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After you have downloaded the iOS 8 update and installed it on your iPhone 5, you will occasionally notice some of the changes that it has implemented on your device. One thing that might have caught your heartw was a new heart icon at the bottom of pictures as you browse through your Photos app. This new addition gives you the ability to favorite photos on your iPhone.

This makes it much simpler to find pictures opton you are looking for, as any photo that you have favorited will be organized into a new Favorites album. Our steps below will show you how to favorite a picture on your iPhone 5, then will show you how to find the pictures that you have favorited. The steps below will show you how to use the Heart icon to your advantage, then will show you where you can find all of the pictures on which you have touched this icon.

Step optipn Press the Back button at the top-left of the screen until you return to the top level page of your pictures app. Depending upon how your images are currently sorted, you may also need to touch the Albums icon at the bottom of og screen. Step 5: Locate the Favorites folder and open it. The image that you just favorited is located inside of that opgion.

Your Camera received some updates with iOS 8 as well. Learn how to use the camera timer in iOS 8 on your iPhone 5. Solve Your Tech Free Online Knowledgebase and Solutions Store. What is the Heart Icon for on Photos on the iPhone 5? September 22, By Matt. Filed Under: Mobile Tagged With: iphone. How to Change the Password on Your iPad 2. Paste Data as a Picture from Excel to Word How to Restore Items from the Windows 7 Recycle Bin. Can I Mfaning Off FaceTime on My iPhone 7? How to Stop Automatically Adding New Apps to the Home Screen on the Galaxy On5.

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