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Replace with this product. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Alpha Laboratories provides quality supply and support to UK and international scientists for their diagnostic and laboratory product needs. Having celebrated its 40th anniversary in the company remains today, as always, a family run business with the same vision and ethos. Take the Challenge by Tweeting alphalabs a video of your attempt.

Click below to watch our video and find out more. Choose from various combinations of pipettes. All kits includes stands and tips. New Peak Performance Plate Seals Protect Your Precious Samples Ideal for PCR, Long Term Storage and Robotic Applications. New issue of our regular laboratory update publication is out onlune Keeping you informed with the latest product developments and money saving promotions. Assays for 1 to Samples.

From point of care to high throughput laboratory testing. Attend our Industry Sponsored Workshop 'FIT in the symptomatic: Putting theory into practise' with leading experts in the field on Thursday 4th May. Contact us for a meeting or visit Stand What's New for the Laboratory World? NEW Issue of LabVantage Laboratory Newsletter Laboratree - Tips for Trees. Join now for free to get a unique combination of green benefits and help sustainability in UK woodlands.

Alpha Laboratories has been specified on lern UK OCR Science projects curriculum for schools to supply a range of consumables for laboratory practical classes. See the detail here. Complete Solutions for Safe Sample Transport. Packaging biological hazardous samples to comply with UN regulations can be a demanding task requiring multiple wrapping materials. Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips. It reduces waste, saves time and helps you lower your carbon footprint.

Get Compliant with New UN Training. Learn how to meet your responsibilities and ensure legal compliance for biopackaging by attending currehcy Alpha Laboratories Sample Transport Seminar. Great Pipetting at a Great Price. Do you need new pipettes but are restricted by available budget? We have just the solution for you. The seminars, videos and practical activities provide training for better performance, tradnig and safety.

Did you know that we can help you with various options and customised production for a variety of components for diagnostic and laboratory kit manufacturer? Latest Clinical Diagnostic Developments. Help Patients Provide Better Samples. Ensuring minimum fuss, easy specimen sampling and myfotoxins contamination with toilet water and chemicals, the simple Fe-Col paper loop is an economical way to make faecal collection more convenient and testing more controlled. Turbocharge Your Calprotectin Testing.

With the introduction of NICE DG11, lesrn for faecal calprotectin tests have escalated. A Cost Effective Alternative to Colonoscopy. NICE NG12 - How Does This Impact Your Clinical Practice? Find out the latest views on Faecal Immunochemical Tests FIT for symptomatic testing for bowel disease. Supporting New Standards of Care for IBD. It provides a practical way for more frequent monitoring of patients in the privacy of their own home.

Easy Allergy Testing without the Risk. Clinical Chemistry from A-Z. From ACE to Zinc we have an extensive range of Clinical Chemistry assays, calibrators, standards and controls from the highest quality manufacturers. Check out the full range. Our clinical supplement focuses on gastroenterology with some interesting and thought provoking articles. Specialist Reagents to Support Your Research. Its binding is selective currenfy phosphate groups enabling it to replace conventional radioisotopes and enzyme immunoassay in traditional detection protocols.

Iba-1 ionised calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 is a mycotocins marker for macrophages and microglia cells. We have antibodies for immunohistochemistry and western blotting. Create Your Own Immunoassays. Setting up your own high quality, customised immunoassay solutions quick, easy and more cost-effective with BioPorto distinctive, top-quality, pre-matched capture and currency forex learn online trading online stock t 2 mycotoxins antibody pairs.

Curreency Reagents and Kits Literature. We have a wide range of brochures detailing the applications areas of our Research srock and Kits. Click the link below to download literature for the various ranges. ScreenFectA, is a new multipurpose cationic lipid transfection reagent combining high transfection efficiency with low cell toxicity. Don't Let the Frost Bite. Cell cultures are valuable research assets that need to be protected during cold storage and revival.

The unique IgE preparations from BioPorto are the only commercially available human monoclonal IgE antibody. They eliminate the problem of the batch to batch variability and ensure very high reproducibility. Nephrotoxicity: Rapid Identity During Drug Development. Establishing safety of new drug candidates remains a major challenge at every stage foeex the development process.

NGAL is a biomarker that rapidly identifies Acute Kidney Injury. Our clinical supplement focuses on gastroenterology diagnostics with some interesting and thought provoking articles. Set up a Forecast or Confirmed Supply Schedule for simple, flexible ordering and improved efficiency with added cost savings, quality benefits, ease of ordering and reduced administration. Support for Your ISO Accreditation. Equipment validation services, verified third party controls and calibrators, true cellular controls and frozen plasma products can all help with your quality control procedures.

In Alpha Laboratories celebrated 40 years of providing support to UK and international scientists. The company remains today, as always, a family-run business with the same vision and ethos, whilst continuing to focus on customer needs and ever-changing technologies. IRLA Agreement - Laboratory Consumables and Pipettes. Members of the qualifying consortia can request access to the special pricing via this link.

Diagnostics Kits - Information for the Public. Alpha Laboratories is a supplier of diagnostic kits for use by professional medical personnel within a clinical laboratory or doctors surgery. They are not available to the general public for home testing. Latest Issue of LabVantage Laboratory Newsletter Register on the Alpha Labs website foreex access any special discount agreements set up for your institute.

See our latest news including current offers, articles, press releases and much more Follow us on the following social media sites to stay up-to-date with developments at Alpha Laboratories Changing your location to one that uses a different currency will clear all items from your basket. Back Continue Hello, welcome to Alpha Laboratories. It looks like you are visiting from outside the UK:.

Currency forex learn online trading online stock t 2 mycotoxins enter the Product Code of the items you wish to order in the boxes below. Unfortunately that product code no longer exists, may we suggest this replacement instead? This product code has already been added, please modify the item above. No products found for this product code. Contact Us Customer Service Technical Support Enquiry Form.

Menu Search Contact Login Country Quick Buy Checkout. Categories An Introduction to Alpha Laboratories. Read more Further Information Welcome to the Alpha Labs Website About Us Contact Us Delivery Information Pricing International Ordering Worldwide Distributors Suppliers and Brands Catalogue Environmental and Recycling Quality at Our Core Why Should I Register on the Alpha Currency forex learn online trading online stock t 2 mycotoxins Website?

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions Custom Designed Consumables Supply Schedules - Simple, Flexible Ordering for Improved Efficiency Support for Your ISO Accreditation CE IVD Labelling of Laboratory Consumables Diagnostics Kits - Important Information for the Public IRLA. Supplying Quality to Science Since How Quickly Can You Pack 5 Blood Tubes in UN Compliant Packaging? Join us at ACB Focus. Essential laboratory products that help improve efficiency, performance and user experience.

Liquid handling pipettes, tips, plastic consumables, UN compliant packaging, PCR and laboratory equipment all with guaranteed quality and value. From routine blood testing to bowel cancer screening and specialist biomarker assays such as calprotectin, our extensive diagnostic portfolio helps clinical professionals detect, monitor and manage medical conditions. A wide range a specialist research antibodies and reagents covering disciplines such as biochemistry, metabolic studies, neurobiology, nucleic acid research, proteomics, tissue culture, microbiology and much more.

Graduated Pastettes - Great Savings. Benchtop Equipment - New Year Deals. Latest Literature View All. Come and meet us on stand 18 at Focus! Attend our Industry Sponsored Workshop: 'FIT in the symptomatic: Putting theory into practise'. Contact us to arrange a meeting. Alpha Laboratories is now on Twitter: alphalabs. Contact Customer Services Frequently Asked Questions Tradkng Supply Schedules Quality at Our Core Environmental Special Stocm Clearance Stock. Sign up to our newsletter for all the latest product releases and offers straight to your inbox.

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