the status report in computation of TDS. You can also print TDS return directly from TDS reports. In Gateway F11 set TDS as No and in XYZ co. Calculate the TDS manually suppose it is Rs. Then after creating normal ledger of partyrent and TDS accounts the following entry will pass. YZ company Account Cr. At the end of monthPass the Voucher entry of payment of TDS which is calculated by you in payment voucher.

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40 TallyERP9 in Hindi (Multi Currency Implementation)

Voucher Configuration (F12) in Tally Go to Gateway of Tally > F Configure > Voucher Entry: By default, the above configuration options are displayed in the. Any person not being an individual or a HUF who is responsible for paying to a resident by way of fees for professional or technical services royalty and any sum. Configuration In 9 1. Configuration can be selected or modified by using F Configure button. This button is available in almost all the.