These results are not from live accounts trading our algorithms. Please feel free to browse our economic calendar. Position Size Calculator is available for both MT4 and MT5. A special mention must go to EarnForex. I download this application and aclculator very happy because its very helpful and fast. The key to developing an algorithmic trading system that actually works, is to account for multiple market conditions.

Position Size Calculator MetaTrader indicator tells you how many lots to trade based on: It is an evolution of the text-based legacy version of the same indicator and is an adaptation of the free online tool by the same name. Position Size Calculator is available for both MT4 and MT5. The main tab of the panel provides the primary control over the indicator's functions and serves to output the most important calculation results — position size, risk, reward, and risk-to-reward ratio.

The following controls and outputs are available: The risk tab can help you assess current and potential risk profile. Using simple algorithm, the indicator calculates the risk of the currently open positions and pending orders based on their stop-loss levels or lack thereof. The employed risk analysis method does not account for complex situations involving hedged orders and positions. You can use the Risk Forex trading profit calculator gif indicator for a deeper portfolio risk analysis.

You can control the Risk tab using two checkboxes and see the calculation results forex trading profit calculator gif four output fields: The gfi tab provides information about the calculated position's trding, amount of used and available margin after opening the calculated position, and the biggest possible position size considering the current available margin and leverage. The tab has only one input and five output fields: The swaps tab displays details on the overnight interest payments associated with the current trading instrument and calculated position size.

It shows swaps type, nominal swaps, daily, yearly, per lot, per calculated position size, and both for long and short positions: The script tab serves to provide you with some control over the trading script. You may skip this tab if you are not using PSC-Trader. Using this indicator is very simple if your main aim is to calculate the position size based on your stop-loss and current market parameters. The indicator has a limited number of input parameters as most of the controls are panel-based.

Only some minor parameters related to the calculator's display options are set via standard MetaTrader inputs. The main tab is the biggest one and looks nice on any background — this one is white for example. Take-profit line's color has been changed to orange via an input parameter for better readability. Black background color and chart grid do not interfere with the panel as you can see on this screenshot of the Risk tab.

The risk outputs show Corex as there is, apparently, a sell order without stop-loss. Even the wildest color scheme works well with Position Size Calculator. In this case, cyan background is combined with green and red candlesticks. Stop-loss color is set to black. This example shows swaps tab with a classic black and white color scheme chart. This broker is charging some serious rollover fees for margin trading in Bitcoin. Trrading the panel is set to background, it becomes transparent and you can easily analyze the exposed chart.

At the same time, you are able to see the values used for trading script management on this tab. Minimizing cslculator panel in one click makes it completely non-obtrusive and allows trader to easily see the whole chart. You can use the position forex trading profit calculator gif output of this indicator to open trades manually in the same or in some other platform. Additionally, you can use a custom trading script that will open trades based on the calculated position size and with the given entry, SL, and TP levels.

After compilation, It will become available in the Navigator subwindow of your trading terminal under Scripts as PSC-Trader. You can also set a hotkey to run this script if you want to open orders really fast. The script's behavior is controlled via Script tab of the Position Size Calculator. If you do not know how to install this indicator, please read the MetaTrader Indicators Tutorial.

Do you have any suggestions or questions regarding this indicator? You can always discuss Position Size Calculator with other traders and MQL programmers in the forum. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep yourself updated about future changes to Position Size Calculator indicator. The legacy version of Position Size Calculator ccalculator the text version of the same indicator that was developed and supported during It is still fully functional and is compatible with the latest builds of MetaTrader platform.

The ptofit is displayed as a text label in the main or separate chart window. Traders can adjust many parameters, both for calculation and for display. You may choose the legacy version of the PSC over the graphical one if you prefer. However, the former is no longer developed, though bug reports will be considered. Below, follows the description of the calculstor version. Obviously, this indicator is not suitable for trading signals generation.

Its purpose is to help Forex traders calculate position size for their allowed risk size and the given position parameters. If both EntryLevel and StopLossLevel input parameters are set to zero, this indicator will try to put them at some local levels. Position size value is recalculated every tick and on every line move. Additionally, this indicator can track the whole portfolio risk based on the open trades and pending orders.

However, the risk tracking is quite limited with this indicator. It is recommended pofit use a separate Risk Calculator for the purpose of risk analysis. You can also use it to see the necessary margin and expected changes in margin based on the calculated size of the position. You can also make forex trading profit calculator gif easier to trade based on the calculated position size.

Just download our free MetaTrader script to place orders based on this calculator's output. I change profitt StopLossLevelTakeProfitLevelor EntryLevel input parameters, but output values do not change and the lines remain at their old levels. Why does it happen and how do I fix this? It happens because DeleteLines input parameter is set to false.

This helps to preserve the level values set by moving the lines. If you want the lines to be updated according metatrader data to excel youth the input parameters, please set DeleteLines to true or delete the lines manually. Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex.

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