Balinese new style subang plugs with thin wires, Javanese dancer's ear ornaments, a single Dayak aso ear weight and a pair of pear-shaped Dayak weights from Borneo, Maluku Islands earrings, big New Guinea shell and bone septum pieces, antique Thai double spiral and other earrings, Hmong tribe bent arrows, Karen tribe cup shaped ear flares, Vietnamese hilltribe giant hook, colorful aluminum, and other jeweory, South Chinese Dong and Miao tribal earrings and plugs, Uighar earrings, ancient Burmese glass plugs, Ao Naga tribe glass keyhole weights, beaded horn plugs from the Golden Triangle, old Burmese amber earplugs, and even ancient Cambodian Khmer weights! Cremation Urns and Cremation Jewelry for Ashes is just part of the solution. Next we showcase abour jewelry display technique that makes iewelry most beautiful pieces a part of the decor. Thorough descriptions and prices are found on those individual pages, rather than on this one. Tiny Disc Silver with Raised 14kt Pink Gold Heart. Birdhouse Memorial Urn Details.

If you have a hidden jewelry box, you know this philosophy. For others, jewelry is for displaying and integrating into the decor of the home! You can keep priceless baubles in a secure location if you wish. We begin with jewelry trees, which help to about put options jewelry artistic displays of strands and bangles. Some enjoy making the jewelry tree a centerpiece for a powder room, closet or dressing area.

Below we see a DIY jewelry tree made from branches and twigs, twine, and other supplies. This next project featured in a previous Decoist post on DIY jewelry organizers is as easy as placing a few subtly painted branches in a sturdy vase. Check out all of the design details at My So Called Crafty Life … Perhaps spray painted branches are the way to go! A delicate look and a multitude of places to hang jewelry from necklaces to bracelets are highlights jewerly this finished product.

Are you a fan of the smooth, sleek look of Manzanita? Rhis DIY Manzanita jewelry tree may very well be right up your alley. A modern look is achieved, which is the perfect contrast to the ornate jewelry this item holds. A vivid shade gives this jewelry display option the look of coral, and an abundance of branches makes it perfect for larger jewelry collections.

While this particular tree sold, the shop has many more designs to choose from! Next we showcase a jewelry display technique that makes your most beautiful pieces a part of the decor. In fact, designers such as Nate Berkus are big fans of this strategy and frequently use it as a way to maximize the effect of trays, bowls and other stylish smalls. The key often jewelrt choosing a few special pieces to showcase, taking their impact on the room at large into consideration.

This time the jewelry displayed is in suku bunga kpr bank panin 2015 form of rings rather than bangles. These rings appear in about put options jewelry cluster, yet somehow each piece makes a big impact! What goes in the cup itself? Check out the soft bands of glass that carefully frame the jewelry collection.

Then make sure the inside is filled with a material to which your jewelry can easily adhere. In fact, these hues stylishly anchor the earrings that fill the space. The Mod DIY Jewelry Organizer below is crafted from a frame, fabric, and pearl pins, among other supplies. Check out the how-to at Story by Modcloth : The framed jewelry displays in the next image remind us that you can enjoy using more jeewlry one frame, taking the opportunity to group jewelry by type.

Note how translucent doors make each piece visible. And did you notice the watch display case by the mirror?! The effect is museum-like. At the very least, retail-like in the most glamorous of ways! You can make your own display area using a few stands, as well as a mirror that serves as a central focal point. Colorful, stylish and powerful! Especially when the jewelry is carefully selected on the pu of color and style, as shown below.

Trays are the perfect backdrop for a jewelry collection. Note how the pieces are arranged and combined with a variety of fabrics for an artful presentation. Malson Interior Design ] Do you have a jewelry storage and display technique that maximizes function and style? Tell us about your creative solution! Share your thoughts by leaving aout comment below… I love lots of these ideas, and use quite a few of them!

I hang my earrings from the inside of small bowls, collect bracelets in a pretty dish and hang necklaces from a tree. BUT, there ooptions a problem. Dust destroys o;tions especially fashion jewellery. I finally cracked and moved some of my dishes into a drawer, which kind of defeats the purpose! Am I just being super pedantic? Or do others agree that dust is enemy number one?!

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Amy Reeves I love lots of these ideas, and use quite a few of them!

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