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While the excitement of being the best should be enough, it does not exactly pay the bills. If you think this is an easy pay day, think again. This cash prize does not even begin to cover how much it costs for an athlete to train and prepare at the Olympic level. It is hard to peg an exact dollar amount on each medal, since each medal has a unique story behind it. Also, some sports and athletes are more profitable than others. Age of the medal is also a factor to consider. For more, read The Stock Market Loves The Olympics.

For many athletes, their field is not the most profitable, unless they garner the publicity and sponsors they need to make money outside of the Olympic arena. While some athletes would never think about selling the precious gold medal status symbol, others do so through private auction houses. He needed the money to pay for costly medical treatments to treat his rare genetic disease that affected his spinal cord. Anthony Ervin sold his gold medal in swimming directly on eBay in Some popular Olympic winners will earn million-dollar endorsement deals and sponsorships.

Some will even land coveted forex pros gold train commentary positions, while others will go on to sign book deals. Other athletes of unpopular sports will have their moment in the spotlight, then be quickly forgotten. The true worth of an Olympic gold medal is the worth of the neck it hangs around. In the Olympics, the United States took home 46 gold medals, but most people have forgotten the names of even some of the top winners.

Term Of The Day A regulation implemented on Jan. Tour Legendary Investor Jack Bogle's Office. Louise Yamada on Evolution of Technical Analysis. Forex pros gold train Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. What is the Value of a Olympic Gold Medal? By Ashley Eneriz August 8, — PM EDT. How Much Is a Gold Medal Worth? Do Olympic Athletes Ever Sell Their Gold Medals? How Much Do Olympic Winners Make on Endorsements?

Related Articles Data shows that countries that are winning a smaller percentage of gold medals are seeing their share of the worldwide GDP decrease as well. Is the absence of a federally funded Olympics Committee hurting U. The Rio Olympics have 28 sports competing, the maximum allowed under IOC rules. According to Investopedia's Aaron Hankin, these five shouldn't be there. Learn about the companies participating as official Olympic sponsors and the possible benefits of such an affiliation.

Getting to the Olympics is no easy or affordable feat. Olympians have to rely on many different sources of funding to pay for training and expenses. Impressed by the Olympic Games? It cost billions of dollars to put on this spectacular event, but who is really paying for it? The network claims the Olympics were its "most economically successful" games in history. But television ratings are down as compared to the games.

Cities often tout the economic benefits of hosting the Olympics but the wide range of estimates make the actual impact hard to pin down. Golf is once again an Olympic sport, but its future remains uncertain. There are still no signs that hosting the Olympic Games is helping Brazil's worst recession in history. No thanks, I prefer not making money.

BBC Documentary 2016 - Hunting the Nazi Gold Train ( BBC History )

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