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SAS log is a record of everything that you do in your SAS session or with. Original program statements are identified by line numbers. Interspersed with SAS statements are messages from SAS. For example, in the following output, the number 1 prints. This means that it is the first line. In interactive mode, SAS continues with the sequence of line. If you submit the program again or.

See the SAS documentation for your operating environment. The following list corresponds to the circled numbers. SAS system release used to run this. SAS statements that make up the program if. Note sas no log output option agreement the continuation line is preceded by an exclamation point! SAS data set that your program created; notes. The SAS log is not named until. The name that you specify must follow the. The SAS log cannot. However, SAS can create a second. In batch, line, and objectserver modes, you can configure the SAS log.

The following sections discuss the log options that you can configure. SAS Logging: Configuration and Programming Reference. If you specify a destination. If the log does exist, you can specify how content is written to the. By default, SAS writes. By buffering the log content, SAS. When SAS rolls over the log, it closes the log and opens a new log. Logs can be rolled over. By using formatting directives in the SAS log name, each. SAS log can be named with unique identifiers.

Using Directives to Name the SAS Log: For the SAS log, a directive. For example, if you want the SAS log name. If directives are specified. SAS Language Reference: Dictionary. Change: When the SAS log name contains one or more directives and the. The follow table shows some of the log names that are created when SAS.

H adds the hour to the log. The node name for this example is Thames. The log for this SAS session. Rolling Over the SAS Log by SAS Session: To roll. SAS resolves the system-specific directives by using. No roll over occurs during. Rolling Over the SAS Log by. When the log reaches the specified size, SAS closes the log. Directives in log names are ignored for logs that roll. To ensure unique log filenames between servers, SAS creates a lock. The lock filename is logname. If a lock file exists for a server log and another.

The numbers begin with 2 and increment. For example, if a. No SAS Log Roll Over: To not roll over the log at. Directives are not resolved and no rollover occurs. In all modes, you can instruct SAS to write additional information. If a FILE statement with the LOG destination executes before. The LIST statement operates only. It has no effect on data that. Use the LIST statement. This enables you to. Use the PUT, PUTLOG, LIST, DATA, and ERROR statements.

SAS system options enable you to suppress SAS statements and system messages. Note that all SAS system. You should not suppress log messages until you have successfully. The following list describes some of the SAS. The ECHO system option is valid only under the Windows sas no log output option agreement UNIX. The MEMRPT system option is valid only under the. If the MSGLEVEL system option is set to. N, the log displays notes, warnings, and error messages only.

NONOTES does not suppress error or. The RTRACE system option is valid only for the Windows and. SAS Language Reference: Dictionary for more information about how to use these and other SAS system. The following SAS statements and SAS system options enable you. Customizing the log is helpful when you use the log. You can use the following two options sas no log output option agreement the. FILE statement to customize the log for that report. SAS system options apply to all subsequent listings.

See the SAS documentation for your operating. For more information about how to use these and other. SAS system options and statements, see. Structure of the Log. NOTE: Copyright c by SAS Institute Inc. NOTE: SAS r 9. Licensed to SAS Institute Inc. NOTE: SAS initialization used:. NOTE: 5 records were read from the infile 9. The minimum record length was The maximum record length was NOTE: The data set WORK.

LOGSAMPLE has 5 observations and NOTE: DATA statement used:. NOTE: There were 5 observations read from the data set. NOTE: PROCEDURE SORT used:. NOTE: PROCEDURE PRINT used:. The SAS Log in Interactive Mode. The SAS Log in Batch, Line, or Objectserver Modes. Overview of the SAS Log in Batch, Line, or Objectserver Modes. For information about these log system options, see. Appending to or Replacing the SAS Log. Specifying When to Write to the SAS Log. Rolling Over the SAS Log. The directive n inserts the system node name into the log name.

Log Names for Rolled Over Logs. Last log of the day. First log past midnight. Writing to the Log in All Modes. PUTLOG statement in a DATA step. Altering the Contents of the Log. Customizing the Appearance of the Log. Other System Options That Affect the SAS Log.

Simple PowerShell Logging

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