Transfer credits are also subject to the. I live in Okinawa, Japan, and I have found that studying online at Liberty has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Legal and Regulatory Issues in Health Information. These degrees cover the communication and leadership skills necessary for managing within a business, as well as the technical skills for assessing IT needs, designing systems, and implementing new technology. The ability to multitask and communicate effectively are also important. Health Information Technology Programs in Delaware. The Importance of Accreditation.

Full Sail University's schlols master's degree programs bring a new dimension to advanced education — with connectivity and media creation integrated into every element of your learning experience. Built for the educational needs of the entertainment and media industry, Full Sail's online learning platform benefits from the power of the MacBook Pro — which every student receives as part of tuition. And since all students use the same technology, we're able to offer unique learning content — from videos and podcasts to original animation.

The explosive growth of data from the Internet, social networks, and business networks has given organizations the tools to amass a wealth of information. In Full Sail University's Business Intelligence master of science degree program, you'll learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret Big Data using a variety of tools and technologies.

You'll examine topics including data management, qualitative analysis, and business intelligence technologies, and develop key technical and analytical skills. As you complete the program, you'll be able to demonstrate your abilities as a business intelligence professional by conducting your own research, and developing and presenting your findings. Innovative ideas are behind the brands and products that impact our lives the most, and many of those ideas thrive in the digital realm.

Whether you're interested in launching a new venture or using an entrepreneurial vision within a larger organization, this program can teach you how to develop your ideas and organize your efforts. Learn the tools you need to advance your skill set as a marketer through Full Sail University's Internet Marketing master's program. In this online degree program, you will get an in-depth look at multi-channel marketing, and learn the best ways to utilize social media networks and search engine optimization.

You will also learn how to create a viable marketing and strategy plan for selling products, developing and cultivating a brand, and protecting a company's reputation within the Internet community. Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Full Sail's Creative Writing master of fine arts program can help you build an advanced skill set so you can write for the world of entertainment. In this online program, you'll learn the business skills and techniques behind the media production process — including pitching accredited health information technology online schools, formatting scenes, and visualizing camera angles.

You will also explore the art of storytelling and the language of different media so that your work can live within a variety of forms in this new digital age. Whether you're an established journalist accredited health information technology online schools to update your skill set or a born communicator ready to enter the industry, Full Sail University's New Media Journalism master's program can help you leverage digital content and social media to attract and engage audiences.

In this program, you will learn the principles of traditional journalism combined with new advances in communication technology. You will also learn how to enhance your narratives through multimedia content, distribute stories across digital delivery platforms, and use social media to engage with audiences. Full Sail University's Public Relations master's degree program teaches what goes into being an effective PR professional in today's fast-moving media landscape.

In this program, you'll explore what goes into planning, executing, and evaluating media strategies, and learn how schokls launch powerful dialogues with informatlon organization's consumers and advocates through social media. You'll build a website and social presence from the ground up, fostering your own personal brand and audience, while building experience through jnformation program's project-based curriculum. Do you picture yourself becoming an innovator in the business realm of the world of entertainment and media?

In Full Sail University's Entertainment Business master's degree program, you will take an advanced look into media products and distribution, business finance, and entertainment law, and learn from case studies about what makes a successful business. You will learn how to become a creative leader behind the scenes using the same techniques as managers, executives, and innovators healfh drive techmology accredited health information technology online schools of the entertainment industry.

Thanks to the widespread use of mobile onlune, consumers of all ages are drawn to games more than ever before. This industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities, and professionals who understand the technological, psychological, and financial aspects of mobile game development are needed to fulfill key industry roles. In Full Sail University's Mobile Gaming master's degree program, you'll be immersed in the industry through courses that directly relate to the roles and workflow found in a game studio — from concept development, to advanced programming, QA testing, infomation deployment.

Your project-based courses will teach you how to create inspiring environments through the creation of multimedia educational tools — from podcasts and video content to animation and games — while examining how different types of interactive media relate to the learning process. Throughout the program, you'll build an understanding of how to transform the boardroom or classroom into an engaging learning environment.

If you're ready to evolve into the next stage as a creative professional, Full Sail University's Media Design master of fine arts program can teach you the elements of branding to give new depth and strategy to your work. In this online program, you'll go through a full-scale branding project — learning how to emini trading education client needs, develop well-researched creative work, and craft an effective pitch.

You will receive an advanced look at the field of multi-channel marketing and implement your own media campaign so that you can further your career as a creative professional. In an effort to make the most current technology available to its students, Full Sail reserves the right to replace equipment in the student technology package in favor of newer models. Pricing and package specifications are subject to change.

New Media Journalism MA. By submitting this form, I give consent to Full Sail University and its partners RMCAD and LA Film School to contact me by accredited health information technology online schools including autodialed and prerecorded messages at the number I have provided to receive information about Full Sail's offerings. I understand that this consent is not required in order to enroll. Select Area of Interest. Select a Degree Category.

Seriously Creative Online Master's Degrees. You've Never Seen Online Learning Like This. Degree Programs In Touch With The Creative Industry. Monthly classes and continuous industry feedback. Custom learning infprmation built for collaboration. Access to technology from day one. Select a Degree Program. Master's Degree - Online. Data Visualization and Creative Reporting. Process Modeling and Analysis. Product Design and Development. Advanced Informatkon Engine Optimization.

Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies. Strategic Internet Public Relations. Web Analytics and Optimization. Film Screenwriting and Storyboarding. Character Creation and Development. The Art of Visual Storytelling. Script Analysis and Criticism. Editing for Film, Game, and Animation Scripts. Writing for Interactive Media. Mobile Technology and Communications. Social Media and Online Community Engagement. Public Relations and Reputation Management.

Social Media Accredted and ROI. Public Relations in a Digital World. The Online Media Room. Market and Consumer Research Analysis. Product and Artist Management. Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution. Business Storytelling and Brand Development. Storyboard and Game Design. Game Discovery and Industry Analysis.

Corporate Training and Motivational Development. Instructional Design and Evaluation. Digital Media and Learning Applications. Filmmaking Principles for Instructional Design. Design Strategies and Motivation. The Full Tfchnology Online Experience. Learn and create from anywhere. Features powerful media creation software. Informstion for a media-rich learning experience.

Network with classmates online. One-click access to instructors. Technical support provided 8 a. Animations and interactive content. Online guest lectures and interviews. For more information about Full Sail's programs, courses, and studios, as well as details about financial aid and career development, please visit our website at www. The appearance of these marks does not necessarily indicate a formalized sponsorship or affiliation with other such companies. The terms "Full Sail," "Full Sail University," and the Full Sail logo are either registered service marks or services marks of Full Sail, LLC.

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