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Risk management should be high on the agenda for every broker. It became a particular priority following the SNB event in January when the importance of having strong risk management tools became apparent. The Gold-i MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway give brokers the ability to control their risk by deciding which trades should be A-Booked and which should be B-Booked.

They offer flexibility for brokers to decide whether STP, partial order STP or warehousing is the most appropriate route for client trades in order to minimise their exposure. We have added a broad range of complementary tools to help brokers to understand their exposure and set up alerts to mitigate risk. Tools such as the How to reduce risk in forex trading newsletter RiskDB, Margin Caller and Quote Checker have proved invaluable in helping brokers to manage their risk more effectively.

In addition, we developed Gold-i Visual Edge — our powerful risk management and business analysis software - to enable brokers to have a clear, visual overview of their exposure to risk in real-time. Using customised dashboards and business analysis features, brokers can access key data relating to their trading operations and can drill down by any attribute including currency, symbol, asset class, country, LP or client.

Brokers can set up and receive alerts when exposure exceeds pre-defined limits. Gold-i was the first MetaTrader technology company to provide functionality in our bridge to help brokers analyse their risk. We have a broad portfolio of products which help brokers to understand their exposure in real-time and alerts them when specific limits are reached.

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest news then simply click on the link below to sign up. We promise not to sell your data to any 3rd party company. How can we help a brokerage to reduce risk? Gold-i can help you to:. Work out which clients should be A-Booked and which should be B-Booked.

Decide whether STP, partial order STP or warehousing is the most appropriate route for client trades. Create clear dashboards to provide a complete overview of your trading operations and exposure in real-time. Set up alerts to mitigate risk. Which products can help? Julian ElliottOperations Director, Gold-i. Range of products to help you to reduce your risk.

Multi-asset risk management and business intelligence software. Fully integrated with MetaTrader and other trading platforms. Manage risk by seeing exposure in real time. View customised dashboards to gain an up-to-the minute overview of your trading operations. Can be run independently from MetaQuotes Report Server. Allows export of database from MetaTrader.

Can be used with other plug-ins to provide more flexibility. Works with multiple MT4 servers. Award-winning ultra low latency smart routing product. Access to over 70 Liquidity Providers. Installed directly on the MetaTrader server. Ultra low latency smart routing product for MT5. Installed directly on your MT5 server. Complementary products in development to help MT5 brokers operate more effectively and profitably.

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