A: A company is entitled to issue as much debt as the market will take. Pierre Joubert says September 5, dividfnd PM So great to see someone answering questions in a way that even I can understand! What I mean is, does it limit you only to unit trusts? I want to start investing in jse please help me out. The borrower pays the bondholder interest over a period of time and repays the full loan amount on a predetermined maturity date. Reserve Bank dividnd India.

Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Frequently asked questions Q: What jse options trading x dividend a Share? A: If you own a Share, you own a portion of a company. Imagine the company as a pie. You own a slice of the pie. You can also call a share equity or stock. A: Try this online course. A: Create your own JSE online account. A: Listing enables a company to raise capital the funds it needs to operate and grow and thus promotes improvements in a company.

As a result, more business opportunities become available to the company. Click here to find out how to list a company. A: A stock or any other security that represents an ownership interest. For a simpler explanation, look at What is a Share? A: A BRICS economy is any of the five economies that make up BRICS, an international political organisation of leading emerging economies. The economies concerned are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

A: Click here for information about the NewWave ETNs. A: Click here for more information about indices. As a client, you would use the trading software your broker supplies. Some brokers develop their own trading software. Others use software developed by independent companies. A: You can buy Satrix ETFs through a stockbroker or directly from Satrixusing its investment plan.

A: A Spot Bond is a long-term loan. The borrower pays the bondholder interest over a period of time and repays the full loan amount on a predetermined maturity date. A: A Single Stock Future SSF is a Derivative Instrument that gives you exposure to the price movements of an underlying financial instrument Shares. A Futures Contract is a legally binding agreement that gives you, the investor, the right to buy or sell the underlying listed Share at a fixed price on a future date.

This means that trading in SSFs enables you to speculate, hedge and exploit market opportunities. A: The JSE does not sell shares directly. You have to go through a broker. Click here for a list of JSE members who can help you. A: A bear market is a market in which prices are falling. A: A bull market is a market in which prices are rising or are expected to rise. A: A stockbroker would be the best person to speak to about this. Click here to find one.

A: You become a shareholder by buying shares in a company. You can do this through a stockbroker. A: The minimum amount varies depending on the share or asset class you want to jse options trading x dividend. For some Moving average forex 7 point Traded Funds ETFsthe minimum is R a month or a one-off amount of R1 With online share trading now widely available, you are able to invest any amount on the stock market via the internet.

Click here to find out more about online share trading. A: An ETF is a listed investment product that tracks the performance of a basket of shares, bonds or commodities. ETFs can be bought and sold just like Ordinary Shares. The difference is that one ETF gives you exposure to more than one share, so your risk is lower.

Some ETFs will pay you dividends, but not all of them. A: Anybody can subscribe to data through a data vendor. Click here to jse options trading x dividend out more. A: Forex is the abbreviation for foreign exchange the currencies of countries other than South Africa, in this case. You can trade in forex international currencies.

A: You can sell your Shares right after buying them. Your broker or financial advisor will be able to give you advice on how long you should hold onto your shares. A: The Currency Futures Jse options trading x dividend is a platform that the JSE hosts, but the forex and stock markets operate independently. Different rules apply to the two markets. Although you can trade independently on the forex market, you can also do it through your stockbroker. To trade on the stock market, you have to use the services of a stockbroker.

A: SSFs are listed and traded on the JSE. Jse options trading x dividend Online is the broker that will be doing the trade on the JSE on behalf of the client. PSG is one of about brokers through which market participants can trade on the JSE. All trading on the JSE has to take place through a broker. A: There are three ways to invest on the JSE from jse options trading x dividend S A: through your local stockbroker, through your bank or through a South African stockbroker.

A: Click here to find out more about JSE bursaries. A: A yield curve is a line that plots the interest rates, at a set point in time, of bonds of equal credit quality, but differing maturity dates. A: A company is entitled to issue as much debt as the market will take. There are many listing requirements relating to issuing debt, just as there are for issuing equity. A: You need to research what you are buying and know the risks involved.

A: As an individual investor you need to make sure you equip yourself with the best tools to make informed investment decisions. Whether you use fundamental or technical analysis techniques is entirely up to you. A: Trading averages are the average number of individual Shares or securities traded in a day or over a period of time. Trading activity relates to the liquidity of the security. So, if the trading average is high, the security has high liquidity and can easily be traded people are willing to buy and sell it.

A: Generally, the price of a stock is determined by supply and demand. For example, if there are more people wanting to buy a stock than to sell it, the price will be driven up because those Shares are rarer and people will pay a higher price for them. If there are a lot of Shares for sale and no one is interested in buying them, the price will fall quickly. A: A stockbroker will be able to answer this question for you. Generally, the price of a stock is determined by supply and demand.

A: Shareholders are people who own part of the company because they have bought shares in the company. Stakeholders are people who Global Trade Finance Program an interest in the company, but do not own part of the company. Examples of stakeholders would be employees, suppliers, customers, and so jse options trading x dividend. A: An Exchange Traded Fund ETF is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets like an index fund, but trades like a stock on an exchange.

ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. A Single Stock Future SSF is a Derivative Instrument that gives an investor exposure to the price movements of an underlying financial instrument Shares. A Futures Contract is a legally binding agreement that gives the investor the right to buy or sell the underlying listed share at a fixed price on a future date. A: There are a lot of good books about investing.

For beginners, we would recommend Shares — A Buyers Guide by Alec Hogg. You can email ntombi moneyweb. You will be able to invest in Shares and ETFs this way and you will be able to get advice from your stockbroker. Costs are slightly higher because of this. You will be able to invest a minimum of R a month or R1 as a lump sum. You will be able to invest in ETFs, but not individual company Shares, at a cost very similar to that of dealing directly with the ETF provider.

Your financial advisor can invest on your behalf b. An investment plan is also available through them; and c. A: It is difficult to compare the charges for investing between brokers and banks, and the best way to find out is to ask jse options trading x dividend few brokers to compare charges. However, if you are jse options trading x dividend beginner investor, and if you are investing under R1 a month, ETFs are a great way to go.

What about having a look at a few ETF provider sites to see what you prefer? It is also a great idea to consult a financial advisor; you can find one at your bank, for example. Here are a few places to look for information on ETFs:www. A: To practise as a broker under a financial institution you need to complete the exam offered by the South African Institute of Financial Markets. Many of the people trying to sell this kind of software say you can use it to invest directly with the JSE.

That is incorrect information. The only way you can invest with the JSE is to open an account with a stockbroker. Usually, it is free to set up the account. Normally, you pay an administration fee to the stockbroker every jse options trading x dividend after you have set up the account. A stockbroker can manage your money for you. They can also allow you to use their facilities to manage your own money. People see this as a direct method of investing on the JSE, but actually, you are still investing through the broker, even though you are making your own decisions about what and when to jse options trading x dividend and sell.

If you would like to see a list of stockbrokers, click here. A JSE Equities member is authorised to perform trading and investment services. Stringent requirements have to be met to qualify as a JSE Equities member. Investing on the stock market is not a way to get rich quickly, with no effort. It actually takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to make a profit on the stock market.

If you want to manage your own investments, you will need to spend a lot of time on it and study the market hard. London School of Investment is not a stockbroker and it is not part of the JSE. If you are looking to locate a stockbroker, you can find one here: A. It is an online trading financial service provider. Through an investment plan you can invest a minimum of R a month or a R1 lump sum.

Brokers charge different fees so you would need to investigate what those are before you open an account. You can also invest directly through an ETF provider and not a stockbroker. You can find out more about ETFs at www. Most ETFs pay dividends, just check with your broker. You can choose to have your dividends paid into your account, or you can reinvest them back into your portfolio. However, some ETFs only offer you a total return option, which means your dividends are paid directly back into your investment.

If a company is very profitable, a Share in that company will become more valuable because more people think that it is a good investment. Also consider factors such as economic and political events that influence Share prices. The market will rise and fall in the short term because of various market conditions but over the longer period the market does offer you a favourable return.

Share trading normally does not make you rich overnight; it should be treated as a long term investment. You can find market data here, All prices are delayed by 15 minutes. You can find a list here. It means there was less demand and more surplus for Shares traded on the exchange, which led to a decrease in volume and value.

Hence the soft trade in the afternoon. The JSE does not manage unit trusts. Asset managers and investment banks such as Allan Gray, Absa, Stanlib, OMIGSA and SIM are some of the registered financial institutions that manage different types of unit trusts, depending on their risk profiles. They have different minimum investment requirements. Visit their websites for more information. You can get investment advice from a registered financial advisor, who may be with your bank or a stockbroker.

Click here for a list of brokers, or speak to your bank for advice. If you are starting out, you might like to consider a product like an Exchange Traded Funds ETFswhich you can buy monthly by debit order. The All Share Index shows how the value of all the companies on the JSE is changing. The value changes when Share prices go up and down — if the Share prices rise on average, then the index goes up, and vice versa. The index is used as a measure of how well a market is performing.

People like to see the index as a graph so they can see visually how the market has moved. Penny shares cost less per share than other shares and generally penny share companies are smaller than the big companies you hear more about. There is nothing wrong with penny shares, but often people regard them as riskier than bigger stocks, meaning that you could do well but you could also lose money.

Ask your stockbroker for advice. A trust fund is a fund made up of a variety of assets intended to provide benefits to an individual or organisation. The trust fund is established by a grantor jse options trading x dividend provide financial security to an individual, most often a jse options trading x dividend or grandchild, or to organisations, such as a charity or other non-profit organisation. That information is helpful but is not absolutely necessary, particularly when you are using a broker.

The important thing is to make sure you have good advice before investing. You can select a general unit trust or listed fund so as to reduce your risk. It depends on what you invest in and on supply and demand. If you invest a lump sum, the investment fee may be lower, but many people invest in monthly instalments to force themselves to save. Instalments may also be less risky, but you could miss out on capital growth and dividends that would have come from a lump sum.

You can pay monthly instalments on certain investment options only, such as ETFs. Ask your broker for advice. Jse options trading x dividend ask a stockbroker, bank or financial planner for advice. Or you may wish to invest in Exchange Traded Funds ETFs that hold Top 40 stocks. We do have zero coupon government bonds listed.

There are four government bond related ETFs but they are not the zero coupon type. Click here for more information about ETFs. You can trade through your bank or a broker. The foreign exchange market is not a single exchange, but a global network of computers connecting participants from all parts of the world. Brokers have high-performance jobs in a demanding industry. They earn well, and bonuses depend on the accuracy of their advice.

To be an analyst, you probably need a university degree with qualifications such as finance or engineering. Useful qualifications could include a commerce degree and a CFA chartered financial analyst credential. You need to write the Registered Persons Examinations run by the South African Institute of Financial Markets.

These include: Regulation and Ethics of the SA Financial Market Introduction to Financial Markets The Equity Market The Derivatives Market Agricultural Products Market Dealers Exam The Bond Market The South African Money Market Regulation and Ethics of the SA Financial Market The South African Forex Market; and BESA Rules. There are also exams for Strate Compliance Officers, JSE Settlement Officers and the JSE Equity Trader TradElectTM Exam. They can have a share trading account through a broker.

If an irregularity is picked up by the JSE, then the broker firm will have to answer to that. Trading is difficult and requires skill and patience. You would also use instruments such space station trading game download puzzle Futures, which provide leverage. Trading is like most things: the more effort you put in and the better you plan, the higher your jse options trading x dividend of success.

This would be much bigger than jse options trading x dividend entire stock market. That is the incredible power of compounding interest which makes stock market investing so appealing. This is a more feasible return but would still make you one of the best-performing traders in history. The JSE displays minute delayed prices for free, here. Real-time data and information is paid for through our data vendors. On our Can Do Products we do offer digital options much the same as binary options but on Shares only.

For more information click here. However, the bank acts as a broker on your behalf so that you photo effects software free download full version complete the transaction. Banks will charge their clients a fee for opening an account. Regarding advice, you will need to check with your bank, but most banks will specify on their websites if a fee is involved.

Suspension of Shares means the company is still listed on the JSE but the Shares cannot be traded until further notice. This is because a company has not met one of the listing requirements. The information is made public via a SENS announcement. The closing auction is the last 15 minutes of the trading day, when buyers put in their bids and sellers enter their offers at the same time.

The price a stock is traded at represents the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price that a seller is willing to sell at. Matching bids and offers are then paired together and the orders are executed. The last price traded will be the closing price. This will be the most up to date valuation of the stock traded until the market opens the next day.

A: You can find JSE-approved stockbrokers here. These brokers trade in Bonds and Equities, as well as Derivatives. A: Yes, you can. You will need to look for online brokerages in your country with operations in South Africa. A: Derivatives can be Futures, Options or Warrants. They are securities whose value is determined by or derived from other underlying assets like Shares. A: You can sign up for a free day trial of the Virtual Trader here.

A: Indices reflect the aggregate movement of the markets they represent. They summarise the fluctuation of Share prices on a given day. The JSE is not only a forum for trading in Stocks, Bonds and Shares. It can also be seen as the engine-room of the South African economy. Here, companies from across the spectrum of industry and commerce gather to raise the public capital that will allow them to expand, in the process creating new jobs, products, services and opportunities.

But what do the ups and downs of market prices have to do with the ordinary South African? If you own an insurance policy, a retirement annuity, a unit trust, or even a simple savings account, the JSE is where much of your money goes to make more money for you. Directly or indirectly, the movements of the market matter to millions of South Africans, and that's why more and more South Africans are choosing the direct route to the market — by investing on the JSE.

Shares are units of ownership in a company. A shareholder owns a Share of the net asset value of the company. Simply put, if four people contribute R10 each to buy a cake, each of them will own a quarter of the cake. If one person contributes more money than the others, he or she will get a bigger slice of the cake. The JSE trades a variety of financial instruments, including Shares also called Stocks or Equities and Derivative Instruments, commonly referred to as financial securities.

Some member firms stockbrokers choose to deal only with institutions or larger investors. But you should have no trouble finding a member firm that is forex indicators metatrader free hidden to take on a client with as little as R to invest. The formul A: start small, invest wisely, stay the distance. You need to be patient and plan wisely. Before you venture into the market, take careful stock of your means and motives.

Do you want to invest for your own retirement? Is income a priority, or are you looking for long-term capital growth? Now take a look at your personal risk profile. How much can you safely afford to lose in the event of a stock market crash or correction? How long will you be prepared to wait for the market to stabilise, and will you have the courage and foresight to continue investing when prices are at their lowest ebb? Your honest answers will determine the extent of your capacity to balance risk with reward.

Either way, the golden rule is to invest only as much as you can comfortably afford after meeting your personal and household expenses. You could visit your bank and ask an investment consultant to conduct the necessary transactions on your behalf. But the more common route is to go directly to one of the many member firms. Using the sophisticated JSE trading system, your stockbroker will buy or sell Shares on your instructions.

Alternatively, you could open a managed account with the stockbroker and, for a fee, he or she will decide when and what to buy or sell for you. In either case you will be charged a negotiated brokerage fee, plus VAT and applicable duties. Aside from acting as an intermediary between the stock exchange and the investor, a stockbroker will also offer all the advice, guidance and assistance required to take you through what may seem a daunting and intimidating process. Which makes it all the more essential to choose the right stockbroker for your individual needs and investment goals.

In much the same way as you choose a good lawyer, doctor, estate agent, or other professional. Seek advice, solicit opinions, ask for references, and then make up your own mind according to what kind of investor you plan to be. Some focus on specific sectors of the market, such as mining; others spread their interests and options across the range. Some offer in-depth research and consultation for a higher brokerage fee; others offer discount rates for snappy advice and instant dealing.

A seasoned stockbroker with a good track record can become a powerful partner in the pursuit of wealth. In order for your stockbroker to buy Shares on your behalf you will be required to have sufficient funds in your stockbroking account to pay for them. On completion of a transaction you will receive confirmation from your stockbroker that the trade has taken place and that the share will be registered in your name and kept electronically on your behalf.

An instruction to sell Shares will be acted upon only once your stockbroker is satisfied that shares are held electronically on your behalf. The JSE guarantees the settlement of all transactions that are conducted through the central order book in the JSE trading system. The JSE has in place rules and directives that govern jse options trading x dividend capital requirements of members in order to ensure, as far as possible, the continuity of their business. In the unlikely event of a member default, clients would be able to claim against the JSE Guarantee Fund, which was set up to offer protection and reassurance to investors.

Learning to tell good prospects from bad on the stock market is a skill that requires a lot of insight, hindsight and foresight, none of which can be acquired without doing your homework. What industries are ready for the future? What industries are mired in the past? What industries are ready to make a comeback? An informed investor is a successful investor. An uninformed investor, acting on impulse, speculation and rumour, can also be a successful investor.

But not for long. No market operates in a vacuum. In our inter-connected world, the smallest event, rumour or opinion can spark a swift market reaction. Prices can rise as quickly as they fall, confounding the plans of some industries while rescuing others from the brink of disaster. You may not be able to predict these forces, but by analysing and understanding them, you will be better equipped to weather the lows as you wait for better times.

Now that trading has shifted from the floor to the computer network, online dealing is a natural and logical extension to the services offered by a growing number of member firms. The chief benefit is that you will have a voice and a vote in the running of the company. You will be able to attend meetings and make your feelings known. By speaking out, and asserting your right to be kept informed of developments, you may be able to influence direction and policy.

Your status will shift from consumer and observer to active role-player. Subscribe to JSE data The easiest way of obtaining JSE data without connecting directly to the JSE would be to contact a registered data distributor or a stockbroker. Please forward your request through to info jse. Receive SENS market announcements data in my personal capacity Please consult our data distributor list and a registered data distributor will be able to assist you with your request. The IPS division will then guide you in the process to follow and advise you of any contractual and pricing obligations.

Please consult our data distributor list and a registered data vendor will be able to assist you with your request. Please tell us what index data you require as well as what fields and whether it is monthly or daily data that you require. We will then guide you in the process. Yes, we have a History CD available. Also, the JSE provides historical data on request and considers each request on a case european put option formula enfamil case basis, with the overall charge based on the value of the data, amount of data required and the effort involved in producing the data.

A: You can find JSE-approved stockbrokers. A: Begin investing First you need to open a trading account with a stockbroker. Click here for a complete list of brokers. If you want the broker to manage your Shares for you, you must open a managed account. But if you want to manage your Shares yourself on the internet, ask for an online share trading account. You can find out more about what a trading account is here, and about the process of opening a trading account here.

To learn more about the different costs that brokers charge, click here for comparative cost and service offering information for online share trading please note that the information may be slightly outdated. A broker will be able to guide you in determining what investment option suits you best. It is important to understand the risks involved, so be sure to ask your broker about them.

Online share trading Most of the brokers focused on individual investors offer a simulation account on their website where you can test their trading platform without spending money. It is not necessary to buy software in order to trade on the JSE. Your broker should give you access to trade on their website. Education Brokers regularly hold seminars and workshops on the basics of the Stock Market and Shares, so please visit their websites.

The JSE also holds regular showcases. They are ideal for the first-time investor as they offer a low-cost investment with low risk. ETFs can offer you ownership in the Top 40 companies, property, resource companies or physical gold, among many other things. The stockbroker you decide upon is entirely up to you.

To help you with your decision, try to find out what services each stockbroker can provide you, whether the services meet your needs and what their respective costs are. Here jse options trading x dividend their website: www. An investment plan is also available through them c. A: You can download the step-by-step guide to opening a brokerage account here. A: Derivatives comprise Futures, Options and warrants. A: You can sign up for a free day trial of the Virtual Trader.

A: Exchange Traded Funds ETFs are listed investment products that track the performance of a basket of Shares, Bonds or Commodities. An ETF can be bought and sold just like an Ordinary Share. A: You can invest in ETFs through a stockbroker, an investment plan, etfSA or itransact, all of which require a fee to be paid. A: Indices can be used as a benchmark to reflect the aggregate movement of the market it represents.

This number summarizes the fluctuation of Share prices on a given day. A: You can find information on Shares and companies through various financial news sites and television channels. If you are considering investing in ETFs then you can go directly through an ETF provider and not a stockbroker. You can find out more on ETFs here:www. However, some ETFs only offer you a total return option which means your dividends get paid directly back into your investment.

A: Unfortunately, we currently are not offering any internships or learnerships. A: It may be difficult for an investor to know when a company is about to be liquidated. However, you may make use of public information such as financial reports and efforts by the company to raise capital. It would be in your interests as an investor to research why the company would need to raise capital.

A: You can find a list of the companies listed on the Main Board here: A: Stockbrokers charge different fees. You would have to get in contact with one to find out how much their services jse options trading x dividend cost. A: Please see explanation of an ETF here. Single Stock Futures SSFs are Futures Contracts on individually listed Shares. They are standardised contracts with set specifications regarding size, expiry dates and tick movement.

A: We do not have the annual results of companies on the website. We do have an alphabetical list which is available here. A: We do not give financial support to individuals in order to trade. A: We unfortunately cannot comment on that, but a stockbroker would be the best person jse options trading x dividend speak to. You can find a list of stockbrokers here. A binary option is a type of option where you are paid out an amount or nothing at all.

The two main types of binary options are the cash-or-nothing binary option and the asset-or-nothing binary option. The cash-or-nothing binary option pays some fixed amount of cash if the option expires in-the-money, meaning you get paid out, while the asset-or-nothing pays the value of the underlying security. The options are binary in nature because there are only two possible outcomes. The JSE does not trade in binary options. When buying a binary option the potential return it offers is certain and known before the purchase is made because the price is locked in.

This means that an investor can go long or short on any financial product simply by buying a binary option. Binary options are offered against a fixed expiry time. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

JSE Equity Options: Volatility Introduction

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange 's accessibility makes it an ideal market for new Africa investors to get their feet wet. Here's how to get started. Stock quote for SJW Group Common Stock (DE) (SJW) - Get real-time last sale and extended hours stock prices, company news, charts, and company-specific research. What is a share? What is equity? Why do share prices fluctuate? What are Single Stock Futures? What is forex? JSE FAQs.