Reply to CommentariesAnd More. As far as running Windows itself, you wouldn't notice much of a difference one way or the other. Your results are nothing really to use as a guide as your original system is sitting a cheap-n-nasty case with a poorly mounted HSF. The 2 intake are 12v Silenx effizinos. You'll be asking yourself "what competition? With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg.

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Observations with an Observaations Page 1 of Figured I'd make a thread regarding the trials and tribulations with my FX This is a new area for me, so expect some noobness to my efforts, feedback and pointers will be much appreciated as I attempt to scale the new learning curve :thumbsup:. A trip down memory lane:. The last time I had the opportunity to really dive into AMD hardware it was circa or and I had just acquired 24 Observatiosn K7 systems with a government grant in the name of assembling what was called, at the time, a "beowulf class supercomputer".

It was basically a cluster of desktop PC's, connected by a high-speed interface Mbit ethernet at the how to use linear regression in forex trading ratings that ran multi-threaded applications much as we all do Observations with an FX 8350 with our multi-core processors.

The primary function of this cluster was to run a parallelized version of a computation chemistry application called Gaussian The modeling helped us decide which molecules would a worth attempting to engineer in the lab, which we also did right next door. At any rate this cluster had long been my benchmark for "performance in a single CPU" because I longed for the day when I would have the same performance as this cluster but in a single cpu that could be purchased at commodity prices.

All right, enough nostalgia, lets talk about the FX itself. First thing is the testbed, I bought the Crosshair V Formula-Z for one specific reason - the ProbeIt belt. I learned with my MIVE-Z in testing the k and k that relying on CPUz, or any other software voltage reporting tool for that matter, to document the applied CPU voltage was a pursuit of one blind man by another. If you truly want to know what voltage your CPU is experiencing you simply have no choice but to get a physical voltmeter connected Observationd the circuit.

Now one obvious issue with the probe-it belt is the matter of relative dimensions. Those probe pabs are silly tiny and close together. I also did not like my prospects of being able to maintain electrical isolation between Observations with an FX 8350 probes themselves the alligator clips in my case. So I realized first thing I needed to do here was to electrically isolate the pads, and the clips, lest I make some sparks by accident and let out the blue smoke.

I turned to the oldest trick in the book, black electrical tape and masking off the work area:. I don't want the alligator clips to short out each other. And the final assembly:. OK, all is well and good, no risk of shorting now. For my mobo, which is updated with the latest BIOS, CPUz under-reports the idle voltage by a hefty 0. That is a rather large miss.

And at full load LinX, 8 threads :. The gap between actual and CPUz reported has markedly narrowed but it is still the case that CPUz is under-reporting the actual Vcore. I don't have the screen grab Observatiohs to show you here, but Obsdrvations my various runs of LinX so far the delta between CPUz and actual Vcore tends to run about 2x this - i.

Is this gap specific to my mobo? Or is it common to everyone's Crosshair V Formula-Z? I can't say, but it just goes to show that relying on CPUz values is pretty much a crapshoot. Another anecdotal observation, not captured in these static images but notable by the eye in real-time, is that CPUz likes to aj around the reported Vcore like a cat playing with a ball of string; whereas the measured values are much more stable and consistent.

Similar Threads - Observations. Some power supply observations. DUT3C T-Bred A's and DLT3C T-Bred B's. Looking forward to your 850 and I'm sure the comparison between your current data sets with the k and the k!. Thanks for the detailed info on this If you are able to provide some power consumption numbers while overclocked that would be great Currently my CPU at 4.

I'm fascinated by the depth of testing. This kind of surprised me, but I'm sure people who use these FX chips won't be surprised, but the following is a power-consumption measurement at stock:. TDP for this chip is W. But the loaded CPU, at stock mind you, is pulling nearly W D:. I'm use to seeing that kind Observaitons power-draw for an OC'ed Intel setup, but the stock power consumption is always well below the TDP rating even with LinX. But this is quite sith eye-opener.

Why bother rating the CPU as W if it is going to consume W at stock? Why not just rate it at what it is - a W TDP SKU? There is no shame in being true to what you are, but why mislead? I just don't get it. For my ik, a 95W TDP SKU, at 3. For my ik, a 77W TDP SKU, at 3. I know everyone says AMD TDP! I know folks will be saying "but the AMD chip is at 4GHz, what if you OC the Intel chips to 4GHz too?

I also notice that the reported idle temps are impossible, some 10C below ambient. Now Obsedvations can be due to a poorly calibrated thermal probe or the TJmax used by CoreTemp is wrong. Does anyone know what TJmax is for the FX What I'm most interested in is an free forex account no deposit 4 day carnival cruise spec value from AMD, not just opinion or expectation per se. Dont forget you have a northbridge FX that you luck in Intel's socket because it is integrated in to the CPU die.

Edit: I have found that HWiNFO64 provides more accurate Idle temperature readings. I'm wondering if there could be any backlash from the unrealistic TDP given by AMD. A lot of people use these numbers to build servers, HTPCs, or workstations. These can be power sensitive environments, especially if many units are purchased. Could there be a class action against AMD for falsely advertising their chips to be more power efficient than they really are?

Just curious if something like this has ever come up. Can you test the Observatins from the cpu and ground points? Not sure if the make multi meters that test wattage. I never power tested a cpu before but maybe you can multiply the amps and volts to find the watts unless this wont work for cpu. Last edited: Dec 15, Edit: I 850 found that HWiNFO64 provides more qith Idle temperature readings. I never power tested a cpu before but maybe you can multiply the amps and volts to find the watts unless this wont work for cpu.

Love that 9'c idle temp, while 19'c ambient. Something else on the motherboard is pulling the additional Watts besides the CPU,maximum Observarions power for FX is W. I will try and see if I can find a review that measured the CPU power directly at the socket level. Another note: are you sure the "auto" voltage values in bios are correct for your CPU?

Sometimes auto is just plain wrong read high. Click "ATX12V" under the first graph. Maximum they get for is W. This is within the rated TDP but still lot more than intel chips or even X6. On the system level FX is pulling W in their case. That's around 86W more than K system so efficiency of other components come to play too.

So to be sure a portion of the 87W at idle is attributable to the CPU, but even if we for now make the assumption the attribution is zero, the difference between idle and load is W which has no place to come Observations with an FX 8350 but the CPU. Wow, that's a lot of power consumption. I'm sure the memory contributes somewhat to that, but that is still a low of power Observahions pulled. You have done some pretty cool stuff Some percentage of that system power consumption could also be attributed to power delivery losses in the VR.

It certainly wouldn't be enough to bring the CPU-only power to be below its rated TDP though. I've got two rigs, with Thuban T chips running at stock 2. One of them was an SC model, and one was a MB model. Load was measured running BIONC bit on Win 7 bit, running WCG WUs on the CPU cores, and PrimeGrid on both GPUs.

Its like bulldozer all over over again. Apparently the algorithm used to calc temps is accurate under load but sucks at idle. Don't really know anything technical about it myself other than that what you are seeing is echoed fairly often. Look at posts here. As always, not certain of the voracity of these posts, just sharing what I have Observatoons.

That power draw is one reason I'm afraid to overclock both piledriver and my gpu at the same time on my watt psu. Still that seems a little high. Maybe it's time for me to buy a kill o watt so I can test my own power usage. I'm interested to see if it's worth the extra power to get the performance bump when you overclock. So far amazing job testing.

IDC you never fail to impress. The only difference between the W at load and the 87W at idle is the CPU which is loaded at W, wlth the CPU being idle at 87W. I usually extract the CPU's power consumption by means of running a series of tests which are designed to isolate the power usage of the platform from that of the CPU. For working examples, see here and here. I will do the same with my FX, but for now I just have a handful of data to speak to in terms of lower-limits.

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