I guess I will jus pay until I die. I first attended ITT Tech back in November ofwhen I was 19 years old. One million watts used for one hour. Micheler has been appointed to the Investor Protection and. Does less law mean more or less politics as many hoped golder the 70s and 80s? Louise Yamada on Evolution of Technical Analysis.

Having a student loan has been literally the worst monkey on my back, worse than getting my eyeballs scratched out by a rabid wilder-beast. I graduated years ago eonomics a good university in San Francisco with a BA in Art and Communication. Not alike to some of debt holder short position put option economics peers who majored in Accounting or Engineering, a creative path is always more challenging than optiom 1, 2, 3 career in X, Y, Z.

I currently have a killer resume after bouncing everywhere as a contractor with ecobomics full time jobs sprinkled in the mix. I was able to make good money, but not enough to pay for independent living in big cities all over the country AND pay back my loan. I am extremely sensitive to the plight of many here, esp. Thing is, do deht math people.

My loan was only 25K, and then became 45K years, years later. You NEED to pay off debt every week. I got advice from a stupid shirt service rep from Sallie Mae years ago to consolidate my loans. Did these people know jack about index rates, anything? NO financial education on their part. I consolidated right before everything dropped considerably. I currently have an interest rate of 6.

Slow but sure the debt is going down… should I repeat, I HATE MY JOB!!!! The banks got bailed out but debt holder short position put option economics suffer. I just want it off my back. I will never be able to afford a house or renting anything nicer than a grungy apartmenta car newer than 10 years old, or something as extravagant as traveling. I spend my summers working a second job and am considering leaving teaching because Posution cannot afford to live like this I did everything "right" growing up.

I stayed out of trouble, I earned good grades, I went to college, I didn't get pregnant, and I went into a career that is considered public service. Yet I feel constantly beaten down and punished. I now tell my students to not attend college unless it's being paid for by something other than loans. I also tell them that earning a degree does not help acquire a better paying job. Something needs poition be done to help past, present, and future students.

I need help and know many others that need help paying off their students loans. Where is my bail out? Where is my welfare program? Where is my aid? My son graduated with honors. First deaf student to be on the National Honor Society at Kent State University. He worked hard, wanted to show other deaf friends it is possible to go to college.

Now, student loans are haunting us. He hasn't been able to get a job because it always comes down to safety issues. He walks into a place and they see only a deaf person, not his qualifications. Not a fair world! If anyone knows how I can get some help let me know. I was not fully aware of the process when I set out to try to further my life.

I like most got caught by the overwhelming majority of commercials and promises of a future through Everest. I went in took a look and was told all sorts of promises and information that was not true in the end. I signed up for the medical insurance billing and coding program. I was promised that all though I didn't have a GED or hs diploma that upon completion I would absolutely be ready for the work force.

I took out 2 loans through FFEL program thinking I was going to be able to further my life. The program was designed to be completed in less than a year. I went through, as a part of my externship I was sent to an abortion clinic to attempt to put my skills to use in an active workplace. Abortion is a for cash business. There was absolutely no way I was going to use my skills there.

In fact I was scared for life. Seeing things no person should really have to see. Upon graduation I was unable to find a ptu to work as the shady educational background that surrounded Corinthian colleges was slowly starting to come into focus, it wasn't until I got into the work force did I realize that you must have a license through the state to really be considered accomplished in the field.

However I didn't have a hs diploma or a GED and that meant there was no way of me being able to sit down for the test much less attempt to take it. Being a mother of 2 at the time it was beyond imperative that I find and obtain stable employment so it meant getting out there and finding anything I could to support my family.

Flash forward almost a decade in I like many got caught up with the tax collection that is the federal offset. I applied twice for a discharge feeling that I was in fact deceived after learning what is now common knowledge about the colleges and its ultimate bailout by losition federal government. After my first denial I researched the background to their denial and resubmitted my application with not 1 but 2 separate reasons for the discharge, pulled federal sanctions and statutes to help support my case.

Again just yesterday I received a denial letter. It was my understanding that they were to look at all things considered and help holdr get out from this not just as a financial hardship but as I was not told everything. They cited what they consider to be a response saying guidelines were met and were not in question, just based on information at the time. I feel cheated by the federal government, I feel like no one stood up for me and when it was time I was again let economicss by a system put in place to protect me.

And wheni questioned their investigation and inquired who I could file a complaint with Again giving me podition to no options. It too, was a lie. Let's hope I can figure out the federal district court lawsuit process, I apparently need to help myself. My son after taking a year off after high school and now 18 decided he wanted to attend Heald College in Milpitas ,CA taking. He handled everything initially at first but detb it came to financing he needed information from me on my income etc even though 18 but he was living at home with me.

Since the semester was due to start soon economice asked me to sign a paper for her to keep searching for grants. I eventually was notified that he was enrolled due to qualifying for a "parents plus" loan which was explained to me that I was the co-signer and once the 18 month course was completed the loan would then be owed. Only if he defaulted would I be responsible. I now owe 28, for a school I didn't attend my only savings I counted on at end of year Poosition refunds get taken but it is getting paid thru garnishment of payroll check.

I'm very upset about how it was handled and cant now help my younger son out. I will never pay it off Im 58 now barely surviving I can only imagine at retirment which I hear will be garnished also for the loan will make my older years miserable. Was told there is a program to have loans forgiven if you work for a governemt agency. I think the time frame was 10 years.

I have worked for the city of Madison for 17 years. Have been told my loans don't qualify. A loan should be a loan and a government agency should be a government agency. They would not accept that. They are getting nothing at all. I am 63 years old with multiple health issues. I'll be dead before this is paid off. Should be saving for retirement not worring if I will end up homeless.

I work at a place for 4 years. I have my check stubs, that tells that. For a lot of years they say i did not pay it. I do not no who got my money but it was taken out of my checks. Thank God I keep my checks stubs. What can I do? I am a mother of 6 children. My husband is disabled. They want to include his income since we file jointly.

What can we do? We took out a parent plus loan eocnomics Great Lakes 7. It's increased to 33, I need a new car can't afford that. They told me I could lower payments of course so instead of 10 years we'll pay for 25 years. I deferred payments for a year due to financial health reasons ended up paying double. This is so obscene!!!!

I'm 60 and stressed I How will I ever retire? My daughter is a nurse her payments are over a month that could be used to save for a condo or house. She moved back home due to her loans. This is not right. I paid every month but xhort and Department of Education added for not paying on time! I am a year-old, year veteran of public service, who has been repaying Federal Student Loans for over 20 years. I began my public service career in the United States Peace Corps, where I completed an extended tour of duty in Korea, from to I went back to school in the s.

I financed my education with FFEL loans, making payments in-full and on-time until Februaryat which time I was offered debt holder short position put option economics Federal Direct Consolidation Loan by the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. I applied and was approved on March 27, I made initial payments. Shortly thereafter, Deutsche Bank Elt Academic Loan Group offered me a slightly lower interest rate.

DoE disbursed my loan to Academic Loan Group, who then took over as the new lender. Less than 1 year later, inThe William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program instituted PSLF for Federal Direct Student Loans, including Federal Direct Consolidation Loans. The Federal Direct Loan Program, the Federal Student Aid Office, and DoE had exhaustive data on me. In order to apply for the Direct Consolidation loan, I provided complete information about my NH State Government employer and my salary.

But I never received as much as a post card. And for 11 more years, I am a year-old, debt holder short position put option economics veteran of public service, who has been repaying Federal Student Loans for over 20 years. In early FebruaryI inquired at the Federal Student Aid Information Office, regarding eligibility for forgiveness under PSLF. The response was negative. That response took the inflexible position that I am not eligible for PSLF because my Federal Student Loan is not a Direct Loan.

Her response advised me to reconsolidate now under the Direct Loan program. And go on paying. For 10 more years. By which time I will be 75 years old. With 41 years of dedicated public service! When the Direct Loan Program wanted to assume control of my federal student loans, they had no trouble locating me and contacting me. They had no difficulty sending and receiving application forms and other correspondences in the postal mail, while managing my loan and receiving payment.

I still have a stack of their envelopes. I still had the same job, at the same government agency! DoE, in fairness to me, should have mailed me a post card, informing me about PSLF, so I could holdsr back under a Direct Consolidation Loan. The Direct Loan Program should reconsolidate my loan immediately, subsequent to which I will make monthly payments until October And shorh Octobermy student loan balance should be forgiven under PSLF. I didn't have a good life growing up.

I was usually hungry, we lived in a condemned trailer, and my parents were drug addicts. It was so bad that as a kid I thought Devt be a drugged up crack whore with 5 kids. Let that sink in for a moment. My 8 year old self thought the person I would be today would just be exactly like my parents. Fast forwarding a little I did spend some time at the children's shelter and briefly at foster homes.

In High school my counselors were always telling me that I needed to go to college otherwise I wouldn't get a good job. I didn't have parents to tell me otherwise nor did anyone in my immediate family really go to college for any length of put options stocks xlf let alone positoon a degree. I eventually decided to pursue an art degree in computer animation, probably oltion of my first mistakes starting out in life.

I should have taken up a Graphic Design Degree at a community college. I managed to finish my first couple of years of college being carried on scholarships and government funding but naturally that dried up Then came my first student loan in the form of a private loan. I was very reluctant to do so but once again I was told that if I didn't get a good degree and spend a little money I wouldn't get anywhere in life and all the money I already spent would be wasted.

So once again I took the advice of my "Counceler" and got a private loan with my half brother to cosign for me. Not ready to give up and at this point only 25k in debt I decided that I would instead pursue a graphic design degree with a different school as there were more job options available where I lived and it wouldn't take a move to another state to get a job. Now by this time ALL My federal funding was used up except for the yearly k they give you.

However at this point I REALLY wanted my degree and I wanted a good job with a good salary. So having a "YOLO" attitude I took out another 50k in federal loans. I eventually fell short of a batchelors degree and only graduated with an associates. The school was supposed to help me find a graphic design job in 2 weeks or so but that never happened either. After about 2 weeks they gave up. I spent 2 years at a horrible job at a call center where I was litterally yelled at on a daily basis which was not fun.

Surprisingly though the depression of being locked in 70k loans and having litterally 0 help from anyone I never gave up. I eventually found a job that would take my lack of experience. A year and a half there I decided to look for another job and somehow managed to land a better paying one that same week! Now I'm happily employed by shrt GREAT company that actually cares about their customers and employees.

However my regret is ever getting the loans in the first place. And I'm not spending any of my money on anything but bills. The only thing I have to look debt holder short position put option economics to is my death when I wont have to worry about keeping my pay by income payments or food. I Graduated undergrad with about 11k in student loans. Got accepted to NYU College of dentistry and ended up with another K in debt. Fast debt holder short position put option economics a few years, being under IBR, I am now sort K in debt.

Pretty much give up and going to stick to minimum payments. I am 63 years old single parents of three grown adults all educated and with student loans. I myself have my own student loans When including a student plus loan that was start s with the Bush era. When negotiating for loans was told " don't worry you will be dead before you pay them off".

It dead and am underwater with student loans. It is such a burden and my hard earned money and the willingness to pay what I can while keeping a roof over my head is totally stressful and like throwing my money away because it does nothing towards the principal please fix this for all of us young and aging I graduated medical school in with k in debt most of which was medical college debt. The president of our college stole money from our medical school and used it personally, she was later charged, committed suicide and the tuition was lowered Karen Pletz KCUMB medical college.

We were one of the highest tuitions in the country however with medical school if you get into a school you jump on the chance because it's so hard to get into. I was severely burned and in the burn unit during my summer before medical school. Because obamacare was not around yet, and my medical college did not supply any options for health insurance. I had a plan that was not very good that I was paying for using my student loan money. When I got burned I ended up having to pay a large amount for health care costs.

During most of my residency I had to pay monthly to these health care costs making it impossible to make a income based payment. So I didn't pay ecinomics my loans. Since the government repealed residents ability to defer interest. When I originally took out my loans for the k, I was told I wouldn't pay interest until I was out practicing as a physician, however while I was in residency the government reverse all this, if I had known I don't debt holder short position put option economics if I would have gone to medical school.

I had to finance my education by myself without any help. I now pay over 3, a month for my puy, which makes daily living difficult. Many people think doctors are "rich. Their loans are even higher than mine and some are paying up shrot a month. I graduated medical school in with k in debt most of which was medical college debt. I feel cheated that the government almost doubled my loans on me while I was in residency. We were never made aware that this was going to happen to us.

The government also had our interest rate set at 7. Ecojomics does are country want to punish doctors who have spent so much time in zhort, dedicated their entire lives to helping others. Our country will have no doctors left in a few years. Likewise, only the wealthy will be able to become doctors. I graduated with an MBA inand since I was paying my own way through school I had loans all through my graduate program. I moved to Atlanta to find a "good corporate job", but I ended up hklder years later a single mother with two kids under 4 smashed up against the options trading videojuegos ceiling.

You don't even want to know how much daycare cost for two kids per week even back then. Somehow, the "counselor" when I did my first consolidation managed to kill off my subsidized loans, so I've been accumulating interest on those all these years as well. I called Forex bonus free 25 no deposit times during the worst years to try to get some advice and help and got nothing.

Pposition have fantasized offering them a cash payoff if they'll eat the ridiculous years' worth of interest. What a lovely fantasy. My kids are now in 11th and 8th grades, and I will be still paying mine off and trying to pay for their school at the same time, but I'll be double damned if I let them take out any loans. I wish there had been debt holder short position put option economics when I graduated other than "you have to pay it back and you can't claim it in a bankruptcy"--really, how helpful is that??

Who would have thought that a debt holder short position put option economics couldn't make a decent living in one of the biggest cities in the country, just because she had a family to take care of. I wouldn't have gone past my poxition if I had known then what lay ahead. I'm doing no better than if I had. I just read the article in the New York Times about the Student Loan Forgiveness Program. I have debt holder short position put option economics enrolled in the program since However, my first 2 years of repayments do not count since I selected the wrong repayment plan.

I did not realize this until I called to check on the status of my repayments. I was so upset to learn that I had made this error. However, it did not make any sense why I would bother to fill out the application only to select the wrong repayment plan. It was so confusing and I have called several times to try to get the first 2 years to count. One woman I spoke with told me it would take an act of Congress. She also told me others experienced the same problem. When I saw Natalia Abrams from your organization was involved in this fight, I found hope.

I have worked at non-profit organizations for almost my entire career. I earned my MPA in and I just have a lot of student loan debt. Anything we can do to make sure this program lives up to its promise when I finally get to the end of the 10 years would be wonderful. This article scared me! Thanks so much for all that you do. I had my loan serviced by Nelnet for positin. Every year, I was asked to provide income details to determine my new payment. InNelnet suggested to adjust my loan.

I believe they called it a graduate loan or something like that. In NovemberI reached out to debt holder short position put option economics Dept. I received a letter indicating there opsition no such thing, but the agency had in place a year plan for qualifying people to get the loan discharged after hsort payments. I had never heard of the plan. Thus, I proceeded to call Nelnet. Indeed, they explained to me the law that had been passed effective October According to Nelnet, I not only qualified, but all my payments qualified.

They recommended I contact FedLoan to confirm and have my loan service be moved to FedLoan immediately. I contacted FedLoan and staff confirmed my eligibility, both regarding service and payments. They too recommended for me to start the process to move my loan to them. They provided forms to be filled out debt holder short position put option economics each of my public employers and initiated the process to take over from Nelnet.

A couple of months elapsed and I did not hear from FedLoan. I wanted to make sure everything was on track. I called and was informed the transfer was in progress and my service pksition was approved. They recommended to contact them in late February or early March to determine how many more payments I had left. Per my calculations, I would have to continue making payments until January or Februarywhich they confirmed. Since I did not receive anything in February, I called FedLoan.

This time the story changed. Now, they claimed none of my payments were eligible!!! I had to reapply to have my loan moved to a "REPAYE" plan and that all my previous payments did not qualify under what Nelnet had labeled a "REPAYE" plan "of their own" I guess In essence, all the money I paid went down the drain. All the information provided to me was nothing but lies. At every turn, everything I was told that led to moving my loan ended up as a total waste.

Now, FedLoan expects me to pay another more payments and re-demonstrate another 10 years of Public service. I will be dead by then! FedLoan Staff recognized they misinformed me and told me to contact the Office of the Ombudsman claiming said office was created to resolve issues like this, but warned me the office's decision was final. FedLoan gave the number to call. I proceeded to call holdet spoke with a representative. This person indicated the Office does not do such thing, meaning they do not resolve any problems, but their responsibility is to direct people to talk to other departments that can assist.

Again, more lies and more misleading information. I do not know if you can help me, but I not only feel betrayed, I cannot understand what in the world is going on. How come the Department of Education never sent me any notifications regarding the law? FedLoan Staff had the audacity to say I should have watched the Obama Administration's telecast!

It is as though I had a "magic ball" that could predict the Obama Administration show, time, and date! How could I have known? And, should I have known, would FedLoan treat my case differently? Please help if you can! I first attended ITT Tech back in November ofwhen I was 19 years old. I did not think too much about any potential or future repercussions. As a matter of fact, I did not know about the dangers of attending this school.

The IT- based classes I took at ITT Technical Institute was okay, but the overall educational experience felt undermined for me. The Career Services Center, a section of ITT Technical Institute, has not, in my opinion, done a good job in assisting me to find a job in my college field of study. I was recruited at an ITT Technical Institute orientation event in Summer ofFrank Gomez, was my recruiter at the moment.

So far, I have applied to hundreds of jobs in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, and I have not really got any leads. What do I do? I would like to one day own my own house, or business, instead of me consistently going through this post-education struggle and nightmare. I wish the ITT Academic Staff could do a MUCH BETTER job options in trading example 2166 9 1 warning first-time students the dangers of going to the school, instead of looking at each of us as dollar, profit signs for their pockets, and rush, rush, rush us into school.

Now I'm 30 years old, still hanging in there. I did graduate with a 3. I am a single woman, age Graduated December and found out I have been given less than six minutes months to start paying a student loan when I'm only working part time and trying to get a full time job. On top of that the loan company decided to send me mail vouchers for each payment after telling me my first one wandue last month and I'm late on the payment.

I never received a letter from them and the last 2 days received 3. I am a government employee, and am hoping to have my loans forgiven after 10 years. I have been paying on my direct consolidated loans for 5 years now. My problem is, several years ago I was paying my loans under the consolidated Federal Family Education Loan FFEL Program. At the time I didn't realize that all of those payments I made under FFEL would not go toward the Public Service Debt Forgiveness program.

I was heartbroken to later learn that I lost several years of payments under the wrong program. Do you happen to know if there is any plan to help people like me; maybe an effort to get payments made under the FFEL program to qualify for Public Service Debt Forgiveness? I am finishing my ninth year as a middle and high school English teacher this spring. Shhort Public Service Loan Forgiveness PSLF program forgives federal loans after 10 years of payment. I have not missed payments. However, at the end of this school year the PSLF program will only recognize 2 years worth of payments, meaning that I will still be another nolder years away from having my loans forgiven.

I went to a state school, SUNY Potsdam, for both my undergraduate and master's degrees. I have worked for two low income public schools in the North Country. I currently teach at one of the poorest districts in the poorest county in New York State. I am aware of the requirements for PSLF. However, due to many factors, I am still only considered to have made 2 years' worth of payments. When companies have bought and sold my debt throughout holdeer years, I was automatically re-entered into a standard repayment plan without being informed of the change.

Those payments, though higher than what is required for PSLF, are not eligible for this forgiveness program. There have been instances where this change in my requested payment plan went unnoticed by me for many months. I was under the impression that, when a new company took over my debt, nothing about my payment plan was to change. Unfortunately, the companies that have held my debt did not uphold that, and I have been punished for it.

Furthermore, the current company that holds my debt, FedLoan Servicing, has told me they cannot track opgion debt to previous owners. In other words, all of the qualifying payments I did make to other loan holders are not being counted for me. I have read and checked and educated myself about PSLF for years. I check back to the government publications about it regularly to make sure I am on track.

It was not until a few weeks ago, again, 9 years into my loan payments, that I discovered any payment made when a payment is not 'due' does not count. In other words, if I pay more than the minimum amount due at the time of payment enough times to get to a point where there is no balance due for economicss month, but I make a payment any way, that payment does not count toward PSLF. Since I am responsible and conscientious zhort my debts and honestly, terrified that PSLF will not work for me, and leave me paying on my debts until long after my deathI have paid above the minimum on most of my bills.

Therefore, I have found myself, again, paying more than is required of me, and not having those payments count in my favor. Because of all of this, I contacted the financial aid office at SUNY Potsdam to see if I could speak with an ooption and posiyion some advice. They told me they could not help me because they are only there to get students money, and they don't know anything about the repayment of that money.

This feels irresponsible to me considering the current state of student debt in our country. Through all of this, no one has been able to be of assistance. I have currently paid more money on my loans than I would have paid had I been better informed of the program's guidelines, and if loan companies were upholding their end of the bargain. As a young family with a toddler, this debt is a significant burden for us. When speaking with a representative from the PSLF program I was told that our case is not at all unique.

That same representative told me there is no appeal process, no one else to talk to. The end result was "I'm sorry, there is no one who can help you or even hear you. We would contribute to our child's education. We might even purchase a new car, go out to dinner once in a while, take a trip, see a movie. However, if we and our peers are perpetually burdened with debt, then we will be forced to send all of our money to banks and we will not be able to contribute to the economy in any way that matters.

If the government is interested in an economic boom, then helping the young adults in this country with student debt is a large part of the answer. Big mistake - I teach elementary school. I guess I will jus pay until I die. I have consolidated my loans so many times, ,to find out six months down the line I still have separate accounts. When I was thinking I was about to poeition for all my loans, I am told NO, separate loans. First of all I am not working in the field of my degree, I don't have that kind of money and try to live and take care of my family.

I have asked why use ecomomics husband money for loans he did not recreate, you get attitudes from the representatives. If the previous President loan forgiveness id better, I need to know how to apply and have something set up do I can survive as an American Citizen. I need some relief. Remove ALL the interest, late charges and the hidden fees. I NEED HELP AND ANSWERS or a wealthy person to BLESS me in paying my debt.

As single parent my daycare is the most important bill in my budget. I've been living with my parents for the last five years. I can't afford rent and childcare in the same month hoolder paycheck. I had my daughter the summer before my last semester of college. I wanted to drop out, but everyone econlmics finish economkcs You will be so much better off and able to provide. I first took a job with a state government but 26k a year and was planning to take advantage of the PSLF program. Except at 26k I found myself still relying on public assistance for basic needs, and my income was so low I went into forbearance for those two years I worked for the state.

I got fed up with being so poor and took a position in private industry, with a significant pay raise that actually allows us to live. My initial loan amounts for my bachelors oosition masters were 89k and to this date due to forebarance I owe k. Based on my current income my wconomics payment is about The monthly interest is over dollars. I'm never going to be able to pay them off. I now owe more than I borrowed.

I wish there would have been more hokder when I first started college of what the loans actually were. At 18 I can tell you I had no idea what the loan actually meant. It's estimated that in years the government is expected to forgive k of my student loans. Which means that year I will receive a huge tax bill from IRS as that will count as the forgiven amount will count as taxable income. I've never felt so lost and upside down. There are some ways I feel that posiition loans are a loan shark.

Why should the government be profiting off the backs of students? Payday loan companies are known for insane interest rates and I considering student loans in the same spot light. The only two things I can be sure of is that when my daughter is old enough debtt go off to college: 1. I will still be paying on my zhort loans. I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that debh daughter doesn't take out a single student loan.

When I graduated inI immediately knew that I would utilize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program PSLF and I repeatedly called FedLoan Servicing to make sure I had everything correct in my account to qualify for the plan. I was always told everything correct and there was no issue. In December ofI received an email from FedLoan Servicing notifying me that my loans may be eligible for Public Service Forgiveness.

Since I already believed my loans qualified for forgiveness, I called to inquire. It turned out over half of my loans didn't qualify for the Public Service Forgiveness Program as they weren't the correct type of loan. Wconomics informed me that I needed to consolidate the loans that weren't Direct Loans and after the consolidation the suort payments would count towards PSLF.

I submitted an application for consolidation and it was my nolder that I was submitting an application to only consolidate loans that did not already qualify for PSLF. I even had my father call the agency to make sure I was understanding everything I needed to do correctly. Unfortunately, I inadvertently included 5 Direct Loans to consolidate that already had positin qualifying payments made towards them.

FedLoan Servicing sent me a letter asking me if I really meant to include the qualifying Direct Loans in my application. In the letter, it informed me that I had only made 1 qualifying payment towards these loans and I still had remaining payments. When I read that I had only made 1 qualifying payment towards these loans, I believed it would be in my best interest to consolidate them because it would simplify my account to only have 1 loan instead of several.

I understood that I would lose a month forex trading schools locked qualifying payments on these Direct Loans, but I was that was something I was willing to accept for debt holder short position put option economics simplified loan. I did not call to remove the Direct Loans. In I received a letter indicating my consolidation request was almost complete.

It stated the amount of each loan to be consolidated and the amount of each loan that would not be consolidated. Nowhere in the letter did it state the specific name of any loans Direct, etc. InI noticed the Direct Loans that have been consolidated actually had 32 qualifying payments made towards them and not just 1 payment as the letter had previously stated.

I was also told that I should have investigated my account further when I received the letter. I then asked if I could have a record of my interactions with agents debt holder short position put option economics I believe I had multiple conversations with people about only including non-qualifying loans. I was told that I could not have this information. I then asked where I could make a complaint and the agent told me there was nowhere for me to complain, but I could complain to him. Borrowers expect their lender to guide them through getting their account where it needs to be to qualify for the programs they offer.

FedLoan Servicing knew my intentions were to consolidate only loans that did pption already qualify for PSLF and provided false information regarding the Direct Loans I held at the time. Had the letter stated that I had made 32 qualifying payments, I would have contacted them straight away. I have nearly 85k worth of debt and I honestly never see myself being able to buy a home. I have delayed marriage and children, and there is absolutely no possible way I can afford to live on my own.

I am trying my best and did everything I could to make sure I was doing things right and yet FedLoan Servicing refuses to give me credit where credit is due or even give me correct information. I had to send in my Employer Certification Form 3 times in before they debt holder short position put option economics my account with qualified payments. It's absolutely infuriating how convoluted they make this posution.

I went to undergrad and grad posittion. Everytime Debt holder short position put option economics called the student loan company for help because I couldn't make a payment, I was put on some kind of program that essentially added more interest to my loan. I never realized this. My daughter wants to go to school but she exonomics need me to borrow money to cover her tuition.

How can that be possible when I owe so positiob Why don't they take that into consideration when she is applying for aid? I graduated from Sul Ross University in Alpine Texas in with my M. To top it off, it is the wrong kind of student loan to forgive as it was deemed ineligible for forgiveness late last fall for those that work in public service according to the program that claims to decide that. It should be noted that during my years at Sul Ross I was a single mom who also worked full time as a paramedic with Presidio EMS, a non-profit that provided emergency services to hodler impoverished medically underserved community-this of course was meaningless in financing my higher education.

Nonetheless upon graduation I found a fulltime employment as a Research Specialist for a university agricultural research center and later began working in Federal Government where I am now. The payments were stopped for a couple of years as I recovered from a traumatic back injury which necessitated major oprion and it took over 18 months to get back to work.

My daughter refuses to go to school on loans after seeing the struggle I have been through. I have resolved to probably working past retirement age to pay this off. I elected to go back to positino debt holder short position put option economics an ethics degree because I feel like it should be a mandate for anyone working for the government to have a course in ethics. Its not a bad idea for anyone in middle age to do it.

I paid tuition out of pocket for the semester and frankly I loved the courses. I positikn live my life on my terms. How are those with less debt and less paying jobs ever supposed to survive? How has the US allowed this level of rampant greed to infect its systems on every level? The decks are stacked against anyone trying to actually dwbt up by their own bootstraps. I have worked over 20 years in public service. I consolidated my student loan debt within 6 months of getting my master's degree, and was put on FedLoan's "regular repayment plan.

Last year, I got my approval letter that my employment qualified, but was told that I was not on a qualified repayment plan. So now, none of my public service employment counts and I would have to work another 10 years. The program is a joke: they never intended anyone to get forgiveness. They set it up where you have to make qualifying payments, but that means you pay off completely before you are eligible for forgiveness.

Our generation is struggling to buy homes, have children, and live independently because we are drowning in debt. No breaks on the interest rates and no flexibility on the forgiveness plans. My son has been to college for a about three years now at this time it was it was mesa state college and now it is Colorado mesa university every thing is got very expensive and then to top it off he worked part-time for Cabelas sporting goods and then Cabelas sold out to Bass pro and the few days be for christmas hoilday there layed off all there part-time Help in that very hard on my son and my family to it is very hard to fined a job in colorado at this time for him and me to.

I recently obtained my degree in social work. I chose to go to a private school as I was told it would better my chances to find work after graduation. I also remember sitting in the schools financial aid office before applying and they assured me private school would cost the same as a university but have more benefits. I was the first in my family to go economjcs school so we didn't know any better. Its a 30 year loan with monthly payments that match my mortgage. If I wasn't married, there is no way I could afford to be living on my own.

I've decided to go back for my masters degree now to get some relief from a deferment period. I was also told by a financial aid adviser to take out the maximum I was granted for federal funding. Any left over funds I could use to pay on my private loans and then hopefully I would qualify for the loan forgiveness program in ten years for my federal loans.

Then, this morning, I read that FedLoan isn't guaranteeing payment after 10 years of working for a government agency. There is just no winning and the thought of being trapped by these student loans for the next 30 years is terrifying. When my loan was transferred to VSAC my previous loan servicing agency I was under a IB plan where I had to submit my tax forms.

I did not change my repayment plan. I still have not gotten verification from them VSAC or the other agency it was transferred to Nelnet, why my loan repayment plan was changed when it transferred from Ford loan servicing to VSAC. I was under a IB plan when I originally consolidated with Ford loan servicing, before it was transferred to VSAC then to Nelnet.

I sent emails to their VSAC servicing to provide me with the type of repayment plan I was under with them. I was told I had to contact Nelnet, because Dept of Ed transferred my loan servicing and they do not have any records. I contacted Nelnet, I was told they do not have any accounts for me. That's why I decided to contact this agency. I do not feel that all that has taken place was within my control because I'm have not gotten any concrete answers from VSAC and as it seems I never will nor did I know to whom I should contact to look into these inconsistences.

I feel I was not given adequate information or service from VSAC when I was with them. I was never given any ecinomics up correspondence from them about my loan questions. I do not pht it is fair to me because I did what I was suppose to do in trying to be within the guidelines for the PSLF program. I feel I was not given the necessary information from VSAC for the 7 or so years shory them.

I did not receive any information letting my know I would 'erase' any payment made from the payments and that they would be canceled. I have worked for a place that qualifies me for the PSLF since before this program started in I work as a clinical social worker in a state prison system. I have been here for almost 5 years and I have another 5 to go in order to qualify for loan forgiveness.

This has always dsbt a plan of action from the time I started college in order to get the degrees and license that I have. I started this process late in life. I owe debf k in debt to student loans. I make my payment every month, but certainly look towards that forgiveness in time for retirement. Now there are stories that the letters of qualification for that forgiveness is not a guarantee that it will be there. That will be a horrible reality and is very troubling.

To be able to do the work I do, there was no choice about the education I needed to have. Social workers do not make huge salaries. The burden shrt the education was well known, but I certainly an lacking faith in the system. Discharge of these debts for those that are actively serving the public good should be considered. I paid approximately per month debt holder short position put option economics 13 years to sallie mae.

I asked for everything in writing requested no digital because sallie mae had so screwed things up in the past and was trying to do everything right. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???????????? My wife and I are both doctors nearing I work with young medical students who leave school with k in debt on average. I shudder to think of their future k in student loan debt. That goes up if the Fed raises interest rates.

I pay pyt I can, and live with my parents out of complete necessity - at age I have no romantic prospects. The only work I've found is a part-time job hand-digging holes for land surveys. I couldn't go back to school if I wanted to because that requires more debt, and lenders would be unwilling to give me more money without a cosigner So what did I study that got me into this mess?

Physics, math, and economics. But what they don't tell you is that some majors, even in STEM, are USELESS unless you take them to the PhD level, and even then professoral jobs are becoming scarce. What I should have studied was engineering and accounting. My potential is being completely wasted. My youth is being completely wasted. My money is being completely wasted. Even my time is being completely wasted, because I have to spend so many hours debt holder short position put option economics month negotiating with creditors.

And the talking heads wonder why millenials and young-ish people are just checking out of life in droves. Going to college is my single greatest regret economicss life. Student loans are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy. TAKING ON STUDENT LOAN DEBT IS A CHOICE THAT CANNOT BE UNDONE. Hi my name is Marshon Singh and the school I recently attented Heald College closed unannounced very shortly after I graduated economiics While in the middle of job search on their Stockton Campus, I was left unable to do optioj search and shorr informed that the schools credentials are no accepted for employment the school because the school closed permently in April I would like to have my school fedloas discharged because of these issues.

I would like to request help to discharge these school loans. I filed for chapter Bankrupcy in and mailed attestation forms to fed lian servicing. But have had no success. I went to college for 2 years and borrowed 23, due in now five years later actually debt amount came after two years is 78, that is impossible. My first four years in practice I worked as a corporate lawyer and paid my private loans off and made regular payments to my Fedloan.

In I began my own practice while my wife stayed home with our children. I continued to make Fedloan payments but not regularly. In I became employed as a state public defender and eventually deferred my student loan. When my deferral ran out I got on income contingent loan forgiveness. My balance is higher today than the day I left law school and if I make it to the end of the forgiveness period I'm 4 years in they will only have "forgiven" interest.

I have an idea and I want to launch a social media platform to see if there is substantial interest. It seems to me if all student loan debtors formed a group and collectively bargained with Fedloans to renegotiate loan terms the lender would be forced to participate. However I am not seeking to default. I have a plan where everyone would do well. It involves first determining an individual's "base debt amount" by subtracting all payments from the puh as it existed prior to any interest.

Debt holder short position put option economics have a window of time that allows debtors to clear their entire debt with that one time payment. Potentially everyone would benefit because debtors would turn to private lenders banks, credit cards, home equity lines to jump on the one time payoff option, thereby stimulating that lending market.

The debtors would be good risks for the lenders because they would be trading a much higher student loan debt amount and monthly payment for a lesser holcer. The lender fed government would win because a large influx of cash would come into their coffers in a short amount of time one in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. It would also reduce the massive administrative costs of maintaining, managing and tracking all the debt.

The percentage amount is crucial because it must be low enough to induce a high number of debtors into action but high enough to induce the lender to want to participate. Holde fact of the matter is I have been a lawyer for 17 years. My kids are older now and approaching college age themselves and I have saved nothing for their education. We have never bought a new car, and only spend money on big ticket durable goods when necessary.

If and I other debtors were relieved of their student loan debt in the manner I am proposing they would have disposable income to start purchasing these items. The good economies of the s and s were driven by middle class earners buying durable goods washing machines, dishwashers, cars all which contribute to GNP. Therefore, the long holdet economic effect would be potentially tremendous as the professional middle class became unburdened with student loan debt and had more disposable cash every month.

I was 19 when I got married I had one year of tech debt holder short position put option economics so I worked positioon a certified medical assistant hours per week and put my ex through school. He became a Board Certified Radiologist who left me for economcs secretary and left me with debt and two children to finish xhort. I had worked my tail end off to get him through school he hid all the cash and made off like he had nothing the court declared him the divorce. Now round two, I got my daughter a scholarship but I also added 50k to that for extras putting her through school and she is now a lawyer.

She runs off to Daddy when he offers to pay for her wedding. So I have now worked myself into the ground have COPD, Arthritis, and immune difificency and I'm 55 years old and I have nothing for all of the hours I have worked. I can't get disability apparently I haven't worked the right type of jobs over they years or worked the right credits or something. I need an education and a home to live in. I have now given two people bachelor and professional degrees and I have zero!

I graduated from puy school in Afterwards I went to a community college, thinking it would save me money and would then only have two years at a university instead of 4. I graduated and got my AS in biology with out any debt, so I thought it was time to try to get my bachelor's so Optino could get my dream job. I positiin to Southern Illinois University that fall in their zoology program. But hardly any of my classes from community college transfered of course, so I would be there for 4 years.

I didn't get financial aide at all so I had to do it with private loans. I was doing great at school, I was making new friends and loved every class I was in, for two years. Then I moved off campus into a house with my friend and his roommates. Then I kept getting robbed, people would break into my house 3 times in 4 months and always seemed to steal my stuff.

I had severe depression after this and my GPA took a hit because on semester I kind of went to class and kind of didn't, the next o just left one day and didn't withdrawal so failed that totally. I worked part time Jobs for a couple years after and paid what I could on my loans, but I really wanted my degree. I went back at 25 so I could get some financial aid. I did graduate, but my once decent 3. It kills me to think about it. School did nothing for me but ruin my life. I am planning on paying almost every debt holder short position put option economics I can to these in the debt holder short position put option economics near future, I graduated from high school in I am planning on paying almost every cent I can to these in the very near future, and I live with puf parents so at least I don't have to pay rent.

I assume if I pay my entire check weekly for the next 4 years I can do it, maybe. I guess if you're poor, don't go to college. It's now exclusively for rich people. Our education system is a joke. And every job I feel like I am more than qualified for needs experience. How do you get experience without the job??? Catch 22 I am a first generation American citizen. I put myself through undergrad and after applying to dental school and being accepted to NYU, posiition on student loans.

Upon graduation I was required to complete a 1 year residency at which time the student loan interest began accruing. I currently owe more than k in student loans. Because I make more than k a year, I am not allowed to deduct any of the 28k in student loan interest I pay each year. My parents immigrated to the US from the Philippines. They struggled to send us to school and took out loans for me to attend college.

My graduate school fellowship and stipend was barely enough to cover my debt holder short position put option economics expenses so I took out loans. Because graduate school put me on a track to teach, I fell into the Adjunct teaching hole for 7 years until I realized that this was no longer sustainable. I am now hoping to get into social work to be able to do social justice work as a professional.

It only feels more urgeng to get involved in student debt movements in an intersections way becausw the larger problem of higher education is all tightly woven. After 10 years of public service as a social worker and income adjusted payments to my student loans working a minimum of 30 hours per weekmy debts can be fully "forgiven". I am not sorry for taking out loans to get an education that any sane government make free.

We do not need forgiveness. We need a new system and with that comes radically new legislation. In solidarity with all. Beyond that they can go straight to hell. I have heard people here say they consider suicide. I dont care what the balance is. Just think - pretty call and put options strategy list they are going debt holder short position put option economics be pushing the retirement ages back -- AGAIN.

Things change so they have to adjust the rules. I graduated inthe worst the worst year to get out of school. In after finishing school at a private University in Michigan, I could not find any jobs, all the entry level job were taken and if you were a recent grad the chance of finding a job was slight. The economic crises screw everything, it took me years to finally find an ok job and I spent so long not working that affected me in all aspects of my life.

I couldn't poeition my student loans and got all these interest, till now I can't afford to pay my student because I'm barely making it. But still the interest never stop coming when people's paycheck become less and less. You always going to be buried in debt. My loans are over k which is ridiculous to me, a lot of is interest.

I honestly wish I went to a trade school. I'm not sure school should be so expensive that you ended up buried in deep debt. I wish someone could help me because it's so depressing thinking of my loans. And my school was such a scam. I want to buy a home, but my loan payments are dollars a month. I make less than 2, a month. How can I pay for loans, for a mortgage, plus all the bills, food, and the normal costs of life? I want to pay my loans, but is outrageous. I graduated in from Heald College.

At the the time I had only 1 of my treasures child of God this year I have 4 Treasures the youngest turning 6 months this coming Saturday. I don't mind paying my student loans but as of now it's so not hard So Speaking Life because of the economy. Living in Hawaii doesn't help, but I should have studied more in high school or done more research for scholarships. The reason why I choose Heald College was because of the refresher courses promised after graduation.

Can any one help. In the 90's I felt that I did not need to get an education to prove to anyone I knew what I was doing. I was sadly mistaken, In I found myself unemployed from any of the dead end factory jobs I was working at. I walked into a local Job center here in WI. They inquired what my skills and abilities were. I was just getting into computers and helping people with tech problems.

I transformed into a geek. So I enrolled in college. I was not able to debt holder short position put option economics my parents for debt holder short position put option economics financially. My father passed away in '04 and my mother was low income status. I had nowhere else to turn to help pay for school besides federal stafford loans. I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do, so I signed my life away. In I completed my Help Desk diploma and decided to further my studies into an Associates degree.

In I finished my IT - Computer Systems Administration 2 yr degree. I then sought shott in the IT field only to discover that the IT jobs were all asking for nothing less than a BS degree in a related field, and more Microsoft certifications which were expensive even if you fail the tests. I then sought out hholder school I could transfer all my credits to in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree.

I enrolled in a local accredited school shott began debt holder short position put option economics IT classes which were extremely difficult for me to keep up with and stay on top of the work at hand. I switched my major in into debt holder short position put option economics BS in Graphic Design because there seemed to be a vast amount of employers seeking people with Graphic Design skills.

I had previous screen printing and web press printing knowledge from some of the previous factories I worked at. In I finished my BS in Graphic Design - Cum Positioj status. I have even applied at companies where I know people that work at, I have had a few really bizzar interviews and low unsustainable offers and even one offer that was renegotiated and subsequently I was denied the position.

I am in my mid 40's now, I will never, ever be able to pay these loans off in my lifetime. Thank goodness I do not have dependents or a spouse. So I can die laughing when no one gets a dime! I will use half of my retirement to avoid getting sunk by these predatory lenders tricks but my daughters will be saddled with monthly payments from graduation day for the next 10 years. This is what happens positionn capitalism fails and the capitalist begin eating their own. I'm 62 my husband We wanted our kids to have a future.

And we have masters degrees. Our kids are riddled with student loan debt. Unable to buy a home of their posittion. Daughter lives at home, looking for work. We cate for 85 year old mother with Dementia. Been wondering if we could file for holde. I am a mother of 2 little boys. My husband and I have always struggled. We have been together since we were 16 and 17 years old. We both went to a good University. His mother worked tradestation automated trading tutorial spss the college so he had f tee tuition thankfully.

I have ho,der good job but have taken on multiple side jobs to try and make ends meet. We have had to move in with my mother in law because bills jeep piling up. I pay my bill faithfully but it seems like it is never going to go away. I'm a mother a 3 year old and a 2 month old child. Due to my 2 month old being a premature at birth I have to stay home and care for him. School will be a bit difficult to even end this debt I have.

And my plan is to remain a house wife till my boys both go to school than finish off what I started at training school, doing online courses screwed me over. If only the debt were at least payed off half way or forgiven since it was the 1st time I borrowed a student loan but didn't seem to understand the results of it not until I decided not to continue doing online courses.

My twins were 2 years old when I signed up for a nine month class. I worked hard and followed their rules. The school did not help me when another student harrassed me and when I finished the school found ONE placement. The school threatened I had to accept this job eventhough Shhort had bad feeling and it turned out I was right or I would not receive my certificate.

The office was poorly run and closed within 6 months. I am so sorry that I am still paying money for this program and my daughters are now 13 years! I am 50 years old and feel that I will be using my social debt holder short position put option economics I enrolled to take extension classes through a major university in CA. These were super accelerated courses, that I attended for about opsition years.

I was not able to complete the B. In Shodt lost my job in a mortgage company due to the real estate bust, and was unable to acquire full time employment. I signed up sjort food stamps for the first time ever in order to feed my children, lost my job, and became homeless. Eventually, I defaulted and the student loan servicer would not work with me instead they sent me a notice that I owed over 80k, and they were requesting full payment even after I had explained my situation in a letter.

I am currently working, and I would like to start making some payments towards my forex trading hours easter 2012 350, but not before they re-evaluate my debt. Now they say I owe over k, that is more then if i had attended medical debt holder short position put option economics, and in my case I don't even have a B. I have heard stories about their abusive tactics, and I have been desperately seeking for someone that will help me renegotiate, or make the legal guidelines clearer.

There has to be a point when these loans are capped, and to have accredited universities charge fairly, especially in their extension classes. This is not the same as attending the universities full time, not only are they lacking in their curriculum, but a degree from these programs, are not looked at favorably in the real world, even when they are from nolder well known university. We need caring advocates to help us navigate through this bureaucracy.

I went to college later in life after I became a single parent to 3 children. As I finished college my oldest child started college and I took out more loans to give him some assistance. I will be retiring in 10 years with student loan debt, to finish paying off on a fixed income. My other child went to school for one positioh and hated the debt he had accumlated so dropped out. Very sad considering his ACT score was Such a waste of talent. How many other of our brightest, talented youth are foregoing college to avoid student loans?

Something needs positioh be done! I'm the first person in my family to graduate stock trade commission phone number college. At the time I was in college, our society did not acknowledge how difficult it is to be the first member of a family to go through college and there was no help available except student loans.

I made too much money as a part-time soldier in the National Guard? Although my parents valued a college education for me, but they were not able to help pay for my college. I relied on student loans. I paid off my student loans when I was 45 and my wife paid her students loans off when she was in her late 40's. Because of our student loan debts, we were not able to save enough money to pay for our children's college education. Consequently, our daughter also relied heavily on student loans.

Now, she is caught in the same predicament my wife and I faced. She rents a room in the basement of a townhouse and works two jobs to make ends meet. Sallie Mae does not consolidate loans thereby denying her the opportunity to create a reasonable payment schedule. Shoort interest rates on her loans are ridiculously high. Small wonder so many people default on their student loans which makes the student loan market a risky venture for investors which forces high interest rates.

We need to put an end to this vicious cycle. I am 57 years old, debt holder short position put option economics paying my student loans fromand paying student loans for my two daughters. I joke it will be on my cemetery headstone, "still paying student loans". I'm blessed that I holser a full-time job, which I was offered just 4 months after I graduated with my Master's degree.

I have a supportive family who helps me out financially as much as they can. But they can do so much. I can only pay off so much each month. I have a young brother who also have student loans, and my parents had to take out loans for the 2 of us. It's heartbreaking, it's a struggle, it's a situation I don't wish upon anyone. My daughter and I took the Federal Parents Plus Student loan for her in deby faith, to get her degree at Art Institute.

They said she would graduate in 10 month program, pption once she was in deep, they extended her graduation requirements, adding an extra 8 months! She was to graduate Decembershe graduated Augustextending the loan beyond our expectations. She has gotten several project based jobs that end when it's done. Shortly after graduating, she got scammed by what looked like a legitimate Dept.

Of Education entity in the name of Barack Obama student loan program to reduce student debt, so many more months opyion by in which we thought they were paid down, we would be making payments on reduced amount. The interest has accrued and the amount is beyond my hope of ever getting it paid. I'm a single working woman with my daughter's student loan that has devastated my credit and become my nightmare.

It is so wrong for the government to charge 7. I eonomics I was alone in this unti recently when I see that there evonomics millions of us. I hope someone can offer hope. I was like any senior in high school. Anxious to choose my college and not a clue of where to go and what to study. My decision landed me at Lehigh University because I really admired the value of their engineering programs. I failed to anticipate opttion plan very well for the cost of tuition and living expenses.

I didn't have a scholarship so I ultimately decided to take a out the entirely of the tuition in private student loans. My parents had said at the time that they would eventually help me repay some of the loans and I would be responsible for the rest. Fast forward to graduation when the financial crisis hit and I was sitting with nearly a quarter of a million dollars in debt, my otion had lost her long time job with a large puut company, and my father became too sick to work.

I struggled like many others. However, I was able to get a good job eventually and started to begin the long, opption process of repaying my student mortgage. I felt hollder, depressed, anxious, you name it. I've blamed many people, including myself, over the time. But I knew that it didn't matter how I got to this point. Only that I was where I was. Over the years since I graduated I worked hard to earn more, began to financially educate myself on how to invest wisely in different financial vehicles, and began to plan how to best pay my loans back.

I continuously research stocks, financial markets, and ways to increase my return rates. I've managed to have much success with such an approach. Psoition best advice I can give to someone with a large amount of student debt is that don't let it define you. Find ways to save, invest, and get out of debt sooner than later. Each situation is different and has its own solutions and ways to help yourself.

Consider consolidation if your rate is high lendedu. Invest as econmoics into your company k if you have one or an IRA to reduce your tax burden and build wealth, invest in personal brokerages to increase your personal returns Robinhood is great for individual stocks, Vanguard for more passive ETF investinginvest in lending club for personal loan investment, or debt holder short position put option economics in HomeUnion for those looking for income streams from housing.

And of course don't forget to budget your expenses to make sure you aren't taking on additional debt. I wish everyone the best of luck with their individual situation. Stay positive and keep financially fit. I was also pressured by my family to go to college; they had no intentions of helping me pay for it though. I had to move out into my own apt at I applied for hundreds of jobs "in my field" for 2 years after graduation, civil service tests and everything.

There was nothing i was offered that wouldve even came close to helping me pay off my loans let alone survive; I decided to go back for a trade school this time in the service industry and I do OK with that now but its still not enough. I dont have cable, i discontinued my hulu, netflix, even cancelled my life insurance policy, Im going to be cutting my internet soon and just going to the library There needs to be policies in place for those of us in these situations.

I dont want to kill myself really but i also dont want to struggle my entire life and it be a complete waste, working til im dead I started the EdD Program at Walden University in InI still didn't have my degree. After two chairpersons, submitted sections of dissertation proposal, and several semesters in the same doctoral class. Yes, I completed all courseworkI maxed out on financial aid.

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