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Drops off in heroic mode dungeons, and can be used to buy level 70 epic items. This drops off of heroic mode bosses. One drops, but can be picked up by every member in the party. Does it always drop of bosses in heroic mode or still just a percentage? Does it drop off every boss or just the last one? What is required to be able to do a dongeon on Heroic Mod? Is it Reputation, or Need a hint, thanks. Revered faction is required to buy the key for Heroic mode instance.

Other than that I don't see the tier 4 gear in the listing. I remember I read that tier could be purchased with these tokens along other goodies. Wrong spot, down rate so this will be deleted. Keepers of time for Caverns of time. Level 70 is required to use most if not all of the items that can be bought with them. I believe that is what was meant. Please be very careful when you purchase these items. These badges are not exactly easy to come by, and many of the epic items are only slightly better or the same as a different blue where do you trade justice points for honor points. So spend them wisely because it will be hard to stockpile these!

This is especially true of the FR gear, which will probably be the BEST fr gear, or at least some of the best, in the game. This means you may end up farming heroic mode instances for these badges. Between Dropped by and Comment tabs, you see Currency tab which is exactly what you posted. It's a lot of badges, but you will be lucky with BoE epics as they are oftenly seen in heroic instances Happy farming!

I think what wasn't mentioned here is that once you kill a boss in a heroic instance you are saved to it. The reset for heroic instances is 7 hours. In my opinion if you are not well geared or would like a taste of what heroic try hellfire ramparts first. I don't know as a feral druid, I would use the tank cloak for the Armor alone. It is well over armor added. Thought the melee DPS cloak would be nice for cat form. Will have to get in and run those dungeons. The reset time is not 7 hours.

It resets every day around AM. Heroics don't require any resistance gear at all, although it makes cetrain encounters easier. No heroic instance shares save. So you can do all heroic instances once before the reset. Quick point to note. If you want to get easy in and out badges say do 1 -2 runs a night without a doubt do Heroic Mech. You can get 3 badges in about 30 minutes or so.

The two keyholder bosses drop one each and the first boss treat him like Thaddius positives stand together, negatives stand together and you will get him down no problem at all. To further that, 4th and 5th boss of Heroic mech aren't too bad but will take some learning attempts. I usually do heroic Mech, then Underbog, then Ramparts. If you can do all those in 1 day that is 11 badges.

They aren't hard with a good group. The gear is quite good. However Shaffar trink of last bost in Arcatraz is arguably better for fire mages. However those have low drop rates off their respective bosses. The quig trinket only drops in heroic tho so if you dont get it, you have to wait till the next day to try again. The dagger though is horrible for its cost. For a fire mage, there are a few good choices here.

However I would like to see a caster weapon since there is a melee weapon too. You're better off getting the Thoriumweave Cloak from mech, Armor 35 stamina, and enchant it with 12 Agil. Blue post in the EU professions forums says that we will be able to buy PRIMAL NETHERS with Badges of Justice. You can also buy helms for 60 badges. Got a response from Necrosis on the Test Realm Forums. Recently changed this to 10 badges per Nether. This is implemented into the Wowhead site. The following is a guide to how many badges you get in specific instances: The Botanica - 5 The Shattered Halls - 4 The Underbog - 4 Shadow Labyrinth - 4 The Arcatraz - 4 Hellfire Ramparts - 3 The Blood Furnace - 3 The Slave Pens - 3 The Steamvault - 3 Mana Tombs - 3 The Mechanar - 3 Auchenai Crypts - 2 Sethekk Halls - 2 Comment by TomFury.

Mechanar yields 5 badges if you don't skip any of the bosses, not 3. Hellfire Ramparts only gives 2 badges, from Omor the Unscarred and Watchkeeper Gargolmar. Junk trinket, no spell crit. Yeah, but some people don't have time to do raids, thus can't get 'the much better stuff' from the big raid dungeons. Since the Forex day trader tips menurunkan don't have much if anything else in the way of tanking, I would suggest buying that shield first and spending your badges on the other plate armor.

If you've stockpiled enough badges and have all the armor then the shield might be a good idea. Overview - Zul'Aman: Nalorakk 1 badge Akil'zon 2 badges Halazzi 2 badges Jan'alai 2 badges Hex Lord Malacrass 3 badges Zul'jin 3 badges Full Clear: 13 badges. Blood of Zul'jin: When killing the last boss in the instance Zul'Aman, whose name is Zul'jin, the raid will get one item called Blood of Zul'jinthis item starts a quest, that you get 10 badges of justice for turning in.

Emphasis on one item, only one person can loot it. Spawnable boss in Mana-Tombs: The ability to "summon" Yor, or rather, unlock his stasis chamber, is gained through the completion of a long and extremely time consuming if you're doing it on your own anyway quest line that begins with this quest: A Mission of Mercy Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombs A long quest chain eventually leads into a quest called Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombswhere you have the chance to obtain 5 badges of justice.

Spawnable forex trading llc wisconsin in Sethekk Halls: He is only summonable by a druid on the final portion of their epic mount chain, "Vanquish the Raven God", using an Essence-Infused Moonstone. The quest that starts it all is this one: Morthis Whisperwing This boss is also spawnable by any druid that has completed their epic flight form quest.

And obviously haven't thrown away their essence-infused moonstone, which they gain after completing the quest. New rewards will be available in patch 2. I really suggest you keep them for the patch, because the rewards are very, very nice plate tanking leggings, woot! The gear that will be available through badges and pvp will knock most of the low end Karazhan gear off the table and come close to the high end Karazhan and low end 25 man gear. I'm assuming this change was made as a way to shift the focus away from raiding and to heroics a little more.

Raiding will still definately be worth while, but this will give newer players and some veteran's easy access to some very nice gear just from running heroics. Correction for the spawnable mob from Setthek : any druid having done his epic flight form quest will get a new essence-infused moonstone can be placed in keyring allowing him to summon the boss whenever.

So the requirement is druids at the final step of their quest or having done the quest and not thrown the moonstone away. Theoretically you could have another sitting on unlooted corpses that haven't despawned yet in some heroic that belong to you but arn't in your bags, a completed daily heroic quest worth 2 badges, 5 badges in waiting for the etherium quest, as well as 2 badges on zul'jin and have just won blood of zul'jin worth 10and its sitting on the corpse waiting for you to find bag space.

The main issue with this cap is that you couldn't spend the badges because there's no place to put the item you'd be buying. It shows the number on the item shown on this page The number on the item means it will stack to in one bag slot. So you should be good. PvP gear is never going to replace raid instance gear. Instance gear is tailored for people to last longer in a high HP boss fight endurance - intellect, mana, mp5 and what not.

There is a big debate about this, but Blizzard is smarter than they look. Correction: you get 5 badges from heroic Shattered Halls. Three from the regular bosses, one from the guy at the end of the gauntlet who becomes a boss in heroic mode, and one from the executioner right after the final boss. You also get a couple primals I've seen fire and air from the executioner, along with a bunch of potions think Quartermaster Zigris from LBRS.

From what I can tell from the new heroic badge gear, they're hoping most people are in SSC or The Eye, and if they're not, this gear is there so that people who haven't been "hardcore" raiders can still do 5 mans and get geared enough to step into the second-to-last tier raids. I figure they've done this because they know people were really upset at how much content they didn't get to see once BC hit, on account of the vicious gear checks between MC through Naxx.

This way, more people will get to see more content, without having to be in a guild that raids 6 times a week. Thankfully, they've added another badge into Heroic Ramparts. The final boss, Vazruden, now has a Badge of Justice spawn in the treasure chest filled with his loot after you kill him. Also, they've made it so that bosses in both Karazhan and Zul'Aman drop 2 heroic badges per person, per boss. So all in all, they're really trying to use heroic badge gear to help people get geared up for SSC and The Eye, and hopefully make it to BT before the next expac.

However, heroic Mechanar now only has 4 badges, they've removed the badges from the 2 mini-bosses, and added a badge into the Cache of the Legion that is opened upon defeating both and creating the Legion Cache Key. Mechanar will now only give 4 badges one from the cache instead of one from each sub-boss and Ramparts will give 3 badges there will be a BoJ in the chest you receive after downing Vazruden. Huntsman only dropped 1 badge for us, didn't try for animal boss but I would assume that is also 1 badge.

Morose, Maiden, Opera, Nightbane all dropped 2 badges. Edit: Just did an animal boss. As per patch 2. They stack toand there is no cap or it would say Unique xx. They stack toa guildmate of mine is on his second stack. If the cap were they would be listed as Unique Also, there is no actual level beyond I assume the standard entrance requirement for a level 70 instance. Yesterday, we twinked a level 62 through the last boss of heroic Slave Pens so he could pick up a nether for the engineering helm.

Ordinarily, though, a reasonably well-geared 70 will be required if they're expected to carry their own weight. You get 22 badges for clearing Karazhan, not Beyond that, the Kz numbers are correct: one for Attumen, three for the prince, and two for all other bosses. As pointed out above, the animal bosses do not give any badges. While most PvP gear is indeed not very useful for PvE, there are exceptions, most notably rings and necks.

The healing rings and necks, for example, beat anything before the 'real' 25 mans. Yes, they do waste some itemization on resilience, but they also have plenty of stamina, intellect, healing, and mp5. The fact that they have a nice spread between all four, as opposed to items like Jade Ring of the Everliving that lose out a lot by focusing on fewer stats. PvP items might not be optimal for PvE, but at least some of them have very good itemization, making them excellent even for raiding.

Confirmed that Badges of Justice now drop from bosses in Karazhan and Zul'Aman, as of Patch 2. Edit: Further confirmed that Badges of Justice will now drop from bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep: The Eye, Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit, The Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau. Some very nice items for my warrior, which has made quite a difference with the few I've purchased, over the blues previously in use.

The rest are on quite a substantial shopping list to augment KZ drops. Even taking the trinkets, and some of the leather gear into consideration it does seem a tad stingy in comparison to the other classes. It would be nice if there is a few additions in future patches. If there was a limit on the number you can have it would say "Unique number ".

Druid PVP gear is very feasible for tanking. Currently wear 3 of them for tanking. And where exactly does one turn these in? You hand these in to G'eras in Shattrah City. The circle of epix Comment by IcemanSCG. There are new badges rewards in 2. From the latest PTR build, 25 man bosses now drop Badges. Edit: looks like it's 3 from "end bosses" such as Vashj, etc Comment by Mistheart. Currently on ptr their cost is 15 Badge of Justice and 6 gold.

At the same time both Primal nethers and Nether vortexes will be boe items! Edit: Currently Nether vortex's costs 15 badges, 6 gold payment was lifted. I was wondering if anyone knows if there will also be a new pvp cloak in 2. And if so what's the name or a link to website? There's a whole new badge loot, including Tier 6 armor and weapons equivalent for badges. BoJ can also be found in the daily reward bags from SSO in 2.

Just like with the PvP gear obtained with honour points and battleground marks, the gear purchased with Badges of Justice cannot be sold to a vendor. You can carry more than at a time. This post is out of date, for anyone reading this now the two keyholders in mech don't drop a badge each anymore. The keys combined give you 1 badge so 0. Even with this slight nerf heroic mech is quick badges for sure.

I know a couple of other people have to being wondering but as soon as we find out I'd like to know how many the 25 man bosses are going to drop. As of patch 2. Got one from a daily quest called Blast the Gateway at Throne of Kil'Jaeden. The quest rewards you with a Shattered Sun Supplies where I got the badge from. I recieved a Badge of Justice out of a 'Shattered Sun Supplies' bag today quest reward grab bag, so to speakfor the daily quest's that came out yesterday.

My friend has had this happen twice today as well. So there's another way to get them as a random drop anyway. Droprate changes in 2. All man bosses now drop 2 Badge of Justice Binds when picked up Requires Level I just got this from TURNING IN daily quest in Nagrand! RESPBREAK 2 DELIM Sas DELIM Comment by RyuSenshi. Gruul's lair - 5 badges maulgor - 2 badges gruuls - 3 badges magtheridon - 3 badges serpentshrine cavern - 13 badges hydross the unstable - 2 badges lurker - 2 badges leotheras the blind - 2 badges fathom-lord karathress - 2 badges morogrim tidewalker - 2 badges lady vashj - 3 The eye - 9 badges voidreaver - 2 badges alar - 2 badges high astromancer solarian - 2 badges prince kael'thas - 3 badges hyjal summit - 11badges rage winterchill - 2 badges anetheron - 2 badges kaz'rogal - 2 badges asgalor - 2 badges archimonde - 3 badges black temple - 19 badges high warlord naj'entus - 2 badges supremus - 2 badges shade of akama - 2 badges teron gorefiend - 2 badges gurtogg bloodboil - 2 badges reliquery of souls - 2 badges mother shahraz - 2 badges illidari council - 2 badges illidan stormrage - 3 badges sunwell plateau - 6 known 13 likely as total but if your full clearing SP who needs badge gear?

After the patch Badge of Justice will drop from all lvl 70 raid bosses 2 from each boss except the last boss in a raid who drops 3, and remember that Midnight the first boss in Karazhan just drops 1. U are wrong whit many things IF u wanna get badges easy go a heroic Bot Happy farming, i am very dissapointed that moderators at Wowhead are wrong whit very many things plz check the information u got before posting anything Comment by IslandAtWar.

I got it from a pack of Shattered Sun Supplies for turning in the Multiphase Survey daily O. These are also obtainable in Shattered Sun Supplies. Advice to new players: save your badges for a really big upgrade even if it takes a long time. Nothing more frustrating than spending 25 badges on something that will be replaced next week. Badge of Justice is dropped by almost every raid boss and every boss in heroics!

They also can inside those bags that dailys give u and u get 23 badge of justice from a full clear of kara! Thats why almost every guild goes every week When ever i get badges i tend to spend them right away HUGE mistake because there is some option put and call definitions of culture gear out there so stock up on badges so u can get some gear and in the end you will be very happy.

Drops in Several Heroics and raids, drops from each boss. The Rewards from G'eras are much like like Tier 5 Items. You can also get them from Anwehu, where do you trade justice points for honor points the Isle of Quel'Danas Portal in Shattrath city, The Rewards he sells are much like Tier 6 Items. Smith Hauthaa Also Sells the tier 6 like items, She is just placed in Isle of Quel'Danas. Of course, now that s are the newBlizz has presented an easy way to obtain these. Given time, even the most unlucky folks three months without a single drop from any instance I ran, plus more than my fair share of idiots by other where do you trade justice points for honor points admittance should be able to obtain Kara-viable gear.

Edit: Fancy where do you trade justice points for honor points link failure. How does one do this? Don't forget to loot your badges after your group kills a boss, not that it happened to me or anything. What happens when you forget looting a Badge of Justice from any heroic mode boss in 5-man instances or Raid instances? Will the boss' corpse despawn after a certain time, along with the Badge of Justice. Or will it only despawn when all Badges of Justice have been looted?

I forgot to loot 1 of the bosses in Karazhan, and after we finished I couldnt check the corpses anymore, because they all disappeared. Including the Chess event loot Comment by Ketho. Including the Chess event loot Comment by wuzzuuuuuup. In a nutshell, there is no singular rule of thumb as to whether or not PvP gear is viable for PvE.

Often, PvP gear beats "lower-end" PvE gear simply on account of its much higher stat budget - this is especially the case for non-set gear, such as boots, rings, etc. Resilience does have some use in PvE, mostly for tanks looking to remain uncrittable while wearing resistance gear e. HydrossMother Shahrazetc. No one posted comment about it? You actually CAN get these from doing Dailies. So uh, these will be useless come Wrath right?

Badge of Justice will remain necessary for level 70 content Heroics and level 70 raids. However, developers have said that they will be implementing a new form of currency for the level 80 content. Would need confirmation, but at this point it seems likely. Will theese be anything worth in WOTLK? Obtainable Token from -Raids and heroic mode instances - Shattered Sun Supplies -Daily heroic Quests Such as Wanted: The Signet Ring of Prince Kael'thas Used to buy epic items from - G'eras in Shattrath City - Anwehu in Shattrath City - Ontuvo in Shattrath City - Smith Hauthaa in Isle of Quel'Danas - Shaani in Isle of Quel'Danas Will be replaced in Wotlk by where do you trade justice points for honor points Emblem of Heroismdrops from lvl 80 man raids and 5-man heroics - Emblem of Valordrops from lvl 80 man raids Comment by Zunik.

Will Badges be used in WotLK or should you spend all of them now while you still have use for the items? From the above posts, it would seem you should spend where do you trade justice points for honor points now. Those of you looking to make a little money to save for WotLK can of course use your badges to purchase Primal Nethers and Nether Vortexes and sell them.

Be wary about this though, the auction house on my server is already flooded with these and they where do you trade justice points for honor points selling for less than half what they were a month ago. Why I'd love to have junk like that lol Confiscated as of 3. If I not have level 70, and go to BoJ "farming", I can loot the items? So in the looting corpse windows the BoJ appear? Badges of Justice are now under the Currency tab. To check this, open your character info C and click the bottom tab labeled "Currency.

They were simply relocated to your Currency. Don't be surprised when they're gone from your inventory. Like how it's ended up in BC, they want badges to appear in both Heroics and raids. However, they want to stratify it more, so it's not just one gigantic pool of items. They also want to spread the vendors around the world, so it's not just "one dude in Shattrath and one dude out on the Isle of Quel'Danas"; this sounds like an annoyance to me, and at any rate will not make a real difference in how the system works.

Proposed stratification options include: "A token from different levels of content" as well as badges that would need to be turned in for the different levels of items Different kinds of badges Comment by bloodhorde. Well, I can say that the gear it great, but the primal nether will be greater with LK around the corner, Kara will be farmed. Plenty more primal nethers on the market then.

Hope this can fix WoW economy on my server. Any item will be cheaper in WotLk? I wana buy Crossbow of Relentless Strikes but they is badge? Can i wait for WotLK and that crossbow will be cheaper? What will happen with thi badges in WotLK? Empty your bank, spend your badges and honor points and go northrend. Devante, Burning blade, warlock Comment by naTpoH. Any signs that badges will still be useful in WotLK at level 80?

WotlK is out and what do we do with the loads of BoJ we kept saving for the imba stuff? Just forget about them? Hope blizz has something planned for this It's extremely unlikely that Blizzard will make them useful for something just look at Alterac Valley: instead of fixing things people complained about since day 1, they added new Battlegrounds. At least you'll get something out of the Badges that way. You are able to trade them in shat only, due to the new patch wrath of litch king Comment by indariver.

Just in case you're a noob-sandwich on 'wut? Wrath heroics drop Emblem of Heroism I'm talking about the following: Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills Caverns of Time: The Black Morass Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog Coilfang Reservoir: The Steamvault Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair Isle of Quel'Danas: Magisters' Terrace Isle of Quel'Danas: Sunwell Plateau Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz Tempest Keep: The Botanica Tempest Keep: The Mechanar Tempest Keep: The Eye Karazhan Zul'Aman Gruul's Lair Black Temple Comment by dineoftheundead.

Is there anything you're able to do with these in WotLK or should I just ignore them alltogether? Is there any exchange vendor for these now post WotLK? I have 40 of this useless badges for nothing : Comment by insaneblade. Dang, I went through the whole post looking for an answer to this very question I need to get my hands on some Primal Nether and some Nether Vortexes Vortices? Never got my rep high with BC factions, isn't that required in order to be able to run heroic instances there?

This will give you 5G per gem, and therefor the highest vendor item you can buy with Badges of Justice, as the gear cannot be sold where do you trade justice points for honor points gold, and Primal Nethers and Nether Vortex's sell for only 1. Disenchant them might get lucky and get 2 Void Crystals from 1 item and put them on the Auction House. Obviously this is not a gold mine, and where do you trade justice points for honor points the above will not make you a millionair, but it's free gold, and having the Badges sit in your pack isn't doing anything for you either.

Rumor has it that come patch 4. What's that in your hand? Look at me, I have it. It's a badge of Justice. The Badge has now turned into GOLD. You can earn some gold with them. If you farm mounts in BC like the one from Magister's Terrace or Sethekk Halls you get alot Badges of Justice. You can change the badges at Ontuvo in Shattrath or Shaani on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

For each 15 badges you can get one BC epic gem. Each gem is worth 5 Gold at a vendor, so you can actual make some Gold from your Badges of Justice. Not much, of course, but more than nothing! Yes, they will be converted. I looked on the ptr and it was justice points but on wow wiki, it says that it will be sold for gold. Yes, all gear sold from the BoJ vendors will be sold for regular ol' gold in 4. Although I have no idea what the badge to gold cost will be.

Most likely the cost will be the same amount of gold as you get from converting the same amount of emblems IMO this is a pretty nifty change, for levelling anyway. Some of this gear especially when socketed will last at least a good levels minimum. I checked the beta, and apparently they cost Justice Points. Now with all the BoJs turning into gold, what does this mean for 70s who actually want gear? I mean, unless these points drop from level 70 instances they will have NO other way of getting more than 10 a day The level 70 daily heroic gives 10 points and I seriously doubt level 70 instances will drop them, otherwise level 80s would farm them.

So Blizzard are really being complete asshats with this IMO. As it's taking away level 70 gear from 70s, and for what reason? I seriously doubt anyone will grind the 70 daily heroic for 10 points a day to get one piece that costs over And yeah they can just get boosted through raids and whatnot, but I prefer to actually have gear before forex swing trading system 96 instances Why does it matter when I'm 70 and the rest are 80?

Because I feel I can actually do competative DPS regardless of level. As of patch 4. I can also tell that both arena points and honor points have been regrouped into one Honor Points. So remember that the currency on Wowhead hasn't been correctly updated to patch 4. Was removed in patch 4. This item is no longer obtainable in-game! This currency, as of 4. Everything that used to required badges of justice in order to purchase, will now be purchasable through a new currency called Justice Points.

If you still had any left-over Badges of Justice prior to 4. So for example, say you had badges left over prior to 4. As far as what the conversion rate is, I have no idea. One nice thing about this conversion is that killing bosses that would yield badges of justice now yield justice points instead. Not much, but it's still a nice way to build towards your 80 gear as you level beyond I posted that after doing the chess event in kara.

DId heroic ramps and got ONE at the very end. I have found no consistency. So what happens now with people who want to raid level 70 content? Possible to get JP from level 70 raid bosses? Where i can make these things in gold? Where you can earn Justice Points in pre-Cata dungeons is completely dependent on your level with one exception: The Karazhan Chess Event will always award Justice Points regardless of your level.

To gain Justice Points you must not be a higher level than the dungeon requires. For example, at level 70 or below, Heroic Burning Crusade dungeons will award Justice Points. At level 71, they will not. At level 80, Heroic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons will award Justice Points. At level 81, they also will not. At level 70, the Karazhan Chess Even will award Justice Points.

At levelyou will still gain Justice Points. At level 85 At 81 for that matteryou should not be able to gain Justice Points in any pre-Cata instances but I have found that I occasionally do. Maybe it's just a bug. Here is a basic list of where you can earn Justice Points. Note that you must not be above the level range to earn Justice Points.

The Burning Crusade: -All Heroic instances -All raids -Karazhan Chess Event Wrath of the Lich King: -Normal Frozen Halls instances. Nothing since Badges of Justice were removed in 4. Here is what you can buy with Justice Points This list also includes items that required Emblems from Wrath of the Lich King which were also removed in lieu of Justice Points.

For just items that were originally purchased with Badges of Justice, see the Level 70 Gear list only. Love the "Max Stack" now that they were removed and the cap no longer exists That number lowest options trading fees comparison the maximum positive value for a bit signed binary integer Comment by Wuatdah. I have 4 of these on my warrior, i don't know how, or why, but i do View in 3D Compare Find upgrades Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment:.

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It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database up-to-date! Sign Up Badge of Justice Item Level 70 Binds when picked up.

WoD: How to Spend Excess Honor & Get Gold, Mounts, & Transmog Gear!

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