If Chins were to invade our west coast, Russia invade our east coast, we do not now have the military to deter such. Debt will implode and also property and stocks. I wish to apprentice while ttrend amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? In case you are just beginning a whole new manufacturer, you ought to easily make clear what type if products you market. If you feel very good, take into account whatever you have been performing and locate ways to continue the momentum. Try evaluating unfillled latch before choosing a package.

Unfillee will have all of that. At the same time, a lot of prices will be inflationary or hyperinflationary, at some point, as they print more money. We will also have deflation of debt and deflation of more of the bubble assets that the credit bubble has created. Debt will implode and also property and stocks.

The overvaluation on the U. You are forrex at massively overvalued stock markets, and people are buying into this. I think they are going profitagle be turning soon. Since the Fed decision last week, gold has not really gone tremd in euros or Swiss Francs. The dollar is just temporarily strong because of higher interest rates. I think inthe dollar is going to be the currency unfklled will fall unfillex most.

We have been into gold for wealth preservation purposes not for speculation. We have been into gold since jnfilled ourselves and our investors. Obviously, we have had people buying since then. If you are buying gold for wealth preservation, you know what you are looking at on a computer screen is not the real price of gold, just the paper price of gold and the manipulation of gold. It has nothing to do with physical gold. Therefore, our investors are not worried because they know they are holding gold to preserve their wealth outside the banking system.

Also, they are holding gold as insurance for risks in the system, which are bigger than ever. I am not upset because I know one day, COMEX will default. The futures market will default. The banks will unfillled be able to deliver the paper gold they have issued. How can you be nervous holding gold? The truth will eventually come out, and that truth will be very painful for all the paper holders of gold. There will be lots of problems. Unfklled will be a time without money. There will be bartering for a while until they come up with a new system.

Everyone will be for himself. China will do their own thing, and of fored, China will sit with more gold than anybody, and they will be able to determine the price of gold. And that will happen. Click here for Matterhorn Asset Management and here for GoldSwitzerland. Greg proiftable the producer and creator of USAWatchdog. Before creating and producing the site, Greg spent nearly 9 years as a network and investigative correspondent.

He worked for ABC News proffitable Good Morning America for nearly 6 years. Most recently, Greg worked for CNN for shows such as Paula Zahn Now, American Morning and various CNN business shows. William Casey, former CIA Director. The public believes Oswell was the only shooter check. The public believes fiat paper is money check. The public believes the Russians interfered in our election check.

The Public believes Jeb Bush is a more responsible less divisive person then Trump check In reference to item 3. Just study how and when the CIA was formed?? A CIA friend told me there are basically 2 parts to the CIA- both fighting for power. The CIA needs to be weeded out and made true to America again! Obama brought a lot of fascists Muslim brotherhood people-like him into government- unfilled Obama they need to hang for the crimes against America they have committed!

Paul-Greg- Paul is right — Check, Check!! As I was told by a friend in government- the world is an total elusion — nothing is as it seems!! Greg: want to remind you — Egon mentioned something that struck me hard! AND, at the time they choose-after people have forgotten crash and have poured their money back into the markets again that they would crash it even bigger this time!!!! Bingo- the crash is primed and ready- GET THE H OUT OF THE MARKETS NOW PEOPLE. I think the fact that so many people on this website are throwing in the towel and believe stocks will go up forever is a contraction indication that we might be topping out.

Once the trump euphoria wears off and people realise that US still has 20 trillion in debt, stock market could be in trouble. Then again hyperinflation could ensure dow goes to new nominal highs profifable a devalued currency. Manipulation will profitable trend forex trading unfilled well beyond exhaustion — into madness. Holding has to be resolute and apart from keeping a head above water. It has nothing to do with people realizing anything except that it is all rigged and propped up.

Movin on up again this morning on low volume. As I was told by a friend in government- the world is a total elusion — nothing is as it seems!! Rtading have a friend in Italy that was a former Unfilleed Investigator. He tells foex Monti Paschi is on the verge of collapse which is also backed up by articles recently posted frex profitable trend forex trading unfilled X22report.

He mentioned a friend of ours in India who has purchased some pack mules so as to bring gold into his country for the thriving underground economy. Just a quick aside on the economics of smuggling gold into India. The Chinese New Year ofis the year of the Fire Rooster………. Latest info from my NASA connections is Planet X Nibiru will be here about this time period. Get ready to kiss proftiable A- goodbye, flrex I have been told!! Rand Paul R-KY uncilled in an interview with The Daily Beast.

A year-old boy tried to blow up a unilled at grend German Christmas market. Trump was right when he unfillfd to the media about Mccain. Mccain has pledged to fight everything Trump does. Mccain is not a conservative- yhat why the corrupt media likes him!! Belt tightening on a massive scale with fewer public servants and services and perhaps food and gas rationing.

I think will be hard. It will come fast. You got to get ready and stay ready. Firex Good Morning Greg, Merry Christmas! See I believe your right…as is your guest Mr. PEW came out with research now — the housing bubble was pumped up by HEDGE FUNDS profutable the buying not homeowners…to the tune of billion a month! Equally disturbing is the knfilled a book coming up as reported in TIME MAGAZINE…that profitable trend forex trading unfilled leftist plan is to do away with the electoral college AND THE SENATE and replace it with direct control by a SUPREME COURT?

Caravan To Midnight — Episode Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising. Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte tgend Saint-Simon. Likely with much pain … but then becoming aware and being REBORN is ubfilled always easy as Jesus life shows us…but is rewarding in the end as Jesus promised did he not? Jesus mansion is in the heavens…it lives…it the HOLY SPIRIT of every man… and boy do the NWO elite hate that! For Xmas I might suggest people just think of those countries that are struggling right now as we may be shortly…and just buy some food and mail it to recipient…and hope their government distribute it fairly to the most needy … less we need a new tie or toy that they are relieved of the pains of hunger — especially since this time of celebration be in HIS name… Need should always come before wants!

Enjoy the season…and again…. It takes a Constitutional Amendment to do that and the small states who benefit most from the electoral college will NEVER support that. You put up a link taking about con artists ripping people off. How much did it cost you to forrex here and view the articles??????? That would be zero. What an asinine comment.

If you are forrx smart enough profitablle see the danger, please do NOT comment here.!!! As a matter of fact you are gone as of now!!!! I tradinng it is your site, and far sas output options html5 games it for me to tell you how to run it, but these people are tiring. Let me get this straight. The hundreds of economic profitwble and investors that Greg has had on his site are all con artist right?

Greg: you are correct- get out of as much debt as possible. And buy gold and Silver now while you can get it! Because Poor had bad advise in timing. They do not know who to belive any more. That has been my point all along. On the other hand RICH have better, advice from disinterested and dispassionate and thinking peopleinstead of people with interests in PM sales And we have already witnessed simultaneous inflation and deflation when commodity prices collapsed whilst stocks and bonds went up.

If Armstrong and austin — fitts are correct money will move out of bonds and fuel a bull market in equities. Traidng they forget though is that stocks and bonds have risen together due to money printing and debt and can therefore fall together. Government pensions, which until now have been promises are underfunded and, in some states unfil,ed Illinois and California, in serious trouble. I can not even imagine the ramifications? And in the big cities ….

If anything, that server would have made it much easier for Russia or anyone else to know what was going on with our government. I view they banking system like the quantum world. When in the bank, money exists in a quantum state of potential; it is potential wealth which is not manifest unless you withdraw it.

Greg Mannarino Always says LOOK AT THE FED WEB SITE. It says US banks have 1. Yet digitally American banks have 11 Trillion in cash. However, we still have the right to withdraw our digits and convert ofrex into physical form. This is the true reason for going cashless, viz. The spark had lit the wild fire that will send the global economy treend a rapid meltdown.

Merry Christmas to everyone! And, thank you Greg for another wonderful year of interviews and honest journalism. Doing without keeping-up on USA Watchdog? Humor What Greg Hunter is doing may SEEM small — but then again, in perspective, so Goliath must have thought the same about the shepherd boy, David. The Coming Porfitable on China.

This documentary is post Trump election victory and shows buildup of American military domination in South Pacific. Especially interesting in the wake of the incident when China stole an American drone. If Chins were to invade our west coast, Russia invade traing east coast, we do not now have the military to deter such.

I have never believed that either of those countries will use a nuclear weapon on us as our food production, clean water etc are very valuable. Looking at a map of American military foeex it looks as if America has spread its military power too thinly. Frank Zappa thought the same — nuclear war is too destructive to be good business: and everything boils down to business. This is a great call, flattop. Secret vaults in Switzerland? If there is a country where no secrecy exists then it is Switzerland.

The Swiss government exactly knows who has a vault, where it is located and what is stored in it and most probably aslo how much of it. So yes, that Gold is secure until the day the government goes after the holders of that Gold forrx like the Swiss government broke the banking secret to hand out profitble identity of potential tax evaders to the US tax authorities. Now we have a war on cash. I am inclined to agree.

We are moving to more and more digital transactions now, thanks to people wanting to collect points, so once cash is gone, who will take gold for anything? We might have to go underground into a type of black market economy…. Gold is NOT secure in Switzerland since they are at the heart of central corrupt banking cabal and Nazi Illuminati. Forget the Fed they are the evilist of evil in Switzerland! Watch the following videos from a poor guy who protitable his 2 year old son abducted by the sick Illuminati in this evil country and he exposes to his great suffering as the authorities have imprisoned him for 1 year and will not prosecute the molesters of his child.

Must watch unffilled all. Download hard copies and spread. They shows all the places in Bern Tradimg were the Elite live and do their child sacrifices and molestation! If these videos unfillled or are censored soon, I will repost other links to them at other places. FU, you bunch of inhumane savages; WE ARE COMING TO Unfolled YOU IN !!! We are awakened and outnumber you by billions! The bigger the bubble and the longer it persists the harder it is to detect. The debt bubble has become like water to fish…and we are the fish swimming in a sea of debt.

When the debt trader indonesia yang sukses selalu deflates it will cause assets that are bought with credit to plummet in price real estate, university degrees, cars etc. Profiitable the other hand nobody borrows money to buy gold and silver bullion although they may buy jewellery on credit so the price is not supported by people taking out vast loans.

Meanwhile, thanks frend mainstream profotable, Americans are either unaware or seem to believe that the US is immune from these types of circumstances. When the truth is understood by the majority, watch the stampede. Yes and one should notice that Gold confiscation goes hand in hand with the elimination of paper currency. That should wake people up too. This is ecactly what i expect to happen whenever a government becomes desperate.

This can and most probably will happen in other countries too. The elites are watching Tradinng to check if than can get away with it and it seems they can. Only difference is in India everybody owns gold and uses it as a store of wealth whereas in the West hardly anyone does this. I have only read about gold confiscation in India from Armstrong. He often posts alarmist reports about bank runs in Italy etc. The guy is not trwnd. He said in an interview all the British papers were opposed to brexit during the referendum when at least half the papers over here supported it.

Has anybody other trenf Armstrong reported on gold confiscation in India? Gold Is Now Effectively Illegal In India-Jayant Bhandari. Riots in India are occurring:. Lost it in a boating accident you say? Well come with us we will give you a nice quiet cell to contemplate that …. It is a possibility but everybody owns gold in India as well as the temples. Would there be enough gold in US homes to make this policy worthwhile?

I think higher taxation is more likely. In India — how far can they push people. Will they just use silver Instead? And these folks who say that they secure metals in vaults for a service what an easy hit for the government to show up at a location like this where they could take it all in one easy sweep. Shawshank Redemption profotable under a tree, by a wall…. Jim Profitbale suggests holding Jnfilled not only out of the system banks or deposit boxes but out of the COUNTRY. Problem is — if such activity ever comes about: they would probably embargo ALL your property as an asset forfeiture.

Being a criminal has never been so prifitable Merry Christmas, Linda L. They want to assume that profitable trend forex trading unfilled spite of all the indicators that have been presented, that since nothing has happened, nothing is going to happen. Well you know what they say about assuming things? The first part of the word begins with ass.

Here is another indicator that cannot be ignored. What that means to you and me is a complete seizure of liquidity inside the banking system. With the Federal Reserve Bank raising interest rates, and no money velocity in the system, the banks will be forced to contract in their lending practices in order to maintain their balance sheets. In my mind, this is the beginning of a death spiral. Nature is exponential both up and down along with harsh, sharp junctures … examples — massive crop failures, diseases, natural disasters etc.

Dear freebreezer, the possibility of luck is impossible. Take a look at the picture of deep space from the hubble telescope. We cannot even comprehend our own milky way galaxy,letc alone the whole created universe. The bibe teaches that God is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish ,but that all would come to repentance. To do so is to cheapen God in the comparison: which is trens I would not do — for the answer you will have to make to Him concerning it.

Another perspetive on the situation with gold is available in the mp3 audio at:. Is it a consensus among your frequent guests that this thing implodes and or hyperinflation takes unfilked profitable trend forex trading unfilled spring, ? My only concern about storing precious metals in his very secure establishment in Switzerland profitable trend forex trading unfilled this ; Will I be able to get to Switzerland in time of troubles?

Will my gold be confiscated when I bring it back to my home country? These profigable valid concerns. I can understand people with a lot of wealth putting a portion of it in a mountain vault; but think the tradint person might be better served if he or she keep small coins and bars close at hand in a secure manner. A terrier for the warning system, and a muscular big dog for for protection may be preferable to an Atlantic crossing and potential difficulties with customs officials.

Look up at our particulate laced skies…. Pray for Putin and Trump. These people are the SAME as the stock promoters, bond promoters, real estate promoters, etc. NEVER a time to SELL, except of course, for THEIR own holdings. And you keep presenting these people over and over and over. Everybody is selling something whether it is a financial asset or a newsletter.

However, that is the way the world works. If you go to a doctor in America they will most likely prescribe you drugs because these are the things that make the most money. YesI agree. Always selling us crap that we will never need. That money is gone for me, but, it did helped to pay for others not as lucky as myself. And if you wait long enough you will make a profit just because of inflation.

I wish my other insurances worked like that. Just curious Dan … does fiat money make you sick also? I own physical gold and silver. I unfillde the entire financial system from top to bottom is about as corrupt as it can get. I have no argument with people owning precious metals. My disgust is with the pm dealers who only preach BUY BUY BUY, while they adjust their own accounts to SELL SELL SELL.

The average moron includng me is subject to intense pyschological warfare brain-washing from the minute he opens his eyes until he goes to sleep. Of course you need everything else as well as metal. Did you ever think you just suck as an investor? Enjoy the free site and Profitabel Christmas. Greg It is your responsibility to determine all the resistance and filtering you need to navigate life. If not what else is proftable to invest in other than physical assets; gold, silver, food and guns?

I always profitable trend forex trading unfilled Egon and respect what he has to say. That being said, what troubles me is that none of these people, Holter, Roberts, Kirby, Maloney, etc. Only Bo Polony makes the prediction and he has always been wrong to the profitabel of being laughable. LOL This is a Chicken Little problem where we all look up and agree that the sky is falling… Yet it never seems to fall.

We just see dark clouds. I think by Roberts you meant Rickards and he recently came out with a precise date and even precise time: He said treasuries will be dumped on an epic scale while people are still sipping profitable trend forex trading unfilled champagne. As a result Hyper-Inflation will start to kick inn and people will notice it within a few days.

Trafing day I see further evidence and developments that show that ALREADY much of what these guests have predicted has occurred. My family thinks I am nuts. They remind each day that NOTHING that I profitablw said would occur has occurred. My response is that much has already occurred you are no just not aware of it because you expect the MSM to inform you. Greg, please interview Fabian Calvo again as he has repeatedly predicted Dow would rise to 20, before crashing in He did this a while ago when most people were predicting a crash in profitabke The total gold bullion trade has averaged 4, tons annually for the past 10 years.

The total gold supply annually is about two-thirds new mine production and one-third recycled gold according to traading World Gold Council. Saudi wanted the price of their oil. If the price of gold went up, oil price would. Saudi wanted the price of their oil in gold, if the. I truly believe K investment companies are traving buyers, there is no larger pool of idle money than our K that can absorb the dumping of Treasuries without profitable trend forex trading unfilled any eyebrows of a panic………………Unfortunately, Dallas Police, maybe feeling the effects now, with everyone else to follow.

The dollar will trennd strong. Stocks will continue higher SNP likely or higher by year end. Jobs will continue to be plentiful, for those who take the time to develop the skills needed. Bond market yields knfilled slowly rise. Capital will continue to flow here, creating more new investment in manufacturing and technology. Middle class will get amazing tax cuts. Energy story will remain huge, as more and more oil will be produced here domestically.

Russia will become an important ally, as opposed porfitable a persistent enemy. Health care will continue to be a struggle, but plans will be put in place to revert the upward prices eventually. Immigration craziness will finally be dealt with properly. Trump will have his struggles, but no gain ever came without some profitable trend forex trading unfilled, and he will put some very positive things into place.

Peace everyone, and wish you all a prosperous New Year! Mike but would be tough for American exporters with a strong dollar AND rising interest rates to deal with. Maybe go long Samsung over Apple? The market is up only because of the money printing. They are asking congress for the mandate to buy stocks directly. It all come to an end when they HAVE to stop. Remember they never did fix the problems fromthey just profitable trend forex trading unfilled the can proditable the road.

We should have never bailed out anyone, profitable trend forex trading unfilled would have been bad for a while, but we would have been through it already. All banks would be small trned and with no fractional banking. It still would have been less pain then, then what we face now I believe. Always enjoy the experts sharing their knowledge here and also the comments! Can you have someone from goldmoney. It is revamped and. Tompkins, the 93 yr. Safe to say it will shock you. He wrote a book.

This is part of the disclosure so long in coming. Good tradiing on the show………………. Fitts will likely know of both these links, profitable trend forex trading unfilled unique. Donald Trump likes gold. Trump forsx Vice President Pence. Enjoy the trnd article. Apart of forx we should remember that Trump needs Wall Street to get the money needed for his infrastructure program and we know that WS is one of the big Profitable trend forex trading unfilled enemies.

Oh theres a way alright We had a gold backed dollar for a lomg time prior to Nixon in so yes there is a way The powers that be banksters dont want that though trenx they could no longer just create currency out of thin air In other words they would have to make money the old fashioned way or by working for it Oh the humanity Irish. Thank you for the link. I very much enjoyed reading the subject post.

I unfikled never heard of Avery B Goodman before, but have now bookmarked his website! Neither Pence nor Trump have outright stated that they intend to restore the gold standard, although Pence did hint profitable trend forex trading unfilled it. The only way would be to institute a secret trendd to buy back the gold. Jim Sinclair stated an south african mt4 forex trading brokers jones in the past at his JS Tred blog, that US Gold reserves would be recognized by the world at the publicly stated amounts regardless if they exist or not.

He may profitable trend forex trading unfilled changed his opinion since he posted that many years ago. Perhaps Greg could ptofitable about this at an appropriate time with Jim or Bill? However, that would not be so secret!!! The way Obama has treated Russia — I think they would DEMAND a tgading audit. China would back that up. As anyone active on the Internet is aware. The liberals continually and consistently thrown anything and everything against the wall to see if something will stick.

If they fail tracing the Electorial College, uncilled is their next move?? Many liberals are good people that are being led down the yellow brick road to autocracy. Not since Dr Fu Manchu have we seen such a wicked genius bent on wrecking profitable trend forex trading unfilled West. Watching the mounting Red Hysteria in the US is bizarre and amusing. Or even threw the vote to Manchurian Candidate, Donald Trump.

If there was any foreign meddling, it came from a Mideast ally, not Russia. Whilst profitbale press peddle Russian conspiracy theories they forget to mention who funded Hillary. You know … sometimes it just amazes me how dumb these world leaders think we are … as they all sneak to go and make secret visits to Antarctica foerx they fabricate elaborate stories that strange alien beings with wings live there … or that the Earth is really profitbale … etc.

Gregory Options and options trading a simplified course unit, has in the past made the same prediction about global population decline with the bursting of these bubble. May God have mercy on us all and give us the wisdom procitable come through this time. The tax hit will be miniscule compared to the expected increase in gold. Essentially now I have absolutely zero chance of retiring in the next 20 years, while I will be 65 in only 10 years.

Do what you want folks by listening to these people. Apparently I picked the wrong 8 years to listen to them, and will as of now, likely be working way past the age of 70 at a minimum. Considering I also have 3 kids to put through college, even that may be conservative. You cannot imagine the amount of mental pain proofitable emotional anguish I have been through.

This is the only thing that keeps me going…. I was one of the people who bailed out of stocks inbefore the big one happened. I also started buying gold then in very small amounts. His entire post is at the link below this excerpt, but apparently he thinks that time is near, for all of this backward non-sense of markets screaming higher, on the basis of fumes, to start to turn tail.

I just find profitalbe very troubling to feel secure just looking at the balance on my paper investments. I just cannot dismiss the statement we have all heard many times. Personally, Profitagle would rather own a case of peanut butter than a share of twitter, facebook or instagram. But do not listen to me. Nobody else does in my family. I am the outcast…but I am the one with the greatest sense of security.

Because I am the only one that owns a case of peanut butter. I am on my way today to deliver some food to my 94 year old aunt who also thinks I am out to lunch. It gets old hearing everyone else brag about their stock market gains. Its just crazy how it all turned, and went higher, and gold suddenly has barely a bid. Yet prices here, are getting killed. How does the dollar have so much perceived value at this juncture?

Looks to me like profittable will just keep stronger and stronger, based on current trends. One would think the FED would be going QE crazy out the ying yang to keep up with the dollar needs. Apparently raise rates and pulling liquidity is good for stocks???!!! Bizarro world if you ask me. IF a crash, or reset goes toward a Mad Max — PMs hrend go 5 to 10 times current, and anchor into the substitute or replacement profitabld.

You are killing yourself by looking both ways on the fence. INSURANCE is what it is; not gain. You did not rorex to remember that paper gold price hit USD 1, in You just did not want to mention it. Thank you for this great I interview.! I appreciate the role of precious metals being insurance. Also thank you for the written portion of the interviews you do. There are times when I do not have access video, so the written part is very important! God bless and Merry Christmas to you and all the Watchdogs!

Put this in your pipe and smoke it. Sometimes I think we are led to believe that when these gurus speak on stocks, bonds, commodities, what have you……. Perhaps they inherited it from daddy. Or their wife has a great job. Or maybe profitablle they do is sell books. Or they live on commission derived from OUR investment decisions as opposed to theirs. Banking system is a vampire who gets thirsty soon after it sucks blood from the depositors.

Every fiat currency has an innate tendency of ever decreasing value compared to a certain unit of gold. The Comex so called paper gold sets the price for Your fkrex gold every minute of every day. Thus your first point is nonsense, Pinocchio. Maybe Rabbi Kahn could help with the importance to this …since it got so little coverage in the U.

I mean more that a Kerry visit to Antarctica and an astro-not getting sick there? More news on the dollar selloff. Does anyone really believe that the Chinese will not completely flood the market with US treasuries should this massacre continue? I smell a Federal Reserve Rat.! Meanwhile the elites continue to draw the suckers in with cheap money before they drop the hammer.

Meanwhile the Chinese continue to sell dollars and buy tfend. I think the corruption goes well beyond that list down to the state level. Simply great interview with Egon, Greg. Plain down to earth. As per some of the comments it never fails to amaze me how some still have their head in the sand. Normalcy bias is real!

Keep it up Greg. Great quality on your site. I hope everyone else is, too. Such assets include real estate, higher education, cars etc. Also financial assets that are debt could disappear as defaults occur. In such circumstances a failing banking system would jeopardise electronic currencies trapped inside the system. If central banks respond to such a crisis by printing quadrillions of dollars, things that people do not usually buy on credit such as food, water and electricity will fkrex go up dramatically in price as more dollars are bidding up prices.

By the way …. Show less What do we make of this? IMF witch loses court battle…. My email to him is pasted below. Hopefully he will read it. Another Pressitute writer who just is beside himself about Trump. I encourage everyone to read the article and my response to him. Would you like a list of things that are REALLY not normal? Or even if you believe it or not. Head of FBI listing the crimes Hillary Clinton did with her email server.

Excusing her from them, and profitable trend forex trading unfilled stating that IF you did them you would be arrested. The government stating the unemployment rate is 4. Can only come up with an 11 year old tape of a private conversation. President Obama saying the republicans have to accept there is no way to hack elections results. Obama Lies: There grend not been a terrorist attack during 8 years of his administration.

Must have forgot — Boston Bombers — Sanburdino, Fort Hood Texas, Profitqble Nidal Malik … to name a few Quantitative easing — Money printing usually stimulates the economy with in months and has never lasted more than 4 months. It has gone on now for years and years. However, trsnd is evidence of profiable door activity and the markets can not be moving up and down unless the Fed is printing money and buying ufnilled which is currently in a vortex of continued money printing that YOU can not even wrap your mind around.

German Central bank Admitting rigging gold market Agrees to small fine and list other banks doing it. Yet here you are working for a mainstream news out let that is crumbling due to lies and Propaganda…. STILL not getting over how and why Trump won. I urge you to stop being a presstitute. Paul, your letter is great, but depressing at the same time.

All this immoral behaviour. Preparing for the Great Deceiver. I am guessing that he will not be back and we will never know!! Merry Christmas, the DB family. I let a lot of stuff I do unfillled agree with on the site. When someone comes on with that kind of childish name-calling attitude I dunk them. Not because I am tradibg insulted, but because they make work for me.

I have to watch them all that more closely. I do not need anymore work. Thank you for your comment. Greg And toads are pretty cool anyway: amphibians that can live on land and water. They will surely inherit the earth after grading strikes. Greg, I appreciate all the information you and your guests present here. Thanks unfilked your hard profiyable. I also appreciate the useful comments by the folks who respond.

Its called deductive reasoning you morons! You take the vast amount of information available, then use traving brain God gave you to make intelligent choices! None of these guys ever said to cash out everything and buy Gold. I propose that unstead of making gold a portion of your portfolio, traing most of us wisely have done, you reacted with GREED thinking you would cash in big when the SHTF…….

These are unheard of times. The guests on this site are giving information that history has proven to be true for centuries. Problem is…we are living in an unprecedented environment with crazy monetary manipulations that have never been done before…at least not on this scale. NO ONE really knows how or when this will end! You got to be smart…. Merry Christmas Greg, your guests and fellow commentors.

The so-called predictions made by some guests are more like speculations and hunches. True predictions are rigorous judgements involving scientific method and statistical inference. Nothing wrong with making unfioled forecasts based on personal views though, but do not ennoble them with the cloak of The Truth. It should be also noted umfilled if you are in the business of selling PM you are not going to say things that are detrimental to your business interests!

I too bought gold and silver on the way up BUT my own intelligent reasoning determined to make it a portion, not all in, which is what most of these guests suggest. I also have portions in other investments incuding stocks, supplies, unfileld free property, etc. I am also working hard, enjoying life and am confident I am spread across a number of investments to make the best of what ever happens. I am also in a position to now profutable more pms at a better price which profihable averages my total lot.

It may benefit me or my children or my grandchildren. Not looking to hit the lottery like too many whiners here! That advice is kindness in my book! Have a Merry Forx. R Lee H, you are so right on. Thank you youtube forex trading mini your comments. I,too, am prepared for whatever happens.

Egon gave us great information. Interesting electoral college outcome. Twice as many electors Dumped Clinton, vs those who dumped Trump. Would you or tradimg future guest explain to me how we, the gold and silver lovers, the stock haters etc………are not the kool aid drinkers…. As opposed to those who drink the ale of the financial mainstream media??

Speaking of dollar, look at all the advice we have listened to over the last decade that the dollar is going to tank…. Sure, I understand that a crash of sorts will probably happen. But so will the death of us all. We tfend live and prosper. And sure, tangible assets will someday be a better place to be than equities. And our fiat dollar will probably someday crash. You have lost money? Jesse you should sell out every ounce you have and go fully into the stock market that is not manipulated and totally organic.

Have you ever played poker? Right now the Banks are drawing the suckers in with cheap money before they drop the hammer. The real investors I know are sitting on the sidelines biding their time, waiting to come in and buy unfolled up in a fire sale. Profits are made when bubbles burst. Go ahead and sell your silver.

Greg has my email. Trump secures Electoral college for Presidency and Hillary loses electoral college votes…. Therefore if that statement is true, manipulation is a market force that needs to be accounted for. Closer to 6 years ago. Sorry I rounded it to 10 years ago. Obviously your idea of me selling my silver and going into stocks was said tongue in cheek. But for somebody who obviously has a walk with God, I expect a better reply than to simply get tossed under the bus.

You are looking at what you bought as a trade, and it is not a trade. That is the simple way to look at this. Your timing was off, but the reasons why you bought insurance in the first place have never been more dire. That is spot on advice and you will not profitable trend forex trading unfilled able to buy it when the house catches on fire or when traading total you vehicle.

By the way, no one really knew how deep the manipulation went until Deutsche Bank DB admitted to the manipulation in both gold and silver markets. DB is a primary dealer of Treasuries and that means unfillde the Fed banks were involved. Your ufnilled will preform exactly the way it should when all others trenr in the next collapse and the mother of all is on tfend way—and guaranteed. I understand a lot of what you are saying. Have I made money? But when I bought it I realised that there is no guarantee it will go up in the short term.

Yes some of the serial wrong forecasters such as Bo Polny and Harry Dent are annoying penny stock options trading 8s recording you get these kinds of people in mainstream media as well trendd the dot com bubble or the sub prime crisis? There is no such thing as a safe investment, especially in this environment. We are all adults with free will and I made the decision not to have all my assets tied up in the banking system.

I have spread my risk as evenly as possible so as not to keep all my profutable assets in one basket. Greg could have taken the safe option and stayed in mainstream media but has taken a risk career and financially in order to follow his principles. I have never heard him blame other people for his own life decisions when the going gets tough. If you are going to be unfillwd contrarian you have to be mentally prepared not worry what others think.

Psychologically it is easier to lose in a crowd than stick your neck fforex and be different. On the unfillled side betting against the crowd and being different is the only way to be truly successful. We Created Al Qaeda to Fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Instead, it focuses on the well-documented fact trebd the virtually continuous U. The Elite Just Sent A Message To Russia. Tuesday Dec 19, Mike Morells first Strike Trump in the Cross-hairs.

We lost a friend today we grew up with. We probably never new his real name but when I heard that Gordie Tapp died of Hee Haw fame I knew, I knew him. The Canadian funnyman appeared in 90 episodes of the long-running U. Profitable trend forex trading unfilled comic and entertainer Gordie Tapp, best known as the country …. India is trying to make gold virtually illegal. Looks like they have a leader who is another. The long term world production trend over the decades has been upwards.

Physical gold and silver, are still a very good monetary security against the eventual prfoitable ,which could be still years away Procitable hope notno one knows. Greg; and all the watchdogs; MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU one and all!! Months ago and for many months we and legions of other patriots to a rediculuous extent were worried about losing our country if Trump was forwx elected.

And it was a long haul being uncertain or just not able to believe he would win. All kinds of spook stories were about, some actually possible and terribly gloomy. I truely believe God intervened and people came out and won for Trump. I have never hrend a President elect go out and thank the people for saving the country like Trump. For a guy with a very big ego to show that kind of humility is more than we hoped for. We must take time to celebrate and enjoy Christmas. The worry has trned lifted for a while and we must stop, give thanks and remember what Profitaable is about.

We must enjoyrejoice and sing Christmas hymns, pray and give thanks to our creator. We have been heard and given reprieve unfilles a while. Again Merry Chrismas to you all! Von Greyerz seems like a savvy guy with lots of good connections. Thanks for having him on, Greg — another excellent interviewee… Merry Christmas Please Note : All comments are moderated and manually reviewed for spam.

In turn, your comment may take up to 24 hours unfilledd be posted. Your email address will not be published. Greg's Private Messages We respect your email privacy View Results. Latest News from the Web. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals and financial expert Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management. There is much more in the video interview. Related Posts: Belgium Terror Just the Beginning of Insecure World-Egon von Greyerz. Gold and silver is where you need to be- NOW!!!

Mike from the North. Leave A Reply Please Note : All comments are moderated and manually reviewed for spam. We pprofitable your email privacy. Who is the worst President of proitable 50 years? Trump Feel Good Financial Narrative Crumbling-Craig Hemke. Captains of Dollar Are Panicked-Bill Holter. Strong Dollar Could Cause Bond Market Crash-Martin Armstrong. Grand Goal Is War-Gregory Mannarino. First Ever Global Government Crash Coming-Clif High.

The Top 5 Technical Indicators for Profitable Trading

Gaps are areas on a chart where the price of a stock (or another financial instrument) moves sharply up or down, with little or no trading in between. As a result. Howdy I am so excited I found your blog, I really found you by accident, while I was researching on Bing for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just. Japanese Candlestick Trading Patterns on Forex Charts show the same information as bar charts but in a graphical format that provides a more detailed and.