Smart traders make smart decisions. No Restrictions on Short Selling While stock markets have restrictions on short selling placing a sell order when you think the market is bearish without the underlying and investors can mostly only profit in a rising market, the FX market does not have such restrictions, providing investors the opportunities to profit from both rising and falling markets. JOANNE PANETTA, HURST TX. How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter? Do you guarantee gains? UOB Bullion and Futures Client Agreement:.

Market Insights and Analysis. At UOB Bullion and Futures, we provide a variety of product and services to cater for the diverse needs of each client. Our services range from leasing state-of-the-art trading infrastructure with dedicated leased line connectivity to co-located servers in major exchanges around the globe, to providing market access through a variety of industry-leading off-the-shelf platforms, to enabling connectivity to client's proprietary trading platforms.

Our PTG integrates latest technology with a robust risk management system to allow professional traders to identify and capture trading opportunities be it in equities, FX, commodities or derivatives in major global financial markets. PTG hosts a trading arcade that boasts low latency trading, fast, stable and dedicated lease line connectivity with proximity and co-location hosting at various exchanges, hour IT support and trade facilitation services.

CQG Integrated Client provides a comprehensive and professional trading solution to meet the needs of professional traders. This includes market data, analytics and order routing. CQG has established a solid reputation for worst clickbait websites among the trader's community through many years of reliable performance and service.

Visit the CQG website here. Trading Technologies is a high performance trading platform for professional derivative traders. Its features include market depth for click trading, one-click trade execution, real-time fill and position details, spreading, automated uob forex trading ratings algorithm trading. Visit the Trading Technologies website here. FlexTrade Systems FlexTrade Systems, one of the industry leaders for algorithmic trading platforms, brings together a diverse suite of solutions through their FlexFX, MaxxTrader and FlexTQM platforms, to offer traders coverage of a full trading life cycle from price construction, trade execution, hedging to position management and post trade analysis.

Visit the FlexTrade website here. UOB Pivot e-Trader UOB Pivot e-Trader is an easy-to-understand online trading tool that allows you to participate in the dynamic FX market with one-click ease. Apart from FX, UOB Pivot e-Trader also offers NDFs and precious metals, giving you a wide uob forex trading ratings of instruments to trade with. Gain more out of your trades with our competitive spread, coupled with a real-time profit-and-loss display enabling swift and accurate decision-making.

Other Platforms For corporate and professional traders group clients who are accustomed to trading platforms that are not listed above, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible solutions to enable connectivity to other platforms. Comprehensive Platform Simply layout with customizable settings. Trade different instruments on one platform. UOB Bullion and Futures Limited UOBBF is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited UOBone of the leading banks in Asia.

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