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Date : Friday, 28 April at AM. Which Is The Best Broker? Hope there is no fraud in this kind of switch over why the switch what alpari nigeria forex forum happen to the account with alpari. Friends what do u feel scottabj: I never trusted them from the start. I never trusted them from the start. When you have a broker who is a player and an umpire at the same time, how do you ever hope to win?

If you are with them when you trade big the way i trade they will show you the way out. Advice to new traders - use mbfx forex system no 1 system in the world. Surely, you will never have issues if you are loosing because your loss is their gain. Just run away from them now, except you are an insider there. Oga, this is my 5th year with trading with alpari Any broker that offer genuine ndd account is a good way for any serious trader to start trading for your info, alpari nigiera now forextime mqputmessageoptions priority systems ndd account that was what i traded with, no requotes and a commison less thatn 1pip.

I started using them since I have been using alpari nigeria since inception and i dont have any issues with them and i have even moved over to forextime without any issue. Like the other guys rightly said, with proper money management you will be fine with forex. Truth is if you have a very good money management no broker can manipulate your trade but if you are using high lot to trade and you lose your money to the market you dont alpari nigeria forex forum to blame the broker.

Thats why many fail and later blame broker for their woe. Afterall, many brokers that you think are scams are not, if they are,regulatory body might have warn people against them. And shut them down. Guys Take it easy, Its not easy to build a Good name and brand, before Alpari came to Nigeria its been a known broker in Nigeria, especially Alpari UK i used Alpari US then before the change in leverage issue If Alpari Nigeria has not defrauded you with proofs, please don't come here and say Bad stuff about them, we would be the one to loose at the end of the day Nigeria cos we all know what happened to Nigerians in Forex.

I personally don't trade with Alpari Nigeria, But please if they have not Defrauded you with proofs lets wait and see.

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No PDT Rules - Get Extra Buying Power with 6X Leverage - Open Account with $. Feb 09,  · Has anybody heard that Alpari opened office in Lagos? I've heard much of them before and couldn't believe that they r not fake when saw the article of them in. Alpari Nigeria Forex Trading. Support Forum ; Themes; WordPress Blog; WordPress Planet; Pages. About; Trading Forex With Alpari ; Monthly archives. June ;.