Click here for a list of brokers, or speak to your bank for advice. The JSE is not only a forum for trading in Stocks, Bonds and Shares. October 9, at pm. This problem was extensively debated by Adam Smith. Trading is difficult and requires skill and patience. I will do a detailed research on the entire process and paperwork required, and will post the info here.

This is a facility offered by most of the stock brokers in India including Zerodha where you can buy stock today and sell it tomorrow before you get the delivery of the shares. Using this facility has its own merits and demerits and you will need to understand the equity settlement cycle before we go ahead with the topic. Another query people usually have is what is a trading and demat account, what is the difference?

Demat account is basically an account where your stocks sit in a dematerialized format and this is the only use of the demat account. It is very similar to a safety locker in the bank where you keep your valuables, in the bank locker you keep the valuables in physical form and in a demat account you keep your stocks in an electronic form.

In case you buy a stock for delivery in your trading account, after 2 days the stock is credited to your demat account mapped with your trading account and when you sell stocks the same is debited from your demat account. When you buy a stock, ideally you should sell it only once you get delivery to your demat. So if you buy some stock on Monday, you should ideally sell it only on Thursday onwards. But this is not an ideal world and sometimes opportunities arise much before that and people would want to take an exit decision before getting delivery.

At Zerodha we let you buy and sell before getting delivery. What this means is that if you buy a stock for delivery on Monday, you can sell it on Monday, on Tuesdayon Wednesday and Thursday onwards. Assume you bought shares of Reliance on Monday using the product type CNC and the present price of Reliance is Rs. To purchase as CNC, you will need Rs. First Scenario: You bought at Rs.

You decided to book the profit and you sold the Reliance as CNC. Second Scenario: You bought on Monday and Tuesday the price of Reliance was Rs On ZT, we show all these positions as T1 Holdings. T1 Holdings will show you the stocks that you have bought the previous day. Third Scenario: You bought on Monday and the price of Reliance went to Rs. You can still sell using the CNC option.

Again, if you want to see such holdings you will have to click on T1 Holdings as shown in the above picture. Fourth Scenario: You bought Reliance on Monday and on Wednesday evening you get the delivery of stock, if you want to sell these shares anytime after Wednesday you can sell it using the CNC option. If you want to view shares which are in your demat account, click on the Holdings link as shown in the above picture. Demerits: If traders are looking to convert intraday positions to delivery, you need to keep in mind that STT Securities Transaction Tax will go up almost 10 times if you decide to keep your intraday positions overnight.

Stocks sometimes are moved to T2T Segment Trade to Trade Segment by the exchanges to curb speculative interest. When a stock is moved to T2T, you will have to compulsory take delivery if you buy and give delivery when you sell. How do you know if a stock is moved to T2T segment? Also another way to know this is, while adding the stock on the marketwatch, you get an option to choose EQ or BE, EQ is for normal market and BE for T2T.

If the stock is trading as BE and not EQ, it means the stock is in T2T. You know that your friend will present the cheque to his bank on Wednesday and by the time it reaches your bank, the other cheque would have cleared. Ideally, if the cheque you deposited gets cleared on Wednesday, the cheque you have given to your friend also clears. But we are not in an ideal world, what happens if the cheque you deposited into your bank account bounces on Wednesday?

Yes the person who gave you the cheque is penalized by his bank, but you are also penalized now because your cheque would have also bounced on Thursday. The role of the exchange is to ensure that when you buy stocks, you get it!!! Read this blog for understanding short delivery. You bought shares on Monday and you sold them on Tuesday, so you assumed that the person selling you shares on Monday will deliver it to you on Wednesday evening and what you are selling on Tuesday will be adjusted with stocks you receive on Wednesday.

In such a case, similar to the cheque bounce example, you default. When you default, the exchange will now put that auction penalty on you. Please note that whenever you decide to sell stocks before taking delivery, you are taking the onus of any auction penalty that may arise because of short delivery. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Sir do you charge for the response you give to the Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be If yes,pl quote amt.

I am interested in getting notified for the services. Pl mail the reply. The entire Z-Connect section is done for community help, everything is free, you can ask your question in an appropriate blog, and will be more than happy to answer. First of alli really thank to zerodha for the low brokerage fees and appreciate sincere efforts of nithin kamath. I understood concept of BTST and further no explantion required.

But i would like to confirm the liquid stock and safe for trading BTST. Below is the list of few stock please confirm safe for BTST. Please note all stocks are NSE. Please please advice and enlighten me with your knowledge and thoughts. The stocks you have mentioned are all liquid stocks, so the risk of BTST will be quite less on them. Sir, can we do btst or intraday in alok industries? Will the delivery happens promptly in this counter?? Please advise Yes, you can.

No way to escape this. You can probably consider futures trading. Hi I have bought some shares on Monda cnc and Tuesday I sold it. But yet I do not see amount credited to Zerodha account. By when I will get it Please send an email to support zerodha. Is trading on margin allowed in this case on Zerodha or I can buy only my account balance without leverage. Best regards Can we sell a stock and keep for delivery by selecting delivery option.

Will it be not short selling? Madhu and Syed, STBT, that is selling in delivery without holding a stock in your demat account is not allowed. By default, if you choose the product type as CNC delivery trades product type, while placing an orderyou will be able to sell only if there is stock in your holdings. ATST not clear to me.

DP charges is in terms of debit transaction. So for eg, if you have sold 10 shares of reliance 3 times in a day, all the 30 shares at the end of the day is debited at one time from your demat, so the DP charge is only once Rs But if you sell reliance and Tata steel, you will be charged DP charges twice. So technically you are paying Rs 13 for every scrip that you sell in a day immaterial of how many trades you have sold them in.

Sunyat, if you buy shares on Monday and sell from thursday, you have already received the shares and hence no risk of auction. First of all i appreciate your concerns and efforts towards traders in zerodha. My question to you is. Thank u PDF Weekly Quiz International Trade the clarification.

Sunyat, there is no risk of any auction if you buy and sell the same day in either CNC or MIS product type. The risk, that too a very small one probably 1 in times for an A group stock arises when you buy and sell before getting delivery of the stock. I am an active trader and also want to open an account with zerodha. But i am getting quite confused with CNC and MIS….

At one place it is mentioned that intraday is possible only through MIS [ where there is the concept of leverage ben nathan forex. For CNC the share has to move to the demat then only selling the share is possible. I want to trade with the amount in the trading account but purely intra trading. So according to you how the trading should be performed.

Waiting for your early response. You can use either CNC or MIS for intraday. The advantage with CNC is that if you have bought something, you can hold till 3. To sum it up. It is possible to go for cnc for intraday. Many thanks Dear zerodha. Laxman, at Zerodha we let you do BTST on all group of stocks other than the Trade to Trade group and the penny category stocks. If i do BTST Buy today and sell tomorrow do I need to pay STT Charges as Intraday forex trading usa wiki answers Delivery??

Please clarify with example. Once you keep any position overnight, it will be considered as a delivery trade and hence STT would be as per that. So for eg, if you bought shares of Reliance at Rs 1lk of shares and held overnight and sold it using BTST. You have to pay STT of 0. Hi I m trading via NSE Mobile Software. Can I use BTST facility through my Mobas my T1 Holdings not showing in Net Position? You can use the BTST facility through your mobile.

You just need to place an order to exit your position by using the market watch and then placing a trade from there. You just need to remember what stocks you hold before you sell them… You can also view them in your Holdings in the T1 quantity on the mobile platform. Why One cannot place the oders before the market opens? I am able to place the orders well in advance in some other service providers but Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be in Zerodha. Please share your advice and navigation path if we still can do.

I want to know how auto square off for MIC mode trading happens. If ABC company is trading at 3. So if the buyer is available at 95, the order would go through at It is therefore best to square off illiquid equity MIS trades manually before the Auto Square off happens. We will update you soon on the same. Folks, This blog is very informative. I have one question on futures trading since I have never done this so far.

Assuming that I place a target order at price x and stop loss order at price p! I assume for intraday I should place mis order for this. I mean should I convert this normal order or what options are available to me Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be this case? Secondly, use MIS order only if you want the extra leverage, otherwise always use NRML orders, you will have the flexibility on when you want to square off without worrying about converting positions and etc.

The catch being all MIS orders get squared off at 3. How you want to play it is your call, if you want the extra leverage use MIS, but make sure you convert positions to NRML by having sufficient margin before 3. You can place limit buy or sell orders to choose the price at which you want to buy or sell. To buy you will need money and to sell you will need shares in your demat account. However there is still a risk involved,however little. But Niftybees can be sold short, so risk in selling without delivery should not be there in NiftyBees.

I typed it wrong. NiftyBees cannot be sold short, so isk is not there in it if sold without taking delivery. What do u say? But still i want to ask. Broker locks the Stock ETF when they are sold by a client. Then under what scenario is it possible that a broker fails to initiate transfer of a stock ie NiftyBees? Yes Kaps, In an ideal world no stock would go to auction. There are various reasons. Clerical errors on part of the broker, Stock being transferred to the wrong settlement number, wrong settlement type can be a few reasons why the delivery obligation might not be met.

For example, I Buy Shares Rs. So in above case What is the maximum risk for me, I mean maximum money I can lose in above case is? Sharekumar, you must read the article again. We do not perceive many risks in the real-time market. I hope this information is clear now. SIR, WHEN ZERODHA IS GIVING THE FACILITY TO SELL T1 AND T2 HOLDINGSTHEN WHY DO WE HAVE TO FACE THE RISK OF PANALTY. This risk as mentioned in the blog exists on BTST or T1 trades no matter which brokerage in India you trade with.

The risk is because as explained in the blog. I have 2 queries:. Where i can see those in my NEST Trader? For my DP statement for the first 15 days of August i. Then why did this service charge? Please provide your inputs. If it is not showing there might have been a short delivery because of which you might not have seen it, if there is a short delivery, the shares are credited 1 day late to your demat account.

Can you email this DP statement to india zerodha. I want to correct above post. Suppose I purchased 20 shares of TechM and want to sell shares tomorrow because I expect price of shares and Index to go up due to announcement about tapering of purchase of bonds from Mr. Ben of US treasury. You will not be able to sell shares as CNC without holding it in demat account opened through us.

I am aware of this. Our systems in made such a way that you will never be able to sell as CNC unless you have stocks in the demat account with us. When you try to sell it will give an error saying check your holdings. However, your timing will need to be perfect, and the Zerodha demat account needs to be credited before the demat debit entry is made. I think there is still a minor risk that there are no shares available in the auction.

In that case, there will be a short-delivery and some monetary compensation may be provided by the stock exchange. But the monetary compensation may or may not be enough to cover the loss due to auction of the short-delivery in shares sold by you. I had faced this situation once, so speaking from experience. The risk is that when you do a BTST trade, you might not get delivery of a stock and hence you end up defaulting on your sale.

It is very similar to if you write a cheque on your bank account expecting another cheque that you had deposited to your account. If the cheque you deposited bounces, the cheque you gave also bounces. If I buy stocks under BTST on Monday for 40K and sell them on Tuesday for 42K. The money for sure will get debited on Monday. When will the credit happen to my trading account? If you intend to take fresh positions, you can do it on tuesday itself.

BTST has no exposure, we provide exposure only for intraday. Check out this article to learn about the different types of orders available with us. Honestly, this is the best article I read on BTST. As a new trader, It created confusion always. This is such a simple and detailed explanation. Hats off for taking this much effort. Now looking to open an account with Zerodha i dont have reliance shares in my DP.

If you want to do this, as your view is that price of reliance is going down, the best way to is through reliance futures and options. BTW, is there a list or link anywhere for the stocks for BTST? I understand you mentioned all stocks, except T2T and penny stocks, but a list would be good Also I understand this list would be dynamic from time to time as exchanges move the stocks in and out of T2T segment. But, yeah there is a risk still, but a lesser one!! There is no list of stocks that we have made for BTST as of now, since most stocks are part of it.

But I guess it makes sense to have all stocks which are presently in T2T, so this way people will know what is not allowed for BTST. Will try to have this soon. Thanks for the write up. Query :- I do a lot of BTST through my current broker. I was planning to open an account with zeroadha. An example to illustrate my point 1. Similar to your current broker, you can buy on 4th at 3. Also you can use the proceeds from the sale on 5th morning to buy another stock.

I do not receive any from our ILFS people nor from our Zerodha Team if I am not mistaken. Suggestion: Can our Zerodha Team warn us about the same via emails? DP charges is per debit instruction, so if you have sold shares of Infy today irrespective of how many trades you sold it inyou will be charged Rs 13 when these shares are debited from your demat. In that case BTST traders will have to pay extra DP charges. There is no set rule for how much the auction penalty would forex trading living praise, will depend on the liquidity of the stock.

If there are many people tendering in the auction, the penalty would be lesser, otherwise it could be quite a bit. We let you trade BTST on all stocks, but do know that there is an auction risk that exists in case you do this with illiquid stocks. Check this post for more. It will be considered as an intraday trade itself.

Yes you can convert CNC to MIS from Admin positions. I did the same but since I had securities in the DEMAT account also it got sold from Demat. How to handle this? Can you send this as an email with your client id to nithin zerodha. If I can only Buy using zerodha and have to sell using RKglobal then will my stocks display in their account or it will be automatically managed by NSE. Yes, you can buy and sell as CNC on the same day, but you will not be able to trade BTST or delivery without a demat account that is opened with us.

I have Rs 50K in my account…. I buy stocks worth 50K on monday and sell it on tuesday…… Question 1: I understand that i can place a withdrawal of Rs 50K from my account only on thursday evening. Question 2: Even though iam not able to withdraw the amount, iam able to trade with it before thursday. If i do intraday trading Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be wednesday buy and sell same day and again on thursday buy and sell same day with the money, Will i still be able to withdraw the 50K on thursday evening.?

I know zerodha provides 15 to 20 times on BO and CO but on BTST there is however no margin provided If this is in the pipeline it could be an added advantage to you and to us. If considered it could be more business and more customers for you as brokers like Kotak and the likes to provide this and are heavily propagating the same. Definitely agree to your point that it increases the risk considering leverage is given on all EQ securities but I would rather think it will be of less risk if we have leverage on all your high liquid stocks ie.

And a definite more trading as well for zerodha 1 If i sell 10 Nos of TCS through CNC at NSE STT as intraday trade as well. At Zerodha you can, but not all brokers allow you to do this. Rs — all charges, you can check our brokerage calculator. I just wrote this somewhere:. Assume Reliance on NSE and BSE You can buy 10 shares for intraday on NSE and same time sell 10 shares at on BSE.

The difference is Rs Sir I have bought shares of deep industries and atlas cycles on Wednesday i. Can I sell them tomorrow. Pls do help me sir. You can sell the next day, but you need to understand that there is always a risk of short delivery when selling before receiving stocks in your demat. Could you kindly explain how DP charges are calculated in the following cases? I sell shares of INFY and shares of DLF today.

My DP should be Rs. I sell 1 share of INFY today, 1 share of DLF tomorrow, 99 shares of INFY and 99 shares of DLF day after tomorrow. Is DP a flat charge charged at Rs. Also, what is the present DP charges, Rs. Dp charge is Rs I have used HDFC Sec and have sold many shares before taking delivery. But I have never faced the problem of metatrader 4 emma louise. I also heard some concept like shares will flow into broker pool account and they will manage to allocate shares to the needy accordingly since many people will be trading on their platform.

The problem with BTST typically can happen when you trade illiquid stocks. You are most likely to never face this issue if you are trading the top to stocks on NSE. Sir, Actually I am commodity trader and want to trade in equity market. No one tell me. So before goin ahead i wanted to clear the things between this two bias statements as it is a bit confusing. Kindly clarify Yes you can do BTST, but there is always a risk of auction penalty when you sell without owning the stock in your DP.

It is like the caution you see say before getting on a roller coaster :. I wish to trade BTST on NIFTY 50 or NIFTY MIDCAP stocks. Also is there a limit on the number of shares i can buy as BTST. I am very Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be trading in zerodha and read article in E.

Sir i have clarified almost all doubts regards to BTST. I have one last doubthope you will clarify. No More Doubts and i will be very proud to be customer of zerodha. Nagesh If you buy and sell during intraday, either using MIS or BO or CNC, all are considered as intraday trades itself. But stocks which are in T2T, no intraday trading is allowed.

So such stocks, you are forced to take delivery before you Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be sell them. I bought some shares on 16th Oct and I can see that that the settlement date for the same is 20th Oct. Given that pay-out time is around PM, I should see the shares in my demat account around that time. I dont have any problem even if I get it tomorrow.

But just wanted to understand how this works. Is it the redistribution from pool account that is done overnight? Lets say I have some amount of share of X company in my demat account on T day, which I had bought 6 months back. I bought some more X share on T day. Asking this question because I want to make sure that demat transaction happens so that I can book some short term loss. As a process to save on the DP charge we deliver the shares that are yet to hit your demat.

Yours would be a special case, so if you can send a request to support zerodha. Then do i face the risk of short delivery. I wanted to do Trading in BTST trading through mobile trading application. How can you overcome this 1. You can read more about it on our blog for the mobile app. All your positions are synced with all your devices seamlessly.

This means that you can buy on day 1 as CNC and and sell on the mobile the next day by simply placing an order for the quantity you own as CNC. Your T1 Holdings will show up in your Holdings widget and you can also use the square off button. Note that the scrip can be tapped on to open the next page on which you can see the exact amount of T1 holdings. STT will be charged as per the rules and regulations set by SEBI.

Since it is not an intraday trade, you will have to pay the whole STT for delivery based trades. We provide alerts for stock prices only on email, not by SMS as most service provides charge for this. We Have CNC Bought Monday on Scrip Tuesday View on T1 Can choose the option CNC and sell The T1 Same Scrip We Are Getting Any NSDL Charge OR NOT?

I will be trading a volume of shares per trade. Now am i taking a huge risk of shrt delivery on such high volume? And secondly if some of my shares do go short then when exactly do i come to know of such a thing. Now when will i find out if my transaction is short or it has been sold safely. Risk of short delivery is minimal in Nifty 50 stocks. If you are worried about it, you could just trade using futures. So if you bought on Monday, by wednesday afternoon. In case of short delivery, the money from your sale proceeds gets blocked until the auction happens.

Hope you are doing well. I have a small doubt regarding BTST. Suppose Online forex trading currency law buy shares worth today and sold it tomorrow for Will that money be credited in my account in the same day??? Hope you will look into this and clear this for me. Anyway just want to tell you that all my friends have switched to zerodha and are very much happy being a zerodha customer.

But you can until then use this money to trade something else. Only if you short for intraday and the stock hits upper circuit. But if you are buying and selling, there is no risk of short delivery in case of intraday. If i use CNC option to buy a stock on BSE. For example I Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be shares — Rs each using the CNC option, i. Will it considered as an completely intraday trade?

HI, Nitin bhai i ve a doubt related stcks i ve shres SBI AND ONGC when i go to sell these shares shows screen shot attached please help sir ji,,,,,,,,, On 9th Feb, bought qty of share at Rs. On 13th Feb, ,at 11 A. M, sold entire qty at Rs. Again, on 13th Feb, at 1 P. Mbought qty shares of the same stock at Rs. Now, my understanding is. I should have gained profit from the first transaction done on 13th Feb, As a consequence of second transaction, I should have been ended up taking delivery of shares.

But, as per contract note received, calculation is done in this way. May be I am missing something Or my understanding is not correct. Your understanding is correct. Contract notes show trades done only for the day. Recently, i had a similar incident of short on BTST. On Feb, i bought shares Arent he supposed to have got the short in my account adjusted from his other client holdings? If a broker is doing this, he is not being compliant. My question is not related to this topic.

You can right click in it and say add indices. Good Evening Nithin, Today I purchased shares of CAIRN India at Rs. Ideally I should sell them from wednesday, but if i sell it on monday under CNC as BTST trade then will auction penalty get levied on me? You can sell BTST on monday, but what you need to realize is that you carry a small risk of short delivery. Such a risk is quite less for a stock like Cairn. To be safe it is always best to sell after taking delivery.

Thanks Nithin for your prompt reply. I have now decided to sell Cairn only after taking delivery to prevent even a small risk of auction penalty due to short delivery consequences. Saju, if you are trading futures, you need only a small margin of that Rs 3lks. Can I sell those shares through Zerodha? If ICICI demat is mapped, yes shares go to your icici demat. You will not be able to sell with us, you will have to use ICICI itself. If you want to sell back through us, you need to open a demat with us as well.

I had recently purchased some shares of south indian bank on Mar 31 I still dont see these shares in my holdings. I would like to know whats happening with this. I am using zerodha mobile trading application. I bought few shares 3 days ago through CNC type. And order to sell but rejected. My demat account also with zerodha. How to sell delivery order. You have to use product type as CNC, if you are facing issues, best to send an email to support zerodha.

For BTST trades, how gains are taxed —. You can consider BTST as STCG short term gains. What penalty are you talking about? I am talking about this auction penalty fee if can be deducted in some way This thing with BTST is a grey area, best you also consult your CA. The CA guidance note, considers intraday equity as speculative, but in a BTST trade we pay STT as if it were a delivery trade, and also the stocks come into the pool and go out.

Yes, that auction penalty can be shown as cost towards transfer of sale in your ITR. I buy additional shares of same company say Monday. I sell shares on Tuesday under BTST will this be even available for sell in BTST as I already hold? Does one get separate statements for delivery based and BTST? Wednesday…any chance of risk if I sell today. Can u pls explain if I bought shares of Abc in MIS in intraday and end of the day I want to convert it as CNC for overnight with enough funds in my ac.

As soon as you hold any equity trades overnight, the STT is charged like delivery trades which is much higher. So if I bought in CNC and sell that in same day…. I understand the STT charges are 0. And STT charges are 0. What about the brokerage charges you collect. Will they be Intraday charges even if BTST is used. If you do intraday brokerage is 0. So ultimately charges of BTST are same as that of Delivery except that the DP charges are not collected.

What about annual maint. I have a query revolving around the time p. If I buy a share using the CNC option and sell it on the same day using the CNC option but after 3. Yes Jim, you can sell it at 3. I have linked hdfc demat with my trading account. I have read that I can only buy shares from my zerodha trading account, but can sell only from hdfc trading account. As per website shown their 0. It is Rs 20 per buy and Rs 20 for sell. We also give the benefit that if turnover is less than you have you have to pay either 0.

It could be that you are trading one such stock. There was also mentioned that we can square off the CNC type position on the same day T dayand then it will be treated as intraday. Rahul, when u buy stock as CNC, it will start showing up in admin positions it reaches holdings page as T1 the next day and T2 delivered after two days. So if you have bought as CNC today, you can sell the same day from admin position window or by placing an opposite order. How the settlement will be happened.

Hi Nithin, if I buy a stock under CNC, can I sell it on the same day? What will be the charges? You have to square off CO position and take a fresh position with product type CNC. SirThank You For Detailed Explanation on BTST Topic, I am customer of Zerodha, My Query is That I purchased the Stock on Wednesday on CNC basis, so, when the stock is going to Credit in my Demate Account. This is a facility offered … […] Sir, when you do BtSt is dp charges payabale. As u said dp charges are payable when there is a debit from uour demat account.

But when you do btst though u sell tomorrow the scrip which we bought initially gets credited to our account on trade plus 2 and then later on its debited right. Hence dp charges are to be payable right? With us DP charges are not applicable on BTST. This way saving you any DP charges payable. Its not in our control. Its best to take delivery of stock and then sell. In Kite, I made a transaction — this did not show up on the OrderBook which was strange because it did not show me any sort of error while I made the trade.

I then logged into Pi to check and the trade showed up. Logged in again into Kite and checked OrderBook and it does not show. Called up support and explained the problem. They probably did something and now the trade shows in Kite. The risk is there with every broker. It either goes for auction or the broker settles it from shares if he is holding in his own beneficiary.

This is why I said, its best to take delivery of shares and sell them. It may not happen to an A group stock like Kotak,Reliance, but the possibilities are still there. Can I find my DEMAT status with zerodha? I am not sure if it will allow placing order in Pre open, but I will get back to you tomo after I try this out. Thanks Funds will be credited to your account the same day. Can i buy and sell shares on the same day using CNC product type. Will it have any risk of auction. What type of brokerage is applied Delivery or intraday.

Can we choose any stock Group A to Z. Not understood the following. But yes if you hold, you can sell and buy back. Can we sell stocks under MIS and buy back same day before pm even if we are not holding these stocks? We are in the process of starting funding Equity trades, even if you buy stock for BTST, interest for 1 day will be charged till you sell stock from your portfolio or any other BTST position. Thanks Nitin for Prompt reply. No extra amount beside this, Right?

Yep, you are right. If you exit positions, it gets credited the next day. Just checking remote possibility…. No, the Exchange guarantees settlement which means that you either get shares or money back. I had a similar situation recently with my shares. Since I lost the potential sale opportunity to liquidate at a higher value in those days. In fact i traded at a higher rate and now this 96 shares that i have are being traded at a lesser value than what i bought it at thus making me lose the opportunity to book profits on total The probable profits that you could have made is debatable.

But suppose I got of X shares in demat holding previously and bought another 50 of X on T day. For currency trading the exchange is selected as CDS. Doest it mean NSE, BSE or MCX-SX? How can I do currency trading in BSE? How can I do commodity trading in NCDEX? No, you cannot sell stock across Exchange without taking delivery. Once the shares hit your demat account, you can sell it on any Exchange.

Yes, in the interest of our clients we debit shares in demat first. Dear Nitin, I bought shares of Tainwala on 4th Jan and sold all of them on 5th Jan …out of which 40 shares got short delivered…. You did a BTST transaction where you bought and sold shares. An auction contract note would have been sent to your email Id. So i hold 20 shares in my demat and to get my money, i need to sell…is it???

I bought 20 shares of wockhardt for Rs. How trade is treated MIS and CNC or only CNC? Considering above example of Wockhardt shares, if I purchase 20 share in 2 trades at price 10 shares for Rs. Then I sold 12 shares in 3 trades on same day at price of 4 shares at Rs,4 shares at Rs. What would be the purchase price considered for calculating capital gains for remaining 8 shares when those will be sold after say one month. Just make sure the method of accounting is kept consistent.

The actual Capital gains were around Rs. I think you should do sample cross check by another software. It is actually not a software but it is a simple excel formula without any macros. It is available on internet. It gives buying cost if trades are sorted in ascending order by dates. I received a mail today regarding 25 shares of Filatex India which I bought on 25 Jan, among which 5 shares have been short delivered.

I thought shares get short delivered if it hits Upper Circuit. How does it get short delivered? I also noticed in some scripts where there is a big gap between bid and ask price, when I place a buy order, a higher bid is placed at the same time. If I cancel the order, the higher bid gets cancelled too. It is as if someone wants me to bid higher. Is it a sign of operator manipulation? Not all brokers auto square off positions. Only for Nifty options we give leverage if you use BO or CO.

I trade using MIS prduct codeand buy and sell stocks same day. Is there chance of auction penalty?? Hi I bought 75 share of Tata motors yesterday using CNC and now sold it the same through CNC but the amount is reduced from my margin. How do I know that is BTST of fresh sell? Suppose I will use btst facility. On Monday I buy the shares.

Tuesday I sell it. Where can I get the deliver to exchange option in kite? Within which time I have to deliver it to exchange on thursday. Same with BTST, the only difference being the broker not being able to settle it on account of short delivery from the Exchange. In Zerodha trading options, when be buy any share under Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be categoryit remain active for intraday only and on the same day, adjustment happened by selling shares at Hrs.

However short selling is not active under MIS category. But how can be prolonged the transaction for 2 days i. Leverage currently is available only for intraday. Not possible for the next day. We will start this soon. Suppose I buy 20 stock at rs and after that the price go down to rs 95 and again i buy 5 stock at rs It is always first in first out, so what was bought first will be sold first. Hi, quite informative blog. I have a query. Suppose I buy 10 shares of X at rupees each today from BSE and then sell 10 shares of X on the same day at rupees each at NSE.

This is not really possible. Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be generally trade on mobile but there is no option in mobile app and neither on kite website. Fazal, you just have to sell using product type as CNC. There is no separate BTST option. So u can do BTST on both mobile and kite web. RMS:Rule: Check holdings for entity account-RF across exchange across segment across product.

Since it was a depository holiday, no BTST was allowed. BTST is enabled by default for everyone. So you can sell any stock on the next day itself or anytime you want. No, you cannot convert brackets to CNC. You will have to square off bracket and place a new CNC order. Check this webinar on Pi or dedicated blogposts. I am new to trading. Need your assistance on something. Also, i heard you get a contract note on the registered email id at the end of each trading day with the trading done and brokerage charged for the same.

It seems i am not getting the same i have also checked my spam folder. Ajaz, send all such account specific questions to support zerodha. Second Scenario: You bought on Monday. You decide to sell the shares, so you. But you can use the credit from the sale to buy more. In this article, you have mentioned:. By the above statement, do you mean evertytime we convert Intraday stocks to delivery, we need to pay 10times STT?

Yep, if you buy stocks and hold it to the next day STT goes up 10 times. But note that this is not for converting product type from MIS and CNC. Yes, the rate of STT for Intraday transaction is 0. Will i be able to trade on the next day Tuesday since my account would be empty bcz of the last trade because of 3 day Rule. If you do intraday, the money is available immediately to trade more. Even if you buy stocks and sell tomorrow, you can use the credit to buy more immediately.

Where is the button option for BTST in Pi. Pls help as I am using Pi for the first time. Thanks Chandana, no separate button for BTST. You can buy all stocks normally using product type CNC and you could sell it tomorrow using same product type CNC. Is there level 2 data available in case of pi? When is it possible to withdraw money from my account?

Do pi software needs high end laptop or pc to trade? Which setup is required? Can you name some people who do well in day trading? It becomes a forced short. Can I Do that Sprint iphone 6 plus 64gb i bought quantity of X stock in CNC option on Monday at 70rs and i sell at T-1 Tuesday in CNC option at 75 now again i buy quantity of same X stocks on same day tuesday at 80??? Now What will be my net quantity and price display in cash position or admin position??

On tuesday, sold at 75 and in bought bought at 80 will be considered intraday trade. So there will be a loss of Rs How many times we sell Nd purchase stocks in mis trading……. Is in Future Zerodha planning to provide Short selling in overnight retained Equities. I understand, right now short selling is allowed only in MIS and not in CNC trades. So if you sell on tuesday, you get it on thursday to withdraw, but until then you can use this funds to trade more.

But if you want to use this 1lk to buy more stocks, you can do it tuesday itself. I want to know that can we trade in shares whose per share price is low like 5 Rs per share at zerodha? If not then what is the lower limit? I am having a confusion with it. Why should we buy a stock on a blue candle day when the price is high and sell it on red candle day when the price is going down. We will incur loss. Rather it should be opposite, that is, the share should be bought at the end of the red candle day when the price is low and sold at the end of the blue candle day when the price is high.

I need a justification. Sorry for bothering you, I am new to this. Suppose I have reliance shares in my DEMAT account. Will I incur any DP charges. What happens in case of short delivery. Thank you in advance. Yes, DP charges are deducted. I want to know, if I sold some delivery shares of mine in morning, I get the margin Money updated. Really Great work Nithin, specially Kite API is unbelievable.

I have a query regarding the risk you mentioned for BTST. After reading the risk of short delivery in case BTST, I also thought that the same risk is also involved in the short selling on intraday trading If after short selling circuit is reached. Since intraday short selling is highly leveraged, I think it has many folds of risk than BTST. Please correct me if I am wrong. For ex, in intraday trading, I buy 1 lot Nifty Call option premium Rs at AM and sellat AM.

May I go for another position immediately after selling of that particular lot i. When I will be able to withdraw my profit money from my AC in intra-day option trading?. Yes you can take another position. I am new in your platform please help me. Thanks for your reply. This is my frist trading day with zerodha and as per conversation with your sales head today evening he told me that selling within t2 will attract brokerage.

And would like to request you to pls start providing leverage on Delivery and BTST trades and charge daily interest on debit balance at d end of each day. I have had a mixed experience. I had bought equal quantities of a particular share on both NSE and BSE Day 1. It was a normal buy. By afternoon, there was some good news in the company and I again bought the same quantity Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be shares on NSE in a Normal buy. Also the shares that had been bought and sold from BSE were reflected in my account the next day, instead of the second set that I bought on day 2.

Is the broker right in terming it as an intraday trade that too a short as my sell price was lower than buy price of set 2 when I had placed a Normal buy? It will not consider delivery holding from yesterday. So essentially it means that my trade was wrongly termed as intraday. The transactions were as follows: shares bought of XYZ company at 2pm on NSE on day 1 in normal buy order. No position in DP by a. Day 3 shows shares of XYZ company bought from BSE on day 1. Contract note considers transactions of day 2 done on NSE as short sell in intraday trade and shows a loss in account.

If I got it right. You should have shares of NSE in your demat. Best to send such queries directly to support desk of the brokerage. I am just beginner and started trading first time on 1st august. I have buy 20 share as CNC on Then, I sell all shares of Apollo Tyre on Is it correct to sell, please clarify…. I am very confused……….

In T1 you take a BTST risk as explained above. But if you have done, it is okay, on a stock like Apollo, BTST risk is quite small. STT is much higher for delivery compared to Intraday almost 10 times higher. Everything else is almost the same. How can we identify the liquid stocks, as you mentioned that the risk of BTST will be quite less on them.

If we do BTST then the STT charges will be for Intra-day or Delivery. Is there any chance to credit the shares to the Demat Account before the mentioned time? If the shares credited to the Demat Account and after that if I sell then the DP charges of Rs. If suppose I do BTST shares not credited to the Demat Account then the DP charges will be taken? Why and in which case? If suppose I buy few shares as MIS, the brokerage charges of Zerodha will be applicable.

On the end of the I thought to convert the positions as CNC of the same shares then on that case the brokerage charges of Zerodha will be taken? Try to be in the top stocks. Exchange delivers around this time, so not possible before unless the seller is also a Zerodha client internal adjustment. Yes DP charges on BTST also, as the shares credit is taken into demat for BTST as well. I guess you mean, after selling shares it shows negative value.

Negative margin blocked value is like positive margin to buy stocks. IT will be considered delivery if you hold it for overnight. If any buyer is not available for CNC sell order how long i have to kept CNC order. Is there any other procedure to exit CNC order anyhow Hi, I have a query. Would I be levied a fine if the person I am buying the stock from does not deliver shares to my DEMAT account by Wednesday?

So, we have an option to buy shares as delivery, so my question is what other option we have to buy shares, instead of delivery? And my second question is, what option should i choose if i want to hold the shares for long term.? You can buy shares for intraday as well. You need to use CNC if you want to buy shares for long term. This is a facility offered by most of … […] Hi Mr. Will I get all profit or what?? I would like to ask that if I buy stock in CNC, the same stock can I sell as intraday, BTST or later?

Please remove the loss or profit amount after stock is sold in postions which is confusing always. Suppose I buy 10 shares of ABC on 1st oct and is being delivered to demat account and then again 10 shares of ABC on 20th oct. If I sell 10 shares on 21st octwill it be BTST trade or will it be debited from demat account. Is there an option to execute a BTST trtade instead of demat debit in such a case? I was told by your team that we can sell OFS shares only when they are credited to the demat account.

It was showing the stock in trading account on Monday but on Tuesday it stopped showing. When I contacted support they told that it will show only when it gets into demat account. Many a times we understand that particular stock is going to fall in coming days. All MIS orders are covered by 3. I have a query on BTST. The only issue could be when on the auction day, instead of getting stocks, you are settled in cash. So now you have cash instead of stocks, and if you have to deliver, you are still short.

But this happens very very rarely. I had bought Dish TV, Nos. However, in the holdings both the trades are put to gether showing a quantity of Nos. Because, if I sell 68 Nos. Suresh, all stocks once they hit the demat are grouped together. IF this is for taxation purpose, FIFO first in first out is used to determine what you are selling. So yes, automatically what was bought first will be considered to be sold when u sell.

I bought Ashoka Refineries Ltd. This is been short delivered i think. In current position what should i do to exit the position. You should have received delivery of the stock subsequently or credit of funds to your ledger in lieu of the stocks. I received the delivery since it is showing in my holdings but am not able to sell what might be the possible reason, is it because it is not a liquid stock. The avg value LTP and Current value all are 0. Whether such any facilities we could expect form zerodha, if so please explain.

Yeah, hopefully in 3 to 4 months. I had a question. If a company declares a rights issue with record date of say, 20th Dec ex-dateth Dec. Will I be eligible for the issue if I do the following BTST transactions:. If you have stocks in your demat, you can sell today and buy back tomorrow. I am NRI and have demat and trading account with other currency options trading class notes. When I buy some shares, sometimes I do not get delivery of those shares because of short selling by someone I think, instead I forex 100 return cash back.

Am I right that this is the reason for not getting delivery of the shares? You said somewhere that at Zerodha, this situation can not happen. It is sure to get shares even when there is short delivery. Am I correct in this? Can I open account with Zerodha as NRI? Yes correct, check this post. You buy shares on an exchange, where we will not know the counterparty. If he defaults, exchange will try getting the share in auction market on 3rd day.

If they are not able to get, only then it is settled in cash highly unlikely. Yes, you can open an account as NRI with Zerodha. What happens if you buy shares intraday and hold it to the next day? Will it get automatically squared off at the end of the day or will it get converted to delivery? What happens if you buy shares intraday but there are no buyers for the shares in an ill-liquid stock? Will there be a penalty? The purchase will result in a delivery and the stocks will hit your demat account.

Eg: Your account balance is RS. So effectively you buy stocks worth with only in the account. Your ledger gets debited for Rs. Wednesday it will still display T in holding. Your trade of Tuesday will be considered an Intraday trade and the shares bought on Monday will continue to show under T1 holdings. Suppose to i sell same share on Wednesday and forgot to buy again there is any problem is occur? In my demat 10 share availabe of ABC company. Will I be charged with the Demat account charge of holding shares not be confused with STT as technically I have sold my stocks before it hits my Demat.

Thank you so much, I have joined Zerodha last week only and m finding everyone so helpful in this community. Sir Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be BANKNIFTY Dec Future yesterday under NRML, sold in the morning for a small margin, brought again and sold at the end of the day for a margin…. I hope someone will surely see my question. Do I need to do something else to settle them as sold completely?

If I sell my stock BTST, when fund will appear in my account so that I can use them to buy fresh stocks? Will my orders will be deleted after trading hours and I have to place sell order again next day? I am holding 10 share of a company in demat. If i buy 10 share as btst and want to sell only 10 share. Which share will consider?

Can i sell only T1 share? Whatever you sell first gets debited from your holdings. This is to avoid your sale resulting in an auction. In my Holdings, for some of them I see something like T -1 or T -1 for Qty. Am I missing something here? Also check this video on exit orders. If i buy with CNC and sell on same day,will it be considered as BTST and the risk of penalty will effect me? If i buy on monday with CNC and sell it on Wednesday T2.

You can use it to make further purchases. If the Exchange settles your purchase through a cash credit owing to unavailability of shares, your sell trade will result in an auction. Always best to take delivery to demat and sell. Atin, when you buy on wednesday, exchange takes money from us on Friday morning. Hence we allow you to purchase immediately. How many people on a particular trading day on an average face Auction Penalty?

Pedigree are the Nifty top stocks. Very liquid are Nifty top stocks where there are atleast tens of thousands of trades everyday. Can someone please help me out to figure out the BTST stocks. Is there any website which will give all this information. I wanted to understand about the brokerage charge. Let says I buy shares of xyz company and hold it for a month or half year or long time so what would be the brokerage charge for the same.

The contract note shows a Rs 0. I am quite a new member of your brokerage firm. But since I do not buy many shares at one given time trading jgb options besides cable, it may be just 1 or 2 scrips of each company at a time, based on my financial circumstances. Just yesterday I opened the ledger and to my dismay I see that there are DP charges rs. Is this applicable for the sale of even 1 or 2 shares.

What do you suggest OR, what other way to circumvent this anomaly? Also why do you charge Rs. It is not the case with many other brokers. DP charges are per debit transactions and it is a flat charge, no way to circumvent this. This is lowest among other brokers. Sir, You are the best. Helping small investors like me immensely. Its just not about the brokerage. The entire experience, the knowledge you share is just superb. I wish you all the very best and really wish from the bottom of my heart that very soon you be declared as the biggest and best brokerage house of the country.

I bought Dlf stock at Now my question is why it got executed. Does SL-M order sell gets executed above current price. You have to use limit sellingorder and mention If you use selling SL-M stoploss order and put trigger as Online stock trading degree $$$ Top traded in nse that could be Nithin, Some of my orders automatically got cancelled and more than that what worrying me is my holdings are not displaying correctly. Ex: I bought LUPIN before some 4 days, all of a sudden today it is not listing under my holdings.

I have created a support ticketbut no response as of now. I am bit worried. Can you please help. Can you please help and try to get the issue resolved at the earliest. The interest would be for such period where your account balance was negative. If i sell and buy on same day say Alkyl Amine. AND also have the investment position in same stock.

Is it confirmed true that my old investment position will not be treated as sold. This is very important for me for taxation purpose. Truly appreciate the passion with which you work. No, if you sell and buy same day, it will be treated as intraday trade. Thanks for a lot for such wonderful blog and your service. Since I am new in Zerodha and espceially, new in this market, I contacted many time your customer service and got reply within a good time limit.

I have some quarries please reply 1. If a person say my spouse has no Forex Trading Using Trend Filters to Improve Risk Adjusted or very poor income from some temporary source like tution etc Zerodha and starts investment? Assuming she got some initial investment money from some source 2. If I buy some shares say 10 on Monday and some say 10 Wednesday, on Friday want to sell 10 out of 20 only, is it BTST? Is there any risk like auction penalty etc?

What will be avg. If a person say my spouse has no income or very poor income from some temporary source like tution etcIs she able to open an account in Zerodha and starts investment? Assuming she got some initial investment money from some source 1. BTST is when you buy on Monday and sell on Tuesday. If you receive delivery of the shares that you purchased on Monday, you can sell the same on Friday with no risk of auction.

It would depend on your trading activity. Always FIFO is applied first in first out. So if you sell on friday, what was bought on monday is adjusted for. So the buy average for the remaining 10 will be The stock is showing T1. Am I eligible for dividend? When you bought the stock yesterday, you would have bought it ex-dividend.

Can you please provide any link where i can obtain the list of the all shares which are in T2T segment and which are in Normal Trading segment for BSE and NSE. You can find out all the securities trading in the T2T segment on the NSE site. Check this link for more. I have purchased some share in equity using CNC option yesterday. My target is not reached yet. When am trying to place a limit sale order for the same quantity in CNC.

My order is getting repeatedly rejected. How could I sell my shares?!! I loved your post. Although I just want to know that what if I buy shares On Thursday. Will be waiting for your reply. Thanks Would you help me with the context of this question? I am being charged DP charges for sales done on T2 also. I thought sells on both T1 and T2 will not attract DP but only from T3.

Thanks DP charges will apply if you sell on T2. If you have previous holdings, then we debit them instead of settling the BTST trade. I am new to this can you please help me by giving one example with screen shot. Charting, Coding and Backtesting. Zerodha Trader — Charting. Zerodha Trader- Software Version. Zerodha — 60 Day Challenge. Winners — 60 day challenge. Zerodha in News — Headlines. Zerodha in News — Quotes. Getting back to the main topic. Viewing T1 Holdings on Zerodha Trader. November 27, at am.

R amakant D says:. January 29, at am. January 29, at pm. September 6, at pm. September 20, at pm. May 6, at pm. April 26, at am. December 28, at am. December 28, at pm. November 28, at am. December 1, at pm. December 15, at pm. December 17, at am. Syed Tajir Ali says:. December 19, at am. April 9, at pm. April 10, at am. December 21, at pm. December 22, at am. December 23, at pm. December 24, at am.

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September 28, at pm. September 29, at pm. September 9, at am. September 9, at pm. September 25, at pm. October 9, at pm. October 14, at am. October 14, at pm. October 16, at pm. October 18, at pm. October 21, at am. October 21, at pm. October 27, at am. October 27, at pm. October 28, at pm. October 29, at am. October 29, at pm. October 31, at am. October 31, at pm. November 21, at pm.

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