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I am against personal profiteering through Mundane Astrology, because money-making through Forex or trading forex one minute chart your own astrology uour stock trading is loot of national wealth earned by the whole nation without giving any returns through personal toil. It is my personal opinion. Others may differ from trading forex one minute chart your own astrology and there is no need to fight. Even rainfall is not a continuous phenomenon.

Miinute horoscopy provides sporadic events, not continuous SERIES of data to work upon. Therefore, here is the easiest and most reliable method of Forex Price Forecasting, esp Price of Rupees with respect to major world currencies, esp US Dollar. This method can be extended to Bullion Price Forecasting with slight modifications.

Start the Kundalee software in its DEFAULT mode. There are two combo boxes at top. In the right hand side combo, select "Medini" folder. Then, in the left top value a put option bankruptcy select "MeruWorldChart". In the bottom large green text box, default entry is "0" which will open Meshaarambha Chart if SHOW button is clicked. Never touch day or month boxes in Medini mode, change only "Year" in left side. Count the approximate number of solar days from mid April and input that number in the bottom text box by replacing "0" with the number of solar days from Mesha Samkraanti.

This number should be in units of half degrees of Sun's longitudes, degrees per year. Then, click SHOW button on right top. D1 chart in detail on left and same chart on World Map on right will open. Half degree of Sun is approximately equal to half a day. In the map, you will find the date and time of chart at bottom right in red. If the timing is not as per your wish, change the half-degree input in initial data input form and foex SHOW zstrology again.

For instance, in AD if input is This chart will be effective or nearly lwn a day, till Sun reaches next Half Day degrees. Now, find the bhaava in which India esp Mumbai falls, and also find out the bhaava in which most of USA falls. The relative good or bad prospects of these houses in Ttrading and D2 will show the relative weights of currencies of these nations.

This method is tradlng tested for 16 years. Half Day Onset Chart is influenced youf Meshaarambha Chart, previous Solar Samkraanti Chart, solar Nakshatra Onset Chart, eclipse chart, etc. If all these charts astology viewed, exact forecasting can be made, but judging and comparing so many charts is difficult. Analyzing only the Half-Day chart is easy. Default mode of Kundalee is Suryasiddhaantic.

If Drik Mode is selected, this method will fail to work. Due to copyright issues, Drik mode in Kundalee is deactivated at present. It will soon be activated. Do not change any other box, only the left side year box should have year In Meru chart's D-1, India falls in both 2H and 3H. Bitter enmity means Mars and Jupiter will give only bad portions of their total fruits to 3H.

But USA also falls in 6H with only western and NW parts in 5H. All these factors make dorex slightly better than rupee. Surya Kundali SK has India's Vrisha rasi with 5L Ketu and lord Venus well placed in 2H, but Chandra Kundali CK wipes out all benefits of SK because in CK Vrisha rasi is in 8H with lord Astorlogy in 11H and 2L Ketu in 8H making the house of wealth bad too.

D2 accentuates this situatin further against India and in favour of USA : 6H has lesser portion of USA and 5H occupies larger part of USA in D2 than in D1, while D2 now shares overwhelming part of India. D2's Moon sits in lagna which makes Lagna Kundali LK same as Chandra Kundali CK making the Surya Kundali SK useless in SC Sudarshana Chakra. Therefore, D2's SC is bad for India in comparison to USA. The combined effects of D1 and D2 make rupee weaker than dollar, resulting in downfall of India's net wealth.

But NYSE and BSE have different time systems. Hence, while applying the above method, actual timings must be borne in mind, as well as the holidays of stock exchanges. Replace 90 wity D1 shows India in 11H and 12H. Lord Mars is a malefic but with zero aspect on 11H, onee Moon is strongest factor for 11H.

Ketu is 6L there but yoga giver Moon suppresses all other factors because according to BPHS lunar yogas predominates. Surya Kundali has India's Vrisha rasi in 11H whose lord sits in 2H which is a yoga giver. In Chandra Kundali, India sits in 2H whose lord sits in 5H. Hence all factors point towards great financial gains astrklogy India. In D2 most of India falls in 9H with 11L Moon there in its Moola-trikona.

Exalted Rahu and neecha Ketu traidng each other's strengths but both are malefics. Thus, 9H has malefic planets but the lord is benefic : L is 2L too and sits in 5H which is very good for finances. Venus is very good in SK and Ck of D2 as well. On the whole combined trxding of D1 and D2 are highly in favour of India. Lord Fordx has no aspect on 3H. In D2 USA was mostly in 12H with kendraadhipati Jupiter there and lord Sun neecha in 2H.

Therefore rupee must rise abruptly in comparison to dollar. Trading forex one minute chart your own astrology MeruWorldChart in Medini Folder of Astroology Software to make chart of World Map. Type multiples of In spite of Venus being svagrihi after Sep 5,real strengthening of rupee on a phenomenal scale will occure after Sep 27, due to strong Nakshatra entry chart.

For making Yoir, start Kundalee Software, select "Medini" folder in top right combo, and thereafter select "MeruWorldChart" in tradign left combo box. Then, ensure that the year on left side is In the bottom large green text box, replace the default "0" for Sun's entry into Mesha or Ashvini with for Sun's entry into degrees or Leo or Maghaa.

Only numerals are allowed, representing degrees in decimal system. Yuor, click "SHOW" button, you will get the D-1 chart. You will get the divisional chart. Nedcha Venus in 12H is VRY vipareet raja yogawhile 8L in 12H is also VRY. But here we face a problematic situation : double VRY!! Texts do not explain what to infer in such trading forex one minute chart your own astrology.

In mathematics during multiplication, "minus minus" becomes "plus". But one more minus will again make it minus. Similarly, neecha or trikesha in trika house makes VRY, but if 8L in 12H is VRY then debilitation of this VRY cancels the VRY. This hypothesis is logical, and is supported by empirical evidenmce too. In Maghaa Chart of World, we find USA in 11H of income with its lord Sun in mools-trikona in 10H, while India facing poorly due to residing in 8H with no VRY.

Since relative weight of USA and India in D-1 is too much, there is forfx need to see D-2 or D-9 because D-1 has far greater vimshopak strength. Moreover, in this case D2 is in favour of India while D9 is in favour of USA, cancelling each other, making D-1 the final arbiter. Therefore, USA currency must be far stronger than India's during Sun's residence in Maghaa : mnute Aug to 31th Aug Sep zero IST.

In the above manner, enter Neither India nor USA is good, hence relative strength of Rupee viv-a-vis dollar will not be as bad as dusing Maghaa. D2 and D9 are moderately in favour of USA while D1 has exalted Minjte benevolent for India. This chart should be made by entering This chart has excellent USA with lord Sun svagrihi in 3H ow India's lord in Moolatrikona in 4H but India itself in 12H.

Hence dollar will fare better. But fast friend moolatrikona and yoga-giver Mercury with Venus tilts the balance in India's favour. Sun's entry into degrees. It has USA in 7H with lord Sun in 8H, and India mostly in 4H with lord Venus svagrihi in 9H with exalted Saturn neutral to Venus, and South India in 3H with lord Mars neecha owb 6H having VRY. Hence rupee will rise phenomally with respect to dollar. In AD chart D-1most of USA lies in 9H 9th houseits lord Sun being exalted in 4H with highly benefic Mars and malefic Venus.

India, esp Mumbai, lies at the border of 5H and 6H, lords of both Mars and Venus being axtrology with Sun. Hence, Sun overlords India too. Sun is bitter enemy of 6H and neutral to 5H. Astology, USA is far better to India this year. D2 is also in favour of USA. Neecha or 8L in 12H makes VRY, but here we find double debilitation, hence neecha in 12H making VRY is cancelled by 8L status.

Therefore, USA in Sun's sign is far better to Cyart in 12H. This Nakshatra entry chart gives clues about Timing too in the left side of World Map. Sun's time is 27th Aug, Kenya Time while Venus's Time is 31 Aug Now, let us find the way to make World Chart for Desired Monent on World Map. Sun entered into degrees on Lne Through repeated trials, Sun's longitude at In the chart produced for this longitude of Sun entered into data input form's large green box, we find KSY Kaala Sarpa Yoga which weakens good yogas and accentuates bad yogas.

Rahu with neutral 5' aspect on Sun and Ketu with bitter enmical 35' aspect on Sun makes the tradinh of KSY on Sun worse than that on Venus which has satrology 1' aspect of Ketu and fast friendly 0' aspect of Rahu. Thus, India fares better than USA. Bhaavachalita's motion "chalana" on map gives minute to minute performance of exchange rates. Exchange rates show relative tarding of nations. Sun's residence in Maghaa Nakshatra in AD was from UTC 17 Aug to UTC 31 Aug.

The following chsrt is a screenshot for INR:USD graph for on 17 Aug, i. Analyze this graph with Kundalee Software, by entering After clicking "SHOW" button, you will get the Grah-spashta page. On it there is a small button "Chakra" "Chalita" in English. Click it to astrolpgy circular chart. Move the mouse to find the degree on zodiac at which difference between Sun's USA and India's Venus aspect is maximum.

Taking degrees to be equal to Maghaa's duration of 13dayshrminsec or This method works in three levels of Medini charts : annual, Nakshatra and Half-Degree. The degree at which Sun's aspect is highest with respect to that of Venus is Sun's aspect was 56' and Venus had zero aspect. Asfrology time was within the region of weakest value of rupee. This whole region formed the highest part of graph representing the weakest value of INR vis-a-vis USD.

Fine tuning of this method is carried by half day Meru chart, and the final touches are given by current astroloby already explained in the precdeding sub-title in this article. I have outlined only the method here in short. Forex Chart for Aug to Oct, I fhart predicted that Rupee will start improving after 5th Sepand then I predicted that Rupee will gain its best value by Oct 6 i. After 25th MarIndian Rupee strengthened against US Dollar slightly after many months of stability after Oct 6,it was almost stable.

But Minjte third level, wstrology 2. Not much strengthening in Rupee is expected in this week, and after April 1, Rupee will chrat. The above forecast was posted on 27th Mar,which can be checked through the History Tab astrolog bottom right of this page. I could not devote time to further analysis due to preoccupations in writing articles and elections. Origin and Meaning of Horoscopic Houses. Own Sign, Exaltation and Moola How to be a good bond trader of Nodes.

How To Make Correct Predictions. Udaya-Asta or Heliacal Risings and Settings. Origin of Naadis. Arudha-pada and Other Padas. Hour and AD results - Laghu Parashari. Strength of a House. Four Purusharthas as Four Trikonas in Horoscope. Four Types of Faiths in Vedic Astrology. Eight Gatis or Speeds. Main Strength versus Shadbala. Non Luminous Upagrahas and Gulika or Mandi etc. Effects of A Planet In Antardashaa of Relative or Sadharmi. Rationale behind Exaltations of Planets. Astrological Mathematics of Menstrual Cycle.

Mean versus True Time and Measure of Day or Ghati. Weekday Sequence - Indian View. Bhaavas from all Bhaavas. Congress vs BJP Swearing-In Trading forex one minute chart your own astrology Of Yuor Indian Govt In Birth Chart Of Gopinath Munde. Indo-Pak Cricket Match in World Cup 14 Feb Adelaide. Sensex vs Gold Comparison.

China-Japan War A. Annual Rains in India. Rain Forecast for Rain Charts for Invasion Of India--Battle of Plassey. Uttarakhand Cataclysm--mid June World Rains Data Analysis of Earthquake of Nepal 25 Apr Terror Attack on Uri 18 Sep Modern Equations On Ancient Principles. Origin of Tropicalism in Western Astrology. Vedic versus Western Astrology. Ayurvedic Approach to Know Your Nature.

Graha Shanti Propitiation of Planets. Profile of Vinay Jha. Create account or Sign in. Fold Unfold Case Study : Daily Price Indices US dollar vs INR rupee World Chart for Sun's Residence in Maghaa in Forex Chart for one month : 30 Aug to 29 Sep Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.

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Find out what you can do. Case Study : Daily Price Indices US dollar vs INR rupee. Rupee's Fall in Tradjng - September Sun's Entry into 10th Nakshatra Maghaa : Aug Sun's Entry into 11th Nakshatra : Aug Sun's Fprex into 12th Nakshatra : Sep Cuart Entry into 13th Nakshatra Hasta : Sep Best value of INR on Oct 6 :. World Chart for Desired Moment : Sep 29, World Chart for Sun's Residence in Maghaa in Forex Chart for one month : 30 Aug to 29 Sep After long Stability, Rupee Improves Briefly.

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create your own astrology birth chart Free Last minute daily love horoscope for cancer who are actively involved in large quantities of forex trading. Forex Chart for one month: because money-making through Forex or bullion or stock trading is loot of national wealth ("chalana") on map gives minute to. Forex Trading Strategy. you are responsible for your own activities in the stock, forex, Horary astrology is more than just reading a chart ;.