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Let's continue examining how the market reacts to changes in the US interest rate outlook. We turn to On March 28th the Federal Open Market Committee FOMC continued their campaign to hike rates by increasing the base rate for the 15th consecutive time by. Even though the FOMC raised rates, which would favor the currency, the Euro continued climbing against the Dollar.

Investors and traders kept up the speculation that the Federal Reserve was ready to end their campaign. Leveraged forex trading sessions only question was how much further further they would go. This news along with other Dollar negative factors a standoff with Iran over their nuclear ambitions accelerated Dollar losses for the next four weeks. Whether the position gained or lost the pips depends on whether the open position was a buy or sell of the pair.

This statement clouded the intentions of the FOMC for their next meeting, which was scheduled for June 29th. A couple of days later when the pair closed in on 1. The leveraged forex trading sessions of June brought some clarification to investors and traders. We have already explained what role inflation plays in the considerations of central bank officials. From this point, the pair enters another, larger ranging market with price bouncing between 1.

The ranging market developed because investors and traders were unsure about what would happen next since higher inflation readings meant that the FOMC could continue raising rates. If inflation did not pose a problem then the FOMC could pause in their rate hiking campaign. Risk Disclaimer: Online forex trading carries a high degree of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose your entire investment. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose.

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Two Days Later - 48 Hours Later. Analysis and Trading Lessons. Exchange Rates and Supply and Demand. Calculations of Exchange Rates. Actors that Affect Supply and Demand. Central Banks and Interest Rates. The Role of Central Banks. Market Reactions to Central Banks — FOMC Example. Central Banks You Need to Know. What are Fundamental Factors?

Reaction of the Forex Market to a Fundamental Release. Inflation and Inflation Indicators. Concept of Support and Resistance. More Reversal Patterns - Various Tops and Bottoms. Risk Management — Creating A Trading Methodology. Structuring a Plan for Trading. Using Exposure Per Trade in Examples. Privacy Policy and Risk Disclosure.

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