Make it clear who the present is for! Note : if you plan on buying her any one of these, don't expect to keep your crush secret. Once at a party this very thing happened as he was making out with a pretty girl named Prissy. Having her pretty white nylon panties with the pink polka dots so close to his face only seemed to hammer home the point that such a feminine girl was completely controlling and dominating him, it just humiliated him to a level he never knew existed. Or even a weekend by away. Your All Mopped Up. He immediately falls into a trap.

I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! Gallery's Feed Dear Diary's Feed Story's Feed Emerging from the door less bathroom that enjoined his door less bedroom. Bobbi began to get ready for his date. He was absolutely terrified of going out tonight on this date that his sister had set up. His date was a BOY!!! Poor Bobbi liked girls, not BOYS!

While nervously preparing for his date Bobbi thought about how this came to be, him going on a date with a BOY! He'd had some of the most embarrassing accidents while he was growing up as a teenager. Though small of stature, 5' - 5" tall, pounds soaking wet, Bobby was good enough looking to attract members of the opposite sex and it was early on in his dating experience that Bobby, and to his acute embarrassment, the girls he was with discovered his little problem.

For Bobby had such juvenile control over his orgasms that no less than three times as he lay with a girl, both fully clothed but heavily engaged in petting and kissing he would have one of his "accidents. Each and every time this happened, he'd flood his underwear with his sperm leaving a stain that could not go unnoticed and never did. An additional horror was that his flaming passion would wane immediately following his unwanted ejaculation, a fact that never failed to go unnoticed by his little dates.

Once at a party this very thing happened as he was making out with a pretty girl named Prissy. Once she realized he came in his underwear she was disgusted, let down and angry. She was simply besides herself with amusement and giggled like the school girl she was, "oh my gosh Bobby, did you cum in your panties? Bobby was mortified and embarrassed to tears, he didn't know what to say to Prissy.

He was so ashamed he said nothing but "I-I I'm sorry Prissy, it was an accident. Desperate to escape his shame Bobby told Prissy, "I um, have to go now, um sorry. He could remember walking as fast as he could from the party, he was desperate to get out of there. How could that girl Prissy humiliate him like that? The front of his pants clearly soaked and all eyes on Bobbi, he fled from that house to taunts of "one pump chump," "Bobbi preemie," "what a wimp" and many others.

Being small and now known as a premature ejaculator he was labeled a sissy and a wimp. It didn't help that Prissy yelled out loud at that party, "Bobbi had a preemie in his upme group forex review dot. Bobby was still very attracted to girls and had masturbated to pictures from the Sunday underwear ads many times. Problem was though, that no matter how hard he tried to hold back, once he was excited and started to rub his three and a half inch hard on, he'd cum after only 15 to 30 seconds.

Bobby wondered if he would ever be able to stay hard long enough to satisfy a girl. The next 5 years during school were one embarrassing day after another, that night at the party was just the beginning. Bobbi lived with his Mother and sister. His parents divorcing when he was three, he had not seen or heard from his father since that day. He was a drunk and a bum he guessed, at least that's what his Mom said about him. Due to his reputation and his Mom's experiences with less than honorable men, he was a second class citizen in their home just because he was a boy.

Life can be so unfair he thought. Soon after that fateful night with Prissy his buy put option mean girls even knew of his sissy status which meant that everyone knew, including his Mom. The teasing at home was brutal with both his Mom and sister suggesting maybe he should date boys instead. He always objected vehemently whenever they said such things. Always it seemed to no avail for they would just tease him even more.

Why did that girl Prissy have to say I came in my "PANTIES" he thought, ever since that day everyone thought he was a pantywaist. He hated the endless teasing about what color his panties were or, I can't believe you wear panties or the other endless comments kids can make. The teasing was endless and one night when he was 17 and his sister 16, she pushed him too far, asking him if he wanted her old panties since she had recently purchased new ones.

For Bobbi, it was the straw that broke the camels back and he'd had enough. Snapping like a dry twig he laid into his sister Candy, letting her know he was sick and tired of her bullshit and that if she didn't cut how to set alarm on metatrader torrent out she'd be in trouble. She just laughed in his face and said "whatever preemie. The look on her face told him she was not pleased, but he was too pissed off at the moment to care what she thought.

Before you knew it they wound up in an actual fight, a wrestling match really. Bobbi's intent was to pin her down and shove all the panty and wimp talk down her throat. He was sick and tired of putting up with teasing from his younger sister especially considering the sensitive subject matter, that of him being a wimp and a pantywaist. As he said, he'd had it!!! He was additionally angry at himself for taking her shit vb6 input box options chain so long, it's just that he was so embarrassed by it all, he didn't know what to do.

Besides he wasn't exactly physically imposing and his younger sister was the same size as him and a much better athlete. She played girls sports where he kept to myself and read a lot. After all, you don't even consider trying out for sports when you're known as a pantywaist and a preemie. So being small, shy and reserved he wasn't inclined to physical confrontations, but that day he had about all the crap he was going to take from his bratty sister. After all, he was a boy and she was a girl.

Shoving quickly turned unto grappling and they ended up on the ground with their hands interlocked. Frustrated he didn't have her pinned already, he was horrified to feel she was stronger than him, as they were locked in a battle of strength. And I don't mean just barely stronger, she was way stronger, as he felt her pushing his arms and hands slowly to the floor easily pinning his hands to the ground while straddling his upper chest, putting him in a classic schoolgirl pin.

Now although his sister played sports she was still a girly girl. When their argument started he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she was wearing a denim mini skirt and a sleeveless top. Now as she straddled and pinned him to the ground holding his hands firmly pinned, he struggled like a madman to escape this humiliating turn of events. Buck and struggle as he did, he could not lift his hands or arms even an inch off the ground, she had him pinned so firmly and easily. Shifting forward she placed her knees on his biceps thereby freeing her hands as her knees and legs now kept his arms firmly pinned.

Her Knees crushing down on his soft biceps hurt like heck and when she first planted them there, he humiliatingly found himself yelping out in pain and begging her to remove them. Her smiling tauntingly delivered response, "ah, I'm sorry wimp, is your little sister hurting you? With her hands now free she placed them on her hips as she smugly gloated down on her helpless sissy brother.

Still struggling wildly, though not budging Candy an inch, Bobbi as he was referred to ever since that horrible night with Prissy began to weaken completely and stopped struggling. Through his wild struggles and mad bucking Bobbi was not in tune with his exact situation and immediate surroundings. Having now tired and been completely overpowered by his little sister, he became much more aware of his situation and predicament. Laying there, his biceps aching from Candy's knees unrelenting pressure, her smooth thighs framing his head, he embarrassingly noticed if he looked foreword, his sisters white nylon panties with pink polka dots were mere inches from his chin.

Left or right all he could see was smooth thigh. If he looked up, which he could not bear to do, for when he did, he could see his sisters gloating eyes. So he currently found himself starring at his sisters pretty white nylon panties with the little pink polka dots and pretty lace around the Options trading strategies near expiry bands.

Then his sister grabbed his chin and turned his head forcing him to look up at her and said "Oh my God, I cant believe how easily I just kicked your pantywaist ass, WHAT A PUSSY! You're a weakling Bobbi! Macho males, she was sick of them, boys in general, always trying to show how tough they are, Ha! Here she was sitting on her wimpy older brother's chest holding him in a humiliating schoolgirl pin, from which he apparently couldn't break free from.

Who's the weaker sex now she thought! Things are going to be different between them now, much different she thought. Oh my gosh she was thinking, I can't wait to tell everybody at school, oh! He will just die of embarrassment. While Candy was thinking these thoughts Bobbi was having his own and they weren't near as happy as Candy's. His male ego already bruised and fragile from years of being known as a preemie and a pantywaist, it was now crushed at having been so easily beaten up by his Little sister.

To be pinned by a girl, a girly girl at that and that girl being your LITTLE sister, oh the humiliation burned him to the core. To be called a pussy and a weakling, all while being helplessly pinned to the floor was more than he thought he could take. Having a girl call you a pussy is the worst insult when you're a teenage boy, it just infuriated poor Bobbi. He was 17 now, almost a man or so he thought, this just can't be happening, he'd never ever live this down.

As if to reinforce that happy thought, Cindy brought him back to the present as she exclaimed with girlish enthusiasm, "Oh this is so cool! I just can't wait to tell everyone at school about what a wimp you are and how easily I can kick your pansy ass. Candy though was far too strong for him and easily rode his wild bucking and pitiful attempts to raise his arms. Infuriated at his situation and desperate to end this humiliation, Bobbi tried kicking her back as hard as he could after his bucking attempts proved useless.

One kick caught her squarely and only served to completely piss her off. Immediately she rained slap after vicious hard slap to his face. It stung dreadfully and as tears formed in his eyes, he realized with utter horror and humiliation that he was being "bitch slapped" to tears by his little sister and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop her.

As he blubbered beneath her he could feel his face swell and his one eye felt like it was closing. In her rage after he kicked her, Candy's first slap was more a punch than slap. Although he was wrong as he thought, this couldn't be more embarrassing. A black eye from my little sister. The irony that her pretty pussy which he could faintly make out through her pretty white nylon panties mere inches from his face was not lost on him buy put option mean girls she'd just called him a pussy again, to his great embarrassment.

So, with no other option he could think of, he humiliatingly responded, "yes Candy, I'm really sorry, ill never touch you again. Why couldn't he even beat up his sister, a girl younger than him and such a feminine girl too? It made it hurt all the more, poor Bobbi was just crushed, his male ego shattered. Buy put option mean girls arms were killing him with the constant pressure from Candy's knees, his face still stung madly and he was sure he could feel his eye swelling shut.

Moaning beneath Candy he pleaded, "please Candy, my arms are forex trading volume strategy use hurting me, could use please move them? With fresh tears streaming from his eyes he quickly responded "yes Candy I understand, whatever you say honest, I'm sorry" he blubbered like a total wimp, humiliated beyond belief.

Bobbi had never been in a physical confrontation before in his whole life, he was not familiar with pain and intimidation like this, even he was surprised at what a chicken and a wimp he seemed to be, but he was acting the only way he knew how to. Returning her hands to her hips as she gazed down at him, he adverted her laughing eyes and looked straight ahead at her panties inches from his tear stained face. Candy loved that her "big" brother was afraid to even look at her. Having her pretty white nylon panties with the pink polka dots so close to his face only seemed to hammer home the point that such a feminine girl was completely controlling and dominating him, it just humiliated him to a level he never knew existed.

High above Bobbi, Candy was not unaware that her panties were in clear view to her brother. The fact that wimpy Bobbi had to continually stare at her pretty panties was not lost to her. Like Bobbi she too knew instinctively that Bobbi, having to stare at her pretty panties was forced to accept that a femmy girl was kicking his ass. She couldn't remember ever being happier than she was currently at the moment. As she looked down at her humiliated brother she noticed that his left eye was almost swollen shut and already turning a deep black and blue.

Wait until he sees that she giggled to herself, he'll die of embarrassment, Imagine getting a black buy put option mean girls from your pretty little sister, oh the field day the kids at school will have with that one. Not knowing Candy expected an immediate response, Bobbi stumbled for something to say. This earned him another four stinging slaps to the face as Candy roughly grabbed his chin and forced him to again look directly at her.

And in the future you can address me as Ms. He now knew to his utter shame as he laid helplessly pinned that HIS LITTLE SISTER WAS MUCH STRONGER THAN HIM AND SHE COULD AND WOULD BEAT HIM UP AT WILL. Still, he couldn't stand his sister calling him "sissy" all of a sudden. There's just no way I can allow that thought Bobbi and is she crazy, there's no way I'm calling her Ms.

But he was scared, that thought sent shudders through him, he was scared of his little sister, OH MY GOD! I'm scared of Candy he thought, the realization burned into him, this just can't be happening he prayed. As he thought all these things in a split second though, the site of Candy's pretty panties inches from his face told him it was all too real. Paranoid that if he didn't answer Candy soon she'd slap his face again he desperately stuttered cautiously, "ppp please Candy, I," but before he could finish Candy started to slowly raise her hand.

Bobbi seeing this quickly understood his mistake and humiliatingly urgently corrected himself, "I, I mean Ms. Candy, please I understand, I promise to be real respectful to you from now on it was killing Bobbi to degrade himself to his sister like this but what else could he do, and his face and arms were really hurting but why do I have to call you Buy put option mean girls.

And please Can, um I mean Ms. Candy, please stop calling me sissy, I hate that name" poor Bobbi sputtered cautiously and nervously. Perched from her dominant position, Candy once again grabbed Bobbi's chin and forced their eyes to meet. With all seriousness she replied, with Bobbi's chin firmly in her hand, "Listen up sissy, you'll call me Ms. Candy from now on or else every time you don't you're going to find yourself in a fight with your sister, and I DON'T care where were at or who's present.

I think your now smart enough to know the results, secondly, ill call you whatever I feel like. Candy, whatever you say. Candy's knees for over 20 minutes now he next whimpered, "Please Ms. Candy I'm begging you, my arms are killing me, please could you just take your knees off of them, I promise I won't try anything. That's right sissy and you better remember it!

And if you want my knees off of your weakling arms so bad why don't you just make me move them? Go on tell me why, I'm waiting and please, DON'T LIE. Candy, I'm not strong enough to make you move them" and letting his painful arms get the better of him he added, "please Ms. Candy please, just for a minute, I promise I wont try anything, I know your way too strong for me to even think of ever trying anything, please I promise," he begged. Finally releasing his sore chin she sat up again with her knees still painfully pinning Bobbi's arms to the floor and looked down on her sniveling wimpy brother revealing in her "GIRL POWER.

Your gonna rue the day you messed with me preemie boy. Your days of embarrassment and humiliation are just getting started, beginning with how much fun I'm going to have listening to you explain how your little sister kicked your ass to everyone at school and Mom for that matter. You can bet your ass sweet sissy that as soon as I do let you up, I'll be straight on the phone to spread the exciting news. If only he could go back in time he thought. The pain in his arms and the sight of his sister's pretty panties currently filling his vision reminded him that was impossible.

His junior year was just starting and he already couldn't get a date with the preemie crap that refused to leave him. If the kids found out about his sister beating him up, life would be torture for the next two years. Desperately he thought, I have to convince Candy, I mean Ms. Candy, how could he call her that, he'd just die of embarrassment to have mercy on him. With tears yet again brimming in his eyes he started begging in his most pitiful voice, " please Ms. Candy ill do anything, I mean it, anything, just please don't tell anyone about this, please, please I'm so sorry, I'll never bug you again, I'll do your chores, anything, please Ms.

Candy, I'll even pay you, ANYTHING you want, just don't tell anyone about this, I'll be ruined you know it, everyone already thinks I'm a wimp because of that preemie talk, all because of that bitch Prissy immediately upon calling Prissy a bitch he regretted it for under the current circumstances he didn't think it appropriate to be calling another girl a bitchplease you know everybody already gives me a hard time, please Ms. Candy, I'm begging you, I'll do anything Originally Candy had no intention of not telling anyone she could, about kicking her snotty brother's ass, far from it, she was bursting and couldn't wait to rub this in her stupid brother's face.

This was by far the best day of her life and she had every intention of embarrassing the living daylights out of her brother. Already she was planning to pick a fight with Bobbi at school so the other kids could see first hand what a wimp her brother was. Oh yeah, she was going to love embarrassing Bobbi at every chance.

But as he lay begging and pleading under her, promising to do anything, well, she started to imagine it might not be bad to have little Bobbi at her beck and call, not to mention the possibilities for further worse humiliations poor Bobbi wasn't considering due to his current predicament. She decided to test the waters. Candy, I mean it, I'll do anything you say, he couldn't believe what he said next, but he had to I'll, I'll be your, your um slave, I'll do anything, just please cant you keep this a secret, please?

She planned on hearing her sissy brother beg lots more in the future. With a devious thought she regripped his chin yet again and brought her eyes to his, "Well sissy, let's just see about how sincere you are when you mustafa singapore forex company anything," and she threatened with raised voice, "you've got ONE chance and I mean only ONE chance to prove your sincerity. Candy wasn't kidding, buy put option mean girls had one chance to prove himself to her or his life was over, what would she want he nervously wondered.

God how he hated that name, "sissy. Candy, I promise, I'll, I'll do anything. Candy I swear, I'll do anything, please I swear" Bobbi pleaded. Gripping his chin as hard as no sleep option on computer 0% could, Candy spat in his face, "ONE Options trading schools seminars def, THAT'S IT, THE FIRST TIME, AND I CANT STATE THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH! THE FIRST TIME YOU ARGUE OR DISAGREE WITH ME ALL DEALS ARE OFF AND YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND YOURSELF PINNED AGAIN, ONLY THIS TIME AT SCHOOL!

ARE WE CLEAR sissy" she yelled into his frightened face. Signing his fate, Bobbi responded the only way he could, "yes Ms. Candy I promise I understand, I'll do anything, I swear. You see Mom gave me a considerable amount of money to buy new ones, you know how we girls love our panties. Well anyway, my old ones are still perfectly good. So now that you've had time to reconsider, I'll ask you again, would you like my old panties sissy, I mean their just perfect for a preemie like you who cant even take his little sister, Be real careful how you answer me now sissy, I'm sure you know what the right answer is and don't YOU forget to be respectful to me, so what is it?

He just couldn't, he wanted to tell her to fuck off and shove her stupid girly panties up her ass, but that was an option long gone. Besides his arms were killing him, he was constantly in tears from the pain and would do anything just to get her knees off his aching arms. Plus she had warned him of any reluctance on his part.

With extreme humiliation and embarrassment, he found himself saying words he couldn't believe were coming from his mouth, "please Ms. Candy, if you'll still let me have them, do you think I could pretty please have your old panties? His mind was racing, how can I get out of this. This can't be happening he cried. He wanted to hurt his sister so badly, he couldn't stop thinking of kicking her ass so badly, but, wasn't that what got him here in the first place.

He could not bring himself to face reality but that was no problem, Candy was more than happy to show him "the light. Paybacks a bitch she chuckled to herself. Whatever would a 17 year old boy want with his little sister's panties? Then your going to cut them all up because you won't be needing them anymore. You see, your never going to wear boy's and I use the word boy loosely, underwear again. All the kids already think you're a pantywaist so we might as well make it true. As a matter of fact while were on the subject of panties and pantywaists, I think it best you know up front, by the time I get done with you, you my preemie brother are going to be the biggest sissy in the world, like it or Not!!!

So sissy, are you still sure you want my old panties? Candy, please can I have your old panties" Bobbi squeaked for he knew, at least for the moment, he had no other choice than to submit to his bitch sister. Bobbi moaned from the sudden release of pressure from his terribly sore arms, his sister had him pinned for well over a half hour now and his arms were shot.

He could barely move them and cried as the blood rushed back to where Candy's knees had been. Laughing at her sissy brothers pathetic moans, Candy chuckled, "what's the matter tough guy, was Candy too rough with you? Candy, angry that he'd not yet answered her question if she'd been "too tough" with him responded by slapping his face again and hissing, "I just asked you a question sissy and I expect an answer promptly, REMEMBER?

Candy my arms really hurt, I think you buy put option mean girls kinda rough with me but I guess I deserved it, Buy put option mean girls mean I'm sorry Ms. Candy, please don't slap me anymore, I'm really sorry" poor Bobbi acquiesced. As he lay there with his sister sitting on his chest, holding his own arms pinned to metatrader tick charts jewelry all because his sister ordered him to, Bobbi felt like crying again.

Candy on the other hand was happy as a Lark, her panties were soaked, so high was she on the power she now held over her older brother. Candy, I mean there real pretty, the lace is pretty, I, um like them. Would this nightmare ever end Bobbi thought. The things she was asking telling, to be more truthful Bobbi to do and say, how could he, but how could he not.

Trembling because he had never done such a thing, Bobbi lifted his head slightly and leaned foreword so he could do Candy's bidding. With great shame, Bobbi gently kissed Ms. Candy's panties and felt the hot moistness emanating from them and began to degrade himself again, "Oh Ms. Candy your panties are so pretty, I just adore the pretty lace around the leg bands and I love pink polka dots, you have the prettiest panties ever and please Ms. Candy, I'm so sorry I started a fight with you and kicked you in the back, I promise I'm really sorry and I'll never touch you again.

Prissy was a bitch and had a big mouth, if she found out Bobbi called her a bitch she would really ratchet up the preemie shit and cause him all kinds of trouble. He currently had more trouble than he could handle with Candy. With that in mind he started begging again, "Please oh please Ms. Candy I'm really, really sorry I called prissy a bitch, I know it was wrong and I promise to never do it again, please though please don't say anything to Prissy, she already thinks I'm a wimp and doesn't like me.

Please Candy don't tell her, I'm sorry really, I didn't mean it, please I'll do anything there he said that stupid promise again, I'll do anything, that was really going to get him in trouble but he had to if you just don't tell her. Angry at sissy's slip she grabbed his wrists pulled them above his head and placed her knees back on Bobbi's biceps.

Crying out in shock and pain Bobbi immediately started begging for forgiveness, "ow, ow that really hurts Ms. Candy, I'm really sorry I forgot to say Ms. Its just all so new and I'm so confused, please I'm begging you Buy put option mean girls didn't mean it, it won't happen again, I promise, I swear I'll do ANYTHING just please can you not tell Prissy this one time, please Ms.

Candy" she mocked himwell for forgetting the Ms. And for letting you off the hook with Prissy I want to hear you tell me your going to shave every hair off your wimpy body and keep it that way from now on, WELL I'M WAITING" she barked. He was just about to say you have got to be kidding shave his whole body, how would he ever hide that, she can't be serious when he saw Candy slowly raise her hand.

Very quickly he thought better and to his amazement acquiesced yet again, "Oh thank you Ms. Candy, thank you for not telling Prissy, I swear I'll shave all my hair just like you said. Candy sissies shouldn't have body hair. Now what to do about our little sister, sissy fight. I mean you've got one heck of a shiner and I can actually see hand prints on your face from when I was being too rough with you, plus your skinny little sissy arms are already turning black and blue.

Whatever will we tell Mom we she gets home she pondered. I mean I don't know if I can keep from telling her, plus what's she going to say when she finds out your hairless as a baby and only own panties. Oh he was so confused and at a total loss as what to do. Alls he could think of to say was, "please Ms. Candy you promised not to tell anyone, please. I just don't know how we could possibly keep this from Mom, which reminds me, from now on you're to address Mom as Mommy, Mommy's much more appropriate for a sissy.

So here's the deal, your little secret is safe from the school kiddies as long as you toe the line, but I don't see anyway out of telling Mom. Plus because I'm so kind, we won't tell Prissy what you called her for now. As far as the kiddies at school are concerned, you can tell them whatever you want about getting your ass kicked, the fact that it was me will be our little secret, what ya think wimp?

Poor Bobbi had never even been in a fight before and although he couldn't admit it to himself, he was terrified of getting beaten up by Candy again, especially at school. He didn't like pain and was shamefully willing to go to all costs to avoid more. So he answered with the only answer he could, "um sure Ms. Candy, I mean whatever you say is fine with me. Candy" Bobbi acquiesced for the umpteenth time. Revealing in her victory and anxious to get on with Bobbi's humiliation, Candy bounced up off of Bobbi and said, "Lets get started right away, the first thing I want buy put option mean girls to do is gather up all your preemie shorts, don't forget the laundry and the ones your wearing now.

Then bring them to me and I'll supervise as you cut them up, now get moving sissy. Dejectedly, with out even having time to lick his wounds, he began to gather up all his underwear, quickly taking off the ones he was wearing in his room he returned to the living room laden with his boy underwear, crushed to think that he'd soon be cutting them all up.

Candy sat regally buy put option mean girls for him with a pair of scissors', "you can drop them on the floor there and start cutting. Cut each pair in half, that way will have plenty of rags for cleaning. Candy" Bobbi mumbled as he sat down to cut up his own underwear. Finished destroying his underwear, Candy said, "Good job pansy, go put those with the other cleaning rags then meet me in your bathroom.

Candy" Bobbi responded, still afraid to deter from his new found station. Returning to his bedroom he found Candy waiting for him with razor in hand. With one exception though, I want you to leave a tiny little landing strip above your little pee pee. As I've no desire to watch a sissy shave his body, I'll leave you to yourself, when your finished I'll be waiting for you in your room so we can sort out all your pretty new panties, now hop to it wimp.

The humiliating beat down from his sister still fresh in his mind, still in shock from the day's events, poor Bobbi was on autopilot motley doing as ordered, oblivious to the further humiliations that lay ahead. Going against his very will he humbled himself once more with a "yes Ms. Candy" she repeated mocking her brother, "God what a wimp you are" she laughed leaving the bathroom.

Embarrassed to tears yet again, Bobbi set about the task of humiliating himself further by shaving his body clean. Having no hair on his chest or stomach he started with his underarms. When he got to his privates he had to be very careful not to cut anything important. Shaving his bottom and very private places proved to be difficult and time consuming.

Knowing exactly what a landing strip was he carefully performed that humiliating task, leaving a tiny strip of pubic hair about two inches long and an inch wide above his quick shooting preemie penis. He couldn't imagine shaving his toes but did as instructed and finally after over an hour of shaving he was finished. Turning on the shower he rinsed off and washed all the hair down the drain. Stepping from the shower Bobbi could not ignore how different he felt.

With no body hair he found he dried off much easier and could feel the air around his now hairless body. He couldn't believe the finality of shaving all your body hair, it would take months to grow back if he even could let it grow, which his sister said he couldn't. My God he thought, will I have to spend an hour everyday shaving. With no hair around his cock and balls except for his sissy landing strip, he looked like a little boy.

With not a hair on his legs he forex trading investment company xyz like a sissy. WHY, WHY did I have to pick a fight with Candy he bitterly thought feeling so sorry for himself. God, if anyone ever finds out about this he'd be ruined. He never even considered that while shaving, now it was all he could think of. Nervous as a kitten he paced the bathroom trying to come to terms with this revelation.

Oh my God, gym class, what will I do about that, shit, I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school, how can I possibly explain having a shaved body and wearing panties. WHY, WHY did I have to pick a fight with Candy he bitterly thought again. God, how could I be so much weaker than her, oh that infuriated poor Bobbi. Still, all he could think of was gym class, what am I going to do Bobbi worried nervously. While Bobbi nervously paced his small bathroom, Candy happily bounced on Bobbi's bed.

Her panties were thoroughly soaked now, she was so intoxicated with GIRL POWER. This is just sooo cool she thought as she fingered an old pair of her panties. They were "Tinkerbelle" panties and she just knew her wimp of a brother would hate having to wear them, too bad she thought, not my problem is it. God, if he had any idea what a sissy I'm going to turn him into he'd run screaming from the house. With no body hair and only panties to wear she thought laughingly. Her brother had always been an ass to her, often calling her squirt and baby until she caught up to him in size.

Growing impatient she called out, "Lets move it sissy, you've had plenty of time to shave, you better improve on your shaving time as you'll be doing this EVERYDAY, and don't bother dressing or wearing a towel, I need to inspect you to make sure you followed directions. He new he was small in the penis department, 3 and a half or 4 inches erect he was embarrassed to let his sister see his tiny penis, he just knew she'd make fun of him. Even these thoughts though could barely distract him from the dread of gym class.

Desperate to broach his fears with Candy he slowly and embarrassingly emerged from his bathroom naked as the day he was born. Sheepishly he stood before Candy with his hands covering his privates. Mortified, Bobbi slowly brought his hands to his head to stand in the humiliating position Candy ordered. On seeing his tiny penis and cute little landing strip, Candy burst out laughing which did little for Bobbi's ego if he even had one left.

I'm going to have to ask around and find out who's gay for you. All shaved and soon to be in panties some gay hunk is going to find you irresistible. All the while Candy was speaking, Bobbi brushed aside all this gay talk for still, all he could think of was gym class and how he'd explain his hairless body. Feeling terribly sorry for himself he tried to gain some sympathy from Candy.

Candy, what about gym class, how am I supposed to explain my hairless body" he complained. Problem was Candy wasn't in a sympathetic mood. You might as well tell them you're a sissy, it's the truth after all. Finishing her inspection of Bobbi she deemed him fit for a pantywaist. As Bobbi shyly sat on his bed modestly trying to hide his tiny penis he began to take stock of the panties Candy was "giving" him.

He couldn't believe all the dainty panties piled on his bed. He couldn't see a pair that looked even remotely masculine. He'd seen his sister's panties in the laundry before but never paid too much attention to them. Now that they were his he began to take notice and was horrified at what he saw. It was all too apparent to Bobbi that Candy had very feminine taste in panties, for, from what he could tell, most were pastel colored nylon with pretty lace and bows and the few he could see in cotton he didn't like at all.

All looked to be bikini style. While Bobbi was still in the bathroom, Candy had gone to her room and changed her soaking wet panties, With a flourish she pulled them from under the stack on Bobbi's bed and with a big smile on her face, she said, "I can just tell your dying to cover up your little preemie's, so here you go, your first pair of panties, the same ones your little sister just used to pin your skinny weak ass with, go ahead put them on.

Remember before you kissed them how pretty you thought they were, lucky you, now you get to wear them and don't forget to thank me nicely for them" she laughed as she held them daintily before Bobbi relishing the crestfallen and humiliated look on his face. Bobbi could not believe buy put option mean girls sister was going to force him to wear her used panties, the same panties he'd had to humiliatingly stare at for over 30 minutes while being humiliatingly school girl pinned.

The same stupid panties he'd so recently kissed in abject submission. Forgetting for the moment all about gym class, side tracked by this new humiliation, Bobbi very reluctantly accepted the panties from Candy while still sitting on his bed next fdxx metatrader 4 para her, steeling himself for the incredibly embarrassing sentence he was about to say, Bobbi stuttered, "Thank you Ms.

Candy for these really pretty panties. Not wanting to expose himself anymore than necessary, Bobbi slid his new panties up his hairless legs while still sitting, only standing when he got them to his buy put option mean girls. Immediately upon taking them from Candy he could feel they felt kind of wet. Now that he had them snugly in place he could tell they were completely soaked.

Bobbi flushed anew with intense embarrassment as he dumbly realized his sister must have been sexually excited from beating him up and humiliating him. Oh the shame he felt wearing Candy's wet panties against his hairless privates, especially knowing now that they were wet from Candy's excitement over beating him up only, now they were his panties. Even wet he could tell how light and flimsy they felt, plus he wasn't used to wearing bikini panties or bikini anything.

They fit him fine but were much smaller than his underwear, he felt so exposed in them and when he looked down he could faintly see his little landing strip through the diaphanous material just like he had seen Candy's. Smiling Candy replied, "oh how cute, you look just adorable in them and they fit you perfectly, its obvious we are the same size but not strength, huh preemie? Candy" Bobbi quickly corrected himself and continued, "haven't you had enough fun ye-" That's as far as Bobbi got, Candy had been waiting for this very moment, she knew even her wimpy brother could take only so much, she intended though, to reinforce he'd just have to take whatever she felt like dishing out.

She sprang into action like a lion on the hunt, quickly she grabbed his hand and twisted his arm behind his back, causing a startled yelp from Bobbi and putting an end to his attempt at rebellion, however slight it was. Cranking on Bobbi's arm Candy forced him to his knee's and pushed him over on his face while still holding his hand, she straddled his lower back and wrenched on his arm hard.

Bobbi screamed out in pain and began begging, "ow ow ow Ms. Candy please that really hurts, oh please Ms. Candy my arm hurts so bad, please I'm sorry, please Ms. Candy, you're going to break my arm" he whimpered. Lightening up on Bobbi's arm Candy relaxed a bit and sat further back on Bobbi's back, her skirt riding up she could feel her nylon panties against Bobbi's wet nylon panties which caused her to giggle like a school girl.

That little stunt just cost you a tattoo, you have any problem getting a tattoo of my design you had better speak up now" Candy hissed as she twisted Bobbi's arm higher up his back again. Squealing with pain Bobbi shrieked, "ow Ca- I mean Ms. Candy, please my arm hurts so bad, please European put option lower bound xing sorry, really sorry, whatever you say is fine, please my arm I promise I won't act up again.

Crazy in pain Bobbi still didn't want a tattoo, especially one of Candy's choosing and where would she want it on his body. Candy, what kind of ta- ow oh ow my arm" Bobbi cried real tears as his sister twisted his arm even further again asking, "YES OR NO answer me Bobbi" she calmly said. She hadn't called him Bobbi in hours, it was sissy, wimp or preemie, Bobbi sensed the danger, "Yes Ms Candy Yes!

This was simply the best day of her life. Releasing her hold on her crying brother's arm Candy exclaimed, "Oh I'm so excited! You're just going to love what I have in mind for you, actually I already know what its going to be but we will make it a surprise, doesn't that sound exciting? Thinking the idea anything but exciting, but knowing Candy was expecting an answer Bobbi simply said, "Yes Ms.

Would you like to try for pierced ears next or perhaps a pretty purse? Candy loved Bobbi's awkward embarrassed twirl and the way his panties moved across his smooth bottom as he meekly exited the bedroom to do her bidding. Walking to the kitchen in just his sister's wet panties, with his body hairless, Bobbi was struggling with the feelings of being hairless and wearing girls panties.

It made him feel so vulnerable, weak and submissive. This is great Candy was thinking as she waited for her new slave to return. I have my own little sissy to wait on me hand and foot. Meanwhile as Bobbi was getting Candy's drink he found himself numb from the way the day had so horrendously turned out.

He could never have imagined in a million years when he got up this morning he'd be in the kitchen with no body hair wearing his sister's wet panties getting her a coke. He was a nervous wreck worrying about gym class and now this tattoo. How could he possibly expose himself to a tattoo artist with no body hair and wearing panties?

He'd die of embarrassment, Bobbi wished the ground would open up and swallow him, but he was not to be so lucky. Not liking at all being out around the house in just his panties, a nervous wreck, he dejectedly headed back to his room with Candy's coke. Now come over here and sit next to me so we check out all your new panties. I want you to nicely pick up each pair, one at a time and describe them to me, making sure you point out all the details and how pretty you think they are, then I think you should thank me for such a precious gift, after that I want you to kiss the bottom of each pair, then neatly fold them and put them in your dresser drawer, lets do all the cotton ones first, here, I'll get you started" she said handing him a cotton pair.

Bobbi was speechless as he took the offered panty, how could he say all those things, he'd die of embarrassment. His sore arms and black eye though told him he no choice what so ever in the matter. Still freaking out about gym class, his Mom and getting a tattoo, Bobbi tried to clear his mind for the task ahead. Looking at the hated panties his sister handed him, unable to figure a way out of this humiliation, Bobbi began timidly, "um these are white cotton Tinkerbelle bikini panties with pink fairy's on them" Bobbi said as he struggled to find the right words to say, imagine a 17 year old boy having to talk so intimately about panties.

Candy for your precious gift" he squeaked looking up at Candy to see if he'd done well enough. He was thoroughly embarrassed when he saw what they said. Horrified to think he'd be wearing those hateful panties to school tomorrow, Bobbi kissed the bottom of the panties, not missing the significance of such an act considering that's where Candy's bottom used to sit against. Finished folding them he went to put them away when Candy interrupted him.

Realizing this humiliating task was going to take a long time Bobbi picked up the next pair and continued his humiliating panty descriptions. They have a really cute pink boarder around the waist and leg bands. I love the saying on the front and I think it's especially true for me. I just know these will look really cute on me, thank you so much for these pretty panties Ms. Candy, don't you think their just perfect for me?

He'd never been so embarrassed in his life, he didn't know how he could go on. He was miserable as he forex basket trading back down next to Candy. Picking up the next pair he went on, "Oh Ms. Candy these are sooo cute. These ones are white bikini Hello Kitty panties. I just love everything Hello Kitty and am so excited I have my own pair. The pink Kitty sewed on the right hip is just so cute, don't you think I'll look so cute in these?

Thank you so much Ms. Candy for these panties, their just precious. Still frightened, he was doing the best he could to please Candy, saying things he thought would please her. For her part Candy was more than pleased, this was about the funniest thing she'd ever done. She just loved watching her brother squirm before her.

She couldn't believe the sissy things her brother was saying about all these panties. He'd freak if he knew she had his pc camera recording his every move and word. Too bad she thought, it will be good black mail material if she needed it. Returning her thoughts to Bobbi she replied, "Your very welcome honey, I'm sure you'll look just adorable in them. I never knew you loved all things Hello Kitty, we will have to see about getting lots more Hello Kitty stuff, they have all kinds of stuff I know you'll love like purses, clothes and jewelry.

I've kind of out grown the Hello Kitty phase, but I'm thrilled that you love Hello Kitty. Since you love them so much, I'll tell you what, I have a Hello Kitty nightie, its yours. His mind raced but he came up with no solutions. And he wasn't even to the nylon panties yet! Picking up the next pair, against his will, he gushed, "Oh Ms.

Candy I love these ones. Don't you just think their so cute, I love Winnie the Pooh, it's one of my all time favorite cartoons. These are bikinis also, I think all the ones you gave me are. They are light blue with all the Winnie the Pooh characters on them. Winnie, Tigger and E'ore. Their so cute, I can't wait to wear them. I'm so lucky to have so many pretty panties. At the moment he couldn't think of anything more embarrassing, except maybe the whole day and there was still tomorrow at school he remembered.

Guess what, I think your right, all your pretty panties are bikinis but I still expect you to include that fact in your cute little descriptions. Their pink bikinis and have the words Super Girl printed in big purple letters on the back of the panty. There's also purple around the waist and leg holes. Candy for these really cool panties. I was not impressed with your last panty description at all.

I suggest you start doing a better job babycakes or would you like to start all over from the first pair? Let's keep that in mind when you do the next pair preem's. They looked like plain white cotton panties but when he turned them around to see the back of the panties he saw different. Candy, but, on the back of the panties in big pink letters they say Girl Power.

I think there just perfect for me because Girl Power is why I'm going to be wearing panties. I think a lot of boys underestimate Girl Power but I don't. They feel so soft and I can't wait to wear them because they look so comfortable plus they'll be a constant reminder for me when I'm wearing them not to forget Girl Power. She had no doubt Bobbi was becoming all too familiar with Girl Power and realized it must be killing him to say these things.

Too bad Candy laughed to herself. Candy and I think you have lots of Girl Power. Thank you so much for these panties Ms. Candy" Bobbi finished with a bright red face. Laughing out loud Candy proclaimed, "Girl Power!!! After kissing the panties right where they said Girl Power, Bobbi neatly fold them and went to put them away, dropping them as he did so. Bending over he picked them up and placed them in his drawer.

Watching Bobbi bend over to pick up his panties Candy loved seeing his bottom in her pretty panties and the way the nylon panties stretched across his bottom when he bent over. She could tell they were still wet with her excitement and wondered what her brother thought we he first put them on. She had noticed his surprise when he pulled them up and correctly assumed buy put option mean girls was extremely embarrassed to be wearing panties wet from her excitement.

His laughable penis, more like a clit she thought was so small he looked like a girl even from the front. This is just too good she smiled, "next pair" she ordered. Seeing about three pair of cotton panties left Bobbi picked up a pair. Candy hadn't worn this pair in years and couldn't wait to hear his description. God he must be embarrassed she correctly thought. Hanna Montana panties, how awesome! I just adore these, they are pink bikini panties with a really cool picture of Hanna Montana on the front.

I just love Hanna Montana, her TV show is the best and I love her songs. She's got a really good voice and dresses so cool. I like the cute yellow piping around the legs and waist, it makes the panties so pretty. These will be so fun to wear, won't it be neat if I'm wearing them when Hanna's on TV? They are so cool Ms. Candy, thank you very much for these panties. I have some of her CD's I don't listen to anymore, you can have them but I want some of yours in exchange.

They are red bikini panties made of cotton with a pretty white waist band. They look real comfortable and should be fun to wear. I like the cute Strawberry Shortcake character on the front of the panties. I don't know much about Strawberry Shortcake but I like them, they are really cute. Candy for these really cute panties. On the front of them they say Princess in real pretty pink script with really cool sparkly stuff around the word Buy put option mean girls. Thank you so much for these lovely panties Ms.

Kiss the bottom sweetie and put them away, I know you like to admire your new panties but we have to move on to the nylon ones. He looked them over before starting his sissy speech. They feel so smooth and pretty Ms. Candy and I love the really pretty white lace around the leg openings and waist. They are so thin and light I bet they will feel really good on me. I love the pretty colors, white, pink, baby blue, yellow and peach. The pastel ones are so pretty. Candy for all these really pretty panties" poor Bobbi gasped.

What do you think all the boys buy put option mean girls school would think if they knew you wore your little sister's panties sweetie? Oh I bet that would be embarrassing" she teased. Not expecting an answer to her taunting questions Candy buy put option mean girls, "Next pair. They feel really smooth and slippery, I can't wait to wear them and see how they feel on me. The best part of these really pretty panties though is all the cute little pink hearts on them.

They are precious Candy, thank you so much! What's it going to take! Candy gleefully watched her dejected brother return with the ordered nail polishes, he looked so cute in his pink polka dot panties she smiled. Reaching to hand the bottles to Candy, she informed him, "Those are for you pansy not me, you will learn how to properly address me and obey my orders OR ELSE! I guess we are going to have to take a break from your panty time, I want a clear base coat on your toes, then two coats of the pink petal, then finish with a clear top coat.

You can also put a clear coat on your finger nails. While you're doing that I'm going to get something to eat and then I'll get that nightie I promised you and your Hanna CD's. SEE I KEEP my promises, you had better think about doing the same pantywaist. Now hop to it, four coats of polish is going to take awhile and you better do a good job or we will start over" Candy imperiously ordered as she left the room. Good thought Candy, I was getting hungry anyway, and that should keep preem's busy for awhile.

A stunned Bobbi sat on his bed staring at the nail polish. He had no clue on how to paint nails and really, buy put option mean girls didn't want to paint his. Nobody would see his toes unless he took off his socks and shoes which he had no intention of doing, but his finger nails. How noticeable would that clear polish be on his fingers he worried. Wanting to tell Candy to fuck off so badly, he unscrewed the cap on the clear coat.

He just didn't have the courage to stand up to her after the way she so easily "Girl handled" him. With a sliver of hope still that he'd be able to hide his shaved body, panties and now, nail polish, Bobbi carefully set about this new task. Knowing it takes a long time to apply four coats of nail polish, Candy gave Bobbi plenty of time. Returning to his room about two hours later, with the Hello Kitty nightie and Hanna Montana CD's she stated, "Looks like you're just wrapping things up pansy, let's have a look.

Although not too noticeable, his finger nails were much shinier than he would have liked. He was certain people would still notice though. How pretty your toes look, the polish on your toes matches the polka dots on your panties, isn't that adorable! Such a little fashion queen you are Bobbi. Here, slip on this Hello Kitty Nightie while I see which CD's I'm going to trade you.

It was a baby doll nightie and didn't even cover his panties it was so short. It was white with a big Hello Kitty on the front and had thin shoulder straps. It felt totally foreign on him, he felt like such a sissy wearing it especially when he looked down and saw his bright pink toe nails and hairless legs. My God he thought, I already am a sissy, WHY OH WHY did he have to pick a fight with Candy, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Meanwhile Candy had found six CD's she liked of Bobbi's and exchanged them for his new Hanna Montana CD's. Candy" vowing to never again forget to ad the Ms. Now come over here and sit next to me so we can get back to your pretty panties. Picking up the next pair he found himself back to describing his new panties. Candy are really pretty. They are pink bikini panties made of nylon with the most beautiful white lace around the waist and legs.

There's a real pretty pink bow right at the center waist of the front of the panties. These panties are so sheer and delicate, there absolutely precious Ms. I can't wait to wear such pretty and delicate panties, I think they'll be perfect for dress up days. I want to thank you so much Ms. Candy for these very special panties. Just then both Bobbi and Candy heard the front door open and close. Their Mother was home. On hearing her enter Bobbi panicked and then froze. He didn't know what to do and was desperate to put some male clothes buy put option mean girls to cover his shame.

Coming out of his stupor Bobbi begged to be allowed to put some clothes on in hushed tones so his Mother did not hear him. Speaking much louder than Bobbi, Candy said, "I don't think so pantywaist, besides your already dressed. Candy you didn't say anything about telling Mom about the panties and stuff" he whispered. I didn't say anything about NOT telling Mom you were a pantywaist did I. You should have thought about that when you pushed me Mr. Anyway she's going to find out sooner or later, no better time than the present I say.

Or would you rather she comes up here to find you being school girl pinned by your little sister, either way I don't care pretty baby. Turning the corner to his room, saying, "What are you kids up ," their Mom got no further as her mouth hung open in surprise! Bobbi turned about ten shades forex trading slang 420 red as he sat meekly on his bed.

Her initial shock at seeing her son dressed like a fairy with a black eye and bruised arms turned to amazement. Caroline, their mother was just getting home from work. She was pretty just like her daughter and just as feminine. At 5'-8" tall she was a good 3 inches taller than Bobbi. Wearing a smart business suit of jacket and pretty skirt with 3 inch heels she stared at Bobbi.

Seeing an opening he hadn't before, with the hope of rescue from his Mom, Bobbi sprang from the bed and started blubbering, "Mom, me and Candy got in a big fight and she hit me in the eye and has been making me do all these horrible things ever since. You gotta tell her to stop this and make her leave me alone, please Mom please. All the while Candy was fuming, seething with anger at Bobbi. Not once did he say Mommy and he even dared call me Candy she thought, oh he was going to pay BIG TIME for that little outburst, you just wait until your Mommies not around to protect you tough guy.

As Bobbi pleaded with his Mom, Caroline took stock of her son now that she had a good view of him. Are those Candy's panties and nightie he's wearing and my God he's shaved his legs and look at those cute toenails, she couldn't help but giggle out loud which infuriated Bobbi. He tried to say more but his Mom hushed him and told him to sit down. This whole time Candy sat quietly and said nothing. I want your side of the story and Bobbi keep your mouth shut.

I wasn't going to take that from a preemie wimp Caroline was well aware of Bobbi's nickname and had even used it herself when Bobbi got too uppity so we kind of got into a fight and I ended up pinning him. He kicked me in the back really hard so I hit in the face and that's how he got the black eye. Being the wimp he is he started crying after I hit and said he was so sorry. Afterwards he asked if he could have my old panties so I let him have them.

He tried getting smart with me later so he ended up shaving his whole body and painting his nails so I wouldn't beat him up again. He was in the process of describing all the panties I gave him and how much he love's them when you came home and that's the truth Mom" Candy helpfully explained. Trying to process all this information, looking at her son in a Hello Kitty nightie and pink polka dot panties she snickered again out loud.

Poor Bobbi knew he was the source of his Mom's giggles. Candy beat up Bobbi she thought to herself, way to go Candy, being a girl herself Caroline loved Girl Power and was thrilled to see her sex get the upper hand on a male, that it was her son was just too bad, not my fault he's such a wimp. Bobbi had always been small and kind of prissy, pantywaist Candy liked to call him. Well he sure looked like a pantywaist now. She was surprised that Candy was able to beat him up but not too surprised.

She was certain Candy embellished her story a bit but if Bobbi wasn't man enough to stand up to his little sister, too bad. Having made up her mind about all this she addressed her children. You've got to be kidding me Bobbi! Really, if you are not man enough to stand up to your little sister I can't and won't help you. My gosh Bobbi do you have any idea what you sound like, begging your Mommy to help you.

HOW old are you? Did your sister ever run to me begging for help when you used to pick on her? Seriously Bobbi you're a bigger sissy than I thought. I'm sorry Big guy but your on your own and if you want to wear panties, shave your body and paint your nails that's fine with me. I do all those things myself so no big deal honey. Now I'm going downstairs to get a drink and when I get back you can finish what you guys were doing before I got home" she said and headed downstairs to get her drink.

Listening to their Mother, Candy and Bobbi naturally had wildly different views of what she had to say. Bobbi was completely devastated while Candy was jumping with joy. Knowing he was in even deeper shit now Bobbi tried to abase himself before Candy and gain some favor. Meekly he tried to say he was sorry and that he'd do anything he was so sorry and That was as far as he got before Candy let him have it. Secondly you forgot to add Ms. Maybe I should have Ms. Candy tattooed on you as part of your tattoo, I think you'd remember then!

I can tell you this, AND I WARNED YOU, you just brought yourself pierced ears and a pretty purse that you'll carry everywhere for those two mistakes! As for your little outburst in front of Mom, well I have not yet decided what to do but I CAN GARUNTEE YOU WON'T LIKE IT. Now when Mom gets back here we will continue our little panty time and you better be gushing about how much you love them and how you can't wait to wear them or believe me you won't like what happens next.

When that's done your going to ask Mom for some money so you can get your ears pierced and your pretty new tattoo. I already know the design you're going to get and lucky you, I know a tattoo artist, she's the older sister of my friend and I know she'll just love your pretty tattoo. I took the liberty of calling her earlier while you were painting your pretty toes pink.

Tomorrows Friday and good thing, that's when your appointment is. They are open late in case your tattoo takes awhile. Saturday, we can have a sissy, sister day and get your ears pierced, three in each ear and I know of some really cute earrings we can get you. Then we need to find you a really cute purse, something really girly I think. Doesn't that all sound sooo exciting, I know I can't wait, what about you? I warned you preem's, I sure hope you learned your lesson this time.

Utterly defeated yet again Bobbi sat back down next to Candy. She scooted closer so their silky smooth legs were rubbing against each other's again. Candy wrapped her arm around Buy put option mean girls lower back and playfully fingered the tiny elastic waistband of his panties. Embarrassed to tears again, mortified at doing this in front of his Mother, Bobbi picked up the next pair of panties remembering Candy's recent threats.

Candy look at these panties they are to die for! Oh there just so delicate and dainty I absolutely adore them. I so can't wait to wear these, I think they are my most favorite panties ever. These are such a online distance learning courses philippines pale yellow and isn't the pretty white lace around the legs and waist scrumptious?

I love the bikini style, they are the only kind of panties I like and the sheer fabric of the nylon is so cute, you can even see my little landing strip right threw them. Don't you think these will look so cute on me Mommy and Ms. She could not believe what a sissy her son was. Candy must have really scared him she correctly thought. And what was this Mommy and Ms. I guess we know who wears the pants in this house and it sure as heck isn't Bobbi. Landing strip, my God could he be any more of wimp, surely that was Candy's idea she thought becoming more and more proud of her daughter.

Seriously she never heard anyone speak like such a simpering sissy, serves him right. During his whole little sissy speech Caroline could not help giggling continuously and laughed out loud as she said, "Oh Bobbi honey I'm certain you'll look adorable in those panties" and then burst out laughing. Caroline burst out laughing again when she saw Bobbi gently kiss buy put option mean girls bottom of the panties and put them away. Oh my lord what a sissy she said under her breath.

Finally Bobbi finished his humiliating description on his last pair of panties. They were pretty white nylon ones with cute lace around the legs and waist with little lace inserts at the hip, all topped off with a cute bow at the waist. Caroline was still giggling from his description when Bobbi finished putting them away in his drawer and turned to face her. His face was beet red and he looked adorable in his cute nightie with the copy trader forex 5 second polka dot panties clearly visible.

She wondered how his arms got so bruised but was too busy enjoying her macho son's debasement. Sheepishly with head bowed he addressed his Mother, "Ah, um Mommy, do you think I could have some money to get a tattoo and my ears pierced? After hearing you talk about your panties I'm sold, you don't have to try and convince me Bobbi honey, I believe you. I don't see why not after all I just gave Candy money so she could get new panties. How much do you need? Why don't you give me the money and I'll make sure you get receipts?

You kids have fun, I've got things to do right now. With that she was gone and Candy and Bobbi were alone once again. I can't wait until schools done tomorrow, were going to have such fun this weekend I just can't wait. I hope your as excited as me sweetie. I can't wait to see your tattoo, your going to love it! Isn't this just the best ever she gushed? By the way sweets, I don't want your preemie panties getting mixed up with my panties, Mom's got a laundry marker in the laundry room, I want you to go get it and then write your name, "sissy" on all the tags of your panties.

We will be spending enough time together this weekend pansy so I'm going to leave you alone for now. You need to come right home from school tomorrow so we can go to your tattoo appointment. So don't be late, OR ELSE! Now before I go, since I was nice enough to give you my old panties I think it would be cute if you were to get on your knees and very sweetly thank me for your pretty panties one more time" With so many things to worry about, Bobbi was an emotional wreck, there was no depths to his humiliation.

Kneeling to do Candy's bidding he humiliated himself for the thousandth time today, "Oh Ms. Candy thank you so much for all the pretty panties! You're the best sister ever, I can't believe your letting me have all these pretty panties. There all so cute I just adore them. Now before you get up, you've got one more pair of panties to kiss.

Seeing she had pink nylon panties on now Bobbi leaned foreword and gently kissed Candy's panties noticing they were soaked. After he had marked all his panties as Ms. Candy ordered Bobbi, exhausted lay on his bed and quickly feel asleep, still in his pretty Hello Kitty nightie and wearing the pink polka dot panties that Candy had worn while beating him up.

Poor Bobbi was such a wreck he slept right threw dinner and didn't wake up until the next morning when Candy came barging into his room. Make sure you check with me before you leave so I can be sure your wearing them, and remember your to come straight home from school, we don't want to be late for your appointment. As he was getting ready for nordfx mt4 droidtrader, yesterday's event flooded back into his head.

He was so worried about so many things he couldn't concentrate on any one specific worry. His mind just raced and raced. Bobbi hated the panties he had to wear today especially with there message, God he better not let anyone see them, he'd surely die of embarrassment. If anyone saw those panties they would for sure think he was gay, another fun thought to worry about. Once in his panties and clothes, jeans a t-shirt and sweatshirt he marveled at how different they felt without body hair.

He had picked long sox's and pulled them up as high as he could, paranoid someone might see his shaved legs. It's the same reason he wore a sweatshirt, he was worried someone could see up the short sleeves of his t-shirt and see he had no underarm hair. So concerned about his many worries, he forgot all about his painted finger nails. Checking himself in the mirror for the 10th time he was finally satisfied he looked normal.

He may have looked normal except for his shiny nails but he sure didn't feel normal. With no other choice he headed downstairs to have breakfast and leave for school. His Mom was already gone for work and Candy was just getting ready to leave. He wanted to scream at her to stop calling him preems or preemie but instead said, "Hi Ms. Bobbi and Candy went to the same school but Candy got a ride from her girlfriend everyday.

School only a short distance away, Bobbi usually walked. He prayed Candy didn't say anything to her stupid friend Rebecca, she promised, he prayed again. His biggest worry at school was gym class and his finger nails. He'd already figured out he would be suddenly sick when his 3rd period gym class came around. That would work for today but he didn't have a long term plan for after today.

One day at a time he thought. As for his fingers, he'd just keep his hands in his pockets when not in class and during if he held his hands in a fist, it was hard to notice the polish. Having worked all that out now's all he had to do was totally avoid Candy. He sure as heck didn't want to run into her and have to call her Ms.

He was beginning to wonder how he'd keep this up day after day. Not being under Candy's thumb for the moment Bobbi started to become emboldened. By the time school ended Bobbi was ecstatic he'd survived the day. His ruse for gym class worked like a charm and no one seemed to notice his finger nails. Several people had asked about his eye, he used the same story each time, that he got hit by a foul ball while playing baseball.

The hand prints you could see so clearly yesterday had faded and his face just looked a little red and puffy. He attributed that to a cold. Because he'd dodged gym class no one saw his bruised arms which still hurt, especially the one Candy had twisted behind his back. He spent lunch hour hiding in the washroom, staying in the stall until the next bell rang. He was thankful he had avoided Candy and the few friends he had.

It wasn't easy but he'd done it. Walking home he realized if got his ears pierced he wouldn't be able to hide that. Especially with three holes in each ear. And this tattoo crap was making him a nervous wreck. He sure as heck didn't want a tattoo of Candy's choosing that's for sure. Trying to figure out how to get out of this mess he could only think of one thing. Tell Candy to fuck off and take his chances of her beating him up at school.

Weighing his options over and over he could buy put option mean girls of nothing else to do. He couldn't let Candy pierce his ears and sure as heck wasn't going to carry a purse around, of that he had no doubt. He was still scared of Candy but came to the conclusion an ass kicking was better than the alternative.

Resigned to his decision but scared of Candy, Bobbi headed into his house planning to stop this nonsense once and for all. You weren't hiding from me were you baby" Candy said as he walked in the house. Moving cautiously he began, "Look Ms. Candy I don't think I" "STOP right there sissy, before you say another word there's something I need to show you. Candy, to you wimp, why don't you just come up to my room for a minute before you get yourself in more trouble sissy.

Wordlessly she led Bobbi to her bedroom. Immediately Bobbi saw himself on the monitor and heard himself simpering on about how he loved these panties. He was in shock, what the Oh my God, she had me on my own camera the whole time I was humiliating myself over her panties. Oh my God she had me on the floor crying with my arm behind my back he realized. Holy shit she's got video of me kissing her ass!!! This can't be Bobbi moaned. Oh my God thought Bobbi, there's NO WAY I can let anyone see that video, EVER!

He'd be better off showing up to school in a dress than have people see that video. The few seconds he saw of it made him sick. It was so much different than when he was doing it, he couldn't stand to watch himself simper on about this panty or that panty. He thought back to the whole time in his room. There was humiliation on top humiliation. Anyone seeing that video would be way worse than getting beat up by Candy at school.

Oh no, what was he going to do now! WHY, WHY did he pick a fight with Candy. If he could only take yesterday back I believe you were saying Look Ms. Candy I, before I stopped you, would you care to continue sissy? Candy how did you get that video, please, please Ms. Candy you can't EVER show that to anyone please, I'm begging you Thirdly your pretty video buy put option mean girls be shown to anyone as long as you're a good sissy and behave.

Did you have something to say down stairs or not? Completely overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts Bobbi could not think clearly. Oh my God what am I to do Bobbi fretted. Knowing full well how she had just crushed Bobbi little sissy rebellion Candy decided to have some fun. Don't worry sweetie it's all for the best. I'll tell you what, you need to relax and I'm going to help you, pull your pants down baby" she ordered.

Not understanding what the heck was going on Bobbi hesitated until he saw the Look in Candy's eyes. Reluctantly he undid his pants and slowly lowered them exposing his "Boy Watching Club" panties. Reaching into his panties Candy started to rub his little preemie stick. Shocked at her actions Bobbi started to speak. Putting her finger to his lips she ordered, "Hush Baby.

Candy was having the time of her life, she hadn't planned on buy put option mean girls little part and was surprised she was doing it, but what the hey, she was willing to go the extra mile to humiliate Bobbi. Besides she thought, he needs to be punished for thinking of rebelling, though she wasn't sure if what she was doing was actually punishment.

It would most certainly turn out to be though she smiled. Giggling as she felt his little landing strip, Bobbi began to harden from Candy's ministrations. Once he was fully erect, all 3 and a half inches of him, Candy glanced at her watch. Sure enough, 23 seconds later Bobbi flooded his panties with his sissy cream, convulsing humiliatingly as he shot load after load into his panties drenching them. His face was beet red from the embarrassment of his sister masturbating his tiny penis and forcing him to cum in his panties, not to mention the embarrassment of cumming in 23 seconds.

Bobbi hadn't masturbated in awhile, he had a lot of sissy cream and could feel his panties were soaked. Horrified thinking of going out in public with wet panties Bobbi stuttered, "Ms. Candy please can I change my panties first" he begged. With soaking wet panties and a beet red face, Bobbi stumbled along behind her. Candy, a recently licensed driver hopped into the drivers seat and they were off.

Bobbi sat miserably in the passenger seat feeling his wet panties against his hairless skin. Pulling into the tattoo parlor parking lot Candy happily exclaimed, "Were here pantywaist. Candy's knew her friends sister, Chrissy, the tattoo artist. She was a pretty 28 year old girl with long brown hair. Candy had already spoken with her and explained she was bringing her brother in.

Earlier yesterday she had e-mailed Chrissy the tattoo design. Chrissy couldn't believe a boy would want such a girlish tattoo until Candy explained to het that her brother was a sissy, that he was a reluctant sissy she left out. Whatever Chrissy had thought, moneys, money. Candy led Bobbi into the parlor by his wrist. Candy was again dressed in a pretty mini skirt and a sheer blouse, wearing 3 inch heels she was much taller than Bobbi. Candy's attire was not unnoticed by Bobbi and he was sure she knew it hurt him all the more that such a pretty feminine girl was dominating him.

As he submissively followed Candy desperately trying to cover the wet spot that had formed on the front of his pants with his hand she lead him into the tattoo shop. Chrissy was at the front desk waiting for her next client when they entered. The two girls engaged in girl talk while they lead Bobbi to a back room. As he observed his surroundings Bobbi saw two other people getting tattoo's, one a man and the other a woman. The two artist's working buy put option mean girls them were both scary looking males.

Both clients were sitting in what looked like comfortable chairs. Bobbi was lead to the back of the shop and Chrissy pulled open a curtain revealing her tools of the trade and a flat bed like table. Careful to keep his hands covering the wet spot on his pants Bobbi did as ordered. Chrissy had something in her hand but Bobbi couldn't see what it was and she led Candy back towards the front of the shop.

Bobbi sat nervously fidgeting while they were gone. Returning a couple of minutes later they entered the little room and Chrissy pulled the curtain closed. Candy sat on a chair in front of him. Before Bobbi could react Candy grabbed his wrists and held them firmly, "Behave sissy' she warned. Bobbi could not believe Candy just called him sissy in front of Putty pw option zen, his face burned bright red with embarrassment.

Worse, he couldn't allow Chrissy to see his panties he'd die of embarrassment, oh my God my panties are soaked he thought and I have no hair. This can't be happening! He desperately wanted to bolt from this shop but Candy held his wrists tight and he could see the look on her face, daring him to try anything. Before he could think any further he felt Chrissy pulling his jeans down. As soon as she had his jeans below his waist she saw his Boy Watching Club panties buy put option mean girls giggled out loud.

She knew it was unprofessional but she couldn't help it. What kind of boy wears panties and ones that say Boy Watching Club, he must be a little swish she thought. What a pansy, well getting a tattoo like this he must be. She couldn't resist a "How cute" comment. Poor Bobbi was so embarrassed he thought he'd die, but he didn't, he was still lying on that hated table. As Chrissy pulled his panties aside so she could map out the tattoo on Bobbi's left butt cheek she noticed two things, firstly it appeared Bobbi's bottom was shaved smooth and secondly his panties appeared to be soaked.

Thoroughly enjoying Bobbi's obvious discomfort Candy's panties were also soaked. Totally ignoring Bobbi, Chrissy looked at Candy and whispered, "His panties are soaked. Bobbi could see Candy was waiting for an answer, SHE did this and now she's making it look like I did, how could she do this to me! I,I um I'm sorry Ms. Candy" was all he could think of to say. Bobbi, I want you to apologize to Chrissy right now for coming in here with wet panties, SERIOUSLY Bobbi, have you no shame?

Turning to Candy laughing again, Chrissy said, "Oh my God I've seen it all now! Wow Candy your brothers really something isn't he? Just the front now. On his back now with Candy still holding his wrists, Bobbi could do nothing but lay there. Bobbi could feel she was working on the area directly above his little landing strip. This area was much more sensitive than his bottom and it stung dreadfully as she worked causing Bobbi to yelp occasionally.

Ten minutes later she exclaimed, "All done honey, that wasn't so bad was it? I gave your after care instructions to Candy, she can tell you how to take care of your tattoo's honey. Don't you want to see your pretty new tattoo's? Candy had him facing the front of the mirror and Bobbi could clearly see the bright pink two inch letters that said "Ms. Bobbi gasped when he saw his new tattoo.

It covered at least half of his left bottom cheek. It was a Fairy tattoo. The fairy was a pretty young girl with long brown hair wearing a tiny yellow dress. She had really pretty, intricate fairy wings and she was kneeling on a pretty flower petal. Her dress was hiked up in back and you could see her pretty panties. THEY WERE WHITE PANTIES WITH Buy put option mean girls POLKA DOTS!!! He couldn't believe he now had THIS tattoo!

When he first looked at it closer after being shocked by the Tinkerbelle, the very first thing he could not help but notice was the white panties with pink polka dots, the same panties that Candy wore and Bobbi later, wet with her excitement while beating him up. He was beginning to realize Candy had a very big and dangerous imagination.

This tattoo was so bright, colorful and well done, Bobbi suddenly realized you would be able to see it right through his sheer nylon panties. Chrissy broke him from these happy thoughts when she said, "let's get those bandaged up and then you can pull your panties up," unsuccessful in stopping herself from giggling again. Bobbi was only too happy to pull his panties up after Chrissy had finished.

As he zipped up his pants Candy stepped up to him and gently grabbed his chin, "Isn't your tattoo just precious, did you notice the fairy's panties, they are just like the ones you got yesterday. Won't it be cute when you're wearing them, then you and the fairy will have matching panties. I think that's just adorable sweetums?

Now, I want to hear you thank Chrissy for the beautiful job she did on your tattoo's and I think you should thank me for coming up with such a pretty tattoo, just like you did when you got your new panties yesterday. With a final squeeze to his chin, she released him and said, "Ok sweetie, you can begin. Finding himself in yet another situation where he had to humiliate himself against his will, with great embarrassment and having no clue what to say, Bobbi stutteringly began, "Oh Ms.

Chrissy thank you so much for all the hard work you did on my tattoo. It's so pretty I just adore it. You are a very good artist Ms. I just adore all the pretty pastel colors you used and the wings are so pretty and delicate looking. You can see right through them just like some butterfly wings. You did such an awesome job on the rest of the fairy too. Bobbi wanted to gag saying these things I don't know how you did it but Tinkerbelle's panties look like there are made of nylon, just like mine.

It took a long time to do it and I know you worked very hard. I want you to know I think its beautiful and I love it! Thank you so very much Ms. Giggling the whole time Bobbi was thanking her, Chrissy was astonished someone could be such a wimp and a sissy she only had a little idea at how far under Candy's thumb he was and was not aware of how that came to be, she had no idea Candy had kicked his ass, she just assumed he was a flaming sissy My God he came in here with wet panties from cumming that said Captain of the Boys Watching Club!

The tattoo she just finished was so femmy should didn't think even ONE girl would be caught dead with that tattooed on her body. His whole body was shaved buy put option mean girls he had that cute tiny landing strip. And here he stood in front of her, profusely thanking her like a total fairy. This kid was a Tinkerbelle!!! I'm thrilled that you love your tattoo's, come back and see me any time, it was a pleasure working on you sweetie.

I spent so much time working on your bottom honey I didn't notice your eye until a little bit ago, what happened you poor baby? Chrissy" Bobbi squeaked, anxious to change the subject Bobbi turned to Candy so he could thank her. Candy, how can I ever thank you! I just love my new tattoos. I've always wanted a fairy tattoo and I just love Tinkerbelle! You picked out the perfect design for me and I love that Tinkerbelle's panties match the pretty ones you gave me. Its going to be so cute when I wear those panties, then me and Tinkerbelle will have matching panties.

I wish I had more of them so we could match more often Bobbi knew he was screwing himself, but he didn't know what else to say, its not like he had time to prepare and he didn't dare risk not doing a good enough job for fear of Candy making him do it all over. I think that was a really cool idea to have Ms. I'm really sorry Ms. Candy I kept forgetting to say Ms. I promise it won't happen again. That's something we can do tomorrow when were at the mall, I know just the place to go, isn't that exciting baby!

Its getting late and me and tinks gotta get going, will see you around, take care. Tinkerbelle, I pray that's not my new nickname Bobbi worried. This WAS now the most humiliating day of Bobbi's life ever he thought as he trailed Candy red faced walking out of the tattoo shop. He was marked for life with that horrible tattoo, or tattoo's he corrected himself. He'd never be able to be naked in front of ANYONE AGAIN he thought, which unfortunately for Bobbi would happen on many more occasions than he'd ever imagine or want.

Oh no he thought, among more worries than he could keep track of, Candy's friends with Chrissy's younger sister, what if Chrissy says something to her about my tattoo and everything else that happened there, I'll just buy put option mean girls if anyone else finds about my tattoo or my wet panties in the tattoo shop, how he embarrassingly had to thank both Chrissy and Ms. But if he had pierced ears and had to carry a purse, what difference was it going to make. Frighteningly he thought, even if I end up with a purse buy put option mean girls pierced ears, I still don't want ANYONE knowing about that tattoo.

The fact that he was weak willed and weak of strength had dug poor Bobbi a hole he could not get out of. With all these happy thoughts swirling in his mind, Bobbi sat down next to Candy buy put option mean girls the passenger seat, not failing to notice Candy's happy smile. As she pulled out of the parking lot Bobbi broke down and started crying, with quivering lips he stuttered, "Mmmm, Mmm, Ms. Candy, I was soooo embarrassed in there, th Candy, its, its so embarrassing, what am I going to do?

How can I have pierced ears and carry a purse? Everyone's going to know I'm a The sooner you come to terms with that, the easier it will be for you babycakes. I understand coming out of the closet can be difficult and sissies are um, well, people tend to think um, well, differently about them. But sissy honey, you are what you are, you've just got to accept that and not worry so much buy put option mean girls what other people think about you. Not everyone understands sissies like I do sweetie.

Your embarrassment and humiliation are all part of the process and of no concern to me really. Now, I want you to remember to behave tomorrow when we are at the mall or people WILL be seeing your pretty new tattoo, you just remember that pantywaist. Now, I don't want to hear anymore fussing or complaining, this is all for your own good anyway.

By the way, is that the story you're telling people about your black eye, you really should have been more clever Tinkerbelle. I highly doubt people will believe a wimp like you plays baseball. Now calm down sweetie, Mom's got dinner waiting for us and she's dying to see your pretty buy put option mean girls tattoo. Pulling in the driveway Bobbi was at least happy to be home, away from Chrissy and that tattoo shop. As Candy said, dinner was ready when they came in.

After having slept on it, Caroline decided she rather enjoyed seeing the male sex brought down to size, that it was her son meant, she could enjoy it from her living room chair so to speak. She had heard the preemie stuff and always thought Bobbi was kind of wimpy. Caroline was well off financially and made good money at her job, she was more than willing to help Candy bring Bobbi "out of the closet.

You can show me after dinner honey. He loves his new tattoo, you should have heard him thanking Chrissy and me after he saw it. Oh Mom, he was soooo cute. Again before Bobbi could say anything, Caroline responded, "Oh I'm sorry honey, from the look on your face I thought you didn't like your tattoo. I know just what we can do, I'll give Candy my credit card and she can help you pick out all new clothes that will go better with your new accessories. Candy dear, money's not a problem, he can get the works.

Shoes, clothes, hair, whatever he needs to feel more comfortable with his pretty new accessories. So that's settled, now how did it go at the tattoo shop? Thankfully Candy left out some of the more embarrassing things, like his preemie, but still he was embarrassed listening to their banter. His nerves so on edge, Bobbi silently picked at his dinner, not eating much. He was too worn out to think straight, he just wanted to lie down and go to sleep, plus his bottom was kind of sore from the tattooing.

Dinner finished, Caroline said, "let's go see your tattoo honey, you can show it to me in your room, then you kids can do what you want, I'm going to watch some TV. Bobbi didn't want to show his tattoo to anyone, let alone his Mom, but buy put option mean girls knew he had to, so with the three of them standing in his room, he sheepishly lowered his pants and pulled aside his panties just enough to show the tattoo, but as large as it was, he ended up pulling them almost all the way down anyway.

On first seeing what panties Bobbi was wearing, Caroline had giggled, oh my she thought that must have been embarrassing having your bottom tattooed while wearing those. Considering he's a boy and all. Upon seeing his tattoo, she was chuckling loudly as she said, "Oh my Buy put option mean girls, it's so pretty, the detail is incredible, and that Chrissy is really good! Though I'd never get one myself and certainly not one like that.

Although I have to admit it's beautiful. I didn't know you where going to get it on your bottom, how cute! Tinkerbelle, that's just too cute, I can't imagine! A boy with a Tinkerbelle tattoo. Her panties look like the same ones you were wearing yesterday, isn't that adorable, you and Tinkerbelle have matching panties. It's very pretty honey, or should I call you Tinkerbelle she kidded. I can see why you love it and why you were gushing with thanks after you saw it, knowing he must be mortified with his sissy tattoo she teased, don't I get a thank you sweetie, and I did pay for it?

You're the best Mommy I could have, I love you Mommy" Bobbi added just in case. You kids have fun at the mall tomorrow, I've got some things to do myself tomorrow, I have to leave early and won't be home until late, so behave yourselves. Candy, why don't you come to my room and I'll give you my card. Turning to Bobbi she said, your tattoo's very cute sweetie.

Have fun at the mall tomorrow. Sweet dreams Tinkerbelle," Caroline giggled "Good night Mommy" Bobbi squeaked. His mom and Candy left for her room. Bobbi, exhausted lay down on his bed on his stomach because his bottom still hurt. Too buy put option mean girls to think, he was just laying there when his cell phone rang, not feeling like talking to anyone right now, he stupidly answered it without thinking. It was one of his few friends, John.

Shit, wait until he see's me Monday, I wonder if he will still be my friend then. He wanted to know what Bobbi was doing tomorrow if only he knew blushed Bobbi and then started talking about Candy. John thought she was hot and had a crush on her. After Candy left her Mom's room still giggling from their conversation, she was just about to walk into Bobbi's room when she heard him talking to someone.

Stopping outside his door and listening carefully she heard Bobbi saying, "Candy's just a bitch, its like she's on the rag all the time dude. Tinkerbelle, you're buy put option mean girls to pay for that tomorrow tough guy. Candy's period was due today, just in time to pay him back for that other comment she angrily thought. Having already heard enough, she snuck away from the door to give Bobbi time to finish his conversation.

She didn't want him to know she had heard what he said just yet. Returning a few minutes later with the same bottles of nail polish Bobbi had used yesterday and the solution for cleaning his tattoo, she checked to make sure he was done on the phone before she entered, without knocking of course. Bobbi was still lying on his bed as she entered, "Sweetie we need to clean your pretty tattoo's and we need to talk about a few things. When were done, we can get you into your nightie and some clean panties.

I'm certain you're anxious to buy put option mean girls that after the mess you made in them earlier. I suggest you get to bed early, we've a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Now stand up and get out of those jeans so we can get your tattoo's cleaned. Tattoo is already starting to do the trick, don't you Tinkerbelle? Candy" he simpered as she giggled.

I'll pick out your panties for tomorrow before you go to bed. I'm going to leave my nail polish in here, I think it would be cute if you painted your finger nails pink like your toes to show me how happy you are with all the pretty things I'm doing for you. It's your decision whether you paint them or not, but I'll tell you this, if you do, I'll consider it a sign you appreciate all I'm doing for you and I might go easy on you," she lied.

Enjoying the predicament she just put him in. A tattoo's so permanent after all, so I decided on the Tinkerbelle one. The other panties you can wear to the mall tomorrow. Now get into your nightie and don't forget what we just talked about. They were little bikini ones, white nylon with a big pink heart made out of some kind of plastic sewn on the right hip. He was starting to sound like a mouse. Facing the dilemma whether to paint his finger nails pink or not, an exhausted Bobbi figured although buy put option mean girls would be very embarrassed going to the mall with pink finger nails, he most certainly would be facing many other humiliations, it would be better to try and please Candy.

Knowing it would take awhile putting three more coats of polish on his nails, tired as he was and not wanting to waste anymore time trying to figure out what to do, he started painting his finger nails pink. By the time his nails were dry, with the shiny top coat, his finger nails stood out like neon lights he thought, regretting his decision but too tired to worry about it, he fell soundly asleep. Awoken the next morning by Candy gently shaking him, a groggy Bobbi heard Candy tell him, "Time to get up and get ready Tinkerbelle sweets, I see you decided to paint your finger nails, they look very pretty honey, I think it was cute of you to do that all on your own.

When your done shaving and washing up, come to my room in just your cute little panties honeybuns. Candy" Bobbi said to her back. Filled with fears and thoughts of dread Bobbi went about getting ready for the day. He was so nervous, he nicked his legs twice while shaving and was scared to death while shaving his tiny penis and balls. Cleaned up and with his clothes laid out, sell stop limit order example sell stop limit order example slipped into his panties.

He saw right away he could clearly see his tattoo's through his panties. Though they fit him perfectly, the panties were tiny and they didn't even cover all of his Tinkerbelle tattoo. With the big pink heart on his panties, the pink Ms. A nervous wreck and feeling like a total sissy, he stood at Candy's door in just his cute little panties, timidly he knocked. Candy smiled brightly as Bobbi entered, "Don't you look just adorable sweetie, I love your panties, they are so precious and I can see your pretty tattoo's right through them, isn't that cute.

With all the pink in your tattoo's, the pretty pink heart on your panties and your glowing pink nails you look like a princess sweetie! You poor baby, it looks like you nicked your legs shaving. I'll have to ask Mom if you can get laser hair removal so my baby doesn't hurt himself. Follow me into my bathroom for a sec sugar. When they stepped into the bathroom Candy suddenly changed from her sweet demeanor. SO TOUGH GUY, YOU THINK I'M A BITCH AND I ACT LIKE I'M ALWAYS ON THE RAG" she screamed.

Bobbi's mouth hung open in surprise and shock. Tinkerbelle, I heard you talking on the phone last night with your little friend. I'm on the rag all the time huh, well guess what sissy, I just happen to be "on the rag" as you so rudely called it right now. I got my period last night and just changed my Kotex, I tend to have several heavy flow days at the start of my period. Lower you panties to your thighs THIS INSTANT!!! Reaching behind her Candy proceeded to position her used Kotex in Bobbi's panties.

His fingers got quite messy pushing the pad in place. Bobbi could feel the wetness against his hairless balls, tiny penis and where ever else the soaked pad touched him. You are NOT to remove your pad for any reason until I give you buy put option mean girls next one. I'm going to make sure you wear only the messiest pads possible. I've already called some of my girlfriends to see who has their period when. Let's see how funny YOU think it is being "on the rag" as you call it, all the time Mr.

And let's be real honest wimp, we both know that your tiny preemie stick lying against my used Kotex, is the closest it will ever get to a girls pussy, so you should be thrilled you get to wear them. As far as me being a bitch, I'll try my hardest to live up to your opinion of me while we are out today. I don't want to hear a peep from you right now pantywaist, after all I've done for you I'm none too happy with you at the moment. Get out of my room and get dressed lickity split, and then come right back here.

The pad was so wet he was constantly aware of it. If he thought wearing his sister's panties wet with her excitement or with his preemie's was embarrassing, this was a thousand times more and he had everyday to look foreword to the same according to Candy. Simply put, Bobbi was in shock. Me and my big mouth. He was desperate to beg her for forgiveness but she wouldn't let him speak right now she was so pissed. He was praying she'd let him plead his regrets on the drive to the mall before they got in there to shop.

He planned to be as remorseful and submissive as he possibly could. Candy's door was open when he returned to her room. She was dressed in another mini skirt and a really pretty sheer blouse, he could easily see buy put option mean girls pretty bra through her blouse, and her heels were shiny 3 inch spikes. He saw she had a perfume bottle in her hand as she beckoned him over to her.

She put a generous amount on the insides of his wrists, and then slathered him behind his ears. Desperate to get on Candy's good side and even though he was not happy at all about having to wear this sweet smelling perfume, he cautiously tried to appeal to her. Candy, thank you so much for the really pretty smelling perfume, I love it and you look really pretty today Ms. Let's get going, we have tons to do, we can stop at McDonalds on the way to the mall. Your driving there, make sure you bring your cell phone with you" ordered Candy bossily.

Walking to the car, Bobbi shivered at the way his slippery little panties moved across his smooth bottom and the very wet feeling between his legs. Even outside he could smell his sister's used pad he was wearing and the flowery perfume. Had this all happened so quickly he trifled. Pulling out of the driveway Bobbi immediately knew why Candy wanted him to drive, his bright pink finger nails stuck out like a sore thumb.

Their stop at McDonalds would be the beginning of the newest "Most Humiliating Day of Bobbi's Life. He heard the two men in line behind him whisper, "can you smell that perfume," then heard chuckling. Bobbi blushed bright red conscious of Candy's, his now, he corrected himself, very buy put option mean girls and messy Kotex in his panties. When his turn came to order, he nervously gave the cute teenaged girl waiting on him his and Candy's selections. When the girl gave him the total, shaking, Bobbi quickly took his hand from his pocket and gave her the ten as fast as he could to no avail.

Both she and the two men behind him saw his bright pink nails, giggling the girl said, pretty nails, I love that color of pink. Blushing anew, Bobbi took his change saying nothing. While filling his order, Bobbi saw the girl whisper to buy put option mean girls coworker and heard giggling. Bobbi kept his eyes to the floor until she returned with his order.

Handing him the bag and drinks giggling, she simply said "thank you. He could feel several sets of eyes on him as he walked out the door retuning to the relative safety of the car. Candy said, "thank you pantywaist, as Bobbi handed her the food, let's eat here, then go. Seeing Bobbi's red face, she thought, good start so far.

She smiled as she watched him try to hide his pretty finger nails while eating. Finished with their meal, Candy said, "let's go" and then began to lecture Bobbi as they drove to the mall. Don't think I didn't see how you tried to hide your pretty nails. I thought you painted your nails to show me your appreciation for all that I'm doing for you. I did you a favor by lending you my nail polish. I don't think trying to hide your pretty nails show's me the proper respect.

Don't you think your nails are pretty? Candy, I do, I swear I do. Candy for letting me borrow your pretty nail polish. I'm so sorry I didn't say thank you before. I only hid my nails because I was embarrassed. I promise I won't do it again. Candy I think my nails are pretty and I really like them" simpered Bobbi.

Whether you are embarrassed or not is of no concern to me. For trying to hide your nails at McDonalds, when we get to the mall, I want you to walk with your wrists at your side, with your hands turned out and your finger splayed, so I don't think you're trying to hide your pretty pink finger nails. When we are walking around the mall, I want you to walk behind me at all times.

I want you to follow me around like a little puppy. Candy was giggling when she said that I expect you to be on your best behavior mister, polite, respectful and courteous. You are to display perfect manners and use greeks trading options 2015 forget your thank yous. I expect you to be enthusiastic and grateful for my selections. I want to hear you gushing about how you adore this or that and can't wait to wear it, just like you did when you got your new panties and tattoo's.

I don't care how embarrassed you are pansy, you had better act and behave properly. I buy put option mean girls want to hear a peep from you unless it's to thank me for something or to tell me how pretty you think something is. You wouldn't want us to get in another fight, that could prove to be most embarrassing for you, and then we'd go right on shopping.

Would you like to explain that bitch comment? Candy I'm so, so, sorry. Candy from the bottom of my heart. It was really stupid of me to say that. I'll never say it again I promise. I really didn't mean it, I was just trying to sound cool to my friend. Candy please forgive me" Bobbi begged. I'll bet the little pantywaist is sorry chuckled Candy before she said "Then you won't mind calling your little friend and telling him the same thing when we get home will you?

I promise I'll be extra special good" Bobbi hopingly asked, desperate to spare himself from humiliation where ever he could. Candy had no intentions of doing such a thing, but saw an opportunity to use this request to her advantage.

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