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However, Apple has made a decision to disable this feature likely to level the playing field between the Qualcomm, and Intel variants. This goes for any other flagship device on the market. In this day and age with mobile internet consumption at the all time high, we believe that a mobile device is only as good as its ability to maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab connect and maintain its connectivity with the mobile network.

This study has been done entirely independently, and Cellular Insights takes opgion responsibility for the analysis and opinions in this report. We have self-funded the procurement of iPhone 7 Plus units through commercial retail channels. All units have been preloaded with the latest version of iOS As the device attaches to eNodeB, it reports its LTE capability. FDD LTE Band 12 is part of the lower MHz band plan, covering 15 MHz of contiguous spectrum across three blocks A, B, C.

Coincidentally, LTE Band 12 capable devices are only certified to support up to 10 MHz operation. As opposed to mid and high band spectrum, low frequency such as MHz Band 12 can propagate further, penetrate the concrete structure better, and often times is the only LTE layer reaching the device. Both iPhone 7 Plus variants perform similarly in ideal conditions.

The end result was virtually identical. At dBm, the Intel variant performed more in line with its Qualcomm counterpart. This is a great article. Could you please review the goole pixel cellular performance as well? Agreed, great article - I too would love to see this updated with the Pixel and others! David, the majority of problems in US seem to be on Verizon, so that's Qualcomm chip. Many, but not all, report It would have been an excellent one, if power measurements have been conducted too.

Without it, it's nothing more than politics. Yes please review the Pixel radio compared to other phones. Out of all the reviews I have seen online for the Pixel no one actually reviewed the "phone". After all we demand these devices work well when no WiFi is around. Please do not review Google Pixel. I don't care the result of it. Please dont read the article on the Pixel. Any way to determine which variant is in my personal iPhone 7 plus? The article noted which carriers are selling the one with the Qualcomm modem.

If you bought it furst, was it for use on one of those carriers? The model number of your iPhone is printed on the back of the device. Figst for doing this, so little information available on Maximuj performance of phones which is so critical for performance, battery life, etc. I would maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab interested to see you rerun this test with the iOS pt Beta.

The latest beta includes modem firmware 1. If possible, it'd be great to look at a comparison for other RF front end features like envelope tracking, antenna tuning, etc. Maybe I firdt it, but I didn't see in the optin what features in the new Intel modem differed from the 6S's MDMM. As the comparison chart makes the two parts look very similar, what appears is that the 's new features are today a year ahead of the and the Intel part. My question is the one with the Qualacom modem vs Intel was there any correlation between battery life too?

If the qualacom works better does it use more battery power based on tests than the Intel. Just trying to gage it if i do decide to purchase a iPhone 7. Was this test conducted using the latest update iOS It says so in the article. Great article, I really liked your introduction paragraph! Can you do a review on the ZTE Axon 7 signal strength and LTE performance please and thank you. Assume you are downloading a file that is 70MB in size. If your iPhone with Qualcomm chip downloads this in half the time, it will be able to go to sleep that much faster.

It is not necessary that the performance is obtained at the maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab of power. So if this is the case my iPhone 7 Plus purchased thru T-Mobile should not have any Verizon ffirst Sprint connectivity. It should not be possible due to hardware limitations. I couldn't get mine on release day even with pre-order. VP, the available network scan on your 3GPP only baseband is detecting the LTE networks for VZW and Sprint, not their CDMA networks.

The latter use PRL based network selection, not user initiated network selection. It would be great if you could provide a picture of the test setup. Without testing environment and setup specified, this type of comparison is less meaningful. One important point must be kept in the picture, not only the modems makes the differences but the Antenna with the Modems.

One significant information should be the Return Loss of the antenna scanning the channels in a Band. If a LAB is reading this could do it for us Qualcomm should ask Apple for "Qualcomm Inside" sticker firsf the phones with Q chip. If you swapped an Intel variant iPhone out at the Apple Store under warranty, would they supply you with another Intel or do they use the Qualcomm version for warranty replacements? Whenever you turn in a warranty claim, most likely you will receive a refurbished unit.

I would return it under the 30 day window and purchase another one personally. Although the phone is new, you could still potentially get a refurb. In this case the 3rd harmonic of the B12 transmitter lands right in B4 receiver thus potentially de-sensing it and degrading the throughput when the B12 TX power is high cell-edge scenario. I am still waiting for Anandtech to do their digging. And offering some explanation to why. The Intel Modem is based on TSMC 28nm.

Qualcomm X12 is on 20nm. Only the X16 is on 14nm FinET I believe. Why did Apple decide to use the newer X12 when they know the older MDM was enough compared to Intel's ? A some other details like X12 wasn't a true 4x4 MIMO and require separate chip to do so, while X16 is a true 4x4 MIMO. And I am pretty sure an Software update could make EVS possible. Whether or not they will do it is entirely different matter. How it could be achived more than M for SGS7edge on one carrier Band4?

Then I would expect more than Mbps. Nice rewiew, and measurements on the poewer drawn by both modules when performing differently? I happen to live in an area that gets marginal reception but I never knew it because I had a Nokia from Verizon. When i finally had to trade it in after a couple of years, I tried the iphone 6S and found the reception to be horrible. I traded it in for a Galaxy S6 and was told "no more trades" so I was forced to keep it.

That also had horrible reception at my house. My signal varies from to and calls constantly get dropped. My girlfriends Galaxy S5 worked great at my house and I took that as a sign as the antenna design changing in the Galaxies between the S5 and the S When her phone was ready for maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab I searched around and found no bad things were said about the HTC10 reception. At maximmu encouragement, she got the HTC lba and gets great reception at my house.

I have been searching for some sort of articles on antenna testing and this report is just what I was looking for. I would, however, like to see a wider range of phones tested. It would be interesting to see how that HTC10 does against the iphone and maxmum. And, I would also like to see how the new Droid Z and the Pixel fare. Thank you for your effort, Milan. It would be nice to maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab the error bars on the graphs and the statistical comparison for the low signal LTE examples.

Given the low average current networks speed limits Gbs it would be crucial to magnify graphs accordingly. I am going to use my phone mostly on the European GSM networks, so having A with CDMA capability would not grant automatic CDMA network switch with European sim or? What would be battery impact? The disabling of HD Voice - is it permanently disabled or is that a function that Apple could enable in the future? Lab test isn't field test. If you do field test,the results are almost same. Just called Apple and mentioned my concerns- I bought my iPhone 7 unlocked and no plan.

Apple has msximum response. The SIM unlocked version is the Qualcomm modem, according to the article. Maximuj Qualcomm in the US and a couple of other places, it's Intel in Europe model is supplied as the unlocked one. What was the modem firmware used in the tests please? Also IMHO worth repeating in months to see if Intel have made significant improvements to a young product. I don't know what was in We're now up to modem firmware 1.

This article made for great reading. A couple of things I would be interested in seeing in the future articles. Testing this on Google's Pixel device along with every major flagship release. This is information that would influence a purchase decision. I also from daily use between the 5x and 6p felt the 5x was horrible and which you tested the 6p's signal as well, 2, Was there a measure of power consumption at the different signal strength between the two chipsets?

Wondering if this affected the performance as well. Good to see that iPhone 7 will be IP67 waterproof! When concerning about the waterproof function of mobile, I found an very interesting video about it. On this video, they drop VKworld T1 Plus, a budget 6. Even if you leave apart the intel vs qualcomm modem differences, the article clearly tells that SD based devices will have far better connectivity as compared to any iPhone7.

You could read it without breaking the seal or opening the box. The ATT model uses the Intel modem. If you want the qualcomm then buy a unlocked version. I live in Tokyo and use KDDI Au. I can't find out which model they are using. AU shops say "it might be either, but you can't tell until purchasing and opening the box to look. All the floor models I've seen have the aa number with the Intel chip though. I'm wondering how much of an issue this is and if I should upgrade my iPhone 6 Plus now.

I can see that on the back of my iPhone maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab Plus box. That precludes being able to upgrade online, but perhaps I can do that in a store. Assuming there is even more than one model sold here in Japan for AU. I still haven't been able to confirm that yet. Let's wait a little and see what's Apple's response is, before jumping into conclusions. Actually, it turns out that the model sold here in Japan is neither the A nor the A For the iPhone 7 Plus it is the A I don't know if that means it's Qualcomm or Intel.

Only Qualcomm variants are sold here. Oh apple users are not satisfied with APPLE because iPhone is expensive while Apple used a bad modem. All devices with qualcomm have issues in the field. Lab vs field tests are completely different. The mobility tells how feasible a device is. Not speaking about the fact that in real NW the eNB will never give yous such a bandwidth.

I really don't understand why you people struggle to have in the pocket the newest devices on the market All Qualcomm devices have problems in the field? Very nicely detailed and accurate information based on the currently released iPhones. Both intel and Qualcomm modems are capable of supporting more than Mbps.

This means that performance of the intel modem may not be limitation here. It depends putt test conditions, transport protocol parameters, both mobiles Qualcomm and Intel exact locations and many other factors. As a user, I dont care much if my downloading speed is Mpbs or Mpbs because I rarely run any application on my mobile phone that requires this much high data rate on my mobile HD video stream needs few Mpbs speed. But I would optiin more interested in power comparison and battery life with these two modems.

If so, I will wait to upgrade until the 8. I already have spotty reception at home with my 6 and I can't afford to make it worse. Is there already a way to compare this or does it require a new test? I posted a question here that was held up for curation and then disappeared. It seemed perfectly harmless. I had a chance to answer my question by doing losss field test on my 6 at home and learning I was getting a reading of in most places, and then bringing home a 7 Plus with the inferior Intel modem and getting readings between and Glad to learn that "inferior" doesn't mean worse than a 6, in my location at least, so I'll keep the 7 Plus.

Could you repeat the testing now that iOS I have an A iPhone 7 plus. It is depressing how much my is slower than my 5s for LTE. A quick 4G test or few this evening gives Plus I only tested it as I'd seen a trend so this wasn't a one-off. A bigger concern is the 5s holds onto a 4G signal much better, the 7 does like to be on 3G iOS There is a very interesting article about phone reception quality.

I ran some tests myself on the 3 Belgian providers. Reception quality inside my house is very bad where I live bad coverage with signal levels between and dBm. By the way, I'm an engineer maxikum have quite some RF knowledge. Tested with a brand new iPhone 7 Intel modemiPhone SE, Nexus 5, Lumia and Lumia both Lumia's are still Nokia design, not Microsoft. Tests are pure subjective, on different places in my house with all the phones and swapping SIM cards every time.

With a signal of dBm, the iPhone 7 often doesn't receive or can't make calls and text messages can't ln send. More or less the same story with the iPhone SE. The Lumia's perform the best, the Nexus 5 sits between them. Pkt Lumia's always maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab a better signal then the other phones. I don't care about LTE performance I only get 3G at best over here since I have Wifi in house.

Don't understand why reviewers talk about all the gadgets of the phones, while the basic functionality making phone calls isn't even decently tested in an lb with bad reception. Of course it's much more interesting to compare stuff like camera functionality, screen colours, quality of the Gorilla glass, bending phones etc, but it's all non-essential. I'd love to have a phone that bends when you sit on it, but at least has a good reception and opyion be puh to make a call.

Just want a phone with the best receiver sensivity. For each 3 dB decrease in level, the singal power is reduced by about one half. So a more sensitive phone just works better in environments with weak signals. That also includes using it in your car, a bad environment for a mobile phone metal cage. And most of the time, the receiver in the phone is not the problem, but the antenna plays a much bigger role As professor Pedersen suggests in his article, it becomes time manufacturers are open about this in the specs of the phone.

What process node is the Intel modem? Would be very interesting to see power comparison between Intel and Qualcomm. I found it just in time! Having just purchased an iphone 7 plus, 32GB on contract in the UK for use on the Three network. Without any hesitation I have now returned the maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab and will wait until the i8 appears. I live in a network fringe area of Cornwall and also trunk travel quite a bit.

The maxiimum signal at home for the i7 displayed a significant decrease on the previous i5 and i5s signals. Another immediate issue was a very sharp spike in data usage, I have been using the Three, All You Can Eat Data plans for years, peaking at 25gb in the heaviest usage months I spoke with Three technical for a few hours, explaining everything in great detail, in an attempt optiin overcome the issues or at least gain a good explanation.

Three almost immediately admitted that the 4g was not working on the i7 properly and a solution was being sought between Apple and Three Apple deny this Three lav suggested turning off the 4g until being advised of an update that resolves the issue. There was no explanation as to why the signal was poorer on the i7 compared to all previous devices, but now I am starting to understand why, your article makes perfect sense.

The Otion usage increase was also not met with a good explanation but was dismissed by pointing out that I already have All You Can Eat Data, so why worry. By the way the upgrade to iOS I also ran a performance test on the i7 using a little app "Performance Test" just to see whether the phone performed as advertised. A friend also purchased an i7 with gb at the same time as me giving me the opportunity to compare both.

What was remarkably disappointing was the write speeds This was also observable when browsing images on both phone with maximum signal strength. My friend has also retuned his iPhone 7 for the same reasons. As a final pass before returning the i7, with your article in hand, I made an appointment with Apple to see if they were prepared to shine some light on the issues. To mzximum fair, they were not really interested, they did however offer me a replacement but with the Intel Model numbers.

They confirmed that the Models with the Qualcomm component installed were not available in the UK. If you have an iPhone 7 with the model numbers A or A or are considering buying a new phone. DON'T it really isn't worth the grief and they will be virtually worthless once the issues are widely known. After that article I'll cancel the order and keep my 5se waiting for i8.

GREAT test review - a must loes for any Apple user. Upon canceling the order I've asked myself what a mobile phone is for - if not primarily for mobile connection like talking and data transfer, Otherwise it's called iPod. I7 is close to be seen as an iPod with the occasional option of mobile connectivity. Whatever was presented at the last keynotes - z was never any comment on "we offer great mobile connectivity".

It was an unexpressed and intrinsic property of any iPhone as we all have assumed. This seems to be wrong in the post Steve time since the i5 was the last one approved by him. Doubling profit and revenue the basic feature of the iPhone went lost: talking. Wasn't there any product manager responsible for? Others have their battery gate but a mobility gate is even worse.

Iwonder what Woz' opinion would be. I would love to read losss statement from Apple. And: this testing and benchmarking shall become a standard from now on watching the i8 and potion. These values do match the findings. The weaker the mobile efficiency the higher the power to compensate and so the impact to maximum loss on a put option 2 first lab.

Conclusions: Apple uses 2nd sourcing to keep purchasing price low. Regardless performance or radiation impact. There was a time Apple was standing for perfect products. Only iOS is binding the customers finally to Apple. I am so glad I found this article on the I phone 7 plus, living in the optionn and on 3 network I just discovered after upgrading to the iPhone 7 plus this issue with signal and how poor the intel version of the phone is and its reception.

Apple should be ashamed of the iPhone 7 plus and its reception performance. I would want it to out perform its predecessors and be an improvement not a step backwards in its main function as a phone that needs a signal. Thank you for article. I appreciate the detail in this article. I started searching for info like this because the rest of my family has iPhone 6s Plus's. I now have a IPhone 7 Plus.

To my disappointment, their phones outperform my new phone when we play Pokemon Go together. They start to catch their spawned Pokemon before I even see mine. They laugh at me and my new phone. I also lose connectivity with the Niantic servers more often than they do. When I called or chat with Apple Support, they just say, "It's the software. I had to contact Apple.

When I call Apple, they say, "It's the Carrier or Software company. This has been very frustrating. Really looking forward to read more. So, what is the so good about this phone anyway? I wish I kept my older phone, Optio really want to give apple a piece of my mind, like face to face. I have the iphone7 A Intel model with T-mobil. It constantly cuts out in the middle of phone calls where I can only hear the caller, however they cannot hear me.

Everytime I've spoke with representatives, they initiate a 'software update' or a reset process etc, and then make calls to themselves on their T-mobile network- which go through fine. I only have the problem- opiton appears, when calling non-Tmobile phones. I have figured out that I can temporarily rectify this issue by placing the call on speaker maximm for a few seconds and then returning and the caller can hear me again. However I end up doing this several times throughout the phone call.

Is this a known issue for this particular model? Have there been any known work arounds? I'm just past the 30 day return, and it seems there is a huge issue with this phone! I'm very upset that I just now am reading this information on the different modems- just a bit too late for my own good! Pixel XL, four months later. LG V20, The First AWS-3 Capable Smartphone. State of LTE Advanced. Welcome to Cellular Insights! Like clockwork, every September the entire tech world gets excited for the newest Apple device.

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