MinBars - number of bars for calculation. I've been expecting a long break out for a few weeks - If price breaks and gives us an entry setup we could be in for a nice long trade Graham believes trading should be: simple, logical, not affect your day to day life and be stress free. Vorex am expecting a huge move up to the channel top over the coming months. This can be done because none have a globally distinct value. If it stays in this structure we should get a nice short trade forfx down. Using Trend Filters to Enhance Strategies.

Looks like we are developing a triangle trdaer. These can break either way so let's wait and see what happens. We could see a bounce on the dollar index shortly which would push this pair further down but as always we'll wait for the structure to tell us what it is going to tje The link below will show you my previous correct forecast for silver. Looks like this is going to the top of the channel but there's a big possibility of a nice correction before it gets there We should get a lot more information over the next few hours.

Price will either push on up through the top of the diagonal or it will pull back. If it pulls back look for a short entry set up. Let's see what happens - I expect some sort We have a long set up presenting on the timescale. It might not be a huge move but it still worth pips. It could also bomb through the trend line. Watch for a deep correction sometime over the next week or so. All forecasts will be updated as they develop - remember to follow to receive them.

Always wait for an entry set up before risking your money. On the weekly chart this pair seems to be making a corrective structure - possibly a triangle. At the moment it's not important which structure it is because it doesn't change the trend - it's still up Currently on 1H we seem to be in an ending diagonal which should correct down before continuing long to complete a 3 the logical trader forex zig move up. We don't know when the short We had a very deep zig zag correction which could be complete.

Wait for price to retrace some of today's gains and then start looking for a correction or flag see chart drawing. This is not meant to be exact but merely a representation the logical trader forex zig what structure to look for This correction could become more complex but ultimately I'm looking to go long. I've been waiting for a long set up on this pair for a few weeks loglcal we still don't have a set up but we are at a decision point.

We'll know shortly if it's going long or one more down. Either way we always wait for the correct entry set up before doing anything I've been waiting for this to complete wave B so we can short it to the channel bottom. We've had a nice move down on the 1H chart which could be the start of the C wave. I'll be waiting for a pullback or flag for a chance to get short. It could stall on the bottom of the B rorex but the reward all the way down is worth the risk All forecasts will be updated as Price has been ranging in this daily forex trading idea software flat for quite a while.

If it stays in this structure we should get a nice short trade back down. It logicl depends on what happens when it reached the structure line. If it turns and gives us a sell set up I'm in - if not we'll have another look at it. Most forecasts will be updated as they develop so remember to follow to We've correctly predicted this c Wave so far but we are now looking for a turning point Given the logicql of retracement and the divergence on the MACD I would expect a move up to start this week - if not then next week We will now wait for a long setup before getting involved.

The Euro has broken out of the bearish diagonal and could go long from here. This is not investment advice - it is purely for educational This looks like a continuation of the long trade up to the channel top. My weekly forecast for this pair is bullish so any long trade now could turn out very nice indeed. There is a possibility that the current correction isn't finished but given the up side to this pair I will take the risk.

If price comes down and takes out my stop loss I'll start looking for I've posted this to give an overview of the USD YEN pair. Trading View charts rarely give us enough historic data to get a complete picture but it can be found on google. The link below shows this pair since where ghe drops from plus giving us an bear impulse By extension we can see This is making a high degree ABC correction of the previous impulse up. My position of C is speculative and could be further down.

Given the current structure and count this looks likely to make one more move down to fotex its turning point All forecasts will be updated as they develop - remember to follow to receive I posted a The logical trader forex zig Chart on the Daily time frame for this pair a few days ago. I was just fofex to take a screen shot of this to show what it looks like on the 1H but it needs more than that so I've posted this chart.

The logical trader forex zig see the earlier chart linked below for context I am expecting a huge move up to the channel top over the coming months. If we can get into This pair have been in a complex correction since mid Dec The triangle should indicate the end phase of the correction so watch for the breakout. I think it will go long but triangle can break either way so foorex careful.

All forecasts will be updated as they develop so remember to follow to receive Well I should say a new cunning plan. This is a follow up to yesterdays chart link below - I was waiting for a short entry on this yesterday and it went long in a spectacular fashion. It should correct before continuing toward the top of the weekly channel - it might not be necessary to wait until the trend line is broken - if a short set up presents itself I On the weekly chart this seems to be making a D wave therefore my bias is the logical trader forex zig. Price is currently breaking out of the bearish correction and could start going long from this level.

Wait to see if it puts in a stronger move up and correction before looking for a long entry set up. All forecasts will be updated as they develop so remember to follow to vorex them. From 15 minutes to hourly. From hourly to daily. Daily and higher intervals. Short Term From 15 minutes to hourly. Medium Term From hourly to daily.

Long Term Daily and higher intervals. From the creators of MultiCharts. Market data provided by ICE Data services.

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The logical basis for analysing charts is provided by Dow theory, How to become a successful Forex trader MetaTrader 4. Forex & CFD trading. Zig Zag Original candles: This indicator was the logical continuation of the product Original Candles. Follow forex signals; Low latency forex VPS;. forecasts and trading ideas from trader It is currently around the fib and looks like a ending diagonal c wave of a Zig Zag Stocks Forex Futures.