Stock grants with performance conditions have become more common, and therefore may qualify for put stock options 162m Section m performance-based exception, 16 but constitute a minority of those stock grants that vested during the years through Decisions are under way about the future shape of the UK rail industry and infrastructure, after the government announced that several enhancement schemes were to be put on hold pending a review of Network Rail's project management and financing regimes. Net selling by UK institutions hit its highest level since the financial crisis in the third quarter and helped limit the wider slowdown in the investment market, according to data from Lambert Smith Hampton. Strongest FM radio stations in Mount Vernon:. Lands Improvement - one of the oldest land investment companies in the UK - has been put up for optkons.

CMG has been grievously harmed by the actions of this group and is determined to make certain this harm is repaired. Lawrence Steckman, the attorney representing CMG in this matter, is widely admired for his expertise and experience prosecuting civil racketeering cases worldwide, and has published extensively on the subject. It is his opinion that the case filed on behalf of CMG in New York's State Supreme Court against the former employees and officers put stock options 162m XA meets all the qualifications and requirements for a successful and sustained Civil RICO complaint.

CMG, through the filing of this suit, seeks judgment against former XA executives and staff including, but not limited to, treble damages, attorney's fees and other costs under the RICO statute. In other news, CMG has been in discussions with a number of groups pertaining to its subsidiary, Good Gaming, an e-sports gaming and tournament site that targets amateur gamers. In late December Good Gaming held a record-breaking debut tournament in coordination with Activision Blizzard -- but as a consequence of cash flow issues related to the massive conversion of assets by the defendants in the pending RICO case, was forced to throttle back spending on this exciting new start-up.

In the intervening months Good Gaming has been working in-house on refining its product, and developing new ideas and applications while searching for additional investment -- in addition to exploring the creation of a spinoff put stock options 162m Good Gaming, in which CMG would maintain a substantial piece of the new entity formed. As our long-term stockholders know, until mid XA was an essential asset of CMG, with millions of dollars in revenue. We anticipate that a successful judgment against the defendants of the current lawsuit will repair a substantial amount of the damage XA suffered as a result of their actions.

When I accepted the position of chairman at CMG Holdings in in AprilI had no way of knowing what damage had been done to CMG by a cabal of faithless XA employees over the course of a six year conspiracy -- nor any idea that in the first four weeks of my tenure these same employees would complete their devastating plunder of CMG through a series of coordinated thefts and resignations. I have spent the last year reviewing and collating the evidence they left behind; with a view towards bringing them to justice and restoring the losses shareholders have suffered as a result.

After months working for no salary against headwinds that sometimes seemed impossible to master, it appears CMG may finally be on the verge of profitability and success, due in large part to the steadfast belief of our loyal shareholders, the determination of a dedicated group of Good Gaming and new XA staffers, and the talents of one of the most respected names in the legal profession. Quick Background Summary FergusVI : The company first caught my eye in February This is when Creative Management Group inc.

There was a change in control, a name change to Put stock options 162m Holdings Inc. This company was run by the old management, Alan Morell, Mike Vandetty, and Jim Ennis. The future looked bright and put stock options 162m OS was around 42M. They quickly acquired the assets of Xa, The Experiential Agency in March, This was exciting because Xa was a proven revenue driver. The company has been around sincethrough all markets. Xa proved to be their main revenue source, as the talent management and commercial rights segments produced very little income.

In Marchthey closed on the AudioEye acquisition. Although the IP and patents AE possesed at the time were valuable, and had good independent valuations, history shows that they were ahead of the curve with this purchase and they had a hard time funding AE, as AE wasn't able to generate much revenue at that time. It was also difficult to finance a subsidiary, under the umbrella of the holding company, so with this, AE was eventually spun off and became an independent public company trading in the OTC under symbol AEYE.

There is a lot I'm leaving out, but essentially the company continued Old Management to issue more and more convertible notes. Along the way, many organized long shareholders were accumulating millions and millions of shares. Many from the toxic convertible sales. The long shareholders had had enough and took matters into their own hands and effected a change in control, and instituted new management and a new direction. Since then, new management has made some very shareholder friendly moves.

Mainly, they took the company to debt free status as cited above from the Jan 6, 8K. They also reduced the OS substantially, returned shares to the treasury and nullified other outstanding convertibles. They appointed powerhouse new management additions to the BOD of CMGO and to XA. They acquired Good Gaming llC, and are making an entrance into the ever growing Esports sector.

New management sold a portion of their AEYE shares back to AudioEye. With these proceeds, they paid off all debt and are debt free. They still retained about 2. CMGO's recent change in control summary. This is very rare in the OTC markets. They also informed shareholdes that AE dividend shares are with Hyip top forex day trading bluebanking com 3 mon and ready for distribution around Mid Feb Also informed us of possible corporate name change and ticker change to better reflect main revenue driver, XA, inc.

The document filed was never meant for the purpose that was proported, it was only drafted by the individual who was trying to hurt CMG, it's shareholders and the CEO. Barry Mlot authored the affidavit for the sole purpose of getting it into the hands of the attornies representing the Hudson Gray defendants in the RICO case Glenn Laken, CMG and XA Agency have ongoing in the courts.

Well since that court filing Sol Mlot with full knowledge filed an affidavit on Oct. I know this for a fact because I had the opportunity to read Sol Mlot's recently filed affidavit almost a month ago. I debated hard and long as to whether to go public with this information being that I knew it might cause embarrassment to a 92 year old man. But I decided after having consulted with a friend who's an attorney that I put stock options 162m stand by and watch the reputation of a person that I've known for years as being a hardworking, respectable man get continually sullied any put stock options 162m. The irony here is that he's in possession of this affidavit and could have publicly presented it but abstained from doing so.

I on the other hand felt the record needed to be set straight, so I've taken it upon myself to post it here. I suggest those indiviuals concerned take a moment to read it and determine for yourselves who is the victim and who is the unscrupulous individual in this whole affair. I am a non-party to this litigation. I am providing this declaration to correct factual misrepresentations submitted, supposedly in my name and by affidavit, by Defendants.

I have never seen certain documents Defendants have attached to the subject affidavit and was never told by anyone that this affidavit would be submitted, here. I strenuously object to statements those who have submitted these documents pretend I request call back dmv request call back dmv request call back dmv request call back dmv and they never even asked me whether I supported them.

Glenn Laken is a CMG principal and I have lived with Ms. Glenn Laken's mother, for about I 6 years. My adult son, Barry Mlot, has, since the beginning our relationship, viewed Anita as a threat to his inheritance and he has consistently sought to undermine our relationship. Barry was, in fact, the only person with access to the subject affidavit and I believe it was he who provided it Defendants, for his own perceived benefit. Briefly, 1 have traded stock for more than 60 years and I trade today.

In April,I asked Glenn if he would share his opinions on put stock options 162m stocks with me and make suggestions as to stocks he thought had growth potential. He mentioned CMG and I began to accumulate a position in it, along with other recommended stocks. Glenn was never my stockbroker. He received no compensation from me for his advice. Some stocks Glenn recommended began to lose money and I asked him if he would be willing to share in the losses of certain of them, including CMG and TNIB.

He agreed to do so and, on June 29,we memorialized our understanding regarding loss-sharing in a hand-written agreement. A dispute later developed between us as to which stocks were the subject of this agreement, Glenn recalling the agreement addressed losses in just CMG and TNIB, and me, recalling the agreement was to cover all stocks Glenn recommended or traded, on my behalf.

I was unaware of any basis for his accusations and am unaware of any today. Since I executed the affidavit. I have barely communicated with Barry. It is clear to me that he secretly submitted this document. Inever wrote it, Inever reviewed it. Inever approved it and Ireject its many innuendos and falsehoods. Ihave no idea why they would submit this in a litigation which, as Iunderstand it. The affidavit and its Exhibit 2 presents a totally false impression of the facts.

I regret that my son's connivance has caused hi m to engage in such behavior in his efforts to undermine Mr. Acting CEO Jeffrey Devlin will remain with the company as its Vice-Chairman of the Board. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Laken has held put stock options 162m senior executive positions and created successful growth strategies in the financial services sector. His expansive professional experience includes working as an advisor to the 22 billion dollar Ameritech Pension fund, partnership in a Wall Street specialist firm, ownership of a Chicago clearing house with offices nationwide, and the purchase and restructuring of the Cigarette Racing Team Company.

He has also enjoyed success in the area of mergers and acquisitions as an accomplished business leader. These allegations, made by a government informant, resulted in conviction after a week trial, despite the fact that Mr. Laken never met any union officials, received any union monies for his fund or directly contracted for the Internet promotion. A Company shareholder sinceMr. Since orchestrating this change, Mr. Laken has worked as Company consultant, introducing Jeffrey Devlin and David Kovacs to the Board, and bringing Ron Burkhardt on as a board member and executive chairman of XA, The Experiential Agency, Inc.

He also introduced a new subsidiary partially owned by his wife, Good Gaming Inc. The Company anticipates entering into an employment agreement with Mr. Laken by April 30, Laken will continue to seek new opportunities to add shareholder value through organic growth of existing assets of CMG and acquisition of undervalued private and public companies. There are also no family relationships between Mr.

Laken and any director or executive officer of the Company. Every long owes Glenn Laken, CEO, a bunch of gratitude. He has saved this company from put stock options 162m completely under. Most of you know that I have been around a long time Here is my synopsis of the past 8 year history, starting with Pebble Beach Pebble beach management resigns and Morrel, Ennis, and Vendetty take over. May 08 they close agreement. Inafter foreclosing on k note to wagner, XA and all assets are acquired.

Morrel and company fail to bring in any "real revenue's" but XA seems to be doing well Convertible's continue to be issues. Notes continue to be issued. Management creates large salaries. Management doesn't like it. Glenn see's more clearly the mess he has been handed and calculates appx k Notes and K penalties on books.

Glenn Laken, CEO, develops plan to eliminate debt with AEYE shares. During same month, re negotiates Morrels walking package, kills options and outstanding note resolved for 2M shares eliminating potential 18M to convert. Tells shareholders they are about to have zero convertibles on the books for first time in 3 years. Burkhardt comes with stellar past successes. Announces lawsuit in supreme court of NY against XA fraudsters. In return for said funding, CMG has agreed to share any recovery costs on a 67 - 33 split basis.

Glenn Laken, CEO, carries on with essentially no revenues. Funding the company on his own, he strives on. CMG Holdings Group, Inc. Hundreds of Long Shareholders give Glenn standing ovation during sharholder gathering OTCQB: CMGO today announced it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Blue Horizon Concepts, Inc. No matter what anyone says on these boards, it is clear and obvious, that we have a strong CEO of high character and will.

Not many men would have taken on this herculean task, and with that being said, here we are with CMGO alive and with great prospects. All of this crap was dumped on him within his first month as CEO, yet he has carried on. Tremendous potential thanks to Glenn Laken, CEO and Co. A veteran of the investment banking and private equity sectors for over 10 years, Mr. Kovacs is currently the head of Investment Banking and Private Equity for Fitch Learning. Kovacs also worked in various capacities at Citigroup and Blackstone Group in their investment banking and private equity divisions.

With the addition of Mr. Kovacs to the Board, CMG has acquired one of the most respected and brilliant minds in the world of investment and private equity. As a student at Columbia University and City University NYMr. The wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge that Mr. Kovacs brings to the Board will be invaluable as the Board seeks to enhance current strategies as well as devise new ones to help the company move forward with its current and future initiatives.

With his experience in mature and emerging markets as a training specialist in venture capital, investment banking, and private equity, Mr. Kovacs is also a highly coveted speaker. Kovacs has lectured at over universities, including the majority of Ivy League schools. CMGO News: Current Report Filing 8-k. CMGO News: Annual Report k. Every long owes Glenn Laken, CEO, a bunch.

One of the first actions CEO Laken effected. Not enough info for even wild-assed guess. Slow move down there, can't wait. Dude you say the same thing all. I think you mean 0. The guys pumping put stock options 162m stock bought on a. And here we back down close to our. Good Gaming turned on the revenue machine:. Good Gaming Expands Advisory Board with Technology Pioneer. Any positive news on the legal front will. If it moves like this just cuz the. Does CMGO have your attention now?

Not sure, call Glenn and ask him. ANY ONE KNOW IF THIS IS RELATED TO GG??? Did I miss the penny we were told. I did say the bird who told us. That was a quick retreat! Buy high, sell lower? CMGO had a nice run from 3 newsletter. Def a buy again at. Thank you for your observation cbrad. So, overall, is the reverse split indicative of. This Edgar Filing Concering the Reverse-Split is Erroneous:.

Any positive news on the legal front and. Do we have to go that low again? Ok cool that was fun. A birdy told me maybe silver by the. Looks like a small pull-back before your prophecy unfolds. I wonder what Glenn's role is in this. They promote to their followers on their website. It was a promoter. Well we see how. It's a loser site which. How did they portray CMGO?

It doesn't look like that at all to. Just FYI, but I got an email this. Just a front loaded pump. OMG what's going on here? Always a breath of fresh air, when put stock options 162m. Where is what coming from? If Joey was smart and it doesn't appear. Hate it when that happens - sure. Yep she lit up like a Christmas tree. Love, money and time. Beats Lawyers, guns and. Add CMGO Price Alert. FergusVIGutinstinctOneBrokeMamaHomebrew. PL HDS International Completes Good Gaming Merger and Provides Update USOTC:CMGO Cmg Holdings Group, Inc.

PL CMG Holdings Group Announces the Spinout of Our Subsidiary, Good Gaming USOTC:CMGO Cmg Holdings Group, Inc. USOTC:CMGO Cmg Holdings Group, Inc. PL CMG Holdings Group Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Transmit Program Management LLC USOTC:CMGO Benefit of forex trading terminology Holdings Group, Inc.

PL CMG Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Blue Horizon Concepts USOTC:CMGO Cmg Holdings Group, Inc.

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Charities Property Fund buys Chichester department store. 24 April The Charities Property Fund, managed by Savills Investment Management, has purchased the. Incentive stock options are a form of compensation to employees in the form of stock rather than cash. With an incentive stock option (ISO), the employer grants to. Nonqualified deferred compensation plans are used by businesses to supplement existing qualified plans and provide an extra benefit to key personnel and highly.