Bombay Stock Echange BSE. Bond Market Association BMA swap. Bolsa de Valores de Lima BVL. Browse Definitions by Letter:. Next: What are stock options? Warrants typically have a much fidwlity life than a call option - it is unusual for a warrant to be issued with less than a two-year term, and time periods of five to 10 years are not rare.

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Black-Scholes options pricing, volatility defined - Online Investing Glossary. B Browse by Letter. B rating B shares B/C Loan B1/B+ B2B B2C B3/B-Ba1/BB+ Ba2/BB Ba3/BB-Baby Bells Baby Berkshire. Bankruptcy Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. — Woody Allen. The Benefit Of Bankruptcy To Society; A Quick Overview Of Bankruptcy For. Because of the dilution that warrants represent, the value of that call needs to be divided by (1 + q) where q is the ratio of warrants to outstanding shares.