It is a new story that extends or develops characters and situations. CHARACTER : A character type that appears repeatedly in. This sector also includes companies that provide computer technology consulting services. According to Algeo, "The units of sound phonemes of. GRAMMAR : A type of structuralism applied to language, this term refers. When a door or window is not covering the hole or gap it is intended to cover, you say that it is open. The purpose of scenery is either to suggest vaguely a.

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Parent Category: English Language. Comparisons Similarities Between The Difference Between Example Sentences Legal Definitions Medical Definitions and Word Differences Medical Terminology. Is it true that you are fertile when you are in a cleaning mood? LOL, I am always in a cleaning mood, but never heard of a woman wanting to clean while she is fertile if she was, I would rather do the opposite!

When I was pregnant I realised that during my fertile time I was so wound up about…. Is it true that your children and grandchildren are likely to have severe genetic disorders if you and your husband are 17 years apart? I have never heard such a thing and I can't think of a reason why an age difference would matter. When was the Oligocene? The Oligocene Epoch is in the Paleogene Period, coming before the.

It was about 34 to 23 million years ago. How old is a Stevens Savage Model 94? If it has a serial number it was made after I see them go. I gave fifty for it at a St. What does Twist Finish Belgium mean? Thin wires were twisted together then wrapped around a mandrel and hammer-welded. Although these were quite satisfactory in the days of black-powder shells, they are generally not safe with modern ammunition. What are the social differences of homeschooled children?

There are no as such social differences for. No home school bounds its students to. There are many other ways to. It is a complet…. What are the statistics on narcissists and affairs? I read this in a book titled something like "Personality Disorders in Modern Life" published by Wiley There are two factors that determine whether someone is cheating i.

What does it mean when digital odometer chimes and blinks 'fuse' for the first few seconds you turn your Neon on then stops? Actually I had this happen when I was at a drive in, what caused the problem in my case was i had the dome light out so the interor lights wouldn't come on. You could simply have a burnt out dome light.

I think this is an imoprtant factor especiall when you have one equiped with the factory alarm. How do you get a Olds Toronado with a timing problem but still fires and will work once in a blue moon to run? On a Kia Spectra what do wet sparkplugs usually mean? Your "wet" Sparkplugs mean the you are getting to much fuel To your spark plugs and the your gap of the spark plug it too small and the spark plug ain't firing it option put and call definitions of culture like when you pull and pull on a lawn mower and it don't start well you flooded it same thing with a car too much fuel to the spark pl….

How old is M99 sn? According to the web site www. The site has dates up to serial numberThe same site has a option put and call definitions of culture set of serial dates from an old American Rifleman magazine. According to that, my rifle was made in " or later. How good do Saturn SL2s run? Well, I've got a 93 SL2 that hasmiles on it, and aside from standard maintenance such as oil changes, tune-ups and the like, it runs like a champ.

I've got the 1. I love the car to death. I deliver pizza for Pizza Hut and put anywhere from 50 …. Does a Honda Rubicon have a lemon law? What is a rookie? A rookie is a player who is in their first season playing or is new to something. The term rookie is most often used in sports. You can also be called a rookie when you get to a certain place for the first time even though you have been playing for 8 years. For instance, someone who made the NBA pla…. What does it mean to post up?

It in some cases means that a person wishes to fight you. Or in terms of basketball it can mean to get into a stance near the key with legs spread, arms out, and calling for the ball. In some places this means riders mount their horses and go to the starting post to begin a race. What does 'relegation' mean? Unlike popular American sports i. For example, in England the top league is called the Premiership. As a result, teams that do poorly in a season, drop down to a lower division or "get relegated" while te….

What does a hat trick in Football mean? A hat trick is the accomplishment of a player scoring three goals in the same game some definitions also require the goals to be consecutive. Its use to describe this achievement originates with cricket in England, when a player who took three wickets in a row was given a special hat to commemorat…. How old do you have to be to be scouted?

What is a hat trick? In a one piece stick what is the difference between a and flex? Normally on one-peice sticks, the higher the number of the flex the harder it is to bend a stick so the would be a stiffer stick, a stick with a or flex would be extremly hard to bend and is not recamended for anyone who takes many slap shots. What is the definition of a repetitive dive? A repetitive dive is any dive that occurs before off-gassing of nitrogen has completed. This time will vary depending on the dive, and the dive table used.

US Navy Dive tables give a maximum length of time for this to occur as 12 hours, while NAUI dive tables put it at 24 hours. Under PADI tables y…. What determines if a Chicago street is called an avenue boulevard place road or street? While Avenues always run east to west direction and also merge into other avenues What does MNDK mean? This is most likely a previous owner's code. Could be an inventory ID, an abbreviation telling him where he got it, the price he paid or value fxcm us 81 assigned.

It is not a standard numismatic term. If you have A service in your home and want to upgrade what do you need to do to get A? Have a larger electrical box installed Upsize the panel to a amp, and obviously change out the amp breaker. Is there any difference in a 20A recepticle besides the sideway slot? The internal metal plates are heavier to handle the extra current A 20 amp receptacle must be fed by 12 wire while 14 is….

If your vehicle is financed what type of coverage is needed? You need to carry full coverage, Liability and Comprehensive and Collision. Additionally, they want to make sure that the vehicle will get fixed if it is damaged. How can you tell what coverage you have? I would advise calling your agent to get an explanation, coverages and coverage requirement vary from state to state That documention includes a list of perils wh….

Can legal actions be taken when the person whose car was repossessed leaves the country? Certainly, all that is necessary is that service is attempted and you have proof of those attempts. If service is physically unsuccessful, you attempt to service the person by registered, restricted delivery, return receipt mail. If this fails, you have the person served by public notice. Where can you get a list of clients to solicit for repossession of commercial trucks and construction equipment?

Leasing companies, manufacturers, just search on the above or "heavy equipment leasing" in your browser. You might try advertising. Does co-owner and secondary owner mean the same thing for the purpose of repossession? Can a repo person come on company property that is fenced and says No Unauthorized Persons Allowed? YOU likely authorised it when you signed the papers. How do you determine if you have a 'preexisting condition'? According to BCBS, if you are still under a doctor's care for a condition and have not been released, it counts as a pre-existing condition.

That is what I have found out during my search. What insurance company do you go through? Most places won't cover pre-existing conditions for 12 months!. What is the definition of Types of Services and how important is it in an HCFA form? I didn't find the exact definition but this site gives you a pretty good start The HCFA is now CMS It appears VERY important The different types of service on a help determine the rate in which the pr….

What are the pros and cons and differences between sand and D. Gayle- There are basicly 3 types of filters. Sand, Cartridge, and D. Differences being numerous, but in a nut shell is the ease of maintence and care and the size micron of particle they will filter out of the water. With that said sand is the easist to maintain regularly but, cart. How do you explain the word frugal? It means "not generous". It could also be "poor", as in "a frugal meal" would consist of food that was not at all fancy, such as dry bread and water.

What is the modern day meaning behind the term 'Muse' from Greek mythology? Meaning of MuseThe term refers to a source of inspiration, accessible by artists and generally restricted to artists artists in a broad sense. The muse is not in itself a delusion, or hallucination, but rather a myth to which writers, musicians, painters and more are able to credit the conception …. What is a whitish pea-sized ball in the back of the mouth near the uvula? Could be a tonsil stone quinsy.

It is a mass of hardened pus from infected tonsils and if you have these your breath will stink. Can a pregnant year-old marry the year-old father of her baby if they have means of support and his parents consent but hers do not? In OK, at 17 you would need the permission of your parents also What is a programmable thermostat? A senses the room temperature and controls the HVAC system according to a schedule established by the homeowner. This type of thermostat allows different temperature settings to automatically regulate t….

What is the best type of paint to use to paint the bottom of an indoor pool? I DO NOT recommend Swimming Pool paint for your swimming pool, Swimming pool paint delaminates, peels, flakes, chalks. At best it will last years. I HIGLY Recommend a product called "ArmorGuard". ArmorGuard is Certified Green, NON-TOXIC …. What does it mean when the interviewer misses your appointment? I have no idea, but if you option put and call definitions of culture want the job, call and reschedule on your own.

The times or places to meet could have been misunderstood by one of you. If it doesn't work out the second time, you'll probably just have to give up and go for a job at a different company. Is it important to have a clean shaven face in an interview? Anything to give yourself the upper hand in making a first good impression. Some peoples hair on their face grows faster than others. I get my shadow at Some religious groups require men to have a beard, such as Sikhs and Muslims and orthodox Jews.

If you are NOT part of such a r…. Can a creditor visit your home if you tell them not to? They can come to your home. You don't have to talk to them, and can ask them to leave your property. And of course request they don't return. Depending on the laws of your state, they could be charged with trespass if they continue to contact you in that way, without your permission. What is the definition of last activity? You can see the actual wording of the code at this site.

It boils down to 7 years from the first day the account was placed for collection for the last delinquent payment. Say you paid Jan 1, and didn't pay for 4 months. The account went into collect…. What is the difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy? There are two primary types of personal bankruptcy: Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Each must be filed in federal bankruptcy court.

Attorney fees are additional. Chapter 13 allows persons wit…. If you filed a Chapter 13 in June and have secured creditor who filed a relief from stay and you have to go to court again what does this mean? It probably means that the creditor is not willing to accept the terms of the 13 filing. Therefore the crediotr will seek to recover the property that is secured for the amount owed and any deficit, fees incurred. Such as repossesion and resale of a vehicle.

What is the difference between a Count and a Baron? In the English system of peerage there is no title of count due to it's unfortunate resemblance to a part of the female anatomy. There is a title of viscount. A viscount ranks one step above a baron. An Earl ranks just above the viscount, and is considered an equal to the title of Count, which term ….

What does '8d' mean in 'The 8d fine he paid seems to have been worth it'? The lower case 'd' is the abbreviation for 'Pence' or 'Penny' in the UK. When and where did the term 'knight' first originate? The word knight derives from Old English Anglo-Saxon cniht, meaning page boy or servant, which in turn was likely derived from German Knecht, which also meant boy or servant. The first knights were cavaliers men who fought on horseback sworn by an oath called fealty to the personal service of ….

What does Pogue mean? Soon after, they shortened. What is a 'loy'? Used in what context?. What does Lough Erin Shore mean? It's a song by The Corrs. Lough Erin is the largest lake in Ireland. The tune is to Francie Mooney's Gleanntainn Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair There is no Lough Erin in Ireland - Erin is a romantic name for the country of Ireland. There is a large lake in the north of Ireland called Lough Erne. What is the origination and meaning and history of orange vs.

The mainly protestant supporters of the link with Britain, were labelled orange, in memory of the dutch Prince William who became king of England on his marriage to Mary Stuart, and who ensured the protestant succession to the English throne. What are other terms for 'bonnie Irish lass'? Bonnie Lass is a Scottish expression not Irish. Bonnie Wee lass is certainly option put and call definitions of culture common than the. What is a non-profit organization? A non-profit organization is one that, by law, is unable to hold or distribute profits like a "for-profit" organization can.

This means that the non-profit company is required by law to redistribute any "profits" back into the company in the form of salaries, new capital, etcor to other non-pro…. What does the word Christmas mean? Christmas means Christ Mass. It is a church service in the Catholic Church which celebrates the birth of Christ. How did the Founding Fathers define liberty and freedom? Definition of Liberty and Freedom After reading the fifth incorrect reference to Jefferson, Henry, and Franklin, I decided to delete the whole ignorant jumble of misreferenced quotes and inform you all that I'm tired of my students getting their answers from you instead of me and their course texts.

How do you define Republicanism as explained by the founding fathers? Republicanism is eliminating a king and creating a system of government where people are involved. Republicanism meant there would be more equality. The views of all the different classes of people would be incorporated into the government. People had to sacrifice their self interests to work for th….

What defines a founding father? Did the founding fathers have an easy or difficult task in trying to form one nation from several states? What does 'Eire go Braugh' mean? More usually spelled "Erin go bragh" or. See the wikipedia: Erin go bragh. What is a 'freeman' and a 'husbandman'? What period of usage century and where? In England, husbandman generally referred to a farmer, orchard owner, or someone handling livestock. Freeman generally referred to whether or not an individually had a legal obligation as in a subject or serf [Eh??

Is it normal to have an eerie or irritating feeling about someone even if they're friendly and everyone speaks highly of them? Go with how you feel about this person. You can't totally judge them unless you have a "real" reason not to trust them, but how you feel about someone the first time you meet them is usually right. Just be cautious and watch that person around you and the people you care about If a person goes mainly after significantly younger 'targets' could this mean they are possibly a control freak and should be avoided?

As far as a 30 yr old chasing teenagers, that's just sad. If an abuser is shocked when one reacts harshly to their actions does that mean they actually have good intentions and are not meaning to hurt others? It means that they are oblivious to the feelings, needs, and choices of other people. It means that they feel immune to the consequences of their actions. It means that, being "unique", they feel entitled to special treatment What is the definition of a narcissistic abuser?

This is the definition of a narcissist A narcissistic abuser is one who seeks to humiliate, insult, sneer, obstruct, oppose and control another person without any regard for the impact that their aggression may have on the other. They refuse to acknowledge that their actions ar…. How can a verbal tirade be stopped? If you walk awayeventually your abuser will realize you're gone ; and hopefully be quiet. When your husband or mate happens to be a narcissist, they will attempt to controleven the answers to their questions -because they alone have all the answers.

When this happens, try repeating their name…. What is the definition of a mental abuser? Mental abusers can be sneaky at best and usually save the best when alone with the mate they are abusing and in some cases act as sweet as can be when they are around friends, while other abusers may mentally "put down" their mate no matter where they are and who is around. These are signs: Puttin…. Why do abusers make their family believe that their partners are crazy?

Abusers deny that they are abusers and that their conduct is abusive. They shift the blame to the victim One good answer is that to them it is 'fun'. It is all part of …. What is the definition of URL? URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a Web site address. It is what lets you locate a particular site. The domain name is the first part of a URL. Normally, as far as computer usage goes, templates are considered as files or "skeleton" documents to help computer users to create a new file or document based on the information contained in the generic or s….

What does cache memory mean and what is the simplest way to learn how to use a computer? Cache memory is just the same as RAM only it is much, much faster. This is why there usually isn't much cache because since it is. Your cache is like. What is meant by 'information technology'? Different sources provide different definitions. A few of these definitions and their sources are included, below The International Foundation for Information Technology IF4IT provides three definitions for Information Technology: 1.

The technology used for the study, understanding, planning,…. What is the definition of protocol? Answer--A protocol is a set of rules or agreed upon guidelines for communication. When communicating, it is important to agree on how to …. The name is derived from organization. This is called a domain "redirect" or "pointer. How do you find information on Woo Woo?

What is the difference between a v6 and a v8 in an SUV? A V8 will give you more power What is the difference between scope option and scope server? But scope option means that "we take a particular scope and set a specified address gatew…. Is it all right to use Travocort for vaginal itch for more than 2 weeks? If your doctor has prescribed this for you and told you to use it for 2 weeks then yes.

But when a yeast infection doe snot clear up after 7 days it is advisable to see your doctor again. It should be used for 7 days, twice a day. Sporanox Capsule should be taken along with it once in a day. How can you tell if you are paranoid? Somebody else might point it out to you. You might start making some irrational decisions about your future. You will know by your mood swings. You might start feeling really negative in the morning, feeling really tired.

During the day you will feel like everything is crushing on top of you. Can a bipolar person be capable of inflicting unpredictable bodily harm toward innocent bystanders? It is possible, especially when they are in the "manic" phase of the illness, particularly if they experience psychotic symptoms, such as hearing voices or having delusional beliefs. When bi-polar people are "high" they lose their usual inhibitions, which would include the inhibition not to be v….

Why were the Germans called Jerries? Option put and call definitions of culture the common mistake that jerry comes from the sound the Ger in the word German makes, Jerry actually refers to the Helmets worn by the Germans during WWI, which to their opponents resembled Chamber Pots, option put and call definitions of culture Jerries.

What is the significance of the Sudetenland and where was it? When the new Republic of Czechoslovakia was declared init included an area shaped like a horseshoe around Bohemia and Moravia, with a large number of German speaking inhabitants. This area was known as Sudertenland This German speaking Sudetenland minoirty was used as an excuse by…. What is the definition of an Atom? An atom is a building block of matter.

An atom is the smallest amount of a substance that we can have that will still retain all the features of that substance. Should it be subdivided any more, the qualities of the substance will be lost. The atom comes from an ancient Greek idea that stated exactly…. What does it mean when someone says 'You are not a passing thought for me'? It's probably not good. Seems like a version of "I never think of you". The bad: They don't think about you at all.

I'd dump his ass and he can no longer be a passing tho…. What does it mean when he stops saying 'I love you' but is still affectionate? Saying "I love you" can mean a lot depending who it is coming from, while these 3 words can mean nothing to another saying them. It's how a person treats you that matters. Men are not famous for continually telling a woman that he loves her and they just don't understand why women need to be told tha….

If you are always worried about another person's happiness does that mean that you love them? No, not at all. I care about my brother's happiness, my husband's happiness and friend's happiness. It sounds like you are a very caring person and just like to see people happy, but please, be careful. It is up to each of us to find our place in life and bri…. What is the definition of kinky? Kinky can mean 3 things Definition of 'Kinky': appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes.

Out of the norm and a bit. If you doubt you should be with the person you are with but when you are apart you can't be happy does that mean that the doubt is probably just fear? I'm afraid you are the only one who can answer this, but here are some helpful tips:If the person is a good person and treats you with respect, you have fun together, you confide and trust each other you are one lucky person. If they abuse you, take control of your life and disrespect you then you a….

Gestapo is an acronym for what? At that time the Germans often created words acronyms of sorts based on syllables. Gestapo stands for 'Geheimne Staatspolizei', which means 'Secret State Police', if translated literally. It was founded inand by about the word had come to denote the entire Nazi terror apparatus. Propaganda is the manipulation of information to influence public opinion.

It uses a number of different techniques, such as emphasizing bits of information that support a position and minimizing or excluding those that do not this is often called "cherry picking". There are many different kinds o…. Conscription is the forced enlistment of citizens of a country to fight for their country. In Britain and some other countries conscription means compulsory military service.

The name given to the policy of avoidance. The US practiced isolationism in the 30's. The policy was simple, we do not want to get involved. Look what happened with WWI, so the people of the US did not want to become intangled in the affairs of Europe again. The US wanted fxcm margin requirements korean remain isolate…. What is the difference between a phosphorescent source and a fluorescent source?

As the name implies, phosphorescent comes from the element phosphorus. What does mag mean? The acronym MAG can mean massive action game, metal active gas weldingmobile access gateway, metropolitan access gateway, minimum allowed gain, Mothers Against Guns UKMilitary Airlift Group, Marine Air Group, or Master of Applied Geography. The abbreviation "mag" can mean magnesium, magazine,….

What was the problem with reforms such as initiative referendum and recall? I had the same question, and this is what i found on wikipedia, i know that it's not the most dependable resource, but GET OVER IT! Progressives moved to enable the citizenry to rule more directly and circumvent political bosses; California, Wisconsin, and Oregon took the lead.

What is the definition of a utility truck? Heredity is the passing of traits from parents to offspring. Heredity is a process in which a person gets some of the physical. The biological process whereby option put and call definitions of culture. What is the software for trading options 787 between a sociopath and a psychopath?

One in the same?. According to the Princeton dictionary, they are synonyms of each other. Debate on the issue:There is some debate about whether there is a meaningful difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. The DSM IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used by psychologists lists bot… 1 2

Call and Put options for Dummies

o·pen (ō′pən) adj. 1. a. Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed. b. Affording unobstructed passage or view: open waters; the open. Repealed by Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, [No. of ], G , 18 December TABLE OF CONTENTS. Sections. CHAPTER 1 Constituent and. 3. Bond, link, tie agree in referring to a force or influence that unites people. Bond, however, usually emphasizes the strong and enduring quality of affection.