Pharm Xt in Nigeria. Spectranet Limited, is recruiting to fill the position of: Billing MIS Lead - Billing Operations. No writing a story book or blog. Hospitality Jobs in Nigeria. Shudder is not yet available in your country. Which ones do you think should be dropped?

Date : Thursday, 27 April at PM. Please i need urgent information on any opportunities availbale as per working online and from joobs in Nigeria? Is there anything like that in this country? Thanks I've been searching the web for such opportunities but i'm yet to find ONE THAT'S GENUINE. Most of those scams often claim to be Google Adsense related.

Trust me, it's CRAP! Nogeria would have been nice though, but i'm afraid it's either a ruse or a dream. Lantean, you are wrong. That is the problem with us Nigerians. We hardly see good things in anything. I have been online since and I know people who do business online from their homes. There are single mothers or onllne wives who write articles to make some money online. There students who design graphics ,websites online to support themselves. Most Nigerian dont believe it is possible to make money online yet some nigerians use the Internet to find export clients and earn large commission fees.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc are all making money online. Online stay at home jobs in nigeria is never easy anywhere. The question is, are you ready to work and learn till you succeed? Onlije you pay the stqy I did this and I am where I am today because of that. I sell websites at www. It was never easy I tell you the truth. You can make money online, you simply have to be creative.

None of the usual stuff works anymore because the online money making market is saturated. Ah you really want to make money online today, Set up a traffic generating system so you can make money from sellers who need such traffic to make a sale. A good example would be to set-up a niche shay for a very hot and highly demanded product, and advertise consistently via YouTube for free and before you know what's happening, you are made. Blog expert, the person you are talking to here does not understand any of that jagons but I do.

So, i will say come down to their level. Lantean: I've been searching the web for such opportunities but i'm yet to find ONE THAT'S GENUINE. Don't say what you don't know, better to keep quiet. I make money online with the so called adsense crap you claim to know so well. By the way who said making money online can not yield something substantial? Get your facts right before you spread ignorance Dainy1I will contact you. I got your message and I know how you feel.

Just bear with me cos I jos very busy but will def. I need to make payment online for my jbos today and the reason why i hoome contacted you. The payment is VERY important to me. There are many such online jobs. We are cunsultants and we help people enter into various online and offline businesses. Have u tried, www. You will learn all you need to learn about making money online. All the peole here saying you can't make substantial income online, go and ask Akin Alabi, Or Lateef Olajide, Online stay at home jobs in nigeria Ojeagbase Olatunde Samson and even Gbenga Aijotan.

Making money online works and its working big time for many others too. The mistake many critics make is jos the scammers online wanting you to buy there product tell youyou can make millions in one week, That is the biggest lie. They make you believe it is so easy to make money online. Making money online is like making money offline. It takes time, effort and hard work. About adsense go and talk to Mrs Iyabo Olawale, onlihe search for her website online.

All the people i have mentioned above search for them on google and you will see for yourself, these are Nigerians in Nigeria making it big in online business, so dont tell me, online business is fake. Just becareful not to fall into scammers net. Like i said at the beginning, go nigeriw join www. One more thing, www. For instance, I love to create website and sell them off at www. If you love to sit in front of your computer to write articles, then you should be able onlinf make good money online with that.

In a nutshell, it all has to do with your personality and what you are comfortable with. How many words articles can you write within 24 hours? Do you know how to research with Google? Can you reproduce quality content from your researched work? Do you know how to write SEO articles? If you say yes to atleast 3 or 4 of the above questions, st I will fill up the others for you. I currently run a scholarship website see my signature joobs.

Though am not making a dine yet, but i hope to make some change later on.

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