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TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. Whether you are looking at basic price charts or plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, we have the tools and data you need. TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to thousands of traders from all the world, discuss trading ideas and place live orders. Enjoy an unparalleled experience even from iPads or other devices, previously possible only with high end trading stations.

TradingView is intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors. See price differences between two or more stocks, for example FB and GOOGL. For more options, you can create custom formulas with addition, division, etc. Many drawing tools are at your disposal to analyze trends and find opportunities. When you are ready to get technical, our charts let you set the price scales to match your type of analysis. There are linear, percent and log axes for drastic price movements.

You can use two separate price scales at the same time: one for indicators and one for price movements. Right-click on the price scale to see possible options: change scaling type, enable auto-scaling or show another price scale. Right-clicking on indicators lets you choose which scale to use, so several data series with different scaling can co-exist in one chart. You can also drag price and time scales to increase or decrease compression. TradingView alerts are immediate notifications when the market meet your custom criteria - i.

You get visual popups, audio signals, text messages sms and e-mail alerts right to your phone. There are 12 different alert conditions which can be applied on indicators or drawing tools. All your alerts run on powerful and backed-up servers, so you'll always get notified when something happens and won't miss a beat. A stock screener is a great search tool for investors and traders to filter stocks based on metrics that you specify.

You can work with the screener directly from the chart or on a separate page. TradingView comes with over a hundred pre-built trading front month options 6 percent for an in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts and indicators. But we realized that even this isn't enough for all our users and we built the Pine programming language. Pine script allows you to create and share your own custom studies and signals.

A key advantage of Pine script is that any study's code can easily be modified. Nearly any custom indicator can also be created from scratch. TradingView gives you all the tools to practice and become successful. Trading and investing carries a significant risk of losing money. Start with Simulated Trading to buy and sell using fake money and practice until you become profitable. Once you are ready, you need a way to place actual orders.

You can place real order by opening an account with supported brokers and connecting it to TradingView. TradingView is fed by a professional commercial data feed, with direct access to stocks, learn futures and options trading terminology, all major indices, Forex, Bitcoin, and CFDs.

You can get premium data trading front month options 6 percent prices, volume and history streamed directly from the US and international exchanges. See breaking eve station trading real estate relevant to what you are looking at, write down thoughts, scout the most active stocks of the day and much more. Trial can be cancelled within 30 days without any fees. Cutting Edge Tech in a Browser. Lots of Chart Types.

Over 10 chart types to view the markets at different angles. From basic line and area charts to volume-based Renko and Kagi charts. Renko, Kagi, Line Break, PnF Charts. Powerful Japanese charts that focus on significant price movements and mostly ignore time. Very useful for finding lasting trends to follow and profit. Stay on top with up to 8 charts in each browser tab. You can watch completely different markets such as stocks next to Forexor same symbols with different resolutions.

Multiple Symbols on the Chart. It's often useful to search for relationships between different stocks — do they move in tandem or always in opposite directions? Learn how to add multiple symbols on the single chart on TradingView. Compare popular stocks to indexes, or to each other, to see who is doing better in comparison. Has Apple outperformed the SnP this year? Compare them side by side to see relative performance in percent.

Compare currencies, indexes, and much more. Indicators are great helpers in analyzing the markets - now you get instant alerts when something key happens. You can set alerts for one or more conditions inside each indicator and stay aware when the market moves the right way. Alerts on Drawing Tools. Super simple and powerful - set alerts on drawings that you make on the chart. Create custom conditions in Pine script and set them up directly in Pine. For algo inclined developers this drastically speeds up alert creation over the usual manual setup process.

The Scanner has more than fields in several categories, including Fundamental and Technical. You can filter by each field and add them as columns. The scanner supports the American stock exchanges NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQas well as stock exchanges in other countries, such as UK London Stock ExchangeRussia MOEXIndia Bombay Stock Exchangeetc.

Screen alerts let you receive on-site and email notifications when new tickers fit the search criteria specified in the Screener. TradingView comes with a massive library of over prebuilt technical indicators. Volume Profile is a vital tool that shows the most traded prices for a particular time period. It plots volume as a histogram on the price bar, so you can see the levels where you need them. You can display a volume profile for the selected range, for the session, or for the entire screen — all depending on what you are trying to see.

Javascript-based language to write indicators on TradingView. Automate repetitive tasks or program the computer to look for optimal events to take action. Backtesting for trading strategies. Pine Script lets you create scripts that will trade for you when certain conditions are met. These are called trading strategies - they send, modify and cancel orders to buy or sell something. Users write unique scripts to help analyze the markets and publish them in the Public Library.

The wisdom of the crowd is yours to command - trading front month options 6 percent the library instead of writing scripts, get in touch with authors, and get better at investing. Organize frequently used scripts into groups and call them into action with one click. Practice buying and selling stocks, futures, FX or Bitcoin without risking actual money. Place orders, track wins and losses in real-time and build a winning portfolio.

Use your skills to make money! Connect an account from a supported broker and send live orders to the markets. Automated Trading coming soon. Once you have a consistent approach that works, automate repetitive tasks to make the trading process smoother and faster. Broad Market Data Coverage. Like to watch the whole world or only particular markets? Choose the data packages that are right for you! Important, many exchanges charge extra per user fees for real-time data, these are not included in the plans.

Ability to create custom intervals, such as 7 minutes, 12 minutes, or 8 hours. Fundamental and Global Economic Data. We have a unique toolset of institutional quality fundamental data on US companies. Global economy affects prices of all financial instruments in one way or another. A calendar of important events that affect the financial markets such as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve speaking. Such events typically cause a lot of volatility, and some investors avoid, while others welcome them.

Extended Trading Hours and Time Zone Options. See what happens before markets open and after markets close. Some of the biggest moves happen at a time when most people think nothing happens at all. You can display data series using either local, exchange or any custom timestamps. Companies report earnings, issue dividends, and sometimes do stock splits. Breaking news can move the markets in trading front month options 6 percent matter of seconds.

Staying on top of it is super important, so we show you relevant news as they come in, relevant to the symbol you are looking at. Write down your thoughts with an easy and intuitive Text Note tool right on the chart. Watchlists are unique personal collections for quick access to symbols. Save as many watchlists as you want, import watchlists from your device and export them at any time. Updates are in real-time throughout the day. From the creators of MultiCharts. Market data provided by ICE Data services.

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A commodity market is a market that trades in primary economic sector rather than manufactured products. Soft commodities are agricultural products such as wheat. 39 Mins Ago *Spot gold was down percent to $1, per ounce by GMT. *The outcome lessens the risk of an anti-establishment shock on the scale of Britain's. Browse through a glossary of commonly used industry terms to help you get a firmer grasp on the derivatives and risk management industry.