When disconnecting the battery make sure to use a plastic tool not batery metal tool that could short out the battery. Just pin it between the phone and connector on the top screw, with that little gold dot facing you. FiXPOD 2 comments says:. After powering on the phone, I too had the problem of acquiring a cell signal. Ok, I thought, I'm up for a challenge to change my 4s battery. I plugged the phone into my computer and rebooted the phone.

Apple may replacemejt make it easy to replace an iPhone's battery, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. And it takes only about 20 doea. Talk about an inconvenient truth: right around the month mark, your iPhone battery will start to wear out. You'll notice that it doesn't last quite so long between charges, a problem that just gets worse as more time passes. By 18 months or two years, you'll be lucky to get half a day of run time.

Apple famously make that infamously engineers iPhones without a battery door, so you can't just swap in a new power pack. However, you can indeed replace your iPhone's battery, and it's cheaper and easier than you might think. In fact, I just put a new battery in my month-old iPhone 4S, which was definitely showing signs of charge wear. Total time: 20 minutes. Let me pause right here to note that opening your iPhone will void whatever's left of cosy warranty which, unless you extended it, expired after 12 months anyway.

I should also note that this procedure should work more or less the same with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. I'm not sure about the iPhone 5, but most folks are at least eight months away from having to worry about that. Apple's live TV service is put on hold. Apple's new battery case for the iPhone 6 might be smart, but it sure isn't pretty.

Plus, Apple Watch 2 rumors point to March next year. I should also note that any time you go monkeying inside doea device as compact and sophisticated as an iPhone, you risk damaging it. My upgrade went smoothly; your mileage may batyery. To find a cosr battery, Replcaement simply searched eBay for "iPhone 4S replacement battery. Next I went to YouTube, searched for "replace iPhone 4S re;lacement and watched a couple how-to videos batteru even picking up a screwdriver.

One especially good pick: This how-to from DirectFix. I wanted to learn the procedure as well as I could before getting started. Finally, armed with a desktop magnifier an essential tool for someone with aging eyesI removed the two pentalobe screws from the bottom of my iPhone, slid off the backplate, then removed the two screws holding down the battery connector.

It was fortunate I'd hos the how-to videos, otherwise I'd never have known what to do with the tiny little bracket that popped loose from I-wasn't-sure-where. From there it was a simple matter to pry out the old battery, drop in the new one, and how much does iphone 4s battery replacement cost everything back together. Much to my relief, my 4S immediately returned to life, and battery life is, as expected, much improved.

For as little as 8 bucks, how much does iphone 4s battery replacement cost can do the job yourself without letting muh phone out of your sight. Best smart home devices. Tour our smart apartment. Tour our smart house. How to buy the best. Sign In to CNET. Signed in as My Profile. January 25, AM PST. Apple releases the fugliest iPhone battery pack case you've ever seen. Autoplay: OFF Already have the iPhone 4S?

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How To Easily Remove, Install & Replace an Apple iPhone 4S Battery

Jan 09,  · how much does it cost to replace Iphone 4 battery if it is not under Apply warrany? iPhone 4, iOS , Battery replacement Posted on Jan 9, 9. Video embedded  · iPhone 4S Battery Replacement: Replace the battery on your iPhone 4S. the apple store wanted 3 times the cost of this repair kit. Apple iPhone 4S Repairs from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Battery Replacement for Apple iPhone 4S. RIS Get a new battery professionally installed; Top quality battery ;.